“How to Prepare Your Faculty. What’s Working, Not, and What to Do.

Presenters: Dr. Ruth Newberry, Dr. Cristi Ford, Dr. Harriette Spiegel
Educause Connect Conference 2014 April 30, 2014
The following list are the results of the participants contributions at their table/group time and during
the final wrap up. The items are listed in order of frequency (most first) mentions. ‘
If you have any questions, please contact Ruth Newberry at ruthenewberry@outlook.com
1) Institutional Support
 Funding, which includes appropriate allocations for staff and physical space resources
 Recognition /Awareness, as seen through Promotion and Tenure
 Faculty Development for Online Learning needs to be part of Strategic Plan at Institutional level,
not just at School level
 Infrastructure – institution must support / fund Core systems, technologies, and integrations

2) Faculty Readiness
 Mandatory Training / Certification process for faculty
 Recognition for faculty
 Incentives of some kind, institutional dependent
 Peer Acceptances
 Eager & Engaged faculty
 Support Structure (comfort and assistance and help)
 Distinction between research and teaching clearly defined
 Technology seen as is part of Teaching!

3) Policies & Procedures
 Required Certification
 Accessibility concerns
 Academic integrity
 Course Design & Assurance - QM Rubric
 Intellectual Property
 Compliance Issues (credit hour/ instructional equivalencies)
 Roles and Responsibilities defined for Inst. Designers
 Account for Post - Quality Assurance for policies / process for impacting courses & faculty

4) Models/ Structures / Program Content
 Centralized structure preferred
 Faculty adherence to standards and expectations
 Focus on pedagogies
 Need to have a Campus culture shift – must be supported from top down
 Program content should focus on pedagogies
 Delivery Structure Supports pedagogy
 Preferred In House development

 5) Values / Impact

Students --- Enroll ---- Degree completion
Board -- Funding --- Resources
Faculty – broken into 2 sub items that impact Student Satisfaction with the
a) Job security concerns
b) Faculty Buy in / Eagerness to adopt
Ways to show value:
1) Document interactions with faculty (ex: "Faculty Touches"—who, what, when,
and why)
2) Student retention – impact on enrollments while looking at course evaluations
and comments

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