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Selecting Presentation Aids

Speech 1010
Public Speaking
Mrs. Christianson
The Value of Presentation Aids
Presentation aids help your audience understand and
remember your message.
Presentation Aids Enhance Understanding Because
your audience is accustomed to visual reinforcement,
it is wise to consider how you can increase their
understanding of your speech by using presentation
Presentation Aids Enhance Memory It is well known
that you remember most what you understand best.
Presentation Aids Help Listeners Organize Ideas
Listing major ideas on a chart, a poster, or an
overhead transparency can add clarity to your speech
and help your audience grasp your main ideas.
The Value of Presentation Aids
Presentation Aids Help Gain and Maintain Attention
Presentation aids not only grab the attention of your
listeners but also keep their interest when words
alone might not.
Presentation Aids Help Illustrate a Sequence of
Events or Procedures Demonstrating step-by-step
procedures helps your audience understand them.
Types of Presentation Aids
Objects Objects add interest because they are
If you use an object to illustrate an idea, make sure
that you can handle the object with ease.
Models If it is not possible to bring the object you
would like to show your audience, consider showing
them a model.
People Using people to illustrate your message can
be tricky.
Before the presentation, choose someone you trust so
that you can fully inform him or her about what needs
to be done.
Drawings As a rule, large and simple line drawings
are more effective for stage presentations than are
detailed images.
Types of Presentation Aids
Photographs To be sure that a printed photograph
will be effective as a presentation aid for a large
audience, enlarge it or project it.
Graphs A graph is a pictorial representation of
statistical data in an easy-to-understand format.
A bar graph consists of flat areas bars whose
various lengths represent information
A pie graph shows the general distribution of data.
Line graphs show relationships between two or more
Picture graphs look somewhat less formal and less
intimidating than other kinds of graphs.
Charts Charts summarize and present a great deal
of information in a small amount of space.
Charts must be simple. Do not try to put too much
information on one chart.

Selecting the Right
Presentation Aids
Consider your audience The age, interests, and
attitudes of your audience should also affect your
selection of audiovisual support.
Think of your speech objective Dont select a
presentation aid until you have decided on the
purpose of your speech.
Take into account your own skill and experience
Use only equipment with which you are comfortable
or have had practical experience.
Know the room in which you will speak If the room
has large windows with no shades and no other way
to dim the light, do not consider using visuals that
require a darkened room.
1. Objects add interest because they are ________.

2. If it is not possible to bring in the object you would
like to show your audience, you should consider
bringing in a __________.

3. What kind of drawings are most effective?

4. A pie graph shows ________________________.

5. Charts must be ___________.