Small Grant Project Monitoring Questionnaire
Grant Type FY
Grant #
Volunteer NAME:_________________ Project Title:______________________
1) Has this small grant project achieved the goals or ojectives outlined in the original proposal!
"# no$ %h& not!
') (hat$ i# an&$ have een the major di##iculties associated %ith this project!
)) (hat e##orts have een ta*en & the project+s organi,ers or participants to ensure
-) Ho% o#ten are the resources or e.uipment used! /i# applicale)
0) /"# pertinent) Ho% are the resources or e.uipment eing stored! Have &ou had an& issues %ith
*eeping them secure!
1) Have there een an& other uses #or the resources or e.uipment that %ere not mentioned in the
original proposal!
a2 Has there een an& training or capacit& uilding associated %ith the project that %asn+t
in the original proposal!
3) Ho% has the training associated %ith the project gone!
4) Ho% have the #inancial aspects o# the project gone! 5id &ou have an& troule getting the
communit& contriution! (ere there an& une6pected costs or cost savings!
a2 "# there %ere cost savings$ ho% is that mone& eing used!
7) Tal* to sta*eholders related to the project2 (hat are their opinions o# the project!
18) Have &ou sumitted &our 9ompletion :eport and all receipts associated %ith the project to the
;mall <rant 9oordinator!

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