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Republic act no.

• Philippine Medical Technology Act of 1969.
Approved on June 21, 1969.
• Amendments:
– R.A. 6138
• Sec. 16 – Qualification for examination
• Sec. 21 – Issuance of Certification for Registration
• Sec. 22 – Fees
– PD 498
• Sec. 2 – Definition of terms (Practice of MedT & LabT)

Republic act no. 5527
• Sec. 3 – council of Medical Technology education, its
• Sec. 4 – Compensation and travelling Expenses of Council
• Sec. 7 – Medical technology board
• Sec. 8 – Qualification of examiners
• Sec. 11 – Functions and duties of the Board
• Sec. 13 – Accreditation of schools of MedT and training lab
• Sec. 16 – Qualifications of examiners
• Sec. 17 – The scope of examination
• Sec. 21 – Issuance of Certificate of registration
• Sec. 29 – Penal provisions

Republic act no. 5527
– PD 1534
• Sec. 3 – Council of Medical Technology education. Its
• Sec. 8 – Qualifications of examiners
• Sec. 13 – Accreditation of Schools of Medical
Technology and of Training Lab

Republic act no. 5527
• An act requiring for the registration of Medical
Technologist, defining their practices, and for other
– Sec. 1 – Title – This act may also be cited as the “Philippine
Medical technology Act of 1969”
– Sec. 2 – Definition of Terms – as used in this act, the
following terms means:
• a. Practice of Medical Technology – a person shall be deemed to
be in the practice of medical technology within the meaning of this
Act, who shall for a fee, salary or other compensation or reward
paid or given directly or indirectly through another, renders any of
the following professional services for the purpose of aiding the
physician in the diagnosis, study and treatment of diseases and in
the promotion of health in general:
Republic act no. 5527
• 1. Examination of tissues, secretions and excretion of
the human body and body fluids by various electronic,
chemical microscopic, bacteriologic, hematologic,
serologic, immunologic, nuclear and other laboratory
procedures and techniques manual or automated;
• 2. Blood banking procedures and techniques;
• 3. Parasitologic, Mycologic and Microbiologic
procedures and techniques;
• 4. Histopathologic and Cytotechnology; provided that
nothing in this paragraph shall inhibit a duly registered
medical laboratory technician from performing
histopathologic techniques and procedures;

Republic act no. 5527
• 5. Clinical research involving patients or human beings
requiring the use of and/or application of medical
technology and procedures;
• 6. Preparations and standardization of reagents, standards,
stains and others, provided such reagents, standards, stains
and others are exclusively for the use of their laboratory;
• 7. Clinical laboratory quality control;
• 8. Collection and preservation of specimens; provided that
any person who has passed the corresponding Board
examination for the practice of a profession already
regulated by the existing law, shall not be subject to the
provisions of the last four preceding paragraphs of the
performance of such acts or services is merely incidental to
his profession.
Republic act no. 5527
• b. Pathologist – a duly registered physician who is specially
trained in methods of laboratory medicine, or the gross
and microscopic study and interpretation of tissues,
secretions and excretions of the human body and its
functions in order to diagnose disease, follow its course,
determine the effectivity of treatment, ascertain cause of
death and advance medicine by means of research.
• Medical technologist - a person who engages in the work
of medical technology under the supervision of the
pathologist or licensed physician authorized by the DOH in
places in places where there is no pathologist and who
having passed the prescribed course of training
examination is registered under the provision of this act.
Republic act no. 5527
• d. Medical Laboratory Technician – a person certified
and registered with the Board as qualified to assist a
medical technologist and/or qualified pathologist in the
practice of medical technology as defined in this act.
• e. Accredited Medical Technology Training Laboratory –
a clinical laboratory, office, agency, clinic, hospital or
sanitarium duly approved by the DOH or its authorized
• f. Recognized School of Medical Technology – any
school, college, or university which offers a course in
Medical Technology approved by the DOH in
accordance with the requirements under this Act, upon
recommendation o the council of medical technology
Republic act no. 5527
– Section 3. Council of Medical Technology Education,
Its composition - composed of the ff:
• Chairman – Director of CHED
• V- Chair – Chairman of PRC
• Members: Director of BRL of DOH, Chairman and
two (2) members of Board of MedT, Representative of
Deans of schools of MedT and Public health,
Presidents of Society of Pathologist and PAMET.
– Section 4. Compensation and Traveling expenses of
Council Members

Republic act no. 5527
– Section 5 – Functions of the Council:
• a. To recommend the minimum required curriculum for the
course of medical technology
• b. To determine and prescribe the number of students to be
allowed to take up the medical technology course in each
school, taking into account the student-instructor ratio and
the availability of facilities for instruction.
• c. To approve medicalT schools meeting the requirements
and recommend closure of those found to be substandard.
• d. To require all medt schools to submit an annual report,
including the total number of students and instructors, list
of facilities available for instruction, a list of their recent
graduates and new admissions, on or before the month of

Republic act no. 5527
• e. To inspect when necessary, the different medt schools in
the country in order to determine whether a high standard
education is maintained in said institutions
• f. To certify for admission in to an undergraduate internship
students who have satisfactorily completed 3 years of the
medt course or its equivalent and to collect from said
student the amount of five pesos each which money accrue
to the operating fund of the council.
• g. Formulate and recommend approval of refresher course
for applicants who shall have failed the Board examination
for the third time.
• h. To promulgate the prescribe and enforce necessary rules
and regulations for the proper implementation of the
foregoing functions.
Republic act no. 5527
– Section 6. Minimum Required Courses – the MedT
course shall be at least four years, including a 12-
month satisfactory internship in accredited
laboratories and shall include the following subjects:
• English Spanish Social Science Gen Zoology
• Botany Math Physics Gen Chem
• Quali & Quanti Chem, Biochem Anatomy
Histology Physiology Parasitology Pathology
Microbiology Biostatistics
• Clinical Lab Methods: Hematology, Serology, Blood Bank,
Clinical Microscopy, applied Microbiology, Parasitology,
Histpathology and Cytotechnology
Republic act no. 5527
– Section 7. Medical Technology Board –composed of
a Chairman who is a Pathologist, and two (2)
members who are registered medical
technologists who shall be appointed by the
President of the Philippines upon
recommendation of the PRC. The Chairman and
the members of the Board shall hold the office for
three (3) years after appointments or until their
successors shall have been appointed and duly
qualified: Provided, That the incumbent members
will continue to serve until the expiration of their
Republic act no. 5527
– Section 8. Qualification of examiners
• 1. is a Filipino citizen
• 2. good moral character
• 3. is a qualified Pathologist, or a duly registered
medical technologist of the Philippines with a degree
• 4. has been in practice of laboratory medicine or
medical technology for at least ten (10) years prior to
his appointment
• 5. is not a member of a faculty of any medical
technology school for at least two (2) years prior to
Republic act no. 5527
– Section 9. Executive Officer of the Board.
– Section 10. Compensation of Members of the Board of
Examiners for Medical Technology – each member of
the Board shall receive the sum of ten pesos for each
applicant examined and five pesos for each applicant
granted a certificate of registration without
– Section 11. Functions and Duties of the Board –
• a. Administer, the provision of this Act;
• b. Administer oaths in connection with the administration
of this Act;
• c. Issue, suspend and revoke certificates of registration for
the practice of medical technology and medical laboratory

Republic act no. 5527
• d. Look into conditions affecting the practice of medical
technology in the Philippine and, whenever necessary, adopt
such a measure may be deemed proper for the maintenance
of good ethical and moral standards in the practice of
• e. Investigate such violations of this act or of the rules and
regulations issued there under as may come to the
knowledge of the Board and, for this purpose issue
subpoena and subpoena duces tecum to secure appearance
of witnesses and production of documents in connection
with charges presented to the Board;
• f. Draft such rules and regulations as may be necessary to
carry out the provisions of this Act; Provided, that the same
shall be issued only after the approval of the President of
the Philippines;

Republic act no. 5527
• g. To determine the adequacy of the technical staff of
all clinical laboratories and blood banks before they
could be licensed with the DOH in accordance with R.A.
4655 and 1517.
• h. To prescribe the qualifications and training of
medical technologists as to special fields of the
profession and supervise their specialty examination
conducted by the professional organization of medical
technologist accredited by the PRC.
• i. To classify and prescribe the qualification and training
of the technical staff of clinical laboratories.
Republic act no. 5527
– Section 12. Removal of Board Members – any
member of the Board may be removed by the
President of the Philippines for neglect of duty,
incompetency, malpractice or unprofessional,
unethical, immoral or dishonorable conduct after
having been given opportunity to defend himself
in a proper and administrative investigation.
Republic act no. 5527
– Section 13. Accreditation of Schools of Medical
Technology and of Training Laboratories – upon the
recommendation of the MedTech Board, the
DECS shall approve schools of MedTech in
accordance with the provision of this Act. The
DOH through the BRL shall approve laboratories
for accreditation as training laboratories for
MedTech students or post-graduate trainees in
conjunction with the Board of MedTech.
Republic act no. 5527
– Section 14. Inhibition Against the Practice of Medical
Technology – No person shall practice medical
technology as defined in this Act without having
previously obtained a valid certificate of registration
from the Board provided that registration shall not
required of the following:
• a. duly registered physician
• b. MedTech from other countries called in for consultation
or as visiting or exchange professors to college or
• c. MedTech in the service of the U.S. armed forces stationed
in the Philippines rendering services as such for members
of the forces only.
Republic act no. 5527
– Section 15. Examination –all applicants for
registration as medical technologist shall be
required to undergo written examination which
shall be given by the Board annually in the
greater Manila area, Cebu, and Davao during the
month of August or September on such days and
places as the Board may designate. Written
notices of such examination shall be published in
at least three newspapers of national circulation
by the Secretary of the Board for at least thirty
days prior to the date of examination.
Republic act no. 5527
– Section 16. Qualification for examination. Every
applicant for examination under this Act, shall, prior
to the date thereof, furnish the Board satisfactory
proof that he or she:
• a. is in good health and is of good moral character;
• b. has completed a course of at least four (4) years leading to
the degree of Bachelor of science in Medical Technology or
Public Health conferred by a recognized school, college or
university in accordance with this decree or having
graduated from some other profession and has been
performing medical technology for the last five (5) years
prior to the date of the examination, if such performance
began prior to June 21, 1969.

Republic act no. 5527
– Section 17. Scope of examination – The examination
questions shall cover the following subjects with their
respective relative weights:
Clinical Chemistry……………………….. 20%
Microbiology & Parasitology……………. 20%
Hematology……………………………..... 20%
Blood Banking & Serology………………...20%
Clinical Microscopy……………………… 10%
(Urinalysis & other Body fluids)
Histopathologic Techniques,
Cytotechnology, MedTech Laws and
Code of Ethics…………………………..... 10%
Republic act no. 5527
• The board shall prepare the schedule of subjects for
examination and to submit the same to the
Commissioner of the PRC for publication at least thirty
(30) days before the date of examination. The board
shall compute the general average of each examinee
according to the relative weights of each subject.
Provided, however, that the Board may change, add to
or remove from list of subjects or weights above as
progress in the science of MedTech may require,
subject to the prior approval of the PRC, and
publication of the change or amendment at least three
(3) months prior to the date of examination in which
the same is to take effect.

Republic act no. 5527
– Section 18. Report of Rating – The Board shall,
within one hundred and twenty days after the date
of completion of the examination, report the
result thereof to the Commissioner of Civil
Service, who shall submit such result to the
President of the Philippines for approval.

Republic act no. 5527
– Section 19. Rating in the Examination – In order to
pass the examination, a candidate must obtain a
general average of at least seventy-five percent in
the written test, with no rating below fifty percent
in any major subjects
Republic act no. 5527
– Section 20. Oath Taking – all successful examinees
shall be required to take a professional oath before
the Board or before any person authorized to
administer oaths prior to entering upon the
practice of medical technology in the Philippines.
Republic act no. 5527
– Section 21. Issuance of Certificate of Registration:
• a. satisfactorily passed the required examination for
medical technologist
– a.1. attained the age of twenty one (21) years
– a.2 all certificates shall be signed by the members of the
Board and by the Commissioner of PRC
– a.3. display his certificate of registration in the place where he
• b. medical technologist without examination
– b.1. graduated with BS in Medical Technology/BS in Public
Health in duly recognized schools of medtech in the
Philippines or in any foreign country.
Republic act no. 5527
• c. certificate of registration as Laboratory technician
– - has failed to pass the board examination for medical technology
but had obtained a general average of at least 70%.
– Section 22. Fees –
• a. examination and registration – P50.00
• b. certificate of registration w/o exam – P25.oo
• c. lost, destroyed, mutilated certificate – P5.00
– Section 23. Refusal to issue certificate –
• a. convicted by the court of any criminal offense like moral
• b. guilty of immoral or dishonorable conduct
• c. unsound mind
• d. incurable communicable disease
Republic act no. 5527
– Section 24. Administrative investigation – Revocation or
Suspension of Certificates-
• a. conducted by at least 2 members of the Board
• b. the respondent shall be entitled to be represented by
counsel, or be heard in person, to have a speedy and public
hearing, to confront and cross-examine witnesses against
him, and to all other rights guaranteed by the Constitution
• c. giving proper notice and hearing to the party concerned
reprimand an erring medical technologist or revoke or
suspend his certificate of registration for causes enumerated
in Section 29 or for unprofessional conduct, malpractice,
incompetency, or serious ignorance or gross negligence in
the practice of medical technology.
Republic act no. 5527
• d. no penalty of revocation shall be imposed unless
there is unanimous vote of all the three members of
the Board.
• e. the medical technologist shall be required to
surrender his certificate of registration within thirty
days after the decision becomes final
– Section 25. Appeal – the revocation of a certificate
made by a Board shall be subject to appeal to the
Civil Service Commissioner whose decision shall
become final thirty days after its promulgation,
unless the respondent within the same period has
appealed to the office of the President.
Republic act no. 5527
– Section 26. Reinstatement, Reissue or Replacement of
Certificate – the Board may, upon application and
for reason deemed proper and sufficient, reissue
any revoked registration certificate. The
suspension of a certificate shall be reissued to the
medical technologist concerned upon request
without prejudice to further actions by the Board.
Republic act no. 5527
– Section 27. Foreign reciprocity - No foreigner shall
be admitted to examination, or be given a
certificate of registration or be entitled to any
rights and privileges under this Act, unless the
country or state of which he is a subject or citizen
permits Filipino Medical technologist to practice
within its territorial limits on the same as the
subject or citizens of said country or state.
Republic act no. 5527
– Section 28. Roster of Medical Technologist - a roster
of Medical Technologist shall be prepared
annually by the Secretary of the Board. This
roster shall contain the name, address and
citizenship of each registered Medical
Technologist, date of registration or issuance of
certificate, and other data which in the opinion of
the Board are pertinent.
Republic act no. 5527
– Section 29. Penal Provision - without prejudice to
the provision of the Medical Act of 1959 as
amended relating to illegal practice of Medicine,
the following shall be punished by a fine not less
than two thousand pesos nor more than five
thousand pesos, or imprisonment for not less than
six months nor more than 2 years, or both, in the
discretion of the court:
• a. any person who shall practice Medical Technology
in the Philippines without being registered or
exemption from legislation in accordance with the
provision of this Act;
Republic act no. 5527
• b. any medical technologist, even if duly registered, who
shall practice medical technology in the Philippines without
the necessary supervision of a qualified pathologist or
physician authorized by the DOH.
• c. any medical technologist who shall knowingly make a
fraudulent laboratory report;
• d. any duly registered medical technologist who shall refuse
or fail, after due warning by the Board to display his
certificate of registration in the place where he works;
• e. any person presenting or attempting to use as his own,
the certificate of registration of another;
• f. any person who shall give any false or fraudulent evidence
of any kind to the Board or any member thereof in obtaining
a certificate of registration as Medical technologist.
Republic act no. 5527
• g. any person who shall impersonate any registrant of like or
the same name;
• h. any person who shall attempt to use a revoked or
suspended certificate of registration;
• i. any person who shall in connection with his name or
otherwise, assume, use or advertise any title or description
tending to convey the impression that he is a Medical
Technologist without holding a valid certificate of
• j. any person or corporate body who shall allow anyone in
his employ who is not a registered medical
technologist/medical laboratory technician to engage in the
practice of medical technology or recommend for
appointment anyone to the position of medical
technologist/technician knowing that he is not registered as
Republic act no. 5527
• k. any person or corporate body who shall violate the
rules and regulations of the Board or orders
promulgated by it after having been duly approved and
issued by the Philippine President upon
recommendation of the Commissioner of Civil Service
for the purpose of carrying out the provision of this Act.
– Section 30. Separability Clause – all acts, executive
orders, rules and regulation, or parts thereof
inconsistent with the provisions to any person or
circumstances is declared invalid by a court or
competent jurisdiction.
Republic act no. 5527
– Section 31. Repealing Clause - all acts, executive
orders, rules and regulations, or parts thereof
inconsistent with the provision of this Act hereby
repealed; Provided, however, that nothing in this Act
shall be construed as repealing or amending any
portion of the Medical Act of 1959, the Clinical
Laboratory Act of 1966, and the Blood Bank Law of
– Section 32. Effectivity – this Act shall take effect upon
its approval.

Approved, June 21, 1969.


It is an intensive practical and theoretical training in the
different sections in the clinical laboratory namely:
• Clinical Chemistry,
• Hematology,
• Immunohematology (Blood Banking),
• Immunology,
• Serology,
• Microbiology,
• Urinalysis and Other Body Fluids (Clinical Microscopy),
• Parasitology,
• Histopathology/Cytology and other emergent technologies.
It also emphasizes the development of proper value system.

1.Enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes
needed for a member of the health care delivery
team who with precision and accuracy performs
the clinical laboratory procedures needed to help
the physician in the proper diagnosis, treatment
and prevention of diseases.

2.Develop among students a well-rounded
personality with a healthy outlook and
oriented towards intelligent, ethical and active
participation in professional as well as
community welfare activities.
3. Develop critical thinking skills that will enable
them to participate in research
endeavors/activities and respond to
challenges of the profession.

4. Develop humane and competent Medical
Technologists/Laboratory Scientists who are
globally competitive, and committed to serve
the health needs in both local and
international communities.

1. Only those who completed all the course
requirements for the first three and one half
years shall be qualified for internship.

2. Applicants shall undergo physical and laboratory
examinations which will include complete blood
count (CBC), urinalysis, fecalysis, drug tests
(metamphetamines and canabinoids), HbsAg,
anti-HBs and chest X-ray and/or Sputum
Microscopy. They are also required to present
proof of vaccination against hepatitis B. Any
applicant found positive for infectious diseases
(like hepatitis, tuberculosis, etc.) shall be
temporarily suspended to undergo training unless
proof of adequate/complete treatment is

General Rules
1. The school, in coordination with the
accredited training laboratory shall provide a
training program in line with the approved
CHED updated rules on Medical Technology
Internship Program (MTIP).
2. The school and the training center shall enter
into a contract of affiliation.

3. The school shall assign interns only to accredited
training centers.

4. The school shall pay the required affiliation fee to the
training center.

5. As part of the CHED Memorandum on Medical
Technology internship, colleges and universities shall
conduct seminars relevant to Medical Technology

6. The interns shall be required to have a total of forty
(40) hours per week of duty to complete a total of
1,080 hours in twenty-seven weeks. The interns must
render the following number of hours in each

6.1. Clinical Chemistry - 230 hrs.
6.2. Clinical Microscopy & Parasitology - 230 hrs.
6.3. Microbiology - 150 hrs.
6.4. Hematology - 120 hrs.
6.5. Blood Banking - 150 hrs.
6.6. Histopathologic Technique & Cytology - 100 hrs.
6.7. Immunology & Serology - 100 hrs.

7. The contact hours for Phlebotomy (Specimen
Collection, Handling and Transport) shall be
integrated in all sections mentioned above.

8. The affiliation fee should be distributed as

8.1 hospital - 50%
8.2 laboratory staff involved in the training
program - 50%

Duties/Responsibilities of Clinical Instructor
1. There shall be one (1) clinical instructor for every
25 students/interns
2. The Clinical Instructor/Intern Coordinator/Clinical
Coordinator shall have the following duties/
A. acts as a liaison officer between the Higher
Education Institution (HEI) and the
accredited affiliating hospital-based or
free-standing clinical laboratory;

B. coordinates with the training officer
and/or the chief medical technologist
in the proper implementation of the
internship training programs of both the
HEI and the accredited training clinical
laboratory in terms of:
C. progressive evaluation of interns’
attendance, behavior and performance on
an official visit at least once a month
D. preparation and submission of monthly
report on matters related to the proper
implementation of the internship training
E. . participation in the review, revision and
updating of the internship training program.

Duties/Responsibilities of Interns
1. Behave as professional at all times
2 Treat the patients with compassion.
3 Avoid undue familiarity and intimacy
4 Treat results with utmost confidentiality.
5 Work harmoniously with fellow interns and
other personnel of the institution
6 Follow the provision in the code of ethics of a
medical technologist

Section 1. Absences/tardiness incurred during
internship shall be given the following
1.1. for every excused absence, eight (8)
hours make-up
1.2. for every unexcused absence, twenty-four
(24) hours make-up
1.3. for every accumulated tardiness of sixty
minutes, 8 hours make-up
1.4. for accumulated absences exceeding
twenty percent (20%) of the total
number of internship hours per
hospital rotation, repeat
1.5. for unauthorized out-of-post, eight (8)
hours make-up

Section 2. Sanctions shall be determined by the
training center and the institution on the
1.1 cheating in any form (forgery,
falsification of documents, etc.)

2.2 alcohol intoxication
2.3 inflicting injuries
2.4 carrying deadly weapon
2.5 use of prohibited drugs
2.6 sexual harassment / immorality
2.7 vandalism
2.8 willful destruction of hospital property
2.9 gambling
3.0 stealing