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Rubio Can't Have His Cake and Eat It Too!

Rubio Can't Have His Cake and Eat It Too!

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Published by: Editor on Aug 19, 2014
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flip–flop: noun \ˈflip-ˌfläp

a changing from one immigration policy to virtually its exact
opposite. "Senator Marco Rubio's frequent flip-flops would
indicate that he's trying to have his cake and eat it too"
After working on a Republican alternative to the DREAM Act,
Senator Marco Rubio is once again turning his back on Dreamers.
He's the latest Republican to shamelessly use refugee children
fleeing Central America’s violence to attack DACA and push for a
radical right wing anti-immigrant agenda. If he gets his way, more
than half a million dreamers who received DACA would be be at
risk of deportation.
That's why United We Dream affiliates from Florida and from
across the country are taking over the Miami office of Sen. Rubio
to confront him on his recent Anti-Dreamer and Anti-DACA stance.
And we're asking you to join us:
Sign the petition - Tell Sen. Rubio: flips flops are for the
Beach, not the Senate!
Sen. Rubio suggested it was in “our best interest to wind down”
DACA, something that would leave thousands of Dreamers
vulnerable to deportations.
Did he think we wouldn't notice him back peddling on immigration
just months before the GOP primary season? Sen. Rubio who once
stood with the immigrant community is now aligning himself with
right-wing extremists like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. Steve
King (R-IA), who both want nothing more than to deport us and
our parents.
So we're here to tell Sen. Rubio: you can't have your cake
and eat it too. Is it your people or your party?
Nestor E Ruiz
United We Dream Tampa Bay
Online Organizer
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