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Direct Instruction Lesson Plan Format – Short form

Date: 4/7/14 Target Students: Whole Group

Topic/Content Area:
Dramatizing Characters and Deepening Our
Comprehension in Reading Clubs

Century Skills:
Critical Thinking

Common Core State and/or NC Essential Standards:

RL.1.3, RL.1.4, RL.1.5, RL.1.6, RL.1.7, RL.1.9, RF. 1.4bc, SL.1.1ab, SL1.3, SL.1.4,
SL.1.5, SL.1.6

Student Friendly Objective or Essential Question:

Who are the characters? What is the setting? What is important? How are the characters
feeling? How can I best match the character through voice and tone? What are the clues in
my story?

-Book Club Job Cards; “Word Wizard,” “Artful Artist,” “Connector”
-Journal writing prompts
-Fireflies by Julie Brinckloe

Lesson Activities

Refer back to the lesson from before, where they learned the other two jobs for book club;
“Discussion Director” and “Summarizer.”

Introduction to the Lesson:

Link “snack chats” and other jobs for book clubs together to introduce the new jobs.

Teacher Input/Modeling

 I will thoroughly go over each remaining job with the students and model each job.
 Ask students what they think a “Word Wizard” is and then read the job description,
model using the book Fireflies.
 Model “Artful Artist” using the same text read the instructions.
 Model “Connector” and go over the three different types of connections.
 Model how to record their information in their reading journals for book clubs.

Guided Practice:

 Students will turn and talk with a partner to discuss the purpose of this activity and
how each job helps them deepen their comprehension of the character and the
 How will doing the different jobs help you understand the story better?
 During independent time, I will be pulling guided reading groups to work on
specific skills with specific groups of students.
 After independent reading time, students will partner read for 15 minutes and

Independent Practice:

 Students will go to read individually for about 30 minutes to practice the concepts
of the different jobs from book clubs.
 They are warming up their brains to know how to participate.
 Students will also complete their daily journal reading prompts during this time.

Closure of the Lesson:

To close the lesson, we will share as a class what we read and shared with our partners and
how we practiced the book club jobs to help us understand the story better.

Evaluation/Assessment of Student Learning
Formative: I look for cooperative discussion and look for students who are on task. They
are reading and writing in their reading journals. Students are practicing the new jobs they
have learned.

Summative: The students written work from guided reading groups, when available.

Supervising Teacher’s Signature:

Student Teacher’s Signature:

Plans for Individual Differences: (As needed for your class – May not need for all subjects)
Early Finishers:
Students will continue reading and completing more reading response prompts.
Late Finishers:
These students will have another day to come back to their reading and finish a question or an
idea from a sticky note.
Extension of Lesson:
We would discuss other ways of doing our jobs and having it help us deepen our understanding. I
will help them start seeing the connections and let them see how to use “text evidence” to support
and to inference ideas not told within text.

English Language Learners: