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Mathematics 58 - 136
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World History 256 - 269
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.A4 Eg ... 1:
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Jet engines are
a) rotary engi nes
c) turbine engines
Cotton fibre is made up of
a) protei n
c) minerals
b) extenlal (omiJustioli cngi nc$
d) reaction engines
b) cellulose·
d) lignin
S. The wei.,ht of a body is
a) the same evcryv.·hcre 0 11 the surface of eanh
b) maximum al lhe polus c) maximum al the equ;l\or
d) more on the hills !han in the pJ.,ins
4. The primary colours used in a colour T.V. are . .
a) . Green , Yellow. Violct b) Violet, R,ed. Orange
c) Green, Red, Blue d) Blue .. Green, Violet
5. Heavy alcohol consuminj!: people IIcnerally die of
a) Blood cancer h) Cirrhosis
c) Ljver or stomach cancer
d) Weakening of heaTllllusdcs leading to cardiac arrest
·6. ldenli.fy the manmade element.
a) Carbon b) Gold
c) Califomium d) , Calciulll
7. Which one of the following is correctly matched?
.) 'Goitre' is caused d ue to the lack of· Vitamin D
b) 'Di.abetcs' "is caused dtic 10 the deficicllC)' or • Insulin
c) ' Rickets' iscauscd duc 10 rllc lack or· Vii alllin It
d) 'Xerophthalmia' is caused d ue LO Ihe or· Iodine
8, ' Which one of the rollowinS- is conecdy matched?
a) Y2K Problem · <;:OlllpUICI"S
b) Bhatnagar A,,'ard - q.euclic rt.'Scarch
c) Cloni ng - Eart hquake
d) Richl er ¥a!e. ror scienii rlc invclui ons
ANS; 1. D
7. B
& A
3. B
4. ('
5: B
SUI'Q'S O.G.K_ (Vo1. _IlI )
9. ' Consider' the following statemenlS:
I) Acid min is mlluml
2) Acid rain has glooil l ecological problem-
3) Add rain iUCfeases [he acidity of soil
4) Acid rain ilffects plams ami animal s .
Among the above:
a), r and 2 arc con'eCl b) 2.3 and 4 arc COITCCt
c) 3 alld 4 are correct d) all are correct
' 10. Name the minerals that are essential (or bone and teeth
ronnation in man.
a) Calcium and Phosphorus b) Magnesium and Potassi ulII
c) Sodiulll and Iron d) Iodine all(l Sulphur .
II . In petrol, leaa is·nol added nowadays. This is because
a) unkadt:d petrol is cheap
b) unleaded petrol do not cause pollulion
c) unleaded petrol is combustible
d) . unkaded petrol increa'ses speed
12. Which of the contains nitrOgen?
' a) Fal s b) Proteins
c) Carbohydrau:s d) Oils
U. Ripe mangoes contain
a) Vitalilin A
c) Vitamin C
b) Vitamin Be
d) Vitamin E
14. All of the folloWing   law Cltcept
a) type-writer b) barber-chair
c) hydr.luli.c brakes d) . se,vice stati on lift
15. ' Wbich of the following is not a   disease?
a) lfphoid b) Cholera
c) Amoebic dyselllery d) Asthma
16: Travelling' at the speed of light. the moon is Jess than
a) five seconds. away b) two st;COllds away
c) fOllf seconds away d) none of these
17. Which of the followii'lg instruments is used' for recording
earthquake waves?
a) Bilrograph b) H)'drograph
c) Pantograph d) Seismograph
9. B
15. D
10. A
16. B
J I. B
17. D
12. B 13. A 14. A

Sura's C.G.I<. (Vol _ III)
18. A wet bulb and a dry bulb thermometer is used l(l determine
a) rdative humidity b) lIunimulll temperature
c) air d) lIlilximum tClllper<IIUfe
19. In which one of the followirig places, the boilins poinl of water
is the.highest ? .
a) Dead Sea b) MI. Everest
c) Nile Delta d) Sunderban Delta
%0. The associated with 'Inlernel' is
a) World wide web. b) Website. home page -
c) Navigator alldJavil .d) all of lhese
21. The sky is blue in colour because of
2 ••
a) the moisture present in Ihc aif
b) Ihe scauering oflighl by dust particles or air molecules
c) combination of various lights producing blue co10llr
d) all oflhcse .
What is a robot?
b) A type of bomb a) A type-of rocket
c) A machine that resembles a person doing Ihe lask on
. d) An animal found inlhe forests of Africa
. .
'Multimedia Computen' provide of the following
types of information:
. I) TeXt and Sound
II) Graphics
IV) Video pictures
Of the statements:
al 1 and II are correcl
c) I. II and III are correcl
b) III and IV arc correct
d) All are correct
Which of the following gases may c;ause acid rain in an
industrial area?
a) CO!
b) CO
d) CH,
The term 'cloning' is related with
a) Enyironmem b) Genetics
c) Space technology d) Trade
18. A
24. C
19. B
25. B
20. D 21. B
22. C 23. D

Sura', O.G-K. (Vol. III )
26. Rice is. staple food for people of India. In the milling process,
polishing is die final process and the polished ri ce is rich in
a) Cellulose b) Sugar
c) Starch d) qliliu
27. Which one of Ihe following layers of the atmosphere i s
responsible for the reflection of radio waves?
a) ,!J)  
c) Mesosphere . "d) Ionosphere
28. The blue colour of water in the sea is
a) "absorption of Oili e r colours except blue by wa l er
molecul es
b) ' scat lering of bltlc li ght by wolter 1Il0lCClties
c) refraction af blue ligl ll by impurili(:$ in sea water
d) reflect ion of blue sky by sea water
29. Consider the statements:
I) are nOl elenromagnclic l<ldiatiolU
II) are electromagnetic radiations
Ill) have longer w3vclcngtlls
IV) have: shorter wavelengt hs
a) I and III are correct
c) IT and rv arc (orrect
b) I alld rv are· correct
d) II and 111 are correct
30. Consider the statements:
Assertion (A) : In a pressure cookr, [he cooking is.fasi .
Reason (R) : More 5tcam is avai lable 10 cook the rood at
Now sel«t the answer to the codinK scheme
a) (A) is wrong. blll (R) is corrcct
b) (A) is COITect, but (R) is wrong
c) 8 0t h (A) and (R) are lrue and (R) is t he correc t
of (A)
d) Bot h (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is 1I00 1hc CO.TeeI (.'Xplanation
of (A).
26. C 27.0 . 28.0 29. C 30. C

Sura's O.G.I( (Vol. UI)
51. Consider the statements:
Auertion(A) : Paslcurisation is a process. of slerili7 .• ui on for
killing Ihe palhogens in a liquid food. .
. Reason (R) : II is done by coolillg al a v("'1' low Icmper:llure.
Now .select the answer to the codinj!: scheme  
a) BOlh A and Rare Ime, and R is IhcCOITCCT CXplall<llioll of A
b) Both A and Rare [nle, but R is 1l00Ihecorrect expL"lnation of A
c) . A is Ime, bur R is r.,lse d) A is r.,tse, bill R is (nle
32. "Newton's disk" when ro\aled rapidly appears
a) white b) blilck
c). as if showing S(.'###BOT_TEXT###quot;Ctl colonn .
d) none of dlcs(:
33. Ua'mouse of over eight times its normal size has been produced
by introd.ueing human growth hormone gene, the te<:hniquc
involved is called
a) Hybridisal ioll b) Ge nelic Enginccrillg
c) Mmalioll breeding d) Honllollili fceding
54. "Charmed Particle" refers
a) a channing lady b) dancillg al Iniduighl
c) all cxotic lIuclear pal1iclc d) none of these
35. ' Which one. of the following seeds can benefit a patient of
_diabeles mellitus by nonnali:ling his blodd &Usar level?
a) Coriander seeds b) .Mustard seeds
c) Cumin seeds d) Fenugreek seeds
36. Which statement is wrong?
a) IrOIl sillks ill "'Oller : b) Wood noars ill' waler
c) Mercur)' Hoots in Willer d) Iron in mercury
!J1. Which radioacth-c pollutant· bas recently drawn Ihe attention
of the public, due 10 its occurence in the buildin,;: maleriaJ?
a) PlllIonillm b) Thorium . .
c) Radon d) Radiulll
38. The main constilUenls of pearl are
a) calcium carbonale alld magnesium carbOl1ill e
'b) anlgonil e and conchi olill
c) amllloniulIl sulphafe alLd sodium carbonate
d) calciul1I oxide and aluminiullI chloride
31. C
. 37. C
32. A
38. A
33. B J4.C
35. 0 36. C
Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. III)
39. Which one of the following was used as a chemical weapon
· (poison gas) in the F"mt World War by the Germans?
al Wa tt'r gas . . . b) gas
c) H)"drogcn cyauide d) Carbon monoxide
40. Water pollution is measured by the. dissolved amount of
a) Hydrogen 'b) Oxygen
c) Chlorine d) . i':ilrogen
· 41. An element is a substance which:
· a) canllot by ally kJl0###BOT_TEXT###11 chemical prOCt"SS be split up into two or .
more si mpler substanccs .
b) can be easi ly split into IWO or more simpler substances
· c) can only be split if heated vel)' strongly .
d) 1I 0nt" of these '
42. Which one of Ihe follo'.'Ving pairs of materials serves as
ele<:trodes in chargeable batwnes commonly used in devices
such as torchlighu, shavers, etc.?
al Nickel and Cadmium b) Zinc and Carbon
c) Lead peroxide and Lead d) .. Iron and Cadmium
43. Which one of the following fuels causes minimum
environmental pollution?
a) Dit.'scl · . b) Coal
c) Hydrogcn d) Kerosene
44. Which of the follOwin,; profeSsional are lis more likely to run
the risk at a permanent change in their cell's DNA?
a) Researchers lIsing .carbon-l i isotope
b) X-my Icchnici:J.n
c) .COal mi ncr d) Dycr and paimer
45. The offending substance in the liquor tnlj!:edies leadinj!: to
blindness is
a) Ethyl alcohol -..b) Amyl alcohol
c) · Benzyl·alco.1101 d) Methyl alcohol
46. Besides proteins and carbohydrates, othcr. elements of

lllue found in 'milk include
a) calcium. potassi ullI and iron
  calcium and potassium
c:) pOl:lssillIU and iron d) calcium and iron . .
39. B
45. D
40. C 41. A
46. B
42. A 43: C 44 .. A
Sura' s 0 G.K. ·(Vol. JlI)
47. A full set of permanent ieeth consists of
a) 3IY b) 24 \(.'Cl.h
c) 28 tcclh . d) 32 leeth
48. The colour of mercurr vapour
a) white . b) pink
c) red d) )"cIlOl'·
49. The alloy stellite is used in makingg",,:-::=::-_
a) iucnsils b) motor parts
c) aeroplane-body d) surgical ins!n.llnents
50. what is the use of uranium?
a) Medicine b) Cure cancer
c) Nuclear fissiou reactiou d) Explosives
51. The colloid used for stomach troubles ii
a) Col1oidalsih'er . b) Milkofmagnesia
c) Colloidal sulphur d) Whippcd cream
52. Colloidal silver is an ·effective.,-_-,-,-;_
a) genn killcr b) pesticide
e) .atltis.eptic d) anaesthesia
53.   particlesofwaterdispersed in __
a) colloid b) · air
c) light d) $ky
54. The foul smell of rancid b.utter ill due to
a) caproic acid b) stearic acid
c) butyric acid d)" palmitic acid
55. The acid present in sour milk is
a) acetic acid b) fonnic acid
c) oxalic acid d) lactic acid
56. Which one of the fol.lowing animals is NOT poikilothennic
(cold blooded)?
a) fish b) reptiles
c) birds . d) amphibia
57. Which one Of the following has powerful antiseptic action?
a) formic acid . b) acetic acici
c) lactic ;lad d) s'llicylic acid
58. The chemical used in hair tonic and treating sprains is
a) mcthyl salicYlate . b) s.llicylic.acid
c) salol d) cresol
47. D
53. B
48. -A
54. C
49, 0
55. 0
so. C
56. C
51. B 52. A
57. 0 . 58. · A
SUI'Q'S O.G.K. (\bl . Ill)
59. The acid present in   is
a) lactic acid· b) oxalic acid
. c) t.1rtaric acid d) fomic acid.
60. The acid used in calicq printin« is
. a) formic acid b) citric acid
c) 1..1ctic acid . d) · oxalic acid
61. Which one of the followin« is NOT. fertiliser?
a) Ammonium sulphate b) Calcium ammonium niLrate
c) d) Cakiulll sulphate
62. DDT is a
;i) fungicide
c) insecticide
. 63. BHe is • conunon
a) insecticide
e) fungicide
64. PVC is
b) weedicide

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b) bactcriacide
d) uredicide
a) a powerful explosive b) an insecticide
c) thennoseuing plastic . d} thcnnoplastic
65. The tempered steel is in makin« .
a) compe-nsated pendulum . b) coins
c) e1ectncal cables d) chisels
66. Gas leaka«e in LPG gas·cylinder is identified by adding
a) thi oalcohol . b) ethyl mercaptan
c) either (a) or (h) d) nOll e of lhe above
67. Deler«enuarecalled
a) hard soaps b) . 50ft soaps
c) seapless soaps d)" carbolic so.1pS
68. Petrochemical is used to prepare
.) benzene b) O.O:T
e) petrol d) glycerol
69. . is used in silvering of mirrors.
a) Sih·eriodide b) Silver chloride
c) Sih·er nittat e .' d) Silver bromide
70. Jute wastes are used to make
a) . dog biscui ts. b) ·hard boards
e) ·toxic n).1terials d) smokeless fuel
65. 0
60. A
66. C
61. 0
67. C .
62. C
68. 0
63. A
69. C ·
64. 0
70. B

Surds O.GX. (Vol. III )
71. Sodium carbonate is used in
a) soft ening wafer .b) glass induslr}'
c) soap preparation dl all the abo

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72. The rays, are used as a diagnostic 1001 in and for
the treabnent of cancer, is
a) gamma rays b) ultr.wiolet rays
e) X-rays d)' infrared rars
73. Penicillin' grows on
0) organk maner
c) hills .
b) fresh waler
d) rock
74. Green plantS orthe forests are known as
ill} woods . '   swainplands
. c) consumers of food chain
d) , primal)' producers'of food chain
75. . is the oil yieldin! plaDL
a) Mango' . b) Groundniu
c) Po, <? d) Tomalo
76. . Chicory is extracted from of the planL
a) dri ed' flowers b) roots
c) leaves d) stem
77_ Most food nutrients are absorbed into the blood from the
II) large imesli ne
c) small inl esl il ie
'b) , 1ll0Ulh
d) stomach
78. The solar eclipse achieves totalily only in limited geographical
a)' rhe size of shadO\,' of Ihe moon 0 11 rhe e:mh is sTllall
compared 10 til e secl ioll ofthe eart h
b) the eal1h is li cit smooth flal surface, but has dl"Vations and
e) Ihe lrajcccories of rhe eal1 h around Ihe Silli and lhe llloon
arolllld earth are not perfeCt ci rcl es
d) 'sun rays can reach most of the peripheral regions of shadow
of the moon due (0 aqnosphelic refraclioll
79. The douds in the atmosphere because of thei r 'Iow
a) relllperalttre' . b) velociry
c) pressure d) dClISil Y
71. D 72. B 73. C 74. D 75. B 76. S
C 78. A 79. D
.. _.

Sura's 0 G.K. (Vol. 111)
SO. In recent years tbere has been some concern over the threat
posed by the MathulOl Oil Refi"ery and the thermal power
plants to the Taj Mabal in   The scientific basis of any
possible damage to ·the Taj is mainly .
a) stratosphcric ozone and the chloroOurocarbons which
destroy il" .
b) acid prccipilation and lropospheri c ozone .
c) increasing b 'eJs of atUlospheric .CO. which prodilce the
Grecnhouse Weet -
d) ultraviolet radiation (210-260 nanometers wavelength) and
tho: fUllles from the hcavil)'/highl )' polluted river.
SI. Which colour is very good for Ii blood pressure patient?
a) Blue · b) Red
c) Ye llow d) Pink
S2. What is Phannacopoeia?
a) a list of drugs willi t heir fonnula methods ror making
medicinal preparation and other related infonnation
b) it is another name of manometer
e) fea r of cats d) None of the above
83. Mention theelectrieity voltage necessary for a transistor radio.
a) 9

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olts b) 8 volt s .
c) 7 volts d) None oflile above
84. · Which isotope is used for cancer?
a) Cobalt 60 b) Borol1 32
c) Isotope cannot be used d) None of the above
85: · How many parts are there in a WTist ':I'81ch?
a) 2 11 .b) 8
e)11 d) 12
86. What is a 9·sided and g.angled polygon called?
a) Nonagoll b) Pentagon
c) Hemisphere d) None of the abO'o'e
87. Which of the following is used as the chemical in the tape
for producing sound?
a) Iron Oxide b) Zinc Oxide
c) Potassiulll Oxide d) None of lhe above·
86. A
8\. A
IrI. A
82 A
83. A
84. A · 85. - A
Sura' s O.G.K.   JII)
88. In certain diseases are administered. The object is
· to .
al·. sti mulat e production of whil e blood cells. for fighting the
b) sliml!latc the production of alllibodi cs
c) inhibit the growth of bacteria
d) produce toxins againu baCl(:na
89. Which of the following pn:icesse$ is NOT Imitable for softening
water possessing temporary .hardne!l'?
a) Boiling
b) Filtration
·c) Adding calcium hydroxide
d) DistiUation
90. For iron which of the following metal s is used?
a) Aluminium b) Copper
c) Lead d) Zinc
91. In which . of the following organ. of human body does
maximum absorption of food take place? .
a) Gullet b) Large illlesline
. Small intestine d) Stomach
92. A reactor is
a) a device for convening A.C illlo D.C.
b) the eilXtromotive force in elcctrici ty
c) an apparanis for generation of atomic energy
· d) an·appar.uus by which d eclricilY is ·generated by fricdon
. 93. Which' one ·of the followin!: constituents of human diet gelS
nearly destroyed durin!: the process of c:ookin(ll:?
a) Carbohydrates b) FaLS
c) . Proteiris d) · Vitamins
94. Filaria is caused by
a) bacteria b) mosqull ocs
c) protozoa d) VIruS
95. Com kernels.e seeds and contain digestive eru:)'mc5 which
· convert starch inlo
a) aminoacids
c) mahose
88. C
94. B
89. C
95. B
90. 0
b) gluc9se
d) sucrosc
91. C
92. C 93. 0
SUI'Q' S O.G.K. (Vol. III)
96. Chocolales can be had for health bcceuse ora conlentof
a) Cobalt b) Nickel
c) Zinc d) Lc"d
97. When there is a decrease in the concentration ofoxygcn in the
blood, the breathing rate
al tIlcrcases
.b) d ecreases
c) fi rst increase-s and tlu:: n decreases
d) is not affected
98. The usual way of propagating Banana is
a) by stem cutting b) · by rool cuning
c) from rhizomes· d) nOll e oflhese .
99. Which of the follOwing statements in reprd to pollination in
plants ill NOT corre<:t? .
a) The part of the carpel [hat recei ves pollen is called sti gma
b) Wind·pollinated flowers produce more pollen, but mll ch of
it is losl in tnlll sfer
c) Those plams ill which flowers never fully open arc self·
d) Wind· pollinated fl()###BOT_TEXT###quot;ers arc aUnlctivc with bright colours
and seelll ... ·hile insect-pollinated flO\,'crs lack these qU<llities.
100. Which of the following vitamins is essential for JrOwtb of
a) Vitamin A b)  
c) Vitamin C d) Vit<l min D
101: Which of the following viuunins- i.s concerned with proper
bone fonnalion in the young?
a) Vitamin A ·b) Vil<imill B
c) Vil<imin D d) Vitamin t:
102. The technique of recording and reproducing three·
dimensional images of objC1:1S is known as
a ) Alldi ography . b) Lexicography
c) Hol ography d), Photography
103. Which one of the following contains both vitamins A and D?
a) Codli,'"er oil b) Mutt on
c) Orange d) Wheal
96. D
102. C
97. A
103. A
98. B 99. D
100. A 10J. C
Sura's O.G.K. (VQI. Ill)
104. Which orthe following is grown from stem cuttings?
a) BaLl3na 0) Maize
c) Sugarcallc <I) Tunncric
105. The·owl can _ lRost clearly in total darkneu because
a) il has squint eyes
b) it has large t.1·t.'Swi lh orbs direcl .. -d forward. giving it binocuLlr
c) it has Iiglll bulbs ill il5 eyes provided by nature
d) none ofthcst:
106. Which of the follo,..-ing vitamins helps in the nonnal clotting
of blood?
a) E b) G
c)H d)K
107. All of the   o l l o w i n ~ belong 10 the· vitamin B 'Group, except
a) folic acid · ·b) nicotinamide
c) ribonavin d) · .Ihiamine
108. How many red blood cells does the bone marrow produce
. every second?
a) .5 million b) 7 millioll
e) 10 million d) 12 million
109. The portion of the eye as an organ visible from outside is
a) 1/5
c) 3/5
110. Motphineisalan
b) 2/5
d) 1}5
a) slimuLlnl b) analgesic
c) l.l'anqujlliser d) 1l0Ile .oftht."SC
Ill. In the eye, colour virion is affected by the presence of
a) Choroid coat b) Rods
c) SdCrOlie coal d) Cones
112. The disease caused. by asbestos is
aJ Emphysema b) Dysentery
c) Diarrhoea d) Paralysis
113. Whicb one. of the following substances is used for the
preservation of pickles Food grains?
a) Vinegar b) Sodium lx:uzoale
c) Sodium chloride d) l'OIassium pe·nnanganate
104. C
110. B
105. B 106. 0
III. B . 112. A
107. A
113. B
HE. C 109. A
  O.G.K. /Vol. Ill)
114. Concave mirron; are used as sha,-ing mirrors they
oj Do HOI di ston images bJ MW:lys.prodlicc real
c) Produce magnifi ed images
d).   produce invertt:d ima,ges
115. Which oflhe followi.I')g is used as a filler in rubber I}'peS?
al (; raphit e b) Carbon black
c) Coke d) Chaan:oal
116. The principal organ concerned in the loss of heal from the
body is
a) skin b) heart
c) d) nOlle of lhe¥o:
117. When lighl passes from air into glass itexperiem:es change of
a) and wavelength
b) and speed
c) wavelengt h and speed
d) ffC()uency, wa,'dengt h and speed
118, One of the interesting features 'of viruses is thai they
aJ Multiply only i ll the hosl cytoplasm
b) Are made ofprmeins only
c) Occur Qnly inside bacteria
d) Behave in lhe same manner as planls
119. To produce sound it is necessary that
a) Ihe source should execute lopgt itudinal vi brations
b) Ihe source should execUl e I.r.msvene

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c) the soun:e lIlay execute any iype of vibr.uion
d) the vi brat ions' of source arc /101 necessary
120. Which one of the following acids is used for erching gl.ass?
a) HIO. b) HBrO,
c) H. Fl d) He lD,
121 . Which of the fallowing vita.mins aids night vision?
a) Vitamin A b) Vi lamin B
c) Vitamin d) Vilmnin 0
122, Carbohydrates contain
a) only oxygen- bJ only h)'drogell
c) equal quantities of ht'drogen and oxygen
d) hydrogen and oxygen in Ihe 5. 1me proportion ali iUlVa lcr
114. C
' 120. C
115. B
121. A
116. A
122_ 0
11 7. C 118. A 119. C

Sura's b .G.K. (VOl. III)
123. In the human body. urea is produced in the
a) Lh' er b) Spleen
c) Kidm!}' d) Pancreas
124. A corkcxfbottle full of water when frozen will break because
a) the !lottie contracts 011 freezing
b) the volume of ,,':ncr decreases ou freezing
c) the \ 'o lulIIC of wat er increases 011 freezing
d) glass is a ba? conductor ofhcm
125. Cyclotron is a device which
a) DeteclS and analyses the spcc'trulll of light c miucd by
b) Detects .he g.'elie vanati on in the.imcnsity of electromagnetic
IOldiali on emim:d from stan .
,c) Accelerates sub-alOmic particles using combined electric and
magnetic fields
d) Measures the inccnsil Y of X-rays
12:6. One important product of fennentation is
a) alcohol b) water
c) oxygen d) hOlley
127. The blood pressure of a YOUDS male human is
a) 110/70 b) 120/80
c) 135/90 d) 1401100
128. All of the followin!!: contain minerals, except
a) £mits b) jaggery
c) milk d) vegetables
129. As the number of animals is pond increases, the number of -
plantS in the same pond .
a) increase b) dccI:case
e) remain Ihe same d) none of these:
  Dialyzer is alan •
a) specjal clock ###BOT_TEXT###quot;hich indicates Ihe day and Ihe date
b) apparatus used for batteries'
c) apparatus sometimes used in patients \O'ith ddecli

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c renal
fuuni on .
d) meier used for controlling volume of sound
123. C 124. C
129. B ' · 130. C
125. c
126,· A 127. B 128. C
Suro' s O.G.I<.   ~ l Ill)
131. In 1!ummcr, water i s stored in unglazed earthe n pots bei:ause
a) these an: cheap
b) morc ",mcr can be stored in them
c) o:<·"po ldtion through pores makes tbe wat er.cooler
d) e;mhcll pots do nOI nectl as much rinsing and cleani ng as
mel:!l vessels do
132. Which of the following regulates and eonlrols the entry of
light into the human eye?
a) Ant er ior chamber b) Cornea
c) Iri s d) Retina
133. All of the following are caused by viruses except
a) jallndice b) influeau3.
c) typhoid d) . mumps
134. Spr",in, a condition normally encounlered, is related 10
:.) Painful muscular contritioll s
b) l ean; or breaks in ligamcUls or tendons
c) l ean; or bre akJ; ill muscles
d) Innammalion of the connecth·c tissue sUITOUndi ng a tendon
t 35. All ofille following can be reproduced by the usc of respective
seeds, except
a) Caulifl ower b) Peas
c) Potato d) Toma·w
136. Which of the following properties, of soaps lind .detergents
helps to remove dirt from clothes?
a) Capillary action b) Intcrfacial tonion
c) Osmosis d) None of these
137. Which of the follov.;"&" nalemcnts aboutdisca.scs is NOT COfTC(:t?
~ ) Pal ielilS suffering from diabet es need to i,Je admi nistered
b) Diphtheria is not a commuil icabl e disease
c' Chemotherapy is resort ed 10 as a Ireatmcllt of paticlI!'s
suffering from cancer
d) '\IcLlingi ti5 affects the brain
138. A term that may be applied to all disease produci ng Uli cro·
. .
organisms 15
slrepTococci b) vlnlses
<) saprophyti c d) pathogenic
131. C 132. C 133. C 134. B 135. C 136. B
137. B 138. 0
O.G.K. (Vol. JII)
1!9. Toxin is a poi$Onous substance produced' by
a) some higher planLS b) cC:l"tai n animals
. c) d) all of tl K"sc .
140. The air we inhale isa rruxtureoCgases. WhichoCiliefoliowing
gases in this mixture is highest in percentage?
a) G., nlOn dioxide b) Nit rogen
c) Oxygen d) Ozone
141. A substance u·sed to destroy micro-organisms and render the
material sterile is catted

a) ;' n antigen
c) an amitoxin
b) a di sinft."Cta1ll
d) all amill iolic
AbSence or inadequacy of proteins in the human diet, will
produce all following results, except
a) body's defences against infections will weah! n
b) pnxluCiion ofhannollcs needed hy the body will be i mpaired
c) convcrsion of hcat by rhe body cell s int o energy.· which
sustains lifc, will be impaired
d) body's gro ..... th will be impaircd
Which of the following act a channel of transmission of.
blood to lhe beart in the hunlan body?
a) Anerics b) r..lusde fibres
c)   d) Veins
As the ·number of micro-ory;anisms in G soil increases, the
amount of humus in the same soil
a) IIl creases b) decreases
c) remains unchanged
d) micro-organisms Clo 110( play any ·role in. the fOntl31ion of
To prevenlloss of weight, plants reduce trarupirutioJl by
a) shedding of leavcs b) reducing the si ze of J"eavt.'S
c) de

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eloping hair around stomal3
d) All of these
146. Why is tungsten used in the manufacture of e1eclric bulbs?
a) It has high melling point
b) ·It is cheaper than other met3b
c) II is bOlh durable and economical
d) II tite bulb-Iiglu brigluer
139. D 140. B 141. B 142. C 143. 0 144. A
145. D 146. A

SUn::I'S o.G.K. (Vol. Ill)
147. 'A labourer doing heavy work requires about
aj '1,500 calorie, per day h) 3,500 calories pe r dar
c) 2.500 calories per day d) none of these
148. In a normal human being how much time d.oes food take to
reach the end of the i.nlestine for complete absorption?
a) about 8 hours b) about 12 hoUl'S .
c) about 15 hours dj about 18 hours
149. A fishcmtan on the bank of a pond is to spear a fi sh.
He should
al aim above where he sees t he (ish
b) ai m directly allhe fi sh
c) 'ailll below the d) none of lhese
150. Aphasia an ailment which affects
a) healing b) eyesight
c)   d) speech
151 . Which of the followin&" is mixture?
al sugar h) silver
c) alcohol d) air
152. How many teeth has a dog?
a) 32 h) 3 4
c) 38 d) 42
153. Which oflbe following causes poliomyelitis?
a) Dengue virus b) Ent erovirus
e) Mumps \·irus d) Rhabdovirus
154. The hardest , ·ariety of carbon i.s
·a) coke b) gas carbon
c) d. 'II11ond d) gr.lphil e'
155. Triple antigen provides immunity 10 children against all of
the following diseases, exeept . ..
aj Diphtheria b) Polio
c) Tetanus d) Whoopill g cqlgh •
156. Which sugar is Qbtained from grapes?
a) Lactose b) M;tltosc
c) Sucrose d) ChICO${'
. 157. Which of the following is NOT a contal:;ious disease?
a) Mumps b) Small pox
c) Tull cf(ul osis d) l },plioid
147. B
153. B
148. B
154. C
149. C
155. B
ISO. 0
156. 0
151. D
157. D
152. 0
Sura's Q,G.K. (Vol . III)
Hard water becomes soft from temporary hardness when it is
a) placed in a dark b) boircd
c) combined wit h calci um hydroxide
d) fihered .
' ."hen a man become!> , ·ery angry his heart beats faster· Why?
a) adrenalin is produced b) thyr oxine is produced
c) too much o( bit es are produced
d) None. of the .abo\·e
Which one of the following will fall faster in vacuum?
a) Feat her b) A wooden ball
c) A sled ball d) NOlle of the above
In a freezer, the cubes will be formed more in trays
made of which of the following materials?
a) Plastic ' b) Aluminium
c) Silver d) Rubber '
In which fonn is the largest amount of energy received by the
Earth from the Sun? .
a) X-rays b) Gamma rays
c) Infra-red rays d) None ofl he above
How is an inverted picture produced?
·a) By Jell s b) By pillhoJecalller=t
c) By mirror d) None of these
If a person is unable to.see objects distinctly at a dis tance
greater than four metres, then he is affected by
a) Myopia   Hypennetropia
c) Astigmatism . d) Di sLOnion
How is rainbow fonucd?
a) Rene<:lion ofligl.1t b) Rerract ion oflighl
c) Refraction alld lotal im.emal renc.:: li on oflighl
d} Diffusion of light
Which of the following exerts force on the ground when a
bi cycle is moving?
ai Pedals b) Back' wheel
c) Front wheel d) Both the wheels
Hardness or water is due to the soluble salls of
a) SodiulIl alld Potassi um b) l'olassiulll and Calcium
c) Sodilnn and Maglll..'si ulil d) Calcium and ?lagm."Sium
158. B
164. A
159. A 160. D
165., C· 166. D
'161. C
167. D
162. C . 163. B
Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. III)
168. Which of the following rrii:r.tures is used in an electric bulb?·
a) Oxygen and hydrogen . b) Oxygen and Argon
e) Nitrogen and Oxygcn d) Nilrogcn and Argon
169. What is the use ofa photometer?
170 .
a) II is used for magnifying minute objects by lellS
b) It is used for measuring the intensity ofli glll
e) It is used for reproducing sound
d) None of the above
Why are small liquid drops spherical in shape?
. a) Bt.'Cause of gr<l

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itational force
b) Because afadhesioll
c) ' Ole atlUospheric pressure from all the sides are 0 11
the drop ·
d) ·l1le liquid tends 10 have minimum surface due to surface
tells ion
, .
171. The inform.ation retrievalm a magnetie tape is alW"aiYs
a) Random· b) . Sequential
. c) Index Sequemial d) Ran.dom Sequent.ial
172. What is the uSe ofa hygrometer?
a) Used for measuring humidity in the air .
b) Used for measuring the specific gnwily
c) Used for measuring electricity
d) Used for alld lesting the purit)" of milk
17:J. What is l!:1e gas thai is used in an ice plant?
a) Ni trous Oxide b) Laughing Cas .
e) Ammonia d) NOlle of the above
174. Name the che.mical used for removing air bubbles from s:lals
its Ill3.nUfaclure •.
a) Soda·ash . . b) Feldspar
c) Carbonate d) Arsenious Oxide
175. The drus: which reduces.Blood Pressure is obtaim;d f!;Om
a) Solanum nigrum .b) Aconitulll
c) Ccnlcl la asiatica d) Ram"ollia serpemina
.176. · Name theios1!Umenl used fOJ" taking photorra-ph in   and·
a) Infra·red camcr.l
c) Video camera
168. D 169. B
174. A 175. D
b) E:i ne camery
d) NOlle of the abo .... e
170. D 17\. B
176: A
172 A 173. C
Sura' s O.G.K. (Vol. III )
177. Which.cay goes into iron?
a) Bela Ray b) Gamllia ray
c) Ultra· ... iolet d) Nonc of the above

What does the nucleus of an atom has?
a) Protons only b) Proton and Nl!utron
c) !'rolOn and Eltttron d) Proton, Nctllron and Fleclron
179. What is th.e component in(N!dient of mothballs?
a) Naphlhalene b ) Chlori nc
c) lexlinc d) Bromi ne
180. The chemical name of table salt is
a) sodium chloride b) pouassium chloride
c) ·ionis<l lioll d) decomposi lion
181 . Which p s is used in a Dying balloon?
a) Oxygen b) ' Hydrogen
c) Nitrogen . d) Carbon di oxide.
182. Which one of tJIe following can be used for cleaning gl ass
articl es?
a) Turpcmi nc b) SLlkcti lime
c) Picceof flannel d) NOlle of t he abovc
183. What is the popular name for aspbalt?
. a) L:txalivc b) Laughing gas
c)   cc.; mcll t d) None of the ab(l':c
184. What is the use of bone  
a) III making shoe polishes b) For dccolourizi ng sUS-oI r
c) As a reduci ng ageut d) As a bleaching agcnt
185. Which is used as lotion for cleaning clocks?
a) Pcuu l b) Pen,wljn
c) Waler . d ) NOlle of l he alxwe
186. What is,the chemica1 naIDe for: ordinary chalk?
a) Nitrous Sul phate b) Ca lci um Carbou;n e
c) Calciulil Sulphate d) Nonc of the above
187. ·type of mirror is used by dentists to conce:ntcate light
on the lOOth to be examined?
a) Conca

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