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Course Syllabus

Lead Hill High School
TEACHER: Mrs. Kristen Alford ROOM: High School Bus. Rm M-103
E-MAIL: SCHOOL PHONE: !"0# $3%-&%""
'igital (ommunications is a course designed to de)elo* com*uter skills necessar+ for
toda+,s technolog+ -ork force and for *ost-secondar+ education. '( 1-. ena/les the
student to use com*uter soft-are to create *u/lications and )arious digital media.
0e -ill use the *re)alent soft-are used in /usiness to create attracti)e
*resentations1 *hotogra*h+1 *am*hlets1 ne-sletters and 0e/ *age designs.
2ra*hics1 e-mail1 and 3nternet are also utili4ed.
5ur goal is to encourage students to /ecome *roducti)e citi4ens of 6HS /+ creating
accurate1 meaningful1 and attracti)e designs for one of the fastest gro-ing
occu*ations in the 7.S.8-hile strengthening their literac+1 inter*ersonal1 and
communication skills.
School attendance is )er+ im*ortant. Students should make all e9ort to attend class
e)er+ da+. :his course -ill not follo- a standard ;lecture< format1 although there -ill
/e much e=*lanation1 direction1 and demonstration to su**ort learning. Most of +our
time in '( class -ill /e s*ent in an o>ce-t+*e situation1 -here +ou -ill /e com*leting
tasks and assignments as if +ou -ere -orking in a real /usiness. :his -ill gi)e +ou
e=*erience in -orking on a /usiness team or as an em*lo+ee or inde*endent
/usiness o-ner. Because most of -hat +ou learn -ill /e through classroom acti)ities1
it is im*erati)e that +ou /e here as if +ou -ere -orking on +our fa)orite ?o/.
'ue to the fact that all -ork should /e com*leted in the classroom1 +ou -ill ha)e
limited time to do makeu* -ork. @our home com*uter -ith the correct soft-are ma+
/e used to com*lete missed assignments. 0hen a/sent1 a student should re)ie-
their 2oogle (lassroom for missed assignments. As in the -orld of -ork1 *oor
attendance can result in missed deadlines and *oor *erformance. :he school hand
/ook rules a**l+ for all makeu* -ork due dates.
• Aen or *encil
• 2mail account using 2oogle school created#
• 2oogle (lassroom account created in class#
:e=t/ooksB 'igital (ommunication /ooks -ill /e ke*t in the classroom can /e
checked out if needed#
HandoutsB Su**lementar+ teacher-made handouts illustrating /usiness a**lications
• All com*uter -ork can /e com*leted in the classroom if time is used -isel+
• 3f classroom -ork is not Cnished1 it is the s'ude(')s res*o(sibili'y to Cnd
the time to com*lete the com*uter -ork at home or in m+ classroom during
stud+ hall.
• 5/?ecti)e tests multi*le choice1 trueDfalse1 matching1 and com*letion#
• (om*ute1 Eoca/ular+ and Skills tests
Grades or scores for projects are weighted based on the importance or detail of the project. Total grades for
the progress period are calculated by total points divided by the total points possible. Grades will come
from daily work, projects, and tests. Not all daily work will receive a grade if the work is used for practice
or as a learning tool. This is an applications class, so students will need much practice to assure that they
are successful in learning the applications thoroughly. Students will use Google Drive accounts and
network storage for all document storage. Flash drives can be used but students will not be able to
download from them. Google Classrooms will be implemented allowing you to review progress,
assignments and the class calendar.
Grading Scale-
% &"-&!$
' ("-(!$
) *"-*!$
+ ,!$ and below
1) The students will be able to use computer hardware and software to perform business functions.
2) The students will be able to define terminology related to digital media, word processing, presentation
software, integrating software, printing, telecommunications, the web, the internet and other business
3) The students will apply skills learned in class to business scenarios to e-perience the world of work in
a realistic way.
4) The students will learn how to communicate their ideas through class discussion, sharing and
5) The students will learn how to collaborate on a business team to complete digital projects.
6) The students will complete projects as individual business owners, independent of other students.
• Be in +our seat1 logged in1 -ith reFuired materials -hen the /ell rings.
• 6ook at the /oard for Bell 0ork or assignment and /egin +our -ork.
• Sho- res*ect for students1 teachers1 eFui*ment1 and 6HS at all times.
• 'o not t+*e or talk -hile the teacher or an+one else is s*eaking /efore the
• Gmail or turn in +our -ork as reFuired on time.
• Aush in chair1 logout1 and clean -ork area /efore lea)ing class.
• All hand/ook rules and com*uter contract rules a**l+.
• Aartici*ate and ha+e ,u( -ith res*ect -hile learning in /usiness class.
-- %our'i+e ,eedbac/ is al0ays 0elco1e a(d (eeded 'o
hel* i1*ro+e 'he class2 Please call3 e1ail 'o co11u(ica'e 0i'h
------------------------------------- Re'ur( 'o Mrs2 Al,ord ,or 45 *oi('s
by $ed(esday Augus' 463 4789--------------------
My !uardia(#Pare(' a(d I ha+e read 'he course syllabus a(d u(ders'a(d i'
co1*le'ely2 I 0ill ,ollo0 'he rules3 *ar'ici*a'e i( class3 be *re*ared a(d
S'ude(' sig(a'ure::::::::::::::::::::Pri('ed
Pare('#!uardia( sig(a'ure::::::::::::::::::Pri('ed Na1e ;