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Sexual Magnetism

by Etienne Charland

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Introduction to Sexual Magnetism .............................................................. 4
Chapter 1: Sexual Magnetism Concepts .................................................... 7
Do You Really Want to Change? ............................................................... 7
Seven Misconceptions of Spirituality ......................................................... 9
What is Sexual Magnetism? ..................................................................... 12
Chakras System ......................................................................................... 14
Social Conditioning .................................................................................. 20
Masculinity................................................................................................ 23
Femininity ................................................................................................. 25
Life Purpose .............................................................................................. 30
Eastern vs Western World ........................................................................ 34
Chapter 2: Healing Methods ...................................................................... 40
Awareness ................................................................................................. 40
Acceptance and Love ................................................................................ 45
Letting Go ................................................................................................. 48
Natural Grounding .................................................................................... 50
Reiki .......................................................................................................... 59
Tantra ........................................................................................................ 64
Alchemy .................................................................................................... 74
Energy Weaknesses .................................................................................. 77
Alchemic Visualizations ........................................................................... 80
Natural Grounding Journal ....................................................................... 82
Chapter 3: Sexual Magnetism Applied ..................................................... 84
Emotional Communication ....................................................................... 84
Language ................................................................................................... 87
End of the Game ....................................................................................... 89
Approach ................................................................................................... 93
Progression and Kino Tricks ..................................................................... 97
Kissing and Closing ................................................................................ 103
Sex ........................................................................................................... 107
Relationship Management ...................................................................... 109
Social Life ............................................................................................... 111
Conclusion ................................................................................................. 115
Bibliography .............................................................................................. 116

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Introduction to Sexual Magnetism

There has been a lot of talk lately about natural game, the laws of attraction,
and the effect of our emotions on our environment. Good information about
these topics is scattered throughout many different sources, so its very hard
to put the pieces together. In this book, I will describe what sexual
magnetism is, how it works, how to get there, and how to apply it. I will give
you the tools you need to keep progressing on your own and resources so
you can dig deeper into several subjects.

When I first started writing this book, I intended it to be an introduction to
the subject just to explain the fundamental concepts. However, it turned out
to be much more complete. I could still write another book to take this
foundation and go even deeper. As a matter of fact, this updated edition has
some extremely powerful breakthroughs added to it. It is still just the tip of
the iceberg.

This book is about enhancing your success with women. Sex is like air: it is
not important unless you dont have any. It is our birthright as human beings
to have an abundance of air, love, and sex, and you can repress human
nature only up to a certain point. Unfortunately, social conditioning has
repressed this aspect of our lives, and we see all kinds of problems such as
forty-year-old virgins and a 50 percent divorce rate. You have two choices:
either you continue in the same direction as others, or you look for real
answers. By buying this book, I suppose you want real answers and you

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want to be part of the solution. By working on your sexual magnetism, you
will heal people around you and help shift the dynamics of our society.

Keep in mind that this isnt a book you should understand logically. Instead,
you should unlearn all the logical patterns you have in your mind and feel
the concepts described in this book. Instead of taking notes, take the time to
fully feel and visualize the concepts, then let them sink into your
subconscious. The concepts this book describes are very deep, but you will
only understand them based on your current level of consciousness. If you
read this book again in two months after having several real-life experiences,
you most likely will understand the book in a totally different way. Think
about it this way: when you learn lots of stuff at school, you usually get a
headache. But this book is different. It is a book about unlearning and
feeling. As you unlearn old concepts and become aware of how you work
internally, your brain actually becomes wired differently, so you may find it
hard to concentrate, you may feel very tired, or you may experience
repressed emotions coming to the surface. Sometimes you may find you
arent ready to accept the consequences of breakthroughs. Keep in mind that
all of this is normal, so if you really want the resultsand you wouldnt
have bought this book otherwiseits worth going forward.

Some people found a pirate version of Sexual Magnetism and read it out of
curiosity and then complained that they couldnt understand and apply it.
You cant put wine in a bottle that is already full. If a small sum of money is
more important than this information, then you are not ready to give up
anything and you wont be ready for this. Downloading this e-book for free
comes from a subconscious state of financial scarcity, doubt and holding

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onto your old beliefs. None of these frequencies allow transformation to
happen. How important is it for you to transform your life? What are you
ready to give up for it? Its not just about giving up financial resources. Its
mostly about giving up old ways of thinking and involving yourself in the
process. There is no space to receive without giving up anything.

In the first chapter, we will explore basic concepts to help you understand
how emotions work. In the second chapter, we will explore several healing
methods that will allow you to unleash your potential. Finally, in the third
chapter, we will talk about how sexual magnetism applies in the real world
to help you achieve concrete results.

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Chapter 1: Sexual Magnetism Concepts
Do You Really Want to Change?

Most people want to change their results and are willing to change their
thoughts and actions, but to experience lasting success, they must also
change as a person. Changing at your core means forgetting about the self
youve known for so long. It means letting the way you identify yourself die
in some way and allowing yourself to be reborn in a new way. It means
taking responsibility for all that happens in your life, taking power over your
own life, and taking action.

People around you most likely dont want you to change. Changes in you
will put them out of their comfort zone, and they likely often take advantage
of your current situation in some way. They also expect you to be who you
have always been, so it will take time for them to adjust to your new self-
image. It might also mean breaking relationships that dont serve you
anymore, such as letting go of your friends in your hometown who play
World of Warcraft all day.

If youre not too afraid to keep going after reading this, changing at the core
and dropping your ego is the most rewarding thing you can do. For example,
if you use positive thinking and learn to approach women but dont heal
what makes you unattractive as a person, you might get phone numbers, but
overall youll achieve limited success. Until you take a time-out and heal the
issues making you unattractive at your core and take power and

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responsibility over your own life, all the actions you take will not bring the
success you deserve, no matter how much you work for it.

So how do you change as a person? Dont expect it to happen overnight, as
it may take months or years. However, you can make small progress
overnight every day!

Here are some tips to get you started:

- Dont use your past stories as excuses for yourself. Have you heard of
Martin Deschamps? He only has half of his left arm, two fingers on his right
hand, and only one leg. He is a very famous rock singer, and he plays bass
and piano like hell! If he can do it, and if a black man can be the President of
the United States, you have no legitimate excuses. None. Period.

- Most people identify themselves by their issues, qualities, and
characteristics. So you cant just let go of your identity! Instead of
identifying yourself by your issues, identify yourself by what you want to
accomplish in your life. You are a life force moving through your life.

- If you have trouble figuring out what youre here to do on this planet, say
God, please show me my life purpose, and I will forever be your humble
servant, and really mean it.

- Let go of people who hold you back; instead, surround yourself with
people who support you.

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- Travel to countries with totally different cultures, such as those in South
America or Southeast Asia, for at least three months. Traveling will open
your mind to different realities and help you understand how your local
culture is limiting you. Even better, learn the languages of these cultures, as
you cant fully understand a culture without speaking its language. It will
help you think outside the box.

- Resolve to look at issues inside yourself before trying to force things on the
outside. Awareness is curative.

These suggestions may require you to look at your life from a different
perspective, but your results will be well worth it.

Seven Misconceptions of Spirituality

People have all kinds of ideas, often vague, about spiritualitythat is, when
theyre not rejecting it altogether. Here are the seven most common
misconceptions youll see around yourself about spirituality. It should make
it all more realistic and interesting!

Misconception 1: Fear God!

The church and Catholics, among others, teach their followers to fear God
and that you must be good not to be punished. Thats indeed whats written
in the *English* translation of the Bible, but not in its original language.
They used the word fear since theres no word in the English language to

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describe the original concept. What the original language really meant was
that you should revere God in the sense that every cell of your body vibrates,
not out of fear, but out of love and passion. Change the word fear to
revere, and the meaning of the Bible completely changes!

Misconception 2: Religion is spirituality.

First of all, religion is a group experience whose main purpose is to protect
the group, primarily from physical threats such as disease, poverty, death,
social crises, and even war. Religion is rooted in first chakra energies.
Spirituality, on the other hand, is an individual experience directed toward
releasing fears of the physical world and pursuing a relationship with the

Misconception 3: Meditate for awareness.

Most people who are into meditation try to become aware of themselves to
raise their awareness to energies. For example, in Thailand, the monks who
meditate in temples to be connected to universal energies arent that healthy
because theres another important aspect of the connection: being grounded
in the physical world and to our instincts. Ideally we want to have the base
of our spine solidly grounded to Earth energy and the top of our crown
grounded to universal energy, with both energies flowing through our
bodies. Both groundings are equally important: we can call it to walk both
on Earth and in Heaven.

Misconception 4: Be aware of yourself.

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We try to become aware of ourselves to overcome our limitations, but many
of us either try to control our emotions or become calm and passive. This is
especially a problem for women, as it is in their nature to respond to their
environment and to flow like water. Its important to be aware of our fears
and limitations, but it is equally important to surrender to our instincts and
gut feelings. We dont even need awareness to surrender to ourselves!
However, many of our behaviors are rooted in fears and need to be

Misconception 5: Sexual equality.

Feminists wanted sexual equality and we got sameness. At first sight, the
idea of balancing yin and yang (feminine/masculine) energies may seem to
support this concept. However, the truth is, sameness is repressing both
masculinity and femininity, and we end up in a gray zone in between. Yin
and yang refer to sexual polarity and contrast: having a strong masculine
presence like James Bond or having a strong feminine presence like Thai
women. Yin-yang balance means to have a strong polarized presence
without the neediness since we can get the energy of the opposite sex from
within ourselves.

Misconception 6: God is your father.

Many people talk about surrendering to the will of God, which brings them
prosperity and peace of mind. Although you can view God as your father

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and follow His will, you ARE part of God! We are all Gods, and we can take
the responsibility for what we create in our own lives and in the lives of
others. If you unite with God, your father will never create something that
goes against your will, and you will never create something that goes against
the will of your father. It will inspire you as much as you influence it.

Misconception 7: Good vs. bad.

Good and bad are merely judgments. In fact, things you do with good
intentions can have bad consequences, and things you do with bad intentions
can have good consequences. For example, some parents overprotect their
children for their good, but as a consequence, these children become
reserved and unable to take responsibility for their lives. Or a guy can punch
another guy, injuring him badly, and that injury can cause him to change his
attitude and improve his life. Good and bad are lies: there is only acting out
of love and acting out of fear. In the examples above, the parents are
overprotecting out of fear, and the guy may be punching the other out of
love for integrity.

What is Sexual Magnetism?

With some guys, you can sit down with them for a coffee and you instantly
feel comfortable, and while talking with them, you forget about your
problems. Then, suddenly, another guy sits down and it feels awkward.
When he leaves, you say this guy had bad vibes. The truth is, the way you
feel about yourself affects the way people feel around you.

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Girls see the first guy I mentioned and say things like, theres just
something about him. If you understand what makes them feel that way and
you peak into the right state of mind, girls may start saying theres
definitely something about him! or Oh my God, did you see his eyes?
when they see how much the life sparkles in your eyes.

Sexual magnetism is about having girls attracted and turned on by your mere
presence. To understand how this magnetism works, it is important to
understand two basic principles:

1. We are all emotionally connected. This might sound either ridiculous or
obvious, but think about it for a second. Where does your intuition come
from? Some call it energies, some call it God, and some call it quantum
physics, but the principle remains the same.

2. Nature is sexual. Mating and sex are supposed to be intuitive, simple, and
effortless, or we wouldnt be here today. So why is this not the case? Social
conditioning and fears are covering up our human nature. If your energies
can lift a womans emotional repression, she will become flirty and sexual
the way she was meant to be, but you must first get back in touch with your
emotions. When you walk down the street, you may see these independent
women who seem in their bubble, who arent aware of what happens around
them, who wont look at you in the eyes and who probably wont even
notice you. We are meant to connect effortlessly with each other. If you go
to a third-world country where there is less social conditioning, you will
realize people react to your energies and are very friendly.

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To have sexual magnetism, you must get back in touch with your emotions
and with human nature. You must unlearn all the concepts society, family,
and friends imposed on you. Go to Thailand for three months, and you will
realize it is a completely different world. You will realize how limited the
reality is in your hometown. You must let go of your fears, even though
most of them are subconscious. As you remove all this baggage, you will
feel lighter, you will have more energy, you will feel happier, and you will
look younger. Universal energy or life energy flows within each of us, but as
it flows more and more through you, you will feel it more.

When people feel good with you, they want to stay around. If you make
more friends, more girls will want to be with you. In fact, the more you
connect with people around you, when a girl has sex with you, it feels more
like making love than just fucking. Through sex, your strong energies
amplify and heal her, and the sex is much better. Your orgasms will be much
stronger and spread throughout your whole body instead of just being a
dump-like feeling in your dick.

Women get much more value out of the relationship than you do but Im
sure you will enjoy them too.

Chakras System

The chakras system provides a great way for us to understand our emotional
system. It consists of the seven main energy centers, or energy wheels, in

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our body. Our emotional system is actually more complex than that, but
well use this system since it is easy to understand and complete enough for
our practical use. Here we will view chakras from a seduction perspective,
but you can also apply chakras to business and healing.

Each chakra represents an aspect of our lives and has a specific vibration
frequency and color. Energies are vibrations. Emotions are energies in
motion. Light and colors are energies of specific vibration frequencies.
Energy is at the base of everything: all that is created in this world is the
consequence of energies.

Each chakra provides an angle from which we can look at our lives and
diagnose problems. If you have problems with your family, you might feel
pain at the base of your spine. If someone betrays you, you might feel pain
in your solar plexus. If your girlfriend dumped you, you might feel pain in
your heart, and if you have headaches, it might mean something youre
doing isnt in alignment with your life purpose. Interestingly enough,
chakras have the same colors as a rainbow, and the colors appear in the same

The seven chakras go from the base of your spine to the top of your head.
When chakras are open properly, the base chakra is grounded in Earth
energy and the top chakra is grounded in universal energy. Energy flows up
through you from the Earth to the Universe and down from the Universe to
the Earth, spiraling around each chakra, making chakras spin like wheels.
All that energy radiates around you, creating your aura.

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Most people are stuck in tribal issues and sexual issues, which are the two
lower chakras. By awakening your other chakras, you will recover your
intuitive abilities, gain control over your life, and attract sexual and financial

The first chakra, often called the root chakra, represents
survival, friends, family, and the grounding to your human
instincts. It is located at the base of your spine at the center
point between your legs, behind your genitals. It is
associated with the color red. Focus your mind on your root chakra and
visualize the color red. Notice how you feel, the grounding to the physical
reality, the actions intuitively flowing out of you, the stability with your
family, tribe, money, house, and other needs you require for survival. If you
feel pain, stuck, or negative feelings in your red root chakra, pay attention to
these tensions. Notice how it feels, and try to describe it and write the
description down on paper. We will later explore techniques to liberate these

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blockages. The spot at your root chakra is sensitive and it is very pleasant
when a girl touches it during sex.

The second chakra, often called the sex chakra, represents
sex, creativity, money, and relationships. It is located at your
navel and in your back at the same position. It is associated
with the color orange. Focus your mind on your sex chakra
and think about the color orange. Notice how you feel: you should notice
sexual desires, creativity, magnetism, abundance, spontaneity, and fluidity.
Tensions, pains, and negative energies indicate issues in those areas of your
life. Describe and write down any uncomfortable feeling in your orange sex
chakra in as much detail as possible. Usually, you dont even have to find
solutions for your issues: you just have to let them go. When you put your
hand on a girls lower back, it makes her feel more light and spontaneous,
especially during sex, since it activates her sex chakra.

The third chakra, often called the solar plexus, represents
personal power, vitality, self-esteem, integrity, and sexual
polarity. It is the sensitive spot in the middle of your body,
right below where the ribs join together in the center of your
torso. It is associated with the color yellow. Focus your mind on your solar
plexus and visualize a yellow burning sun. Notice how you feel: the power
and control over your life, self-esteem, masculine presence, honor,
confidence, integrity, and honesty powering up your life. Describe and write
down any pain or uncomfortable feeling in your yellow solar plexus. If you
feel an uncomfortable tickling in your plexus, it might indicate the person in
front of you is not being honest with you or with himself. Be careful with

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this spot as it is very sensitive. If hit here, a person can be knocked down
and lose his breath.

The fourth chakra, often called the heart chakra, represents
self-love, unconditional love, and compassion. It is the
middle chakra and the central powerhouse of the human
emotional system. It is associated with the colors green and
rose. Focus your mind on your heart chakra and feel the green color, then
feel the rose color, then visualize a burning ball of fire in fusion that looks
like a small sun with the plasma moving. Notice how you feel, the passion
for life, the sparkles in your eyes, the self-love, the love for others, the
compassion, and the love for all the objects around you. The opposite of love
is fear. Pay attention to any fears you feel in your heart and describe them on
paper in as much detail as possible. If it helps you, you can then burn the
paper to symbolically get rid of your fears and move on. You cant truly love
and respect others if you dont love yourself first, because you are then
merely using people to fill a void within you.

The fifth chakra, often called the throat chakra, represents
self-expression, communication, and the power of choice. It
is located in the throat and is associated with the color blue.
Focus your mind on your throat chakra and feel the color
blue. Notice how you feel: the ease of expression, spontaneity, boldness,
freedom, and choices. When theres something you should say but you keep
it to yourself, you feel a tension or pain in your throat. Focus on any fears
you feel in your throat and describe them on paper in as much detail as

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possible, such as fears of being judged, ignored, ridiculed, or rejected if you
share your thoughts. Thats all it isjust fears, nothing more.

The sixth chakra, often called the third eye, represents the
power of the mind, laws of attraction, intuition,
clairvoyance, and intuitive wisdom. It is located on your
forehead and is associated with the color indigo. We are all
connected by our emotions and intuitions through a web of creative spiritual
energy. Whatever you focus on consciously or unconsciously is attracted
into your life and affects people around you, and that includes whatever you
fear. Focus your mind on your third eye and visualize the color indigo.
Notice how you feel: you should be aware of emotions around you, your
karma, wisdom, and intuition.

I believe most people are clairvoyant, but they usually dont know how to
interpret what they see. Have you ever had a headache? Great! You are
clairvoyant too! That means something you are doing isnt in alignment with
your life purpose. As you let go of your headache and other feelings, you
start seeing the next layer of emotions underneath it. Pay attention to any
stuck feelings or blockages in your indigo third eye and describe them on
paper in as much detail as possible. You will use this chakra to set your
intention of what kind of people you want to meet.

The seventh chakra, often called the crown chakra,
represents our divine connection to God, awareness of
universal energies, consciousness, life purpose, and

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abundance. It is the sense of being connected with everything. It is located at
the top of your head and is associated with the color violet. Focus your mind
on your crown chakra and notice how you feel, the grounding into universal
energies, the transmutation of your personal power and ego into the power
and ego of God, the light flowing through you and shining around you,
abundance and circumstances flowing to you, and a sense of inner guidance
and life events flowing one after the other. Write down on paper the
advantages and disadvantages of accepting the full power and ego of God, as
well as any other uncomfortable feelings in your violet crown chakra. You
sometimes experience the union through this chakra during love-making,
when you are merging with a woman and you can feel her.

You had all these abilities when you were born, but then social conditioning
and all kinds of fears blocked them out. When you remove the crap covering
your purity, your chakras open, and your energies ground to the Earth and
into consciousness. We can call this to walk both on Earth and in Heaven.

If you want to learn more about chakras, you should read Anatomy of the
Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing from Caroline Myss, a New
York Times bestseller.

Social Conditioning

Are you proud of your nationality? Having love and acceptance for your
country and culture is great. However, your pride for your country, culture,

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and yourself is likely holding you in a fixed pattern of thoughts and prevents
you from thinking outside the box.

The truth is, if you were born in a different country, such as Thailand or
Argentina, you would be a completely different person. Who you think you
are is merely the result of social conditioning outside your control. You are
being programmed daily by your family, friends, school, work, television,
newspapers, and ads to accept their beliefs as the only reality that exists.

If you work all day for ten years to make your payments and put money
aside for your retirement and believe thats life, and your friends tell you
thats life, and your family tell you thats life, and the media tells you thats
life, thats bullshit. Saying something that is false a thousand times doesnt
make it true. The truth is, there are people out there who have the freedom to
do whatever they want, who make a real difference in the world, who have a
rich social life, who have several girlfriends, and who travel all around the
world. Each person lives in his or her own reality and attracts people and
events matching that reality.

You can change the reality in which you live by changing who you are and
the energies you project. You live in a free country, which means youre free
to have and express whatever programmed thoughts you want, but you
should also be free to be who you want to be.

To change your reality, you must become aware of what affects you and
your emotions. Television is good only for conditioning you with fears. Turn
it off. If something important happens, dont worry, youll hear about it. If

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you leave your job and go abroad with only a backpack, your coworkers
may think youre nuts, and your family may think youre nuts, but dont let
them or anyone else affect your reality. You have all these fears of being
judged, fears of the unknown, and fears of not having stability. Thats all
they arefears, and nothing morebut you must learn to let go of your
fears. We will explore how to do this in Chapter 2. You must also become
aware of all the people and sources altering your life, emotions, and beliefs
without your consent.

For example, all of the following are forcing their beliefs on you:
You see a photo of a hot stripper
You see an ad for a new car
Your father tells you what to do with your money
Your mother tells you how to live your life
Your sister tells you to be nice to women
Women flaunt their boobs in your face all the time
Newspapers tell you to save your money
Television news anchors tell you to put your money in new
government funds
Your friends expect you to like the same things they do
Your school mates judge you if you dont wear the latest styles
People treat you like shit if you cant bring enough money for your
You see on television over and over again that you would have more
girls if you had a nicer car . . .

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ENOUGH!!! Seriously, enough of all this bullshit. All these bullets of
influence are conditioning your reality. The only way to stop being
influenced by all these bullets is to fully become aware of whats affecting
you. Once you are fully aware of a source of influence, you can make
conscious decisions instead of having the source affect your subconscious.
Whatever you focus on will affect you, so focus on what you want in life
and please, mute the television during the ads.

Once you get free of all these bullets pulling you in all directions, you will
feel a peace of mind that is priceless in itself, and you can start seeing things
clearly and objectively.


Though the image of an alpha male has been discussed over and over again
through history, the concept is still unclear for most people, especially in a
culture where alpha men and sexual polarity are repressed.

For clarity, here is what an alpha male is:
1. An alpha male radiates confidence.
2. An alpha male feels GREAT about himself.
3. An alpha male has a clear mind so he can think clearly.
4. An alpha male has integrity and stands for what he cares about.
5. An alpha male is free from his own patterns of thoughts and emotions.
6. An alpha male is free to feel (and attract) whatever he wants to feel (and
wants to attract).

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7. An alpha male is aware of the influence others have on him, including
family and close friends.
8. An alpha male is emotionally unaffected by the media, social pressure,
social expectations, prick teases, and anything else.
9. An alpha male is free to have and to pursue his own will, no matter what
people think.
10. An alpha male doesnt give a shit what people think.
11. An alpha male is sexually satisfied and doesnt need to pursue women,
so women pursue him instead.
12. An alpha male is emotionally grounded in nature.
13. An alpha male brings the emotional, innocent, carefree, joyful, and pure
woman out of her social repression, which naturally leads her to want sex
from him. Emotions and nature have been mostly repressed in our modern
14. An alpha male doesnt need to fight for his rights. He expects people to
respect his rights and they do.
15. An alpha male is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone or to express

What an alpha male is NOT:
1. Someone who seeks to control people around him.
2. Someone who has big muscles or a nice car. The brain matters too.
3. Someone who brags about how good he is.
4. Someone who is arrogant, snobbish, or full of himself.

Following a life purpose is the masculine aspect of live.

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Where do you see yourself in all this?


We have been conditioned to believe sexy skirts, fake boobs, lots of skin,
and stripteases represent womens sexuality. We have been conditioned to
believe that independent and strong businesswomen are ideal for long-term
relationships. All that is bullshit! Thats social conditioning. When you get
to know these women better, you realize that behind their hot, sexy asses is
usually an insecure, empty, and boring woman. Once youve banged her and
the sexual pressure is relieved, you dont want to see her again and you
especially dont want her to speak; but you usually dont get that close, you
just want her. Many of these independent women have nonexistent sex lives
and they cant maintain a relationship. Just look at all the divorced stars on
the front page of gossip magazines to give you an idea; you dont want to
play that game. Independent women simply lack the ability to connect with
others. Energetically, women are designed to receive. When a woman gives
too much energetically, such as independent women tend to do, her sexual
chakra locks.

If all that is shit, then where are the real women who will support you, take
care of you, and fulfill you sexually and emotionally?

The feminist movement has massively repressed womens femininity
because it was perceived as weak. They wanted equality, but instead they
got sameness. Masculinity is like fire, and femininity is like water. Which

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 26
one is stronger? Water cools down fire. Masculinity is like a hammer and
femininity is like wind. Think one is stronger than the other? Good luck
trying to shape a cliff with a hammer; however, if you let the wind shape it,
no matter how long it will take, it will transform the cliff.

These images are very abstract, so lets view this concept in a more concrete
way. Thailand, where you can find some of the purest feminine women, is
the only country in the world that has never been conquered. It is called the
land of smiles, and many people consider it a paradise. In fact, many
American men go there, fall in love with a woman, and bring her back, and
their connection is way deeper than just about money. I dont plan to marry
any time soon, but if I were ever to marry, I would be much more likely to
marry a Thai woman than an American woman. These women are so happy,
light, carefree, supportive, feminine, giggly, energetic, and friendly, its
refreshing. With them, theres no drama, no hassles, and no power struggles.
I mean, just being around these women is a breath of fresh air, even if you
dont sleep with them.

Then you come back to your country, and women dont even look at you.
You might talk with a girl while waiting for the bus and expect to continue
the conversation after getting in, but she will sit down somewhere else.
When girls like you but have no clue how to connect with you, they bring all
kinds of drama and power struggles. Even when girls really like you and call
you every day, theyre so busy with school and work its hard to even meet
once a week.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 27
Makes you wonder . . . where are the real women!? If you know what a real
woman is and what she feels like, she is within every girl you meet. If you
expect her to behave in a natural way and respect her, she will tend to show
more of that side of her. If your natural reality is so strong that it makes
people comfortable around you, it will lift the repression of her femininity.
Dont expect miracles though. If an independent woman connects with you,
behaves naturally, goes with the flow, and sleeps with you, she will probably
take her independence and aloofness back the next morning because thats
the way she is.

Seriously, two people are involved in mating, so you are only responsible for
50 percent. If youve done a lot of self-improvement work and you still find
it a hassle to meet girls, then maybe the problem is not within yourself. If
women were behaving naturally, it would be simple to connect to each other,
and the girl you met at the bar would match you up with her single
girlfriend. If it doesnt happen that way but youve done your part, then its
not your problem! If girls dont do their part, what else do they have to
offer? Get that burden off your shoulders. Its not your fault if you dont get
laid; girls arent doing their part because they lost touch with their feminine
nature because of social conditioning.

The funny thing about natural women is that you dont even think about sex
when youre around them, yet it just somehow happens.

Sex is the byproduct of connecting with a woman. If youre having good
conversations and are thinking too logically, you will build rapport but end
up in the friend zone. However, if you have carefree and chilled out

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 28
conversations with her, are very in touch with your emotions and
masculinity and have strong sexual magnetism, her attraction will build, you
will connect, and sex will just somehow happen without having to force it.
When you have sexual magnetism, either you connect or you dont. After
all, why would a woman not sleep with you if you have a good connection?
Personally, I always sleep with girls on the first or second meeting, or never.

Normally, women should heal you emotionally and help you develop as a
man by their mere presence. This is still the case in Southeast Asia, South
America, third-world countries, and most of the world. However, in our
modern country, since women have lost touch with so much from their
nature, you have to find a way to balance your energies by yourself, to
detach yourself emotionally from external influences, and to extend your
energies into women to bring out their natural core. It is at least ten times
harder than it should be, but you have to go through it anyway. It is much
easier when you can see the road ahead and realize whats really going on.

I could try to describe what masculinity and femininity are with words, but
you really have to gain the intuitive awareness of it, not the bare logical
understanding that words represent. In Chapter 2, we will explore natural
grounding, a relational meditation technique that will allow you to sense
what feminine energy really is. After being in relation with such purity,
many people reported getting to tears and feeling liberated and stronger.

Women have been massively repressed, and the secret is to pull their
feminine and carefree side out of them. Ninety-five percent of women sleep
with the 5 percent of men who have enough inner strength to do that.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 29

Here is what an alpha woman is:
1. An alpha woman doesnt care what people think.
2. An alpha woman responds to the way people feel and is very
3. An alpha woman radiates joy, lightness, and playfulness.
4. An alpha woman loves herself.
5. An alpha woman chooses what man she lets in.
6. People are comfortable around an alpha woman and dont even think
about sex.
7. An alpha woman draws the masculinity out of men around her.
8. An alpha woman enjoys the present moment and flows through life.
9. An alpha woman doesnt have a business agenda.
10. An alpha woman is nice and cares about the people around her.
11. An alpha woman is very intuitive and has a sixth sense.
12. An alpha woman is aware of whats happening all around her.

What an alpha woman is NOT:
1. Someone who dresses very sexily to get validation from people.
2. Someone who tries to be sexier and smarter than other women around
3. Someone who seeks to control others.

Fully living the present moment is the feminine aspect of life.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 30
This image of female sexuality is very different than what is portrayed on
television and in magazines, and valuing it instead of sexploitation is the key
to success with women.

Life Purpose

Most successful naturals have a clear path they are walking through life, and
women join them along the way. Some other people are just doing the same
thing over and over again week after week without getting anywhere, and
they cant spark any attraction from women. So what is your life purpose?

I dont think there is a clear answer to this question. I followed my gut and
walked on my own path way before I knew where it would lead. I just felt
something was wrong with my life and with the world around me. At the end
of college many years ago, I just knew I had to go overseas for my practical
training, and not to France. Out of sixty graduates, four of us went abroad,
but I was the only one headed to a country other than France. I ended up in
Finland, and that started a series of events that transpired over several years
all around the world.

I had no clue where my path would lead, but I followed my gut. Now that I
look back at all the experiences and challenges I went through, I couldnt
think of any faster path to get to where I am now. The adventures allowed
me to open my mind, the challenges strengthened me, and they all happened
at the perfect time; or rather, I accepted them perfectly when they came.
Whenever challenges happen in your life, remember that you can always

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 31
take great benefits from them. If life were too easy, you wouldnt be able to
develop your potential.

I dont think you have to decide your life purpose. Instead, you should
uncover it and follow your gut feelings day by day as your path unfolds. We
all have strengths, weaknesses, and backgrounds, so we will all walk a
different path and contribute something different to the world. As you apply
this book to awaken your energies, your strengths will develop and your life
purpose will try to manifest itself, so you must know how to listen to it.

To flow through your life, you must free yourself of the shackles holding
you back. You must move out of your parents house and learn to solve your
problems by yourself. If you are stuck in an unsatisfying job that doesnt
lead you where you want to go, dont be afraid to quit that job. When you
develop your magnetism, it becomes much easier to find the right job
because you can attract it into your life instead of searching for it. Even if
youre not the best at what youre doing, if you are pleasant to be around and
you relieve the stress in your work environment, every employer will want
to keep you. If you have a child, you have more responsibilities, but that
shouldnt prevent you from going abroad with the child, because he or she
will get much more out of travelling than from school. Also keep some
distance from your friends holding you back and spend time with the ones
who support you. Remember that you are the average of the six people you
spend the most time with. You must cut all the cords and attachments to set
yourself free.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 32
Being free from the outside is one thing, but you also have all kind of ropes
and fears holding you back from the inside. We will explore several
techniques to liberate those internal ropes and set you free in Chapter 2.

Once you are free and willing to do whatever you have to do next, then
what? Say this to yourself, and really mean it: God, please show me my
life purpose, and I will forever be your humble servant. This is a very
powerful prayer; keep repeating it to yourself. Learn how to listen to
yourself. Listen to your dreams. Listen to your gut.

As I am writing this (in April 2009), a lot is going on around the world. The
worldwide financial system is going haywire, Mother Nature is going crazy,
the poles are melting, animal species are disappearing, forests are being
depleted, the planets consciousness level is rising, and feminine energy is
increasing. I cant think of a single aspect in the world that isnt changing,
but continuous change is the nature of life.

Sometimes, when I have great breakthroughs that shift my core, my
behaviors dont match anymore with my new self, so I stop all of my
behaviors one after the other until I become very passive. Then I sleep a lot
while my core shifts and restabilizes. I gradually start getting active again
and build new behaviors one after the other while making everything I do
more effective than before. The whole process can last between a day and a
week, based on the size of the breakthrough. I heard many people say that
the planets awareness level is rising and that the earths energy is shifting at
its core, which I also feel is true. If thats the case, the process the economic
system is going through seems very similar to the process I go through when

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 33
I change. The current economic system doesnt fit with the new
consciousness level, so it shuts down and transforms. This process works
just like trees shed leaves in the autumn: the leaves fall down when they are
not necessary anymore to compost the ground and give birth to something

Currently, its not our governments who control the world, but the banks.
Whoever prints a countrys money gains control over it. The worldwide
economic system is designed to be extremely complex so nobody
understands whats going on. Your taxes dont serve to pay for services.
Taxes serve to pay for federal debt, but what is that debt? What is money
anyway? Its a fiction. We live in the real world, not in a fictional one. Now
the authorities want to centralize the world banking system to establish
better control and to install the Amero as a new currency for North America.
In response to what is going on around the world right now, the authorities
are going way too far in their desire to control the population. I may be
wrong, but I predict that the plans for worldwide financial authorities will
not work and that were not done with the financial crisis. The planets new
consciousness doesnt support the system anymore, and people are standing
to free themselves instead of living in a fiction-controlled world. Weve still
only seen the beginning, but the more I see, the more I believe we are on the
verge of a new era, an era where we are free not only from emotional bounds
but also from physical bounds in the system. Many people have discussed a
prophecy that the year 2012 will be the end of the world, but it wont: it will
be the end of the world as we know it and the beginning of something new
an era of freedom. I havent read the prophecy, but the more I see, the more I
believe it. Time will tell and you may have a role to play in all the

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 34
transformation. Actually, by applying this book and raising your
consciousness level, you will have an impact.

Eastern vs Western World
Anyone who had experiences with women in both the Eastern and Western
worlds will tell you that results are different. In many cases, the results
people get from this e-book depends on where they are geographically
located. This is normal since there are two people involved in dating and you
only are responsible for 50% of it.

What I call the Eastern and Western worlds is really an abuse of language
since I consider Mexico to be in the Eastern world and Australia to be in the
Western world. These statistics of divorce rates around the world best define
what I call the Western world.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 35

The divorce rate in America is 7 times higher than Greece, 9 times higher
than Thailand and 15 times higher than their neighbors in Mexico. Russia
and Puerto Rico also have high divorce rates but probably for other reasons.

I will speak from personal experience to express the difference. I was
meeting women here and there in Montreal and then went to Barcelona for a

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 36
month behaving exactly in the same way. In 30 days, 18 girls ended up
kissing me. I wasnt even going out every day and I was sick for a week.

Women were aware of who I was through eye-contact. The difference in
Montreal (and other places) is that I can walk half an hour downtown in a
summer shiny day and count the people I have eye-contact with on one
hand. People are in their bubbles, disconnected from each other, unaware of
each other. Unfortunately, this also impacts the experiences you can live
these women.

The way a woman does something is the way she does everything. If it is
hard to connect and to have a relationship with a woman, it will also be hard
to have chemistry and live a decent experience with her. As a rule of thumb,
the easier it is to start a relationship, the better the relationship will be.

I also noticed that in the Western world, the people having the most friends
at their parties were some people closest to the collective thinking of the
social matrix.

I went to an event called CEO Space in Las Vegas where there are several
hundreds of spiritual leaders, entrepreneurs and inventors. It was completely
the opposite over there. I was always surrounded by a few great women
(unfortunately few of them were near my age). There was two gorgeous 18-
year old girls who wanted to be models and they were alone most of the
time. Their aloof energies didnt fit with the open and cooperative
environment. When you go out of the hotel into the city of Las Vegas,
theres a huge contrast! That event really has its own energetic space.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 37

The point is, when you live within the social matrix, it is easier to relate with
many people when you are closer to the collective thinking because you are
more similar. I have a friend who is absolutely amazing with women. He
plays the social games, hes very charismatic and persuasive and he tells
people what they want to hear. Hes amazingly good and building up stories
and complicated lies and women hear what they want. They love him! Hes
also a very reliable person so he has real qualities.

However, I dont want to have to do all the work hes doing to get women, I
dont want to lie and I dont want to go through the drama he often

At some point you have to ask yourself how much of your soul are you
ready to exchange to fit what people want of you? What kind of experiences
do you deserve? What do you really want to live? What kind of women do
you eventually want to settle with?

It is really a personal decision to start aligning yourself with the simplicity of

You could compare this to creating great wine experiences. You could take
the best wine in the world and give it to people in Quebec and they wouldnt
really care. Why? Because appreciating fine wines isnt part of the culture.
You are the fine wine. If you want to live passionate and intimate
experiences, seek women who know how to appreciate the richness and
depth of your soul. The opinion of women who are cut off from their

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 38
emotions doesnt matter at all. It changes nothing to your qualities and you
deserve better. You dont ask itinerants to evaluate wines. Why would you
let some women with deep emotional wounds tell you what youre worth?

If you live in the Western world and cant find a quantity of people who are
authentically open and connected to their soul, first look for quality people.
There are always foreign women and spiritually evolved women who are
more detached from the collective thinking. Once you have quality people,
then you can surround yourself with more people of that quality.

In my two years in Montreal, I have met some of the most amazing,
inspiring and wise people. The challenges also allowed me to grow
tremendously. Open environments allow you to learn. Challenging
environments allow you to grow. Both are good for your own evolution.

Even if you just want to get laid, sex isnt the same with every woman. Sex
is an intense energetic experience. The more energy flows through a
womans body and the more feminine she is, the better sex will be. The
more aloof, emotionally disconnected and masculine she is, the worse sex
will be. Sleeping with an aloof independent woman after sleeping with a
vibrant feminine woman is like going from driving a BMW to driving a
Ford. Once you try the luxury, there is no reason to go back, especially when
the luxury is easier to connect with.

If you live outside the United States, Canada and England, everything
presented here will be easier to apply and you can live a crazy lifestyle.
Otherwise, you may want to consider traveling abroad for several months to

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 39
experience what life can truly be. You deserve the best experiences. Dont
settle for less.

Many people like to talk about these issues. Many people like to complain
and to go abroad to avoid them. Many people like to ignore these issues.
But almost nobody wants to BE the change they want to see in the world.
Thats where the power to transmute your life lies in. The consciousness
level of the planet is currently rising with the rise of the divine feminine
energy. The planet energy shift will reach a peak at the end of 2012 (see the
blog article Whats Happening Right Now for 2012 for more information).
The consciousness shift combined with my business growing combined with
the changes you and many other people are making in your own life
combined with LOTS of other things currently happening is enough to shift
the dynamics of the Western societies within a few years. By 2013, you will
have much more inner strength than you have right now and the dynamics of
the society around you will be very different. You can amplify the shift by
being part of the change and by appreciating life and women at the same
time. Adapting yourself and playing social games will not bring any results
that can compare to this.

We will explore techniques to detach you from the collective thinking in the
chapter Energy Weaknesses.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 40
Chapter 2: Healing Methods

Several ways to heal your energies and emotional wounds exist. Generally
speaking, the most effective methods are the simplest.

In medicine, doctors consider a disease to be rheumatism or a bacterial
infection. When working with energies, a headache, fear, or insecurity is
also considered a disease. Split into its parts, the word dis-ease means a
body that is not at ease. In fact, cancer, heart attacks, and all other diseases
appear in your energies well before they manifest concretely. The body has
the ability to fully regenerate itself when at ease. If you heal your energies,
they will heal your diseases and keep you in good health. My dentist never
told me teeth could regenerate, but I had a dozen decaying teeth heal by
themselves. Several people have healed from cancer and even from HIV,
among other medical miracles. When you are in an alpha state, at peace and
in touch with your intuition, your immune system is much stronger, so you
are very rarely ever sick.

The simplest way to heal your energies is by increasing your awareness.
Awareness is curative. Your subconscious issues affect everything you do
and every aspect of your life. When you become fully aware of an issue, you
can make a conscious choice about allowing it to affect your life or letting
the issue go. You dont have to solve or figure out your issues; instead, you
just have to let them go. In fact, as soon as you become aware of an issue, it

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will start to fade away. When you explored your chakras in Chapter 1, you
explored your blockages. As you did so, they started to heal.

All your physical issues come from your emotional issues, and all your
emotional issues are emotional blocks. An emotional block is not only a
cancer or a headache, but also it is any feeling that is less than pure love, joy,
bliss, and peace.

The gray feeling of not being in touch with your emotions is an emotional
blockage as well. Allow yourself to fully feel that stuck sensation through
your whole body, and then follow that feeling inside you with your mind.
Follow it deeper, deeper, and ever deeper inside yourself. You might feel
roots of issues and blockages reaching down to your core, awakening
memories and events. Follow the feeling again deeper and deeper down to
its deepest source. When you feel the blockage at the end of the chain of
roots, pass your mind around it to cut the attachment. The whole tree of
issues will start to fade, like when you cut a spiderweb.

You may not feel all these details and thats okay. As you work on your
energies, they will become clearer. Just pay attention to whatever you feel
and dont filter anything. Youre not sure if you feel something or not? Its
there, its there, just assume it, dont filter it. If you think a girl is interested
in you but youre not sure, then she is.

Pick any tension you feel in your body and allow yourself to feel it fully.
Follow that feeling deep inside you, deeper and ever deeper. Take some time

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 42
to do that with your most important blockages. You can also do it in the bus
or in the shower every day.

Now lets take another feeling, approach anxiety. What is that feeling? Take
the time to follow it deep inside. You get approach anxiety when you try to
get something from women. The attachment to the outcome takes your
power away by making you dependent on the outcome. When you dont
need anything from anyone, approach anxiety is nonsense and people cant
reject you because youre not trying to get anything. From our new reality,
these concepts are obsolete. But still, fears can be associated with them.

Whats an advantage of having approach anxiety? Dont think about itjust
say the first feeling that comes to mind. Whats a disadvantage of having
approach anxiety? Whats an advantage of having approach anxiety? It
might keep you safe in your comfort zone. Whats a disadvantage of having
approach anxiety? It might prevent you from meeting women. Repeat these
two questions to yourself and answer them right away at least twenty times
each. As you become aware of advantages and disadvantages, the emotional
charges start fading and other advantages and disadvantages show up.
Repeat this exercise until you feel neutral and indifferent about the concept
of approach anxiety. You can use this advantages/disadvantages technique
with any other issues. The truth is, there are always advantages to your
behavior or you wouldnt do it.

Then you might say youre shy and uncomfortable around women because
you were humiliated publicly as a child at school and have a whole story
behind it. The story is totally irrelevant. Theres a point in life where you

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 43
must stop confirming your old reality and start rewriting it. You dont need
to prove yourself to your former schoolmates or anything like that, and
theres nothing to figure out. You just have to let go of the emotional
wounds and focus on what you want and rewrite your story. Youre no
longer that guy who gets humiliated in public. Youre that guy women go
nuts for. If someone tries to humiliate you, you couldnt care less, and it rolls
off your back while that person makes a fool of himself.

Your desire to be unique and your sense of being detached from others is
your ego. We are all human beings. All men are wired the same way and all
women are wired the same way. If you identify yourself by your qualities,
your strengths, your issues, and your personality, its holding you back. If
you really want abundance in life, you should have the freedom to be
whoever you want to be at any time. For any outcome you may want, there
is always a certain way of being that will allow you to achieve it. Your sense
of being different or your sense of being a certain way prevents you from
being all the other ways. If your egotistic mind thinks you are this strong
man who doesnt take shit from anyone and who is always right, then you
cannot learn from people and you will stay with whatever results you have
right now. If your egotistic mind thinks you have to struggle for money
because you are poor, then it prevents you from feeling and attracting
financial abundance. If you view yourself as an engineer, a policeman, or an
athlete, then you cannot be or experience anything else. To let go of your
ego means to let go of all these fake identities to be whoever you want to be
to achieve your highest potential. When you let go of your ego, you kind of
let your old self die so you can be reborn as a consciousness of God. You
actually feel much more yourself when you put your ego aside and embrace

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 44
universal consciousness. You can still do the same work and youll be more
effective at whatever you are doing since your mind is clearer and more
focused. However, in many cases, you may find what you are doing right
now isnt aligned with your life purpose, in which case the best choice may
be to leave or change your job and follow your inner guidance.

There can also be unexpected consequences to raising your awareness and
healing your issues, so its good to be aware of those as you cant improve if
you dont accept the consequences. Energy flows within each of us, and
removing energy blocks increases that flow. In the same way, increasing the
flow of energy within you dissolves more energy blocks. However, most of
your issues are unconscious, and when the flow of energy increases, it
uncovers a new layer of stuck emotions so you may feel very chaotic for a
period of time. Also, you attract things in your life that match your energies,
but when you liberate a layer of blockages, it sometimes seems to summon
hell and attract many things that match what you released. When you get
tested on your new reality, accept the challenges and keep moving forward
with your new way of being. Once the chaos has passed, you will attract
more abundance into your life.

There may also be people around you who dont do anything with their lives
and who just hold you back. You may lose touch with some people along the
way, and you may have a period of life that is quieter. In the end, you will
build a social circle that is much richer than before with people who support
you and who live with integrity.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 45
Exercise 1: Following Blockages
1. Focus on a negative feeling in your body.
2. Allow yourself to feel the emotion throughout your body.
3. Pay attention to the negative feeling and notice all the details.
4. Follow the feeling deeper and deeper to find its root.

Exercise 2: Advantages & Disadvantages
1. Focus on an issue you have.
2. Say an advantage of having that issue without thinking about it.
3. Say a disadvantage of having that issue.
4. Repeat twenty times.

Acceptance and Love

Some people working to improve their lives ask me when they will reach
true happiness. You work on healing yourself to reach illumination, then
what? What will you do once you reach that perfect state of being? You will
live happily forever? If all you care about is uniting yourself with universal
energy, then shoot yourself and youll get there.

Life is a path, not a destination. You are walking that path right now. The
challenges you face in your life are what allow you to grow, so you should
be grateful for them.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 46
You are as far as you think you are from true happiness. Even if you had
plenty of girls who wanted to sleep with you, you wouldnt reach that
happiness because nobody can fulfill you. Happiness comes from the inside,
not from the outside, and it is as simple as accepting your life as it is. When
you reach that state where you are happy with your life even if its not
perfect, your life starts to change, much like a flower under the sun.

You still have issues and blockages to liberate. So what? You can live with
them, at least for now. Rejecting them and feeling bad about your life isnt
going to help. Feeling bad about your slow progress does nothing at all to
help you improve, so that feeling is useless. Let it go.

Another thing that really helps is to take time every morning to think about
all the good things in your life and be grateful for them. Also take the time
every week to list all the good things that happened during that week. The
more you focus on what you want and on the progress you make instead of
focusing on your lack of progress, the more you will grow.

What I am about to say may sound weird at first, but think about it for a
moment. I am grateful for the repression of femininity in our culture. There
has been abuse toward women, and womens true nature wasnt respected.
The feminist movement gave women space to grow at the cost of their
feminine nature. The scarcity and repression of femininity allows us to
realize its beauty and importance when we see it. The repression of feminine
energy to an intolerable level was a required step to allow it to come back
stronger than ever.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 47
The next time you take the bus or metro, look at the person next to you and
say in your head Im sorry, I love you. Look at each woman around you,
no matter her age and looks, in the eyes if possible. For each of them, say
five times in your head Im sorry, I love you, then look at the next person.
It will shift the energies with pure love. You can also think about anyone or
any aspect of your life and keep repeating Im sorry, I love you. This is the
easiest form of remote healing, and it really works.

When you interact with a woman, love is the positive emotion of
appreciating her. However, that pure emotion is often mixed up with
negative feelings of neediness, attachment, and jealousy. You should
separate these feelings to keep only the positivity of pure love. You should
allow yourself to fully appreciate women around you while letting go of any

In the same way, lust is a mix of appreciation and attachment. When you
feel lust, allow yourself to feel the love for her feminine nature and let go of
any attachment that is clinging onto your solar plexus.

Exercise 3: Gratefulness
1. Write down all the positive things that happened since last week.
2. Take some time to feel grateful for all these things.
3. Repeat this exercise every week or every morning.

Exercise 4: I Love You
1. Go to a public place such as the bus or metro.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 48
2. Look at a woman next to you, in the eyes if she looks at you.
3. Repeat in your head Im sorry, I love you five times.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 on all women around you.

Letting Go

One of the most important abilities to master is letting go of stuck emotions
on demand. Emotional blocks dont have to be solved or figured out. You
just have to let them go.

An emotional block is either an emotion or something you resist, such as
fear of public speaking, or an emotion or something you hold on to, such as
the attachment for your nice car. Either way, it creates a contraction around
emotions, preventing energies from flowing properly.

Take a pen and hold it firmly in your hand. The contraction of your hand
around the pen feels the same as the contraction around your fears. Your pen
is stuck in your hand, but you could let it fall on the floor just by letting it
go. Its exactly the same with your fears. I know it sounds too simple to be
true, but it really is.

All emotional blockages are fears in all kinds of forms. A fear is looking for
validation, looking for control, or looking for security. Some people buy that
nice new car or fancy dress to get validation from women and friends. Some
people use hypnosis or get a higher social status to try to control their

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 49
environment. Some people avoid expressing themselves or avoid meeting
new people to keep their security. All these thingsvalidation, control, and
securitycome from within you, so you shouldnt have to look for those
outside of yourself.

Visualize interacting with a woman and notice your fear of rejection. Thats
looking for validation and looking for control. Accept and allow yourself to
fully feel this feeling, so you stop resisting it. Now, let the feeling go, so you
stop holding onto it. Allow yourself to fully feel the fear of rejection
throughout your body and contract to hold that feeling a few seconds. Then
relax and let it go. Notice how it feels a little bit lighter. Repeat this at least
twenty times or until the feeling is gone.

Every time you do this, you are letting go of the contractions and unmaking
the nodes. The change is subtle but instantaneous and permanent. Practice
accepting and letting go with all negative feelings you are aware of. If you
feel disconnected from your emotions, you can let that feeling go in the
exact same way. By doing that, youll get back in touch with your feelings
and then you can release them.

Once you get used to it, you can associate accepting with breathing in and
letting go with breathing out. Then, you can focus on a negative feeling like
fear or anxiety, just breathe, and the feeling will fade away. Letting go is
easy and effortless: the challenge is to become aware of your issues, and
when you let them go, more will show up. Its like peeling an onion: you do
it layer per layer. You can do this all the timebefore sleeping, at work, in a
bar, and while simply breathing.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 50

Letting go is really something you must get the awareness for. Its like
learning to ride a bike when you were kid. You could read the best manual
on the subject to know how to hold your back, how to put your hands, how
to turn, and how to brake. But you would get on the bike and fall down!
Why? Because you had the knowledge, but not the awareness. You would
get on the bike again, gain awareness of your body balance, and then you
could ride. Then, you could be off the bike for forty years and you would
still be able to ride. Thats the difference between knowledge and awareness.

Exercise 5: Letting Go
1. Focus on a negative feeling.
2. Allow yourself to fully feel the feeling.
3. Let the feeling go.
4. Repeat twenty times.

Natural Grounding

We explored previously how modern society has repressed femininity.
Ironically, one of the most powerful techniques to balance our energies is
relating to pure feminine energy. Traveling to third-world countries such as
those in Southeast Asia or South America for at least two months is a great
way to ground yourself in a more natural reality, as you WILL be affected
by your new environment. It takes about a month in a different country to
start sinking in the energies of the place and to internalize changes. When

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 51
you come back home after a few months abroad, you will feel so much more
at ease with yourself and girls will notice you are somehow different.

I know it is not easy for everyone to go traveling for several months at a
time, so I can recommend another way to relate to pure feminine energy.
Watch music videos of very specific artists who have such purity in their
voice that they bring you to tears. Due to the omnipresence of the social
matrix, there are no such artists from our modern countries or that you
would ever see on TV, so I cant recommend any resources from Canada,
the United States, or England. Most of the purest artists are from Thailand,
and there are a few good ones from Iceland, Ireland, and Germany, among
other countries.

When you listen to music that makes you very emotional, it lifts and heals
the repression life has imposed on you. It brings you back in touch with your
emotions. Crying and being emotional is often seen as weak in our culture,
but think about it: men who achieve the most in life are very passionate
about what they do, and tears of joy are the liberation of inner wounds.
Being in touch with our emotions brings us lots of strength, passion, and
control over our lives.

Before doing hardcore natural grounding, it is good to listen to background
music to put you in a state where you feel good and emotional. Get music
from Hans Zimmer (Germany), Enya (Ireland), and Bjrk (Iceland). You can
listen to it while eating or while cleaning your apartment. This music will
put you in a meditative state. It is much better to get the full albums, but you
can listen to these specific songs on YouTube to get started:

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 52

- Hans Zimmer Watergate
- Hans Zimmer The Power of One
- Enya Book of Days
- Enya Storms in Africa
- Amlie Poulain Comptine dun autre t
- Bjrk Bachelorette

Now that your emotions are reaching the surface, we can get into the real

Natural grounding is relational meditation with pure feminine energy and we
import most music resources from Thailand. While watching these videos,
several people reported bursting into tears though they hadnt cried in fifteen
years and feeling liberated, light, and joyful, having breakthroughs, sensing
energy flowing up the spine, or just feeling good. If you dont get such
responses and dont cry, its okay too. One guy who gets amazing results
with women never cried during natural grounding. The effect varies from
one person to the other. The more energy that flows through your body, the
more effective this technique is, and I still use it regularly. It allows me to
get into a peak state of mind before going out or to release the stress from a
day of work.

So what is this famous technique? Sit down and watch the music videos. Its
so simple but it works. The mood of the videos is contagious. Before going
into more detail, lets look at some resources. The best is clearly Palmy, so
get anything you can from her. Her live concert album, The Rhythm of the

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 53
Times, is just unbelievable. 2007 Show Girls, 2005 Hula Hula, Da
Endorphine, Nicole Theriault, and Bodyslam are also awesome.

It is much better to have the real VCDs, but for now you can take a look on

Look at Palmys Yark Rong Dunk Dunk. There are two versions of the
video, both of which are great. How can someone ever be so happy? Ive
never seen that before and never thought it was possible. Im a carefree
person, but Palmy is damn playful!

Now look at Palmys Tick Tock. Its amazing how her personality shines
through, no matter how she dresses. When shes dressed up as a cow, you
can see in her eyes that shes thinking What the heck am I doing in that
stupid outfit? You just cant repress her. Shes such a beautiful lady, yet
you dont even think about sex when you look at her. How is that possible?

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 54
Now look at Palmys San Sai Bai. Shes so innocent, so light, and so
happy. The video is so simple, and theres no need for choreography at all.
Its a completely different world than American video clips, where singers
use all kinds of fancy choreography to make the videos interesting. You
could listen to Palmy all day long without getting bored because of the way
her music makes you feel.

Now look at Da Endorphines Wan Mai. When you compare her lightness
to the women in the metro going to work on a Monday morning, its a
completely different world.

Now look at Bodyslams Kaub Far. It is such a beautiful and touching
love story. He says Tomorrow there is no you, and he lets her go.

Now look at Bodyslams Kwaam Cheua. He says you must have dreams
and walk, no matter how hard it can be. Who will stand up against the social
matrix? Will you stand on your own for what you believe is right? You see
all these people stuck in the system and you cant stand it, you cant breathe,
youve got to keep walking, youve got to build your strengths. The old man
has so much vitality that its inspiring. He contrasts those people who just
get senile when they grow old.

Now look at 2007 Show Girls Lady Moonlight. Once you know that kind
of natural woman, when you go out, it makes you wonder where the real
women are. It is within every girl, but it is repressed. You have to
communicate with that part of them that is hidden, not with their social

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 55

Now look at 2005 Tiwa Hula Hulas Hula Hula. Thats how easy and fun
life is meant to be. When you think about how our society has repressed that
aspect of women, its depressing, but its also liberating to know it can be
otherwise. These women are so refreshing and they heal you. Just by being
around them, you develop as a real man, they make you attractive.

Remember that its likely not your fault if you have difficulty with women;
women in our modern culture are so repressed. They are responsible for 50
percent of our interactions, so if you do your part, you can get that lack of
success off your shoulders. Its their problem, not yoursbut you can help
them liberate their feminine side.

Lets now look at Nicole Theriaults Boot Sa Bah. Shes such an angel.
When you think about all these girls who want guys to pursue them and who
want challenges at the same time, and you compare them to Nicole, its
ironic. It almost makes me want to laugh. Its perplexing, thats the word.
Look. You dont have to pursue women. It works much better the other way

The experience is so much better with the full quality VCDs, and you can
get them for a ridiculous priceabout $8 per CD including shipping. You
can buy these resources from Most CDs are in two
versions: normal and karaoke. Make sure you get the karaoke VCD version
so you can watch the videos. Though these VCDs are often sold out, the
website sometimes refills its stock.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 56
Heres a list of albums I recommend:

- Palmy Palmy
- Palmy The Best Hits of Palmy
- Palmy The Rhythm of the Times
- Any other albums from Palmy
- Da Endorphine Sound About
- Bodyslam Absolute
- 2005 Tiwa Hula Hula
- Super Coyote
- 2007 Show Girls
- Nicole Theriault Beautiful Life
- Any album from Nicole Theriault

It is important to be alone when listening to the music so you can relate
directly to it without interference. If other people are around, you wont let

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 57
yourself get as emotional, and you wont let your tears flow. Even worse,
theyll constantly distract you and wont respect that music or these singers
for what they represent. They are the missing piece of our modern society,
but dont expect your friends to understand that.

Listen to the music alone and turn off the lights. You can also get drunk to
let yourself go more easily, but this becomes less and less necessary over
time. You should eventually get the same effect when sober. You may feel
all kinds of sensations coming up: these are repressed emotions coming to
the surface. The first time I tried natural grounding, I kept burping and I felt
a current of energy flowing up my spine and strengthening me. It is very
effective to use the other healing methods at the same time. When you listen
to the music, you get very emotional and you let go of stuck feelings at the
same time. It is great to do it right before you go to sleep or first thing in the
morning when you wake up. You can also take a nap with the music playing
in the background, which will send you to sleep with pleasant dreams.

Natural grounding builds up lots of energy within you. Energy is universal
and is everywhere. This music heals you and thus increases the flow of
energy within you. You can use this energy. You can let it build up inside
you to raise your vibration level and develop your creativity, intuition, and
inner strength. You can use it with visualizations: whatever you visualize
will have much more effect, as there is a lot of energy and emotions flowing
into it. You attract what you focus on into your life. You can use this energy
to rewrite your story instead of justifying your current reality with your past
issues and stories. You can also use this energy to rewrite the stories of
people around you, or rather, to unlock your ability to positively affect the

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 58
people around you. Developing your state of mind is one thing, but since
you want women to behave naturally around you, you must open and spread
your energies. Visualize your energies spreading fifty meters around
wherever you go, making people forget their issues and behave naturally.
The more you raise your energies, the more girls will tend behave like
Palmy around you. You are a shining source of inspiration. You are the
purity God admires.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 59

Note: with this updated version of Sexual Magnetism, Alchemy is much
more powerful than more widely known spiritual practices such as Reiki,
Yoga and Tai Chi. It is still good for you to understand this, but practicing
Alchemy will bring you more results.

Reiki is often seen as a healing art using your hands and symbols. The hands
dont matter, and neither do the symbols. Lets look at Reiki from a sexual
magnetism perspective.

I first took interest in Reiki when I realized that several people who had
massive success with women with the natural approach also did Reiki,
although they would sometimes tell me that they were not doing it anymore.

Sexual magnetism is about opening the flow of energy within you and
extending it to the people around you. Likewise, Reiki is about opening a

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 60
flow of energy within you and extending it to the people around you. Its
very similar; no wonder why one helps the other.

Here are the basic principles of Reiki, which you should say to yourself
every morning:

Just for today I will not worry.
Just for today I will not be angry.
Just for today I will do my work honestly.
Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings.
Just for today I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing.

Reiki is an art very different than what you are used to. You are used to
learning skills with time, effort, and dedication, but Reiki doesnt work that
way. There are three levels of Reiki. Levels 1 and 2 each can be done in a
single day and Reiki Master takes a few days. During the training for the
first two levels, a Reiki Master will open a specific path of energy through
you that goes from your crown chakra to your heart and out to your hands. It
helps ground you into awareness. It also helps balance all other chakras and
ground you to the Earth.

What about the theory behind Reiki? There really isnt much to learn. You
learn a bit about what you are doing and learn some symbols you can use as
tools. Just put your hands toward a patient and let energy flow. Reiki is not a
skill you learn, but an ability that becomes part of yourself. You cant force
it; you just relax and let it happen. Actually, its not even an ability you gain.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 61
You are recovering what you had when you were born since it got covered
over the years through social conditioning.

There is whats called an attunement for each level of Reiki that cleans
your energies. Reiki 1 cleans your physical energies, Reiki 2 cleans your
emotional energies, and Reiki Master cleans your spiritual energies. After an
attunement, you may get a purging period of thirty days, as opening the flow
of energy within you exposes your hidden blockages. All healing methods
described in this book can help you go through the purging. During the
purging, several people reported sensing things around them that they never
sensed before. If it happens, dont worry, its normal. It means your
awareness is rising.

The obvious way to use Reiki is through your hands, but you can use it to
open your own energies, to extend your energies everywhere around you, or
to heal people and relationships remotely. Even if you stop doing Reiki, it
has a permanent effect on you. The universal energy channeled through
Reiki heals, or helps remove what prevents your body from regenerating

When Reiki flows through you, it flows to whatever you focus on. If your
mother is sick and you focus on her, it will help her heal even if she is in a
different country. From an energy point of view, distance doesnt matter, but
connection and focus does. Some healers use their own energy for healing,
but you dont have to. When you use universal energy flowing through you,
you feel rejuvenated instead of feeling depleted.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 62
Your Reiki Master will also teach you some symbols as tools to work with
energies. People who tried the symbols before their attunement didnt notice
any clear effect, but after the initiation, the effect is definitely present. As
these symbols are sacred and are of no use until you have an initiation to
Reiki, I will not go in the details of what they are. However, we can look at
how these symbols can help balance your energies and increase your

The first symbol amplifies the energy. It actually opens a door to universal
energies, and the effect may look like a black hole or a tornado. You can use
it to consciously clean energies around you. You can use this symbol on all
the walls of your home, on people around you, on anything that doesnt feel
good, or on a remote person. Just visualize a person and visualize the symbol
on him to bring healing energy to that person. People usually dont seem to
notice remote healing, as it works on them at a subconscious level. It is
worth noting that Reiki cannot be used with bad intentions, as it channels
pure love energy. Your bad energies, bad intentions, fears, and desires for
control, validation, and security will simply be dissolved by the flow of
Reiki energy.

The second symbol helps to balance emotions and to heal emotional issues.
It actually balances yin and yang energiesyour feminine and masculine
sides. Really strong men are very masculine but also have feminine energies
within them. Even if you have a strong masculine presence, if you cannot get
feminine energy from within yourself, you will feel emotionally needy and
you will try to get feminine energy from outside. You then absorb whatever
energy is around you, including negativity, emotional repression, neediness,

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 63
aloofness, and social conditioning. To ground yourself solidly in your own
reality, you must detach yourself emotionally from your environment. To do
this, you must fill the voids and neediness inside you by balancing your
masculine and feminine energies. You then have a strong masculine
presence without the neediness since you can get feminine energy from
within yourself. You can use the second Reiki symbol on yourself or on
others to balance these energies. Of course, natural grounding remains the
best method to develop your masculine and feminine sides.

What I often do to open my flow of energy on demand is to visualize the
first Reiki symbol on my seven chakras, starting with the crown. Sometimes
I do it several times on each chakra if I feel it needs it. Then, I visualize a
flow of energy going through me, up and down my spine, and connecting me
both to the Earth through my base chakra and to awareness through my
crown chakra. I instantly get this huge sensation of peace, personal power,
and love. I have often had girls react with crazy attraction at that exact
moment. I dont do anything, and they just get wet! It awakens their raw
core. Other times when I feel strong negative energies around, Ill open my
flow of energy as wide as I can so negativity cant survive, and it just gets
dissolved. I really think Reiki is more useful as a tool you use in your daily
life than as a treatment you do with the hands, but your teacher may not
show it to you that way.

Look for Reiki teachers in your area to set up an initiation. You can get the
level 2 training one month after the first initiation. However before taking
Reiki Master, you are better off to wait six or twelve months until you have
a lot of experience and you feel you are ready.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 64

Go to and search for Reiki. The Meetup website allows
you to organize and find various events in all cities around the world. There
are many meetings of all kinds, including Reiki and other holistic healing
methods, in your area that you can attend for either free or for little money.
This allows you to learn new approaches, to work on your energies, and to
meet new people. There meetings are usually filled with 90 percent women,
so they will be glad to see some men.

Exercise 6: Natural Grounding
1. Turn off the lights and be alone.
2. Listen to ambiance music such as Enya or Hans Zimmer for 30 minutes.
3. If necessary, drink alcohol to let go more easily.
4. Watch natural grounding music videos such as Palmy for at least 1
5. Clear your mind and let yourself feel the energy.
6. Dont think about anything.


Tantra is an ancient Taoist art of working with sexual energy to overcome
neediness, to have stronger full-body orgasms, to have non-ejaculatory
orgasms, to have more sexual power, and to last as long as you wish in bed.

Besides strengthening your energies, it wont make such a big difference on
your sexual magnetism, but it will definitely give a different impression to

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 65
girls sleeping with you! Dont be too surprised if the word goes around and
some new girls want to try you.

In terms of sexual magnetism, the aspect of Tantra that will make the most
difference is probably overcoming sexual neediness, because the more you
need and lack something, the more you push it away. There are two aspects
of neediness: emotional and physical. Emotional neediness occurs when you
need a feminine presence to fill a void within you. The solution is to balance
your masculine and feminine energies so you can get pure feminine energy
from yourself. I talk about this in the Natural Grounding and Reiki sections
earlier in this chapter.

Physical neediness occurs when you need to release the pressure in your gut.
When you masturbate to blow the shit out, you get a dump-like feeling and
thats it, then you feel a bit awkward. For sex to be good, you need both the
emotional balance and physical satisfaction aspects. Thats why sex is not so
great with girls who have their feminine side repressed, even if they have the
best asses and perfectly shaped fake boobs. The truth is, you dont need
anyone to satisfy you sexually. You can do it by yourself. By contrast, the
kind of women you see in natural grounding videos offer by far the best sex.
I slept with women from all over the world during my travels, and Thai
women beat all others I experienced when it came to sex, especially those
who work doing Thai massages as they work with energies all day long. The
exchange of energy is such an amazing experience.

I strongly encourage you to stop watching porn as it conditions you to put
pussies on a pedestal, to want pussies, to want to get laid, and to want things

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 66
from people. Porn is also conditioning you to a model of sexuality that is
completely different than Tantric sex. In porn movies, you see the guy
banging the girl like crazy to shoot his sperm, but the whole emotional
aspect is missing and orgasms are very dry. In Tantric sex, you feel much
more connected to each other and orgasms spread throughout your whole
body. Orgasmic contractions can often last more than thirty seconds, and
you can line up several orgasms in a row. After several orgasms, you can
reach a much heightened state of awareness.

Some people wonder whether or not to masturbate when they dont get laid.
If you masturbate, it decreases your masculine energy. If you dont
masturbate, you get that raw sexual energy that seeks to procreate and that
helps you improve your life. Some people say that if you dont masturbate
for long enough, you will eventually get laid. But be careful: when you have
strong sexual desires, it does put women around you in a sexual state, but it
doesnt leave them space to build trust and rapport, so it is a double-edged
sword. Personally, when I go out, I find it easier to connect with people
when I am not needy. The pressure has to be relieved once in a while. Its
really up to you when to masturbate, just listen to your body and be aware of
the consequences on your emotional state.

Actually, when you masturbate, its not the orgasm that brings your energy
down, but the ejaculation. You may never have noticed, but you orgasm,
THEN you ejaculate. Learning to separate orgasm from ejaculation is a big
key. You may not have noticed this either, but when you orgasm, you have
contractions similar to vaginal contractions. If you masturbate and have
several orgasms without ejaculating, you feel satisfied, your energy is still

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 67
high, and you radiate sexual energy, without feeling the neediness. I
personally find masturbating every two weeks to be the best, but when you
do, it is best to do it for at least twenty minutes to develop your sensitivity.
The best way is to take time to have several non-ejaculatory orgasms, and
then its up to you whether or not to ejaculate. After a while without sex, I
also find it better to release my sperm a few days before meeting a girl or
having sex, otherwise I cum too fast and she may not enjoy it as much.

I mentioned that when you orgasm, you have contractions similar to vaginal
contractions. That muscle goes from the base of your penis to your anus,
going around your prostate. It is the PC muscle, the same muscle you use to
hold your pee. Strengthening your PC muscle is a key to controlling and
strengthening your orgasms. The next time you orgasm, notice how your
anus contracts as well as the base of your penis. To strengthen this muscle,
you can contract it in series of twenty repetitions. Contract your PC muscle
as if you wanted to hold your pee and contract your anus and the base of
your penis at the same time and hold it for ten seconds. Notice where the
muscle is and what it feels like. You can do a series of contractions in bed
before sleeping or even on the bus.

Heres another technique to strengthen your PC muscle. When you pee, try
to stop the flow in the middle. Then, continue peeing and cut the flow again.
Cut and resume the flow of pee as many times as possibleif you can do it
six times or more, that is great.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 68
You may have heard that the prostate is the G-spot for men, but if you dont
want to reach it through your ass, it may reassure you to learn that your PC
muscle surrounds your prostate.

There are several ways to not ejaculate during orgasm. The simplest method
is to simply pull your balls away from your prostate before ejaculating. Just
before orgasm, your balls bag shrinks very close to your body to prepare to
send your seeds from your balls to your prostate and out through your penis.
You can gently massage your bag to relax it. Then, make a circle with your
thumb and index finger around your bag, just over your testicles. Then,
gently pull your testicles away from your body with your still-circled finger
and thumb. If you have a hard time pulling your balls, massage them some
more. If you orgasm while your testicles are far from your body, sperm
cannot go from your testicles to your prostate, so you end up having an
orgasm without ejaculating. At first, the orgasms can be very small, but with
practice, non-ejaculatory orgasms become stronger and stronger. You can
notice your orgasm by the automatic contraction of your anus and PC

After a first non-ejaculatory orgasm, my dick is really hard. I could go take
my shower, and ten minutes later, it would still be just as hard. If I try to do
the same ball-pulling technique again to have several orgasms, too much
energy builds up in my genitals and sperm blows out. If you want to have
several non-ejaculatory orgasms, you will need to channel the sexual energy
from your genitals to your entire body.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 69
Normally, channeling sexual energy up your spine is hard to achieve and
requires cleaning your emotional blockages, but if you have already applied
the other healing methods discussed earlier in this book to develop your
sexual magnetism, it shouldnt be so hard. It is better to practice this alone.
The idea is to channel sexual energy from your genitals, up your spine, up to
your crown chakra, around in your head, down your tongue, then back down
to your navel. While you masturbate, just before ejaculating, visualize the
sexual energy flowing from your genitals to your anus, then to the bottom of
the spine, then up the spine, then to your neck, then to your brain, and up to
your crown chakra. Repeat this nine times. If you do it properly, your
erection should slightly decrease.

Circle the creative sexual energy around in your brain. Make twenty circles
clockwise then twenty circles counter-clockwise. It may feel like tingling or
a mini orgasm in the brain. If you leave all that energy for too long in your
head, you can get headaches or insomnia, so it is important to channel or
release it. Visualize the sexual energy flowing from your brain to your nose,
then to your mouth. To help the energy move to your front energy line,
touch your palate (the roof of your mouth) with your tongue. Visualize the
sexual energy flowing to your tongue, then to your throat, then to your heart,
then to your solar plexus, and down to your navel where it can be stored
safely. You can also use the letting go technique to release some more

Channeling sexual energy up is one thing, but doing it in the heat of an
orgasm is another, and doing it in the heat of passionate love-making is on
yet a higher level. Anyway, the worst that can happen is that you do what

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 70
you have always done: ejaculate. Thats no big deal. There is nothing to
lose, besides your precious sperm.

I strongly recommend practicing masturbation and channeling energy up the
spine, but stopping before the orgasm. Its very hard to stop yourself at first,
but going out of your fixed patterns and gaining control over your sexual
desires opens a whole new world of possibilities for your sexual life where
you enjoy sexuality instead of having it run your life. If your balls feel full,
which is called blue balls, massage your testicles and your bag gently.
With practice, you shouldnt get the blue balls syndrome anymore. If you
had one or several non-ejaculatory orgasms, I also recommend stopping
without ejaculating to see how it feels.

It is worth mentioning that the sexual energy flowing up the spine feels very
much like rushes of energy sometimes flowing up the spine during natural
grounding. It also feels very much like when I open and ground my chakras
to open the flow of energy. This means watching natural grounding videos
every day will greatly help you channel your sexual energy up the spine.

When you feel sexual desires in situations where it wouldnt be appropriate
to have sex, you can channel the sexual energy up your spine. It will
transform into strength and creativity to support you on whatever you are

Once you can properly channel the sexual energy out of your genitals, your
orgasms will spread throughout your body and you may have non-
ejaculatory orgasms. If you do ejaculate, notice how you orgasm, get the

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 71
contractions and pleasure, then you ejaculate, lose your erection, and relax.
If you can stop just a bit before, you will only experience the orgasmic part
and will be ready to go again for more orgasms.

After my first non-ejaculatory orgasm, my dick is still hard and ready to go
again. After other non-ejaculatory orgasms, I get contractions, the sexual
tension goes down, and the erection decreases a bit, but were ready to go
again. After a few such orgasms, I feel totally satisfied and I could stop even
if I didnt ejaculate. Im still hard, but I feel at peace. After a few minutes,
the erection goes down. One time I repeated this cycle for a long time but
got an intense headache afterward. To avoid this, take a break every twenty
minutes and let the erection go down so that blood can circulate. Most
importantly, dont leave all that sexual energy for too long in your head.
Channel it down to your navel and release it.

I compared having a few non-ejaculatory orgasms followed by an
ejaculation vs. having several orgasms without ejaculation. When I
ejaculate, I feel tired or fall asleep. When I stop without ejaculating, Im still
full of energy and I feel more affectionate after sex. When I have several
non-ejaculatory orgasms, it feels good, but the ejaculating orgasm is much
better: I get a much stronger orgasm THEN I ejaculate. Each time, non-
ejaculatory orgasms become stronger. Overall, its a matter of mood and
preferences. I find it good to ejaculate twice a week when having regular sex
and twice a month when single.

After doing at least two hours of natural grounding, you can do what I call
sexual natural grounding to balance your sexual energy center and ground

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 72
your sexual energies. This is a very powerful exercise and it should be done
with full respect. When you are in a peak state of mind, put a natural
grounding video that arouses you. The best is the Super Coyote VCD,
although it is currently hard to find. Refer to the natural grounding section
for how to get these resources. After watching the full CD once, watch it
again and allow yourself to be aroused sexually. It may not happen at first
because surprisingly enough, when natural women dance sexily, it makes
you feel great but you dont even think about sex. Even when youre hard,
you may not think about sex. Pleasure yourself for as long as possible and
try to have as many non-ejaculatory orgasms as possible. This can give very
strong and fulfilling orgasms, even stronger than when youre sleeping with
girls. When in a dry period, this exercise can fulfill you sexually for a solid
two weeks. It is very powerful.

To go more in depth on Tantra, I highly recommend the book The Multi-
Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know by Chia Mantak
and Douglas Abrams.

Here is something interesting you can do if you have a girl you get along
with well. Buy the book The Multi-Orgasmic Woman by Mantak Chia and
Rachel Carlton Abrams and write this inside the front cover:

When you are done reading this book, you cannot leave it on
your table. You must give it to someone else and she must write
her name and date. When she is done reading it, she must do
the same.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 73
Leave enough space for a list of names and dates. Write your name and the
date, then give her the book and ask her to write her name and date. And so
the book goes on its way.

Exercise 7: Strengthen PC Muscle
1. Contract your PC muscle as if you wanted to hold your pee.
2. Hold your PC muscle contracted 5 seconds.
3. Release it.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 in series of 10.
5. Do every day before sleeping.

Exercise 8: Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm
1. Masturbate slowly until you are about to ejaculate.
2. Massage your testicles bag to make it softer.
3. Make a circle with your thumb and index finger around your
4. Gently pull the fingers circle to pull testicles away.
5. Contract your PC muscle around your prostate.
6. Slowly reach orgasm while testicles are far from the prostate.
7. Notice the contractions and lack of sperm.

Exercise 9: Channeling Energy
1. Masturbate until you are near orgasm.
2. Visualize the sexual energy flowing to the base of your spine.
3. Visualize the sexual energy flowing up the spine.
4. Visualize the sexual energy flowing up the neck to the head.
5. Repeat nine times steps 2, 3, and 4.
6. Your erection should decrease if done properly.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 74
7. Turn the energy in your head 20 times clockwise.
8. Turn the energy in your head 20 times counter-clockwise.
9. Visualize the sexual energy flowing to your nose and tongue.
10. Visual the sexual energy flowing down to your navel.
11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 nine times.

Alchemy is about the transmutation of self and transmuting negative
energies into positive. It is a very advanced and powerful discipline. The
goal here is not to do ten years meditation training to reach mastery and
illumination. The goal is to take some core concepts of Alchemy that can
immediately be applied to make concrete changes into your life.

There are five different types of energies that each vibrate at the frequency
of a different color.

The first three are part of your energy field.
1. Physical energy, associated with the shiny black color. This is the shiny
black color of the cosmos, not a matt black. This is the energy that is mostly
developed with martial arts.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 75
2. Emotional energy, associated with the color shiny white. When you are
very emotional and passionate about something and have chills and goose
bump, you are using this energy.
3. Spiritual energy, associated with color shiny red. Most meditation
practices develop mostly this energy.
The last two are outside your energy field.
4. Plane of creation, associated with color gold. The creation and
coordination of events through time and space happen in this plane.
5. Plane of the Absolute, associated with color teal. This is the stillness
above creation from which everything arises. This is beyond time and space.

We will mostly use the color teal to transmute your emotional blockages. If
you feel stuck in your solar plexus, you can visualize a teal light in that zone
during an hour to release it. By instead visualizing a teal flame, you can do
the same job in 15 minutes. By connecting yourself to the plane of the
Absolute and visualizing a teal flame from there, you can achieve the same
results in less than one minute. The color is like using 1000V while the
flame is 10000V. Using the flame from the plane of the Absolute is like
using 100000V.

First, if you have difficulty calming your mind, heres a short meditation that
will allow your rational mind to rest to be more open to your unconscious
mind. This meditation is using mantras which are very ancient words. Each
of these words has an aggregate of energy connected to it. By saying a
mantra, you connect yourself to its mass of energy.

Center yourself.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 76
Take a long deep breath and let it out slowly.
Allow your breathing to become full and deeply relaxed.
Allow your rational mind to rest, and you will be more open to your
unconscious mind.
Read these words out loud or in your head:
Notice how you feel.

To connect yourself with the Absolute, close your eyes and visualize a tree
and a river with you standing between. The river is in front of you. If the
river flows from right to left, you are at the good place. If it flows from left
to right, jump over the river where you will find another tree. Turn around to
face the river.

The tree represents your essence and the river represents the flow of energy.
Now go behind the tree and put your back against it. Ask the tree to bring
you to the plane of the Absolute.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 77

From there, visualize a teal flame at any place that requires healing. Practice
this for five minutes. This is one of the main tools we will be using.

Any time you use instant release or Reiki, you can also use this method of
alchemic transmutation. It is interesting to note that, unlike Reiki, Alchemy
doesnt require movements of energy. Energy is simply transmuted. Reiki is
easier to learn but people tend to stagnate at a certain level. Alchemy is more
complex and can be much more powerful. Its like the difference between
college and University. You usually dont send kids straight to University.
Were not going into the complexity of Alchemy either. We stay focused on
our goals and explore a few tools.

Energy Weaknesses
When you do Natural Grounding or learn Reiki, something interesting
happens. Your energy field expands, but by doing so, it also exposes your
weaknesses to the external world. You have small negative portals in your
energy field which make you more irritable and vulnerable. This is energy

You also have negative portals of various sizes inside your body which
allows surrounding negative energies to soak into you. You work to heal
yourself and you soak in surrounding negative energies at the same time. Its
like trying to empty a boat that has a hole. Youll have to heal the entire city
before reaching a high state! These are negative portals. They are created by
strong traumas, all illegal drugs except week, most legal psychotropic drugs

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and having orgasms with women having a lot of portals. Ayahuasca can help
people reach enlightenment but it also creates negative portals making them
more vulnerable to negative energies.

Energy fragmentation and negative portals are created the same way. The
difference is that one is in your energy field and the other is in your body.

You were also born with implants connecting you to your environment and
cultural aggregate. An aggregate is a collective mass of energy. Each city
and country has its own distinct aggregate. Thats why you feel different
when you go to another country. People are different. The collective energy
aggregate is different. An implant may feel like a large wire full of filaments
directly plugging you to the aggregate. You can view it like people are
plugged in the movie The Matrix. These implants make it harder to detach
yourself from the collective thinking and to think on your own. Everybody is
born with four main implants: behind the head, behind the neck, behind the
shoulders and at the bottom of the spine where the tail would be if we had
one. In some cases, there can also be implants under the feet.

These three types of energy weaknesses are not emotional blockages. They
form structures through which emotional blockages can flow. Natural
Grounding, Reiki, EFT and Sedona Method do not allow detecting and
solving these specific issues. Most spiritual masters are still struggling with
these issues. The only method I know so far to detect and heal these
weaknesses is with the teal alchemic flame discussed in the last chapter. This
is priceless.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 79
So lets work on these portals and implants. Visualize a tree and a river with
you standing between. If the river in front of you flows from left to right,
jump over the river where you will find another tree. Face the river which
should flow from right to left. Go behind the tree and put your back against
it. Ask the tree to bring you to the plane of the Absolute. The work will be
much more powerful from this plane beyond time and space. Time is merely
an illusion from this plane.

Scan the back of your head with a teal flame to detect an implant. You may
start feeling a sensation of stuck-ness. Use that same teal flame to dissolve
and cut the implant. It is sometimes hard to cut and you may have to come
back to it several times. Do the same with the implants behind your neck,
behind your shoulders and below the spine. You can ask your tree to guide
you in the process.

Now, ask your tree to guide you to negative portals in your body. Use the
teal flame to detect and close these portals. It may feel like bottom-less pits
or black holes. Demons can come out from these portals. If you feel negative
entities or demons, you can dissolve them with the teal flame or by throwing
crystal balls to disintegrate them. Normally they will disappear if you close
the portals from which they arise.

Now scan your entire energy field a few meters around you with the teal
flame to detect and close portals or energy fragmentation. Start on your left
and scan 360.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 80
If you have difficulty working on some of these, you may want to consider
phone coaching where we will do it together. It is very easy for me to do,
and I want you to learn how to do it.

Alchemic Visualizations
Many people in the self-help industry are into visualizations and positive
thinking. These never really worked for me, but I found something that is
extremely powerful.

The reason why visualizations and positive thinking rarely works is because
thoughts alone dont have any energetic weight. What has an impact on your
life, laws of attraction, chaos and your energy field are your emotions which
are energies in motion.

Connect yourself to the plane of the Absolute with the technique discussed
previously. Hold both hands in front of you as if you were holding a soccer
ball. Take a deep breath in. As you breathe out, visualize teal flames coming
out of your hands and forming a ball. Keep visualizing teal flame between
your hands for 30 seconds to build a mass of energy.

Now slowly move your hands two feet from each other. Keep visualizing
teal flame as the mass of energy expands. Then, slowly move your hands
closer to compress the energy. You may feel a pressure, resistance of
tingling between your hands. Move your hands apart again to expand the

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 81
Move them closer again to compact the energy. Keep repeating this to build
a mass of compact energy.

Move this mass of energy with your hands somewhere in your body. Pay
attention to how you feel. This is very powerful to transmute and heal
energy blockages and weaknesses.

Repeat the same thing to build another ball of energy between your hands.
This time, put an intention into it. Focus your mind on the mass of energy
and visualize something you want to achieve, something you want to solve
or something you want to heal.

This visualization has a huge mass of energy associated to it and it will put
the energies in motion. Some of the energy may go inside you to transmute
the fears and blockages preventing the goal from happening. Some energy
may go out into the world to attract people and circumstances allowing the
goal to happen. Let the energy flow where it needs to flow.

Visualizations done this way dont always happen, but there are always
things happening in that direction. When life is stagnant, it puts life and
events into motion towards the goals. You will rarely reach these goals the
way you think. It usually happens in unexpected ways. Often it will bring
you inspiration and ideas. Sometimes it will attract unexpected
circumstances. It keeps your mind focused in the direction of your goals.

With this kind of power, keep in mind that what you do to others always
comes back to you in some form or another, good or bad. You cannot

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 82
impose your will onto anyone. You can visualize that you want a great
relationship and it will attract someone into your life on her own will.
However, you cant visualize being in a relationship with a specific person.
Whenever your goal is associated to a specific person against her will, it is
black magic. The teal flame doesnt allow doing black magic.

Just try it once to know what I mean. Build a mass of teal flame energy
between your hands and visualize being with a specific person. You may
feel the energy coming into you to dissolve and transmute the neediness and
attachment from which the intention arises. This will transform the intention,
detach it from the others person and make it more about the personal
experience you want to attract. In most cases you cannot harm with this
energy, but still be careful about what you do.

Natural Grounding Journal
This is where it gets really interesting. I can guarantee your life will not
remain stagnant if you do this.

Buy a nice notepad that you will use exclusively for Natural Grounding.

Do at least 30 minutes of Natural Grounding every day, especially the days
where you dont feel like doing it.

Do the first 15 minutes normally to put yourself in a higher state of mind.
Then, visualize three different goals with the alchemic visualization
technique Spend five minutes on each goal.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 83

In your Natural Grounding Journal, write the date and the three goals. This
forces you to clarify the intention into words and it allows you to track the
progress over time.

Start by doing it 30 days in a row. This will make a lot of things move in
your life internally and externally. At the end of 30 days, go back and look at
your first goals to see whether they happened or not. See how your life and
intentions changed in a month.

If you have too many things to do and dont have time to do Natural
Grounding every day, visualize having more available time. This will help
you be more focused to do the work faster and you will save a lot of time.
Doing 30 minutes of Natural Grounding isnt spending time. It is an
investment of time that pays for itself. You will have more free time at the
end of the day and you will feel better.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 84
Chapter 3: Sexual Magnetism Applied
Emotional Communication

Emotional communication includes everything from unconscious
impressions about people to telepathy. It is well-known that a woman makes
up her mind about a man in the first ten seconds, and you probably do the
same, whether consciously or not. A woman may make a conscious
judgment about a mans appearance but most importantly, she unconsciously
feels the energies he projects. She will say things like theres just
something about him or that guy has bad vibes.

You might have heard people who pretend they can read minds, but I will
freely admit to you that I cannot. However, I feel people and feel the
emotions behind their thoughts on a daily basis. Sometimes people ask me
something and I instead answer to what they were feeling without realizing
it. I can also trust people easily because if they are fucked up enough to not
have integrity, I will usually feel it in their energies. I also have had girls
lend me their car or motorbike the first time I met them.

Theres this girl I met for a week while living in Europe. She went back
home to Australia and we kept in contact. One night at 2 am, I suddenly
woke up with a crazy, uncontrollable erection and was thinking about her.
With the time difference, it was 10 am over there. The next day, I called and
asked her what she was doing at 10 am.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 85
Turns out she was at the doctors office for a periodic vaginal check. It was
very unpleasant, so he told her to think about something that felt good. Okay
. . .

The point is, you cannot fake who you are, because she will know. So forget
all about your tricks and techniques. If you masturbate thinking about a girl
at school, dont be surprised if she avoids you the next day. The way you
feel doesnt only make a difference when communicating in person but also
when talking on the phone. It even makes a difference for e-mails, instant
messaging, and SMS. When you send a text message to a girl, she thinks
about you and subconsciously picks whatever energies you are projecting at
that moment. She is more likely to answer messages you send while you are
in a good mood.

When traveling to a foreign country, its funny how you can meet a girl who
doesnt speak your language at all and you still talk for twenty minutes. It
has happened to me a few times. Just be playful and pretend you understand
her. I would say something in my language, she would say something in her
language, I answer to whatever I think she might have said, she does the
same, and we keep going for ten or twenty minutes. The weird thing is that
sometimes we get the impression we understand each other. I really think
that if youve never slept with a girl with whom you share fewer than five
words of the same language, you are really missing something.

Ever been to a club of naked girls? When I see a girl, the first thing I notice
is what she feels like and her emotional blockages. Then, I visualize what
she looks like naked. Then I see her clothes and looks. Thats the way it

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should be. Sexy skirts and makeup arent worth anything. In the best case
scenario, once her clothes and makeup are taken off, she is lying next to you
and the sexual pressure is relieved, will you still like her? Maybe, and maybe
not, but if you like her only for her physical appearance, you will never
know. If a girl is very natural, playful, and nice and she also dresses sexily,
thats a plus, but its really her behavior that matters. Actually, you could
meet the prettiest and nicest woman in the world, but if you dont feel a
connection, she isnt worth anything in your life. The connection with a girl
is more important than the girl herself, because the experiences you will
have together depend on that connection.

In Thailand, many girls dress sexily but they usually dont exaggerate their
sexuality with makeup, high heels, and miniskirts. When you see a girl who
looks too sexy, watch outit usually is a lady-boy and she has a surprise for
you between the legs. Its funny to see all these American men hitting on
them. It made me realize that women who spend two hours every day to
dress up do it to compensate either for a lack of being a woman or for a lack
of self-esteem. All these guys who dont sleep with these women respect and
adore them, but all the guys I heard who slept with that kind of woman
reported that they lacked self-esteem, were validation-seekers, and were
inactive in bed. Of course, Im only talking about a specific kind of woman,
and they are not all that way. But my point is, dont pay too much attention
to their looks. Pay attention to their feminine beauty, which is more than

One guy I coached went to Thailand and met girls from everywherein
particular, one girl from the northern part of Sweden. She had such amazing

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 87
energies like he has never seen before. She was so light and joyful, he felt
like a king. The intensity of her energies shifted his core to draw his
masculinity and to strengthen him. They went back to his home and were
about to sleep together, but she made his core shift. That threw him off
balance, which in turn made her flake out. Even though they didnt sleep
together, it was such an amazing experience. It took him a few days to
restabilize, but he felt stronger afterward.

This guy met another Swedish girl from Stockholm on this same trip. She
was such a beautiful girl, very nice, and she practiced yoga. She flirted with
him and they ended up sleeping together. He liked her as a person, and he
enjoyed her company, but . . . he just didnt feel the connection. Of course
he enjoyed the sex, but it was nothing like how he felt when he was around
the other Swedish girl. He asked me what was so different between these
two girls. The Stockholm girl came from a place where people are more out
of touch with their emotions, which makes a big difference. Also, it seems
that girls who practice yoga tend to control their emotions instead of
surrendering to them. When I talk about surrendering to our emotions, I talk
about surrendering to creative life-force energy trying to express itself
through our instincts, not about the negative feelings and fears covering it.
Most popular meditation practices are about raising our awareness and
grounding our upper chakras, but they miss grounding the lower chakras to
the physical world. You want to balance both.


Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 88
Some Inuit tribes have about a hundred different words to describe snow,
while only one word in English covers all the subtle varieties. Each language
has a vocabulary to describe a set of concepts, and you can hardly conceive
something for which there isnt a word in your language. Life-force energy
or chi, for example, is clearly represented by a word in over sixty languages,
but we dont have any word for it in English. You cant understand a culture
if you dont speak its language. There are huge benefits to learning several
languages. I speak five languages as of the time I am writing this book.

When you speak a single language, you always think in that language. When
you learn a second language, there is a point where you start thinking in the
second language and sometimes mix languages up. When you learn a third
language, your thoughts start to dissociate themselves from languages and
you start thinking in terms of movements of emotions and concepts that you
can express in any language. When you think in terms of emotional
concepts, it is sometimes hard to put emotions into words and there are often
concepts you can express in one language but not in the other.

It is also good to be aware of what you convey with your words. The
emotional brain understands the emotional charge of each word one-by-one
and doesnt understand negation, since negation doesnt trigger any
particular emotion. If you say I would not lie to you, you are associating
the concept of lying with yourself. You should instead say You know I am
always honest. Listen to each of your words one-by-one and ask yourself
what emotions are triggered by each word individually.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 89
In all languages around the world, swear words are either about sex or
religion. Swear words of sex trigger earth energy, while swear words of
religion trigger heaven energy. You are grounded to these two energies.
Swear words serve to trigger charges of energy in your messages to give
them impact. Swear words are mantras. A mantra is a sound, syllable, word,
or group of words that are considered capable of creating spiritual

When flirting with women, your conversations should be light, inspiring,
and unimportant. Light means that you avoid triggering heavy and negative
emotions to keep the ambiance joyful. Inspiring means that you want to
increase the flow of energy so that people are more at ease and behave more
naturally. Unimportant means that you dont want to get into topics that
would bring forth defensiveness or too much logical thinking, such as
politics or religion.

End of the Game

Heres the thing about sexual magnetism: it cannot be used as a technique to
get women. You have to truly and completely stop wanting to take from
people. We all want to get love, we all want to get laid, and we all want
money, but so long as you want it, it will make people uncomfortable around
you and it will push abundance away.

Unfortunately, working to get laid does work once in a while. When that
happens, it makes you even more desperate to make it work again, but you

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 90
cant live your whole life always pursuing things. Working to get laid will
never bring you the quality of relationships and the consistency you deserve.

Now that Ive said this, youre going to tell me you bought this book to get
laid more often, arent you. Well . . . Ive been there too. Either you attract
women into your life by your detachment, or you pursue them and pick them
up, but you cannot mix both approaches. It is not congruent for you to be
chilled out, not trying to get anything from a woman and then asking for her
phone number. I understand you want to see her again, Ive been there too,
and thats the problem. As long as you want her and project neediness in
your energies, whatever you do will work inconsistently, and you cannot
fake it.

And heres the kicker. You dont even have to make yourself attractive. All
you have to do is to remove everything unattractive about you. You are
attractive by default. You were born as an attractive diamond, but it got
covered by fears over the years. You simply have to remove the dust to
recover the shiny diamond, and then you can polish it.

When you want a girl, you are trying to fill a void within you, but she cannot
fulfill younobody can. You have to fill your voids yourself, and there is no
way to fake itwomen will know. Besides, you dont fill your voids for
women; rather, you fill them to live a happier life. Things will start working
for you when you dont give a shit about women. You can appreciate them,
and you can spend time with them, but you need to get to the point where
you couldnt care less whether your interactions go further and you dont
give a shit whether you sleep together.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 91

Even when I regularly had plenty of women, whenever I would meet a
woman and say to myself wow this one is something, things consistently
didnt work out, whether we slept together or not. Every single time you
give a girl too much attention and she affects your thoughts and feelings,
you become responsive to her and it breaks the attraction. You live your life
and she should join and support you on your journey, not the other way
around. Nobody should ever make you deviate from your life path. Also,
whenever you feel badly about your girlfriend not being with you right now
or you simply miss her, it causes her attraction towards you to drop.

There is a clear difference between love and attachment. When you feel
great with a woman and you feel very connected together, thats love. When
you miss her, become jealous, or get too affectionate, thats attachment
caused by a need. When people talk about no-strings-attached relationships,
it means living out of love instead of living out of needs. It means respecting
the other person enough to respect when she wants to move on to something
else. Im still in good contact with several women around the world even
though weve been separated for a while and I really like these women.

Again, none of this can be used as a technique to get women. If you read the
book The Game or studied how to pick up women, its all bullshit as it
comes from a state of mind of getting from people. No matter how hard you
try to deny it, the purpose of picking up will always be to get, get, and get
from people. The faster you can forget all you ever learned about seduction,
the faster you will notice women naturally being attracted to you.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 92
Lets examine some pick-up concepts to help you realize how irrelevant they
are. There is a three seconds rule that states you should approach a woman
within three seconds of seeing her. The idea behind it is that if you wait, you
become self-conscious, and you appear insecure when you finally build up
your courage to talk to her, if you ever do. First, you wont become self-
conscious if you dont give a shit about whether or not you talk to her. Then,
if you talk to her for five minutes on the way to the bathroom or if she comes
to talk to you, you are as confident and detached as you always are, so this
rule is totally irrelevant.

There are also the concepts of demonstration of higher value and
negging where you say things to raise your perceived value and to lower
her guard to shift the balance of power to you. That serves only to
compensate for the fact that you put her on a pedestal. If you are equal to her
energetically and behaviorally, you dont need that: her walls will already be
down when you talk to her. In fact, you should avoid these two concepts.
Whenever you try to raise your value, you are admitting that you consider
yourself below her. As for negging, imagine that your little brother comes to
you playfully saying Wow, big muscles! Are they real? Its funny and it
puts you both on the same level of communication. Now imagine that the
director of your university comes to you saying the same thing. Its
downright threatening, dont do it.

Not only does sexual magnetism represent the end of social gameit also
represents the end of inner game. I achieved more in two years of natural
grounding what many havent achieved in ten years of self-development.
But what is self-development and inner game anyway? It is the cultivation of

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 93
your ego, your sense of being unique, the idea that you must learn skills and
work to achieve things. With natural game, you dont work to make things
happen. Your energies attract events and people into your life so your only
job is to accept them and to decide what you really want. Of course, learning
things and having interesting conversations is great, but it is even more
important to unlearn all the crap that has been imposed on you your whole

You will be equal in power to women once you truly dont need anything
from them. Pursuing them mentally is as bad as pursuing them physically,
and they sense it. Take some time to meditate while doing natural grounding
to let the wisdom sink in and to filter the information for yourself. Then,
forget any rules I might have told you, as rules keep you captive in a box.


Never go out of your way to approach women as you would come from a
state of mind of scarcity and attract scarcity. Just interact with whoever you
cross paths with during the day.

When you want to talk to a person in a casual way, there is often an
uncomfortable feeling or wall. These feelings can be released like any other
feelings using the letting go technique. It doesnt matter whether the
emotional block is within you, in relation to people, or within another
person, you can feel and release all these tensions in the same way. Having
the walls already down before you approach makes everything easier.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 94

Unless Im in a bar socializing with everybody, I usually dont bother
talking to women around me unless they open up energetically. When I feel
a woman doesnt have walls, or when she looks at or smiles at me, its worth
talking to her. However, if she likes me too much before even building a
rapport, her neediness gets in the way of connecting to each other. Its best
not to have expectations from either side.

I find casual approaches work best. Here are some to try depending on the
scenario youre in:

To someone waiting for the same bus:
Whats up?
At what time does the bus arrive?
What time is it?

To someone reading in the metro:
What are you reading?
What is the story about?
I havent watched the news for a while, whats in the newspaper?

To someone in a bar or club:
Hows your night going?
Hows the night treating you?
Where are you guys from?
Are you Swedish?

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 95
What are you drinking?
Is that vodka or water?

I find open questions and closed comments work best. You dont want to
keep talking while she gives one-word answers. Instead of asking Having
fun?, ask Hows the night treating you? You can also say There are a lot
of people here today without expecting any answer. If the interaction
continues, she will be the one talking. You shouldnt have to work to make
interactions happen. You worked so much on yourself, and you shouldnt
have to work to give all that value. What do these girls have to offer that
compares to your peace of mind anyway? Whenever you interact with a
woman, it draws her into your reality, which feels very good. Women want
to awaken their inner Palmy, and you help them do so by being grounded in

The most important thing for you is to get in a state where you are stable,
confident, and satisfied no matter what you are doing. Work to reach that
grounded state of mind while sitting next to a dance floor or while looking at
your beer. Funny things can happen when you arent doing anything. The
idea is to also keep that state of mind when interacting with people.

To get there, you must go outside your comfort zone. I told you before not to
go out of your way to connect with women. If your objective is instead to
extend your comfort zone, you can try all the fancy approaches pick-up
artists do, except you dont care about womens reactions because the
objective isnt about them, its only about extending your comfort zone.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 96
Personally, I dont force myself to extend my comfort zone. I instead
visualize the interactions and situations and release the emotional charges
holding me back. If you approach a stranger or visualize approaching a
stranger, the same emotions show up and you can release them. When I
visualize a situation and feel very detached and non-reactive, I have the
same ease being there in real life. Both approaches are good in helping you
extend your comfort zone. See what works best for you.

Most people go out with their friends and spend time together. As for me, I
consider the world to be my garden. If I go to a party, I consider everybody
to be my friend. In fact, I would rather go to a party where I dont know
anyone than to go to a party where I know everybody. If I go to a bar alone,
Ill talk with everybody around and meet new friends. Even if I go there with
friends, Ill usually go on my own to meet new people.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 97

Exercise 10: Beer Staring
1. Sit down in a busy area of a club.
2. Dont talk to anyone.
3. Release any uncomfortable or negative feeling.
4. Stay there all night until you feel great just being there.

Exercise 11: Cheers!
1. Go to a bar or club and order a drink.
2. Lift your glass and say cheers to the person next to you.
3. Walk across the bar and cheers with twenty people in a row.
4. Ask hows the night going? to three of them.
5. Ask what are you drinking? to three of them.
6. Dont stay in any conversation more than thirty seconds.

Progression and Kino Tricks

Approaching and talking with people is one thing, but for sex to happen,
there must be some kind of progression. So how do you progress from
casual conversation to intimacy? You dont. Its not your job to make things
happen. What created the initial attraction is your detachment from the
outcome, so it would make sense to keep doing what works. You create
more attraction by being more detached from the outcome.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 98
The ironic thing is that this authentic approach of not needing anything from
people can be used as a technique. If you master releasing emotions
instantaneously, you can detach yourself from outcomes while interacting
with women. It will change your energies: they will genuinely feel more
comfortable around you and it will create a genuine connection.

The space you give to women is more important than what youre actually
doing, so stop wondering what to say. Your energies create a void that
women feel compelled to fill. When I say a comment or send a message to a
girl without expecting an answer, it creates a void that she feels compelled to

As for what to do and what you say, I really cannot tell you. There are many
gurus out there who can teach you how to be like them. However, it just
wont work for you because you arent them. You have your own strengths,
your own weaknesses, your own likes, your own dislikes, and your own life
purpose. You cannot both be yourself and be someone else. You can learn
principles and get ideas from others, but dont listen to what they tell you to
do even if it works for them. The first step for change is to accept who you
are and your current reality and results. Once you feel good about whatever
you have right now, you can work from there to develop your own
uniqueness. We are all wired the same way but our egos are all different, or
at least we like to think so. When we develop our awareness, we are all the
same in some way but we are unique in the experiences we go through and
in the path we walk.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 99
To make your interactions go further, you will want to detach yourself from
outcomes and to let your true self shine, not only around women but at all
times. No matter your looks, women will say theres just something about
you. If you let your true self shine only around women, you are reactive to
them, which portrays you as a man who is trying to get something. You can
be sure they will notice how you behave around other people.

If women keep testing you, you may be wondering how to handle their tests.
These tests and power games are annoying, and I dont have time to play
games. It would be nice if they could simply accept you as you are. You
should know that these tests are subconscious. All they want to know is who
you are and whether you are solid as a man. If you act like a man, then all
interactions look like tests, and if you fail one its over. Its like running
through a minefield. If you really are solid as a man, however, you pass all
tests by default. When they sense your solid energies, they stop testing you
because they already sense who you are. Tests are another obsolete concept.

The objective here isnt to get laid but to build connections with other
human beings. Sex without connection isnt that good anyway. Sex is the
byproduct of connecting naturally with a woman. When you connect, you
dont have to take actions leading to sex: sex is inevitable. By developing
your sexual magnetism, you dont have to worry about falling in the friend
zone anymore as your grounded energies awaken their sexual nature.

It often makes it harder to keep women as only friends because either you
connect or you dont. Out of all the women Ive been with, I have very
rarely slept with a girl without it happening on the first or second meeting

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 100
because either we connect or we dont. If I really like a girl, I would rather
sleep with her and then spend time with her without expectations instead of
doing activities with her with the hopes of getting physical. If the physical
urge isnt released, you cant honestly fully appreciate hanging out with her
just for the sake of it, unless you arent really interested in her, in which case
shell have to work if she wants to get physical. If you dont get physical
with a woman by the second or third meeting, dont waste your time: put her
in the friend zone yourself.

To accelerate building connections and a history, you may want to spend
time with the girl in different places. If you meet a girl in a bar, you may
move to a few other bars together. If you meet a woman in a park, you may
go for a walk. If you meet a woman in a club, you may go sit down in the
quiet side and then go eat. If you meet a woman in the street, you may go for
a coffee together. If her friends like you too, they may help you hook up
with her.

There is also a difference between superficial physical attraction and her
trusting you to be a real man on a deep level. The latter matters much more.
Ive often had girls in the club kissing me like crazy, and the next minute
they were gone. Thats a superficial connection that means nothing. In other
cases, Im walking home with a girl and we havent even kissed yet. Thats a
meaningful connection. You should know that some girls will really like you
but wont want to get physical in front of their friends. If she trusts you to be
a real man, she may buy you a drink or scratch the inside of your hands to let
you know she wants you. Your only job is to enjoy your time and to not
force anything. Use the affirmation Its inevitable well end up together.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 101
Sometimes she may even tell you shell go with you after the bar closes and
she goes dancing with her other guy friends, and she actually leaves with

If you spend time with a girl but youre not sure she would sleep with you,
dont waste your time and move on to meet new people. On the other hand,
if you feel a solid connection in your heart and solar plexus and she really
likes you, its worth spending the evening with her. Sometimes girls can get
very physical on the dancing floor as well. If you get too physical, kiss too
much, or do too much dirty dancing, most likely she will not go home with
you because the sexual tension is released. The less you do in the bar, the
better. She sees you can control yourself: when you leave her space to like
you, it lets the sexual tension build up. If she wants more, it will be at your
home or hers, not at the bar.

Actually, you dont even have to make yourself attractive to build a
connection. All you have to do is to remove everything unattractive about
yourself. You will connect with people by default, and dont be surprised if a
random girl kisses you right away. You have to understand that the only
thing preventing you from having instantaneous strong connections with
women is your emotional blockages and her emotional blockages. If your
energies are pure and shine through her to deactivate her blockages, you will
see instant attraction.

To break the physical wall with girls, it helps to have some kind of physical
contact, although sometimes you lie back and they touch you first. Dont try
to do anything to bring interactions further as it will only push women away.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 102
You can do things because you enjoy it in the present moment but not to
build connection. You build connection by giving them space. Actually, you
can push and pull, which breaks the walls and gives them space. Personally,
I like to do one step forward and three steps backward because I dont like
working to get girls. Do what works best for you.

Here are some kino tricks to inspire you. Kino refers to physical contacts
between you and another person to build rapport. Of course you cant grab a
girls pussy or boobs in public, but the back of the neck is also sensitive
without being threatening. When you enjoy your time with a girl in a bar,
you can gently scratch the back of her neck and play with her hair. If she
asks what you are doing, just say you like playing with hair. When a girl
dances next to you and shows interest, you can put her hands on your
shoulders and dance as if you were dancing alone. It frames the interaction
as shes playing with you and you enjoy it. When dancing with her, you can
also sit down quietly next to the dance floor with her dancing in front of you
between your legs with your hands around her hips. When dancing with a
girl and theres good rapport, you cant grab her boobs, but you can move
closer and rub her boobs with your chest. It arouses her and nobody around
notices. You can take a girl by the hand when moving around the bar such as
when youre going to smoke. When walking with her in the street, you can
put your hand on her lower back on her second chakra. Just let your actions
flow spontaneously. If you cant behave spontaneously, you have some more
cleaning to do and you can do these kino tricks to extend your comfort zone.

In the club, some people dont get any attention from women. Some other
guy doesnt care about women and a few are dancing around him, but

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 103
whenever he tries to get one, they go away. Another guy has girls flirting
with him but he gets attached to the outcome whenever it gets physical, and
they walk away. Still another guy has girls flirting with him and they bring
him home, but he gets attached to them after sex and they flake. Another guy
has girls bringing him home and he enjoys his time with them while keeping
his detachment and he has several relationships. The only difference
between these guys is at what step they get responsive or attached to the
outcome. If you are totally detached all the way, girls will do all the work
and bring you home and you wont have to do anything.

There is this independent career woman I met in a bar, and we went back to
her apartment. We were naked in her bed and I couldnt figure out how to
get physical. I tried everything without success. I eventually told myself
whatever, fuck off and just slept. I didnt care anymore about having sex
or not. I finally had my blow job in the morning. Its so much easier to
understand how women work when you are in their bed naked. They decide
who they let in, and working to get sex doesnt work. You must give them

Kissing and Closing

The idea of fucking every single girl you talk to is just plain absurd. There
are many girls who just wont match with you and you wouldnt have time
to fuck them all anyway. Trust me, three good girls is plenty to fill your
schedule. Forget the concept of close ratio, its obsolete too.

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 104
What you want is consistencythe ability to form new relationships at any
time, especially when you are single. Wouldnt it be nice to have a girlfriend
or at least get laid within a week no matter in which country you go around
the world? A pick-up artist may claim to get phone numbers of 90 percent of
girls he approaches, but if you talk casually to 100 people and have a
girlfriend who trusts you by the end of the week, you are doing better than
any pick-up artist.

First of all, a phone number isnt worth anything. The only thing that matters
is the connection you have. In some cases you may have a solid connection
with a girl and the phone number allows you to see each other again. In most
cases, however, you end up pursuing the girl by phone. Dont waste your
time with phone numbers unless you already have a solid rapport with the
woman. In most cases, its better if they call you.

To connect deeply with women, your heart chakra must be open. If you are
very independent and have your life handled, you may see women attracted
to you yet you cant seem to connect with them. Your walls intimidate them.
You must be vulnerable. Many people think being vulnerable means being
weak, but it means showing your true self even if people dont like it and
opening your heart even if people dont like you. It takes great strength to
get over your fears and show your vulnerabilities, but the potential results
are well worth it.

When your walls are down, your heart is open, and you interact with a
woman, you may feel as if you are merging into each other and forget
everything else happening around you. The two of you are just sharing a

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 105
common isolated reality. From there, dont try to force anything; just enjoy
the relation as it is. Its not your job to make things happen. If necessary,
you can use this affirmation as an excuse to be laid back and to forget about
the outcome: Its inevitable well end up together anyway. You connect by
default. Your only job is to not get in the way and to give her space.

To keep contact with a girl, you can give her your phone set to the add
contact screen and ask her to enter her number. Then, test the number she
gave you so that you know you have a real number, and then she has your
number too. If you really connected with each other, you dont care who
calls whom. If she gave you a fake number, dont waste your time and move
on. If she hesitates to give you her number, you can say you dont want to
make her uncomfortable. It allows you to gauge how the interaction is really
going. Having each others phone number early and spending more time
together build more rapport. You dont need any reason to exchange
numbers. You can exchange them without expectations just for the simple
fact that you like each other.

To kiss a girl when you feel her desire is strong enough, you should have
some physical contact such as your arm around her shoulders, your hand
behind her neck, or her whole body on top of you and your faces close to
each other. Move your mouth closer and release any fears or uncomfortable
feelings you may feel. You can also open your chakras one by one to
increase the energy level. Wait for her to kiss you first. If she doesnt, you
can give her a very light kiss on the mouth and wait for her to kiss back. If
she still hesitates to kiss you, she isnt attracted enough to you, so dont
expect anything from her and respect her choices. In most cases, she will

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 106
start kissing you wildly but you are better to kiss gently and slowly and to let
the desire build up. Dont kiss with the tongue, at least not before actually
getting physical at home. Youre better off kissing too little than to kiss too
much. You want to give her space to want more from you. If it gets too
heated up in the bar, you can tell her we better calm down, were still in
public. If she wants more, it will be at your place or hers, not in the bar.
You can ask her we go to my home or your home?

You can also ask her do you want to go home with me? in a way that
doesnt pressure her so she can say either yes or no without rejecting you. In
some cases, she may want to sleep with you but has to work the next day or
has to go with her friends. In that case, she may take your phone number and
call you back. In most cases, if you have a solid connection and really dont
care about the outcome when asking her to go with you, she will say yes
because she doesnt feel any pressure.

For a second date, you ideally want to meet at home for a drink, for a movie,
or for sex. If you meet in public for a drink, dont stay there more than
twenty minutes. When you leave, shes free to join you or not. There is no
point in extending talks endlessly unless you just want to be friends. If after
the third meeting you still havent gotten physical, put her in your friend
zone or move on.

For a while, I had many girls who wanted to go home with me when I went
to bars, but if I slept with them the first night, they would get self-conscious
and I wouldnt see them again. To solve this problem, when a girl was
willing to go home with me, I told her I didnt sleep with girls on the first

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 107
night anymore and we called each other another day to meet at my
apartment. One of my friends has many girls interested in him when he goes
out. They take his phone number, and sometimes they meet for a second date
but things often dont go further and its a big waste of time. Since it wasnt
working, I told him not to waste his time with second dates. When a girl asks
for your phone number, you can answer Well have sex tonight and if I like
you, Ill give you my phone number tomorrow. If she gets upset, she
wouldnt be ready to get physical anyway, so youre saving your time and
her time. Better to filter it out sooner rather than later.


There are several ways to have sex. For some people, sex is all about variety,
doing it in all kinds of positions, in different places, and maybe playing sex
games. They try to find the perfect position and the perfect angle. Its not my
style. Its like . . . cold fucking.

Some people clear their minds, let the tensions build up, go slowly, heat up,
kiss and rub all over the body, bite the neck, grab the back of the head, and
bite the earlobes. They heat each other up by focusing on their sensitive

Others take the time to breathe and relax to be in a Zen-like state where they
are really hard and dont even think about sex during sex. They are totally in
control. They remove the neediness part of sex and grow in strength. They
relax their whole bodies and become calm. In response, the girl immediately

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 108
gets out of control. Either she wants to kiss or she cant keep from swinging.
They love and savor the responsive part within women, and womens
responsive parts intuitively love and savor the strong and calm part within
those men.

The third approach is the most satisfying, but you can mix it all up. The less
you think the better. You dont have to talk during sex either.

Here are some tricks to stimulate a womans G-spot during penetration. Her
G-spot is located in the front of her vagina, so you will want to stimulate that
area. In the missionary position, you completely miss it. However, when you
penetrate from behind in doggy style, your dick stimulates the front of her
vagina, so thats why women usually like this position very much. It is also
possible to stimulate it in the missionary position. Put one of your hands
under her lower back to lift it slightly, then rub your dick on the lower part
of her vagina so that it lifts upward and rub the front of her vagina. When
your hand is under her ass, you can also push with your fingers below the
pelvic bone to squeeze the vagina and redirect it upward so that your dick
reaches the G-spot.

In positions where you can reach her clitoris with your hands, it is even
better to stimulate the clitoris with your hands while you penetrate her.
When she sits on you, facing you on the sofa with her legs on each side
while you penetrate her, rub her clitoris with your right hand while you lick
and suck her boobs. She will enjoy this position. If she is on top of you in
bed, it is very easy to play with her clitoris. In the missionary position, you

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 109
can use two straight fingers to rub the clitoris back and forth while you
penetrate her.

Your energies are in a peak state during sex, which makes visualizations
much more effective. Visualize your partner having strong, uncontrollable
orgasms, and you will feel a rush of sexual energy coming back to you from
her and she may come very quickly.

Relationship Management

There are many ways you can handle relationships, so it is a matter of
personal preference. If you bring much value to womens lives through your
energies, they will accept whatever relationship you offer them. Its better to
have part of a winner than all of a loser.

You can have a committed relationship, an open relationship, several long-
term relationships, one-night stands, or short-term relationships. The choice
is yours. Even if you dont have it yet, decide which one you want ideally.
Personally I like multiple medium-term relationships, but I dont have time
for more than 2.5 women. If I have three women, one has only half of my
attention. I still have good contact with several women abroad from years

There are many advantages to having several relationships. It gives you
much more life experience, it allows you to know what you really want, it
allows you to develop yourself much more, it avoids routines, the quality of

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 110
relationships is usually better, and you can keep drama out of relationships
more easily. Im deeply grateful to several women Ive been with because
they helped me be who I am today. I learned something from each
relationship I had. One woman even told me she likes the fact that I see
other women because it means Im attractive and it makes her feel more
attracted to me. When you have several girlfriends, it keeps the attraction
higher and there is very little drama because they know you wont tolerate
drama since you have other options. Some men even make relationship
circles with two women and these women claimed to like it very much
because they were turned on all day long by accepting jealousy instead of
fighting it. However, you cannot turn a committed relationship into an open
one. Once the relationship is framed as committed or as friends, it is very
hard to reframe it. It is easier to find ten new women than to reframe a
relationship. You should also be aware of STD risks. Always use condoms
and have medical tests at least once a year.

Ever wondered how women see you? When women see a guy, they instantly
put him in a box. The guy to marry, the potential boyfriend, the guy to be
friends with, the rich guy to divorce, the guy to have sex with, or the guy to
avoid. Women tend to view me as the guy to try, but Im tired of one-night
stands. In which box do you want to be?

One common belief is that women want serious relationships and avoid guys
who fuck around. The truth is it is so much easier to have an open sexual
relationship than a committed one. If the girl sees you as boyfriend potential,
she often withholds sex because she wants to be sure before getting serious.
If she instead sees you as a sexual adventure, she can go for it right away

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 111
because she doesnt have to commit and women want sex as much as men.
In general, women seem more afraid that a needy guy will hold onto them
than they want to connect with a man. Deep down, however, women want a
man to connect with on a sexual level, no matter what kind of relationship it

You dont have to tell girls you see several women at first unless she asks.
When you are with a woman, it is only you and her enjoying the present
moment. Your past and her past including other relationships dont matter.
Only the present matters. If you are a guy who has several relationships, she
will normally expect it from you from your behaviors. Attractive men are
attractive to all the ladies.

Always be honest. What hurts women isnt that you see several women.
What hurts women is false expectations. You dont have to explicitly say
right away that you see several women as long as you convey it and dont try
to hide it. If things get more serious or if they ask, they will respect you for
your honesty. If you spend time with another girl, your girlfriend doesnt
want to know whether you had sex, she wants to know whether you still like
her. Be radically honest, especially when it is uncomfortable, and women
will respect you.

Social Life

Some people use their social lives to meet women, but I tend to build my
social life around my women. Do whatever works best for you and mix both

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 112
approaches. Organizing parties has never been my strength, so I will talk
about other aspects of social life.

For some people, the world is their garden, while for others their garden is
their world. Which one are you? Most people go to bars or to public events
with other guys and girls they view as friends and they spend their time
together. I often go alone and I consider everybody around me to be my
friend. The world is my garden and I meet new people all the time wherever
I am.

As you move forward in life, you may have to let go of some contacts
holding you back and you may end up in a transition phase by yourself. To
improve your social life, you must let go of your need for a social life. When
you can stand by yourself in a public place and be 100 percent happy, you
will start attracting healthy relationships in your life because you will give
energetically to people around you instead of draining their energy. You are
the average of the six people you spend most of your time with, so as you
evolve, it is normal that you will connect with different groups of people.
Continual change is in the nature of life. We tend to hold onto old
friendships even when we know they are toxic because we take it as a
responsibility to help them. You must help yourself first before you can help
others. If a friend holds you back, you cannot help anyone. You will
eventually be surrounded by loyal friends who support you and help you
move forward. Then, you will be in a much better position to really help
people around you. I have friends all over the world and most of them are
very successful with women, work with energies, or have slept with me. If
you want to be friends with someone who is at the top, bring something to

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 113
his life that he doesnt have. Its all about giving instead of taking. Its all
about the exchange of value. You can bring positive energies, mental
support, wisdom, ideas, money, testimonials, gratefulness, social contacts,
parties, or anything that can enrich their lives.

Not all people like to go to bars and clubs, but these are great places to
socialize and to measure your magnetism. If youre not comfortable in that
kind of place, thats a good enough reason to goto extend your comfort
zone. Try this experiment. Go to a club alone and sit down in a busy area.
Dont speak with anyone all night and focus on releasing any negative
feelings you experience. Most likely you will end up talking with someone
anyway, but the objective is simply to extend your comfort zone.

You can find all kinds of live events in your city on
There are workshops about Reiki and various other holistic methods and
subjects. These meetings are usually filled with 90 percent women. There
are also gatherings about salsa dancing or language practice. There are
groups going to movies together at discount prices. There are groups doing
sports and outdoor activities. Choose your interests and try a few events.
Most of them are free or cheap.

Another great way to meet new people is via It
allows you to sleep for free on the couch at local peoples homes while you
travel around the world. You can also host people in your home. It is a great
tool to connect open-minded travelers around the world together. You can
even plan a three-month-long trip across Europe very cheaply by sleeping
for free. Hosts will usually allow you to stay there for two or three days

Copyright Shamanic Attraction 2008-2011 Page 114
without a problem. Of course, the more you host people in your home, the
more others will offer you a place to stay. Again, its all about the exchange
of value.

You can also check out dating websites such as and If you plan to travel or just want to meet fantastic
women online, all websites of the Cupid Media network
( are really great. Women are so much more
responsive there and it is refreshing. You dont have to travel to see that
dating should be simple. Some of their many websites include and If you plan to
travel, it is great to meet locals ahead of time so that they can welcome you,
show you around, and maybe even host you. Meet five women online before
buying your plane ticket, and youll be sure to have a good time.

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All the information in this book should give you a solid foundation, but it
was really meant to be an introduction to the subject. You will have to do the
rest by taking action and living your own life experiences.

Do natural grounding, learn Reiki, take time to meditate, and go out meet
people. Join local events and meetings or travel abroad for a year, and
remember that the world is full of possibilities.

For further reading, I highly recommend the books in the bibliography.
Understanding all this on an intellectual level is one thing, but I also do
private coaching when I have the time. My coaching really helps to integrate
changes, to clarify questions, and to dissolve issues. No book or product can
address your unique blockages, but phone coaching allows addressing your
specific issues on a logical level and on an emotional level through the
exchange of energy.

I never thought I would write so much on the subject but it helped me clarify
and crystallize all the concepts in my mind. Needless to say, I had some
interesting advancements while writing this book.

I hope you enjoyed it.

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