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Physical Science
Mountainburg High School
Contact Information
Remind101: text (501) 547-8707 with @3a202
Science Building Lab Room 1
Office Phone: (479) 369-2146
Planning Period: 7
First Semester

 Nature of Science
 Matter
 Energy
 Physics
 Force
 Wave Motion
 Particle Motion

Second Semester

 Electricity
 Magnetism
 Chemistry
 Chemical Reactions
 Chemical Reactions
 Organic Chemistry


The way I figure your grade is simple; it is based on total points. The number of points you earn divided
by the total points possible equals your grade.
 Grading Scale:
o 90-100 = A
o 80-89 = B
o 70-79 = C
o 60-69 = D
o 59 or lower = F
In cases where students are caught cheating, in accordance with Mountainburg Public school policies,
any students caught cheating in any form may receive a “zero” for the assignment. The second offense
of cheating in the same class may result in an “F” for the semester.
Semester tests will be given and will count for 20% of the final semester grade.
Late work will receive a 20% reduction in total points earned. I encourage all students to turn in all
work, even if late. Some points are better than no points!
Attendance and Absences
For Excused Absences, the assignments the student missed during his/her absence will be labeled with
the student’s name and placed in the file holder on the wall for that student’s subject. It is your
responsibility to pick up your assignments from the file holder. You will have two days to complete the
assignment from the day you return. If more time is needed, that must be discussed with me the day
you return.
For Unexcused Absences, in accordance with Mountainburg Public Schools policies, work missed during
unexcused absences will not be permitted to be made up.
Absences due to a school function or on a day of review will not excuse you from tests or homework
upon your return.
For Absences on a Test Day, the student will take the test the day that he/she returns to school.
Classroom Expectations
Be on time and ready to work in class.
Be prepared by the time the tardy bell rings.
Respect all members and guests of this class (that includes persons, property, opinions, etc.).
All Mountainburg Public Schools Handbook rules apply.

Incentives and Consequences
No matter the infringement, everyone will be treated with respect.
Incentives and consequences adhere to the Mountainburg Public Schools policies.
Public or private praise for good work
Polite public or private warning
Private discussion or activity designed to discourage behavior in future
Phone call to parents/ guardians
Office Referral
Policies and Procedures
Please bring any questions/concerns to the teacher immediately.
Late work will receive a 20% reduction.
It is your responsibility to pick up missed assignments before or after class.
Take care of non-class business (sharpening pencils, borrowing supplies, bathroom trips, etc.) before
or after class.
Be seated and working on your bell work assignment when the timer rings.
Sit in your assigned seats.
Participate in class discussions.
Groups must work quietly and respectfully together.
Raise your hand and wait patiently and quietly if you have a question or would like to answer a
Clean up your area before you leave class.
The bell does not dismiss class. Do not get up from your desk without permission from the teacher.

I have received a copy of the syllabus and have reviewed all of its contents.

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