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For SPBBE PT Pertamina worker.

1. Purpose
The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is describe collection procedures for
workers safety who work in the SPBBE PT. Pertamina.
2. Scope
The Standard Operating Procedure is applicable to all workers who enter and work in the
SPBBE PT. Pertamina.

3. Responsibility
Everyone who work in the SPBBE PT. Pertamina is responsible for understanding and
implementing these procedures when entering and working in the SPBBE PT. Pertamina for
working safety.

4. Materials/ Procedures

4.1. Materials (Selfing Safety)
4.1.1. Helm/ Head Cover
4.1.2. Gloves
4.1.3. Safety Shoes
4.1.4. Mask

4.2. Procedures
4.2.1. Be sure, you don’t bring weapons, matches, and all things what will be appear the
4.2.2. Don’t bring a phone, camera and other electronic.
4.2.3. Put on a safety shoes.
4.2.4. Put on a gloves.
4.2.5. Put on a helm/ head cover.
4.2.6. Put on a mask.
4.2.7. No smoking in the work area.

5. References
PT. Pertamina safety rules book.