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Rocky Mount
Teacher contact
Hello !
Any questions or concerns
please contact me via email.
I will check my email before ,
during planning, and after
Jennifer Hyatt
Email :

Welcome to 1
grade! I
am so excited to be
your child’s teacher. I’ve
created this handout to
help answer some of the
questions you may have
regarding our school
and classroom. Feel free
to contact me via email
or phone – both located
on the back of this
School hours are 7:45– 2:15.
The teacher will contact all
parents after 5 unexcused
absences, by the school after
10 absences, and by a social
worker after 15 regardless of
the reason for the absence.
*Tardies- Counselor will
contact parents after 5.
Students will follow class and
school rules at all times.
 Common Core State
Standards build upon the
strength of current standards to
boost the competitive
advantage of American
students, who for the first time
will have the opportunity to
meet the academic standards
set by the top-performing
* S.M.A.R.T– Phonics program we
will be using.
* Writers Workshop– Lucy Calkins
program that we are
implementing this year in our
daily instruction.
*Number talks– A 5-15 minute
classroom conversation around
purposefully crafted
computation problems that are
solved mentally.
* My Math-McGraw-Hill My Math is
a completely consumable
program where each student
interacts with the text in
numerous ways throughout the
learning cycle.
Daily Schedule
Homework will go home on
Monday and is due on
Friday. The purpose of
homework is to reinforce the
skills learned at school, teach
responsibility and provide
time for the parents to be
involved in the academic
process. Remember- If you
make learning important,
your child will too. 

7:10-7:45 -Morning planning
7:45-8:00- Announcement’s/
Morning work
8:00-8:35- Science/ Social Studies
8:35-9:35- Math & Snack
9:40-10:28- Specials
10:30-10:40- Number Talks
10:40-11:55- Language Arts
12:00-12:30- Lunch
12:35-1:00- Recess
1:00- 2:00- Language Arts
2:05-2:10- Pack up
2:10- Dismissal
Your child MUST have a
note to permit them any
changes in their normal
transportation home. If there
is a question and we cannot
contact you to confirm the
change, your child will be
kept in ASP. This is for the
safety of your child.
* *Any changes or
checkouts must
happen before
1:45 pm!