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The purpose of the study is to identify . The Diferent modes of

investment activities of Banco Securities Ltd and Security
Exchane Commission. Diferent sections of investment and the
detai!s of its functions are exp!ained "rie#y here. At the same
time for easier understandin of the report $ an overvie% of
security exchane commission $ supportin topics and terms are
exp!ained in !iht of text"oo&s $ reu!atory uide!ines and %e"
sites . The '"(ectives $ )ision $ *ission $*anaement and overa!!
activities of Securities Exchane Commission are inc!uded in this
report to state a c!ear understandin a"out the security house .
+ have a!so co!!ected some primary data and secondary data
%hich is short!y descri"ed in this report. ,ina!!y$ + have iven some
recommendations and -ndins.