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Fields Road Regional

Summer School
Rachel Heller & Jocelyn Martin
School Overview
Fields Road Elementary School
1 School Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
School Overview
Student Enrollment:
▪ Total Enrollment – 176 students
▪ Kindergarten-1
Grade – 51 students
▪ 2
Grade – 69 students
▪ 4
Grade – 29 students
▪ ESOL – 32 students

▪ Reading
▪ Math
▪ Computer
Library Media Program
Librarian’s Role
▪ Teach all students in the school
in math and reading
▪ Supported the administrators’
goals for the curriculum
▪ Manage the collection
▪ Only staff members with duty

Fields Road Collection
▪ 12,344 titles in the collection
▪ During the summer school
session, we circulated 588
▪ Collection has many popular
▪ Extensive collection of math
materials in the 510s
Fields Road Summer School -- Strengths
▪ The media center set up
– Promethean Board, tables, computers
▪ Diverse library collection
▪ Three staff members in the media center
– Three skill sets
▪ Fixed schedule
– All students came to the library at least once a
week, most came twice
▪ Teachers stayed in the library during
▪ Many opportunities to teach
Fields Road Media Center
Fields Road Media Center
Fields Road Summer School -- Weaknesses
▪ Disorganization of the Everybody Section
– Don’t worry we fixed that!
▪ Duplicate copies of books clogs the
▪ Location of reference books
▪ Fixed schedule
– No time during the ‘school day’ to plan with
▪ Not many opportunities to teach
information literacy skills
Everybody Section
Before: After:
Doreen Cronin
Eric Carle
Innovative Ideas
▪ Taught math in media center
– Multiplication with Amanda Bean’s Amazing Dream by Cindy Neuschwander
– math riddles with Arithme-Tickle by J. Patrick Lewis
– Rounding with Maryland State Symbols

▪ Reading lessons
– Reader’s Theater “Moving Day” with K-1 classes
– Character Traits using Imogene’s Last Stand by Candace Fleming with 2-3 classes
– Story Elements using A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon

▪ Group Rotations in all classes to ensure students have opportunities
to use the computers

Amanda Bean’s Amazing Dream
Moving Day
Moving Day
Imogene’s Last Stand
Imogene’s Last Stand
Brave – She didn’t care what people thought of her and she
wasn’t scared to do anything.
Considerate – She cared about the people in her community
and her community.
Talented – She finger painted an accurate map of the Oregon
Risk-taker – She risked her life to stand on the porch till the
bulldozers left.
A Bad Case of Stripes
A Bad Case of Stripes
A Bad Case of Stripes
Group Rotations
Group Rotations
Group Rotations
Best Practices
▪ Met with teachers before and
after school as well as in
between classes to plan lessons
▪ Reflected on the effectiveness
of lessons after they were
▪ Invited administrators to watch
and participate in lessons
▪ Utilized technology whenever
Expectations Vs. Reality
▪ Expected collection to be
▪ Expected classroom
management to be harder
▪ Expected that curriculum would
be provided by the county
▪ Expected teachers not to stay
with their classes
▪ Expected collection to be
▪ Expected teachers not to stay with
their classes
▪ Expected more time in the library
without classes
▪ Expected to teach information
literacy skills

Promoting the Library Program
Promoting the Library Program
Finish the Summer with a Bang!
▪ Ended the summer session with a special assembly to view the
Animoto video that we created highlighting the activities and lessons
from the summer school session.

▪ All photos courtesy of Rachel Heller, Jocelyn Martin, and Rui Tsai.

▪ Google. (n.d.). Google Maps. Retrieved August 15, 2014, from

▪ Video created using Animoto