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Operating computer has already become my habit since I was in elementary school so when I

was in 2
grade of Senior High School and began thinking about the further education, I intent
to study overseas to take IT as the major. Along with the time and my comprehension, I realize
programming is quite challenging so Computer Science is the appropriate major to be chosen.
Programming seems very interesting for me, as we should think how to arrange the structure and
build our own software.

My name is Wendell. I have graduated from SMA Xaverius 3, one of best school in Palembang.
I never want to make my parents effort is useless, so I always did my best in study resulting my
top rank position at school. Since I obtained good academic records, the discount of school fee
had been given to me so as to enlightened my parents load.

Because of hard effort, the second winner of Web Design Competition was able to be obtained
by me. In addition, when I was in Senior High School, I had ever been a candidate in UNPAR
National Mathematics Competition. Moreover, I ever gotten the first winner for the best paper-
writer about the idea of technologies in the future held by IM3 in National region. On the other
hand, joining Computer Programming Club at my school was useful to further my study. I was
able to understand how to make the programming language structure as we learned a bit about
Pascal and Visual Basic, writing the code on the compiler, and tried to build my own software.