Jay Gatsby

The Great Gatsby, found dead in pool.

The "Great" Gatbsy himself has reportedly died last Wednesday for supposed suicide. Confirmed information is not released yet. Jay Gatsby was found in his swimming pool behind his lavish estate. Investigators continue to remain silent regarding their findings, though a few guesses have been made. If the suicide theory is correct, then what could have possibly motivated this decision? As public of a figure as he is, noted by his opulent parties reserved mainly for East Egg citizens. Conversely, could it have been murder? Suspected murderers include mechanic George B. Wilson, who was reportedly in the vicinity of Gatbsy's murder. The heir to his house, money, and entire fortune is currently unknown. 

The 18th President of the United States, from 1869-1877 has died on July 23, 1885. At the age of 63 years old, Grant passed away in Mount McGregor, New York. Around the time of discovering his throat cancer, he began writing his memoirs. It's reported that he finished his writings shortly prior to his death. He is survived by his wife Julia, and four children.

The Gatsby, 83877 Garth Ave, Boston Massachusetts 93729 [419-442-9592]

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