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Jacques de Vitry, the preacher who moved the whole of France unlike

anyone before or after him, was a crucial actor in the reform movement
of the early 13
century. As preacher, as bishop, and as cardinal, he
contributed greatly to the Papacys reform and crusade agenda in the
wake of the Fourth Lateran Council. Jacquess Vita of Marie dOignies,
his reports of his missions among the Levantine Christians and
Muslims, his encyclopedic treatises on the Holy Land and the Western
Church, as well as his monumental sermon collections all had a profound
impact, both during his times and in the centuries to come.
These sessions aim to bring together scholars investigating Jacquess life
and works from different perspectives to discuss their most recent
research. The publication of a volume of essays is anticipated.

Paper proposals (title & 100 words abstract) are invited on any aspect of
Jacques de Vitrys life, network, and writings. Please send proposals to before 31 August 2014.
International Medieval Congress, Leeds, 6-9 July 2015: Reform & Renewal
Call for Papers

Jacques de Vitry
Reform, Mission, and Crusade in the Early 13