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Syllabus Spanish I


¡Bienvenidos a la
clase de español 1!

Soy Profesora Doctor.

I grew up in Albion and attended Siena
Heights University and Albion College where I
earned my BA in Spanish. Later, I attended
Eastern Michigan University for my Masters
in Spanish. Through a foreign exchange
program I traveled to Spain to study the
language and have been back 7 times! In
addition I have been to Mexico once.
Hopefully through my passion of the language
and culture you will enjoy this class!

Class Description and Objective
Spanish 1 is a semester course designed to
build the foundation to the learning of the
language, geography and cultures of Spanish
speaking countries. My expectations are that
students have not had prior knowledge of the
language so there for if you do have more, I
will do my best to deepen your knowledge.
In this course I will teach you how to
communicate in Spanish. You will do so in
daily interaction with your partner and myself
in class as well as in dialogues, skits and
In addition to using the textbook, Realidades
1, I will also incorporate a method called Total
Physical Response (TPR) to help you acquire
the second language much like how you
learned English.
Due Monday, el ____ de ________________.

Scan code to
get to the

*Go to my weebly and follow
the day’s assignment on the
*Check absent folder in class
for any handouts.
*Make up assignments you
missed (homework 1 for 1).
* Schedule a time for missed
quiz or test.

Syllabus Spanish I
Bathroom Passes
You will receive 3 passes
per 9 weeks. Each pass is
worth 5 points in extra
credit value. If not used,
you can apply towards your
9 week grade.
* Don’t lose them!
Grades are based on five
different categories:
 Participation 15%
 Daily Work 10%
 Homework 15%
 Assessments 35%
 Projects 25%
Each category is weighted
to give the overall quarter
grade. The overall
semester grade will follow
the scale in the student
Participation is bases on
what you contribute to the
class. If you are an active
participant in the “world of
Spanish” then you will
receive full credit. If you are
disruptive or doing “other”
things during class you lose
points. If you are absent,
you will need to make up activities that were done in
class as well as the time missed for FULL points.

Daily Work will consist of
activities like bell
ringers, listening
activities, songs,
etc…those that are
more “practice” than

Homework is any
assignment that is done
outside of the
classroom. These will
range from handouts to
online activities on

Assessments will
include all quizzes and
tests. For every chapter
of study there will be but not limited to a vocabulary
and grammar quiz as well as a chapter test.

Projects will be assigned with each chapter. These
will range from individual to group.

Your Class Binder


You need to purchase a
binder with tab
dividers labeled for
the following sections:

1. Para Empezar –
Quick Starts
2. Vocabulario –
Vocabulary lists
3. Gramática –
Grammar notes
4. Tarea –
Homework assignments
5. Misceláneo –
writings, songs, helpful

Also bring –

come to class each
day with a pencil as
well as a pen and a
Classroom expectations
 Be in class on time. I follow the student handbook.
 Have all materials ready to use and sit in your assigned seat.
 Listen to instructions the first time they are given.
 Respect others by keeping your hands, feet, and objects to yourself and using
appropriate language.
 Keep the room clean.
 No personal grooming during class time.
 Study the material outside of class! 15 minutes a day regardless of homework.
 Participate and always try your best!

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Syllabus Spanish I