Bill increases the discount for senior citizens

A lawmaker has filed a bill seeking to increase the discount given to senior citizens
from 20 percent to 30 percent.
Rep. Frederick Abueg (2
istrict! "alawan#! author of $ouse %ill &''&! said the
present 20 percent discount is not enough to augment the basic needs of senior citizens.
()hile the e*istence of the senior citizens card currentl+ gives them a discount of
20 percent on treatments! medicines! restaurants and grocer+ shopping! it is still not
sufficient to support their needs!, Abueg said.
-he bill seeks to amend Republic Act .&32! as amended! otherwise known as (An
Act to /a*imize the 0ontribution of 1enior 0itizens to 2ation %uilding! 3rant %enefits
and 1pecial "rivileges and for 4ther "urposes.,
0iting the report of 2050 2ational 1tatistical 0oordinating %oard (210%#! Abueg
said there is an estimated '.3 million elderl+ Filipinos aged '0 +ears and above or '.6
percent of the total "hilippine population.
-he lawmaker also cited a report entitled (Ageing in the -went+7first 0entur+8 A
0elebration and a 0hallenge!, of the 9nited 2ations "opulation Fund (92F"A#! which
estimated the population of senior citizens in the countr+ to reach 23.'3 million b+ 20:0.
(Ageing is a lifelong process. -oda+;s +oung people will be part of the population
of older people in 20:0!, Abueg said adding that age has become one of the barriers to
emplo+ment in the "hilippines.
()ithout a stead+ source of income or a stable <ob! our senior citizens onl+ rel+ on
their pensions! gifts or allowances given b+ relatives and sometimes! b+ their own
pagsusumikap to make ends meet!, Abueg added.
Abueg said the senior citizens belong to the sector that has the si*th '
povert+ incidence in the "hilippines.
(-heir povert+ incidence rate is at 5:.5 percent in 2003 and 5'.2 percent in 200'.
4nl+ a small percentage from their sector is covered b+ pensions because a good portion
belongs to the informal sector!, Abueg said.
9nder the bill! senior citizens will get 30 percent discount on the sale of goods and
services from all establishments and e*empted from value7added ta* (=A-#. (30# jc
NR # 3554
AUG 10, 2014

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