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School Music Programs Most American public schools have music programs of playing instruments for one class, either orchestra or band. These programs can positive effect students’ learning to develop cooperation with their partners and get better concentration on their work. Moreover, playing their own instruments is good for their overall learning efficiency. All these effects make better students. Therefore, school music programs should not get eliminated. Working in an orchestra should go in cooperation with their partner, because playing in an orchestra is not only playing alone, but it is also playing with over 40 different instrument players. Furthermore, there are over 20 violin players. Hence, most orchestra has at least two sections of violin such as first violin and second violin. Every 40 different instruments players play different instrument of one composer’s music, even though they have all different play style and music. Therefore, they must listen to each others’ performer carefully and cooperate to playing in harmony. In addition, orchestra players should have concentration on their music. If students play in an orchestra, they might learn how to concentrate on their work during a performance. In Fairfax, public schools have programs where children can play in an orchestra or in other music activities and they start at forth grade. For example, some children who I teach to play the violin perform in an orchestra

at their school. At the beginning, these children did not take orchestra and just took private lessons with me. However, when they enter fourth grade, they joined their school orchestra. After middle of their semester, their working attitude had changed; they play their music very carefully and focus more on my teachings. I thought that join the school orchestra had good effect in them. Furthermore, when students join the orchestra, they must play their own instruments. Besides, playing instruments might be good for students learning capability. For example, I think music and mathematics are related each other such as count music phrase and rhythm. When I play music before, I always looked around my music and caught the time signatures, then count a basic of music rhythm. Hence, I think musicians should have basic knowledge of math to improve their music reading skills. However, they do not think they have any idea of mathematics; they do not care about that. Luckily, they will automatically learn from music about math and other subjects and be better overall students. In conclusion, students can get cooperation and concentration skills from playing in an orchestra and/or playing musical instrument with partner, and efficiency for their learning. This makes better students and better schools. This is why school music programs should not be removed.

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