DoD Action Request.pdf

LTC Michael J.

(Address redacted)
9 J uly 2012

Department of Defense Office of Inspector General
4800 Mark Center Drive
Alexandria, VA 22350-1500

Sir or Ma’am - I request your immediate assistance, investigation, and ultimately action
regarding a negative leadership climate in the Missouri National Guard that habitually
results in retaliation, discrimination, and unfair action of certain and select members of
the Missouri National Guard.

I am providing a copy of correspondence from the Chief of Staff of the Missouri National
Guard, COL Wendul G. Hagler, dated 22 J une 2012 addressed to me, and a copy of my
reply, dated 3 J uly 2012 for your edification and awareness.

The enclosures are but one example among many others. Some, as I allude in my
reply correspondence, have been made public by the media. Others are in various
stages of complaint or investigative processes through state/federal Equal Employment
Opportunity offices, the Missouri Human Rights Commission, or various Offices of the
Inspector General. While still other examples of improper or lapses in appropriate
leadership have been covered up or dismissed through fear, intimidation, and/or explicit
and implied threats to careers.

My situation is clearly one of retaliation. To me, it demonstrates the complete lack of
respect for laws, regulations and policies that come with the fearlessness of being
challenged or caught. It’s power corrupted and eventually it will permeate the entire
rank and file of what is a great organization with great women and men, and then the
Missouri National Guard will become an ineffective, hollow force.

The Missouri National Guard has “non-retained” me due to medical reasons. I have
gone on record with my disagreement with their decision, process and motives. I have
testified, under subpoena, against a retired MONG General Officer. I have also been
vocal about my disagreement with the Missouri National Guard’s handling of the neo-
nazi situation, the J oplin looting incident, and the situation involving CPT Charity
Summers and the Missouri Military Family Relief Fund. All of these very public
embarrassments were a result of a leadership team in J efferson City not grounded in
transparency and fairness, but secrecy and self-preservation.


LTC Mike Fayette

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