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Westlake High School

Math Enhancement Syllabus/Contract
Instructors: Brandon Jackson & Lesa Whitehead
Course: Math Enhancement
Equal Opportunity: Westlake High School offers education to all students and does not
discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, or national origin. Students
who have a grievance with another student or any school employee should talk to the
school administration or counseling office about their concerns.
Course Description:
This course is designed to meet the unique needs of students with IEP math goals. These goals will be worked on throughout
the semester. As everyone’s goals are individualized, instruction will be custom designed to meet student needs to ensure a
“free appropriate and public education.” This course is also designed to provide support to students in their general education
math classes and work on basic math skills.

Learning Outcomes
❏ Build and strengthen problem solving skills
❏ Improve number sense and operation skills with decimals, fractions, and percents
❏ Use math in graphs, tables, and applications
❏ Use technology to enhance learning and provide application to mathematics
❏ Practical uses of mathematics in real life situations
❏ Prepare for vocational and career/college readiness

Needed Supplies:
❏ Notebook or binder to organize assignments and papers
❏ Planner (we will make one from a regular notebook)
❏ Pencils, paper and other materials needed to complete assignments.
❏ Home work and materials from other classes

Course Expectations and Policies
1) Be on time and Prepared
2) Follow Instructions the 1
3) Respect others property and feelings
4) Be Honest
5) Do Your Best

Attendance and Tardy Policy
Refer to WHS Student Handbook Attendance Policy
Electronics Policy
Personal electronics may only be used upon teacher approval for academic purposes only. See Electronic Agreement
Dress Code
See WHS Student Handbook Dress Code (This policy will be strictly enforced, there will be 1
period dress code checks every

Grading Policy
Progress reports will be given according to each student’s individual IEP.
Grading is as follows Grade Weighting
A 94-100% B- 82-80% D+ 69-67% Assignments =15%
A- 93-90% C + 79- 77% D 66-63% Quizzes= 5%
B+ 89-87% C 76-73% D- 62-60% Participation= 80%
B 86-83% C- 72-70% F 60% or below

❏ The majority of the class points are based on participation
❏ Participations means that students will come prepared with homework from other courses
❏ If students do not come prepared, it will dock their grade 10 points each time. These points cannot be made up.
❏ Absences: Students who have excused absences will be excused from the participations points for that day.
Assignments will include basic math and study skills practice (this is usually a short assignment done in class following a mini
lesson on basic math skills, good study habits, study tips, etc.
Required Materials (notebook to set up a basic planner)
Goal tracker- Each student is required to carry two trackers:
1) In Class log for daily goals and what they completed
2) A school Tracker is required and will be checked every class period.
❏ Quizzes will be given periodically to check students’ preparation and understanding of the study skills process.
❏ Quizzes are not a major part of your grade, however it will be a valuable tool in helping the instructor determine what
study skills mini lessons students need.

Academic Honesty and Cheating Policy
The Department has high expectations for students at Westlake High School; accordingly, the Department has a zero-tolerance
policy on cheating and plagiarism.
Class Assignments and Quizzes: If a student cheats or plagiarizes on a class assignment or quiz, the student will receive a zero
score and will NOT be able to make-up the assignment.: If a student cheats or plagiarizes, the student’s grade will automatically
be an “F”. In order for the student to earn a grade for that term, the student must complete a 2-page reflection essay (typed,
double-spaced, 12-point font) on the topic “Why Cheating is Wrong”. Once the essay AND the substitute exam or project are
satisfactorily completed, the highest grade a student can earn for that term will be a D-.

Office Hours:
Room D253 by appointment Brandon Jackson Phone #: 801-610-8815 Ext. 412 Email:
Room D251 by appointment Lesa Whitehead Phone #: 801-610-8815 Ext. 412 Email:
Please complete and sign the attached form by September 5
. This will be an assignment worth 20 points, and required to
remain in this class.

(Policies and terms are subject to change)
By signing below, you agree to abide by the terms of this disclosure document as a contract to remain in this class. If students
are continuously unprepared or do not make use of the time for working on homework. They may be asked to drop this class.

Student Signature _____________________________________________ Date_________________

Parent/Guardian Signature_____________________________________________ Date_________________