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Production Sharing Contract (PSC)

Production Sharing Contract (PSC)

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Published by: virendraveer_arya9299 on Dec 05, 2009
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Without prejudice to the right of the Contractor to select and employ such number of personnel as, in
the opinion of the Contractor, are required for carrying out Petroleum Operations in a safe, cost effective
and efficient manner, the Contractor shall, to the maximum extent possible, employ, and require the
Operator and Subcontractors to employ, citizens of India having appropriate qualifications and
experience, taking into account experience required in the level and nature of the Petroleum Operations.


The Operator shall offer a mutually agreed number of Indian nationals the opportunity for on-the-job
training and practical experience in Petroleum Operations during the Exploration Period. Not later
than six (6) months after approval of the Development Plan, the Operator shall, in consultation with
the Government, establish and implement training programmes for staff positions in each phase and
level of Petroleum Operations including skilled, technical, executive and management positions, with
a view to ensuring employment of nationals of India and gradual and progressive reduction of foreign


At the request of the Government, the Foreign Companies shall separately endeavour to negotiate, in
good faith, technical assistance agreements with the Government or a company nominated by
Government for this purpose setting forth the terms by which each Foreign Company constituting the
Contractor may render technical assistance and make available commercially proven technical
information of a proprietary nature for use in India by the Government or the company nominated by
Government. The issues to be addressed in negotiating such technical assistance agreements shall
include, but not be limited to, licensing issues, royalty conditions, confidentiality restrictions, liabilities,
costs and method of payment.

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