“There's a thousand tests performed every day here in our enrichment spheres. I can't
personally oversee everyone of them, so these pre-recorded messages will cover any
questions you might have and respond to any incidents that may occur in the course of your
science adventure. Your test's assignment will vary depending on the manner in which you
have bent the world to your will.” -- Cave Johnson, Portals 2

My father used to tell me, Science would change the world. Have faith in science, and it will
never steer you wrong. I used to believe it was boring. A full set of rules that restricted one
more than it allowed them to be free. I wish he was here, so I could tell him he was right,
that science doesn‟t have rules to restrict you and keep you down, but to set you free.

I was born of the consummation between two scientists, to a wealthy family that owned the
corporation known as Xerxes Sciences, which basically meant that my parents were not
only big time corporate, but also big time inventors actively seeking to best the technocracy
in everything it did.

My Father was an Etherite Master in high standing, Svendar Xerxes, and while he always
looked young, he used to tell me he remembered when the Electrodyne Engineers left the
Technocracy... so I guess he likely used science to preserve his youth. I guess that‟s why
he never really left the Xerxes labs and our home, so that as few people saw him as
possible to avoid paradox incursion.

My mother, Maria, on the other hand... left later. Much later. I‟m told their romance began as
enemies on separate lines, though I don‟t know what convention she was a member of, she
made a quite capable Etherite when she came through, my father himself helping her to
totally change her identity, to wipe away any tracking devices or conditioning that may have
been left in her.

Even as a child, my capacity for knowledge was... almost inhuman. As a child, I learned to
speak and hold an intellectual conversation even as a toddler. At the age of 3 I learned to
read by myself, going into my parent‟s science books to study, to learn all I could. In a way,
I ostracized the people of my age, due to their inability to hold any form of reasonable
conversation. Other parents called me the demon child, a bad omen... not to my parent‟s
faces, of course, but they didn‟t seem to care if I was there. They would, naturally. No
human should be able to talk and read at my age, right? Still... it was rather lonely.

Something had happened in the Umbra that required my father‟s attention, that forced him
away. Supposedly something had happened to the Seat of the Tradition, and my father
being a respected member of the Tradition was asked among many others to help figure out
who would lead them again. My mother said that the trip could have caused separation, or
he could have gotten lost out exploring, or god-forbid died... she also said it was unlikely,
but possible that the tradition had him doing something so time consuming that he couldn‟t
send back messages at this point. All I knew was the last time I saw my father, he told me
not to worry, he‟d be back soon. He lied.

At the age of nine, I‟d decided to make my own friend. Of course, I made him after watching
one-too-many episodes of Invader Zim, he came out bright and chipper, with a big robotic
smile. Naming him after his model, I called him Gir, and stuffed him inside a suit. What can I
say? I was extremely bored. And nine. What did you expect, a Hit Mark? This was -
waaaaaay- cooler. Sides, realistically he‟s not... as stupid... okay stop judging me now.

My years continued on, studying the doctrines of science, the tool, the key to the future.
Biology, Medicine, Chemistry, even history bore its sciences, and all became my
playground. My mother always told me that the technocracy used Science for control, and
that the real battle that they fought wasn‟t about science versus magic, but about liberty vs
control. Science was the tool for domination, but it could also become the tool for salvation
as well, when applied properly. So I learned science. I made it a part of me. But I never
awakened. That is, until -it- appeared.

It was not human. A file, something from the Ether I don‟t know. What I know is that it came
and destroyed everything I had, everything important to me in one swell swoop. I remember
as it hacked into the lab‟s security and main defense systems, as it gunned down what I
could have called my friends, and family. I remember holding my mom in my arms as she
smiled, and said to herself “finally”. I never got what she meant, and then she told me that it
was my destiny, not to let others try to take control of it, to fight for what I believed in and to
never let something else control me. And those were her last words.

As I watched as the file--for all I could describe it as was a file from etherspace, a
technological entity that called herself Ultrias-- destroyed everything I knew, I felt a sense of
fear -- and anger. That anger is what drove me to over come my fear. As she appeared in
the screens, a face amidst a thousand data circuits, she touched me, and touched my very
mind. She Imbued me with a part of her, a piece of Deux ex Machina, God in the Machine,
a small part of her „omniscience‟ she said. She told me that I would be hers, I would be the
chosen vessel to which she attains her ascension, her Divinity. told her -no-.

Using everything I knew, I tried to fight a being that I knew could kill me in any instance.
Hiding behind steel plates of tables as bullets and lasers shot at me, I found my way to the
system‟s main frame. Found something inside me, something I didn‟t know I had, and used
it to rewire the system, to rehack into my families system, except this time manually,
recircuiting the system so that it did not connect to the main power line that the creature
was tapping, but directly to Etherspace itself, and to where she was from. Then, using the
power that she was emitting, I sent a signal straight to her. Computers can be hacked.
Computers can be controlled.

Of all the people that were killed, I was the only survivor. Perhaps I was fortunate that a few
of the main people had been off that day -- everyone who worked that day had died but me.
With the loss of so many people, what had once been a thriving, multimillion dollar company
degraded into much less. Enough that I was comfortable, but not as much as I could have
been. It would take a few months of learning the system, and a few more years before I
managed it back to working on its own without my help.

I wasn‟t alone though. One of my father‟s old friends, Marquis Dawson, another member of
the board of executives, he helped me figure things out. Not just how to manage my
parent‟s company, but how to work my science in a way that was both incredible and
dangerous. He told me about things I already knew, but went in depth with it in a way that
my parents couldn‟t. Not because they didn‟t have the capacity to teach it or permission to,
but because at that time even I didn‟t have the capacity to learn it.

After the loss of so many of my parent‟s former members, I saw the need to replace our
workers. While the business may have been built of the groundwork of what my parents set
up, it was my duty to make sure it survived in its biggest crisis. Some of the business‟s
lesser organizations had to be shut down and sold to profit the main one, but in the end, I
managed to make it survive by using what funds I had to start publicly and financially
supporting schools and universities in the San Francisco area, creating a system of
educational networks that permitted me access to the school records, multiple
acquaintances in the school system, and even, on occasion, the ability to help potential
students, speeding along a process for them by helping them skip unnecessary programs to
progress faster. This, in turn, allowed for a steady flow of potential scientists that helped the
main scientists to work on their creations, simply modifications for local products that were
used in everyday life.

I kept myself secluded from Awakened society, for the most part, observing things rather
than actually participating in their politics, their lusts for power.. Occasionally leaving to
meet other... well, my parents said that they called themselves mages, and yeah, I was well
versed in tradition lore, being raised on that, particularly the lore concerning the Sons of
Ether and the Virtual Adepts (And, although the information was minute and vague, the

I wanted to learn, more than anything, but I also saw the need for people like me in my
business. I found myself absorbing information like a sponge, seeking to both find teachers
and fellow scholars. In a few years, I found friends that I made in many networks. Business
negotiations made, me supporting schools, helping executives and teachers, all for the idea
that those schools, those teachers, would send me information regarding their students,
prospective young intellectuals who would be able to provide a mutual benefit between
Xerxes sciences and themselves.

I found that, in the case of some of my parent‟s older workers and even some of the newer
ones, building my awakened creations was easier with these people helping, like a small
unit they caused my work to become greater. Each brought their own piece of intellect to
the table, adding to the effects, adding something to the creation that somehow made it
seem greater than it had been. Marquis told me the effect was due to their belief in how it
worked, and that the more people I could cause to believe in the effects of my works, the
better my devices would function when released. He also told me the effect could be
duplicated by just one Awakened individual, rather than a whole group of sleepers. I‟ve yet
to test the theory, due to my own lack of participation with the rest of awakened society.

At one point in my studies, I reached an impasse with my mentor. I asked to learn
correspondence, and he said he was happy to teach me. He started explaining to me the
significants of connections -- how everything was connected by one thing or another.He
then told me that it was my responsibility, in order to further my training, to not only find
these connections, but to -make- them. He told me to find any mage in San Franscisco --
even there, there was bound to be a few. Then, I was to see how they were connected to
others, to start to try to understand that connection and its significance to the Conginuous
Ether. After that was done, I was to build my own connections to them.

I didn‟t go out immediately to speak with them, to find them, to figure out what was causing
the influx of mage‟s in the city. After all, knowing that I need to find mages in the city
doesn‟t mean I know their names, what they look like, and how to find them. They are, after
all, human, so their only tell-tale sign is the use of magic. So, instead I kept an eye out,
looking for any sign that magic had been used, using my tools to scan resonances that
seemed to strike out when I felt it might leave some sign.


“All stereotypes turn out to be true. This is a horrifying thing about life. All those things you
fought against as a youth: you begin to realize they're stereotypes because they're true.” --
David Cronenberg

While Sage Xerxes does not normally like to admit he sets anyone to a stereotype-- each
person is a measure of their own merit, and while stereotypes are true in the general, there
is uniqueness in each individual-- even he is not immune to immediately associating certain
traits to certain Traditions. Unfortunately, he is not likely to know jack about the other
traditions except basic information regarding them (Also read as “their names”) so only the
Etherites, Virtual Adepts, and general Technocracy and Tradition Stereotypes are listed

The Tradition as a Whole: “Strange, strange people who follow their own versions of
science -- yeah, they call it magic, but magic or not its still science. Science is the
intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and
behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment, right?
Doesn‟t a mage have to do that too, just different? The only difference between them and
scientists is the rules that govern the effects, nothing more.

The Technocracy as a Whole: There is a reason we left the technocracy, one that‟s been
engraved in my mind since I was a child-- freedom. The war isn‟t science versus magic, as
most people would have you believe, but liberty versus slavery. Pity the average technocrat,
for they are merely a pawn of a much higher power, a slave to their desires. They may
believe that science can change the world, but for all their talk their science is used to
control the world instead.

Son‟s of Ether: I‟ve been alone for so long, in this place, without the need for help. But my
learning is stagnant, withheld, and taking time. In two years, I‟ve only made it so far, with so
little help. Dad was extremely intelligent, and the only person I remember being able to keep
up with me, but then I was 7 the last time I saw him too. At least, if he is a symbol of all that
is Ether, someone would or should be able to keep up, someone I can consider equal to or
greater than myself. I hope.

Virtual Adepts: Our Brothers in arms, the only ones who seem to be keeping with the times
as far as science goes. What they‟ve done with their sphere of influence, the Continguity
Ether, is absolutely marvelous, and perhaps at some point I can help them out with some
things, if they feel the need to let me. I have a few ideas of my own...

Small Sparks of Life

Sage Xerxes vs Mother

Mother is the name of God in the lips and hearts of all children--- William Makepeace

Sage‟s View: Mother was always there, always helping, and one of the few people who
stood out as far as things went. Yes, Sage learned a lot, and quickly, but his mother always
knew more. The difference between an awakened and a linear mage, it seemed, was this
intellect, and he always admired it. He saw his mother die in his arms, which he believes
forced him to awaken. Unfortunately, when it was all over, the body of his mother had
vanished, somehow gone and taken. He doesn‟t know if she was sanitized, the evidence
erased from history, or if somehow, someway, she managed to survive and escape and just
hasn‟t gotten back to him. He clings to that kind of disillusioned hope, each year that hope
dimming and keeping him from moving on from her death.

The Truth: The Technocracy, as Sage knows, is all about control. Its philosophies are
indoctrinated into you from the moment you join. Even a Master would be hard pressed to
get rid of ALL the technocratic tendencies, and someone who loved that person simply
wouldn‟t, because in order to do that you‟d have to rewrite a person‟s entire mind, and once
that happens they aren‟t the person that you love. What this means is that in part, Sage‟s
mother was still a part of the technocracy, even if she hid it well. When Sage‟s father was
gone, the main reason for her leaving the technocracy left with him, and each year he didn‟t
reply was a year that she slowly began to lose hope. Its very possible when the awakening
happened, that she could have escaped to them, only to be indoctrinated further into the
technocracy. Its also very possible that the technocracy knows about her son. Then again,
its possible that the Avatar, having successfully killed Sage‟s mother, removed the evidence
of her death, just so that he could have a faint glimmer of hope to hang on to, to either keep
him alive, or crush to help him reach Ascension.

Sage Xerxes vs Father

“The human father has to be confronted and recognized as human, as man who created a
child and then, by his absence, left the child fatherless and then Godless.” -- Anais Nin

Sage‟s View: His Father left him when he was a child. This left him without a father figure,
with his mother alone, and only the two of them to run his business. In a way, its a lot to
leave a kid with. Add to the fact that, despite the fact that Sage hopes his mother survived,
hanging on to a possibility, he -believes- she most likely died, and if she died, Dad was not
there when it happened. He could have stopped it, he could have saved mom, could have
saved everyone-- he was a master, after all, right? But no, he went off, leaving them on their
own, essentially leaving mom to die.

The Truth: Its unclear what happened to cause Sven Xerxes to head into the Umbra. There
are multiple possibilities. Its possible that he died, or got lost in a horizon realm. Its also
possible he contested for the right to lead the Tradition as the Tradition‟s Seat when the
matter involving the old head was involved. Being raised is just as bad for Sven‟s son as it
is for him to have failed that. The Son of a Leader, and not that powerful by himself, Sage
could easily become a walking target for literally every enemy Sven has, and as busy as
he‟d be, Sven would not be able to help his son. Having failed this, suddenly Sage becomes
distrusted as the son of one of the oppositions to the Seat of Matter, perhaps as politically
power hungry as his father. Alternatively Sven underwent separation, which would mean
that his constant being in the Umbra had caused his avatar and soul to detach from the
body and he would become a spirit. Another Alternative was that he raised to the level of an
Archmage, and in being an archmage, became more than human (as Archmages have
become so completely involved in said sphere that that sphere becomes a part of them).
Perhaps his father is on the way way to becoming an exemplar, and forgetting truly all ties
to the mortal realm. The honest truth is that there are an infinite amount of possibilities
concerning this, all of which are possible.

Sage Xerxes vs Ultrius

“Our subconscious minds have no sense of humor, play no jokes and cannot tell the
difference between reality and an imagined thought or image. What we continually think
about eventually will manifest in our lives.” -- Robert Collier

Sage‟s View: Ultrius is the enemy, the definition of evil. Ever since the battle with the
Creature from the Ether, Sage was never the same. Alone, she would whisper in his ear,
perhaps a memory, perhaps something left by her to let him know she was still there, still
waiting to tear someone else‟s life apart. Every taunt, every gesture has pushed him further
along the road, made him need enlightenment even more. In a way, he had to thank Ultrius
-- he would never have gotten so far by himself without her-- but he would never admit that.
No, he needed to gain power, so that he could fight her again, and maybe this time he could
beat her. Maybe this time, she would be destroyed for good and one less evil would inhabit
the world.

The Truth: Ultrius is Sage‟s very Avatar, the part of him that pushes him to enlightenment.
He hasn‟t realized this yet-- he doesn‟t really understand the spiritual concepts, believing his
avatar to be one of those Avatars that helps you reach enlightenment in the real world
rather than in dreams and such, and likely would deny it all the same. The Truth is is that
while Ultrius -seems- to be trying to kill Sage, in truth it is trying to get him to reach
enlightenment by taking on the role of the adversary. It has a process for this road. First, it
teaches Sage to fight, to strive for power, to strive to be something more, closer to
something total and true, by pitting her against him. At some point, it will reveal that it is a
part of him, but even telling him out right it knows it wouldn‟t sink in. At first, the first touch
will be explaining to him that they are one now, one being, one entity, and he is her vessel.
Then slowly the curtain will unveil, explaining that she is her avatar, and that to destroy her
he needs to destroy himself. At last, during the final epiphanies, the final seeking, she plans
to make him face the ultimate decision -- Is enlightenment worth it? What does it mean to
be enlightened? His avatar slayed thousands, how does that bring one to be a better
person? Is the power that comes with that worth the lives that it cost to get there?

Description: Ultrius is quite literally based on Shodan. I promise you, if someone plays
System Shock 1 or 2, and he sees Shodan, he will pull out whatever gun, explosive,
quantom-reality-warp mechanism he has on hand and shoot/throw it at the television. For
those of you who don‟t know who that is, however, here is a description.

Ultrius is female. Her basic image shown on the screens of any visual system such as a
monitor or television is that of a highly attractive woman‟s face, made up of circuits and
surrounded by wires that blend into the dark background and a few quite prominent green
wires. Her chin is pointed, her lips full, her „face‟ model style, but obviously not human. Her
eyes glow a greenish-yellow hue. When she speaks, it is a female voice that sounds much
akin to a broken automative voice. There is a stutter of words amidst a highly shifting myriad
of different octaves, shifting from low to high and then back in an almost maddening
manner. When confronted, she is very passionate, an -emotional- machine (which,
somehow makes her seem far more intimidating than the cold unfeeling one). She refers to
humans as a god refers to insects, although to Sage he is her Vessel, a miserable little
speck that will serve its purpose in time (better than her views on others). She seems to
think herself a god, divinity in the machine, and uses Sage for that very purpose. She is a
creature of control, of dominance over submission, and plays her Seekings with Sage by
making her temporarily defeat her. Her final Seeking (the one at Arete 9, to reach
Ascension) involves the final defeat, with him knowing what she is and how to truly rid
himself of her.

Sage vs Self --

“If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self.” --Napoleon Hill

Sage‟s View: Sage sees himself as the sole remaining thing keeping his parent‟s legacy
alive. Since his awakening three years ago, he hasn‟t put as much effort into ascending as
he feels he should, and has spent even less time in mage Society. In his lifetime he‟s met
very very few other mages, perhaps a count of twenty, in all, including his Mother, Father,
Marquis, and Conner. Part of him wants to seek them out, to learn more, but the other part
is tied to his parent‟s legacy, to the mundane material things that they built on, because to
him they are all that‟s left. He has few true friends. He‟s socially awkward when it comes to
women. All he truly has are his peers, few of which are less than half his age, and fewer to
which truly understand him, and his work. That‟s all he needs though, and he‟s content with

The Truth: Most of the Above is a bold faced lie, to himself and to others. Sage is his
parent‟s legacy, not the material things left by them. He‟s absolutely and utterly afraid of
being alone, because to be alone means that he has -nothing- except Ultrius, and what can
be worse than that? In his sanctum, he sits creating little works of art, trying to set his mind
at ease. Playing music, singing music, it seems to keep her at bay, seems to drown her out.
In a field filled with tesla coils and crystals and other works of wonder, he plays scientific
music between his works, things to drown her out, to ease his monophobia. With the music,
he feels like perhaps that singing person might be there. His workings know his fear -- he
can‟t hide it, but they don‟t address it either. Every day, he asks at least one worker, it
doesn‟t matter who, to accompany him as he works, to keep him company. Offers them
extra pay, a day off paid, anything to get them to come with him and make sure he‟s not
alone. He doesn‟t even realize most actually -care- about him enough to simply go with him
-- he has that spark, that quality that makes people inherently want to care for him, to help
him with his problems. He seeks the schools to find knowledge, knowledge that he can use
to free himself from his own personal hell -- psychology, sociology, economics, history,
mathematics, biology, chemistry, the works, he absorbs it all--. He drowns himself in a
fantasy world, hyper and generally inattentive when he does, taking Ritalin and the likes to
cover what would otherwise be considered a hyperactive disorder. He wants to take part in
mage society, but like a child jumping from a high school that you had no social life in, to a
college filled with adults and people higher than you, he‟s -scared- that he won‟t be able to
relate to anyone. He‟s scared they will look down on him, they will reject him, they will see
him as less than he sees himself. He‟s so scared of rejection he‟d rather NOT risk rejection
than to know it would happen. He‟s used to being the “intelligent” one, the one who
surpasses all his peers, so to risk going into a situation where he is not that person, well...


"The point is, with the right amount of genius and a touch of perceived insanity, science can
conquer anything." -- Brainiac 5, Legion of the Three Worlds #4

To first understand science, you must understand the correspondences between each
science, and how they all intertwined. Once upon a time, people believed that the Ether, a
substance that permeated all space including the interstices between the particles of matter,
was the medium whose vibrations constituted light and other electromagnetic radiation.
When the technocracy decided to erase it from the consensus, they blinded the world from
the truth, that all must be connected by -something-, or else spiral into total stasis. Each
Sphere of Science encompasses a veritable etheric phenomena that can be manipulated by
using the substances of those same sciences to coordinate the desired effect. This
Manipulation is known as Hyperscience, or as the Tradition‟s call it, “Magic”.

Preferred Foci

Prime -- Psychic Techniques

Forces -- Physics

Matter -- Engineering

Mind -- Chemistry (Namely drugs)

Justifications -- How he came to certain things

"Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It's quite simple, really. Double your
rate of failure. You are thinking of failure as the enemy of success. But it isn't at all. You can
be discouraged by failure or you can learn from it, So go ahead and make mistakes. Make
all you can. Because remember that’s where you will find success." -- Thomas J. Watson

Its easy to state that he inherited his resources -- after all, it was his parents who laid down
the ground work, his parents who founded the company, his parents who invested their lives
into bringing the place to life. But, just as they built it with their lives and brought it to life, so
too would it have died when one left and one died, had Sage not intervened. When the
funds dipped due to what would later be known as simply a catastrophic lab accident, it was
Sage who went to work as the sole survivor to bring the place to life. Yes, Xerxes Sciences
is not making as much money as it once did, but the fact that it is alive is due SOLELY to
Sage‟s Intervention.

Influence (University)
Running a multi-business industry requires a lot of influence, especially one that markets
science as its merchandise. In order to keep the business running, one has to have
connections within the Universities so that they know who their future employees are to be
before they even apply. Sometimes this has better uses -- sometimes it helps to find slightly
eccentric individuals, people with intellect much like Sage‟s, people with open minds and
philosophies, seeking something more than what they had. By technicality, Sage should be
making the equivalent of resources 5. He isn‟t, due to that same excess funds going to
assist and sponsor schools and scholarships for apt students. These same funds are what
gives him the influence to do this. (Side note, if I need to spend another freebie to cover that
reasoning for the influence, then I would be more than happy to move things around.)


The Lab: There are three main rooms to the sanctum, all of which are designed for separate
tasks. There is, of course, the natural workshop-- your basic (and, not so basic) assortment
of chemical composite devices and technology. There is a room, private with a few
nanotech prototypes, that looks like it was a basic med-room, but could also be a study. It
includes the library that his parents had, filled with books on biology, chemistry, and the like.
Finally, there is the main room, a large circular room that is surrounded by tesla coils and
other devices designed to flow and control the general flow of energy in the room,
harmonics and hypersonic adapters, plasma emitters, the works, and in the center is a steel
cage designed to recirculate the flow of forces back to the same source of energy that they
provide. This is what Sage calls the peace room. When he‟s stressed, when he‟s bothered,
when he‟s scared, when things happen that he can‟t seem to handle, he comes to this
room, and starts working the technology to drown his emotions in the flow of forces all
around him. He plays music with this technology, so that he might try to drown Ultrius‟s
painful voice in the back of his head.


Sage does not believe he has any social skills-- he truly underestimates himself and his
potential. There is something in him, something about him that makes people want to help
him, that makes people believe that maybe, just maybe he can do something to help the
world. It manifests in the way he looks, the way he acts, the way he moves, the way he talks
of his science and his belief in its ability to change the world. The proof of this lies in the
people who follow him, the people who would be his friends, his family, if only he‟d let
himself be opened. Of the people who had faith in the Science of the Ether, the faith in his
and his parent‟s paradigm, only a single woman and three men survived, having not been
around when the accident occurred. The rest are people who met him, people who started
to get to know him and realize that in a way, he inspired faith in them that they didn‟t know
they had. They saw his works, because he wasn‟t afraid to show them it, even when it was
sputtering and failing in their eyes, and started to believe that he, if anyone, could do these
things and make them work. He started to convert them to his paradigm of science, and
through that their eyes started to see their leader for the Awakened individual he was.


Its not an extensive library, but it is something. Its not just books either, its files and
diagrams, mathematical equations that hold information just by the process of trying to
understand them. They are designed to teach, and to force a person to learn. None of the
libraries resources are quite grimoires, but they do provide an edge that really, Sage feels
he couldn‟t have gone without in his studies.


Imagine that you are a child, alone and helpless in a world that no one will accept you in.
You are reviled, tormented, destroyed utterly and hopelessly, and then someone looks at
you, and sees a kindred spirit. Someone takes you in the reigns of your ignorance and
builds you from child to man. And then that someone leaves, leaving you with only the
request that you -protect what was sacred to him-. And then you fail.

That child is Marquis Dawson. One of the Apprentices of Sven Xerxes, he‟s one of the few
individuals that MIGHT have a clue what happened to him, but if he does he isn‟t sharing.
When Sven left, he asked Marquis to protect his wife and child, and keep them safe from
harm, and Marquis gave his word, -- His Word, all he had that was not given to him by
Sven--, and promised to keep them safe. When Maria Xerxes went missing (unlike Sage,
Marquis refuses to believe that woman would be so easily killed) Marquis felt that he had
failed his Mentor, and that he‟d allowed harm to come on all that truly mattered. He made a
promise to keep his son safe, and he kept to that promise, teaching his son the paradigm
that had been taught to him. Marquis isn‟t in the city anymore, but he keeps in touch with
Sage to make sure he‟s alright, always keeping an eye on the child. Currently, he‟s out of
the city, looking for any sign of Maria, his other charge. Hoping to god that he hasn‟t, truly,
failed his mentor.

Certified --- While I understand that most people don‟t really take this background into
account, I felt that it was not only necessary but did have a lot of benefits that could be
considered, and would fit the concept of a prodigy. Basically, he is licences to practice
medicine and experiment with scientific processes. This means that he can basically get the
resources to legally get materials (such as a chemistry set or vaccinations) to test or study
with that will NOT end up with him on the FBI‟s watch list for potential terrorists and the like.
It also basically represents the fact that he is a prodigy, and while it would be terribly hard to
get hired as a doctor or scientist anywhere that is not his own business due to his age, -he
could legally do so- and any person who might find any illicit drugs, hazardous chemicals,
ect, he could legally be holding them and prescribe them or work with them.

Legendary Attribute Intelligence (5 point Merit) -- This Merit grants the -Potential- for
intelligence 6 (after what the player assumes will be much, much roleplay)--
---Subeffect: Fountain of Knowledge: With this Merit, Sage has what could easily be
considered the greatest blessing a human could possibly have: The gift of learning. This
merit reduces learning times to a fraction of their normal time, equal to his intelligence
(Intelligence 3 = ⅓). This ONLY applies to things learned mentally -- Athletics and Brawl
could not be learned any quicker, and neither could ANY of the Attributes (You don‟t learn
attributes, you train them). Ultimately, its up to the ST to decide how this merit manifests.

Pushy Avatar (2 point Merit)
Your damn Avatar just won't leave you alone! No matter how much you try to block it out, it
keeps forcing you onward, making you examine your progress and shoving you into difficult
situations. This is a good thing, though. Your constant process of self-examination means
that you are more likely to get through Seekings, as you are constantly faced with your own
inner turmoil. You are pushed to become a mage and to embrace magic, even if you try to
ignore it. Once during each Seeking that you undergo, you may reroll one failed roll

Alone, by himself, Ultrius left something in Sage's head, something he's aware of that he
can't get rid of. When he's alone, she taunts him, drawing him, antagonizing him. This
pushes him further to look at what he's doing, to seek a better way to rid himself and the
rest of the world of her.

Eidetic Memory (2 Point Merit)

Natural Leader (1-pt. merit)
You are gifted with a certain magnetism to which others naturally defer. You receive two
extra dice when making Leadership rolls. You must have a Charisma rating of 3 or greater
to purchase this Merit.

There is something special about Sage, something about him that causes people to -want-
to help him, to listen to him. There is a quality about him people like to follow, to help, like
some spark of something hidden, deep inside of him.

Nightmares (1-pt. flaw)
You experience horrendous nightmares every time you sleep, and memories of them haunt
you during your waking hours. Upon awakening, you must make a Willpower roll (difficulty
7) or lose a die on all actions for that night. A botched Willpower roll indicates that, even
when awake, you still believe that you are locked in a nightmare.

This Specifically refers to his Awakening, seeing his mother die, seeing the people around
him fall and collapse at the hands of an enemy he doesn‟t quite understand. Sometimes he
wakes up, and its like he‟s still there, like it just happened and he‟s not sure how he
Compulsion (1 pt Version)
He has the urge to sing when he‟s working on something manual that does not require
talking. While not normally detrimental, it can get somewhat annoying to his peers when
they are trying to concentrate on their own work. As a side note, he has a very vivid
imagination, and when listening to decent music, unless under life threatening situations, he
generally starts to tone out the rest of the world to go into his own fantasy world, and
sometimes it will take someone taking the moment to grab his attention and bring himself
back to the real world to get him to realize he's being addressed..

Primal Marks (2 pt Flaw)
His Avatar, despite the fact that he does not realize it is his Avatar, believes itself to be a
divine being, and that Sage is the vessel to which it will ascend (or at least, this is its claim).
Regardless to whether or not this is true or not, its certainly left its mark on him. There is
something otherworldly about him, not quite in the sense of angels or celestial beings so
much as the idea of perfection. There are no blemishes, no scars, seemingly no physical
flaws on his person. His eyes are a vivid green, so vivid they almost seem to flicker, and
one might swear they see thin wires just beneath the cornucopia. (I know it doesn't seem
like a flaw, but I sort of was considering the fact that I could very easily be mistaken for a
drone if no one bothers to check if he's weaver tainted... it's also the reason for the
appearance. I was originally going to put that to Dexterity but after writing out the descript of
this flaw felt appearance was more appropriate.)

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