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Ballet I, II, III & IV

Fall Semester 2014-15

North Port High School Mrs. Heather Nelso
!ace !e"artmet #$$ice Phoe% &41-42'-(55( )**212
+oom ,2-11& Heather.Nelso-sarasotaco.t/
Semester 0ra1ig Percetages% 2otal% 2000 Poits3Semester
Participation: 60% 1
Quarter = 800 points 40%
Employability: 20% 2
Quarter = 800 points 40%
Assignments: 20% inal = 400 points 20%
!ail/ Ballet- Partici"atio% 44(0 "oits3 5.arter6
!aily !ancing" 10 points#day$ 4% days#&uarter
10 points earned per day i' student is in class$ dressed and ready on time( Participates to t)e best o'
indi*idual ability in all acti*ities$ is supporti*e o' a positi*e learning en*ironment( +onducts )is#)er
sel' in a pro'essional manner(
, points earned per day i' student is in class$ but arri*ed tardy$ some-)at participates$ but is not in
dress code( +onducts )is#)er sel' in a pro'essional manner(
4 point earned per day i' student is in class$ some-)at participates( .eeds to be reminded to conduct
sel' in a pro'essional manner(
0 points earned i' student is in class and not participating(
/0 points 'or obtaining all appropriate dance attire by 0ept( 2
/0 points costume care and maintenance" assessed .o*( 24
7m"lo/a8ilit/% 41*0 "oits3 5.arter6
!aily !ress" / points#day$ 4% days# &uarter
Points -ill be subtracted 'rom daily participation 'or any o' t)e 'ollo-ing:
1(no s)oes
2(no tig)ts
/(no leotard
4()air not secure 1in bun$ t-ist$ braid$ etc(2
%(c)e-ing gum
,(negati*e attitude
8(any discipline action or *erbal reminder
E3tra +redit: 1 point may be earned 'or eac) student i' t)e entire class is ready to dance and on t)e
'loor at least one minute be'ore class is to begin( 1class begins % min( a'ter t)e tardy bell2
2% points 4gimmie5 points# &uarter
9ritte :ssigmets% 41*0 "oits3 5.arter6
0el' 0tudy: 1/% points 11% points#-ee6$ 7 -ee6s#&uarter2
1% points earned 'or complete$ t)oug)t'ul$ re'lecti*e responses to all daily 8ournal &uestions:
1(9denti'y at least one ballet step$ part o' a ballet step$ or aspect o' ballet tec)ni&ue t)at is di''icult$ con'using$ a
personal struggle(
2(!etermine -)y you are c)allenged and#or )o- you are succeeding(
/(Propose and#or e*aluate t)e e''icacy o' possible courses o' action to o*ercome your obstacle(
10 points 'or responses to all daily 8ournal &uestions
% point 'or incomplete response to daily 8ournal &uestions
E3tra +redit: 1 point#day may be earned 'or recording speci'ic corrections gi*en to you by t)e teac)er during
!ays t)at t)e class is 'ocusing on t)eory and not dancing t)e students -ill be e3pected to -or6 producti*ely
eit)er indi*idually$ in small groups or collaborati*ely as a class to earn t)e participation points 'or t)e day(
0)ort essays o' *arious dance and per'ormance related topics -ill also be included in t)e 8ournals in addition to
daily re'lection and *ocabulary(

Personali:ed !aily ;ournal: 10 points 11
&tr(2 !ue Aug( 22

<btain a composition noteboo6 'or use in class( Personali:e t)e co*er -it) at least one clear current p)oto o'
yoursel'( =our 'irst name must be clearly *isible( Please s)o- your creati*ity and )a*e some 'un> 9 lo*e to see
collage$ poetry$ stic6ers$ ribbon$ etc( but please no glitter>
?ocabulary: 1% points 11
0tudents -ill de'ine and describe all in class *ocabulary -ords in t)e appropriate section o' t)eir daily 8ournal(
.otation: 1% points 12
0tudents -ill 'ully notate mid term and 'inal assessment e3ercises
@esearc) Paper: 10 points 12
Paper )anded in on time
Semester Fial % 400 com8ie1 "oits- 20 ; o$ Semester 0ra1e
Partici"atio% 240 "oits
inal Aallet E3amination +ombinations# ?ariation" 100 points
0tudents -ill demonstrate t)eir de*elopment o' coordination$ balance$ memori:ation$ 'le3ibility$ turn"out$
musicality$ etc(
inal Aallet ?ocabulary E3amination" 40 points
0tudents -ill demonstrate t)eir indi*idual 6no-ledge o' ballet *ocabulary(
Per'ormance E3perience" 100 points
ull points" student al-ays
1(arri*es ready to dance at or be'ore call time
2(-earing appropriate#re&uired attire ma6e"up
/(dances to t)e )ig)est personal standard
4(maintains positi*e attitude
%('ollo-s all directions 'rom production sta'' and cre-
6(0tudents -ill depart only a'ter assigned production tas6 )as been completed and appro*ed by teac)er
Partial points" student some-)at ac)ie*es e3pectations
BPlease .oteB <7+# points -ill be a-arded in t)e e*ent o' absence> C)e only e3ception is i' t)e absence is
appro*ed in writing by t)e teac)er at least 2 -ee6s prior to date o' absence(
7m"lo/a8ilit/% (0 "oits
Per'ormance +onduct"
@e)earsal$ Aac6stage D 0)o- Eti&uette: 80 points
0tudents -ill arri*e on time place any -ardrobe in assigned dressing room and report to designated
area 1ie( 0tay in dressing room or -ait in lobby or )ouse2
0tudents -ill not -al6 across stage to enter )ouse at anytime( Al-ays lea*e )ouse by side door and
enter stage t)roug) stage door or 'rom dressing rooms(
!ressing rooms are tidy and clean at t)e end o' eac) day>
BPlease .oteB t)ere is no -ay 'or blame to be assessed to only a 'e- i' t)e room is messy> 9' t)ere
is any mess AEE students -ill loose points" e*en i' t)e culprit is in anot)er class" so tell your peers
to pic6 up t)eir mess>
!ancers -ill be in -ings prior to entrances and immediately a'ter e3its only" .o Fatc)ing rom
.o applause 'rom t)e -ings" C)at is t)e audienceGs 8ob>
0tudents -ill lea*e <.E= -)en dismissed by teac)er>
9ritte :ssigmet% (0 "oits
@esearc) Paper"
100 points 180 'inal points plus 10 points i' dra'ts are in on time eac) &uarter" see abo*e2
!ue 0ources# *ariation selected" 0ept( 02
irst !ra't" <ct( 1,
inal !ra't" .o*( 2%
@e"-rite 1optional2" !ec( 17
1(0tudents -ill -rite a 2"4 page researc) paper 'ocusing on a noted )istorical classical ballet *ariation(
2(@e'erencing at least t)ree sources students -ill de'ine and describe a classical *ariation(
/(0tudents may also discuss t)e e''ect o' -ardrobe$ stagecra't$ practice#re)earsal$ *enue and
per'ormance &ualities associated -it) t)e selected *ariation(
4(0tudents s)ould also include a personal re'lection on )o- t)eir o-n study o' a ballet *ariation
compares to t)e selected )istorical *ariation(
%(0tudents -ill include 'ull ballet notation o' t)e *ariation studied in appendi3( 1points a-arded in
semester assignment grade2