Mrs. Davis
August 19, 2014
Strengthening the Family-School Connection
and Extending Learning at Home

! Language Arts
! Phonemic Awareness
! Inventive/Phonetic Spelling
! Walk-To-Reading & Writing
! “Raising a Reader” Program
! Mathematics
! Number Identification
! Decomposing Numbers
! Base-Ten Number System
! STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics)

Stages in Developing Spelling
! Adrian ! Jessy
! Ayham ! Kane
! Israel
! Aixa ! Citlali
! Alexa ! Meilynn
! Alondra
! Arron ! Joshua
! Ayden ! Samuel
! Brendon
! Anjelika ! Olivia R.
! Betsy ! Paisley
! Olivia M.
! Erin Marie !Aidenkai
! Keelan ! Xavier
! Sofia
Raising a Reader (RAR)
! Early literacy and family engagement program
celebrating 15

years and over one million children
served nationwide.
! Helps families establish book-sharing routines.
! The research is clear -
When families are involved, student academic
achievement improves.

! A RAR Book Bag will be sent home with your student
every Monday, and is due on Thursday of the same
week. The teacher will take inventory and rotate bags
the following week.
! Please note: Late or missing book bags will impact other
families, and may result in your student being removed
from rotation cycle. Be courteous!
Patterns are all around us!
STEM Education
! involves an inquiry-based, experiential
program that helps students develop
lasting, real-world connections
! encourages critical thinking,
problem-solving and cooperative learning
STEAM Education
! a holistic approach that helps bridge the gap
between business and educational goals and
engages diverse learners
! encourages the integration of art and design
Ways to Support Our
Curriculum & Learning Goals
! Read with your child at home EVERY DAY!
! Build a Word Wall or Word Bank at home
! Play board games and card games!
! Grow Our Library:
Donate old books
Volunteer to be a Library Parent (School or Public)
Join our Scholastic Reading Club
! Foster Real-World Connections:
Visit our classroom as a career speaker
or hobby guest speaker
! Help Us Integrate the Arts:
Got an art project suggestion or resource?
Would you like to lead cooking lessons?
In Your Curriculum Folder:
! Letter flashcards
! Sight words flashcards (Dolch Pre-Primer)
! Number Identification flashcards
! Educational Games –
Acing Math with a Deck of Cards!

! A Parent’s Roadmap to the Common Core
! Edutopia’s Parent Guide to 21
Century Learning
! Our Scholastic Reading Club
! RAZ Kids Login
! Additional Web Resources