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Materials for Class

Buckle Down Book
Grade Distribution

-Homework (10%):
Nightly Assignments, Math Facts

-Classwork (30%):
Participation/Effort, Do Nows,
Binder Checks

-Formal Assessments (60%):
Test and Quizzes
Homework Policy

Homework is graded for
COMPLETION. We go over
the HW each day at the
beginning of class.

2 points: HW is complete
1 Point: Half or more complete
0 Points: Less than half
complete or missing.
Binder Expectations

Binders are expected
to be kept organized
and neat. Binder
Checks will occur 1-2
times a trimester.

* teacher will give
students several days
to prepare for a
binder check.
Participation & Effort Grade

Students will be given a grade at the
end of the trimester for Participation
and Effort. They will receive a score
out of 3 for each of the following
categories. The rubric can be found on
the back of this sheet.

- Participation - Cooperative
- Attitude/Effort Partnerships
- Active Learning - Prepared for class
Academic Intervention
Club (AIC)

Students will be placed in AIC if
they receive a 60% or below in
homework for any core class.
AIC is held during recess
Tuesday Friday, and students
are to stay for the entire week
AND until their HW average Is
above a 60%. Parents will be
notified when their child is in

Study Skills

Studying for
tests/quizzes is
essential for growing
and progressing in
this math class. It is
expected that
students study for
several nights before
an upcoming test or
Math Facts
Multiplication Fluency is an essential skill
for 5
and 6
grade math.

-Students will be required to complete 25
minutes of Math Facts a week.

- Math Facts Logs must be signed at the
end of each week (due Fridays)

- Math Facts quizzes will be given to track

- If a students can complete 100 math facts
in 2 minutes they will be EXEMPT from
math facts for the rest of the year.

I will do MY VERY BEST to
make sure that there is
open communication with
parents about their childs
success in my class.

contact me if you have any
questions or concerns

Phone: (610)-983-4080 ext 2203
Team Weebly:

Student Signature: __________________________ Date: _________

Parent Signature: ___________________________ Date: _________