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KBe Responsbe Act Wth Kndness Respect Others Keep Safe

Grade Communcatons--Mrs. Doss
A new schoo year has arrved, and you are a takng your rst steps nto mdde schoo. The rst
few days and probaby even weeks w be exctng, scary, and busy. |umpng from eementary
schoo nto mdde schoo s a huge and sometmes ntmdatng eap. I am here, utmatey, to
hep you grow nto fe-ong wrters, speakers, and steners who are ready and wng to earn
and to express. However, I am aso here to prepare you for the year ahead, to hep you adapt to
your new envronment, and to support you every step of the way as you earn to take
responsibility for your personal growth and achievement. If you ever have questons, the
BEST thng to do s ask!
Course escription:
6th grade Communcatons buds upon the wrtng, speakng, and stenng sks you mastered
whe n eementary schoo. The wrtng and coaboraton done n ths cass w hep to prepare
you for the 7th grade. More mportanty, ths cass w gve you the necessary sks and
condence to communicate wth purpose and ehectveness and to appy what you master n the
cassroom to thnkng crtcay outsde of the cassroom. You WILL wrte every day n a Wrters'
Workshop mode. Over the course of the year, we w be exporng and composng many
dherent genres of wrtng and practcng conventons and grammar.
Re!uired "tems #everyday$:
Wrtng |ourna
Toobox/Wrter's Notebook (Stored n Cassroom)
Here at UMS, we are on a bock schedue wth casses that meet every-other-day. Ths
means you w mss 90 mnutes of nstructon90 opportuntes to earn and growwth
every absence. Come to school% it is worth your time and e&ort'
If you must mss schoo (we a have our days), pease get a assgnments pror to your
day away.
If you must mss schoo due to an ness, coect your mssng assgnments prompty on
your return.
To nd out what work you have mssed:
Check the "Mssed Work" board
Pan a meetng tme wth Mrs. Doss before/after schoo or durng unch
Refer to a peer's notes and wrtng prompts for carcatons or assstance
Students who behave appropratey w earn verba prase and cassroom rewards.
Students who behave nappropratey w earn: 1) re-teachng and warnng 2)
communcaton wth parent/guardan 3) detenton and restoratve |ustce 4) referra to
admnstrator for approprate acton.
(omework)Writing *ournal:
You w be requred to wrte a tota of 6 pages every two weeks n your Persona Wrtng
|ourna. Your |ournas w be checked every-other-Wednesday. The coo thng about the
wrtng |ourna: you are encouraged to wrte about anythng you want n any format you
want. It's a about takng tme to smpy wrte what you fee needs to be wrtten.
Grades n ths course w reect the mastery of the Coorado Common Core Standards.
The three categores I use to assess are Summatve, Formatve and Behavor. (Pease see
the attachment for a breakdown of the categores.)
B.A.R.KBe Responsbe Act Wth Kndness Respect Others Keep Safe
Students w earn a grade based on standards-based performance, partcpaton, and
Classroom ,orms:
R-./-C0: yoursef, your cassmates, and your teacher
Be on time
Be prepared
Be on task
"n order to be .uccessful:
Always act with BARK #see top of page)
Recogni1e and support diversity and uni!ueness
.hare2 Re3ect2 4nderstand2 and 5earn'
0ake 6W,-R.("/ in your education
Dear Parent(s) or Guardan(s),
My name s Ashey Doss, and I am an Oke born and rased (Boomer Sooner). I do,
however, LOVE Coorado and have caed t home for more than 10 years. I am an avd young
adut cton reader, and I ove musc. When I'm not n the cassroom, you can nd me |oggng,
ftng weghts, payng cars and dnosaurs, and ceanng up ots of messes!
In |une of 2013, my husband, Casey, and Iaong wth our two boysmoved from Grand
|uncton to Greeey to become a part of the UH communty. My husband s the head coach of
varsty footba at UH and teaches PE courses n the hgh schoo. But, enough about hm, I
graduated from CMU wth a bacheors n Secondary Educaton/Engsh n 2007. From there I
began teachng 6
and 7
grade at East Mdde Schoo n Grand |uncton. Whe at EMS, I taught
prmary 6
grade ELA (Engsh Language Arts) and was fortunate enough to teach a wde range
of students from gfted to ELL to SPED. Durng those years, I deveoped a passon for readng
and wrtng workshop and en|oyed sharng my ove of readng and wrtng wth young aduts.
EMS was a fabuous, supportve home, but my famy was n need of a change. My
husband and I reay wanted our boysBrevon 7 and Henson 2to grow up n a sma communty
and n a sma schoo. We are a excted to begn our second year n Greeey and to be a part of
the UH communty!
Ths year at UMS I w be teachng 6
grade communcatons, 6
grade readng, and 8
readng. I ook forward to gettng to know each of you and your students. I prde mysef on
communcatng wth parents, so f you ever have a queston, a concern, or |ust want to chat and
see what's gong on, pease don't hestate to contact me!
Thank you,
Mrs. Doss
6/8 Language Arts
Work phone: 970-576-3918
Room: 146
Cass Webste:

Syabus Sgn-oh Form
B.A.R.KBe Responsbe Act Wth Kndness Respect Others Keep Safe
Pease sgn and return ths sheet to Mrs. Doss by 7riday2 August 89
for fu credt on ths
behavor grade.
I, _________________________________________________________________,
have read and dscussed the cass syabus wth