Media Release

August 18, 2014
On this date, on or about 2:11 p.m., members of the Watertown Fire
Department, Guilfoyle Ambulance, e!erson "ounty #heri! Department, and
the Watertown $olice were detailed to the %ew &or' Air (ra'e located at )*+
#tarbuc' A,e. in the "ity for a report of an industrial accident. At this time,
the in,esti-ation shows $ . / "onstruction, of )01 #tarbuc' A,e. in the "ity,
was contracted to do wor' at the %ew &or' Air (ra'e. While mo,in- hea,y
e2uipment, one of the $ . / employees became trapped under the
e2uipment and succumbed to his in3uries. Dr. #amuel 4i,in-stone, e!erson
"ounty /edical 56aminer, responded to the scene and pronounced the
employee, who is identi7ed as "hristopher #. Getman a-e 2+ years old,
8his is an on-oin- in,esti-ation of an industrial accident. Our Department is
wor'in- with members of O#9A, Occupational #afety and 9ealth
Administration, the %ew &or' Air (ra'e, and $ . / "onstruction. 8here
will be no further information at this time.
Joseph R. Donoghue Sr.
Detective Lieutenant
"ity of Watertown, %ew
Police Department
/etro:e! $ublic #afety (uildin-
)01 Waterman Dri,e
Watertown, %& 1;<=1
$hone >;10? )+<:2<1=
Fa6 >;10? )+<:2<1;
"harles $.
"hief of $olice