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Mathematics 58 - 136
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Inventions & Discoveries 155-FO
Scientific fields 171 179
J!eliroon 180 - 193
Law 194 . 207
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Personalities 234 - 255
World History 256 - 269
Medical Science
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Arts 286 - 295
Agriculture 296 - 302
Quotations .303 - 315
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.A4 Eg ... 1:
--,----. ----
Jet engines are
a) rotary engi nes
c) turbine engines
Cotton fibre is made up of
a) protei n
c) minerals
b) extenlal (omiJustioli cngi nc$
d) reaction engines
b) cellulose
d) lignin
S. The wei.,ht of a body is
a) the same evcryv.hcre 0 11 the surface of eanh
b) maximum al lhe polus c) maximum al the equ;l\or
d) more on the hills !han in the pJ.,ins
4. The primary colours used in a colour T.V. are . .
a) . Green , Yellow. Violct b) Violet, R,ed. Orange
c) Green, Red, Blue d) Blue .. Green, Violet
5. Heavy alcohol consuminj!: people IIcnerally die of
a) Blood cancer h) Cirrhosis
c) Ljver or stomach cancer
d) Weakening of heaTllllusdcs leading to cardiac arrest
6. ldenli.fy the manmade element.
a) Carbon b) Gold
c) Califomium d) , Calciulll
7. Which one of the following is correctly matched?
.) 'Goitre' is caused d ue to the lack of Vitamin D
b) 'Di.abetcs' "is caused dtic 10 the deficicllC)' or Insulin
c) ' Rickets' iscauscd duc 10 rllc lack or Vii alllin It
d) 'Xerophthalmia' is caused d ue LO Ihe or Iodine
8, ' Which one of the rollowinS- is conecdy matched?
a) Y2K Problem <;:OlllpUICI"S
b) Bhatnagar A,,'ard - q.euclic rt.'Scarch
c) Cloni ng - Eart hquake
d) Richl er a!e. ror scienii rlc invclui ons
ANS; 1. D
7. B
& A
3. B
4. ('
5: B
SUI'Q'S O.G.K_ (Vo1. _IlI )
9. ' Consider' the following statemenlS:
I) Acid min is mlluml
2) Acid rain has glooil l ecological problem-
3) Add rain iUCfeases [he acidity of soil
4) Acid rain ilffects plams ami animal s .
Among the above:
a), r and 2 arc con'eCl b) 2.3 and 4 arc COITCCt
c) 3 alld 4 are correct d) all are correct
' 10. Name the minerals that are essential (or bone and teeth
ronnation in man.
a) Calcium and Phosphorus b) Magnesium and Potassi ulII
c) Sodiulll and Iron d) Iodine all(l Sulphur .
II . In petrol, leaa isnol added nowadays. This is because
a) unkadt:d petrol is cheap
b) unleaded petrol do not cause pollulion
c) unleaded petrol is combustible
d) . unkaded petrol increa'ses speed
12. Which of the contains nitrOgen?
' a) Fal s b) Proteins
c) Carbohydrau:s d) Oils
U. Ripe mangoes contain
a) Vitalilin A
c) Vitamin C
b) Vitamin Be
d) Vitamin E
14. All of the folloWing law Cltcept
a) type-writer b) barber-chair
c) hydr.luli.c brakes d) . se,vice stati on lift
15. ' Wbich of the following is not a disease?
a) lfphoid b) Cholera
c) Amoebic dyselllery d) Asthma
16: Travelling' at the speed of light. the moon is Jess than
a) five seconds. away b) two st;COllds away
c) fOllf seconds away d) none of these
17. Which of the followii'lg instruments is used' for recording
earthquake waves?
a) Bilrograph b) H)'drograph
c) Pantograph d) Seismograph
9. B
15. D
10. A
16. B
J I. B
17. D
12. B 13. A 14. A

Sura's C.G.I<. (Vol _ III)
18. A wet bulb and a dry bulb thermometer is used l(l determine
a) rdative humidity b) lIunimulll temperature
c) air d) lIlilximum tClllper<IIUfe
19. In which one of the followirig places, the boilins poinl of water
is the.highest ? .
a) Dead Sea b) MI. Everest
c) Nile Delta d) Sunderban Delta
%0. The associated with 'Inlernel' is
a) World wide web. b) Website. home page -
c) Navigator alldJavil .d) all of lhese
21. The sky is blue in colour because of
a) the moisture present in Ihc aif
b) Ihe scauering oflighl by dust particles or air molecules
c) combination of various lights producing blue co10llr
d) all oflhcse .
What is a robot?
b) A type of bomb a) A type-of rocket
c) A machine that resembles a person doing Ihe lask on
. d) An animal found inlhe forests of Africa
. .
'Multimedia Computen' provide of the following
types of information:
. I) TeXt and Sound
II) Graphics
IV) Video pictures
Of the statements:
al 1 and II are correcl
c) I. II and III are correcl
b) III and IV arc correct
d) All are correct
Which of the following gases may c;ause acid rain in an
industrial area?
a) CO!
b) CO
d) CH,
The term 'cloning' is related with
a) Enyironmem b) Genetics
c) Space technology d) Trade
18. A
24. C
19. B
25. B
20. D 21. B
22. C 23. D

Sura', O.G-K. (Vol. III )
26. Rice is. staple food for people of India. In the milling process,
polishing is die final process and the polished ri ce is rich in
a) Cellulose b) Sugar
c) Starch d) qliliu
27. Which one of Ihe following layers of the atmosphere i s
responsible for the reflection of radio waves?
a) ,!J)
c) Mesosphere . "d) Ionosphere
28. The blue colour of water in the sea is
a) "absorption of Oili e r colours except blue by wa l er
molecul es
b) ' scat lering of bltlc li ght by wolter 1Il0lCClties
c) refraction af blue ligl ll by impurili(:$ in sea water
d) reflect ion of blue sky by sea water
29. Consider the statements:
I) are nOl elenromagnclic l<ldiatiolU
II) are electromagnetic radiations
Ill) have longer w3vclcngtlls
IV) have: shorter wavelengt hs
a) I and III are correct
c) IT and rv arc (orrect
b) I alld rv are correct
d) II and 111 are correct
30. Consider the statements:
Assertion (A) : In a pressure cookr, [he cooking is.fasi .
Reason (R) : More 5tcam is avai lable 10 cook the rood at
Now selt the answer to the codinK scheme
a) (A) is wrong. blll (R) is corrcct
b) (A) is COITect, but (R) is wrong
c) 8 0t h (A) and (R) are lrue and (R) is t he correc t
of (A)
d) Bot h (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is 1I00 1hc CO.TeeI (.'Xplanation
of (A).
26. C 27.0 . 28.0 29. C 30. C

Sura's O.G.I( (Vol. UI)
51. Consider the statements:
Auertion(A) : Paslcurisation is a process. of slerili7 . ui on for
killing Ihe palhogens in a liquid food. .
. Reason (R) : II is done by coolillg al a v("'1' low Icmper:llure.
Now .select the answer to the codinj!: scheme
a) BOlh A and Rare Ime, and R is IhcCOITCCT CXplall<llioll of A
b) Both A and Rare [nle, but R is 1l00Ihecorrect expL"lnation of A
c) . A is Ime, bur R is r.,lse d) A is r.,tse, bill R is (nle
32. "Newton's disk" when ro\aled rapidly appears
a) white b) blilck
c). as if showing S(.'\"Ctl colonn .
d) none of dlcs(:
33. Ua'mouse of over eight times its normal size has been produced
by introd.ueing human growth hormone gene, the te<:hniquc
involved is called
a) Hybridisal ioll b) Ge nelic Enginccrillg
c) Mmalioll breeding d) Honllollili fceding
54. "Charmed Particle" refers
a) a channing lady b) dancillg al Iniduighl
c) all cxotic lIuclear pal1iclc d) none of these
35. ' Which one. of the following seeds can benefit a patient of
_diabeles mellitus by nonnali:ling his blodd &Usar level?
a) Coriander seeds b) .Mustard seeds
c) Cumin seeds d) Fenugreek seeds
36. Which statement is wrong?
a) IrOIl sillks ill "'Oller : b) Wood noars ill' waler
c) Mercur)' Hoots in Willer d) Iron in mercury
!J1. Which radioacth-c pollutant bas recently drawn Ihe attention
of the public, due 10 its occurence in the buildin,;: maleriaJ?
a) PlllIonillm b) Thorium . .
c) Radon d) Radiulll
38. The main constilUenls of pearl are
a) calcium carbonale alld magnesium carbOl1ill e
'b) anlgonil e and conchi olill
c) amllloniulIl sulphafe alLd sodium carbonate
d) calciul1I oxide and aluminiullI chloride
31. C
. 37. C
32. A
38. A
33. B J4.C
35. 0 36. C
Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. III)
39. Which one of the following was used as a chemical weapon
(poison gas) in the F"mt World War by the Germans?
al Wa tt'r gas . . . b) gas
c) H)"drogcn cyauide d) Carbon monoxide
40. Water pollution is measured by the. dissolved amount of
a) Hydrogen 'b) Oxygen
c) Chlorine d) . i':ilrogen
41. An element is a substance which:
a) canllot by ally kJl0\011 chemical prOCt"SS be split up into two or .
more si mpler substanccs .
b) can be easi ly split into IWO or more simpler substances
c) can only be split if heated vel)' strongly .
d) 1I 0nt" of these '
42. Which one of Ihe follo'.'Ving pairs of materials serves as
ele<:trodes in chargeable batwnes commonly used in devices
such as torchlighu, shavers, etc.?
al Nickel and Cadmium b) Zinc and Carbon
c) Lead peroxide and Lead d) .. Iron and Cadmium
43. Which one of the following fuels causes minimum
environmental pollution?
a) Dit.'scl . b) Coal
c) Hydrogcn d) Kerosene
44. Which of the follOwin,; profeSsional are lis more likely to run
the risk at a permanent change in their cell's DNA?
a) Researchers lIsing .carbon-l i isotope
b) X-my Icchnici:J.n
c) .COal mi ncr d) Dycr and paimer
45. The offending substance in the liquor tnlj!:edies leadinj!: to
blindness is
a) Ethyl alcohol -..b) Amyl alcohol
c) Benzylalco.1101 d) Methyl alcohol
46. Besides proteins and carbohydrates, othcr. elements of
nutritional \'lllue found in 'milk include
a) calcium. potassi ullI and iron
calcium and potassium
c:) pOl:lssillIU and iron d) calcium and iron . .
39. B
45. D
40. C 41. A
46. B
42. A 43: C 44 .. A
Sura' s 0 G.K. (Vol. JlI)
47. A full set of permanent ieeth consists of
a) 3IY b) 24 \(.'Cl.h
c) 28 tcclh . d) 32 leeth
48. The colour of mercurr vapour
a) white . b) pink
c) red d) )"cIlOl'
49. The alloy stellite is used in makingg",,:-::=::-_
a) iucnsils b) motor parts
c) aeroplane-body d) surgical ins!n.llnents
50. what is the use of uranium?
a) Medicine b) Cure cancer
c) Nuclear fissiou reactiou d) Explosives
51. The colloid used for stomach troubles ii
a) Col1oidalsih'er . b) Milkofmagnesia
c) Colloidal sulphur d) Whippcd cream
52. Colloidal silver is an effective.,-_-,-,-;_
a) genn killcr b) pesticide
e) .atltis.eptic d) anaesthesia
53. particlesofwaterdispersed in __
a) colloid b) air
c) light d) $ky
54. The foul smell of rancid b.utter ill due to
a) caproic acid b) stearic acid
c) butyric acid d)" palmitic acid
55. The acid present in sour milk is
a) acetic acid b) fonnic acid
c) oxalic acid d) lactic acid
56. Which one of the fol.lowing animals is NOT poikilothennic
(cold blooded)?
a) fish b) reptiles
c) birds . d) amphibia
57. Which one Of the following has powerful antiseptic action?
a) formic acid . b) acetic acici
c) lactic ;lad d) s'llicylic acid
58. The chemical used in hair tonic and treating sprains is
a) mcthyl salicYlate . b) s.llicylic.acid
c) salol d) cresol
47. D
53. B
48. -A
54. C
49, 0
55. 0
so. C
56. C
51. B 52. A
57. 0 . 58. A
SUI'Q'S O.G.K. (\bl . Ill)
59. The acid present in is
a) lactic acid b) oxalic acid
. c) t.1rtaric acid d) fomic acid.
60. The acid used in calicq printin is
. a) formic acid b) citric acid
c) 1..1ctic acid . d) oxalic acid
61. Which one of the followin is NOT. fertiliser?
a) Ammonium sulphate b) Calcium ammonium niLrate
c) d) Cakiulll sulphate
62. DDT is a
;i) fungicide
c) insecticide
. 63. BHe is conunon
a) insecticide
e) fungicide
64. PVC is
b) weedicide
.d) \'odel11icidc
b) bactcriacide
d) uredicide
a) a powerful explosive b) an insecticide
c) thennoseuing plastic . d} thcnnoplastic
65. The tempered steel is in makin .
a) compe-nsated pendulum . b) coins
c) e1ectncal cables d) chisels
66. Gas leakae in LPG gascylinder is identified by adding
a) thi oalcohol . b) ethyl mercaptan
c) either (a) or (h) d) nOll e of lhe above
67. Delerenuarecalled
a) hard soaps b) . 50ft soaps
c) seapless soaps d)" carbolic so.1pS
68. Petrochemical is used to prepare
.) benzene b) O.O:T
e) petrol d) glycerol
69. . is used in silvering of mirrors.
a) Siheriodide b) Silver chloride
c) Siher nittat e .' d) Silver bromide
70. Jute wastes are used to make
a) . dog biscui ts. b) hard boards
e) toxic n).1terials d) smokeless fuel
65. 0
60. A
66. C
61. 0
67. C .
62. C
68. 0
63. A
69. C
64. 0
70. B

Surds O.GX. (Vol. III )
71. Sodium carbonate is used in
a) soft ening wafer .b) glass induslr}'
c) soap preparation dl all the abo\'e
72. The rays, are used as a diagnostic 1001 in and for
the treabnent of cancer, is
a) gamma rays b) ultr.wiolet rays
e) X-rays d)' infrared rars
73. Penicillin' grows on
0) organk maner
c) hills .
b) fresh waler
d) rock
74. Green plantS orthe forests are known as
ill} woods . ' swainplands
. c) consumers of food chain
d) , primal)' producers'of food chain
75. . is the oil yieldin! plaDL
a) Mango' . b) Groundniu
c) Po, <? d) Tomalo
76. . Chicory is extracted from of the planL
a) dri ed' flowers b) roots
c) leaves d) stem
77_ Most food nutrients are absorbed into the blood from the
II) large imesli ne
c) small inl esl il ie
'b) , 1ll0Ulh
d) stomach
78. The solar eclipse achieves totalily only in limited geographical
a)' rhe size of shadO\,' of Ihe moon 0 11 rhe e:mh is sTllall
compared 10 til e secl ioll ofthe eart h
b) the eal1h is li cit smooth flal surface, but has dl"Vations and
e) Ihe lrajcccories of rhe eal1 h around Ihe Silli and lhe llloon
arolllld earth are not perfeCt ci rcl es
d) 'sun rays can reach most of the peripheral regions of shadow
of the moon due (0 aqnosphelic refraclioll
79. The douds in the atmosphere because of thei r 'Iow
a) relllperalttre' . b) velociry
c) pressure d) dClISil Y
71. D 72. B 73. C 74. D 75. B 76. S
C 78. A 79. D
.. _.

Sura's 0 G.K. (Vol. 111)
SO. In recent years tbere has been some concern over the threat
posed by the MathulOl Oil Refi"ery and the thermal power
plants to the Taj Mabal in The scientific basis of any
possible damage to the Taj is mainly .
a) stratosphcric ozone and the chloroOurocarbons which
destroy il" .
b) acid prccipilation and lropospheri c ozone .
c) increasing b 'eJs of atUlospheric .CO. which prodilce the
Grecnhouse Weet -
d) ultraviolet radiation (210-260 nanometers wavelength) and
tho: fUllles from the hcavil)'/highl )' polluted river.
SI. Which colour is very good for Ii blood pressure patient?
a) Blue b) Red
c) Ye llow d) Pink
S2. What is Phannacopoeia?
a) a list of drugs willi t heir fonnula methods ror making
medicinal preparation and other related infonnation
b) it is another name of manometer
e) fea r of cats d) None of the above
83. Mention theelectrieity voltage necessary for a transistor radio.
a) 9 \'olts b) 8 volt s .
c) 7 volts d) None oflile above
84. Which isotope is used for cancer?
a) Cobalt 60 b) Borol1 32
c) Isotope cannot be used d) None of the above
85: How many parts are there in a WTist ':I'81ch?
a) 2 11 .b) 8
e)11 d) 12
86. What is a 9sided and g.angled polygon called?
a) Nonagoll b) Pentagon
c) Hemisphere d) None of the abO'o'e
87. Which of the following is used as the chemical in the tape
for producing sound?
a) Iron Oxide b) Zinc Oxide
c) Potassiulll Oxide d) None of lhe above
86. A
8\. A
IrI. A
82 A
83. A
84. A 85. - A
Sura' s O.G.K. JII)
88. In certain diseases are administered. The object is
to .
al. sti mulat e production of whil e blood cells. for fighting the
b) sliml!latc the production of alllibodi cs
c) inhibit the growth of bacteria
d) produce toxins againu baCl(:na
89. Which of the following pn:icesse$ is NOT Imitable for softening
water possessing temporary .hardne!l'?
a) Boiling
b) Filtration
c) Adding calcium hydroxide
d) DistiUation
90. For iron which of the following metal s is used?
a) Aluminium b) Copper
c) Lead d) Zinc
91. In which . of the following organ. of human body does
maximum absorption of food take place? .
a) Gullet b) Large illlesline
. Small intestine d) Stomach
92. A reactor is
a) a device for convening A.C illlo D.C.
b) the eilXtromotive force in elcctrici ty
c) an apparanis for generation of atomic energy
d) anappar.uus by which d eclricilY is generated by fricdon
. 93. Which' one of the followin!: constituents of human diet gelS
nearly destroyed durin!: the process of c:ookin(ll:?
a) Carbohydrates b) FaLS
c) . Proteiris d) Vitamins
94. Filaria is caused by
a) bacteria b) mosqull ocs
c) protozoa d) VIruS
95. Com kernels.e seeds and contain digestive eru:)'mc5 which
convert starch inlo
a) aminoacids
c) mahose
88. C
94. B
89. C
95. B
90. 0
b) gluc9se
d) sucrosc
91. C
92. C 93. 0
SUI'Q' S O.G.K. (Vol. III)
96. Chocolales can be had for health bcceuse ora conlentof
a) Cobalt b) Nickel
c) Zinc d) Lc"d
97. When there is a decrease in the concentration ofoxygcn in the
blood, the breathing rate
al tIlcrcases
.b) d ecreases
c) fi rst increase-s and tlu:: n decreases
d) is not affected
98. The usual way of propagating Banana is
a) by stem cutting b) by rool cuning
c) from rhizomes d) nOll e oflhese .
99. Which of the follOwing statements in reprd to pollination in
plants ill NOT corre<:t? .
a) The part of the carpel [hat recei ves pollen is called sti gma
b) Windpollinated flowers produce more pollen, but mll ch of
it is losl in tnlll sfer
c) Those plams ill which flowers never fully open arc self
d) Wind pollinated fl()\"ers arc aUnlctivc with bright colours
and seelll ... hile insect-pollinated flO\,'crs lack these qU<llities.
100. Which of the following vitamins is essential for JrOwtb of
a) Vitamin A b)
c) Vitamin C d) Vit<l min D
101: Which of the following viuunins- i.s concerned with proper
bone fonnalion in the young?
a) Vitamin A b) Vil<imill B
c) Vil<imin D d) Vitamin t:
102. The technique of recording and reproducing three
dimensional images of objC1:1S is known as
a ) Alldi ography . b) Lexicography
c) Hol ography d), Photography
103. Which one of the following contains both vitamins A and D?
a) Codli,'"er oil b) Mutt on
c) Orange d) Wheal
96. D
102. C
97. A
103. A
98. B 99. D
100. A 10J. C
Sura's O.G.K. (VQI. Ill)
104. Which orthe following is grown from stem cuttings?
a) BaLl3na 0) Maize
c) Sugarcallc <I) Tunncric
105. Theowl can _ lRost clearly in total darkneu because
a) il has squint eyes
b) it has large t.1t.'Swi lh orbs direcl .. -d forward. giving it binocuLlr
c) it has Iiglll bulbs ill il5 eyes provided by nature
d) none ofthcst:
106. Which of the follo,..-ing vitamins helps in the nonnal clotting
of blood?
a) E b) G
c)H d)K
107. All of the o l l o w i n ~ belong 10 the vitamin B 'Group, except
a) folic acid b) nicotinamide
c) ribonavin d) .Ihiamine
108. How many red blood cells does the bone marrow produce
. every second?
a) .5 million b) 7 millioll
e) 10 million d) 12 million
109. The portion of the eye as an organ visible from outside is
a) 1/5
c) 3/5
110. Motphineisalan
b) 2/5
d) 1}5
a) slimuLlnl b) analgesic
c) l.l'anqujlliser d) 1l0Ile .oftht."SC
Ill. In the eye, colour virion is affected by the presence of
a) Choroid coat b) Rods
c) SdCrOlie coal d) Cones
112. The disease caused. by asbestos is
aJ Emphysema b) Dysentery
c) Diarrhoea d) Paralysis
113. Whicb one. of the following substances is used for the
preservation of pickles Food grains?
a) Vinegar b) Sodium lx:uzoale
c) Sodium chloride d) l'OIassium pennanganate
104. C
110. B
105. B 106. 0
III. B . 112. A
107. A
113. B
HE. C 109. A
O.G.K. /Vol. Ill)
114. Concave mirron; are used as sha,-ing mirrors they
oj Do HOI di ston images bJ MW:lys.prodlicc real
c) Produce magnifi ed images
d). produce invertt:d ima,ges
115. Which oflhe followi.I')g is used as a filler in rubber I}'peS?
al (; raphit e b) Carbon black
c) Coke d) Chaan:oal
116. The principal organ concerned in the loss of heal from the
body is
a) skin b) heart
c) d) nOlle of lheo:
117. When lighl passes from air into glass itexperiem:es change of
a) and wavelength
b) and speed
c) wavelengt h and speed
d) ffC()uency, wa,'dengt h and speed
118, One of the interesting features 'of viruses is thai they
aJ Multiply only i ll the hosl cytoplasm
b) Are made ofprmeins only
c) Occur Qnly inside bacteria
d) Behave in lhe same manner as planls
119. To produce sound it is necessary that
a) Ihe source should execute lopgt itudinal vi brations
b) Ihe source should execUl e I.r.msvene \'ibr.uiolls
c) the soun:e lIlay execute any iype of vibr.uion
d) the vi brat ions' of source arc /101 necessary
120. Which one of the following acids is used for erching gl.ass?
a) HIO. b) HBrO,
c) H. Fl d) He lD,
121 . Which of the fallowing vita.mins aids night vision?
a) Vitamin A b) Vi lamin B
c) Vitamin d) Vilmnin 0
122, Carbohydrates contain
a) only oxygen- bJ only h)'drogell
c) equal quantities of ht'drogen and oxygen
d) hydrogen and oxygen in Ihe 5. 1me proportion ali iUlVa lcr
114. C
' 120. C
115. B
121. A
116. A
122_ 0
11 7. C 118. A 119. C

Sura's b .G.K. (VOl. III)
123. In the human body. urea is produced in the
a) Lh' er b) Spleen
c) Kidm!}' d) Pancreas
124. A corkcxfbottle full of water when frozen will break because
a) the !lottie contracts 011 freezing
b) the volume of ,,':ncr decreases ou freezing
c) the \ 'o lulIIC of wat er increases 011 freezing
d) glass is a ba? conductor ofhcm
125. Cyclotron is a device which
a) DeteclS and analyses the spcc'trulll of light c miucd by
b) Detects .he g.'elie vanati on in the.imcnsity of electromagnetic
IOldiali on emim:d from stan .
,c) Accelerates sub-alOmic particles using combined electric and
magnetic fields
d) Measures the inccnsil Y of X-rays
12:6. One important product of fennentation is
a) alcohol b) water
c) oxygen d) hOlley
127. The blood pressure of a YOUDS male human is
a) 110/70 b) 120/80
c) 135/90 d) 1401100
128. All of the followin!!: contain minerals, except
a) mits b) jaggery
c) milk d) vegetables
129. As the number of animals is pond increases, the number of -
plantS in the same pond .
a) increase b) dccI:case
e) remain Ihe same d) none of these:
Dialyzer is alan
a) specjal clock \"hich indicates Ihe day and Ihe date
b) apparatus used for batteries'
c) apparatus sometimes used in patients \O'ith ddecli\'c renal
fuuni on .
d) meier used for controlling volume of sound
123. C 124. C
129. B ' 130. C
125. c
126, A 127. B 128. C
Suro' s O.G.I<. ~ l Ill)
131. In 1!ummcr, water i s stored in unglazed earthe n pots bei:ause
a) these an: cheap
b) morc ",mcr can be stored in them
c) o:<"po ldtion through pores makes tbe wat er.cooler
d) e;mhcll pots do nOI nectl as much rinsing and cleani ng as
mel:!l vessels do
132. Which of the following regulates and eonlrols the entry of
light into the human eye?
a) Ant er ior chamber b) Cornea
c) Iri s d) Retina
133. All of the following are caused by viruses except
a) jallndice b) influeau3.
c) typhoid d) . mumps
134. Spr",in, a condition normally encounlered, is related 10
:.) Painful muscular contritioll s
b) l ean; or breaks in ligamcUls or tendons
c) l ean; or bre akJ; ill muscles
d) Innammalion of the connecthc tissue sUITOUndi ng a tendon
t 35. All ofille following can be reproduced by the usc of respective
seeds, except
a) Caulifl ower b) Peas
c) Potato d) Tomaw
136. Which of the following properties, of soaps lind .detergents
helps to remove dirt from clothes?
a) Capillary action b) Intcrfacial tonion
c) Osmosis d) None of these
137. Which of the follov.;"&" nalemcnts aboutdisca.scs is NOT COfTC(:t?
~ ) Pal ielilS suffering from diabet es need to i,Je admi nistered
b) Diphtheria is not a commuil icabl e disease
c' Chemotherapy is resort ed 10 as a Ireatmcllt of paticlI!'s
suffering from cancer
d) '\IcLlingi ti5 affects the brain
138. A term that may be applied to all disease produci ng Uli cro
. .
organisms 15
slrepTococci b) vlnlses
<) saprophyti c d) pathogenic
131. C 132. C 133. C 134. B 135. C 136. B
137. B 138. 0
O.G.K. (Vol. JII)
1!9. Toxin is a poi$Onous substance produced' by
a) some higher planLS b) cC:l"tai n animals
. c) d) all of tl K"sc .
140. The air we inhale isa rruxtureoCgases. WhichoCiliefoliowing
gases in this mixture is highest in percentage?
a) G., nlOn dioxide b) Nit rogen
c) Oxygen d) Ozone
141. A substance used to destroy micro-organisms and render the
material sterile is catted

a) ;' n antigen
c) an amitoxin
b) a di sinft."Cta1ll
d) all amill iolic
AbSence or inadequacy of proteins in the human diet, will
produce all following results, except
a) body's defences against infections will weah! n
b) pnxluCiion ofhannollcs needed hy the body will be i mpaired
c) convcrsion of hcat by rhe body cell s int o energy. which
sustains lifc, will be impaired
d) body's gro ..... th will be impaircd
Which of the following act a channel of transmission of.
blood to lhe beart in the hunlan body?
a) Anerics b) r..lusde fibres
c) d) Veins
As the number of micro-ory;anisms in G soil increases, the
amount of humus in the same soil
a) IIl creases b) decreases
c) remains unchanged
d) micro-organisms Clo 110( play any role in. the fOntl31ion of
To prevenlloss of weight, plants reduce trarupirutioJl by
a) shedding of leavcs b) reducing the si ze of J"eavt.'S
c) de\'eloping hair around stomal3
d) All of these
146. Why is tungsten used in the manufacture of e1eclric bulbs?
a) It has high melling point
b) It is cheaper than other met3b
c) II is bOlh durable and economical
d) II tite bulb-Iiglu brigluer
139. D 140. B 141. B 142. C 143. 0 144. A
145. D 146. A

SUn::I'S o.G.K. (Vol. Ill)
147. 'A labourer doing heavy work requires about
aj '1,500 calorie, per day h) 3,500 calories pe r dar
c) 2.500 calories per day d) none of these
148. In a normal human being how much time d.oes food take to
reach the end of the i.nlestine for complete absorption?
a) about 8 hours b) about 12 hoUl'S .
c) about 15 hours dj about 18 hours
149. A fishcmtan on the bank of a pond is to spear a fi sh.
He should
al aim above where he sees t he (ish
b) ai m directly allhe fi sh
c) 'ailll below the d) none of lhese
150. Aphasia an ailment which affects
a) healing b) eyesight
c) d) speech
151 . Which of the followin&" is mixture?
al sugar h) silver
c) alcohol d) air
152. How many teeth has a dog?
a) 32 h) 3 4
c) 38 d) 42
153. Which oflbe following causes poliomyelitis?
a) Dengue virus b) Ent erovirus
e) Mumps \irus d) Rhabdovirus
154. The hardest , ariety of carbon i.s
a) coke b) gas carbon
c) d. 'II11ond d) gr.lphil e'
155. Triple antigen provides immunity 10 children against all of
the following diseases, exeept . ..
aj Diphtheria b) Polio
c) Tetanus d) Whoopill g cqlgh
156. Which sugar is Qbtained from grapes?
a) Lactose b) M;tltosc
c) Sucrose d) ChICO${'
. 157. Which of the following is NOT a contal:;ious disease?
a) Mumps b) Small pox
c) Tull cf(ul osis d) l },plioid
147. B
153. B
148. B
154. C
149. C
155. B
ISO. 0
156. 0
151. D
157. D
152. 0
Sura's Q,G.K. (Vol . III)
Hard water becomes soft from temporary hardness when it is
a) placed in a dark b) boircd
c) combined wit h calci um hydroxide
d) fihered .
' ."hen a man become!> , ery angry his heart beats faster Why?
a) adrenalin is produced b) thyr oxine is produced
c) too much o( bit es are produced
d) None. of the .abo\e
Which one of the following will fall faster in vacuum?
a) Feat her b) A wooden ball
c) A sled ball d) NOlle of the above
In a freezer, the cubes will be formed more in trays
made of which of the following materials?
a) Plastic ' b) Aluminium
c) Silver d) Rubber '
In which fonn is the largest amount of energy received by the
Earth from the Sun? .
a) X-rays b) Gamma rays
c) Infra-red rays d) None ofl he above
How is an inverted picture produced?
a) By Jell s b) By pillhoJecalller=t
c) By mirror d) None of these
If a person is unable to.see objects distinctly at a dis tance
greater than four metres, then he is affected by
a) Myopia Hypennetropia
c) Astigmatism . d) Di sLOnion
How is rainbow fonucd?
a) Rene<:lion ofligl.1t b) Rerract ion oflighl
c) Refraction alld lotal im.emal renc.:: li on oflighl
d} Diffusion of light
Which of the following exerts force on the ground when a
bi cycle is moving?
ai Pedals b) Back' wheel
c) Front wheel d) Both the wheels
Hardness or water is due to the soluble salls of
a) SodiulIl alld Potassi um b) l'olassiulll and Calcium
c) Sodilnn and Maglll..'si ulil d) Calcium and ?lagm."Sium
158. B
164. A
159. A 160. D
165., C 166. D
'161. C
167. D
162. C . 163. B
Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. III)
168. Which of the following rrii:r.tures is used in an electric bulb?
a) Oxygen and hydrogen . b) Oxygen and Argon
e) Nitrogen and Oxygcn d) Nilrogcn and Argon
169. What is the use ofa photometer?
170 .
a) II is used for magnifying minute objects by lellS
b) It is used for measuring the intensity ofli glll
e) It is used for reproducing sound
d) None of the above
Why are small liquid drops spherical in shape?
. a) Bt.'Cause of gr<l\'itational force
b) Because afadhesioll
c) ' Ole atlUospheric pressure from all the sides are 0 11
the drop
d) l1le liquid tends 10 have minimum surface due to surface
tells ion
, .
171. The inform.ation retrievalm a magnetie tape is alW"aiYs
a) Random b) . Sequential
. c) Index Sequemial d) Ran.dom Sequent.ial
172. What is the uSe ofa hygrometer?
a) Used for measuring humidity in the air .
b) Used for measuring the specific gnwily
c) Used for measuring electricity
d) Used for alld lesting the purit)" of milk
17:J. What is l!:1e gas thai is used in an ice plant?
a) Ni trous Oxide b) Laughing Cas .
e) Ammonia d) NOlle of the above
174. Name the che.mical used for removing air bubbles from s:lals
its Ill3.nUfaclure .
a) Sodaash . . b) Feldspar
c) Carbonate d) Arsenious Oxide
175. The drus: which reduces.Blood Pressure is obtaim;d f!;Om
a) Solanum nigrum .b) Aconitulll
c) Ccnlcl la asiatica d) Ram"ollia serpemina
.176. Name theios1!Umenl used fOJ" taking photorra-ph in and
a) Infrared camcr.l
c) Video camera
168. D 169. B
174. A 175. D
b) E:i ne camery
d) NOlle of the abo .... e
170. D 17\. B
176: A
172 A 173. C
Sura' s O.G.K. (Vol. III )
177. Which.cay goes into iron?
a) Bela Ray b) Gamllia ray
c) Ultra ... iolet d) Nonc of the above

What does the nucleus of an atom has?
a) Protons only b) Proton and Nl!utron
c) !'rolOn and Eltttron d) Proton, Nctllron and Fleclron
179. What is th.e component in(N!dient of mothballs?
a) Naphlhalene b ) Chlori nc
c) lexlinc d) Bromi ne
180. The chemical name of table salt is
a) sodium chloride b) pouassium chloride
c) ionis<l lioll d) decomposi lion
181 . Which p s is used in a Dying balloon?
a) Oxygen b) ' Hydrogen
c) Nitrogen . d) Carbon di oxide.
182. Which one of tJIe following can be used for cleaning gl ass
articl es?
a) Turpcmi nc b) SLlkcti lime
c) Picceof flannel d) NOlle of t he abovc
183. What is the popular name for aspbalt?
. a) L:txalivc b) Laughing gas
c) cc.; mcll t d) None of the ab(l':c
184. What is the use of bone
a) III making shoe polishes b) For dccolourizi ng sUS-oI r
c) As a reduci ng ageut d) As a bleaching agcnt
185. Which is used as lotion for cleaning clocks?
a) Pcuu l b) Pen,wljn
c) Waler . d ) NOlle of l he alxwe
186. What is,the chemica1 naIDe for: ordinary chalk?
a) Nitrous Sul phate b) Ca lci um Carbou;n e
c) Calciulil Sulphate d) Nonc of the above
187. type of mirror is used by dentists to conce:ntcate light
on the lOOth to be examined?
a) Conca\'e b) Comex
c) Planc d ) Planoconvcx
177. B
183 . . C
178. B
184. B
179. A
185. B
180. A
186. B
1St. B
187. A
182. B

SUi'll" O,G,K. (Vol. lU)
188. What is the use of bitumen?
a) For tarring the road b) to.r treating mouth cancer
c) For manufactu ring slate d) N(' lI e of the above
189. What happeru to the colour of the doth..:s when ble",:ched?
a) Oxidiscd b) Reduced
, c) Neillter oxidis<:d nor reduced
I Why is the smell of agarbathi when lighted in a room is felt in
allthe'corners of the room?
c) Evaporati on
: b) Sublimation
. d) ' Diffusion
191 . Wbat is the'scientific name for soda water?
a) Carbonic acid b) Magnesium s(11)/lal e
c) Caustic soda dl NOlle of the above
192. 'How ean you remove Imllpoint stain?
a) Methyl alcohol b) PheJloyl solUlion
c) Ul1l11cthylat ed spirit d) None of the above
193., What is the chemical used for purifying water?
a) Iodine b) Chlonli c
e) Fluori ne d) Bl eaching Powder
194. What is the peculiarity of hydrogenated oil?
a) 10SI..-5 its smell
b) It has a s ..... eet slUeli
e) It bcgiils to flame it) the air
d) None of the above
195. Which is used for-eutting glass?
a) Di;Hllond b) Nickel
c) Grnphi lc d) None of Ihe 'ahO\'e
196. Any information that a uSt:r enters into a eomputer is called
a) input b) output
c) lIIod em d) vinl s
197. Which colour absorbs very low heat?
a) Whit e b) 'I'eIlOl"
c) Black , d) Blue
J 98. Which'one of the following liquids evaporates quieldy?
a) Water b) Pelrol
e) K:eroscllc d) Alcohol
188. A ' 189. A
194. A 195. 1\
190. 0
196. A
191. 1\
197. , A
192. C
198. 0
193. B

Sure's O.G, K. (Vol. III )
199. What islhe principle ofultr.unicroscope?
a) Reflect ion b) Dopplercffect ",
c) l ), ndall effect d) ft:h icrefTL'C!
200. Gelatin is to ice-cream to
a) avoid CI),stal formati on b) h .... stell freezi ng
c) give flavour aud taste . d) n Oll e of the above
201. Which one of the following is used to coat household articles?
a) Lead b)
c) Chromium d) T'in
202. T..v. anllmnas are usually made up of
a) Copper b) Sled
c) Al uminium d) Brass
203. Which one of the following "radioilctive clements is used in
heart pacemakers? .
a) Platinum b) Cobalt
c) Iodine d) TrOll
204. Name poison present,in lobacco. .
a) Conine b) NiCOli ne
c) d) Narcotine
205. Which metal when placed on a palm itself gets melted?_
a) Cesium b) Mercury
c) Platinum d) Aluminium
206. The cricket player catches the ball by gradually
pulling his arms back with the ball 50 that
a) He ma), Il eed 10 apply less force,
b) The ball may cOlllillUC 10 accelerate
e) The ball may come 10 resl
d) He may gct lime 10 apply ilion: force
207. Water for civil supplies i s commonly by
a) Chlori nation b) Di slmatioll
c) Fill ralioll d) . DccalHalioll
208. ' Which of the following chemicals is used in photography?
a) sih'cr bromi de b)'ium hydlVxide
c) sodiulll chlolidc d) pot assmm IHlral e
209. Alcoholic drink contains
a) But yl Alcohol
c) J' ropyl Alcohol
199. B 21l1l A
. 205. A 206 . A
b) Ethyl AkuhuJ
d) Mel hyl Akoh61
2JJ2 C 203. A
208. A 200. B

Sura', O. G. K. (Vol. III)
- ---
210. Name lht: gas used for nlaking vegetable ghce.
a) Nit rogen b) Oxygen
c) Sulphur . d) Hydrogen
211. Which of the followin! gases finds its application In
extinguishing fire? .
a) <;3rbon Ill onoxide b ) oxygen
c) carbon ~ i o x i e d ) all or the ab()\'c
212. What is the chemical namc ofa substance which kill s nts?
a) Whit e phosphonl s b) Red phosphorus'
c) Potassium cyanide . d) Ethyl Alcohol
213. The boiling point ofwale:r can be rai sed by
a) reducing pressure b) increasillg pressure
c) reducing heat supply d ) increasing heat supply
214. Which oflhe followin! regulatcs the quantum oflighi entering
the human eye?
a) Com ea b ) Iri s
c) Relina d) None of the above
215. The chief value of perspiration is that iI
a) el iminates bod)' odour .
b) illlpro\'e5 t he genn al health
c) opens the pores ill the skin
d) regulates body temperature
216. Whi c h of the foll owing i s r ich in all the three foods
carbohydrates, proteins and fats?
a) Rice grains b) Soyabeall seeds
c) Mango rnt it d) Cabbage lea\'es
2 17. Which of the following di seases is caused by- a virus?
a) Diabetes b) Malari" .
c) Small pox d ) Tuberculosis
218. When milk ill converted inlo curd, the sour taste is due 10
a ) a(ct ic.acid b) citric acid
c) lactic acid d) t.1l1aric acid
219. The temperature of a bl oc k of aluminium is 140F. Its
temperatuteon die centigrade scale will be
a) 32" b) 60"
c) 108
d) 1'10"
210. D 211. A
216. B . 21'7. C
212. A
218. A
21J. B
219. B
214. B 215. 0
Suro's 0.G.!( (Vol : 111 )
22.0, The function of haemoglobin in the human body is to
a) help excretion b) providc amillo acids
c) provide enzymes and hormones
. d) carry oxygcn 10 \arious lissucs
221, A compound is a substance which
a) contains two or m.ore clements chemic.111y combinetl
b) coritains [wo or more elemenls in any proponion
e) contains two elellIcilis d) lIonc of Ihese
222. A of wire is drawn unifonnly until its length becomes
double. Its resistance! will
a) . be reduced to half b) becomc double
c) be ill creast.-d four lilnc5 d) rcm<lill nnchanged
223. Thennostat Is a device for
.a) supply of heat al conSlalll ral e
b) raising the temperature of the system
c) st.orage of heat in the system
d) maintaining the temperature of the system ror considerable
224. The important ingTedient present in coffee is .
a) Caffeine b) TIleobromine
c) Cinchonine d) Quinine
225. Fats and c:arbohydr.ltes are an essential part of our food because
they .
a) fomi new tissues b) prm'ide energy
e) strengthen the bones d) contain essential vil.aiuim , '
226. Which of the substances is a polymer of isoprene?
.) Bakdilc . . b) Thiokol
c) Nalilra) rubber 'd)
227. In which of the following activities is silicon carbide used? .
) Making casls for statues. b) Di sinfecting water of ponds
c) Making cCIII(.'m and gl;lss d) CUlling \cry hard subslances
228. The basic reason for the extraordinary sparkle of a suitably
cut diamond is that .. .
a) it is \cry hard
b) it has well-dcfined clcavage plancs
c) it has a high refractive index
d) it has a \'t>ry high transparency
220. 0
226. C
221. A
m: 0
222. B
228. C
223. 0 224. A lli. B

Sura's O.G.K. (Vol III)
229. In an walCh, thc,comJX?nent to the
pendulum of a pendulum clock is a
a) diode b) balance wheel
c) crystal oscilialOr d) transistor
230. In normal condition, the pacemaker of bean is in the
AV b) . node
c) Sinus Venosus d) Lymph node
231. The centre for regulation of food intake in man is located in
a) Mt.'tl ulla
c) Cerebellum
b) Hypothalamus
d) Cerebral conex
232. in its form has a certain amount of sugar. This
sugar I!> called
a) sl1Crosc ' b) laCtose
c) d) glucose.
2-". While breathing, we inhale air which contains some cubon
diOxide. We aJso eUale carbon dioxide. Which of the following
statements reprdins the process oCbre.thing is true?
a) We inhal(' more carbon di oxide than i.'c exhale
b) We inhale and exhale equal amounts of carbon dioxide
c) We exhale more a rbon dioxide than we inhale .
d) The carboll diox.ide gets absorbed in our syst em
234. in the body is produced through the
a) release of enzymes
b) rel ease -of homlOll es .
c) lI"ansport of ox.ygen 10 the tissues
d) stepwi se break up of with. the help of en zym.cs
235. A virus i s an extremely small orpnism composed of
a) aceli c acid carbohydrates '
'b) acid and c.1.rbOhydr.ll es .
c) acetic acid and protein
d) nucleic acid ",ld protei n
clothes ue wanner than the cotton ones because
a} they arc better absorbers of heat
b) they are beli ef insulators of heat
c) Ihc..:y arc bell er radiators of heat
d) thL,. arc hc.1.vicr than cOllon d Olhes
m. c
. 235. 0
230. B
236. B
231: B 232. B
233. C i3,1. 0
Sura', O.G.K. (Vol . II!)
2!7. The type of motion performed by the needle of an ordinary
sewing machine is
a) oscillatory . ,
b) rot;nol)'
c) translatory
d) ' both and (c) simultaneously
238. Things weigh less on the J:Iloon than eaMh because
a) the force of gravity on the moon is more than thai 011 the
eanh .

b) there is np lIloisture 0 11 I.he llloon
e) . there is no force of. gr;:wilY on the moon
d) Ihe force of gravity on Ihe moon is less than Iha! 011 the
239. Which oCthe following is the best source of vitamin A?
a) Apple b) Carrol
c) Honey d) Orilllge
240. For making electrie wire, *by is copper used?
iii) It does 1101 melt .
b) Electrons becoille readily avail.1ble i.1l il
c) II llils good Ihermal conductjvity .
d) It i$ more durable
!4J .. Small drops ofa liquid spherical in shape because
a) lhe surface eneIX}' is maximum for the sphericill shape
b) for 'a given volullle, the surr.1ce area of a sphcre is maximum
c) lbe surface energy is minimulIl for the spherical shape
d) the earth attracts all the particles oflhe drop equally
242. Which one of the following glands controls lite development
of sex organs in humans?
a) 11IYroid ti) Pituitary
c) Pancreas 'd) Adre!1.11
245. Which of lite following organisms causes tuberculosis?
a) Protozoa b) C<x;ci
c) Bacillus d) Vims
244. Sulpha drus are effective against diseases caused by
a) . Bilcleria b) Wonns
c) Vitamin deficiency d) Glandular upsel s

237. A 238. 0 239. B 240. B 241. C 242. - B
243. C 244. A
Sura' s O.G.K. (Vol. IU)
245. Lime is sometimes applied to soil in order to
a) increase t heacidity of die soi l
bj restore nit rates to the soil
c) i I1 crcase 'he alkalin it }' of IIIC
d) make the soi l more porous
246. A body that absorbs all the cOJ.lsistent colours of light will
a) Hlue
c) Black
b) Browll
d) \%ile
247. Water pipelll burst in severe winter at hill stations because
a) they cont ract 011 cooling
.. b) Willer i ll the pipe col\lr.\cu on freezing
c) Wat er in the pipe expands on freezi ng
d) pipes expand 0 11 cooling ..
248. The presence of which of the followin! salts in water causes
corrOl.ion in steam
a) Calcium bicarboll,lI e - b) loolagm:siulII chloride
c) Potassium bicarbonat e d) Sodiumchloride
249. The putrefaction of animal remains is brought about by the
action of
a) baCleria . b) cliz}, lIles
c) illsects sunlight
250. The colouring maUer in the procl;!55 of bleaching. of textilelll
by the use of bleaching powder geta
a) absorbed b) displaced
c) oxidised d) reduccp
25 1. The uleofwhich oftht: followingdevic:es has given the modem
bi ologist a beuer insight into intcrnalslructure of cells?'
a) Cwnputer b) Electron microscope
c) Spt.oCtropholometer d) Uhracemri fuge
252_ The correct increasing order of abundance of the mam
components of air is
a) oxygen. nitrogen. argon
b) argon. oxygen. nitrogen
c) nit rogen, argon, ox}'gen
d) nllrogen, ox}'gen, argon
245. (' 246. C 247. C 248. B 249. A 250. C
251. B 252 B

SUI'Q'S O.G.K. (Vol . Ill)
255. Water is a compound because
a) it comains hydrogen and oxygen-
b) it exists as a solid. a liquid or a gas
c) il ()Yo diffcrem elements joilled by chemical bonds
d) it canllot be splil up illla simpler suustances by chemical
254. For beiDA: able to see three-dimensional pictures., we have to use
a) binoculars b) a camera
e) an epidiascope d) a sferroscopc
255. Rinporm affects
a) TIle bone tissue"orilic body
b) Epidennallissue orlile body
c) Respiratory system oClhe body
d) None of these
256. Acupuncture means
a) grafting Qf skin by surgery
b) . removal of dead tissues
c) therapeutic insertion of needles
d) scanning fOT location of mmOll1'S
257. Wfticb of the (oUowinz: acts as an _-illSl heat. cold '
as a shock absorber in the body?
.) ""Epidermis b) SubcUlaneous fal layer
c) - Dennis d) Endodemlis
258. 1;'he plants stop both respiration and photosynthesis rOT some
.) during daytime h) during the uighl
c) at dawn d) during twilight
Z59. The walls of a thennos-bottle are polished to prevent
a) absorp'lioll h) (ollvC(tiOIl
c) d)
260. Which one of the is not a disease of the plants?
a) Bligilt . h) . Rinderpest
c), -Rust d) Wil!
261. Four balls of the same mass., but made of different metals., are
exposed 10 sunlight. Which one of the balls made 'of the
following metals willlef. heated most?
a) Aluminium b) Iron
c) uad d) Zint
253. C
259. D
254. D
260. B
255. B
261. C
256. C ' 257. B 258. D
Sura'. O.GK (Vol. III)
262. The thyroid t:land in the human body is localcdin/neartbe
at neck b) 5plcCli
c) abdomen d) "mlpit
263. The unit fot mCaJlutemenl of energy produced by food in the
hwnan body is called
a) Cl lorie b) ohm
c) ampere d) wall
264. If the dislance from a source of light is halved, the intensity
. will
a) al so be halved
c) be doubled
b) remaillihe SilillC
d) be quadruplt!d
265. The sun rays falling on a thin film of oil spread over a water
surface breaks into diffe'rent coJouu. This is due to
aJ intcnerence . b) poL1riS<ltion
c) refraction d) diffraction
266. The pilch of the voice of women ill in general
aj marginally lower than titat of men
b) much lower than Ihal of men
c) thesamea; thal ofmcn
d) higher than chat of men

267. A common periscope is used to see outside objects above the
water surface from inside a submarine. FotdeOection of light,
it uses

a) optical f i ~
b) inclined plane mirrors
c) toLaI intenlal refraction
d) total intemal reflecti on
268. Manufacture of hydrogen bomb involves the principle of
aj a COlli rolled chai n react ion involvi ng liudear fission
b) a controlled chain reaction involving nuclear fusion
c) an uncont rolled chain react ion involving nuclear rlSsion
d) an uncontrolled chain reacti on involving lI.uclear fusion
269. Which of the foUowing elements is present in the highest
percentage in living matter?
a) Carbon b)
c) Nilfogcll d)
262. A
268. D
263. A 264. 0
200. A.
265. A 2M. D 267. B
SUrQ', O.o.K. (Vol . 1l1)
270. The con6ervation of hawks and owls i, important lomankind
. chiefly because these birds eat
a) numerous weed scros b) hannflll birds
e) many hannful rodellls d) hanufnl reptiles
271. If the plane of the earth's equator were not inclined to the
plane of the earth's orbit,
a) the year would be longer
b) the winters ','ould be 100.lgcr
c) there would be no change of seasons
d) lhe summers wouldbe warmer
272. Which one of the following element .. is least likely to be found
in commercial fertilisers?
al Nitrogen b) Phosphonl 5
c) PotassiullI d) Si licoll
273. An element found in all organic compounds is
a) Oxygen b) C., lcinm
c) Nitrogen d) Carbon
274. Which of the following is a physical change?
a) Oxidation b) Reduction
c) Dt.-comJ?Osition d) Sublimation
275. Friction can be reduced by changing over from
a) sliding to rolling b) rolling 10 slidiilg
c) potential energy 10 kinelic energy
d) dynamic 10 stalic
276. The working of a rocket is based on the principle of
a) ElectricilY b) Kepler's law
c) NewLOu's law
. , d) Conser.alion of momentum
277. The buo)'ancy depends on
a) Ihe shape of the body
b) lhe massofthebody .
c) Ihe inass orthe liquid di splaced
... d) the dePth 10 which Ihe body is immersed
278. If speed of rotation,of the earth increases, weight of the body
al IIlCreaSC5 b) remains unchang(.-d
c) decreases d) may decrease or im.rcasc
270 . . C
276. D
271. C
277. C
272. D
278. C
273. D 274. D 275, A
Suru' s O.G.K. (Vol. III)
Steel is more elastic than rubber because
a) it! demit)' is high b) it is a metal
c) rat io of stress to strain is more
d) rati o. of SlresS to strain is less
Which or the rollowing is based on the process or fusion?
a) AlOm bomb . b) Hydrogen bomb
c) Ordinary bomb d) Napalm
Hybridisation is
a) downward 'lIl ovemen! of wat er through soi l
b) a process of tilling the land .
c) decayed vegetable mail er
d) ctoss fertil isation Iwo \'ari elies
Of the following foods, which one is sou.rceof protein?
a) Bulter b) "'5h
c) Lcnll ce d) Milk. .
With ihe present-da,.: ,ad"'ance in medical techniques,
transplants are possible in aU or the following except
a) artery b) bone
c) comca d) kidney
A transistor is most Likely to be found in a
a) fuse b) fiuore!ICent lamp
c) hearing aid d) wr1,st
A person born with the inner ear m.i.ssing
a) ,",'Quid not have the Eilstachian tube
b) would nevcr be able 10 hear soulld
c) wOl dd be able to hear only with an hearing aid
d) could only hear a loud explosion
The po55ibility of hereditary variation is greatest when
a) occu rs. as in SOllie plants
bJ an abund am ;11110 11111 of food is p rovided fo r di e egg
c) orgauisms n-pnxluce sexually
d) org111lisllls n:: p nx .l ucc asexually'
An clectric bell is placed inside a bell jar which is to'
a vacuum pump. When the bell jar is completely evacuated
a) 110 sound can be heard
b) the loudness of Ihe sound will remain ullchall gcd
c) the loudness of the so und will increase
d) the loudness oflbe sound wi ll decrease
279. C
285. B
281). B
286. C
281. D 282. B
287. A
283. B 284. C
Sura's. O.G.K. (Vol. 111)
288. Rowan the spherical aberration ora human eye be corrected?
a) . By using a cylindncallens
b) By using a plano-convex lcns
c) By using a thin lens
d) None of the above
289. Astiptatism (ofa human eye) can be removed by using
a) concave lens b) convex lens
c) cylindrical Jens d) . prismatic IeI!S
290. Primary rainbow is formed when light suffen
a). ~ o internal refractions before emerging out of the drop
b) one internal refraction before emerging out of the drop
c) ilO illlernai refraction
d) either one or two internal refractions before emerging OUI
ohhe ~ p .
. 291, Liquids transmit pressure equally in all directions. This is
known as
a) Boyle-P:iscal's Law b) Pascal's La",
c) Archimedes Principle d) None of the above;:
292. On sudden cardiac lUTest, which oCtile foUoWutS is advised as
.1! first step to revive the functionins of human heart?
a) Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
b) Giving external cardiac massage
c) Sprinkling watc(;on the fuce
d) Giving cool water to drink
'295. Escape velocity of a. rocket fired from the earth towards the
moon is. velocity to get rid of the
a) earth's gravitational pull
b) moon's gr.lvitational pull
.c) cenuipetal force due to 'he eanh's rOlalion
d) pressure of the atmosphere
%94. Which of the following acts as a resistance apin.. disease in
the body?
.) CarbQhydrates b) Red corpuscles
c) Vitamins d) White'corpuscles
295. 'The chiefpurpose ofcrop rotation'is tocheck the lou of topsoil
a) by water erosion b) by wind erosion
c) by weathering d) of its mineral content
288. B
294 . . D
289. C 290. B
295. D
291. B 292. B 293. A
SUf'Q" O.G.K. ('hI. III)
296. Mirage observed on a road o:n hot summer is a
consequence of .
a) intcnlal reflection oflight b) polari13tion
c) diffraction of light d) refraction oflighl
297. Which of Ihe followinz: in the human body is popularly called
! .the 'Adam's Apple:'?
a) Adrenal
c) Thyroid
b) Liver
d) Thymus
298. When a moving bus slops suddenly, the passengers are pushed
forward because of the
a) friction between the earth and the bus
b) frinion bctv.'et!n the passengers and the eartll
c) inenia ofthcpasscngcrs
d). ineniaofthc bus
299. An eye defect which usually results fron:- an unequal curvature
of the come a is
a) .nearsightedness b) astigmatism
c) colour blindness d) night blindness
300. A phoro-electric cell converts
a) sound energy into electrical energy
b) light energy cncll,,}'
c) an elenrical signal into sound wa"cs
. d) electrical energy into light energy .
301. Which of the following sounds cannot be heard by human
. ear?
a) 300 vibrations/sec. b) I.OQO vibr.iliolls/scc
c) Id,OOOvibralions/sec d) 30,000 vib"rations/scc
302. Pressure cooker cooks rice faster because
a) it always letS the steam escape
b) high pressure crushes haf1l covering of rice graips
e) it does not let the heal energy escape easily
d) high pressure raiSl..'":S the boiling poim of water
303 . The reaction which converts sup!" solution into alcohol is an
example of
a) saponification b) hydrogenation
c) fennentation d) hydrolysis
296. A 297. C 298. C 299. B 300. B . ) 01. D
302. D 303. C
( - h Jd
Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. III)
304. The Rb factor refers to
a) a protein substance found ill the hlood of sOfTIe people
b) a hOllllone cllrried by the blood .
c) the ratio of red co'1>usclcs to white corpuscles inlhe blood
d) a process lhal speeds up the dOlling ofb[ood
305. 'The greatest value oChees to mankind is in
a) . supplyi ng of food for birds .
b) ensuring poll inatfoll of cenain crop p[aJits
c) storing hOll cy for mall's usc
d) furni s hing beeswax nceded in Cl' rlalll specialised
306. Penicillin is Widely used as
. a) . an antiscptic b) adisinfcctalll
c) .an antibiotic d) an insC/:licide
307. Excessive scaetion from the pituitary gland in children resuJLs
a) increased hei ght b) retard(-d growth
,c) ,:,",cakening of bones d) nOlle of the abovc
308. Wei&bt ofanobject put in a satellite orbiting in space around
Iheearth is
a) tile same as Oil the canh
b) slightly. more than that on the eari h
c) Icss thallthal on the eanh
d) reduced to zero ' . .
309. In which of the followin& pairs, 'the two substances forming
the. pair are chemically most dissimilar?
a) Sugar alid paper
b) BUller allc;l paraffin wax
c) Chalk and marble
d) Charcoal and diaiuolld
310. In which season do we need more fat?
a) Rainy season b) Spring
c) Wimer d) Summer
311. Which out of the following organs does not eliminate waste
products from'the body?
a) Large illl cstinc
c) Kidney
b) li\'er
d) Skin _
J04. A
310. C
305. B
31 1. B
){)6. C YJ7. A
308. D m. B
Sura' s O.G, K. iVol. lJI)

312. Superconductivity is a phenomenon in whicb the resistance of
a .!Iubstance
a) illcrc;Jses wilh lemp<'rarurc
b) decreases \,- j,h tcmper.llure
c) does HOI change wi th temperature
d) becolll es zero al vel)' low IcmperalUT"CS,
313. The melhod of estimating the age of the (niSI of the earth,
which is now belif:ved 10 be the most aceurate, makes use of
the rale of
a) accuillulation of scdimcntal")' !>cds
b) accullllllal1l11'ohalt ill tneocean
c) alOmi e <ii on (radioactivit y)
d) loss of heal by the ear.lh
314. Which of the following statemenls relating to sound and light
is true?
a) Light is" fOfm of kinet ic energy. whereas sound is a (ann of
potent ial cJI[:rgy
b) Light can be reflected but sollnd call1lOI be ,
c) Light travels LureI' in air than does sound
d) SoUIlO Iran-Is in waves but liglll does not
315. An element common to aJl'.cids is
.) oxygen b) hydrogen
c) sulpbur d) chlorine
316. Whieh of the vitamins is slored in the liver?
) Vitamin A b) VitaminC
c) Viuuniu B d) Vitamiu K
317. The purest form of water can be obtained. &:om
a) a deep luix"l'."ell b) a ruullIug su-eam
c) a hot water spling d) a hea\,. sh{)\\'erorrain
, .
318. Exposure to helpsa improve his health bec.:au.o;e
a) the inrra-rcd liglll bacteria in the body
b) resistance power increases
c) thc pigmclII cells in the skin get slimulaied and produce a
healthy tan
d) the ultr.l.\'iolct l<lys COll ve" skin 6il int o Vitamin D
31i. D 3\3. C 314. C 315. B 316. A 317. 0
318. 0

Sura's O.G,K. (Vol . Ill)
319. Small amounts of iodine are necessary in out" diet to
a) prevent pellagra
b) for underactivity o.f the thyroid gland
c) stimulate d Olling of blood
d) stimul,atc pituilary gland
320. The accoustical ensineer is chiefly concerned with
a) amplitude b) frequenci es
c) loudncss d) l"C\croeratiOll s
321. Photophobia is
a) a disease caused 100 much sunlight
b) abnormal illlolcrance of Ii gill .
c) the '1-djusullent of the eye for light
d) the ability 10 perceive light
322. Cancer in disease which
.) cannot be spread by those who have it
b) is. found only in human beings
e) develops only in certain organs of the body
d) is passed from generation to generation
323. The moon has no atmosphere
a) no all1lO5phere ever foroled there
b) the rocky surface completely absorbed the gases
c) due to me low temperature. gases have condensed

d) its gravitational pull is not st rong enough to hold
atmosphere .
!24. Rows of trees along the coastal area. to reduee the
impact of cyclone. are known a. .
a) Wind breaks b) PTOlcction forests
c) Mangroves d) Sheller belts
. 525. The element of an electric stove i. made of
a) copper b) invar
c) m.agnesium . d) nichrome
326. When is separated from milk

a) the density of milk decreases
b) the density of milk increases
c) the density of milk remains unchanged
d) il becomes ', Iore viscotl!
319. B
325. 0
320. D
326. 0
321. B 322. A
323. D 324. 0

Sura'. O.G.K, (Vol , III)
327. For dixestion offat, bile is needed. This is secreted by the
a) siomach ' . b) , piluital)' gland
c) . d) livcr
'28. All ohhe'following are plant products except
a) cork b) hemp
c) ' silk d) lincn
329. Which of the following diseases is generally spread by fleas?
a) Small pox b) Tetanus
c) l yplms d) YellO\v fever
330. Most commonJy W;f!d bleaehing agent is
a) alcohol b) cilrlx)!} dioxide
c) chlorine d).
331. For purifying drinking water alum is used
a) for coagulation of Illud particles
b) 10 kill bacteria
c) 10 rcmO\'e saiLS
d) ' to relllOllC gases
332. A weather balloon is not full" inflated on the &mund because
a) iflhe'balloon. is fully inflated." llIay not s!,ab!e ill a
b) the air inside lhe balloon expands as it rises and may burst
e) il cannol withstand the outside pressure iffully inflaled,
d) None oflhese
333. Vitamin BI! is most useful for combatins
a) anaemia b) goitre
c) lIighl blinduMs d) rickets
334. On a night when the l!ky is clear, the lemperanu:e may.dip
considerably; on a cloudy niXht, the temperature will usually
dip much less. The reason for .this is that ,
a) rhe clear allows radialll ellergy 10 escape readily from the
b) on a cloudy iliglll Ihe clouds are wann and thercJorc
the cooling
c) . the d ear sky allaws the cold of oUier to reach Ihe eanh
d) l'urrcnt s of air carry the hem a"'ay from fhe eanh a clear
3n. D
333. A
328. C
334, A
329. C
330, C
33'1. A 332, B

Suro's O.G.K. (Vol. III)

Different (onns of.a (:hemicaJ element are called
a) 3niol15 b)
c) d) buffers
336. Which one of the following may be reganJed as hauu-dous waste?
a) Any ""aslc which exhibits ignilabiJjty. corrosi\'jl},. reactivity or
b) Agticuhural wastes from dHlhse, I!ou-poiur sources
. c) ' Excreta from dairy r.,TffiS, pig farlll s and poultry f.mns
d) sewage '
357. Soda water is saturated with which of the followin! gases?
.) Carbon dioxide b) Carbon monoxide
c) Ammonia d) Sulphur
. . . . .
Which one of the .followinz: is r"e!lponsiblc ror avalanches in
snowclad mountains? ..
it} Its OWl! weight which irlls accumulatt:d to such 3n cxtelll that .
sliding rakes place
b) Mdling orice due 10 larger amOll11l orsolar energy absorbed
at higher altitudes
c) Melting orice due 10 high velocity wind in the upper. reaches
of mountains
d) None of the abo'"e
Which of the following parts of the sunlight makes the solar-
-cooker hot?
a) b) Red light rays
c) Infrared d) Cosmic mys .
A person the hill bends forward in order to
a) avoid slipping bj increase speed '
0;::) reducefatiguc d) inCrL'llSC stability
341, For a satellite 10 remain in orbit around the earth
a) the eanh's gravilalion IIlIIst be iL-ss than the centripetal force
needed to keep it ill circular orbit
b) the gravitation of earth and moon lIlust exel1 equal forces
on the satellite .
c) the gr:lVilation mqsl be e<lual to the cell lrifilgal force
10 keep il in circular orbil .
. d) the earth's gmvilatiolllllusl be equal 10 lilt, centripetal force
needed tp keep it in orbit
335, B 336. A 331, A 338, A 339. C 340. D
341. D
Suni& O.G.K (Vol. Il l )
H2. A small weight puton a pressure cooker increases the pressure
of the steam bec:ause
a) it is ai r-ught
b) areil of contact is very smil ll
(!) dcnsity of melal is very hi gh
d) pressure builds up
H'. Whic h oLlhe following is used in the recently develop!
technology for communication?
a) Optical fibre b) Glass fibre
c) I:"iyloll fibre - d) Quam. fibre
344. Nights are cooler in the desen bec:ause
a) 5.111(1 radiat es heat less quickly as compared 10 the eardl
b) sand rndiale5 heat more quickly as compared 10 the earth
c) sky IS generally cl ear
d) cooling effeci ofilt e nighl 1110011
;145. Common (!old is caused by
a) Bacteria
c) Virus
'46. When a ship floats on waler,
b) Vitaniin deficiency
d) Microbe
a) thc mass of \>'ater di splaced is more than the mass ohhe ship
b) it displaces IlOW<lter :;
(!). t he mass of water displaced is equal 10 the mass of ship
d ) the mass ofwalcr displaced is less than the lRass of shi p
'47. Which gas is more likely to esc:ape &om the atmosphere al
higher altiludes?
a) Hydrogen b) Oxygen
e) Nitrogen d) NOll e ortbe abcl\'c
348. Transfer of heat by convection takes place in.
a) gases - b) solids
c) liqu ids d) liquids and gases
'49. A red ball appear!! red because
a) it renl"Ct S red b) il absorbs red
c) it scatters rl-d d) it is paillted red
350. Sea water is highly conducting because
a) it has low density b) it has hi gh ~ t n i l y
c) i, has high dClisity d) II h<ls large electric capacity
342. B
348. D
343. A
349. A
344. B
350. B
345. C 346. C 347. A
SUrQ's O.G.K. (Vol. III)
351. Which of'the following is called king of chemicals?"
aJ Oxygen b) Sulphuric acid .
Diamol!d d) Hydrochloricacid
352. Chlorination of potable water is carried out 10
a) to remove roncll fish smell
b) kill germs
. c) render hannle5s minerals present ill water
d) to remove tracts of hydrogen peroxide
One most natural nitrogen fixation is by action of
al Rain waler b) Lightning
c) Ultra-violet rauiatioll d) Iufra- red radiation -
354. Tincture of is a5 an antiseptic. It is a solution of
iodine in
a) Waler b) Bromine
c) Alcohol d) Hydrogen peroxide
355. When the door of an operating refrigerator is opened, the
temperature of the fOOm will
aJ <.Iecrease b) remain ullchimged
c) decrease in summer aull increase in wi nt er
d) incr:case .
356. The mode of propagation of heat from the sun. to the Earth is
a) conduction b) conveclion alone
e) radiation alone; d) couvt.-cli on an.d radialion
357. Dark-winler clothing will
a) absorb heal b) decreasecoll\'ectioll currellis
c) reduce perspiration . d) reflect heal
358. There are two identical organ pipes with same lenp and
.same diamele:r. one is closed alone end while the other is
open at both the ends. The qualiiy of sound is-superior in the
open-ended pipe due to the
A) absence of hannollics
b) presence oflwo hamlOllics, bot h odd
c) presence of two harmoni!=s. both even
d) presence of 1""0 hannonics; one odd ariq the.Olher t...,cn
359. If someone says that there is energy erisis in the country. what
would it mean?
a) shon;J,gc of oil b) fossil energy is liflli lcd
c) atomic energy exhausted d) al Lofthese

351. B 352. B 353. B 354. C 355. 0 356. C
357 . . j\ 358 . . C 359. D

Sura's O.G.I(. (Vol. Ill)
36U. Frequency o(theA.C. mains in India is
a) .10 cps h) 60 cps
c) l OOcps d) 120cps
361 . Given below arc two statcnlenl5, one labelled as Assertion (A)
and the other labelled as Reason (R):
Assertion (A) : HOf tea placed in a thennos flask .. should remain
hot for hours.
Reason (R) : Heat rays canll ot Pll S! through vacuum.
In the context of the above two statements, which one or the
is correct?
a) BOlh A and R are tme and R is the COIT/XI explanation of r\
h) Both A aud Rare tmc, but R is nO( a correct explanation of A
c) A is truc, but R is falst:
d) A is false. bUI R is true
362. During a journey from earth to moon and back, the ,,"eatest
energy required from the spaceship's rockeiis to overcome
a) the gravity at lunar landing .
b) die earth's gravity at. take-off .
c) the moon's gr.wiiy at take-ofT
d) the c,mh's gravity al re-entry into the aunospllerc
363. The same notes being played on the Sitar and Veena diffcr in
a) Quality b) Pitch
c) Neither qualit ), ,ior pitch d) BOIh qualit y and pitch
364, Injet aeroplanes the fuel used is
a) dit$cI b) petrol
c) kerosene d) akohol
365, What happens when you blink?
a) the iris changes $ile b) the coniea is washed
c) sight is focu'sse:d d) your sight is rested
!l66. Treads on the shoo soles are made to increase
a) Slrcngi h h) durability
c) frinion d) elasticity
367. Energy isdiiectly or indirectly from
a) Moon b) Sun
c) SIOI N d ) Wal er
300. A
366. 0
361. A
367. B
362. B 363. A
364. C 365. B

Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. Ill) =.
368. forensic scientists are using a most rec:endy developed
tool namely ,
a) NMRilOaging . b) t:nz}'I llol ogy
c) DNA Fingcrpril1ting d) Ultra Sound
369. What is a biofertiliu:r?
a) A quick growing crop whiwll cci ami ploughed under rhe
same field to illcorpor;uc into the soiL . .
b) ROLH .. 'ti 3l1imai aud vegetable rdusc
c) . Mixture of cattl c dung and crop residues
. d) Nitrogen-fixing micfO..OI-ganism wliich cnrich soil
370. It has been a-very old practice in India to prepare pickles
without addin! any chemical preservatives. What is the
factor that prevents spoilage of such pickles by micro_
a) Oil h) .. Chilli es
c) Coriander d) .. Salt
371. A characteristic gas smells near the unclean public urinals .
. Which is this ps?
a) ,Ammonia b) Chlorille
c) Sulphur dioxide d) Carbon monoxide :
372. Milk has sweet taste of its own due to a eertain sugar present ip
it,. whereas, the curd prepared from I1l;ilk is sour. This cbahs-e
involves conversion of
a) Sucrose imoS\lccinic acid b) Glucose illl o s:!ulaminc
c) Fructose into fumaric aci d
d) L1ClOse into lactic acid
573. The purpose of ruse wire in electric installation is
a) 10 prevent the building from damage whcn high voltage'
current n OW5 .
b) 10 protcct the building from lighting di scharge
c) to savc on electricity . d) Ilone of thcse
374. When you eat asparagus, you are eating
a) toot s b) . stems
c) leaves d) flowcrs
375. The characteristic odour of garlic i!l' due 10
.a) a chlonh:ompound b) a sulphur compound
c) a nuorinc compound . d) acetic acid
368. C 369. D 370. A 371. C 372. D 373. A
: 374. A . 375. B
SUI'O' S O_G. K. (Vol. . lIl)

Whi ch one of the following has Ihe highest fuel value?
a) Hydrogdl b) C: harco.1l
c) .'Jarunl gas d) J;asolinc
Whi ch one of Ihe following used as an anlifreexe for Ihe
automobile engine!!?
a) Propyl alcohol b) 11];1[101
c) Met hall ol d)
Whi ch one of Ihe following is cultivated by transplanting
a) Maize b) Sorghum
c) Onion d) Soyabean
Whi ch ,?nc of Ihe follot(ing would be most suitable for use in

a) from a lake .b) Pond waler
c) . Raill\.ltcr d) Ri\'erw;lIer
Consider Ihe following statements:
Assertion (AI: Hardness of water is d ue 10 the presence of
calci um and magnesi um ions. .
Reason (R) : Calciul\I ana magnesium ions form insoluble
salts wit h soap.
Ofthesc stalcments:
a) Both CA) and (R) are 100e. and (R) is the correct explanalioll
of (A)
.b) Bot h (A) and (R) are tme, Inll (R) is not thecorrect explanation
. of (A)
e) (A) is [lUI';, but is false
d) (A) is talse. but (R) is U'ue
Which one oCthe C",lIowing does not pollute atmospheric air?
a) CarlJou 1l1onoxidc . b). Hydrogen sulp hide
c) 1"ilrogcn d) C&Jrbon dioxide
Ri sing or setting sun appears reddish duc to the fact that
a) Oiffraction caust's f e<f rays 10 reach the earth at sunrise and _
b) The sun colder at sunri se and
c) Reneclioll oflighl "'ys iakes place al sunrise and sunset
d) Scancring of light r.l ys takes place al sunri se
376. A 377. D 378. C 379. C 380. A 381. ('
382. A
Sura' s D.G.le (Vol . 111)
383. The sense of smell would be: affected by injury to the
a) oculomOlor nerves b) oplle uerves
c) trochlear. nenes d) olfaclot)' ncn'es
384. Potato is a rich source of
a) Vitamin C
, . .
c) Vililmin A
385, Pollination i.
a) rhe tTansfer of pollen
b) the sanie as fertilisation
c) reduction
b) Vitamin D
d) Cakium
d) characteristiCs of algae and fungi
386. Match List I with List II arid select the correct answer by usiJll
the codes r;iven below the lists:
List I
A) The colour of ink
C) Paint
D) Paper
.) 3
b) I
d) 2
List II
Organic compounds of Fe
2) Linseed oil
3) Byproduct of soap
4) Cellulose
587. The eellula .. phone system (Mobile Communication System)
I has a basie operational buildinr; block. It is a
.) Transmitter bl Subscriber
c) d) Radio base sial ion
588. Consumption of milk containing strontiumgo may result in
a) anemia b) ricketS
c) hyperthyroidism . d) . calcium replatemelll
389. A large iceherr; melts at the base but not at the top. because
a) the base of the iceberg remainsin warmer surroundings
b) iceallhe base contains impurities
e) due to higher Pres5Ufe, icc at rhe its melting
d) ice al the lOp is ora different kind
383. 0 A 3&5. A 386. B 387. C 388. 0
389. C
$"",,'. O.G.K. ( Vol . III)
590. What will be the brakins force to stop a car within the same .
distance when is doubled?
a) Four limes b) Twice
c) Half d) One oilrth
391. On which of the (oUowins: does the photostat
machine work?
a) Magneti c image-making
b) Thennai image. making .
c) Elt."CllUSlatic image-making
d) ElcclrolllagnClic image- making
_ 392. Which ofthe'ollowins: is thesize of the commonly used floppy
a) 3'h"
c) 1"
b) 5"
d) 3"
393. Which oCme followinz: is true when we Sft: II rainbow?
a) The sun and the rain drops are in front of us .
b) The sun is behind lIS and the raill drops in orus
c) We r., cc the sun when it is drizzling
d) The sky is clear and the SUliiow inlhe sky
. . 394. Why-is direct X.ray phofognph of'the intestines no,t ,cnerally
taken bY,1I ntdiolosilt?
.) The if!.tcslincs Rlay burst on exposure to X-mys
b) X: rays would not pass through the iillestilfes.
c) X- rolYs pass Ihrough ttic in!cslines withollt a good
d) EH:n \'cry small cxr.Osure of X-rays may cause canccr of the
. .
mt csUll cs.

. ,
395. What is the normal blood sugar (fasting) range in mgldl or.
healthy human beins:?
a) 'IO GO b) 120 150
c) 70-"100 d) 160-200
396. the hormpne
a) H, H
c) Appetill
whi ch increases bunger ror '.'lore
b) Orexal ogin
d) Ort'"Xis
3SU. A 391 . C 392. A 393. B 394. C 395. C
396. D
.. .. ., .
. ..
Sura's O.G.K. ('hI. III)
397. Consider the following statements:
ASsertion (M : The amount of sunli ght incident 011 any place
on the Eanh is the greatest at noon
Reason (R) : TIle sun is nearest to Lhe Earth at noon.
Of these .
a) Both A and R are true and R is the corrcct explanation of A
b) Both A and R are true but R is nOllhe cOITCCll.."Xplanation of A
c) A is true but R false d) A is fulse but R is true
398. Whieh,one of the following methods most suitable
. for purifying water containing suspended impurities?
a} Sedimentation and filtration
b) Treatment with bleaching powder
c) Aeration d) Di stillation
599. Which of the following are nilrogenous fertilizers?
I. Calcium cyanamide D.. Urea
W. Bone ash Iv. Ammonium sulphate
Select the correct answer using the codes &i\len below:
a) I, II and III
c) II; lit and IV
b) T. II and IV
d) I. III and IV .
400. Which mine:nil is NOT dis50hed when vegetables are
- .. ,
coo .......
a) Potassium
c) Sodium Chloride
b) Cakium
d) Tron
401. Afuse is used in maineleclric supply aJI a safety device. Which
one of the following statements aboullhe fuse is
a) Il is in parallel with main switch
b) It is made mainly from silver alloys

c) Il must have a IOI\ mclting poilU
d) It must have a Yer}' high resistance
402. Whit;h of the j.":ause eutrophication of a water body?
L .Domcslic.waslc n. mel ""Is
m. Agricultural runoff Iv. Nuclear wasle
Select the correct answer the codes &iven below:
a) I.and II
e) I and III
III and IV
II and IV
3fJ7. A 398. C 399. B 400. D 401. C 402. C
Sura'. O.G.I(. lVol. HI )
403. A lighted tcandle gets extinguished when c;:overcd with a
tumbler beuuse .
a) the supply of air is CUI off and ,tic n;me goes out

b) the supply of oxygen is ( ut off and the flame goes oul
c) the tumbler has an eXlingu islling elTecl 011 [he fla me
d) none of these
404. Air i, blown o.ver a hal body' 10 cool it. This would increase
the rale of he a.!. loss by
a) b) rad iation and convection
c) d) condm;li on and COll\'ect iOB
405. Consider the following ,tatemenUl:
Old table fims often Start. ",alking. This is due to
I. unhalanced blades
II. axis ohlle blades 1I0t beillg tnlly horizont al
Ill. excessive friction
IV. lncreased air resistance
Of these statements .
a) I and II are correct b) II and III are correci
e) III and IV are COITCCt d) I .utd IV are correcl

406. A rifle with muzzle velocity of 1500 .m/see shoots a bullet at a
.small target 150 metres away. How high above the target must.
the rifle be aimed so that the bullet hits the target?
a) O.OCIl1 b) .
c) 9.8cm d) 98.0 ( Ill
407. Given below are two statements, one labelled as Assertion (A)
and the other l.belled as ReaSon (R):. .
Assertion (A) : Woollen i f washed in water I05e theiT
abilitY. lo provide wanritlt
Reason (R) : Wool fibres chemicaily with "'<l ter.
In the contexl or the above" two statements, one of the
following is COITttI?
.) Bvth (A) and Ime. and ('R) is the correct explalhltioll
. of (A)
b) Boll I (A) :lnd (R) are lme, and l R) is nOi thecomxt expiallalioli
of (A)
c) (A) 1$ tmc;but (R) is false
d) (A) is f.l lse. bUI (R) is tOle
403. D <IDt. C 405. A 406. D 407. A
Sura'. O.G.K. (Vol. III)
lIOS. Which one of the following statements reptding a rainbow i.
a) It is always seen as an arc or a circle
b) Tbe order of colours is always (rrom the top to bon om as
seen from !he ground) Violet, Indi go, Blue. Green. Yellow,
Orange, Red' .
-. c) The order of colours 15 always Red, Orange. \'ellov., Green,
Blue. Indigo, Violet, top to bott om as seen rrom the ground
d) The order of- colours can he cidll:r violet to red or red to
violet depending IlpOIl the lillie' day'
409. Acetyl salicylic acid is used as
a) Pain' reliever b) Paint
c) Fertili zer d) Cooi anl
410. The wQrking of the receiverofa telephone depends upon the
a) change in magnelisalioll or an clpctromagnct. whicli causes
a diaphragm to vibrate . . .
b) efficiency of the loudspeaker which enhances the loudness of
c) con .... ersion or electric signal. its amplification inlo sound.
d) diaphrag.m which is made to \'jbrale br Ihe illcol.ning soulld
41,. Usually li,ht travels faster than sound. However, when we
iwitch a television set on, the picture comes later than sound.
The.reiuon il that
a) in 'TV transmission sound is transmitted fi rst and piclure is
b) there i5 always a delay ill the picture tube gelling swi tched
c) emission of electrons from the picture tube la.cs time
the wiring for picture tube is much longer compared to that
ror speakers
412. A tail attached to the kite fiyin, in air helps
. a) the 'kite IQ rea'ch greater heights
b) to increase the tension ohhe string
e) to reduce the tension or the S!ri!lg
d) 10 check sudden irregllla'r movements in air '
408. A 409. A 4\0. C 411. C 412. D'.
Sum' s O. G.K. (Vol. JII )
413. Which one ohhe f0110\\ing is NOT a mosquito.borne disease?'
a) Dengue Ft'\'er b) Fil:l riasis -
c) Sleeping sickness d) M:lI;lI; a

414. Seedless fruits are formc!d due to the influence of
a) colchicine b) sucrose
c) hormones d ) pure linolein
415. Dehydration in human body is caused due to the loss of
a) vitami ns b) salt
c) ' hormones d ) \<I';tler
416. A boat will when il displaces water equal to its
a) volume b) weight
c) surface area d) density
417. Tobacco is preserved from drying OUI in
a) Glycerol b) .Glycol
c) Ethanol d) Acelone
418. The shining particles seen in the path of beam from a
in cinema haH is due to
a) shrning panicles cmanating from projcclOr
b) scall ering of lighl by dust particles in the parh oCt he light
c) ' BroIvnian movement of t he dust
d ) eieclriCi I propel1ies of dust particles
419. What is the cause of deforestation?
a) DesLnlClion
b) Rapid explosion ofhullian aud Ih'cstock population
c) Loss of green wealth
d) None of lilese
420. When does the heart take rest?
a) \,hile rou sleep b) between be<lts
c) during st ress d) ncver
421. Ozone, a moh."Cule made up of three 310ms of oxygen,
comprises a layer of the lllmosphere that
a) absorbs harmful ult raviolet radiil tion
b) brings ull usually cold willler
. c) keeps continued prcsencle of man-made clilorine chemicals
d) absol"i)s acid in Ihe upper. at lll osph ere
413. C
419. B
414.' C
420. D
41 5. D
42]. .A
4\6. B 417. A 418, C
. '

. .
Surd. O.G.K. (Vol. Ill)
-422. Which o(the following are pollutants that a traffic cOnstable is
likely to inhale?
I) Carbon monoxide 2)
3) Sulphur dioxide . 4) Oxides ofn'ilmgcll
Choose the correct answer from the codes below:
a) 1,2and3 b) 1,3alld4
c) 1,2and4 d) 2.3and1
423. The presence of moisture in -atmosphere can be ascertained
by. observing waler .drops outside the surface of a steel glass
filled with
a) hOl milk
c) (old water
b) hOi water
' d) ordinaryw;uer
. .
424. Which oxide of nitrogen is used as anaesthetic?
a) Nitrogen dioxide b) Nilncoxide
c) ' Nitrous oxide d) Nitrogen pentoxide
425. Hardware is related to
a) CalculalOr
c) Acids
426. Pape:r is chemically
b) Dress items
d) Computer
a) .Cellulose b) Glucose "
c) Rayon d) fui)'Villyl chloride
427. A piece .of stone is thrown hori,wntally from a heijll:hL The ...
path of the stone will be
a), b) vertical
c) circular d) but not circ,ular
428. IFweplace hand under an electric lamp, hand will receive heat
by the process of
a) conauClion and convection
b) convecti on
c) convection radiation
d) I"ildiatioll
429. Water in a beake,r at room temperature is poured on a slice of
ice at IO'C. IFthere is no change of heat coming from outside.
then the WliI!ter will
a) cool to 4"C, bUI no ice ""ill mel!
b) cool 10 (IOC and some icc Will mel!
c) become ice at Q"C d) slightly cool
422, C
428, D
423. C
,429. D
424. C
425. D 426. A 427. D
, .
, .
Sura', O.G.K. <Vol . III)

. 433.
Which one of the foUowing items of food contains maximum
a) Banana
'c) calle sugar ",
Source of vitamin C is
b) Cabbage
d) Fish
) mill b) egg
c) cilms fruit d) carrot
The pitch of the voice of women is in general
a) ,higher thali tilal of men
b) marginally lower than thai of men
c) IllIleh lower than thaI ofmcn
d) the 'Sallie as that of men
If father tas blood group A and mothel" luis blood gToup 0
then which one otlbe following bJoo(f ,"",ps may be found in
their son? . .
') B
b) AS
c) 0 . d) B,ABorO
Air coolers are more suitable for
a) Hot and dry clima,le b) Hot and humid climate
c) Cool and humid dim.lIe d) Cool and dry i l l l ~ l e
435. A man jumped al a speed of 5 metres peT second from a .
stationary boat and the boat moved off with the speed of 0.5
metre per second. I;fow many times is the. of the boat
greater than of the man?
a) 5.5 times b) . 4.5 times
c) . 2.5 limes d) 10 limes
~ 436. Which of the following enters the human body through skin?
a)' Tapewoml " b) HooKWonu
c) Ringwoml d) Threadwoml "
437. Which of the following group, of fuels can be c1assified"as
processec:l fuels used for"cooking? , "
a) Wood. Kerosene. CharCoal

b) C!mrcool. Kerosene. Coal
c) LPG, Wood, Coal " d) Kerosene, Charcoal.LPG
438. The sex of a ehild is determined by:
~ Chromosomes of father b) Chromosomes or mother
~ Rh factor or parents d) Blood "group or r.,ther
Sura's O,OX. (Vol , III)
459. lfthe ...dius ofa circle be: doubled, its area will be:
a) Same b) Doubled
c) TIlrtt limes d) . RJur times
440. The dress made oul of "'hieh material is safe 10 wear while
.) eOllon b) si lk
c) nylon d) overcoal made OUI oflerylene
441. 'Heavy waler.' is used in
a) making soft drinks b) alomic reaclors
. . e) car battery d) .hospitals for drinking
442. The lowest fal pereentas:e is found in the milk of:
.) buffalo b) goat
c) cow d) aunci
. .
443. Ban beari"" are used in cydes, scooters, etc. 10
a) reduce friclion between wheel and axle .
b) increase friction between wheel and axle
e) .loreduce friction belween ground and vehicle
d) to reduce ar.ea of contact bet,:"een Ihe two surfaces in
444. 9imate is an important physical element because
.) it indicates Ihe atmospheric conditions ofhcat. moisture and
air circulation
b) it plays a dominant role in shaping ,and soils
c) il the mode of human life all over the eanh's
d) il ultimately affeclli all fonns oflifc
+45. Name-plates made of bra5s gel discoloured in air because of
the presence of whieh of the folI9wing gases in the air?
a) Oxygen b) Nitrogen
c-) Carboll dioxide d) Hydrogen
-446. Mosquil0e5 can lay eggs on the surface ofwa(er. But.when oil
is sprinkled on the surface of water, mosquitoes cannot lay
eus because '
a) surface tension ofwaleJ" is increased .
b) viscosity of water increases
, e) surface tellsion of water decreased .
d) water..oil mixlure aCIli as a mosquito repelJant
439. 0
445. C

440. 0
446. C
441. B
442 . . B ,443. A
444. A

________ c-______________________ ___
447. When . -soap bubble is charged
a) ils radius increases b) lIS r.l.dius decreases
c) its radili s'remains ullchanged
d) jt collapses
448. The ozone layer of me earlh is useful for living beinS's
a) II serves as the source of oxygen by decomposing air-
b) It maintains the nitrogen cycle ofthe earth
c) II maintains the tempe-ramI"(: orthe eanh

d) II protects them from excessive ulLrnviolet rars of the sun
449. A defect in lens due to the dispersion orligh1 is called
a) myopia- ,b) astigmatism
c) sP.hericaJ aocrralion d) chrmnalic aberration
450. Sound waves above 20,000 cps. are calred
a) supersonic b) overtones
c) infrasonic d) . ultrasonic
451. As a metal rod increases in len'gthdue to. heating its diameter
a) increases . b) decreases
c) remains the same d) None of the above
: ' 452. A rubber balloon II!! blown up with carbon dioxide .which is
almost 1.5 times as dense as As the balloon expands the
buoyant force of the air outside the balloon
a) decreases . b) first increases, then decreases
c) increases d) None of the above
.\ 453. On a clear, calm day, as the temperature decreases, the relative
a) . increases bl remains the same
c) remains lhe same d) None of the above
454. A photoppher, using a locussing camera, has just a
picture of a distant object. To take a picture of a "ear object,
he should
0) move the lens toward the film
bl move the le.ns al,'ay from the film .
c) leave the JellS where if is d) None of the above
The purPose ora filament in a raClio tube is to
a) elllilhcat b) emit.light
e) emit electrons d) absorb light
447. A
453. A
448. D
454. B
449. 0
455. C
450. 0 451 : A . . 452. C
Sura', c,G.I<. (Vol. JII)
.. .
456. The .eight of a body at the centre of the earth will be
a) the s.,me as Ihal oil the 5urface of lhe "eanh
b) more than thai on the surface of tile earth
c) half of Ihat 0 11 the surface of the earth
d) zero "
457. When a ship enters the sea.nom a fresh water river, it will
"a) rise 10 a higherlevel bl siuk
c) remai n at the same level as il was river
d) first rise and then sink slightly
458. Refrigeration is process
a) Kil ls uacteria
b) Slows dowllthe bacterial growth
e) Inactivates the bacteria d) Plasmolyses the hacteria
.459. The function of pace-maker is
a) Regulati on of urine 'fonllatioll
bl Rcgulation of digcstion
c) initiation of heart beat d) Initi atioll ofrcspir:uioll
460. The besl method of disposal of garbage is
a) Vcrmicultun: b) Incineration'
c) Land filling . d) Buming
461. In scorpion, poison is present in
a) Leg bl Hamr
c) MOlllh d) 5t.iug
'462. The least prone to catch fire is
al Nylon bl Polyesler
c) COIlOIl d) Terylenc
463. Which one of the followinA: i s found in kidney stones?
a) SOOilim oxalat e bl calcium oxalate
cl Sodilllll chioride . d) c:.,1ci umaccLat e
464. Helium gas is filled in balloons because "
. a) Its atomic IIlI umeds 2 " b) It is lighter thail air
c) . It is one of the colist itiu:::ms of I\"ater
d) It is a gas .
465. The ratio of pure gold in 18 carat gold is
OIl 100% ' b) 80%
.c) 75% d) 60%
456. D
. 462. D
457. A
463. B
458. B
464. "
459. C
465. C
460. B.
461 . D
. I

Sum' $ 0 G.t<. (Vol. III)
466. Persistence of vi sion is the principle behind
a) Camera b) Spect roscope
c) Cinema d) Periscope
467. In Ii nucleaT reactor, one of the following is used as a fuel
a) Coal b) Uranium
c) RadiulIl 'd) Diesel
468. In a railway track, two rails arejoined end to end with a gap in
between them because
a) Steel can be savcd
b) Accidcn1.5 due to contraction in winter can I>c a"'oided
c) Ai r-gaps due 10 expansion in "Summer call be avoided
d) Accidcnts. d ue to expansion in summer can 1><: avoided
469. Growth of the baby in the uterus is found using
a) X-ra)"s b) Gamma rays
e) Ultra sound d) rays
470. Vehicle tyres are inflated properly
a) To ell sure smooth running
b) To-allow the vehid e to take more load
c) To avoid skidding and to minimise friction
d) To go fast and save fuel
crystals used in quartz clocks etc. , is
a) sodium silicate b) silicon dioxide
c) a mixlllre of silicon oxide and gennaniulIl oxide
d) gemlalliulIl oxide
An electric bulb, raled al 100 walts 250 volu, is connected to a
source of230 volts a.c. mains. The bulb is for 100 day.s
at the rate or 10 hours per day. What is the cost of buming the
bulb if 1 tlnit of electricity cosU 50 paise? .
a) Rs. 100 b) Rs. 1O
c ) Rs. 50 d) Rs.2S
473. Which one of the following &ClIO of is used ,for
making safely matches?
a) G.1I'boll . sulphur and gl ue
b) Potassium chlorat e. a.lltimony sulphide and glue
c) Lead d ioxide. carbon and parll llin
d) Silir:ou d ioxide. sulphur and paraffin
466. C 467. B 468. D 469. C 470. C 471. B
472. C 473. B
Sura's C' C r , (Vol. til)

474. Give.n below are two siatements, one labelled as (A)
and the other labelled as Reason (R):
Assertion (A)' : WIlilc taking a shaq:i tllm :11 high speed. a tn d.
load of fodder OVCfltlfll S llIore than
a truck load of iron bt:ams.
Reason (R) : T he centre ofgra\'ity oftl1ld. carrying fodder is
lowered and rhe vertical line ttirough its' e.G
falls oUl side the base on a sharp luni, whi le for a
truck carrying iron beams this does not happen.
In the context of the above two statemeiu.s. which one of the
followins it correct? .
) BOlhA and Rare tnl e and R is Ihe COlTect explanation of A
b) Both' A and R arc true, bUi R is not a correct cxplanalio!1 of A
e) A is true. but R is false' .
d) A is fa lse; but R is true
. 475. Athletes norinaIly have laJ"ler sized hearts because: \
a) their .. blood is thicker and more hean muscle to
'circulate it
b) their cardiac outpul is regulated by change of cardiac rate
during workolll '
e) greater blood pressure dC\'e1oped during workoul
thicker hean walls
d) ,their cardiac OUipUI is regulated bychange ofsU'o\.;c volume
during w'orkoul

474, . C 475. C
A person can buy 3 more copies of a book if the shopkeeper
reduce!! the price by. 20% by paying Rs.720. The original
price of the book is
a) Rs.30
c) Rs. 50
b) Rs.45
d) Rs.60
A circle orradius 12 em huits radius decreased by 25%. The
percentage or decrease in iu area is
a) 25. b). 37.5

c) 42.25 d) 43.75
A isl0 years older than B. x years ago,A was twice as old as B.
If B is 12 years old now, then l( is
a) I b) 2
c) 3 . d) "
4 persons work 4 hours per day and complete .job in 4 day.,.
If 8 persons work 8 hours per in how Diany days the job
. will be
a) 8 days. b) 4 days
c) 2 days . d) I day
A train passes a platform 60 metres long in 20 secqnds.ilRd a
man in 12 The speedorthe train is .
a) 18k.m/ hr b) 27k.m/br
c) 36 klll/ hr d) 40 Km/ hr
The average age of students of a claSs is 15.8 yean. The average
age of boys in the is 16.4 years and that of the lirls is 15.4
years. The ratio or number of boys to the number or in
the class is
a) 1 ; 2
c) 3: 5
b) :3: 'I
d) 2: 3
7. Ira number is added with its square and when 28 is added, the
resuhing number is 300. What is that
!iI) l8 b) 15
. c)16 d) 14
Am: I. D
- 7. C
2: D 3.B . 4. D 5. B 6. D

. .
Sura' s a.o.K. (Vol. lIli
Tb,e ReF of two numbers is 6 and their LCM is 1260. If one of
the numbers is 126, the other number is
a) 30 b) 60
c) 90 d ) 15
9. What would be the maximum value of Q in the following
5P9 + 3R7 + 2Q8 = 1114
.). 8 b) 7
c) 5 d} NOlle of these
10. a, b, c _ are three con.sec:ucive multiples of 3. Which of the
foUowing is divisible,by 9?
L a + b II . ab
IIl.a + b + c
Of these :
a) I only
c) m only
'11. In the fi&Ure LAOB"=?
b) , If .only
d) BOlli II and III
b) 6 ~
d) I 10

12 . . In a college, 20% othe female studentS read 5Cience and 35%
of Ote stUdent population are females. What percent of the
student population an: female science students?
.) 7% b) 17%
c) 17.5% . d) 15%
B 9. 0 10. C 11. A 12 A

Sura' s O.G. K. (Vol. III )
What will be the Jengtl:l of the diagonal. of that square plot
whose area is equal to the r ~ ofa rectanVJlar plol of length
4S metres and breadth 40 metres?
a) 42.5 illelre1 til. 60 met res
c) 1800 metres d) 80 mt:tres
A pole 6 III in height cast a shadow 4 m long at a time when
shadow of a tree measures 16 m. The height of the tree is
a) i Sm '. b) 24 m
c) 30 m d) 36 IIi
15. The .-alio of two numbers is 2: : 3. Their sum is 60. The
I .
20 . .
numbers arc
a) 20, 10
c) 30 .30
b) 24, 36 .
d) 25. 35
What is the principal amount which eams Rs. 132 ascompound
interest for second year with 10% interest per annum?
a) Rs. l. 200 b) Rs. I, OOO
c) Rs. 12,OOO d) Rs. l .320 '
Simplify :
.) 6
<) 2
x 9
8' x 3'
, d)
The product of two numbers is 192. IfthedilJerenu between
these two numbers is 4, what it the sum oelbese two number.?
a) 28 b) 26
c) 32 d) 42
Which of the following numbers is exactly divi sible by 24?
a) 638 10 b) 537804
c) 3 125736 d) 357 18
1 1 1
In the geomeuic series, )' 6 . 12 ... ..... I ~ e 8th tenn is.
1 1
a) 24 b) 18
I ' 1
c) 384 d) 128 ,
13. B
19, C
14. B
20. C
1.5. B ~ A
)7, A )8. A

Sura', O.G,K. (Vol. III)
The length of is increased by 10% without
its area. Then its breadth must be ,
a) decreased by 10% b) decreased by 9%
c) decreased by 9
%" d) dccrt:ased by II 9 %
I - 2 + 3 - 4 + 5 - 6 + .......... 100 lenns is
, a) 100 b) 50 .
c) -50 d) lIone oflhese
When X is diVided by 64, the remainder is 32.lfX is divided
by 32, the rt:mainder is
.) 2
c) 4
b) 0
_ d) S.
. .
The salary ofa person is reduced by 10%:To get.back the old
salary, the salary must be
a) incrt:ased by 10%
. . 1
increased by 11"9 %
b) increased by 11%
d) increased by 12 2 %
What is the angle between the minute-hand and hour-hand
when the time is 2-15?
a) 30
b) 22V!
c) 27V! d) none of these
A vehicle starts from.A and travels 10 km towards north. It
. turns to its and travels 15 km. Again it turns to its right
and reaches B after b'avellinz: 10 km. The distance between A
and B is
. al 25 kill b) 15 kill
c) 10 km . d) none of these
I) J4 II) 4 III) 0"' IV) 4'
the: following are equal
a) 1&11
c) II & III
b) I & III
d) 1& IV
You are standing' in a queue in the nth place from the
. beginning and from the rear. The length of the queue is
a) 20 b) 21
c) 19 . d) 22
21. C
?:l. A
22. C
28. B
23. B . 24. C
25. B 26. B
________________ -c __________ -c ___
29. The angles of a triangle are in -the ratio 1:2:3. Tbe smallest
angle of the triangle is
al 15" b) 30"
- c) 45" d) 60"
J J . 1
ThevalueoC- +-----:-++
1.3 3.5 ' 101.103
a) 103
c) 102
5 1
d) of these
31. The value of X in (he series 9, 81, X, 6561 is
al 90 b) 162
c) 729 . d)' lIone of these
32. If the average of fh'C numbers is 5.4, then the sum of the
numbers is
a). 27 b) 26
c) 28 d) nOll e of these
33. Ira
> b! then
al a > b
c) a = b
34. If 40x + 63y = 521 , then
b) a < b
d ) . a>bora<h ""'"
a) x = 6, y=3 b) x =2,y = 5
c) x = 2. Y = 7 d) x = 5, Y = 9 .
35. 10% of 15% of20% 0500 is
al 225 b) 150
c) 15 d) 1. 50
36. . If you travel from A to B at an average, speed of 40 kmlhour
and return 10 A ,al an average speed of 50 km/hour, the total
average speed is .
a) 9 k.1lI/ hour b) 15 kml.hour
. c) 47.5 btl/hour
d) C.l ll1l 0t filld OUI unles.s Ihe cl istancc lx:lwCCll A ilnd B is k.nown
29. B
35. 0
30. B
36. A
31. C
32. A 33. A 34. C
Sura' , O.G.I<. (Vol. Ill )
>7. If two dice aTe thrown, what is the probability of oblaini,!g 7?
1 . 7
a) - b)
6 36
c) . 36
. d1 none of these
38. If 10 men can finish ajob in 8 days, then the number of men
required to complete the job in half day is
a) 80 b) 100
c) 129 d) I no
39. In a class of60 students, each student shakes hands with
other student. The total number of handshakes is
a) 3540 b) 3600
c) 1770 d) none of these
5x + 3y +5 = 5. the ..
If 3x + 5y + 3 x '
5x + 3y.
3x + 5y
3 5
- )
d) 0
41. Find the number in the series.
22, 15, 8, 1,?,.13
a) 8 b)-8
c) -6 d)O
42. Which of the following integers is the square of an integer for
every integer n?
a) 11 ' + I b) 11" - I
c) 1l '- 211 + 1 d) 11 ' + 11
43. Which olle of the following is closest to cube root ofO.0002?
a) 0.3 b) 0.03
c) O.O'! 0) 0.06
, 44. Simplify:
(1%34567891 )2
a) 1231567890
(J 234567890 " 1.234567892)
b) 123'156789 1
c) [234567892 d) 1
37. A
43. B
38. D 39. (' 40. B
44. A
41. C 42. C
Svro'. O.G.K. (VIII. 111)
45. A number is inlerc:!ed with its di!ils. The
difference between the original number and the new number
is 27. Find those numbers.
a) 15, 18 b) 96,69
c) 62.26 d) B.I. 18
46. The product of two numbers is 96 and their difference is 4.
The smaller of the two is
a) 6 b) 12
c) 16 d) B
47. A ba! contains 400 coins, c0!Uisting of 50p, lOp, 5p coins.
The IOtai value of the coins of each kind is the same. The No.
of 5p coins is
a) 200 JJ 250
c) 125 d) 300
1 1
4B. Ifa
+ b
::: 45 and ab = 18,findthevalueof; +b'
a) 2 b) I
c) 2
49. Thc pcril1J.cler and area oflhe followi ng circle are in the ratio
a) 2: 3
c) 2 : 9
45. 8
(0. 3)

A (3, 0)
46. 0 47. B
b) 3: 2
d) 9 : 2
48. 0 49. A
Sura'. D .G,I<. (Vol. III)
50. Ftrid of triangles in the diap-am riven below:
a) 6
e) 13
b) J 0
d) II
51. The area of the bine5t cirde that can be formed iMide a
square of side 10 ems is
a) lOOn: em' b) 25n elll!
e) 25 em' d) 50n em'
52. The nw;nber of feyoiutions made by a bicycle wheel 56 em in
diameter in covering a distance of 1.1 kin is
a) 325 b) 575
. c) 525 d) 625
. 55. The pay of higher than that of B by 20%. The pay of B
Ie" than &hat of A by
a) 10% b) 25%
c) 15%
54. The number of years for an amount to be treble at
16% simple interesc is .
a) J21.i1J yean b) 10 years
c) 811i yean d) 6 years
55, iJ,y selling a fan for R5.500, the IIhopkeeper loses 20%. For
how much should he sell it to gain i09b?
a) 1ts.600 b) Rs.700
c) Rs.750 , d) Rs.800
56. The ratio'of incomes of A B i. 8: 5 and their expenditure;s
are in IJie ratioS : 3. If at the end o(the year, they aYe Rs.I ,200
and Rs.l ,OOO re.pectively, then the income of B is
a) Rs. 4.000 b) Rs.5.000
c) Rs.6,OOO d) Rs.7.000
50. C
56. D
51. B 52. D 53. D. 54. A 55. C
Sura's O.G.K. (Vol III)
175. A dice is lhrown 6 times . If "getting an odd number" is 0
"SUCCESS", lhe probability of :) SUCCESSES is
a) 10
,) 6
174. A clock gains .15 minutes per day .. II is set right at 12 noon.
What time willlhe clock show at a 4 : 00 a.m. next day?
a) 4 : 10 a.lII. b) 1 : 15 a.llI .
. e) 4 : 303.m. d) I : 00 3.1JI.
1 , 1
115. If x+- ", 5' ,thenthevalueofx +, is
x x
177 .
a) 125 .
c) 1 5
b) 110
d) 75
Of the quadratic equations, which is the one whose
'roots are 2: and 15?
0) x
_ 2x+15 "'0
c) x' + 13x - 30""0 d) x'-30 = O
If the polynomiaJ f(x) is such that f(--45) = 0, then factor of
f(x) is
a) x-43
c) x .- 7
b) ,
d) x + 43
" log8x + logs - = - , then the value of x is
. . 6 3 .
a) 20
c) 15
.b) 36
d) None of Ihc.."Se
179. lfthe medians of a are equal, then its angles are
3)45". " 5". 00" b) 60" , 45". 75"
e) 60". 60". 60'.' d) 60" : 30". goo
180. The length of three sides of a triangle are given below. For
which one iiit impossible to construct a right angle triangle?
a) 15clII, 12clII,9cm b) 3.6 clIl.4.3clll.5.7 cm
c) 2.3cm. " A cm.6.8cm d) 17 clII.1 2cm;6. cm
173. B
179 . . C
174. A 175. B
176. C . In. D 178. D
Sura' s O.G.'I. [ \"'<) 1. III)
2 6 8
205. The L.C. M. of 5 25 and 35 is
12 2
a) 5 b) 1 7 ~
21 21
1 1 . 1
206 4-+3-+2- : ?
, 2 6 3
II b) 12
d) 10
20"1. 3/4 of 68 is less than 2/3 of 114 by
12 b)
c} 35 d1 48
1 1 1
208 -+-+- _:1
, 2 2 2-'
3 3
2 1
209. Which of the followin, set of fractions i& descending order?
7 9 13 13 _ 9 7
12' 17'24 24 '17 ' 12
9 13 7 7 13 9
17 ' 24' 12 12'24'17
210. Mukesh has 2/3rd of the money that Sunil has and Sunil has
3/5th of the money thai Panna has. Panna has Rs. 400 with
him. Then how much money does Mukcsh have?
.) Rs. 266.67 b) Rs. 16
c) ~ 2,000 d) Rs. IGO .
205. C lnS. 0 2ff1. B 208. C 200. D 210. D
Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. Ill )
228. 12.5 : ?:: 2.5 : 0.5
oj 6
e) 5.4
b) ' 5.5
d) ' 2.5
229. Uthe shadow of the pole is 15m, then the length pole is
6 m. "Wbat will be the length 'of the pOle when the shadow is
25 m Ions?
a) 15 III b) 12 11\
c) 10 m d) . 20 m
230. The sum of three numbers is 116. The ratio of second and the
third numberis 9 : 16and the the third are as I : 4,
is second number?
a) 2 9 b) 16
c) 14 d) . None of these
231. Krishna started a business With a capftal of Rs.9,Ooo.
.months later Rani joined him with a capital of Rs.12,OOO. At
the end of the year, total profit earned was Rs.2,550; lind
RaJ"!-i's share in the profit?
a) Rs.975 . .b) Rs. J350
e) Rs. IOOO d) Rs.1 200
232. A. 8 and C renled a house for 1 year at Rs.288. They remained
together for 4 months and C leftafter wards. After. 5 months
tJlote B also lell. How much did B pay?
a) . Rs.96 b) Rs.82
e) Rs.92 d) Rs.72
233. In how many years does a sum set doubled at simple interest
rate of 12.5% p.a:?
a) 6 yrs
c) IO yrs
b) 8 yrs
d) none oj"Ihese
. 234. Thedifferenc.e between simple and compound interest
on a certainamounl @ 10% p.a. for2 years is Rs. I.50. What is
the amount?
a) Rs. 150 b) Rs. 750
e) Rs. 1.500 d) RI. 7.500
. , 235. The base ofa triangle is 4 em and height 5 cm area of the
triangle will be .
a) 20 sq. CIll
e) \0 sq. CIIl
228. 0
234. A
229. C
235. C
230. 0
b) 20 CIIl
d) \O cm
231. D
232. C 233. B
Sura's o.G.K. (Vol. 111)
. J2
~ 254: The value of J6 _ J2 is
2(n - I)
256; The value of
.) 4
c:) 0.8
J3 +!:.
b) 2
d) . J3+ 1
d) n(n + l)
b) 0.2
d) 0.04
257. The number one leu than 8
is divisible by
.)15 ' b)6
c) ' 8 d) 7
. .

258. Given thai IdS 2 =- 0.301O!,lhe number of diSh. in 2N is
.) 19 b) 20
C) 21 d) I S
259. Gr
.) J2

254. A 255. B ' 256. B 257. D

258. B 259.

. .
oJ. ,
Sura', O.G.K. (Vol. Ill)
260. The product .of 13 and a number comprise entirel y oCnines.
The smallest such number is
a) 69723 b) 79623
c) 67923 d) 7692 3
, 1 1
261. Ifx +t=34 . then x+- is equal to
x x
a) 3 bl . 4
c) 5 . " d) 6
262. The number of prime fadors in is
a) 6 b) 7
c) 8 d) None of these
263. (O.00032)l{S = ?
a) 0.8
c) 0.008
b) Q.08
d) None of these
1.7x 1.7)( 1.7 - 1.5 )( 1.5)( 1.5
264. find the value of 1.7xl.7+1.7)( 1.5+1.5:<I.5
a) 0.5 b) 0.7
c) 0. 2 d) 1. 2
1 1
Tt2-1l5 9 +4,/5 - 025
265. 11 )(,-
- + - .
a) 0. 1
c) 0:4
b) 0.3
d) None of these
. x! + y! + z! - 64
266.If ,
xy - yz - zx
a) 2 ' b) 3
c) 4 d) None of these
. 547527
267. If 0.0&82 ='X,thevalueof 82 is
b) lOx
e) 100 x d) None of these
260. 0 261. o . 26'- B 263. e 264. e 265. 0
266. e 21i1. A

Surds O.G-K. (Vol. III)
268. U3a - 4b = 6c a + b.+ c = 27 J29, then Ja Z + b
+ c
a) 3 ,J29
b) 8 1
c) . 8'1 d) None of these
269; Nee tht "Juare of a number is the cube of 18. The number is
a) 54 bl 108
c) 432 " d) None oflhesc
270. In what proportion should waterand milk be m.iv:ed to reduce
the price of milk from ll!.S"to per litre?
.)1 ; 4 b) 4 ; 2
c) 2 : 3 d) 1 : 3
271. In a fraction the Denominator is 20 more than the NumCl1ltor.
I 10 is added to both, thenew fraction will be .,. What is the
11) 20
c) 30 d) 6

272. The ratioof.Numerator: Denominator isS: 8. liS is deducted ,
from both, the new ratio will be 1 : 2. What is the
&action? ' . ' .
.) 32
c) . 20
b) 35
2 5
273. 3 rdofa number is 6 more than 9 Ihof.the number. find the
a) 27 b) 36
c)" "54 d) 5Q
268. e
A m. e 271. B m. A 273. e

____________ ______________ c-_t\
"274. The total ages of a and son' now is 50 yeats. After 10,
yeu s their ages will be in ratio 5 : 2. What are their ages now?
a) 10ycars &. IO ycars b) 20 years & 10 years
c) 10 years & 20 yearS d) 40 yean & 20 yeafs
275. TWo cydists approach each ather on a straight road, pcdaIlinlf
al15 miles an hour. When they are 50 miles apart, a fly &lights
on one bicycle, then dashes off to the Other. It shuttles baCk
and forth between the.two at 20 miles an hour until the riders
. 276.
meet. How rar has it travelled?
a) 10 miles b) 2Q miles
c) 30 mik-s d) 40 miles
Represent the answer in fractions
2.9 x 8.3)
a) 19.73
c) 20.23
b) 18.23
d) 2 1. 33
of the sum
277. 16 ora is 51 than SO% ofthe number. Then
that numbeJ;" is
a) 832
c) 960
b) 704
d) 8 16
278. rx = 17 implies that!x + 21 equals
., a) 6G6 b) 777
c) 888 d) 999
279. Which of the following bas the smallelt value?
5 7
a) 8 b) 12
c) 15
%80. A strins: oflens:th 36 cui is bent into a fonn of. aemi-circlc. lts
ndiul will be
a) Gcm
c) !I cm
b) IZ em
d) 7em
274. A 275. B 276. A 2n. 0 278. C 279. 0
280. 0
Surci's O.G.K. {Vol. JII)
281. What is the median of 45,65, 35, 4t, 75, 21,64,5%1'
a) 48.5 b) 47.6 .
c) '12 d) None of these
282. The prices of. commodity in six days are as 201), 210, 208,
160, no, 250. The n.n!;e is .
a) 208 b) 210
c) 160 d) 90
283. State name of the sraplt .of a
a) Hislogram -
c) Pietognun

b) Bar diagr.un
d) Frequency Polygon
%84. In a symmetrinl distribution median equal to 10, the
mean IS

a) greater thaD 10 b) less than 10
c) equal 10 10 d) 110( cqualto 10
285 . .The lenp of diagonal of a square is 8 em. The lenp of the
' side of the square is
a) 2cm
c) 1.114 em
b) 2.8cm
eI) 5.64 em
286. The avense, which Sives equal importance to all times in the
distribution, is
a) median
' c)
b) mode
d) none
287. Square root is
a) 1890
c) 890
288. Find the value of (65
_ 15
a) 2000 b) SOOO
c) 4000 d) 5000
281. A
287. B
282. 0
288. C
283. A 284. C
285. D
286. A .

Sura's D.G.I( (Vol .. Il!)
289: Find the value of (99)'.
a) 980 I ti) 9891
c:) 9901 d) 9991
, 290. Find the means of3 : 4.:: 9 : 12 .
)3 : 9 " b)3 : J2
c)4 :9 d) .4 : J2
291. Find the extremes of 5 : 8 :: 15 : 24.
, .)5 :24 h)la :2"
c)8:15 d)S : !4
292. 333335 + .5.3 ... ?
.) 10. 1010
c) 101010
b) 1.110
d) 1110
293 .. In order to compute 0.15% ofa numbe .. , it must be multipUed
by .
a) 0.0015 b) 0:015
c) 0 . 15 d) 1.5
.294. The number ofprimc raciors of the composite number 100 i
) .3 b)S
c)6 d)4
295. The diameter of a cone i. 1.4 em. Its slant heisht is 4.2 em.
Find curved surface area.
.) 9.24 em' b) 2.21 em!

c) 8. 14 c m ~ d) 6.94 em' -- .
296. A cone has a radius of.5 em and slant heiJ!:ht of 5 em. Its
vertical height is
a) .J32 + .!>2 ' b) 5' _ 3
c) 3' + 5'
297. Write 0.00452 in scientific notation.
.) 4.52 x 10-' b)
c) 0.452 x 10- d)
452 x 10-'
15.2 x I O ~
298. Write 4783 in standard fonn.
a) 1783. 0 b)
c) 4. 783){ I O ~ d)
4. 783 x
299. Simplify X4 x x'
.) X' "
c) x'- ,
b) ,
d) x'
289. A
295. A
290. ,C
291. A
m. A
292. C
298. C
293, A
299. 0
294. 0
300. Y"+Y=?

. a) y' bl.
c) . y' d)
301. Ji:valuate the scientific notation of 4.987x 10.
a) 4987 b) 49870
c) 49S7x 10-1 d) 4.9870
302. Evaluate 7.15236 x 10-
a) 71 .5236
c) 0.715235
b) 715236
d) 7152360
303. Find the value orlog,12ft.
"a) S b) 2
. c)4 , . d) - I
304.- [flog,_:i -2, find the value of , a'
305. Simplify usmg product rule. log,2 + log.3
" a) . b)
c) d) log
306 . . Simplify using quotient rule, log,,25oo - IOllh. 25
a) loglll(25/2500) log'625oO - 25
c) log, 02500 + 25 d) \og, o(2500/ 25)
[-1 5]
= 4 - 2
[' IOJ
a) 8 O
,c) . 8


300. B 301. B 302. C 303. A 304. B 305. B
306.' 0 3fJ7. D
Sura', Q,GX (Vol . III)
. 308. Simplify 2""'og,81 usins: power rule .
)2 b}4
c) 3 d) 5
309. Hthe variance of5 values is 15.6, what the standard c:leviation
a) 3.95 b) 4. 35
c) 2.85 d) 25.65
310. Find the range from the follo.wing data.
100, 150,200., 1000. 750, 400, 50:
a) 950 b) 850 ' l
c) 750 d) 1050
311. Ifletters are chosen at random from the word " STATISfICS" ,
then what is the probability of S?
a) 1/ 10 . b) 3/10
c) 2/ IQ d) 1/5
312. If the variance is 64, what fs the standard deviation?
a) 4 . b) 8
c) 32 d) 16
313. What is probability of getting one head. in tossing of two
.) 2
b) . 4
c) 8
d) I
314. Rangeofl , I,2,3,3ls
. )1 b)
c) 3 d)
. 5 . 4
315. U P(EZ) = il
peEl nE.> "
, .
. 3
) =-

Sura's O.G,K. (Vol. III)
316. If P(A) = 0.8; P(8) '" 0.6; PIA n 8)=0.5; then PIA U B) =
a) 0. 9 b) 0. 7
c) 0.5 d) .0.4
317. A boy thinks 0,( a single digit number, what is the probability
it is prime?
4 I
a) 9
c) 9
d) .I
318. In a triangle of ABC, the measurements are as follows:
AB = 4 (adjacent); BC = 3 (opposite); AC = 5 (hypotenuse).
WhatissinA? .
.) 5
c) 4
d). 4
S 19. Consider 3 "rectangles of measurements as follows:
A = 2cmand6 cm .
B = 3cmand4 cm
C '" 5 cmand Scm
Find which of the following statements is correct:
a) BOlh A and B have !;3IUe arca
b) C is iargcnhah A aud B c) A is smallcrlhan B
(I) Both (3) aud (b) arc corrcct
320. Find in which A and B are not similar:
.) 3,1. 5 6. 8. 10
h) 2, 'I. 8 6, 12, ~
c) 7.9. I:! 10.5, 13.5, IS
d) 9, .1 5, 18 6, 9, 12
316. A 317. A 318. A
) 19.
D 320. D

Sura' , O. G.K. (Vol . 11 11
321 . Find the sum of 1 ' +2' +3' + .... + UP.
II) 3025 b) 2025
c) 3675 d) 2675
322. Simplify
a) 'I
c) 13
b) I.
d) I I

323. A clock is started al nOon. By 10 minutes pa:rt 5, Ihe hour hand
has turned through:
a) 1'15<>
c) 155
b) 150
d)" 160"
324. The equation xl-5x +6 :::: 0 repre!Oenls
a) a pai r of stTaight lines through the origin
b) IWO perpendicular stTaight lines
c) circle
d) a parabola
325. The points P(S, 2), Q(3, - 2) repN!sent
a) 900 rotation about (0. 0) :
b) 180" rotatioon about (0, 0)
c) reflecti on about the x-axis
d) reflection about the. yaxi5
526. If AB and CD aN! parallel slnlight lines in the given (ipre,
then L RSD is:
.) 72" b) CiO"
0) 36" d) WS"
327. hiMBC, angleC is 6So, the perpendicular bisecloro AB al R
nl eets Be at P. If L PAC ", 42<>, then LADe is equal to
a) 15" b) 12
c) 35" d) 31
321. A 322. A 323. C 324. D 325. C 326. A
327. C
Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. III)
S!8. A particle moves in a slrai&ht line. After two turns or 55
30" as shown ,n the 6pre, it moves panlld 10 initial direction.
The angle x is
a) 155
b) 120
c) 90
d) 165
S!9. The number or sides or a replar polygon each orwhose ancles
measures 156" is
a) 8 b) 10
c) 12 d) 15
550. [n a ri&hl angled triangle, one acute angle is double the other.
I the length or the smallest side is a, ' the length or the
hypotenuse is .
a) J5a b) 2a
c) 2.,/2 a d) <:,[2 + I )a
35.1. ABC is a triangle right angled at A. Ira perpendicular AD is
drawn .on the hypotenuSe then DCAD is equal to
a) ' BD.AC b) AB.CD
c) AB.AC d) AC.BC
551. 0 i . the point dia&onals AC and DO ora
rhdmbus ABeD . . P, Q. R are points on DC, DB and OA
respectively such that OP= I unit, OQ == 2 units and OR -= 4
units. The angle PQR is '.
a) a nghl. angle b) less than 9Cr' .
c) greater than 90" d) bc[Ween 0" and 180"
328. A 329. D 330. B JJI. C 332. A
Sura's O.GK (Vol. Il l)
333 . A square and an equilateral are insc:ribed in a circle.
If a and b denote the lengths sides,
a) a
= _
2 .
e) 3b" = 2a" ,

b) 2
d) 3a" =
334. ABCD is a rhombus arid 0 the point of intersection of the
diagonals AC and BD. The locusof a point which is equidistlnt
from AB and AD is
a) AC b) 80
c) CB d) GO
335. The perimeter of a triangle is 100 m and its sides are in the
ratio I : 2 : 2. The area of the triarigle (in mt ) "is:
a) 100.[3
c) l oDE
b) 100 JI5
d) 100J7
336. The area of the shaded portion in the given fipre where the
arcs are quadrants of a circle is
a) 42 m" b) 56 m'
e) 61 m' d) 144 In
337. The area ofa trapezium is 275 emf. Ifits parallel sides are in
the ratio 2 : 3 and the perpendicular distance between them is
5 ems, then the sm"alle:r of the parallel sides is
a) 36 elll b) 40 elll '
c) 4.4 elll d) 48 cm
338. The volume ora cube is 343 cubic cm. The surface area'ofthe
cube is
a) 284 sq em
c) 290 sq elll
b) 288sq em
d) 294 sq em
333 . . D 3.34. A 335. B 336. A 337. C 338. 0

, ,"

Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. Ill) .
339. Asolid sphere of r3dius r is Sliced by the planes passing throop
its cenll'e and perpendicular to each other. The total
area of each of the pieces so fonned is
a) _nr 2
340. A right pyramid on.a regular bexagonal base is' of height 60 m.
Each side of me base is 10 m. The Volume of the pyramid is.
a) 4500 m' b) 5000
c) 5196 m' d) 6196 m'
A cone and a hemisphere have equal. bases and equal volumes.
The ratio of their heights is
a) 2 : I
b) .J3 , "
d) 3, '
342. Three solid spltereso( radius 1 On, 6 em and 8 em respcetiwly
are melted fosether and cut into. single sphe.-e. The radius
r of this sphere will be
,.} r<9cm b) r .. 9cm
c) 9cm<r<lOcm d) r>lOclll ,
343 . ' The class width or the 'intervals (1-10), (11-20), (21-30), (31-
40) and (41-50) in a frequency di stribution is
a) 9 b) 9.5
c) '10 d) 10.5
344. Ifa drawn on x-axis poi.nt where the
two ogives intersect, the fool of perpendicular pves:
a) maximulIl frequency '.
b) half of total frequency
c) mean of distribution
d) median of distribulion
345. Iffrequencies of all the cluses in a distribution are
equal, then the frequency polygon will be
a) ' b) parabola
c) bell.shaped curve d) iuvened bellshaped ClI.,,'e
339. 0 340. C 341. B 342. B 343. C 344. 0
345. A
C>py xl .
SUnil" O.G.K. (Vol. III)
.... The mean of 0 values 2, 4, 6. 8 . 20 is
a) 211(11.+ I) b) "2n(n+l)
c) n d) n+ I
347. Thenwnber"l[js
.) equal to """7 b) a recurring
c) an irrational number d) none or the above
548. The number 2
". 2!t 0222, (22)2 is
a) . b) 22'
c) 222 d) (22l
349. Both addition and multiplication or numben are opentioD!J
whichare .
a) commutative but not associative
b) commutalive and associative
c) associative but nOI commutative
d) neither commutative lIor-associative
350. If98 is the nth term of the sequence 3. 8,13.18, .... thert
a) n"" 10 b) n = 15
c)n =20 d)n =35
351. The value of ./216 i. equal to

'1 6,{2 bI .6./3
cI 6./3 dl 6./6
352. 2 1
. (x + h+l)
1 I
(x+I) + .
(x+I) - .
(x + I) (x + I)

. I
(x + 2)-
(x + 2) +
(x+I) (HI)
346. 0 347. A .348. A 349. B 350. C 351. D
352. B
..... ,..

. ' .
Sura's O.G-K (Vol. III)
369. One of the factors of,,'+5,,' +S is
a) b) 'x' +x-2
c) x' +x+2' d) x"-x+2
370. If ,,'_9x
+ 12x-14 is divided by (x-3), then the remainder is
a) I b) 2 .
c) '56 d) 181
371 . The graph of y=5 cuts the graph of "+y=9 at the point
a) (0.5) b) (5.0)
c) ' (1.5) d) (5. 1) '
372. I{a and p are the roots of equation x'-bx+c:::O, then the value
of a'+p' is
b) e'
el e' d) SI.x:
375. If the roots of ,,2_ px + Sp -15=0 are equal, then the value of
a) 30r40 b) 2or 3'l
c) 30r50 d) 2or10
374. The sum,ofthe two positive integers multiplied by the bigger
. number i,s 204, and their difference multiplied by the
number is 35. The numbers are:
.) 12.5 b) 24. 10
c) 13.4 d) 11 .3
375. Tbe solution oflhe equatio'n 3(3x - 4) - 2(4x - 5) = 8 i!l
.) 6 b) 7
c)8 ' d)I O
. 376. Which one of the following statements is correct?
a) 9"" < 27'''' b) .g;n:s 27'"
c) goO > 27!IJ d) 9"" <!: 27'"

377. The value of 5')(8
) is
,) 20 ): b)
d) 10 x .
369. 0 370. 0 371. C 372. 0 373. B 374. A
375. 0 376. C 3n. B

.-'-. -.-.. .. \._ ..... ,
378. If (a
. a) = 2"
c) n" = 2
b) n
' =
d) 2'"
379. If,A and B sets such .that A contains m eimlents, B.
contains n elements and A and B have p elements in common,
then the number of elements in AUB is .
a) lJl+n b) m+n+p
c) m+n-p dl. m+p-n
380. Consider the sets: .
X= {I,2,3}, V::: {2,3,4},Z:::{3,4,5,6},
List I with List II respeello equality and mark the
. correct answer in the codes s:iven below this lists:
List I . List II
A) X-V I) [5.6J
B) V-X 2) [) J
C) Y-Z 5) [4J
Dj Z-Y 4) [2J
a) 2
I 4
b) 2
4 I
2 4 I
.. d)
4 3 I 2
381. Which one of the followins: correcdy the shaded
resiGn of the pven Venn diap-am (U is the univervsal set)?
.) (xuz)nv
0) z- xnv
b) (VnZ)UX
d) [V -(XUY)jnz
. 378. 0 379. C 380. B 381. 0
C'lPY h,<J
Surds O,G.K. (Vol. 111)
382 . If rosa
.) ,
a+ co: e) is
b) 2a
c) 3a d) 4a
. 2,. )" ( ... )'
!l83. ::63" - ::270 is
a) 2 b) I
e)O d)-I
384. The chord ofa unit circle
900 at the cen1J'c is
. aj .J2
0) .J2
!l8S. The value of
bj J3
d) .J2
45+4 tan
S00+.!. s'in
90"- 2 cos
9O" is
la) 24
c) 24
b} 24
lI.n nn . .
' 386 lfXCOS--SlD- "' XtaD- cot - thenthevalueof.xis
. 3 6 6 S'
a) . - I b) 0
e)1 d)3
387. Which one of the is not eorrec:tl'
a) ( l - c0'5x)(1 + cos x) = Sill! X
b) (I - cos 2x)/( I + cos 2x) = lan!x
c) (I +cos x)+2 5i ll'('2 ) = 2
d) (sin x + cos x) ( sill x- cos x) = cos 2x
382. B 383. C 384. A 385. C 386. 0 387. 0

Sura' s O,G.K. (Vol. III)
- 388.
. 5 ._
]0 lies in the fourth quadranl and cos 9 : IS' then the value
of sin 0 is '
c) 13
389. The angle of elevation of the sun, when the shadow of a stick i.
double ils heiJht, is
. - ,( I 1
a) (an .fi b)
c) 30" d) 60"
,- '"1! 390. If a kite is nown by a .!rins 350 ft IonS ~ its vertical heipt
above the ground is" 175 1, then its ansle of elevation is
a) 30'" b) 35"
c) 40" d) 45
391. In the given fisure, let 6 be Ihe centre 'Of a circle and
LOQP = 30 and LORP = 20 . Whal is LQOR?
p .
a) 100" b) 120"
c) 200" d) 260"
392. A point is selected' al r n ~ o m insi 4e a Tedangle and
perpendiculars are drawn on each side from the point. The
sum of these perpendiculars is 24 cm. If the length of the
rectangle. is 3 times the width, the perimeler of the reCtangle
will be
a) 36 cm b) 42 ( Ill
c) 24 cm d) 48 COl
388. B 389. B 31.X>. A 391. A 392. D

SUI"Q" O.GX (Vol. Ill)
lrthe product aCthe two numb;ers is 320 and their ratio is 1 :5.
what is the diffen:nce between the squares of these two nunlbers?
a) 1024 b) 1356
c) 1536 d) 1635
In a s i n ~ l throw of a pair of dice what is the probability of
geninA' a sum of 8?
3 9
.) 8
c) 32

Four equal d,rdes are described at the four comers oCa square
so thai each touches two of the others as shown in the above
figure. 'J!ie atea enclosed by the circumferences or(he cin;:les
(shaded area in the figure) is 13 7 find the I1Idius aCme
circles (Assume 1"[ "" -, )
a) .. ( Ill
c) 7.5 em
b) 2.5 CIII
(j ( III
396. Uyou an: the ninth person in the queue starting from either
cnd the numbe( of persons in the queue is
a) l O b) I [) .
e) I ? d)19
393. C 394. D 395. A 396. C
!iura' s o.G.K. (Vol. III)
397. There are three tablesconljlining two r ~ r s each. It is known
that one of the tables contains a silver coin in each of its drawers.
another table contains a gold coin in each drawer while the .
third table contains a silyer coin in one dnwe-r and a &old coin
in the other. One of the drawen; of a lable isopened and found
to contain a silver coin. What is the probability that.the other
drawer of Ihat table contains a gold coin?
a) I b) 0.5
c) 3 d) 0. 75
398. A man jumped al a speed of 5 metres per second from a
stationary boal and the boal moved off with. the speed of 0.5
me1re per second . How many times is the mass of the boat
grealer than that of the man?
a) 5.5 times b) 4.5 tim.cs
c) 2.5 times d) 10 times
399. The square rool of the cube of this number is the cube of its
square root. It is noll and it islesslhan 6. Wha.t is il?
a) 2 b) 3.
c) 4 d) all of the above .
4\l0. Ten percent of twenty plus twenty percent of len equals
a) 10 pereent.of20 b) 20 percent of 10
c) 1 percent of 200 d) 2 percent of 200
In the Canesian plane Criur points P, Q, It, S have co-oi:dinalcs
(I, 1), (4, 2) (4, 4) and (I, 4). The area of the quadrilateral
.) 9
0) 4.5
5( 1,4)
P( I , I) I
R 4. 4)
b) . 7.5
d) impossible to fmd unless the lengths oCthe diagonals arc known
397. B 398. 0 399 . . 0 400. D . 401. 8

..... , .... ....... v .". \ ",".' '''}
402. Consider the series given below:
4112195, 111/96., 2612196, .......... .
The next term of the'series is
a) 24/3/96
b) 25/3/96
c) 26/3/96
d) '2713/96
403. A train runs a distance in 8 at a certain speed.
At one and 'a half times the former speed, how much time: will
it take to 'Cover 5.4:0 km? .
a) 10 hrs.
b) II lIrs.
c) 12 hrs.
d) 13 hrs .
. 404. The value of (a-m)(b-m) ... (y-m)(z-ni) is.
a) ... + a.b.c. ... z
b) ... - a.b:c. ... z
<) 0
d) indctennin.ate
405. A student has 60% chance of passing in English and 54% chance
of passing in both English and Mathematics. What is the
percentage probability that he will fail in Mathematics?
a) 12' . b) 36
c)4 d) 10
406. Consider the

I II Sill
one of lhe followinJ conclusions can be taken from
these figures? .
a) - The areas o( the three figures a're all different
b) The" ateas of all the three figureS are,equal
c) The p-t:rimctcrs of IIIe fi gures arc equal
. d) The 'perimeters of figure I and II are equal
402. B 403.' _C 404. C 405. 0 4(X). B
Sur" " G. K. (Vol , III)
40 i', The average of X,. X. and X, is 14. 'tWice the sum of", ancr", ,
: is 30. What is the value oflt,?
a) 20 b) ?7 -
c) 16 d) ' 12
408. A=XI _yl; B = 20andx + y =10, then '
a) A isgreaterthanB , b) Bi s great erthahA
c) A is equal to B
d) '(( is not possibl e to compare A aud B 'as the data provided is
inadequate . . '
409. 'A rectangle has perimeter of 50 metres. If i'ts length is 13
metres more than its breadth, then its area is
a) 124 m ~ b)' 144 m!
c) 114 m ~ d) 104 m:
410. In an accurate dock in a period of2 houn 20 minutes. the
minute hand will move over
a) 520" b) 320" ,
c) 840" d) 140"
411. 1Wo packs of cards are thoroughly mixed and $humed and
two cards are drawn at l'8J!dom, one the other. What is the
probability that both of them are Jacks?
8 7
a) 1348 b) 1454
7 5
C) ' 1339 d) 1341
412. The following figure contains three squares, with area oflnO,
16 and 49 lying side by side as shown. By how much should
the area of middle square be reduced in order that the ~ t i
length PQ or the resultins three squares isl9?
. .
100 49
I :! b1 4
oj 2 d)
407. B 4<l8. 0 409. C .410. C 411. C 412, A
Sura's O.G.K. (Yol . Ill)
417. A smooth inclined plane is inclined 81 an 0 with the
Itorizontal H shown in the figure. A body starts from resl and
slides down Ihe inclined surface. The lime laken by the body
to reach the bouom is

c) sinG g
"n -
. g
418. When threecoins are tossed tQ&"ether the probability that all
coins have the same face up is
a) 12
<) 6
4 9 39
The mi ssin! fraction in Ihe series 9' 20 86 is
17 19
20 29
41 7. A 418. B ' 419. B
' ..

SUI"Q'. O.G.I(, (Vol. III)
420. In the followiRS

P is 300 Ian ep.stward of 0 and Q is 400 Ion north of O. R is
exactly in the middle oQ and P. The distance between Q and
R is
a) 250 km
b) 300 km
c) 350 km
d) 250 x J2 Iun
421. An accurate clock shows the time as 3.00. Afterhourhand bas
155, the time be !
.) 7.30 . b) 6.30
c) 8.00 d) 9.30
422. 1+ 1
2+ 1
. 1- -
.) 7
0) 7
y . JI296
42S. If
"2.25 then y =
.) 6
c) 8 .
b) 7
d) 9
420. A 421. A 412. C 423. 0

123 C xl
SUn::II'S O.G.K. (Vol . II I)
.) <anA
2tan 30
1- tan
b) si n A
tan A
b) 1
d) 0
426. 210g3 +310g4 +410g5-.2log6 =
.)2 b) 4
c) 3. d}6
, (I)"
427. L"4 =
.) 4
d) . 16
. 1
If log" 16 = -4, then find the value of x.
.) 1
c) - I
. b)
d) 2
429 .. If the three vertices ora are (-5, .51. (-1, I). (2, I)
then the fourth vertex
a) (3.2) .
c) (-2, -!S)
b) (-2, 3)
d) (2, - 3)
424. A 425. C 426. B 4rl. 0 428. 0 429. B
Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. I,ll)
".' 430. Find the median of 57, 58.61, 42, 38.65, 72.66.
Ilil .. a) 58.5 b) 58
c) 59 d) 59.5 #
431. Find the standa.rd deviation of 80, 60, 70, 20, 40, 50.
a) 30 b) 20
c) 10 d) 50
(1.05)! X 800 = ?
a) 928.2 b)
<) 926. 1 d)
433. 45% ofl26 + 25% of 90' = ?
.) 2268 b)

434. 916. 16 + 11.074 + 210.04 = ?
a) 11 37.94
b} 1236. 94
cf 1137.274
d) 11 32.774
435. 6% of 300 X 40% of ? = 432
a) <13.2 - . b) 50.0
c.) 45.0 d) 60,0
436. What value should come in place of both the question marks
? 72
(?) in followiIll equation? 32 = ?
a) 48 b) 8
c) 16 d) 2'1
75 ?
'31, .J225
a) 15
c) 35

b) !H
d) <15
430. 0 431. B 432. C 433. 0 434. C .435. D
436. A 431. D

. Suro's O.G.K. (Vol. III)
11.11 =? 444. 1001.101 + 101.01 +

b) J 113.22 1
d) 1022.3 12
. 445. 1 the liquid soap of 16 Rs./liue hi diluted and sold al
18 in what proponion water should be mixed 10 gain
.25%1 ,
a)I :9 b)4 :3
c) 3; 'I d) 9: 1
446. Pick Ollt the odd number in the followin&" number series:
43,53,62,70,77,82,88,92 .
a) 5!s _ b) 82,
c) .62 d) 88
447. Find oul the odd number in the following number series.
13.5, 16.0,17.5,20.0,21.5, 23.0, 25.5,28.0
a) 1&.0 b) 23.0
c) 2D.0 d) 21. 5
448. A man covers a certain distance UplD the with the
speed of 4 km/hr and returns with the speed of.3 kr'./hr. If he
covered the distance in 3 hr, what was the total d istance

a) 12 km bl 14k.Ju
c) 6km d) i km
449. In a school rally the ratio of girls to boys is 3.5 : 4.5, and the
total number of girls is 1540. Find out the total participants in
the 'rally.
a) 3080 b) 1980
c) 3250 d) 3520
450. Meen is t'.VO years olde!' ,than Sunita. After six years the !illm
of their ages will be' scVcn times their present age. Find out the
age ofMeelll.
a) 10 years' b) 8 years
e) 6 years d) Data illadequal{'
451. 'J'hediffercnce between two numbers is 14 and their is 40.
Find out the product of these two numbers.
a) 960 - b) 280
. c) 351 d) Oat" inadequate
444. B D . 446. B 447. B 448. A 449. D
450. D 451. C
Sura' s O.G.K, (Vol. Ill)
. I
452. Divya and Sneha together have Rs.55. If 4" ofDivya's share is
I .
to "6 of Sneha's share, what would be the difference of
. amount?
a) Rs .. 33 b) Rs. 22
c) Rs. 11 d) Rs. 41
453. PipeAcan fill a tankin4 minuteswhereaspipesA & Bean fill
the same tank in 3 minutes. How much time will pipe B take
to fill the tank?
a) 12 minutes
c) 7 minutes .
b) 10 minutcs
d) I minut e
' . 1
f 454. Whatistheaveraieofi'
3 2 4
4' 3 5 .
a) 180
c) 60
5 1
455. Ifx = 81-and y = "9 x, find out the w .ue ofxy.
a) 63 b) 5103
e) 729 d) 3969
456. If 1[ = 7 and r = 3.5, find out the vaJue ofbr.
a) 38.5 b) 77
c) 78.6 d) 75. 7
- 1 1 .
. '+
Ifa+- = p,thenlhevaJueof
. s will be
. a
a) .
b) p"+3p
c) p' - 3p
d) None of these
452. C 453. A 454. ' B 455. B 456. S, 457. C

Sura' , o.G.K. (Vol. III)
458. A piece of wire Ill!! ems is benl successively in the shapes
of an equilatenl .. square, a regular heltagon and a
Circle. Which of these will have the surface area?
a) Equilateraltriangle b) Square
c) Circle d) None of these
459. Whichof the following could be said 10 be false related 10
a) . If two circl es [ouch each mher, Ihe point of comacl lies on the
line joining their cent res
- b) Angles in the same segment of a circle are equal
c) can draw morc: than one tangents at a point on the ci rcle.
d) None of IIl ese
460. The diameters of two eircles are in the ratio I : 3. What is the
ratio or their circurnferen:ces?
a) I : 9 b) I : 27
c) 3: 1 d) 1 : 3
_ 461. Two voups or e1ccutives in a company have an averace
experience of p years and q years respectively such that P +q>5
and P -q>3. What ofthe rollowing gives ali possible valuesof
a) p > 3 b) P > <I
e) p > 5 d) None of these
462. What will be. the value ory in theexpression:
1'.. , .!. .. ! , .!'..
15 .5 )' 49
.) 5 : b)7
e) 3 . d) None ofthese
463. My watch pins 30 minutes per day. It was set right at 6.00
a.m. on a particular day. What time will the watch show al
10.00 p.m. on the same day? .
a) 10:22 p.m. b) 10: 15 p.m.
e) . 10:30 p.m. d) N?l1e of Ih<.."SC
464. What. will be the HCF of (x1-9) and (xt..6x +9)?
a) (x-'3)(x+3) b) (x+3)
e) (x-3) d) None of these
458: C 459. C 460. D 461. B 462. B 463. D
464, C

Sura', O.G,K. (Vol. Ill )
465: In the fit'Ure below, 0 is the.centre of the. large circle. If the
radius of circle 0 is r, what is the area of the shaded region?
c) - .
If 4 < :It < 8 and 0 < y < 311/:. which of the followin,; ~ V e s all
possible values of xy? .
a) 0 < xy < 6 b) 0 < xy < 12
c) 812 < xy < 4 d) 3f2 < xy < 8
If X
= Y and X' = 5/4, then what is X in terms of Y?
a) 2UY
b) -
468. A pool i, filled to 3/ 4 of its capadty. 1/ 12 of th.e water in the
pool evapOrate . lfthe pool cap hold 24,000 pllODS when it is
full, how many 'BalloDS of water will have to be added in ordq
to fill the pool?
a) 6000
c) 8800
b) 8000 '
d) 10000
469. 'tWo planes leave the same airport at the same time and travel
in the l?Pposite directionS, one at 550 mph and other at 2.50
mph . . The one flying at 550' miles is grounded at an airport
after 2 hours of flying. In how many hours will they be 2350
"miles apari? .
a) 7 b) 6. 5
c) 6 'd)5
470. If a>b>c and their arithmetic mean is M, which .of the
following must be true?
l.a > M 11. c< M l1I. b = M
a) I only b) II only
c) I and ,II only d) I, II and III
465. C 466. B 467. D 468. B 469. 0 470. C
C >Jl'ingh
O.G.K. (Vol. III)
471. A square han diagonal oh units. If the diagonal is increased
by 2: untis. what is.the length of the side of , the new square?
.) x + 2 bi (x + 2f .
(x + 2)../2
<) (x+ 2)../2 d)
2 .
472. IT x is a &action which ranges from 1/410 1/2 and y is a &action
which range;s from 3/4 to 11/ 12, what is the maximum value,
a) 3/ 16
c) 2/3
b) 11 /48
d) 11/21
473. If x > l .. which of the following increase(s) as lI: increase(s)?
r I
' x
_ X
Ill. 4x'-2x!
.) Only I h) Only II
c) Only III d) Onl)" 1 and III
474. ).Y I < 4 means
.) :.....t<Y<4 h) Y>1
c) .y < -i
475. is equal to
" a) 3 b)1
c) 5 d) None of these
476. The number of prIme factors in (216),",5 {2S00)fIf (500)1/S
a) 6 .
<) 8
477. (0.00032)'" :: ?
.) 0.8
c) 0.008
h) 7
d) None of these
b) 0.08
d) None of Ihese
478.2.5':" 0.05-(1.6- f3.2-(5.2 + 2.1 + ?)}) "" 0.65
'.) 0.09 b) 0.7 .
c) . 7 d) None of these
471. D . 4n. C
477. C 478. C

473. 0
474. A 475. D



Sura' s O_G.K. (Vol. III)
10196 02
479. =
) 4.9
c) 0.49
b) 0.7
d ) Non.e of these
480. If .J86.49 + Js + .' .. 12.3 , the value ofx is .
.) .fiO
<) 3$
b) 2$
d) 2
.81. A circulu cylindriclll iron piece of radius: 14em and height 20
cm is: moulded into. solid cone the same radius orthe
base. What is the height of the cone?
a) 63" em b) 40em
c) 60 em d) None or these
1 1
482. y
7 25
)25 b)7
7 12
c) 12 .d) 7
483. If "" x, the value of 82 is
. ) 10
c) l OOK
b) l Ox
d) None orthesc
484. If .I+b
= 117 IIond ab..:54, then b i
. -
.)3 b) 5
c) 6 d) None of these
485. If20% oC.=b and 40% ofb""c, then 60% of (.+b) is
.) 30% of e b) 60% oC c
c) 75% of e d) None of these
479. C 480. 0 481. C 482. C 483. A 484. B
485. D
, ,
'.: ___ ---' ___________
In the (ollowin fipre. LBAD = 80
and LACB:::> 300
, ' .
The LACD is
a) 50
c) 110
b) 70
d) None of these
487. The sum of the sqUares of three numbers i. U8, the sum
of their products taken two a time i.lSI. Their sum is
a) 20 b) 30
c) 40 d) None ohhese
488. -Which of the (oIl6win numbers are completely diviaible by

, L 195195
n. 181181
W. 120120
m. 891891
.) Only I and II b) Only II and III
c) Only N and II . d) All are divisible
489. What ihould in the place of the question rn..ark (?) in the
followins equation?
.) 125
c;) 4;50
21 9 5 10
- +-x-+-=?
25 20 12 ' 17
d) )29
486. B 487. A 488. D 489. 0
SUn:II'. O.G.K. (Vol. lit)
490. What should come if! the place of the question mark (?) in the
following .
a) 8 1
c) 243
x 272
-=:-:::ii'- = ?
b) I
d) 9
491. lflhesumofanwnberand ilS square is 182, whati5 thenumbe:r?
a) 15 b) 26
c) 28 d) 13
492. What will be the value ofn
_IOn' + 36n
-49n + 24, Un=l?
a)21 b) 2 .
c) 1 d) 22
493. Three of the four parll nllDlbcred (A), (8), (C) and (D) in the
following equation exactly equaJ. You have to find out the
part thai is not equal (0 the other three. The number of that
part is the answer. .
7529. 0 - 6 (1110.555) ,.. 593.27 - 167. 70 + 439.60 ""
(A) ' (B)
490.92 + 439.65 - '" (7189.9 - 2860.96) + 5
(C) (0)
a) (A)
c) (C)
b) (8)
d) (D)
494. Which of the following equations are equivalent?
I 2)'
- M+-N
2 3
a) Onl)' I and II
c) Only 1 and III
4; 2 I 2 2
-N +- M +-MN
9 3
b) Oul)' 11 and 111
d) Dilly 1. II and IV
A 491. D 492. B 493. D 494. 0
Sura'. O.G.K. (Vol. 1[1)
495. The probability. that a teacher will give one surprised test
duriRl any cla.u meeting in a week is S. Ifa t u e n t is absent
twice, what is the probability that he will miss at least one test?
a) 15
c) 15
. 1
d) 25
496. In a rectangle ABCD, a cylinder is funned by joinios the side.
of AD and CD. What is the heisht of the cylinder?
. . .
a) AB b) BC
c) AD d) AC
7 5.
491. b - lO -.... "-"2,- 5 =
a) 2(x
_ 25)
c) 2(x:t.- 25)
b). 2(x
_ 25)
d) 2(25 - x
498. The sum qf. number, and its reciprocal is

13 3
.) b)
2 2
I 3
<) d)
3 7

495. D 496; A
4'f1. B 498. B

. .
6 .
Fond !be

Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. Jll )
xy% Z%X
- -x x - .- =
yz2 xyz XZ
, ,
x y
. .
x ~ y
500. The ratio nfllie areas of the incirde and the circumcircle of a
square 15
a) 1 : -/2
c) I : ..
499. A 500. D

AND ---
l. .which one ofthe following is correctly matched?
a) Kalidasa Ka\'yadarsa
b) Dandin Sakuntala
c:) Subandhu Vas3vad.alla
d) Manu ." Vikramorvasiyam
2. K,arl Marx wrote
' 41) Asian Drama
c) Das Kapital
b) Emma
d) Good Eanh
3. Who wrote 'Hindu View of LiCe'?
a) pr. 5 Radhakrishnan b) Sal GangadharTilak
c) K.M. Munsi,i d) PC. Roy.
4. The book "Discovery of India" is written by
a) Mahatma Gandhi b) Subhash Chandra Bose
c) Jawaharlal Nehnt d) Lal Bahadur Sasuj
5. Who wrote ' Caesar amI-Cleopatra'?
a) -Shakespeare b) Bemard Shaw .
<;) Charles. Di ckens d) None oflhe ab:ovc
&. Consider the
I. C. N. Annadurai wrote 'Arya Maya' .
n. This hook explains the ideology of DraVidian mOVemenl.
Ill. He maintains, the Muslims are the first invaders of South
Iv. TIll': Kushans are not Aryans.
Of the statements '
a) I and n are correct
c) i. II and III are correct
b) I, II and IV arc
d) All are correct
7. Subburatnam was the real name of which Tamil nationalist
a) Jeevanandam b) Thiru. Vi. Ra.
e) Bharalhidasan d) Suddhallanda Bhar.ub.i
8. Who is the author of Humayun Namah?
a) AbuI Fazl b) GuIbadan Bcgarn
c) Hasan Nizami d) Abdul Kader Badauni
Ails: I. C
7. C
2 C
S. B
3. A 5. D
6. D

Sl.lrO's O. G.K. (Vol . III)
9. Which one .Of the follo'fing is correctly matched?
. a) Odyssey Hitler .
b) Aeneid Homer
c) Harsha Charita Bana
d) Kampf Virgil
10. Kautilya's Arthasharua is a treatise on
a) Philosophy b) Religion
.c) Diplomacy d) St;Hecrafi
11. Who compiled Adi Granth?
a) Gun] Aljun DC\' b) Gun] Teg Bahadur
c) Guru Nanak d) Guru Gobind
. 1.2. 'Freedom from Feat' ;s a book written by
a) Beu3zir Bhuuo b) Corazl:)O Aqujno
c) Aung San Suu Kyi .d) Nayamara Seghal '
" ' 13. Who wrole 'Adventures o[Tom Sawyer'?
a) Mark Twain b) Charles Dickens
e) Thackeray. d) None of the above
14. .Who translated Omar Kbayyam songs into Tamil?
a) S.TS. Yogiar .b) . Rajaji
c) H:A. Krishna Pillai . d) R.P. SethI] Pillai
15. Who translated Bible inlo Tamil?
a) Anullugha Navalar
c) Father Moses
bl \ 'eeramamuni\'IIr
d) NOlle of the aboVe
.16. Who among the following wt'ote a treatise on medicine in
ancient India? .
a) Aryabhalla b) Charaka
c) Nagatjuna d) Varahamihira '
17. .Which of Ihe following books was written by Gandhiji?
a) DiscOVCI)' o f India b) My Experiments ,,'ith Truth
c) India \\7i05 Frecdom d) Freedom at Midni ght
. 18. 'Daun-i-Himayun' was .written by
a) Babur b) HUlIlayun
c) Gulbadan Begum d) Khan:zada Begu m
I . The oldest Hindu epic is
.) h) Ramayana
<) Mahabharata d) Ashl3dhyayi
9. C 10. D II. A 12. C 13. A 14.
15. A 16. B 17. B 18. C 19. B
.,. :
Suro's O.G.K. (Vol. Ill)
20. Who wrote 'Himalayan Blu.nder'?
a) Brig.].P. Da",j b) Gen. Cin;a!'pa .
c) R.K. Narayan d) V.R. Krishna Iyer
21. Match the following:
A) Rigveda I ) Mu'sical hymns
B) Yajur Veda 2) Sacrifices and rilUals
C) Sarna Veda 3) . Medicine
D) Atharvaveda 4) Hymns aud prayers
.) 2 3 4 I
b) 3 4 2 I
0) .
4 2 3 I
d) 4 2 I
... Who wrote 'Conquest of Self'?
.) MaJlatma Gandhi . b) S. RadhamsilllaJl
0) C. Rajagopalachari d) Guru Govind Singh
23. Who wrote 'As You Like It' ?
a) Bemai'd Shaw ' b) William Shakespeare
c) Leu Tolstoy d) Mull> Raj An;lIld
24. Who wrote ' Hunchback of Notre Dame'?
a) Victor Hugo b) Carlyle
c) Greene d) H.G. Wells
25. Select the correct pair:
. a) Mahabhashya
b) Kalidasa SeLUbandhana
c) Ashvaghosa Malavikagnimitra
d) Pravarasena B'uddha Charita

26. Who wrote 'A Passage to India
a) E.M. Forster b) Kipling
c) On.e1t d) Nom" ofthem
27. Who wrote ' History of World War II'?
a) l oynbee b) Appadurai
c) Churchill d) Prof. Nurul MI?hammad
28. Who is the author of ' Swami and Friends'?
a) R.K. Laxman b) R.K. Narayan .
c) . Mulk Raj Anand d) NOlle ofrhe above
20, A
26. A
21. D
27. A
22 A
28. B
23. B 24. A 25. A
Sura'., D.G. K. (Vol. III)
37. The author ofGeet Govinda is
a) Meera b) Jaya Dt.'\'
c) Surdas d) Kabir Das
38. Which i& the controversial book, some pages of which wene
kept sealed in the Calcutta Museum' to be released after 40
yeanofindependeme iri 1988?
a) Freedomal Midnight b) India Wins Freedom
c) India Divided d) None of these
39. Match Listl ,rith List1I and select the correct answer:
ListJ . ListJI
A) Bana 1) Fables
B) Dante 2) Iliad
C) Homer
D) Aesop
- Divine Comedy
.) 3 2 1 4
b) 3 1 1 2
0) 2 4 1 3
d) 3 4 2 1
40. Who is the author of 'A Suitable Boy'?
a) R.K. Narayan b) Nirad C. Chaudhuri '
c) Amilava Ghosh d) Vikram Selh
41. . . Among the four works mentioned below which one i&
encyclopaedic in natune?
a) ,Amarakosa b)
c) Birhat Samhita d) Ashtangahrndaya
42. Who wrote 'Jungle Book'?
a) Mohd. Salim b) Rudyard Kipling
c) Sibhu d) None of the above
43. Which one of the follC!wing works of KaJidasa deals with the
story of. Sungo ruler?
.) . ltighuvamsa b) Malavikagnimilra
c) Mcghadul3 d) Ritusamhara
44. PlIem Vatiiqa, poems on the life of Krishna, was composed by
a) i h a ~ b) Surdas '
c) Raskhan . d) Kabir
37. B
43. B
38. B
44. c
39. D 40. D 41. A 42 B
Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. "III )
Fonner.Prime Minister, P.v, NlU"Uimha Rao has a
recently . Name hi s debut novel.
,a) ,1lleOmsidcr b) The Turtl e
c) ' Th: Insider d) None ofthcse
Match LislI with List-II and select the correct answer by using
the codes given,below the"lists:
List[ (Authors) .
A) -01011135 More
B) Machiavelli
C) Rabelais
"0) Cervames
.) 3 I
b) I
0) I 3
List-II (Books)
' I ) illc Prince .
Don Quixote
Who amongst the following is the author of the book 'Nice
Guys Finish Second'?
a) B.K. Nehru br t>upulJayakar
c) Michael Hammer d) R.K. Karanjia
Which one of the following books is NOT written by ' William
Shakespeare'? .
a) Julius caesar b) Romeoandjulici
c) Tlte J ewofMalt3 d) Ot hell o
The book ' India otOur Dreams' was written by .
a) Mahatma Gandhi b) Dr. Rajcmi ra .Pr.isad
c) MV Kamath '. d) SardarVallabhbhai Pat ei
The book 'A Foreign Policy for India' is wri tten by
a) Saugeclha.PurushOlhaman
b) I.K. Guj ral
c) Khushwaut Singh
d) Sliooha Dc
AUlhor of the book ' The Pty of Joy' is .
a) Jawaharlal b) Dominique L"IpiclTC
c) Salman Rushdie . d) H.G. Wel ls
71. C ' 72. 0 73. A 76. B
n. B
SUfQ'S O.G.K: (Vol. III)
87. Who. wrote.Mohr Dick wherein the hunting of. whale fonus
the theme? '
a) MelviUe b) Neville Camus
.,c) Johlll:)uoyan d) Rudyard Kipling
88. It was a controversial book written by an Indian writer who
lives in England which accordioll:: to some MusUml!' is'
blasphemous. It was abolished in India before Pakistan
did it. Its name is .
a) Satanic Verses b) Indian Muslims
c) India Divided d) AJoumey to Hell
Raja the history of the Kings of Kashmir
was described was written by
a} b) Kalhana
c) Bhavabhuti d)
What is the name ofa veal work of literature in Telugu which
is supposed to be by Devaraya?
_.) Manucharitra - b) Amukta Matyatha
c) Vasucharitra d) Parijathapaharanam
a word coined from the Malaprop
created by
a)- Shakespeare b) Sheridan
c) Marlow ' d) Ben Johnson
Caliban is a character created by Shakespeue in
A Mid Summer Night' s Dream
h) The Tempest .
c) }landet . d) As You Like It
Naishadham in Sanskrit was written by
a) Harsha b) Bana
c) Bnavabhuti d) Bhanhmhari
Kama Stura (A treatiSe on sex) waswriuen by
a) Vaisampayana b) Vatsyayana
c) Jayade'o' . d) Bhanhruhari
Who are called the Kavithraya - the trinity. of poets that
r:endered Mahabharatha into Telugu?
.) Nannaya, Thillina, Polhana .
11:) Nannaya, Pothana, Yerrana
c) , I\)rnana, Thikkana, Yerralla
d) Naunaya, Thillilla, '1erralla
ffI. A
93. A
88. A
94. B
89. B
95. D
90. B 91. B ' 92. B

Sura'. O.G.K. (Vol. III)
96. The Hero "Arthur was created by
a) Marcd Paguol b) H.G. Wells
c) M. Reynolds d) H.K. Browne
1)7. In which language was the Old Testament written?
a) Sanskril b) Hebrew ... '.
Urdu d) English
98. Name the author of "PiIJrim's
. a) John Bunyan. b) ', A.G. Gardiner
c) Milton d) . Gandhi
99. Which work oSbakespeare depicts Antonio .. a character?
a) ofVenke . b) Kh:ag Lear .
e) Julius Caesar . d) NOlle of the above ' .
100. Which is calledthe Book of Boob?
a) Bible b) Gita '
. c) Zend Avesta . d) mad
. 101. Who fir"t trarullated Bible into the Enpish
a) Moses b) Abraham
c) Johnson d) John Wydiffe
102. O. Henry is the pen name of
a) William Sidney Poner b) Samuel Longhome Clemens
c) Charl es Lamb d) Hugh Munro
. 103. John Sedses is the pen name of
a) J ohn Mihon b)
c). Jane Auslen d)
Pearl S. Buck
Mark Twaiil .
104 . . Who wrote 'Airport'?
a) Hcming, .. ay
c) R.K. Narayan .
b) Charles Dickens
d) Anilur Hailey
105. Who WTote 'India is for Sale'?
a) R. K. Narayan b) J5.uldip Nayar
c) Louis Fischer d) China Subramalliyan
106. What do you mean by Eldorado?
a) An imaginary city of wealth
b) A place when: only poor people lh'e
e) A place ruled by old men d)' None of the above
107, Who wrote 'Point of View" at an extreme old age?
a) ViclOr Hugo b) Oliver Goldsmith
c) Somerset Maugham d) Aurobindo Ghosh
96. B CJ7. B
102. A 103. B
98. A
104. 0
99. A
105. D
100: A
ICk5. A
101. D
IUl. A

. Sura'. O.G.K. (Vol : III) .
132. Wbo wrote 'An Enquiry into Meanil\l'7'
a) Aristotle ' b) Socrates
c:) Russell d) Dr. S. Radhakrishna.n
133. Who wrote '1he Cherry Orchard'?
a) Amon Chekhov b) . MillOn
c:) Longfellow d) None of the above
134. Who wrote 'Freedom Behind Bu:s' ?
a) Amnta Pritam b) Salim Ali
c) P.O. Thndon d) Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah
135. Who wrole 'Tales from Shakespeare'?
a) Charles Lamb b) 'Charles Dickens .
c) Tholnas adding d) Henry Fielding
136. Who was the first official poet lauMlIe
.) T.S. Elioi b) Dryden
c) BeJlce d) None of the above
137. Wbowrote 'Animal &nn'?
a) Orwell
c) K. V. Puttappa
b) TS. Eliot
d) P.G. Wridehousc:
138. Who is known as the Father of Modem Essay?
a) Bacon b) Charles Lamb
c). Voltaire d) Carlyle
139. Who wrote 'Memories of Second World War'?
a) General Cariappa ' b) Winston Churchill
c) Eis.enhower . d) D.H. Lawrence
. 140. Who wrote ' Nana'?
.) Shakespeare b) Balzac
c) Chesterton d) EIIl.ile lola'
141. Who wrote 'Man and Supennan'?
a) G. B. Shaw b) T.S. Eliot
c) H.G. Wdls d) Voltaire
142. Who wrole the ,!Teale!t monolope in Enslim
a) Robert Browning b) Shakespeare
c) EnleSI Hemingway d) Milton .
143. Wbo wrote 'I follow the Mahatma'?
a) R.M. Munshi b) Jawaharbl Nehru
c) R. ... bindr.matll T. ... gore d) Moralji Desai
132. C
lJa A
133. A
139. B
134. 0 135. A 136. B
140. D 141. A ' 142 A
137. A
143. A

SUI"Q" O.G.K. (Vol. III)
144. Who worte 'Adonis'?
a) Shelley
c) Milton
145. Who wrote ' Born Free'?
a) George Adamson
c) Joy Adamson
b) Gray 1
d) Tennyson
b) .Mal.lvika
d) Rudyard Kipling
146. Who wrote 'The Ananda1 Expert'?
a) R.K. Narayan b) Tagore
c) .Maugham d) Leacock
147. Who was the famous Hebrew poet?
a) Digenes b) Milton
c) Elijah d) Zakir Hussain
148. Who tnlns.lated the 'Arabian Nights' into Englisb?
a) Sir Richard Burton . b) Edward Filz Gerald
". c) Smidl . d) \Y.B. YC31S
149. WhowastheFalflerofEnlishLicerature?
.. a) Macaulay b) Geoffrey Chaucer
c) Shakespeare d) John Milton
150. Who wrote 'The; Psalm of Ufe'?
a) Longfellow b) 111eodore Berland
c) Goethe . d) SirJohnSquirc
151. Whowrote'lnMemoriam' ? .
a) Lord Byron b) Tennyson
c) Milwll d) Shakespeare
152. Who wrote the 'Essays in Criticism'?
a) Mathew Arnold b) . 'Agatha Christ ie
c) Hemingv.ay d) Keats
153. Who wrote 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'?
a) Jane Austen b) Conan Doyle .
c) J.,.ucas d) . Hamet Beecher Stowe
154. Who is called the Oldman of Poetry' in English
a) B. Shaw
c) John Mascfield
155. Who wrote 'DonJuan7
a) Byrou
c) Maugham
\44. A 145. C
151. B ISO. A
146. A
152. A
b) '[S. Eliot
d) Wordsworth
b) Stowe
d) None of the above
147. C
153. D
148. A
154. C
149. B
155. A

, Sura'. O,G.K. (\1)1. III)
156. Who was called the sportsman poet?
a) Tennyson '. b) Shellt1'
c) Keats d) NOlie of abo\'c
157." Who wrote a book usin, 50, 000 words but the syllable E was
not at all used?
.) Tagore b) Hcmillgw<lY
c) Longfellow d) Sobers
158. Who published Communist Manifesto?
. ) Karl Marx b) lenin .
c) Tolstoy d) Kalyamisundarnm
159. Whowrotediarics?
a) SamuelJohnsOil b) Boswell
Samuel Pepys d) T9Yl)bce
160. Whp wrote 'The History of John Bull'?
a) Arbuthnot
b) Goethe
c) Khwaj a Ahmed Abbas
d) NoilC ofthc' above
161. Who authored ' Mansfield Park'?
a) Jane Auslen b) Kuldip Nayar
c) Emily Dickinson d) None or the above
162. Wbowrote the fiTSt five books (The Law) oCthe Old Testament?
a) Moses b) St. Amhony
,c) St. Matthews d) St.John .
163. Who wrote 'The u.dy's Dressing Room'?
a) R. K. Narayan b) Rudyard Kipling"
c) Agatha Christie d). Jonathan Swift
164. 'Who is the founderofJournaHsm? '
a) Daniel Defoe b) Macaulay "
c) E.Y. Lucas .. d) NOlie of the
165. Which poet praised Shakespeare?
.) Wordsworth b) Mi'toll
. c) Lf>ngfcllow d) Sarojini Naidu
166. Who wrote the "Essay Concerning Human
B) Bacon b) . B.Y. Lucas
c) MathewAllIold d) John Locke
156, A 157. B 158. A 159. C
162. A . 0 164. A . 165. B
. -
160. A 161. A
166. 0

Sura's O.G.K. (\uL III)
167. Who wrote the reli gious novel ' Ben Hur'? '
.) Lewis Wallace b) Bcrnard Shaw
0) Chauccr d) Goldsmith
What was the first ever book whiten for children?
. ) Aesop Fables b) T1ie Bool;.. ofCouno;y
<) Tht! l'sa lmorDavid d) " NOlle or the abo,,:c . .
Who wr ote'Aff) uent Society'?
Mas,1.n"j .
.) b) Karl Marx
Cll(J ll en Lai
d) J .K. Galbraith
Who was cal led the childish au thor?
.) Leo TolslOY b) R. t\.. Narayan
<) Gray d) NOli e of the aoo"c
Who wrote I am Assasinatcd'?
.) President Kenlldey b) Mah,lImaGantJhi
<) Raji\' Gandhi d) ZoA. Bhuno
Who wrote, ' Towards Total Revolution' ?
.) Lenin b) o?ubash Chandra Bose
<) A.K. Gupalan d) Jayaprakash
Who \\-TOte, 'Ambassador 's J ournaJ'?
. ) S. Radhakrishnan b) Baker
<) Krishna Menon d), J.K. Galbraith
Who authored the poem ' Holl ow Men'?
.) T$. Eliot b) Keats
<) Byron d) Wordsworth
Who wrote, 'A Passage 10 England' ?
.) Nayanatara
<) Bertrand Russell
167. A
173. D
168. B
174. A
b) R. K. Narayan
d) N.C. Chaudhuri
169. 0
)75. D
170. A 171. D 172. D

I . Who Iyntbesiud the first artificial ene?,
.) Khonna b) lJ. Thompson
c) Fianldin d) Meghnad Saha
2. Who amonA' the following invented the sinall pox vacc;ne?
.) Robert. Koch b) . EdwardJenner
c) Roben Hooke . d) Loui! Pasteur
5. Who invente:d the deciniaJ notation in arithmetic?
.) The Indians ' b) The Gruks
c) TheAnbs d) The Romans

Match Un"l with LUtn and select the correct answer by
the codes !iTen below the IlltI:
Lilt! Lin1I
A) JladiOOKtivit)'
1) Alexander Baine
B) PcriodicTable
C) Fax Machine
D) Laundcreuc 4) Becqtlerd

", '.) 1
4 2
. . b)
2 1

2 1 4
d) 4 2 1
5. Mark the WI'Ons combination.
a) James Wall Steam Engine
b) AG. Bell
c) J-L Baird Television
d) J. Perkins
6. Who invented the steam locom,otive?
a) Edison b) Stephenson
c) J.R. Dl'ata d) . Alexander
7. Funk disc:'t:Jftred
.) pnxdns b) vitamins
c) entymes d) hormones
7. B
. .
3. A 4. 0
5. 0 B
' .

_. Suro'i Q,G.K. (Vol. III)
8. ~ o a m o n ~ .the foUo;winK described pro.loplasl'n as the
physical basis of life? i-
a) TH. Hllxky . b) Leeuwenhoek '
c) Rudolf VircbOw d) j.C. Bose .
9. Match Li5l-J with.Li5l1l apd select the corTeCta:nswcr by usifl!
the codes given below the lists:
List.-I List-II

A) Proton 1) Chadwick . .
B) Neutron
C) Charge of Electron 3) Goldstein
D) Shelled nature of atom 4) Rutherford
1 2 3 4
b) 2 1 4
3 .
0) 2 3 1 4

1 2 3
10. Logarithm tables .was invented by
.) John Napier b) John Doe
c) John Harrison d) John Douglas
11. The electron was first identified b'y
a) JJ. TIlolllP.50n b) J. Kepler
c) D. Rutherford d) James Chadwick
12. Match List-I with List-II select thecorrectanswer by using
. the codes given below the lists: .
List-I (Invention)
A) Typewriter
B) Safety Pin
C) Radio
D) Safety Lamp .
a) . I
b) 2
0) 2
' 2
1 .
2 d) 3 4

List-II (Inventor)
I) Dav)'"
2) . Sholes
3) William Hunt
4). Marconi
a A 9.D lO. A
11. A 12. C

S'Ura'1 O.G. Ie. (vot.. III)
-38. What is meant by "Palaeontology"?'
a) study of elephants b) . 5[udy of insects
e) study of d) study of fos sils
39 . Who discovered "Bacteriology"?
.). Pasteur b) SalimA1i
e) Rao d) None of the
40. Study ofvitus is known as
a) Virology
.c) Virolisis
b) Virography '
d) None of the above
41. What does Mycology deal with?
.) 'Fauna b) Flora
e) Fungi d) NOlle of the above
42. What is Morphology?
a) position, stnlCtlire and forms of the differcll1 plants and
b) study of teeth c) sltldy of nose
d) none of the abOlle
43. What b the study oCtiSlUe5 and tissue system called?
.) Mycology b) A.IIalOmy
c) Histology d) Taxonomy'
. oH. What is Pt:dology?
.) SlUdyofSoiJ b) . StlloyofFlIllgi
c) Study of Children d) None ortlic above
45. What is the mearung of the word .&1"onomy'?
.) SmdyofPlant life
b) Study orG.arnen Cllhivalion
c) Soil management and crop pnxlUCfioll
d) Study of teeth . I
46. is the study oC
a} insects ' b) compiling of dictionary
c) plallllifc d) pOllery
47. Statistics deals with
.) all relevant facts
' b) all faeu which arc numerically expressed
c) only those lll.lInerical facts which relevant to the inquiry
d) only racts relafing to social or economic phenomena
3& 0
44. A
39. A
45. C
40. A
46. B
41. C
47. B
42 A 43. C
. Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. III)
48. The science which' deals with poisons and other poisonous
substances i. known as
a) Cryptqgnphy b)
c) . Ceramics d) Mycology
49. _Taxonomy is a science dealing with the
a) classification of all living
b) da"5sificati oll ofplalllli .
c) identificatio\l. nomenclature and of all living
d) strucltlre and fimcrion ofliving o'lf'luismli
50. Environomics . deals with intet.relationship between
environment and
a) EConomy
c) Energy
b) . Development
d) Resources
51. The study of the interaction of antigens UxillDtibodies is called
a) argio19GY b) haematology
c) serology d) cryobiology
52. The scieOcedealing with ,the measurement of earth's surface is
a) Geogt'<lphy b) Geophysics
c) Geology d) Geodesy
5!. One of the youngest sciences oftbe 20th Cennuy which de&.ls
with production, control and applicalipn of very low'" ..
temperature (approx.below-15D-C) is called
a) Cryogenics b) Cryptography '
c) Acarology d) ,?rystallography .
54. Study of universe is known as
a) Seismology b) Radiology
c) Cosmology d) Hydrography
55. Philately i . the collection of
.) Insects b) Number
c) Stamps d) Coill s
56. Genetic is known as:
a) Biochemistry b) Biophysics
c) Biote<:hnology d) None or these
57. Study of freahwaCer habitat is called
a) ecology b) limllology
c) oceanography d) eSl\Jary
48. B
54, C
49. A
55. C
50, A
56. C
51. C
57. B
52. A 53, C

Sura'. O.G.K. (Vol. III)
67. Persons of e minence are in Li st I, whil e the ir
contributions in spcc:ified areas are in List II. Select the
correct answer by usi ng the codes given below the li sts:
Li sl. List1I
A) R. Chidambaram
B) U.R. Rao.
e) Medha Patkar
D) M.S. S"'aminathan
.) I 2 4 3
b) 2 I 3 4
<) I 2 3

d) 2 I 4 3
1J Space science
2) AlOmic science
. 3) . Plant breeding
4) Environmental issues
The tec hniques of recording and r eproduc ing Ihru
dimensional images of objects is known as .
a) Audiography b) Holography
c) .Lexicography d) Photography
. .
69. Acupuncture is
a) a di sease of hean
b) servici ng of lUbes and tyres
c) a treat ment method wilh needles
d) a crop CllituTC
70. : The study of saliva is
.) Ph)'siology b) Palaeontology
c) Si.alogy d) Ecology
7. . The stu(ly of developmt:n! of animals and plants in rel.tion to
human being is .
a) Ecology b) Palaeontology
c) Embryology ' d) Physiology
72. What do you by the study of Pomology?
a) study of fruit s study of monkeys
c) slndy .of coi ns d) . lI one of the ahovc
73: What docs Dactylology deal with? .
a) skill b) footprints
.c) fingerprillls d) None ortbe above.
67. D
73. C
68. 8 fIJ. C
70. C" 71. A 72. A
Sura' s O.G.K. (Vol. Ill ) .
114. Match listl v.ith list-ll and selcct the corrcct answer by using
the codes given below the !isls:
list ) (Pl aces of Ust.1I (Located in)
historical monuments)
A) Al.I gkor Wat I ) Afgllil llistal.l
B) Borobodll l" 2) Sri Lank:l.
C) Bamiyau
J 31'a
D) All uradhapur.ull 4) K.11llpucll ca
. ) 2 3 4 I
b) 4 2 3
<) 4 3 2
d) I 4 3 2
115. " Navakal evar" a ceremony to repl ace the e i t i ~ s with new
bodies Wll5 perfonned thi s year in a temple located at which
a) Bodhgaya b) Timpali
c). Pun d) MadlUTa
116. Match Li sl-l with ListoII and selcct the c/;"' rt"eCt answer by using
the codes given below the li sts:
Li st1 (Ci ti es) List1I (Airports)
A) Tokyo 1) Schiphol
B) Paris 2) Nari la
C) Washi ngton 3) Odr
D) Amsterdam 4) Dulles
. ) 3 2 4 I
b) 2 3 4 I
0) 3

I 4
d) 2 3 I 4
117. In a recenl excavali"on, remains of some ninth century Chandela
Temple have been found. The si te of the exca"ation is
a) '-S:mchi 6) LOI.hil l .
c) Kh:Yll raho d) Jalkara
114. C 115. C 116. B 11 7. D


SUI'Q' S O.G.K. (\\II. III)
lllJ. is llle Mother Teresa Women's University located?
a) Kolkata b) Kodaik.1nal
c) Mum!>:!; d) Kottayam
119. Which of the following cities is not on the river Danube?
a) Munich b) Vienml
c) Belgrade d) Budapesl
Which of the following is not a seaport?
a) Cairo b) Duhlin
e) Li sbon d) ROilerdam
121. Match List-J with List-II and select the eorrec:t altS'olo"Cr by using
. the codes given lists:
List-. .List-II
A) Mumbai
B) Kolkal a
C) Vishakhapalllam
D) Kalldla
A 8 C D
a)2 3 4'1
b) 2 1 I 3
c) 3 2 1 I
: d) 1 3 2 '1
I ) Tidal Pon
3) Riverine Poft
4) Pon
. 122. Match Lilil-. with List-II and selcct thecorrecl answer by using
the codes given below the li sts: .
List-. ListII
(Nalural regions) (Towns)
A) Equatorial . I ) Darwin
8 ) Tropical marine 2) Santiago
q Tropical monsoon 3) Havana
D) Meditemmean 4) .Padang
A 8 C D
I 3 2 4
b) 2
3 I
,) 2
I 3
d) 4 3 I 2
118. B 119. A 120, A. 121. A 122, D

Sura'$ b ,G.K. (Vol. Ill)
123. Match List-) with List-II and select the cotteCt answer by ""sing
the codes given below the lists:
List) List-II ,
(Energy,sources) (Centres or pr.oductiop)
A) Coal 1) Si ngrauli
B) Petroleum 2) Narora
C) HydroeI(.'dricit'l 3) Ca ll1bay
D) Nuclear 4) Mettur
a) 1 4 3 2
2 1 4
oj 1 3 4 2
d) 3 1 2 4
Which one or the rollowing Buddihst sites bas structural
.. , architecture? .
a) Karley b) Ajanta
c) Nasik d)
125. The only capital cities on either side or a river are
a). Bujumbura Bamako
b) Ho Chi Minh City Pholll Penh
c) Kinshasa
d) Brussels The Hague
126. The' Master Control Facility of ISRO is at
a) Balasore b) . Srihariir.()(a
. c) Bangalore ' d) Hassan
127. Name the place where rndia's only Mari'ne Sanctuary is
a) Goa
c) Kovalam
b) Visakhapatnanl
d) Gahinnatha
128. Which of the following places arc known ror paper .
manufacturing industry?
1) Vamunanagar 2) Guwahali
. 3) Shahab.1d 4) Ballarpur
Choose the correct answer usi ng the codcs given below:
1) I. II and III 2)" I, II and IV
3) I. III and IV 4) II. III and IV
.123: .C ' 124. D 125. C 126. D 127. A 128. C
Sura's O.GK (Vol. HI)
134. Which one of Ihe following pain is correctly malch(.'Ci ?-
3) Pimpli: b) Shahab;ul :
c) Si udri: Rubber d) BalJar pur : Le mher
135. The famous rock-c.ul lemple of Kailasa is al
a) AJallIa b) Badami
c) l\-lahabalipuram . d) Etlora
136. The earliest rock-cut caVCli in Western India are those
al Nasik., Ellora ;Hld Ajama b) Junnar. Kalyan and Pi t;llkhor..1
c) Ajama, Bhaja and Kondane
d) Hil a!3. Pi!alkhora and Kondanc
137. Which onc of the following ili a monument conslructcd by
Sher Shah?
a) Rila Kuhna '\1osquc al Delhi
bl Alala Masjid iltJiluupur c) Bara Sona J\l asjid al Gaur
d) Qu",,",'al: u!. !slam Mosque at Delhi
138. Match Listj with ListI1 and select the correct anliwer:
Al Be!jing
8) Moscow
C) Berl in
b) 2 I <I 3
c) 2 131
d) . 12"13 .
I) RedSquarc
2) Tiananmen Square
3) Schyamsky Square
4) Rcrhlas Square
139. Match Ust-' wilh Listn and select thccorrecl answer:
Listl (Mounmcnts) ListII (Places)
A) Dasavalara Temple 1) Bhubaneswar
B) Khalldariya Mahadeo 2) That!.iavur
C) BrihadceswaraTemple
DJ Lillgaraj Temple
2 3 "I
"I 3 2:
4 2 I
3 2
. 4
3) Khajllfaho
4) Deogarh
134 A 135. 0 136. C 137. C 138. B 139. B
Sura's O.G.K. (WI t. III)
150. Which place in India is famous for the 'Rock
a) b) Challdi garh
c) Aliluedabac;l d) Lucknow
151. Unit Trust of India's headquarters is loca.led at
. a) Mumbai b) Chenna;
c) Kolkata d) New Delhi
152. Fero:r.abad (UP) is (amous (or its
a) l.cather industry b) Glass indusl}'
cl Rubber industry d) COllon indumy
153. Which of the following are Gupta temples?
I) Thc K.1ukali Tila al Tigowa
2) Pan'al; {ciuplc at KUlhara
3) Dasa\atara temple al Deogarh
al I and 2 h) I and 3
c) 2and3 d) 1.2and3
154. Which one of the follo""ing places is known for diamond
cutting and polishing industry?
al Mumbai h) Kanchipuram
c) Sural d) Jaipur
155. " Monoculture o( commercially viable trees is destroying the
unique natural profile of _ .. Thoughtless exploitation of timber,
deforesting vast tracts (or palm cultivation, destruction of
mangroves, illegal logging by tribals and poaching only
.compound Ib.e problem. Fresh water pocke.ts are fa$l drying
up due (0 deforestation and destruction of mangro ... es." The
place referred to in this quotation is
al Sundcrbans
b) Kerala coast
c) Orissa coast
d) Andaman and Nicobar Islands
156. Which one of the (ollowing cities is not on the banks of the
river Yamuna?
al Haridwar h) Delhi
c) Millhura d) Agra
157: National Film Archives of India is at
a) Mumbai
. c) Kolkala
150. B
156. A
151. A 152 B
157. 0

b) Chenllai
d} l'uuc
153. D
154. 0 155. A
Sura's O.G.K. (\ul. 111)
The longest opticaJ fibre cable of the world is laid between
a) Paris and Tokyo b) Singapore alld Marseilles
c) Manila and Tornill o d) London and New YOI"I-
Match ListI with Li st-II and select the correct n s ~ e r by using
the code.s given below the lists:
List-l (Places)
A) Tamrnlipti
8) Vaishali
C) Kanauj
0) Samath
2 4
b) 2 3
4 3
List11 (Significance)
I) Harsha's capital
2) A nourrshing
ancient India
3) Buddha dcli\crro his fi rst
4) Capit al orLichc11avis
. d)
2 3 I 4
165. Match List-I with List-II and select t'l e correct answer by usill"
the codes given below the li;ts:
List-J (Rivers)
A) Ghagharn
B) Brahmaputra
C) Narmada
0) Sabannati
a)1 3 1 2
b)1 '12.3
c) 2 1 .3 I
d) S42 1
List-II (Towns)
I) Hoshangauad
2) Ahmedabad
166. 'The firstlargc-sc"lc jute mill wUs cstablished at
a) Ballsberia b) Ko1kata
c) Howrah d) Rishra

167. The Cenb"aJ Mining Research Station is located in which city"!
a) Dhanbad b) Nagph r
,c) Bhopal d) Rourkda
163. B 164. A 165. A 166. 0 167. A

SUrD'S O.G.K. (Vol. IJI)
168. Match List. with ustI1 and select the correct answer by wins
' the codes below the lists: .
List-. (Building) List-II (Location)
A) Adina mosque I) Odhi.
B) Mahmud 2) Mandu
. Madrasa
C) Jahaz Malml
D) Kalam Masjid
a)2 :3 14
b) 3 4 2 I
c) 3 4 I 2
d )4 2 :1
3) Palldua (Bengal)
4) Bidar
169. Match ust1 with ListII and select the correct !lflSWeJ" by using
the codes giyen below the lists:
List 1
(Thennal Power PlantS)
A) Kahalgaon
0) Farakka
C) R."Imagtllldam
D) Gandll."Ir
c)21'1 3
d) 3 2 I"
I) West Bengal
2) Bihar
. '
4) Alldhra Pradesh
170. Which one of the following temples in the news
regarding the institution of the Dcvadasis?
a) jaganmllh temple. Puri
b) Pasupaunath tcmple, Kathmandu
c) Kalldariyamahadt.-y temple, Khaj uraho
d) Chaunsathyogini [cmple, Bheraghal
171-. The first chemical port in India for export and import of
chemical products is being set up at
a) Diu b) Mumbai
c)' Porbandar d) Dahcj
168. B 169. C 170. A 171. 0
- --- ..-PERSONALITIESO------
I. Who was callt..>d a ' Man of Desti ny'?
a) !":apoleoll . . b) Hitler
c) Nelson d) Sardar Patel
2. Who destroyed one part of hi s enemy's fl eet before Oreakfasl,
took his break(ast and then destroyed Deet?
a) Admiral Deway b) Alexander
c) Hor;lIio Nelson d) Churchill
3. Who is said to be the worl d's greatest genius?
a) C.v. R.l1J1aIl b) Einslein
. c) Rabindranalh Tagore d) -Lc:onardo da Vinci
4. To which personaJi ty Gandhiji gave the title Deen Band hu?
a) Ghosh b) C.l-: Andrews
c) Vill oba Bhave d ) C. R. Das
5. Wi th subject would you ISsociiue Prof.P.C."Mahai anobis?
a) Calcul us b)
c) Tht:ory of numbers d) Algebra
6. Who was Michaelangeloi'
a) Great Actor b) Greal Historian
c) Great Sculptor d) "None or lhe above
7. To which country did Dr. Annie Bennt bel on,?
a) India b) England
c) Scotland - d) None of the abO'\c
8.- Rembraruh was a world fa.mous '
a) DUich painter
c) pai uter .
b) French paintcr
d) English painter
9. Who was known as the ' Father of Lok Sabha'?
a) Anamasayanam
c) M;wl :l1lbr
b) Bashyam
d) Zakir l-hnsain
10. Who is the first women Guvt:mor in India?
. ) Dr. Annie Besanl b) Saroj ini Naidu
0) Vijayalakshmi Pantli! d) DuilP Bancrjee
1. A 2 A 3. D 4. B 5. 9
7. C 8. A 9. C 10. B
6. C
, Sura"., O.G.K. (Vol. Ill )
11. .
Who was the first Indian to swim across the English Channel?
a) Avinash Satang . b) Mllkha Si ngh
c) MihirSen d) . AratiSaha
n. Who wrote leeters to his son?
a) Jawaharlal Nehnl b) qlarlcs Dickens
c) Chesterfield" d) or the abO\'c
13 Who was Paul Muni?
.- a} A greal film aClOr b) Novelis!
c) Nobel PrizeWinner d) None of the above
14. ; Who was popularly known as ' Ike'?

a) Eisenhower b) Roosl..velt
c) George Washington d) None ohhe above
15 Who wanted to build a temple for Bhanatha Matha?
. a) KaIL"lhomman b) . Slibramaniya Siva
' c) Bliaralhiyar d) TK. Shanmugham
16. Name the person popularly known as Gurudev.
a) Narayana GUOI b) Tagore
c)" Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
d) Ramakrishna Par.lmahamsa
17. Who was Golda Meir?
a) .Character created by Agatha Christi e
b) "Fonner Prime of Israel
c) Acted in a film on Mahat ma Gandhi
d) None of the abm'e
Who is Balzac?
a) French NO\'d isl b) Gemlan Chancellor
e) , Detective story writer d) NOlie of the above
19. Who was the first person to cross the Alps with anny?
a) ' Hannibal . b) Napoleo!}
c) Alexander . d) NOlle of the aho\fe

20. Who out of the following is associated with Pondicherry?
a) Aurobindo Ghosh b) R.K'. ShalllllugaUi
c) Rallade d) None of the above
21. Who was Simon Bolivar?
a) A great freedom fightcr b) A rhlllous cducationist
c) A great sportsman d) ,A greal libcrator
11. C 12. C 13. A 14. A 15. 8 16.
17. B IS. A 19. A lll. A 21. D
. "
Sura's O.G. K. (Vol . III)
22. Yehudi Menuliin, was a famous
a) Si tari st b) J ournaii sl
c) Social Worker . d) Violinist
23. Who was Cham Majumdhar?
a) Founder of the naxa"lite mo\'cmelll
b) A greal palriot in the early 10', in India
c) Criticised Dyarchy S}'SIC:m .
d) None ofthcabov.e
24. Maria Montessori's name i s associated with
a) Child education b) Chri stian mission
c) Woillen's right s d) Mission hospitals
25. Who is nlled"as 'Chacha' in India?
a) P:ltel b) Kamaraj
c} Tiwari d) Nehru
26. Who wasJamini Roy?
a) Famousludian paimer
c) Famous Shenoypl?ycr
b) !<amOU5 hi storian
d) None of the alx)\'c
27. Who was Dr. Salim Ali?
a) Famous agriculture scientist
b) Founder of Aligarh Musli m University
c) Famous ornithologist
d) None ohhe above
28. Who was called Modem Phanoh?
b) Suhano a) Nasser
c) Ncthaji d) Dr: Homi Dhabha
29. Wh9 was called of North?
a) SirWalu:rScol\ b) Wonl swonh
c) I\)Uock . d) Toynbee
SO. Who i!, Dr. Kasturiranph?
a) ' Chairman, lSRO
b) Finance Secretar}'. (;(wt. of Tamil Nadu
c) . Vice Chancellor, Ann:t Universit y
d) Di rector, DRDO .
31. In which field did Epstein dis!inguish himself?
a) Palming b) Sculpture
c) Music d) None of the abO\'c:
22. 0
28. A
23. A
29. A
24. A
30. A
25. 0
31. B
26. A

n. c
Sura's o.G.K: (Vol. HI)
32. Sarkaria is
a) A well known leacher
b) A well known Supreme Colin Judge
e) Chairman of Ihe Bar CounCi l of India
d) None ohhe abo\'e
33. Who is Mi ss AraLi Saha?
a) A reputed dancer .
b) Firsl womllll 10 swim across the English Channel
c) Fi rS! woman 10 elimb Everest
d) Fi rsl woman ~ become an Advocate in India
34. Marsha1 Tilowas
a) former Presideni of Yugoslavia
b) Jormer Presidenl of Eg}'pl
c) A hero ohhe World War II
d) None of Ihcse
35. John Maynard Keynes was aln
a) Economist . b) Scientisl
c) Poel d) Mathemal iCian
36. Who U Sun-Vat-Sen?
a) First Presidenl of Chincse R"epuhl ic
b) First Prime Minister of China
c) Great pholographcr of China
d) Creal painter in t he 1811t cenlul)'
37. WtJo was Woodrow Wilson?
a) Fonner Presidelll of USA
b) funller PrimeMinister of England
c) A famous chemist of Scotland
d) NOlie of Ihe aoove
38. Who was Robert Peary?
a) First person to. reach the SOUlit Pole
b) First person (0 reach Ihe.North Pole
c) Great statesman of China
d) NOlie of the above .
39. Who was Sir Ceo,!", William?
a) A pioneer in rhe Scout MO\'CIIlCIlI
b) A pi oneer in Y.M.CA
c) A hi storian in England d) NOli e of rhe above
32. B
38. B
33. B
39. B
34. A 35. A 36. A
37. A
C>py xl .

Sura', O,G.K. (Vol. III )
The Fint President orlndia to die-i,n harness
a) S. Radhakrishnan b) ZakirHussain
c) Justice HidayalUllah d) fo-aknlddill Ali
The youngest person 10 become the President of. India was
a) \ \y. Giri b) i'itkruddinAliAhmed "
c) N. Sartiiva Reddr d). Gulz.1.rilab Nanda . .
A Roman general and after the days ofJuliu5 Caesar
whom had immortalised in one of his great plays
-a) Brutus b) Augustus Caesar
c) Mark Antony d) Hamiet
A stone deaf (at 40) music composer of Germany who wrote
many memorable symphonies. sonatas and concertos was
a) Beethoven . b) J ohan Bach
c) J erry Garcia ,d) Mozart.
A great French philosopher who chaJlenged the traditional
school of thought, wrote The Age of Louis XlV'and thereby
paved the way to the French R:evolution was
a) Voltaire . b)
c) Rousseau .' d) Maximilien F. Robespien-e
A mogui of the Microsoft Corporation, the world's richest
private individliaJ with $51 biilion is .
a) Bill Gatt-'S h) Cudjoe Harrison
c) Humed-aI-Thani d) Premji
Who is known as the 'Father of Geometry'?
a) Kepler b) Euclid
. c) .Pythagoras d) Newton
Mrs. Junko Tabei, the .first-ever woman 10 cli.mb MOUllt Everest,
belongs 10
a) CI!ina b) J apan
c) Gcmlau}' d) India
Who is popularly known as Nightingale of India?
a) Lata Mangeshkar b) M.S. SuHbuiakshmi
c) Sarojilli Naidu . d) Kalyanpur
. , .
The first navigator to sail round theworld was
a) Marco Pol o b) Columbus
c) Amundsen d)
82. B 83. C
88. B 89. B
84. C
90. C
85. A
91. D
86. A ,r7. A

Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. III)
99. Who is the first Indian woman astronaut?
a) Katpana Chawla b) Al1l11dhali Roy
c) K.11pallaLajmi" dJ Kamala
100. Who is said 10 be the Father of Nuclear Research in India?
a) Raja Ramalllla b) U. R. Rao
c) Homi). Bhaba d) C.V. Raman
101 . With what would you associate Roman Polanski?
a) Wi ne b) Trav.eI Books
c) Filmmaking d) Film acting
102. Matcla"Ijst-I with List;U and select the correct answer'by using
the codes given below the lIsts: ' .
List-I List.II
A) Sheikh Abdullah
B) E.M.S. Namboodiripad
. C) Dc\'araj Un
D) Biju I':l tuaik .
. 8 C
3 I
I 4
4 I
. ) J{.1fnataka
2) Jammu & Kashmir
S) Orissa
4) Kernla
-103. A.O. Hume, the founder of the Indian National
originally Was a
a) Governor b) Social Worker
c) Chil SCrValll of the EaSI India Company
d ) British AmI}' Commander
104. The exprcssion"Manofthe Messes" is associated with:
a) J aya PIOlkash Narayan b) . K. Kalllaraj
c) Mah:nma Gandhi d) Ram Manohar Lohia
105. Who among the was praised as " People's Princess"?'
a) Mother b) Anne
c) Diana d) Indi ra Gandhi
106. By what other name is Khan Abdul Ghafi'ar Khan of North-
West Frontier Province popularly known? .
a) SCiVant b) Red Shi rt Leader
c) Frolllier Gandhi d) Khan Sahib
99. A
105. C

100, C 101. D 102. D
106: C
103. C 104:' A
. ,
Sura', O.GK (Vol. W)
107. Consider the statements:
Annie Besant
I. SUlned the J-lomc"Rule Movement
II. advocated the of foreign goods
lit .. for Nati onal EduGui oll
IV. was the editor or 'Swadeshmitran'
Of the above statements which onc of the following is correct:
a) I & II arc correct b) I. II, & III are correct
c) J. II. III & JVare COITt:C1 d) I & IV are (ocreel
108. Morarji Desai's life achi evement
a) was himself becoming Prime.Millislcr ofrndia
b) was his IlIC3sur.cs on gold control
c) is thaI he led a Gandhiall life as true follower of Gandhi
d) is Spanan simplicil)' and honest
. '
109. Which onc of the following is correctly matched?
a) Kiran nedi Miss' Universe 19!H
b) Sushmita Scn . Miss World 1994
c) Aishwarya Rai Fi Nt Woman IPS officer
d) Mpulc Kwdagobe Mi ss Universe 199!)
110. Match List.I with Listn and select the correct answer by usi ng
the codes given below the lists:
Lisl-l . List-II .
A) v. P. Malik I) AK-17 rifle
B) G.P. Koirala 2) Chief of Anll)- Staff
C) Thabo Mockl 3) Prime Minisl er of Nepal
D) K<Jlashllikov 4) Pre1lidC: 1H ofSOIlih Nrie ..
.) 2 3
b) 3


0) 4

d) 2

Ill . In which field has Ustad Faiyyaz Khandistinguisbed himself?
a) P:tinlillg b) Poelry
. c) Music d) NOt1C ofthc: above
107. B C 109. D 110. AlII. C

Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. Jll )
112. Match List-I with List-II and select the corre<:ta.nswer by using
the codes gi\'en below the lists:
List. Liljl-II
A) RL,,'. Gt.'orge l.eonard I) BlasphelllY Case
B) Sulciman Demircl 2)
C) Salama! Masih
OJ General Than Shive .
Archbi shop of Canterbury
" 3
113. Who is Said 10 be the second Vivekananda of India?
a) S. Rad!lakrishnan .b) J. Kri shn3moonhy.
c) Ramana Maharishi d) Rajaji .
114. Who is styled as AmericanGandhi?
a) 'Martin Ltllher King b) Abraham Lincoln
c) d) JohnAdams
115. Who among the following i s a 'prominent leader of the
Nannada Bachao Andolan?
a) Sundarlal Bahugulla b) MediI:! !'atbr
. c) Swami Agnivesh d) Baba AnIl e
116. Pierry Cardin is famous in whict:a of the following fields?
a) rashi on designing b) . pop music
. c) dance d) painting
117. Dr. Verghese !WrieR is associated with
a) Yell ow 1"C\'OIUlioll b) Whit e revolution
c) Mt.-dicinc d) Literature
118 . . Who is called the " beacon.or Iighl of Asia"?
a) Aurobindo Ghosh b) Mahatma Gandlt i
c) Jawaharlal Nchl1l d) Sublmsh Bose
119. Charles Correa has distinguished himsel in which of Ihe
a) Western Music
c) Ballcl
112. D
118. C
113. A ' 114. A
119. D
b) Paill[illg
d) Architecture
115. B .116. A
117. B
Sure' s C.G.K. (\'o\. I II )
125. "'he firs! Indian scholar who tl'eated Ma!.hematics as a di stincl
subjcct, was:'
a) .'\ " 'abban,, b) V0ayammdul
c) \ 'arahamihi ra d) Bra hmagupta
126, Amo.Qg the following the only perosn who resigned his Prime
is .
a) J a'\';l harlal Nehru b) Indir;! G,lIIdhi
c) Ll i Bahad ur Shastri d) Mora tji Desai
127. Name !.he artist who started his career as painter of cinema
. posters.
a) Sat ish Gujr."ll b) "1.1'. Hussain
c) Par.unj il Singh d ) . Ganesh Pyne
128. Fr.uu Joseph Hayden, the famous composer belonged 10
, .
a) Genna n)' b) AlLl lna
c) hall' '. d) Poland
129. Who is said 10 have fiddled when Rome was burning?
a) Juliu.!! c. ... esar b) Nero
c) Pel roneus . d) l'aris
ISO. Begum Akhtar i!f' related 10
a) Music b) Dance
e) Writi ng d ) Painting
131 . The pioneer .of Bhakti Movement of India Was
a) "'arhari b) Namdev
c) Tuk.,ralll d) Chailanya .
132. Consider !.he following stalements about B.R. Ambcdkar:
I. Through an impo\et; shed vi ll.1ge ooy. he was able to Slud)
abroad through a scholarship from the then Muharaj a of
BOl rod a
2. He was the founder of the Republican Pany of Indi a
3. He passed away in late 1956
4. Bcforejoi ning n;' " ional pohtio, lI e 5c:l"\' cd as the financial
advisor of. one of the lhen pri ncely StalC5
ortbese statements
a) 3 and 4 are con ect
c) I,Z all d 'l are correcl
b) 1.2 alld 3 are con-eel
d) 1.2,3 and -I a re COtTt.'C1
125. A
131.. D
126. 0 127. B
132. D
128. B
129 . . B
130. A
Sura' s O.G.!<- IV,,!. HI)
133. The firsl modem Indian was
a) . K<.'Shab Sen b) ISWilr Chandra Vidyasagar
. -
. c) Raja. Rammohan Roy d) Michael Madhusudan DIlII:!
134. Young Bengal movement is associated withthe name of:
a) Raj'l RmlllTJohan Roy b) Nmh Tagon:
c) DCTOZio d) Lord Remind.
135. Who amongst .the following in nol a painlcr?
a) 5alis)1 b) M.F. Huss.1jn
c) Sonal Mansingh d) Ram Kumar
136. Which international leader relired from active politics
a) Heimul Kohl b) Nclson Mandcla
c) Tony 81;11r d) . Mahathir Mohammad
137. Who among the following Sultans of Delhi has been described.
by the historians as the ' mixture of opposites'?
a) Balban . . ' b) A1auddin Khitii
c) Muhlmml:!d-binTughluq d) Ib'-d!Jim LxIi '
138. $ircarol Reed was associated with which.field?
a) Jouma1ism b) Filmdirection
c) LileralUre d) Music
139. George Shaw, the great dramatist, was
a) anlrisliman h) an
c) a Scotsman d) a
140. Who among the following is said to have been born and to
have passed away on the Vai shakha Pumima day?
a) h) Maha\'ira
c) Sankaradmrya . d) Chailanya
141; Match List-I with List I1 and select the correct answer:
. List-I (Counrriel) List-II (Women leaders)
A) Canada 1) Aung Sail Suu Kyi
B) New Zealanu 2) E"a Peron
C) .Argentina 3) Helen Clark
'0) Myalllhar 4) Kim Campbe ll
a) 3 1 2 4
h) 2 'I 3 1
c) 4 1
d) 4 3
133. C
139. A'
135. C 136. B 137. C 138. B
141. D
Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. 111)
142. The spiritual leader aSSl)(:iated with the foundin, of the
Vijayanagara kingdom was
a) Purandarada$
c) Appayya Di kshitar
b) Vidyaranya
d) Ramadas
145. ' Theosophist, educationist and Indian nationalist lead<;r'. This
description filS
a) Madan Mohan Malayiya b) Srinivasa Sasu;
c) Annie Bcsam
d) Shyama Prasad
144. Match List.' with ListJI and sc]f!(:t thJ! COtrf!(:t answer by usin,
the codes given below the lists:
List1 List 1I
A) A grcat mar hclllaliciall I) Brahmagupta
and astronomer
B) A gn:-aL sciclIlist 2) Vri hada Vagabha"t13
C) A great IIJ:1thcnlalician
D) A great physician 4)
. Varahamihira
A B C 0
.) 2 I
b) 4
2 1
, ,
I 2

d) ,4
145. Match 1,.15t.1 with List-n and .select corn:<:t answer by
using the codes given below the lists: .
List-. wt]]
A) Known for his wit and .) Abul Fad
B) An experi cnced Gencraf 2)
C) A historian 3)
D) A scho!ar and a poet 4)
2 1
Faizi .
Raja Bhagawan Das

142. B 143. C 144. C 145. C
Sura' s O. G.K. (Vol. Ill)
146. Akbar collected a very valuable library of manusCripts on all

subjects because
. a) He was a \'oracious reader
b) He wanll.-d to write
c) !-Ie had a gre<lt hunger for knowlegc
d) He wallled 1.0 start a new religion
147. Late Alia Rakha "'"as Camous in which oftbe following fields?
a) Acting b) . Singing
c) Music d) LiteralUre
148. Who amon! the following personalities from the 6eld of mWiie .
is associated with violin?
a) . PI. BhimsenJoshi b) Pt. V.G. J og
c) Pt. ShivkulIlar Sharma d) M.S. Subbulakshmi
149. Bernado Benolucci js
a) an Italian architect b) an h <l liall film direct or
c) <I Renaissance painter from haly
d) the PM of haly
150: Who among the following anticipated Newton' by declaring
that allth.inp !"ritate to the earth? '
a) Aryabb<lua b) Varahamihira
c) Buddhagupf<l d) Brahmagupta
151. Match List1 with List1l and select the correct answer by usin(
the codes given below the lists: .
List. List1I
A) Emesto Zedi llo I) Unlguay
Sf Albeno Fujimori 2) Brazil .
C) Julio Maria Sanguinetti 3). Mexico
D) Fcmando H. Cardoso 4) Pc:ru
.) 3
b) ,
c) ,
d) 2
, I
2 3
, 2
, I
152. With whom is the concept of Shramik Vidyapeeth associated?
a) LX Advani b)' Saba runIc
c) Vinoba .8havc d) 'Mahalma Gandhi
146. 0 147. C 148. B 149. B 150. 0 151. A
152 B'
Sura's' Q,G,K, (Vol. III)
153. Match Li st-. with List-n and select the correct answer by using
the codes givcn below thc Ii SIS!
1151-1 Li!;t-ll .
A) N anga I ) J aina teacher
B) Bhadrabahu 2) - J Uli si
C) Vij mmcw<1nt 3) Etymologist '
0 ) Yaska 4) Buddhi si philosopher
A B C 0
I 3 '1
b) .
3 4
0) 4 I
d) 4
I 3
154. Sitara Dcvi is a maestro of which of the following dance
a) Odissi b) Kalhak
c) KlIchipudi d) Bharatanatya!ll
15!i. Who among the following Communists of lndia played a
notable role in the world communis. movement?
a) A.K. Gopalall b) SA Dange .
c) M.N. Roy d) E.M.S.
156. Who among the following is regarded as the " FalherofRussian
Revolution' ?
a) Kercnsky
c) Karl Marx
. b) Trot sky
d) Lenin
157. Who among the following is not regarded as a communist
II) Trotsky b) Mao Tsc Tung
c) Stalin d) Chi:mg- Ki,i-Shdr.
158. Who among the following leaders is known for her work in
the fi eld of the empowenncnt qf women?
a) Sheikh Hasilla b) Bcnazir Bhullo
c) Mary Robinson
d) Chandrika Kumaratllllga
159. Geet Sethi is a
a) Billiards champion
c) Chess plaver.
153. C 154. B 155.
159. A
b) Pop SiJlger
d) Football caplaj n
C 156. 0 J:S7. 0
158. C

Sura's O.GX (Vol . III)
166. With which is Fidel CUtro associated?
a) Somalia b) Cuba #
c) Haiti d) Burundi
167. Late PupulJayakar was closely associated. with which of the
following organisations?
a) Bombay Natural History Society
b) Sociel Y for of Cruelty on Animals
c) Indian Nalional Trust for An and Cullural Herilage
d) Bombay Tun. Club -
168. The saint from Gujant who non-sectarianism in
medieval times was
a) Tuk.1ram b) Ragh.unandan
c) Dadu d) Ramanand
169. Guru Kelucharan MohapaCra is maestro of which of the
following dance fonn?
a) Kathak b) Kalhakali
c) Bharat Nalyam d) Odissi
170. Who amons the following is known for work in the field of

a) S:wami Agni",esh b) Swami Chinmayananda .
c) Medha Patkar d) Manua BaJleljee
171: Who amon,;: the followins: is not a cartoonist?
a) Sudhir Dllar b) Abti Abraham
c) Mario Miranda d) 9iriL11Jain
172. M.-tch List-. with List-II and select the correct answer by wing
the codes given below the lists:.
A) lolkappiyar
8 ) Dandi
C) Sudraka
OJ Yakp'ati
. )

b) 2 I 3
c) 3 1 2
d) 3 2
166. B 167. C
172. C
1) Poetry
2) Drama
3) Gr.llnmar
4) I'rose
168. .C 169. 0 170. A 171. 0

--- -
I . No wrinen records about which aCthe
ancient civilisations have so rar come to light?
a) A!;syrian b) B,abylonian
c) Egyptian d) . Ind us vaHey
2. The Glorious Revolution or Bloodless in England

ended the .,
a) rule orthe HOllse and Hanover
b) rule ofthe Tudors
c) tule or the Stuarts
d) None or the above
Slavery was abolished in America in
a) 1860 b) 1863
c) 1865 d) None of lilt; above
The important cause of Civil War in America was
a) abolition of sIa\'cry
b) quest of freedom
1\:) industriali sation
d) rebel lio n by the nat ive Ameri cans
5. In the nineteenth century. the people of Europe starCed moving
from the villages to ci6eS due to the impact of
a) epidemics b) war
c) industrialisation
d) population explosion in villages
Whi ch British kinS was beheaded?
a) . Charles I b) 'Charles II
c) Henry VIn d) None of t he aboo.'c
. 7 . . country did nol join Second World War?
a) Gennany b) haly
c) Canada "d) RlIssia
8. What is the historical importaru::e or30 A.D.?
a) Samuel j ohnson was born
J esus Cilris! was hom
c) Jesus Chrisl was crucified
d) Buddha preached Buddhism
Ans: 1. D
7. C
2 C
a C
3. B
4. A 5. A 6. A
Sura'. O.G.K, (Vol. III)
Which ancient ruler wept because be bad no more phu:e to
.) Alexander
c) Caesar
b) Napoleon
d) None ohhe above
Who comes to your mind, when you think of Macedonia?
a) Napoleon. b) Pope
c) Alexander d) None of the above
the year out oCtile following during which three kings
ruled Britain.
a) 1922
c) . 1931?
b). 1930
d) None of the above
12. Who was considered to be a model of all the Ministers?
a) Jawaharlal Nehru b) Winston Churchill
.c) Sir Jtoben d) Mrs. Thatcher
15. Who was the first Prime Minister of jewish descent in Engtand?
a) Allee b) . Churchill
c) Disracli d) None of the above
14. . Which king ofEl},gland convened useless parliament?
a) George I bl Cromwell
c) Charles I d) None of me above
15. Who was the first occupant of White House?
a) \Vashir-gton b) Abraham Lincoln .
c) johnAdams . d) NOlie ofth"e alxwe
. 16. Whowu the only President who did not live in Wuhin&ton?
.) George \Yashingloll b) John F. Kennedy
c) Thomas Jefferson d) None of the above
17. Who functioned both as the President and lhe Vice- President
. of America?
. ) George Washington b) Fr.inklin Pien:e
c) Thomas jefferson d) . None of the above
18. Name the President of USA who had drafted a major portion
of the 'Declaration of Independence'?
a) George WaShington
b) Thomasjefferson
c) Abr.tbam Lincoln
d) j<;lhn Adams
9. A
15. C
10. C
16.: A
H. C
17. C-
12. C
18. B
13.C . 14.C
Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. III)
19. Where was the 'Declaration of for America
a) PhiL,ddphia b) Sau Francisco .
c) Adallla d) None of the ahove
20. When c:lid the parliamentary rule begin in .ngland?
a) 1688 b) 1722
c) 1810 d) None of the ahove
21. Who became Minister of England for four times?
a) Churchill b) William Gladstone
c) . William Pill d) Margaret Thatcher ,
22. Which were the two countries who fought in the Opium war?
a) China and France b) China and England
.c) America and Russia . d) FtaJi cc ;Hld Spain
23 . . What was Edward's main contribution to EoSland?
a) Growth of Privy Council .
b) L,ws relating 10 the rule of British colonies
cJ Growth of Parliament
d) NOlie of the above
24, Who was called "Austerity Chancellor"? '
a) Stafford Cripps b) \VaveU
c) Winston Churchill d) Major
25. When did the 'Chinese Revolution' take place?
a) 1900 b) 1899
cl 191 I . d)" 1919
. 26. When did Kindohn sign "Mapa Carta"?
a) 120 B;C. b) 1215 A.D.
c) 1238 A.D. d) NOlie orthe above
27. When was Prophet Mohammed born?
a) 570 A.D. bl 375 A. D.
c) 13 AD. d) "A.D.
28. Where is oldest dyna;ty still ruling?
a) England . bl Japan
c) Chilla d) NOlle of the above
29. When did the 'Russian take place?
a) 1909 bl 1917
c) 1918 d) None orlhe above
19. A
25. C
20. A
26. B
21. B
V. A
22. B
28. B
23. C
29. B
24. A

so .
33 .
. S4.
. 36 . .
Sura' , O.G.K. (Vol. III)
When'was atom bomb dropped in Hiroshima?
. a) 1945 b) . 1955
c) 196 1 d) 1900
Why is 4th July, 1"776 considered to be important in American
a) Slavery was alJolished
b) George Washington was elected as the Presidcllt
cJ The civil war had s!ar.led
d} American independence was declared
What happened in 1963?
a) Kennedy was assassinated
b) War ill Cypms

c) ,S).lczcanal dosed . d) None of the .. bolle
What was the important in 1837 A.D.?
. a) Queen Victoria's accession tothe throne
b) X-ray was
c) Treaty of d) None of the above
Where was the American War of Independence staried?
a) b) Washington
c) Florida d) New York
Who was thji! Prime Minister ofEn!land at the start of Second
a) Churchill b) Atlee
c) Chamberlain d) NOlle of the above
Which country had a first woman M.P.?
a) RUSSia' b) East Gcnuan),
c) Fin"land d) None of the above
' Which !Feat woman's name first appeared in bistory?
a) Queen Vieloria . b) Rani Laxmi Ba i
c) Queeil Hatshepsut of 'Egypt
d) Cleopatra .
When did the French Revolution take place?
a) 1789 b) 1689 '
c) 1879 d) 1798
Who founded Istanbul?
a) Constantine I
. c) Marco Polo
30. A
36. C
31. 0
37. C
b) Vasco da Cama
d) None of til e above
Surd. O.GX (Vol. III)
51. ThechiefadvouteofFasclsmWU
_1 Mussolini . b) AdolfJ-litler
c) St. Simon d) Roben Owen
52. The " No taulion without representation" was roUsed
during the
a) ' American War bf lndcpendence
c) Re.olution d) Indi an Fret.'d olll Struggle
53. 'Waroflhe Pacific' is fought by with Fbu and Bolivia.
a) Chi le b) Paraguay
c) Unl guay d) None of these
5". Industrial Revolution could not have come about without
a) lIlerchant capi talistll b) the EnclOSLl re Movemelll
c) Ihc services of the class
d) all Agricultural Re\'olutiOIi
55. Consider the statements:
The Fre!,ch Revolution came about mainly due to the
I) - ext reme poven y of the people
II) impact of the \\'orks ofgreal ,,'Titers
III) cruelly of the rulers
IV) impact ofimpu!si\' c reaction
Which of the above statements are correct?
a) I,ll alld IV b) II and 111
c) 1,111 and [V d) I, ll . III and IV
56. The year 1992 was celebrated as the 500lh anniversary of
.Columbus's first vaya,e to the New World. In 1"92 Columbus
a) Bahamas, Cuba and l-lispaniola (Hai ti)
b) eeiural America and West Indi es
c) Bahamas and Canada
d) South America and-Cuba
57. Unification of Italy was achieved by. 1870 under
a) Mussolini b) 'victor Immalluel
c) Cavour d)
58. ' Renaiuance'look place in Europe in
a) I cCll iury b) 10tll century
c) \ 51h ccutury d) 18th cemu ry
51. A
57. B
52. A
58. C
53. A
54. A 55. D 56. A

Surds O.G.K. (Vo1. III)
-88 The se<:ond atom bomb was on Nagasaki on
a) Aug 6, 1914 b) Aug 9, 1945
c) Aug 6, 1943 d) Aug 9,
89. The Seven Years' War (1756-63) was (ouXhl between
a) France and Germany b) Brilainand France
c) England and Prussia d) Francc.andAustria
90. When was the 'Communist Manifesto' wriUen?
a) 1810 b) 1848
c) 191 7 d) . 19J8
91. Who the Communist Manifesto?
a) Lenin b) Karl Marx
c) Stalin d) Engels
92. The RUS5jan Revolution of 1917 was led by
.) Sralin b) Lenin
c) Nicholas}. d) Karl MarX
93. The Bolshevik Revolution took place in
a) November 1916 b) Octolx-r 1917.
c) Novtmber 1918 d) NOl'ember 1919
94. Who emerged as a rrea.t leader after the Russian Revolution?
.) Karl Marx - b) Vladimir Lellin
e) RobespierTe . d) NOlie or these
95. The Bolab.evik Revolution is usod.ted with
a) France b) Gcnnany
c) Russia d) England
96. The Cultural of China was initiated in the year
a) 1966 b) 1914
c) 1910 d) 1976
97. The French Revolution ended
a) 1780 b) 1785
c) 1790 d)" 1793
98. The slogan of the French Revolution was
a) olle nation, leader and olle flag
b) governmellt o f the people, by lhe people. and for the
c) liben y. equil lity and fratcmity
d) workers of the .... orld unite
88. B
94. B
... C
95. C
90. B
96. A
91. B
<n. D
92. B
98. C
93. B
Sura's 0. G. K. (Vol . III)
99. Who as a great leader in France as a :result of the
' French Revolution' ?
a) Vohaire: b) Napoleon Bonapanc
c) Karl Marx d) None of ehese
100. ' Phoney War' is associated with the invasion of
a) Jap<lll 011 Norway :md Poland.
b) France on Holland and Switzerland
c) Gell nany 011 Norwar and Denmark
d) Britain 011 Holland and J apan
101. ' Boston Party' is associated with the
a) French Revoluti on b) Russian Rc:'oolUlion
c) American Independence d ) Independence o f Egype
102. The War of American Independence was fousht between
a) Nonh America aud Soulh America
b) Britain and North Amer ica
c) lr.mce and America d) Canada and South America
103. When was the War of American Independence fough!?
a) 1770 b) 1772 .
c) 1775 d) 17 76
104. When was the 'Declaration of Rights' drafted for American
Independence? .
a) 177'1 b) 1775
e) 1776 d) 1778
105. World War I commenced in
a) 1901 b) 1908
c) 19 10 d) 1911
106. World War II commenced in
a) 1930 b) 1935
c) 1939 d) t 940
107. Who among the following was involved in the Thirty Years'
a) b) Churchill
c) Voltaire d) . Oli"ares
108. The first atom bomb was dropped in Hiroshima on
a) Aug G, 1945 b) Aug S, 19-'1 5
c) Aug 9. 1946 d) Aug 6, 1942
99. B
105. 0
100. D
106. C
101. C
107. 0
102. B
lOS. A
103. C.. 104. C
, .
: "
Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. III)
109. The Renaissance fit'St bepn in
a) England b) 1-"mIlCc
c) Gennany d) hair
110. What is the CQrTeC::[ chronological sequence o( the CoIIGWin,:
I) Massachusetts Assembly .
2) nle Boston Tea Pany
3) 1111: Philadelphia Congress .
Choose_ the; correct from the codes given below:
a) 1,2.3 b) 2. 1.3
c) 2,3. 1 d) 3,2.1
.111. Columbus discovered America in the year
a) 1492 b) )'198
. c) 1496 d) 1514
112. Austro-Prussian War (1866) was ended by the Treaty of
a) BoslOn b) Versailles
c) Vicuna d) Prague
115. Qing dYR!lsty ruled over
. ) China ' b) Japan
c) Korea d) Nepal
:. 114. In America. the of Rights added to the Federal
Corutitution largely at the instance of .
a) 1l1omas J effcrron b) George Washingt oll
c) lllOmas Paille . d) Bt.onjamin Franklin
It WIU inJune. 1944 that the
a) allied forces landed al Dunkirk
b) .mal forces landed al NOmland)' .
c) United States of America dropped alom bombs on Hiroshima
and Nagasaki . .
d) GCllllallY sUlTCndered 10 lhc allied forccs
116. Which of .he following are correcdy matched?
I . 1lamas " Palestinian ext remi st gfOlJp
. 2. Sinn Fein I.RA's political wing
3. Tnle P:uh Patty . A maj or coll stitucm .of Lite ruling
co.'llitioll ill Turkey
Choose the correct answer from Ute cOdes given below:
a) I and 2 b) I and 3
c) 1. 2 and S d) 2alld 3
109. D
115. B
11 0. B
116. C
11 I. A
267 '
11"2. D
. .
113. A 114. A
Surds (Vol. 111)
125. The greatest contribution of the Romans to the world
civiliUIUbn has been
a) architecture b) 'inigation system
c) literature d) code oflaw5
126, Fabian socialism emerged fir5t in
a) India . b)
. c) Gemlilll)' d) Russia
127 . TheGulfwarofl991 Was precipitated by Iraq's ahnexationof
a) Bahrain ' . b) KU"'ail
c) Saudi Ar.ibia . d) South Yemen
128. 'RevoH of the Netherlands is also called
a} the 'Var of Roses b) the Hundered Year's War
c) (he Eighty Years' l\'ar . d) none of these .
129, WhOWllS the American President, the Democratic
PartY. wbo won the Presidency for a second term, before
President Bill Clintoni'
.) John. F. Kennedy . b)" Lyndon B. Johnson
c) Jimmy Carter . d) Franklin D.
130. The Industrial Revolution in Britain !;ot a fillip becaule of
a) commercialisation of crop production in India
b) . drain ofweail.h from India to Great Britain
c) ruin of conage industry in India
d) fdmine in India

125. A 126. B IZ1. B 128." C 129. D 130. B
.. 9


- ----.MED'U" SCIIiNe .... ----
I. AIDS is caused by
a) Baclclia
c) Hchnilll!l
b) Prot ozoa
d) HIV Virus
2. Consider following statements:
l. Copper T is made of Copper and Plastic
2. II prevems ferlilisatioll
3. It for a period of 3 years
4. It is placed inlhe UICI1I S
. Of the statements:
a) I and 2 arecorn.'ci
c) "alone is COITCCI
b) 1} and 4 <Ire correc::1
d) All arc COrTeel
3. Inoculation of vaccines to prevent diseases is
a) p'repathogenesis . b) Immunisation
c) Incubation d) Hibernation

4. The kind of immunity developed ina person who had
of chicken pox is
a) lIattll'a! passive acquired imiuunily
b) anificial pasSive acquired
. c) Ilatural aClive acqurred immunity
d) anificial active acquired immunity
5. The vaccine r:iven to new born child is
a) BeG b) TI
c) JJT d) MMR
. 6. The disease and infections which arc naturally transmitted
between veJ'lebrale animal and m&D an
a) Communicable diseases b) Non-comn.lunicablc diseases
c) Contact diseases df Zoonoses
7. Whooping.cough is transmitted by
a) Droplet inrection b) Bite oranimal
c) Direct cont act d) None or the above
8.' . Which O!le of the following is transmitted by placenta?
a) Tetallll s b) Diphtheria
c) d) Syphillis
AIls: I. 0
7. A
2 0
3. B 4; C
Sum'. O.G,K, (\til. Ill)
9. Diseases spread by articles like cups, spoons are called a's
a) Dust bome b) Vehicle bome
c) Air borne diseases d) Fornite borne diseases
10. Prophylaxis means
a) Preventi"e treatment against di seases
b) Immunil.:l.IiOI1
c) ,Breaking the routes of transfer of diseases
d) NOll-specific measures
II. ftHepatitis" means '
a) live'r ailment
c) lilomach ailmem
b)' lung ailment
d) kidll ey ailment
12. The vitamin gh'en for the treatment ofeommon cold is,
a) vitamin 'A' b) vitamin '8'
e) vitamin 'e' d) vitamin ' D'
13. Measles iscaused by VIrus.
a) Mortilli virus b) HAV virus
c) Bacteriophage d) HIV virus
14. The of measles an:
a) cough. sneczing and redness of eyes
b) eruption ofsmaU red spots
c) inflammation of II!UCOUS membrane of the nose
d) all of the above
15. The antiviral drug used in the Control of influenza is
a) Biocillin b) Ampicillin
c) Am .. llltidine d) ' Scptran
16. The effective live vaccine available for the control of mumps
a) MMR
c) .BCG
b). IJT
d) OPT
17. The important anti-tuberculosis dru'g iii
a) Aureomycin . b) Streptolllycin
c) Chiorolllyci n d) NcvoTllycin
18. The painful swelling in either one or both of the parotid gland
is due 10
a) Tetanus b) Chicken pox
c) Mumps d) Measles
9. 0
15. C
10. A
16. A
17. B
12. C
18. C
13. A 14. B
Sura's O.GX (Vol. 111 )
19. Malaria is spread by
a) rur b) Culex
c) Female mosquito
d) Mal e Anopheles
20. Which one of the following is a sexually transmitted disease?
a) Leprosy b) Syphillis
c) Tuberculosis d) Tctanus
2 J. Physical d.ependc:nce is the result of
a) AlcohplisiJl b) AIDS
c) Dmgs d) Polygamy
22. Hanscn's disease is
a) Plague b) Tetanus
c) Tuberculosis . d) Leprosy
23. The multidlUg treatment against leprosy includes
a) Amitoxin b) Penicillin
c) Rifumpicin d) Biocillill
24. Gonorrhea can, be cured with
a) Penicillin .b) Jtifampicin
c) Alllitoxili d) BiocilJin
25. Bronchitis is the abnonnality of
a) Liver b) Respiratol)' tract
c) Kidney d) Blood
2 The main t'ause for stroke is ,
a) Obesity b)
c) Diabetes d)
Increased blood pressure
27, CHDisa
.) a typcofcancer ' b) hean disease
c) a disease iiI liver d) 110 lle Qf these
28. Shonness of breath in heart disease is
a) b) Broijehiti, '
c) DyspnOC'a d) nOll e or these
29 . . Which is the alternative medicine for Penicillin?
a) El)'tht'omyein b) . Auromycin
c) Beldon!: d) Any Sulpha dmgs
30. Who is the father of neurology?
a) . F. Scrtumer b) FtanzJoseph Gall
cJ Paul Ehrlich dl None or the .,bove
19. C
25. 8
20. 8
26. B
21. A
27. B
22 D
28. C
23. 'C
29. A
24. A
30. 8

Suro'; O.G.K. (Vol. III)
51. .Which orpn in the body produces the largest quantity of
enzymes? .
) SlOmach b)" Li ver '
c) Thyroid glands I d) None of the above
U. Who is Hoffman?
.) DiKO\'cred L.5.0. b) . Father of Endocrinology
c) Discovered malaria genns
d) ' None O[tJ1C above
35. What is the normal composition of R.B.C. in men?
' a) 4.5106.5 million/c.lIl.m. '
b) (0 5.5 million/c.m.lIl.
c) 2. 1 10 2. 7 million/c.m.ln.
d) None' of Ihe above
54. Who invented kidney machine?
a) Kolf b) Koch
c) Hoffnian d) NOlie of lhe above
55. Which part afthe body is afi'ec:ted by nephritis?
.) Kidney b) Ski n
c) Spinal cord d) Brain
36. Which part of the body is affected by 'trachonla?
.) Lungs b) Skin
c) d) E)'cs
31. Who discovered contraceptive pills?
a) Dr. Kliorana . b) Gregory Pincus
c) , Kolf d) None of the above '
38. Who ha$ introduced phoLOtberapy?
' .) N.R. i-iuSC:1I b) F.dward Ciltvi n
c)" Eimhovan d) NOlle of (he above
39. Blood circulalion was discovered by
a) William Harvey b) Fleming
c) louis d) Hovcrcraft
40. Who dia&nosed Cancer?
a) Robert Weinberg b) Robert Koch
c) Henry Swan d) NOlie of rhe above
41. How many bones are a newly born infant ?
.) 300 b) 230
c) 206 d) 280
31. B
37. B
32. A
38. A
33. A
39. A
34. A
40. A
35. A
41. A
36. D
Sura' , O.G. K. ('obI. III)
42. Which country founded Unani system of treatment?
' a) Greece b) Egypt
c) Arabia d) India
43. Which minaral is present in banana?
a) Cakitllll b) ' ron
c) ,Sodium d) Potasium
44. Where was the first bone-marrow transplant operation
perfonned in India?
a) Apollo Hospital,
b) Tala Melllolial Hospital. Mumba"i
c) So far it is not perfonlled anywhere in India
d) None of the above .
45. Which vitaniin is present in Kalinower?
a) E b) K
e) B, d) 8 '2
46. Name the bacteria thai produces syphillis.
a) Treponema Ibllidum b) typhi
c) Neusn-W GOllorrhota d) NOlie of tile abo\'c
47. Which vitamin is present in buller?
a) A b) B
c) C d) . None of the al>O\c
48. Which disease can be cured by Bacteriophages?
a) Typhoid b) Anhritis
c) Stomach-ache d) Cancer .
49. Who first explained the theory of co..guillion?
I ) Morawi lz
b) Alexander Fleming
c) Dr. Klioralla d) NOli e of the a(}ove
50. Who was me 'Father of Homeopathy.' ?
a) Samuel ( 1.dl1l cnmnll b) Cockerell
c) E Banting d) " 'ries" y
51 . Which one of the following diseases is waterborne?
a) Cholera b)
c) i'll:uiasis d) $cUI"\I'
52. Whodiseo\'cred Beriberi?
I) Macmil lan b) Alexander
c) Eijkman . d) Mostl ey
42. A
48. A
43. D
49. A
"'" B
50. A
45. B
51. A
46. A
52. C
47. A
Sura's O.G.K. (Vol . Itt)
63. Which isolope is used 10 find out obstruction in the J,lood
sITeam? - .
"a) Sodilllll -21 b) Sodium-35
c) Cobah-22 d) None of the above
64. Malaria can be by administering
a) Quinine . b) Streptomycin
c) R!nicillin d) NOlie oftil ese
65. Plague is spread by inrected '
.) rOILS b)
c) mosquitoes d) houscfl iCli
66. Who prepared I\)lio Vaccine?
a) Clmlin b) . Paul
c) j ouas E. Salk d) Loui s Pasteur
67. Lack of which vitamin is che cause ror mouth ulcer?
a) Vil<ull in C Vitamin B
c) Vitamin A d) ViJ.-alllin K
68. Who first made a study of dil:estive system?
a) 'Gcevan Sovlo\' .. b) Sir B.C. Roy
c) Dr. Philip Drunker d) Eijlullall
69. The lirst homO-lTansplantation of kidney is'performed by
.) Bamard 6) Kolf
c) Miller d) R. H. Lawler
70. Who was the founder of Modern Anatomy?
a) James'Lind b) Andreas Vcsalius'
c) Marshall Hall d) . NOli e of the above
7"" Who performed the first open heart surgery?
a) J enner b) Marshall Hall
c) Waholl Lillehd d) None of [he above
72. What is myelitis? .
a) Inflammation Oflhc spinal cord
b) It is the botallicalname for tamaJ;lId
c) It is a di sease affcCling animal s ill gcncral
d ) None of the above
73. What is Cystitis?
a) Inflammation oftollgue
b) Inflamnlalion ohhe urinary bladder
c) Another name for Parkinson's disease
d) None ohhe above
63. A
64. A
70. B
65. A
11. C
66. C
72. A
67. A
73. B
68. A

Sura's O.G,K. (Vol. Ill) "
74. Who disc.overed body's reflex action?
a) J ohn Hadley b) Halwood
c) Marshall Hall d) Nonc of the above
75. . Nervous disorder is caused b), the deficienc), of
a) 8
b) B!
c) 8
d) B
! '
76. Blood does nOI coagulate inside the body due to the presence
a) Haemoglobin b) Fibrin
c) Hep.1.rin d) Plasma
77. Where was the first medical school opened?
a) Paris h) Luxembcrg
c) . Bristol d) London
78. Who first dissccted'the human body 10 study about itss),ltem?
.) Khorana b) Herophilus
c) Susn.uha d) None of the above
79. What is the central telephone exchange ofa human bod)'?
a) Cerebrum b) Cerebellum
c) Spinal Cord
d) Medulla Oblong;ata
. 80. Where is the Natiolllll Heart Institute in India?
a) 'Jaipur h) Delhi
e) Mysore d) Dh3lv .. ad
81. Who discovered that with the increase of heaTt beat one's
intelligence increases?
a) Dr. b) Dr. R.1.ngachary
c) John I. Kokiyoba d) Dr. Al exander
82. Dial)'sis'is used for the treatment of
.) Kidney failure- h) I ~ c a l l'.'C"tlk.ncss
c) Brain diseases d) None of the above
83. Which organ grows first in a womb? .
a) Brain b) HearE
c) Eye d) Nos.e
84. The inslrUntent used to inspect the. lining of the' stomach' is
a) Gaslroscop.e b) ECG
c) Cyst oscope d) . Endoscope
74. C
80. B
75. C
81. C
7 ~ C
82 A

n. c
83. B
78. B
84. A
79. B

Sum' s O.G.K. (Vol . 111)
95. Laparotomy is associatee. with
a) remale: sterilisaLioll b) male sterilisatio n
c) brain surgery d) incision into abdomcn
96. Which of the following is nol a eont.qious disease?
.) Typhoid b) Measles
c) .InnucnZo1 d} Hysteria
97. Who discovered KalalWlI' Fever?
a} Plimsoll b) Billet
e) U.N. Bralullachari d) F. Balllillg
98. What for Nivalin is used?
a) Diabetes
c) Cancer
b) Eye d isease
d) Nerve di sea!le
99, 'Thrombosis' is a disease of the
a) Ear b) Skin
c) PilUitary d) Blood
100. Lockjaw i.e. difficulty in opening the mouth is a symptom of .
a) Tetanus b) Cholera
c) Mumps ' . d) Cancer
101. Name the first WOOlIIn doctor in Tamil Nadu.
a) Dr. Muthulaksluui Reddy
b) Mn. Tara Cherian
cl Dr. Kamh':llllani d) Dr. Anni e Besant .
102. Which country alone follows Saw-Dust cure?
a) Japan b) China
c) . Belgium d) Italy
10'. Haemophilia is a genetic disorder wruch causes
a) Blindness bj Loss or Haemoglobin
e) Rbeumatism d) Non.dolling ofblo(xf
J 04. 'What is the use of Lithotriuer instrument?
a) To remove $lanes wi.thoul Oper.lIi OIl
b) To measure humidity in air
c) To find out whet her pctrol is adulterat ed
d) None or the abO'e.
105. Who was the 6rst female doctor in the o r l ~
'a) J OllU or Arc b) Eli zabeth Black""cll
c) Mnlhulakshmi Reddy d) Alva
95. D
101. A
96. D
102. A
'fl. C
103. D
98. D
104. A
99. D
105: B
100. A
. "r

Sura's O.G. K. (Vol. 1111"
117. What is antiseptic?
a) II a drug which destroys genus
b) II is used for groWing ncc
c) It is a tablet
d) Nonc' above
118. What is plastic surgery ?
a) To right physical defomlity by grafting
b) Surgery done wilh a instrument
c) To remoYe decayt.-d parts of the body
d) . None of the above
' 119. What is deficiency disease?
a) AbsenceofVilamili b) Diabetes
c) Phobia d) None of the aoo..e
120. When is the vaccination riven to a child?
a) Eight momhs '. b) Within six mOlllhs onts binh
c) A year ana d) None of the above
121. What-i. endemic disease?
a) Disease prevalent in a paniclilar area
b) Disease that allacks many in one
c) There is no haemoglobin in the blood
d) None of the above
122. Who founded the Ayurveda sy.tem of medicine?
a) Susnlla b) Thirul1loolar
,c) Atreya d) Agasthiya
125. Which one of the followins is Caused by the expreasion of.
recessive gene present on ses. chromosome?
. a) Rheurilllusm b) Nervous shock
c) Muscular .dystrophy d) Cerebral haemorrhage
124. Whieh" fruit diabetic patients can eat freely?
a) Mango b) Banana
c) Orange d) Guava
. 125. What care is most useful to save the life of a child sufferiRl
&om acute diarrhoea? _ .
a) keep away rhe child from Ihe gatherings of people
b) do not allow mosqlliu)Cs to bile
'c) do not give \",'aler
d) do not allow the body to dehydrate
117. A
123. C
118, A
124. C
119. A 120. B
125. 0

121. A 122 . . C
Sura's. O.G.K. (Vol. Ill )
126. Which 9f the is a correct desCription oflbe use of
a) II cllhaucL's qualities of aeroplane fuel
b) It is known as allti.plague dmg
c) II is a preservative
d) II is a pest killer
127. Which of the following disease is caused due 10 shortage of
red blood cells?
a) Meningllis b) Leukaemia
c) Ardll"itis d) Anaemia
128. If the thyroid ofa new born child is removed, it will cause
a) Gigantism . b) Cretinism
c) Di;lbeles Mellitus d) Vimlism
129. If most of the children of a particular suffered from
night blindness, the nutritional supplement they need 10 be
provided with Would include
a) pulses b) fmi ts like guava
c) carrOi s d) radish
130. Who founded the WeslemSciendfic Therapy?
a). Hallsen b) Hippocrates
c) PI.lto d) Herodotus
151. Malch List I with List II and select thecm,ectanswer by using
the codes given below the list5:
List I
A) BCG vacci ne
B) BPL,'accinc
C) Chloroquin
D) Penicillin
a) :3
b) 3
<) 4
d) 4
" ,
1 2
3 2
3 1
132. Insulin regulates
. a) reproducli on .
c) blood glucose leo.'eI
1) MaLuia
2) Sore throat
3) Tuben:ulosis
Rabies 4)
b) hean beat .
d) physical grol<th
126 . . B 127. D 128. B 129. C 130. 8 131. A
132. C
Sura' s O.G. K. (Vol. Jll )
140. Which one of the following i" me nttI.tan cool for imaging .
brain tumors?
a) X.rays b) Magnelic resonance
c) Elei.: lron spin resonance d) Ultrasound
141. " Hacmophilia" is a disease in which
a) the eosiliophil number drastically increases
b) t he haemoglobin contem rises
c) the blood loses the properl y to d Ol oUUi ide the body afler an

d) respinuory di sorder takes place
142. Ineertai n'States Oflndia, C$pecially Madhya Pradesh and Ultar
Pradcsh,the use ofkhesari pulse for a long time led 10 arthritis
. and paralysis of !he Ie,;:s. because il
a) is de<.oid o f prol ei u b) lacks calcium .
c) conlains (N.Y.L. gliuomyle) amino-proprio-nitri te
d) cOJl{ains higher quantilY of
143. The deficiency of vitamin DI in human beings causes
a) Leticopcllia b) Diphtheria
c) BeriBen d) Poli
144. An important hCTb. found in the forests of North em Kashmir,
Dehradun, Himachal Pradelh and now in cultivation in many
olher Stales of widel, used in cough. sore-throat and
bronchitis is
. a) Emblica b) Liquorice
c) seed d) Chhatim
145. Rauwolfia snpmtina is useful in the co"ntrol qf
a) Tuben: ul osis b) Whooping cough
c) Hydrophobia d) Blood prcssure
146. Consider the following statements:
AIDS is uansmitted .
I. by sexual intcn:ounc 2. . by blood transfusion
3. by mosquitoes and other blood, slIcking insects
4. across the placenta
Of these statements:
a) 1. 2 alld 3 are COITCCI
c) 1. 3 and4arecorrcct
b) 1. 2 and 4 are correct
d) I and 3 are corrcel
140. B 141. C 142. C 143. C 144. A 145. D
146. B
Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. III)
1.7. Of Ute four landnulrks in medical history given below, which
one Was the first to take place?
a) Organ transpla.tll b) . Bypass rurgcry .
c:) Test tube baby . d) Plastk surgery
148. People drinking water from a shallow handpumpare likely to
. suffer fromaltofthe following diseases escept .
a) Cholera . b) ')'phold
c) Jaundice d) Fluorosis
149. Given below are two statements, one labelled as Assertion (A)
and the other labelled as Reason (R):
Assertion (A) : Vitamin B complex is taken along with alUibiOlics
(0 protect the intestinal .flora of E. coli bacteria.
Reason (R) : Antibiotics kill bacteria in the body
In the contest of the .above two statements, which one of the
correct? .
a) Both A alld R are true, and R is the correct explanation of A
b) .Both A and R are true, but R is nOi a correct explanation of A
e) A is true, but R is false d) A is faJ.:;e, bur R is true
150. OPT vaccination is for immunization
a) and Tetanus
b) Diphtheria. Penussis and Telanus
c) Diarrhoea, Pneumonia and Tetanus
d) Diphtheria. Pneumonia and Typhoid
147. 0 148. C 149. B ISO. D
. .
. ,

I. Thillana is a format of
a) K.1thak b) Kuchipudi
, c) Odissi d) Bharalanalyam
2'. Match List. with List-Uand select the correctanswer by using
the codes given below the lisls:
List-l List-II
A) Bamboo Dance I) PUlUab
B) Bhal'lgra
C) Kalhi ' 3)" . Nagaland
D) ' Kolallalll
Wesl Bengal
a) 2 3 I 4
b) 2 I 4 3
0) 3 I 4 2
d) 4 3 2 I

The folk theatre of JJihar is called
.) Rammal b) Naulanki
c) Bidesia d) Manch
4. Maya Memsaab is a film produced by
a) Govind NihaJani b) Shyam Senegal
c) TapanSinha . d) Kcla.n Mehla
5. Which. one of the following pairs is correctly matched?
a) Naqqual -"Bihar b) Tamasha - o.rissa
c) Anltia Nat Assam d) . Baha - Punjab
6. Who amongst the following siriers has perfonned in a concert
in"Iodia being named as " Tbe'Taj Concert"?
a) MichaelJackson b) Yanui
,c) Pt:IC Seeger d) Baba Sehgal
7. Which of the following is a folk dance of Rajasthan?
a) Garba b) . Ghumar
c) JhumarorGhtlluar d) Bhangra
I. D 2 C 3. C 4 . . D 5. C 6. B
7. C
I .
I .
Sura's O.G.K. (Vol . III)
Who was the first Indian to make a movie?
.) Dhulldiraj Govind b) 5.S. Vasan
c) Ardeshir Irani d) V. Shantaram
The famous form of folk (drama) in Uttar Pradesh is
. ) Garg" b) Nalit:mJU
.c) Therilkkoothu d) Kajri
In which of the following dance forms has Samyukta Panignthi .
af Bhar.umllyam h), Odissi
c) Kathak d) Kuchipudi
Identify the sculptor amongst the following persons:
a) A1tio1ie Ela Menon ,b) KK. Hebbar
c) 0 .8. Roychaudhri ", d) Raja Reddy
Which of the following Carnatic ragas corresponds 10 the
Hindustani raga"Bilaval?
a) Kalyani b)
c) ' Shankarabharanam d) Bilahad
Who is the director of the famous film Saving Priv-dte Ryan?
a) StephcllSpiclberg b) Stanley
c) John Berry d) James Cameron
The 'first lady' of the Indian silVi!r screen is
a) Mad'hubala b) Devika Raui
c} Durga Khol e- >eI) Nargis Dut!
The first feature film of South India &ecluJul J&dam Was made
a) S.S. Vasan b) Ardcshir Irani
c) Nataraja Mudaliar d) L. Y. Prasad
The popular folk dance of Uttar Pradesh is known as
a) Maang b) K.-Uri
c) . Baul .. d) Boli
Alla-Rakka is a famous
a) Painter b) SilarUI
c) T.,bia player d) Sarod player
BismiUa Khan was famous in the field or
a) Agricuhure b) Music (Shenoy)
Paint ing d) None of the above
& A
14. B
9. B
15. C
10. B
16. B
17. C
12. B
18. B
13. A

Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. III)
M)'sore T. Chowdi ah is associated with
a) Tabla b) Sar.lIIgi
c) Violin d} Fl ute
Which musical instrument speaks the of Pandit

a) Silar .
c) labia
b) Violin
d) Drums
'LastJudgement' was painted b )' .
a) Ravjvamla b) Midtclangclo
c) M.l-". Hussain d) Deyi Prasad Roy Chaudhuri
With whichofthe following fi elds was Naina Devi, associated?
a) Hirtdi Poetry b) Film aCling
c) Photo-journali sm d ) Dadra and Thumri singi ng
Bhapvata Mela. a folk form of perionning arts is native; 10
a) Andhra Pradesh b) Karnataka .
c) Kernla d) Tami l Nadu
Match USI-J with tist-I1 and sel 1 the correct answer by using
the codes given below the li sts:
List-. tist-I1
A) Kalhak I ) Yamini Kri slmamunhy
B) Bharalamll),am 2) Krishnan Kun),
C) "KatJmkali 3) Nayana J ,lVcri
D) Manipuri 4) Gopi Kri shna
.) 1 1 2 3
2 4 3
0) 2 1 3 4
d) 2 . 1
Which one of the following daOc:es involves solo performance?
a) Hhar:uall,uyam b) Kuchiplldi
c) Katila k d) Odissi __
Guru Birju Maharaj is a maestro of which of ,the foll owing
Classical dance forms? ..
a) Manipuri b) Kalhak
c) Mohi niauam . d) K.1thakali
19. C
25. A
20. A
26. B
21. B 22. D 23. D 24: A
Sura's D.G.I<. (Vol. III)
27. The Abanindranath T\J.gore are classified as
a) realistic b) . socialistic
c) revi;vali sti c . d) impfe5Siooislic
. 28. Who !UR0Dg the following is a famous santoor player?
a) Hari Prasad Chaurasia ' b) Ravi Shall.kar .
c) Zak.i.rl;lllssain . d) Shiv Kumar Shamta
29. In which dance fonn are the themes culled from the Ramayana
and Mahabharata? .
a) Odissi b) Kuchipudi
c) . Kat1)ak d) Bharalanatyam
50. Block busters made by James Cameron are

L Titanic IT. Aliens
UI.True Lit:s
a) Both I and II
c) Only I
Iv. Temlinalor
b) Both I and IV
d) . All of these
The &mous 'Mona Lisa' was painled by
a) Leonardo Dli. Vinci ' b) _MichelangelO
c) -Picasso . d) VincclU Van Gogh
Which one of the following GharanU (Schools) of Hindustani
classical music does Pt. Jasnlj belong to?
a) Agra b) Paliala
c) Mewali d) Kirana
Which among the following is. folk dance oflndia?
a} Manipuri b) . Kathabli
c) Garba d) Mohiniattam
Which one of the followin&" is concerned with the promotion
of dulce. dnuna 1iUld mu.u.c?
a) Sangcci Natak Akadcmi b) Sahitya Akademi
c) Lalit KaIaAkademi d) N.ational School of Drama
Whichofthe follGWin&" dancers waa the first Indian woman to
learn Chhad dulce?
. ) lndrani Rahman b) Samyukta Panjgrahi
c) Sonal Mall5ingh d) Swapnasundari
Which one of the following is euentially a solo dance?
Kuchipudi . bl Kadiak
. c) Manipuri . d) Mohiniauam
7:1. e 28- D ]9.
B 30. e 31. A 32. D
33. e 34. A 35. B 36. D


Sura'. O.G.K. (Vol. -III )
!7. , What is the folk dance of Meghalaya?
a) Nati b) Bamboo Dance
c) Lohu d) Khasi
38. Who C.malic music its present fonn?
a) ShyamaShastri b) . Thyagaraja
c) PurandaradaSa d) Amjad Ali Khan
89. Whichofthe following is. popular folk darice of Maharashtra?
a) Tamasha b). Bhangra
c) Garba d) Dandiya
40. Who amongst .the following has directed the film
a) Malli Kaul b) Richard Attenburrough
c) Bemardo Bcrtolucci d) Kurosowa
41. KaJarippayat is the martial art of
a) Kernla . b) Nagaland
c) Tamil Nadu d) Madhya Pradesh
42 . . A famous musician (instrumentalist) associated with Tabla is
a) Ali Akbar Khan b) Vilarat Khan
c) Bismillah Khan d)
4!. 'Baul' is the folk fonn of.
a) West Bengal b) Manipur
c) Meghalaya d) Assam .
44. The fountainhead orall iJ\5piration in regard to Katbahlj is
a) Raja Ravi Verina b) V. Chinna Satyam
c) Poet Vallathol d) Swathi Tirunal
45. Match List-. with List-II and select the COJTeCI answer:
. Lilt-. (Dance fonn) List-n (Related State)
A) Kuchipudi I) Orissa
B) Bharnlallatyam 2) Andhra Pradesh
C) Kathabli 3) Kerala
D) Odissi 4) Tamilnadu
Q 4
b) 2 I
<) 2 4 I
d) I 4 2 3
37. D 38 . . B 39. A 40. C 41. A 42. 0
43 . . A 44 . . C 45. A

Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. III)
56. The Lanni Dance belonss to which State?
.) Mizoram b) Nagaland
_ "c) Sillim d) Mahar-.uhtra
57. Whie,h one of the following arts comes under the purview of
.the Lalit KaJa Akademi?
a) Musi c
c) Drama
b) 1},\Ilce
58. Who has aetel as Dr. Ambedkar fn Jabbar Patel's .movie
Dr. Babasabeb Ambedkar?
, 59.
a) Nana b) Nasiruddin Shah
c) Mammon,Y d) Mohaulal -
The renowned 'multi-arts centre Bharat Bhavan is lacatOO in
which of the followinr; cities?
a) Kolk.ara b) Lud,llOw ' ,
. c) New Delhi d) Bhopal
60. Which amonr; the foll9winr; is_not. classical dance of Indi.?
a) Kuchipudi b ) Odissi
c) M,an!puri I) Rasleda
61 . Lalit Kala Academy was established by the Government of
lni:lia to
.) promote of Indian Art
b) devl!lop dance. drama and music
c) increaseJilm production d) Indian cullure
62. Which of the foll"owing is a dance drama?
.) Kalhak b) Kalhakali
e) OdiS!;i d) Manipuri
63. ' What name is riven to the desip.!! draWn by the women of
Tamil Nadu on their floors and thresJ.tolds using pastes and
, a) Madna b)
'O) Kolam d) Rangoli
64. Nusarat Fateh Ali Khan is a famous ,
a) Folk singer b) Qua\\-",ali singer
e) Pop singer d) ' Hindustani classical singer
65. Ottam Thullal is a dance form of
.) Kamataka , b) Tamil Nadu .
c) Kerala d) Audhra Pradesh
56. 0
62. B
57. ' D
63. C
58. C
64. B
59: 0
65. C
60. 0 61. A
Sura', O,G.K. (Vol. III)
66. The holdc.- of the world record o'f non-stop Kathait cianc:e'
perfonnance for 15 hours is held by
a) Roshan Kumari bl Ruchi Shanua
c) Sudha Ctiandran 'd) Yamini Kri shnamllnhi
67, The 'Last Supper' is a painting by
al LconardodaVilici ' bl Michaelangelo
c) Raphael d) Tilian
68: Chalciar Koothu is one of the most impressive dance fonns of
a) Kerala b) Tamil Nadu
.c) Kamataka dl Goa
69. Who directed the aUtime famous movie ciilled "Megha Dhaka
a) Satyajil Ray . b) MrinalSen
c) Tapan Sinha . dl RiWik Ghalak
70. Ali Akbar Khan is a famous artist of
a) Santoor b) Sarod:
c) Sitar dl Tabla
71. Music in Satyajit Ray's Pather Panc:hali is composed by
a) RaviShankar b) ' Naushad
c) 5:D. d) Hemanta Mukhcljee
72. Who is accorded the prestige of introducing Ghazal in Bengali
a) 'D.L. Roy b) Manna. Dey
c) Kaii Nazrullslam d) Himangsli Datla
73. Aristophaites i. reprded as the htherof .
a:) Tragedf b) Comedy
c) 5a1ifC" d) Puppetry
74. Anton Chekhov, the playwright, was alan
a) Gennan b) Italian
c) Russian dl French
75. Satyajit Ray made a Shott film on the life of
a) Si:aanri"Ban.lhan . b) Bala 5araswali
c) Bilju Maharaj . d) Chaki 'Sarkar
76. Uma Shanna'wu great perfonner in
a) Naulanki b) Kalha:k
c) Manipuri dl Bhallgra
66. B
7l.. C
61. A
73. B
68, A
74, C
(f). 0
75. B
70. B
76, B
71. A
Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. III)
77. Jiayavadana is a play by
a) Vijay Teudulkar
' c) Girish Kamad
78. is a noted
b) Salyadev Dubey
d) Habeeb Tanvir
a) Violin Player b) Siuuisl
c) Tabla Player d) Vocalist
79, Hariprasad Chau.ras.ia is a DOted .
a) Violin Player b) Tabla Player
c} Vocalist d) Fiauusl
8Q. The name of heroine in Mother India, a Hindi film, wu
.) . Madhubala b) Nargis .
c) Suraiya d) Sharmila Tagore
81. Pather Pancbali, a film by Satyajit Ray, was based on the novel
a) Tarasankar BaIlCIjCC b) ' Bibhuubhushan Bancljee
c) Saradilldu Bancljee d) RabindranathTagore
82. The first talkie movie made in India by A. Irani in 1931 Was
Ii) Kaagaz Ke Phool b) AlamAra I
c) Raja Harishchandra d) Chandralckha
83, 'Gucrruca' is a paintinA' by .
. } Salvador Dali b) Vincclll Van Gogh
c) Pablo Picasso d) Leonardo da Vinci
84. Ramnirayan is associaced with
a) Sarod b) Flute
c) Samngi d) Shcimal
85. Who amonA' the followlnA' is not associated with paintins?
a) Adiriloolam b) Sonal Mansingh
c) N.S. Bcndre d) Arpana'Kaur
86. Which of the following is not true about the raD.OUI paintin
the Last Supper?
L Ir was' prepared by Leonardo da Vinci in 1448.
II. The size of Ihis painting is 15 MIuarc fect.
III, It has 10s1 ils chanll due 10 soil and moisture
IV, It'was kepi ill London rcccllrl y
a) Oni}' I b) Only Il and JV'
e) Only III and IV . d) .Only I alld IV
71. C
83. C
78. D
84. C
79. D
85. B
80. B
86. B
81. B
82. ' B
Sl,Irg', O. G. K. (Vol. 111)
the COiTttt answer by usin& the codes pven below the lists:
List-I List-II
A) ROdin. 1) France
B) Henry Moore 2) EndJand
q Mozart S) Austria
D) Verdi 4) ltaJy
a) 3 4 2 I
b)2 I <13
c)4 321
d) I 2 <I 3
88. Whieh one of the following statemen.ts is nol correct?
a) Neel Darpa.n was a play based on the exploitation of the
indigo farmen .
b) the anthor of the play Ghashiram Kotwal is Vijay TcnduJkar
c) The play Na\'a.nna by. Nabin Chandra Oas was based on the
famine of Bengal.
d) 'Urdu theatreuSed 10 de"pend heavily on Pani theatre
89. Match Lisl-I with Usc-Il.nd .elect the COlT"CCt answer:
List.. ListI1
A) PanditVlShnu 1)
Digambcr Paluskar
B) Venkatamahi Z)
C) 'ShyamaShastri 3)
0) Ainir Khusrou 4)
.)41 32
b)ot 12 3
d) I 4 2 3
Introduced the scheme of Raga
classification olndian music
Proponent ofCamatic Music
Proponent of the Khayal fonnof
Hindustani music
Wrote the filmic for [he song
vande Mataram
90, .wbich one of the following pain; of folk dance fornu and
'states is not correctly matcbed?
a) Maharashtr:l b) Jhumar- Haryana
c) Kallyala - Hiinachal Pradesh
d) Maha Rasa - Manipur
>rI. C 88.0 . 89 . . 8 90. B

I. The kharifseason's rain is due to
a) Nonh E.,s! Monsoon b) ' South West Monsoon
c) Cyclones' d) . Noue of the above
2. The Rabi season is benefited heavily by
a) North f..lSI Monsoon , b) South West Monsoon
'c) Hot Season d) Rainy Season
3. W.hich one of. following is the kharif crop?
a) Rice . b) Wheal
c) . Badey d) None of the above
4: Which requires high temperature with sufficient rainfall to
grow? _
a) COHon b) Maize
c} JUIC d) Sugarcane
5. Where un coffee grow well?
a) Dry climate and poor soil
b) Black soil and coollcmpcTarure '.
c) - Wanll climate and height of 1500 ft. rainfall above 60 em
d) None of the above .
6. Where is the Iridian Agricultural Research lrutitute located?
a) Kolk. .. lIa b) Bhopal ' .
c) New Delhi d) Varanasi
7. What is the rank India in the production of tobacco?
a) 2 b) 3
c) I d) None of the above
. 8. Which is the lea producins country in the world?
a) China b) India"'
c) Sri Lanka d) Ken)"a
9. What is 'Mixed Farming'?
a) Growing rabi as well as kharir crops
h) Growing several crops
c) Growing several crops and also rearing Qr animals .
d) Growing as well as cereals
Ans: I. B
7. B
2. A .
8. B
3. A
9. C
296 .
4; 0
5. C 6. C
Sura' s O. GK (Vol. III)
10. Whieh is the main cropoArunachal Pradesh?
a) RiCe b) Wheal
e) Barley . d) Pulses
11 . Which stale has the smallest rann holdin!s in India?
a) b) Goa
c) . Kerala d) -None or the abpve
12. Where ean you see the lar!e5t simpie fann in India?
a) Suralgarll b) Mumbai
c) Cli ellnai d) No silch ptace
13. . The country whi eh stands 6rst in wheal production is
a) U.SA b) India
c) Russia .d) China
.1"4. Which country holds the world record in the production or
even tOday? ..
a) India b) . Brazil
c) Egypl . d) ' U.SA
15. Whi"ch is the lar!est fruit producin! state in India?
a) Uttar Pradesh b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Andhra.Pradesh d) Tamil
16. Who was the first Indian avicultural Sfientist to receive
Einstein World Science Award?
a) DrJ . P. Sriv3rsa .... J' b) C.v. Ralllil.ll
c) Dr. M.S. S .... 'aminathan d) None ohhe above
17. Which Indian State stands first in oil seeds production?
a) Orissa b) Ullar Pradesh
c) Gujar.u . d) Assam .
18. The amount or waler held by soil after drainage is known as
a) Soil "":Iter b) field capacity
c) Mineral capacity d) Gravitaitonal capacity
19. Which one orthe rollowinS- is the leadins export item amon!
the plantation crops of India?
a) Tea b) Coffee
c) CocOllut d) Spices
20. Preenins- is associated" .. th the cultivation or
a) coffee b) cashew
c) rl;lbber ' d) tea
10. A
16. ' C
I\. B
17. 8
12. A
18. 8
13. A
19. A
14. A
20. D
15. A

Sura's O.G ,I(. (Vol. III)
21. Which following agricultural practices have been
primarily responsible for the pollution of OUr water resources?
, 22.
2 .
L Usc of livestock manure .
II. Use of chemical fertilisers
III. Excessive usc of chemical pesticides
Iv. Deforestation
Of these statcmcnu of the followin!; is cOrTeet?
a) I and II only . b) II a nd III only .-
c) I, II and IV only d) I, II and lV onl y
A soil is depleted Of nitrogen of repeated growingof a
like wheat. In order to enrich the soil apin. one should
, ..... ,
a) soyabean or alfalfa b) "soyabean or eucalyptus
.c) alfalfa or mai 7.e" d) alfalfa or eucalyplUs
An ideal godown for storin( food pM is"theone whlch'lreeps
the grain
a) cool and frec from pest Ii) with constant air circulation
c) ill wellliglned d) ill proper humidity
In agricultural practices the best offruitl is maintained
and propa!llted by
a)' vegetati\'e methods . b) . st.'Cd
c) chemical treatment of se.eds.
d) hybri disation and selection '
Which one of the following is used as a good biofertiliser in
rice fields?
a) AzoIL.. .b) Moss
c) A green legumc d) COW dung
A great deal of emphasis is made on the cultivation of soyabean
nowadays because
a) it is cheap and easier to cook
b) It can be used as a stapl e food
c) it is a source of high quality protein
d) iI is rich in vi tamins
Which one of the following oil seed crops is grown rno_st
extensiveiy in India?
a) Croundnul
c) Musl:lrd
21. B
Tl. A
22. C 23. A
b) Sunflower
d) linsced
24. D 25. A
26. C
, .
Sura's O,G.K. (Vol. III)
28. Crops likely covered under the New Comprehensive Crop
InSurance Scheme wo'uld be
.) Food crops
c) Rabi cr ops
d) Fruit crops
Cattle-bone powder is used as feniliM:r as it is rich in
. ) Nitrogen - b) Phosphorus
c) Sodium ' d) Potassium
30. Which one .oCthe following is nota pan of the green revolution
a) ':Iigb yi elding of seeds
b) Fertiliser .
,c) d) Crop ins1lrance
31. A crop valuedJor its oil 'as well as its protein content is
a) CocOllut h) Groundnut
c) Arecanut d) Hazel nUl
82. As PCf the Wells Scheme (MWS) currently under
practice, a fanner from which of the (allowin can
avail the benefit of open wells for implioD purpose?
a) Any small and marginal fanner "amongst SCIST
, b) A small and marginaHanner inhabit(."() ill the bell
c) Aoy small and marginal famler belOw the poverty lille
d) Any small and marginal ranner
j 3', 'Mlikh LiM-I with List-II and select the correct answer by usi"K
the codes given below the lists:
List-I listII
,(Crops) (Geogr-aphical conditions)
A) Barley 1) HOI and dry climale wilh poor soil
B) Rice 2) Cool climate with poorer soil
C) l\Iillels 3) \\'.I nn ana moist climate with high
a) 2"
b) 3
c) 2
d) 3
28. B
, ,
2 1
29. B
4) Hm and moist climate with rich soil
30. D 31. B 32. A 33. A
C>py "
Sura'. O.G.K. (Vol. III)
the few years, maximum setback 10 poultry induscry
has bn due to
a) Ranikhcl disease
b) Marek's disease
c) Parasitic
d) Infectious Bursal disease
" IsabKol" is an important cash crop in which of the
a) Madhya Pradesh b) Haryanil
c) Rajasthan d) Glyarm
Which 'Of the varieties of wheat is
a) J aya b) J ag:mnath
c) Sollalika d) I-RS .
Crop-thickness is highest in which state?
a) Andhra Pradesh b) Halyana
c) Pmyab d) West Bengal
Which. of the folJowinlll: plant-crop is the most efficient
converter of wlar energy?
.) Cane
c) Wheat
b) f'::lddy
d) Millet
Where in India is iniption done by Tank5?
a) Kal:nataka b) Tamil Nadu
c) Andhra Pradesh d) A11oTtheabove
Match List-I with LisJ-lI and select thecorrect answer by using
the codes vven below the lists:
(Agricultural Products)
A) COllon
8) Gram
C) Black pepper
A 8 ' C
.J 2 I 1
bJ . 2 I 3
oj I 2
dJ 1 2 3
(Foremost producer)
.) Madhya Pradesh
2) Gttiarat
3) . West Bengal
4) Kerala

40. A 4L D 42. C 43. C 44. D 45. D
46. A
1. Who said "The budget need noC be a se<:ret affair"?
a) R. Vcnkataramall b) Palkhiwa/a
c} C. Subramani,!-1lI d) Chilllamani Deshmukll
2. Who wrote 'Imagination useful as long as il remains
a) Tagore . b) Bacon
c) Alexis Wiren d) Pope
3. Who wrote "Advice after accident, is like medicine after
a) Daniel Defoe b) Byron
c) Mihon d) Mark lwaill
4. Who wrote "Proverb is a "shOrl based on long
. experience"?
.) Shakespeare b) TIliOlvaliuvar
c) "Bacon . d) Cc=rvallles
5. Who said "Calmness is stronger than fury"?
a) MichaelS. Vestera b) Ounalll
c) Indira Gandhi d) None of the abo\'c
, 6. Who said "A young man is a theory, an old man is a fact"?
a) C.W. Howe b) Momesquieu
. c) Tolstoy d) Bernard"Shaw
. 7. ,Who wrote uThe less men think, Ihe more they talk"?
a) Carlyle b) Buddha
c) ' Molllcsqui cu d) Avvaiyar
8. Who said: "Democracy !s the worst fonn of Govemmenl,
unfortuDaldy we do not know anything better'?
a) Winston Churchill b) Eisenhower
c) . Kellnedy d) De Gaulle
9. Who wrote 'Man is by nature a political anima"?
a) Plato b) Aristotle
c) Churchill d) Vivekananda
Ans: 1. B
7. C
2 C
8. A
3 . . A
9. B
4. 0
5. A
Suro'$ 0 G.K, (Vol. III)
10. Who said ''The lest of democracy is the freedom of criticism"?
a) WiUSI Oll Clnil'cilill
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) Jawaharlal Nehru
d) Dcvi Ben Gurion
II. Who said " Political fre<:dom is the liCe breath ora nalion"?
a) Abraham Lincolu b) Gokhale
c) JonathanSwifl d) SamudJohnsoll
12 . . ' Democracy is Ihe governmenl by uneducaled whereas
bureaucracy is the government by Ihe badly educated'. Who
said it ?
a) Einstein b) Mark Twain
c) Bernard Shaw d) Chesterton
13. ' Poverty is the father of revolution llQd crime'. Who said it?
a) Arisl()( le b) Plalo
c) A. K. Gopalan d) NOlie of the ~ c
14. 'Nationalisauon of an industry is the doom of'tnde union'.
Who said it?
a) Rilmamoorthy
c) Lenin
p) Churchill
d) Gorbacbcv
15. Who ''Painting is a blind man' s profession"]
a) Picasso . b) Gandhi
c) Marooni d) Masani
16. "Give us good mothers, and 1 shall ~ v e you' a good nation",
wall staled by
.) Napoleon b) Voltaire
c) Milton d) Keat s
17. Who wrote fQr the first time "Justice delayed, democracy
a) Chief Justi ce Marshall
b) Salmond
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) Robert F. Kellnedy
18. ' Order is Heaven's First Law'. Who said it?
a) Pope b) Cbandrachud.J
c) MahatmaGandhi d) Juslice ,Grover
to. 0
16. A
11. B
17. 0
12. 0 13. A 14. B
18. A
15. A

Sura's O.G.K. (Vol. III)
27. "The Con!ress is tottering to its rail and onc of my great.
ambitions while in India, is to assist it to a peaceful demise."
. .
This statement is attributed to
a) lord Dufferin . b) Lord Curzon
c) Lord L)' II Oll . d) NOli e of these
28. Who wrote ' The voice of the people is the voice of God'?
a) Accurin . b) AllliadUl'a i
c) Napoleon d) Buddha
29. Who said ' The: whole of Bharat is my and its people my
a) Zakir HUSs,1in b) Nehm
c) Indira Gandhi, d) Mahauna Gand hi
30. Who penned 'Where wealth accumulates, men decy'?
a) SamuelJohnsoli
b) Oli\'cr Goldslllith
c) Jawaharlal Nehl1l d) R. K. Narayan
31. Who wrote 'Jealousy is the jaundice of the SQul'?
a) Shakespeare b) Milton
c) Mahatma Gandhi d) Aurobilldo
32. Who said 'The 8allol, is stronger than Bullet"?
a) Roosevelt . b) Bcn mm Shaw'
c) Winston Churc!:ti ll d) Lincoln
33. Who wrole 'In the eye of the youth we see a flame, in the eye'of
the aged we see light'? .
a) Milton b) Victor Hugo
'c) Huxley d) Bunyan
34. Who said 'My heart leaps up-Child is the father of Man'?
a) Charles Lamb b) Beman! Shaw
c) d) Shakespeare
35. Who wrote ' It is happier to be unhappy'?
a) Longfcll()l,' b) Wordsworth
c) Shakespeare d) Arnold Bennett
36. Who said 'Every dog has his day' ?
a) Swi ft b) Wordsworth
c) Charles Dickcus d) Bemard Shaw
n. A
33. B
28. A
34. C
29. A
35. 0
30. B
36. A
31. A 32. D

C.G.+:' . (Vol. Ill)
37. Who is rarely pure ,nd never l im'plc'?
a) Tennyson b) Shakc5pcarc
c) Milton d) Oscar Wilde
38. Who,said 'Patient endurance is godlike' ?
a) Mahatma Gandhi b) 'Adi Sankaracharya .
c) Longfellow d) Viclod-lugo

39. Who said 'To a ritan with an empty stomach, food is God'?
a) A.K. Gopalan ' b) Dame .
c) ThiruvaJluvar d) Mahatma Gandhi
40. Who opined "Just as I would not like to be a slave, so I. would
not like to be a-master'?
a) Mahaull;lGandhi
b) J awaharlal Nehru
c) Abraham Linwln
d) Tilak " .....
41. Who mentioRl! 'Power lends to corrupt and absolute power
corrupts absolutely'? ,
. a) Lord Acton b) ArislOlic
c) Chun:hill d) Vallabhbhai Patel
. 42. Who said " To err is human, to forgive is divine'?
a) Dame b) Swifl
c) l ongfdlow d) B31lkimChandraChaueJji
43. Who wrote 'A thing ofbeaulY is ajoy for ever'?
a) Wordswonh b) Gray
c) d) Keats
44. Who wrote ' Your manuscript is good and original, thai pan
which is good is notorigiiW and the other part which
is not good' ?
a) Sa mueJJ ohnsoti b) Bernard Shaw
c)' Pope d) Mark 1i ..... in
45. Who uttered 'Afler me the Deluge'?
a) Napoleon bf Georges Pompidou
c) Alexander d) J awaharlal Nehru
46. Who said: 'One small step for men, - pnl leap for mllllk:ind'?
a) Socra(1:$ . b) Cicero
c) NeiT Armstrong d) J ohn Locke
37. D
43. 0
38. C
44. A
39 .. D
45. C
40. C
46. C
41. A 42. A
Sura's O.G. K. (Vol. HI )
47. ' Genius without education is like silver in the mud', - who said
a) Sir: G.\'. Raman
c) Dr. 5 Ibdhakrl shn;m
b) J aw<lh;u "i;l l Ndml
d) Fr.mklin
48. Who' said: " Man ean fl y in the air and swim in the sea but does
not know how to walk upon the earth like man"?
a) ' Maxim Gork}' b) Mahalma Gand hi
c) Ll. Gell. Cali appa 'd ) Dr. IOdhakrisllllan
.49. Who said/ Cod unchained is man, man unchained is God' ?
a). Paramahamsa b) Vi\'ckauanda
c) Raj aj i d) Russell
50. Who said: 'A littl e learning is more dangerous'?
a) Franci s Bacon b) Alexander Pope
c) Shakeipeare d) Longfel low
51. Who wrote 'A smil e is the same in any language '?
a) Shakespeare b) Milt on .
c) Goet he d ) Arther l...l ng
52. ' Beauty is truth, truth beaut y' - who said it?
a) JolUl Keats b) Wonl swonh
c) . d) Mil ton
53. ' Education is not what a personleams, but what he becomes'-
who said it? .
a) Dr. S: Radhakrislmall
b) Vivek.manda
c:) Ruskin
d) Bacol1
54. Who stated "All knowledge is founded on and ultimatel y
derives itseJrfrom sense .... or sensation"
a) J ohn Ruski1l b) J ohn Locke ,
c) Tolstoy d) Wordswor t h
55. " Whom the gods love di e young" is quoted by
a) . Lord Byron b) Tennyson
c) Shell ey d) Bismarck
56. Who wrote ' Don' t count the chickens before they are hatched'?
a) Aesop b) Alexander Dumas
c) 8 acon d) Buddha
47. 0
53. A
48. A
54. B
49. A
55. A
so. B
56. A
5.1. B 52. A

, I
: Sura' s O.G.K. (VfJL Ill )
67. Who said, 'The worse the tlae better the
a) Alexander b) Hider
c) Chcngizkhan d) Napoleon
68. Who said,'Man without society is either a beast or a God'?
al Pbto b) Gandhi
c) Henry Maine d) ArislOrlc
69. " . the world' s 14151 Shangri-La, nestled in lite Himalayas, it is
a jewel of environmental preservation. lu pristine forests,
sparklins: icy peaks and flora and fauna have caused the World
Wildlife Fund to dub it as one-orlhe ecological wonders of the
world". The place referred to in this quotation is:
a) Sikkim
b) Blmlan
c) Arunachal Pradesh
d) Ladakh
70. ''The final Az;enl Orange raid in Vietnam took place in 1970; ...
areas have begun to bloom apin. lIul 19 years after the war's
end, it seems plain that Agent Orange islUllin, and maiming
human beinB;s, sonlclhins it never intended to do . The
.pparent toxic faJ!out from those douds. .. is a crop of human '
miseries incluilins cancers, miscarriages and birth defect&-
that may persist for liecades". .
The offensive substance rd"erred to in this quotation is :
a) DDT used as inse<:ticide
b) a complex mixture: of herbicides and weediodes used 10
increase agricultural OUlpul in the Ihen South Vietnam under
the U.S. aid programme
c) a complex mixture of DDT and other insecticides used 3S
aerial sprays for Prolect.iOIi againsllllalaria and other tropical
. diseases
d) di oxin used as defoliants
71. Which one of the following is correctly malched? .
a) "Swarajya is my birthriglu
- Mahauna Gandhi
b) " Dilli Chalo" ':' Subhash Chandra Bose .
c) "You give me blood and I will gi,e.You freedom - Winslon
d) Jai Jawall,Jai Kisan - Jawahadal Nehru
67. 0 68. B (I>. A 70. D 71. B
, Sura', C.G. t:: , (Vol. III)
12. "MonoCulture of commerc:.ially viable trees is the
uDique natural profile of . Thoughtless exploitation
of timbt;r, deforesting vast tracts for palm cultivation,
destruction of mangroves, illegal, logging by tribals and
poacbing only compound the problem. Fresh waler pockets
are fast drying up 10 and .destruction of
The place referred to in this quotation is:
a) Sunderbans b) Kl!ra\;1 coast .
c) Orissa coast d) Andaman amf N'icobar Isla'nels
13. Who wrote the following lines? " Death is the end of life, ahl
Why should life all labour be" ?
a) P.B. Shelley b) John Keats
c) Lord Byron d) A1rred Tennrsoll
74. " born free, yet everywhere he is in chains." This was
.said by .
a) Jean Jacques Rous!>Cau b) Voltaire
c) Montesquieu d) Karl Marx
15. The comment "If the village perishes, India perishes, India
will be no more, herown mission wiU be lost" issaid by whom?
aj Mahatma Gandhi b) Dadabhai Naoroji
c) SunderlalBallllguna d) Rabindranalh Tagon:
16. " . have nothing to offer except bloOd, sweat and tears" was -

aJ Subhash Chandra Bose b) Churchill
c) Lord ' d) Napoleo n
11. Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabaclha"i (My God, My God, why has thou
, , forsaken me) was said by
'",) JI.{oses b) Magdalena

t.-} J esus Chri st d) Thomas
18. . ''''t-.;:.)' are fantastically dh-erse. They speak hUlJdTeds of
and dialects. They comprise scores of ethnic
gro"p5. Tht!y include.highly industrialised economies and
up-and.cOI:nin!economics. They span half the surface of the
earth and are home to twofifths of the "'orld' s population"
The group of countries referred to here belongs to .
aj . SAPTA b) APEC
cj .EC d) CIS .
72. A
78. B
73. D 74. A '15. A
76. B n. c
. .
Sum' .. O.G,K. (Vol. Jl l)

" ...... They are people of yellow complexion, oblique eyes, high
c.hcck bones, sparse hair and medium height." The reference
here is 10
a) Nordk Aryans
h) AUslrics
d) Mongoloids
'Who said the words: "To be or nOI to be, that is the rPcstion"?
a) H:unlel in Shakespeare's dr-nna Hamlet
b) Brutus in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
c) Othello ill Shakespeare' s Othello
d) Lady Macbeth is Shakcspe.arc' sMacbc::lh
Who said or wrote : ' Brevity is the soul of wit' ?
a) Kipling b) Lord Acton
c) Dr. J ohnson d) Shake-speare
"For fools rush in where angels feu to tread" was said by
a) b) Hobbes -
c) Keal s. d) Pope
Consider the following pIIssage:
"In the course of II on the road spanning almost thin)'
years, he crossed the bre:lClth oCtbe Easter:n hemisphere, visited
territories equivalenllo about 44 modern countries, and put
behind him II total distance ofapprox;mately 73. 000 milel." .
The world' s grealesl traveller of pre-modern tUncs to whom
the pass:&I;:e refers is
a) Meg:l sthenes
b) Fa HiclI
c) Marro Polo
d) JIm B;lIuta .
84. " You nught see a few curious Dancs around, bul tbaYCI beCause
,-.,--, used 10 be Danish outpoSL .This with its
fort and a beautifuJ church, the New JerusaJem, (mpty streeU
Rnd descrted beachfront is a quaint The place referred
to in this quotation lies on the
a) Tamil Nadu roast b) Kerala coast
c) K.1I'na!ak., coast d) coast
79. D BO. A 81. 0 S2. D 83. C 84. B

.suro's C. G.I(. (Vol. III)
91. Who said, this "Our life carries within' it a )"Kord that time
cannot blur ,?r dead)
a) Jawaharlal Nehm b) Mahalma Gandhi
c) S. Radhakrishnan d) Subhash Chandra Bose
92. Which of the authors referrec:110 India as Mother of
History; of Legend; Greal-Grandmother of
. a) Edward Lear
c) Mark Twain
b) Kuldip Nayar
d) Max Muellar
93. ,"Shakespeare was wron8 - A rose by another name would nol
smell as sweet - Which is lhe single most imponaitt
dision in the marketing of perfumes is the ftI!IDel" Who said
it? '
a) John Shaw & Dere<:k Randal
b) JackTrom &JohnShaw
c) Dereck Randal & Peru Manin
d) Jack Trum & AI Ries
The words "Et tu, Brute" were uttered by
a) Cleopalra
b) ' Julius Caeser
c) Olhdlo
d) Anthony
"The kill! was freed from his people and lhey form their
Kind". On whose death did Badauni comment this?
a) Balban b) AJa-ud-din Khilj{
c) Muhammad-bin Tughlaq d) Feruze Shah Tughlaq
" The emersence or.a numerically silfti6cant, economically
powerful, and intellectually informed ftw-sinaI croup is one
of the earliest indicators or impendillB revolution." This view
of revolution in the sociolopcal serue was held by
a) P. Sorokill b) R.O. .
c) E.R. Leach d) S.N. 'Eisenstadt
Who made the following statement, "Give me blood, I pnx:n,ise
a) 8alGangadharTiiak
c) BalUkeshwar Dull
91. C 92 . . C 93. B
'fl. D
b) Sri Aurobindo
d) . Subhash Chandra Bose
94. B 95. C 96. A



Sura' s O.G.K. (Vol. III)
98. "By weaving threads of physics, chemistry and biolo!), into a
rich tapestry. this remarkable scientist provided a unifyins:
. mole'cular .vi ew of the world . ... He louted the wonderful
properties of Vitamin C first as a cure of common cold and
later as a preventivellgent' against cancer." One of science's
major figures of all time referred to above is
a) C.N. b) liulIs Carl Pauling
c) Fritz London d) Walter Heitl er
99. " Let a hundred Dowers bloom and let a thou.sand schools of
thought contend". was wd by
a) Lincoln b) Nelson
c) Churchill ' dJ Mao Tse l i lllg
100. " Be proud thai you are an lndian. proudly claim I am an
. Indian, every Indian is my brother ... " Who had said these
a) Ja"'aharlal Nehru b) Lala Lajp:u Rai
c) d) Mahallna Gand hi

98. B 99. B 100. C

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