Student A  Well developed in Math and English

 Clear and concise speaker
 Active classroom participant
 Very organsied
Student B  Satisfactory level in Mathematics and Spelling
 Has a great sense of humor
 Chatty when placed with Edward

Student C  Demonstrates fluency
 Competent in mathematics and a competent
 Plays two string instruments and the piano
Student D
 Excels in mathematics and science
 Is extended in the above subjects through
moving to the year 6 classroom.
 Loves to read
 Socially James is very quiet and enjoy working
by himself

Student E  Excels in mathematics and also English
 Has been sent to behavior planning, when
given the chance to miss behave and be silly

Student F  Completes tasks quickly and doesn’t always
check his work.
 Is above average in written expression and
needs some help in reading comprehension
 Finds any chance to use his Ipad, and is
fantastic at using the applications is provides
Student G  Sam has been referred to OT to gain further
insight to his: Hypersensitivity, lack of fine
motor skills and poor chair posture
 Below average in reading comprehension,
written expression, and spelling
 Needs to sit at the front of the classroom to be
able to see the board, and on a computer
wheeled chair.
Student H  New student to the school
 Writes and talks very fast and lacks focus
 Had some behavior issues during the first few
weeks at the school.
 Needs to be more clear and concise with his

Student I  Enjoys a challenge in mathematics, grasps
concepts quickly
 Works well in a group
 Loves to read
Student J  Has been in behavior planning twice at the
 Very energetic student
 Below average in reading comprehension and
written expression
 Gets distracted easily and disrupts those
around him.
Student K  Excels in reading comprehension and written
 Is very quiet, and well mannered
 Plays the string instruments.
Student L  Often calls out in class
 Needs to improve fluency

Student M  Ben doesn’t enjoy writing and will try to hide
when asked to contribute to class discussion
 Needs to improve oral fluency and bookwork
 Has great ideas for writing although struggles
to get the pen to paper
Student N  Competent reader, great expression and
 Has a sound understanding of mathematics
Student O  Gets overwhelmed in the classroom
 Excellent swimmer
 Below average in mathematics, writing and

Student P  Excels in reading and spelling
 High level understanding of mathematics

Student Q  Above average in mathematics
 Improving in writing and reading
 Works well in a group

Student R  Exceptional speller and writer
 Sound understanding in mathematics
 Confident speaker and active classroom
Student S  Takes on a lead role when working in groups
 Excels in mathematics and written expression.

Student T  Tries hard to improve in mathematics and
 Working on fluency and expression and
reading comprehension
 Dyslexic
Student U  Skilled reader, amazing fluency and
 Sound knowledge of mathematics
Student V  Competent reader, fluent and demonstrates
 Well focused and extremely well mannered
Student W  Below average in Mathematics
 Needs to gain confidence in mathematics
 Is great at writing imaginative ideas
 Liliana is an active listener

Student X  Sabrina is bright and bubbly
 A fluent reader she demonstrates expression
with great voice projection
 Sound understanding of mathematics

Student Y  Excels in Mathematics, reading
 Sound achievement in spelling, is a very active
participant in the classroom
Student Z  Amelia is a very sweet student, is above
average in the areas of spelling, written
expression, reading comprehension
 Needs assistance in mathematics