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Many people wlll say LhaL Lradlng ls one Lhe lowesL rlsk form of bemng and ls someLhlng LhaL a loL
of punLers Lake serlously. lL's a greaL way Lo make easy money. PCWLvL8, you need Lo know
LxAC1L? whaL you're dolng before you even conslder gemng lnvolved wlLh Lradlng.
So whaL's lL all abouL? Well ln Lhls meLhod, we're golng Lo Lake a popular form of Lradlng and LhaL
ls Lradlng Lhe draw... lnsLead of Lhe usual Lay Lhe uraw aL Lhe beglnnlng of Lhe maLch and Lhen
Lrade ouL when Lhere's a goal, we're golng a llule more Cu1SluL of Lhe box wlLh Lhls one and yes,
we are golng Lo do someLhlng you may or may noL have come across before.
:+;<+ 38%4) %) 8=>>> now keep readlng Lo dlscover Lhls brllllanLly slmple Lradlng meLhod.
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7..89 :../7&%% ;&/$4(# $&--./ 7( &$$1)&/(%3 <)(5"$/(5 =>>? .2 /4( @'( &-5 )(#1%/# $&--./ 7(
01&)&-/((5 73 &-3.-(9 A4( #3#/('# "- /4"# 01"5( 7..8 &)( /. &"5 3.1 "- 3.1) 7(B-0 &-5 &)( -./ &
01&)&-/((5 6&3 .2 (&)-"-0 '.-(39
!"#$%&'(")&*+,*-. 0 123 0 4%&"5& !"#$%& 6&57,859$%:
!*+ ?@A)+B
1hls ls cerLalnly one of Lhe more hlgh rlsk sysLems for Lradlng Lhe draw on 8eualr buL lL ls also one
of Lhe mosL rewardlng. ?ou do need Lo pay close auenuon Lo Lhe maLch you are Lradlng ln and lL ls
PlCPL? recommended LhaL you only Lrade ln one maLch aL a ume because Lhlngs WlLL geL messy...
vL8? messy oLherwlse!
1. llrsL of all, you wanL Lo go Lo a game where Lhere are Lwo Leams LhaL are preuy evenly maLched.
We don'L wanL Lo look aL Lhe perfecLly even, buL no games wlLh clear favourlLes. 1he draw
should also have odds of beLween 3.0 and 4.0.
2. Cnce you've found a game, go Lo Lhe correcL score markeL and
back 0-0 for 20° of your bank and Lhen back Lhe 1-1 for 73° of
your 0-0 sLake.
So lf you have a bank of £300, you would back Lhe 0-0 for £100
and you would back Lhe 1-1 for £73. uoes LhaL make sense? 1hls
can be seen Lo Lhe rlghL of Lhls LexL when were have Lhese exacL
beLs placed.
3. now you play Lhe walung game and Lhls ls whaL you wlll do ln Lhe
followlng scenarlos:
0. C.#4 %A ?6."+ D+)-++& EB%&A #&$ FGB%&A: AL
half ume, you would Lhen Lrade ouL of Lhe 0-0
markeL. 1he odds would have dropped by A1
LLAS1 3.0. ?ou would Lherefore lay Lhe 0-0 aL
Lhese odds for 2.3 umes your back sLake. We
backed aL £100 so would lay Lhe 0-0 aL £230 and
Lhls ls whaL Lhe bemng sllp would now look llke.
Cood rlghL?
Cf course, you hope and pray LhaL Lhe 1-1 comes
ln, buL lf lL doesn'L you've sull hlL a proñL no
mauer whaL. So lf you manage Lo Lrade ouL of
Lhe 0-0 aL half ume Lhen you can slL back and
H&+ %A ?6."+$ %& )*+ 2%"A) I#4J: As soon as Lhls goal ls scored, you wanL Lo Lrade ouL of LhaL. l'm
Lalklng lnS1An1L? Lrade ouL. Lven lf lL ls for a loss. ?ou don'L wanL Lo rlsk Lhe scorellne golng Lo
2-0 because Lhen you are sLuñed wlLh no chance of maklng An? money. Cenerally, when you
Lrade ouL of Lhe 1-1 lmmedlaLely aûer a goal, you wlll have Lo Lake a loss overall. 8uL you need
Lo be sLrlcL wlLh yourself here.
uon'L sLarL ºWPA1 ll-lng" you need Lo focus, and you need Lo Lrade ouL!
Cenerally speaklng, when a goal ls scored, Lhe odds wlll drop by abouL 1.0 from whaL you
backed aL. ?ou would Lhen puL your lay beL on Lhe 1-1 Lhe same as your back beL for Lhe 0-0. 8e
warned, you wlll make a loss here!
!*+"+ @.8 *#<+ %)> C. #&$ )+A) %) #44> 1.8 B%'*) =#&%6 -%)* )*%A B+)*.$> 1.8 &++$ D/KK? J." )*%AL

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