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How to Draw Animals

Written and 1llustrate:d by Susan S onkin

waterm in Pre.5s @'by Tr-oll COrnmunlca.lions L .U;.

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Baby ani mals are fun and easy to draw. All of the dJClWirilgs in ihis book are made from straight I lnes, curved lines, dotaand si rnple shapes .. Some of t he shapes you wi II use are

eire les, ovads, and aausaqe shapes,

Traclnq is a good wa.y to learn how to d raw these shapes .. U,s·e paper that is th in and I.ight Put ~ he paper over the drawl ngs in the book. Tn:u:::e over the bas lc shapes to get an idea of how bi 9 or small the shapes should be. After you've practiced tracing tine basic shapes, ~{oujre ready to begin drelJNing. Just foLlow the easy dtrecuens, a.dd~ng to )f,our drawi ngls.tep by step ..


You willl1Qm nee,d m,any materials-just paper,a. pencil, and an eraser. ¥ou may also want to use crave ns or markers to co lor your drawi ngs. Your ba'byanimals wHI almost come-to ~ife when you color thern,

H ave fun with your new trlarrd 8!

a baby chicken is


a ...

A chlcksn egg takes three weeks to hatch, Wiith lts sharp beak, the chlek pecks its way out of the egg. When the sheri breaks; the - chick gets its 'first look at the world. A few hours later the chlck will be chirping, standing, and runn'ing.

1- chlcks are very e,asy to draw. Start . with- aelrete for the heed and ancther bligg'er elre Ie for the body. (lhese two

clrcles are only to get you started. You win erase them later.)


,-, --

~.' r . , •. ~

V ,

", .

2- ,

Now draw two

, wings. Baby ehlcks ' _

are co¥ered with

soft, fluffy feathers. Draw little lines around the head and body for feathe'rs., (Now erase the rough sketch U nes you - bega,n wit.h.)


3 Braw d~~t~for the ~ye,s a.-._n~ ~~~,a~ _ that's open and ch*rpmg. i:8'ch I,eg

is a long' skinny llne, and each .

foot is three little lines. There's

- - --

your chick~C'heePJ oheep!




- . ..

.1 •..

II r". .. - ., ..

a baby rabbit is a ...


A mother ra.bbit bui Ids a. nest for her bables under a tree or in tall She digs a hole and I lnss it wit.t'! g!rass and bits of tur; She makes a blanket from the grass and fur and tucks rt over tne babies wheJI she leaves the nest,

1· Startwi'tth an _ oval for the haled.

2 Add a cl rcJ:e . for the body.

3 ~~~~~i~ 1:~~f~~r~~~~'a~~O~i~d

round legs in Vie back. -

4- Now add the eyes, nose, aRia mouth, but. do "it quickly-before your bunny hops away~


a baby cat is a .

• •


When kit~ens are born" their mother II leks them with her roug:h tongue 'to clean them and to hel p them start to breathe. The bablss' eyes

are shut, and their I ittle noses. cannot smell Y'ery well. They know where their mother is because' they can fe,el her purring. After only five weeks, the kittens will ee runnling and playing.

1,Start your

. kitten witt1 a

oi rete for the


2 The . .n add a, bO.~dy with a very short neck.

3 Draw .th'0 _$.~olrt ears. Th,e. Jl d ra. w the legs and tall-they should be not

too fat and not too thin.

4- NO.W._, draw the, eyes,: Notice how they are sllaped-like almonds, Draw a little nose and mouth,

Complete your kitten with tl fly Ii nes

10, at the' 1 i ps of the paws,

T f,

a baby goat is a ...

kid 1< ·

Baby goats love to run and play. And U,ey are full of

cu riosit.y. Th,ey I ike nothl ng better than 10 ,explore eve1ry corner ot the farmyard:, goats are always hungry! They may even ni bble rope, wood, or a pie'ce of cloth. These babies drink lots of rnllk. Milk helps them to grrow big and strong.

Is. t .. a .. art w._ ... ova.l fur the


2 Add the "neck. Draw a larger oval for the body.

!I T~e. ears .alr~ ~ bit lar:gs, and th'.€! t:J tall is srnal t Draw long lean legs

that are good for running: and playi:ng. Add two 1i1tle polrrts to the bottom of each toot for the's hoofs.

4 ~~~~h~~~O~~e:~~I;.ose~ and a


· . '


a baby pig is a ...


lSl8irt to o:rawyour pig with

a circle for "'h·· h ·'d'

'L e, ,eo. ,"

3 Draw potnted ears .. The

_ I egsa re short wl t h two pointed toes, praw a IHtlle

oval at the end of the snout for a nose and put two dots Ln it. Complete ycwr piglet with a curly ta.1 I, two I ittl-e eyeBj and a very smart 8m i Ie!


IDJd you know th'a,t piglets are very smart anlrnals? Pi,gs can lesrn to do anything that d!o!gs can do: jump through hac,ps~ dance! pull a cart, and w,alk a Ug htropel Pig lets are yery apeclal members ot

, ,

the farmyard,

2 G iv~ your piglet astubby '=- snout and a short fat neQK. The t)ody is Si. fat oval.


Ii • • •


• .~

~ I

a baby dog is a ...


A puppy wWshare: your happy times and cheer you up when you are sad. Your UUle pet wlll play wJth you for hours or sit quietly at your feet. A puppy will listen to all your secrets and never tell anyone-what a good· friend!

1 Start your puppy with a ci role for the


3 Then add soft fl,oppy ears and a short poi nted tal I. 'Draw hags that are not very liong, with threebrg

toes on each paw.

4- Next draw the eye.s, a big, black ' , wet nose, and a Wide happy mouth. Don't forget the tongue.


a baby cow is B •••


When this calf is grown, s~he wHI be big and gentle and friend'ly. S.h,e wUI eat grass and grains, and she, win produce lots of milk. She'l,! make enough milk 10 feed calves of her own-and you and your family, 100!

A f'.{ow draw a little line in the middle ~ of each foot, for tiMe calt'shcots, Draw a ~ong tail with some nair on 'the end. Add two dots for the eyes, two dots for the nose, a d a mouth.

1, ~!frw1~~~

clrele for the head and a short boxshaped snout

3 ... o.·· .. ls f .. -O. '.r.t. he .... e .. ar.·.S ..•.. M.· ... ake . _ th e 1'9g s short ;,;u1:d stron'Q.

2 Draw a wide neck. The bod'y looks a I lttle I ike a rectanq ~e, but its corners are rounded.

a baby horse is a ...


A foall can stand and w.allk an hour after it is born. Th is baby horse fi:fst seems unsteady on its long th i n leg,St. Bu't soon the foal learns to trot Lifting its head high, the baby steps proudly allcmg., Fina~ly, the litUe horse beglins· to gi;lllop~ faster and faster" I f it falls, it gets riglRl up and tries a,gain.

1 Olf.a.,w a like a pear for the fo,al's


2 Dr:aw a long neck and an oval for the body.

4 [)ra~ short Ii n~s do.~n t~e ~eck for the _ mane and a 11:111 made from longer Ilines. Flnl sh with two dots for tine

eyes, two dots for the m)se"and a little smile.

9 Add ~mal.-Iears to the top " of the head .. M aka the ~egs long and Sk1 nny.


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