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Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane

Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane


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Published by Evan Donaldson
Marital meditations: both tasteful and explicit. Brace yourself for some unabashedly raw imaginings as I tell sexual tales ‘with a difference’.

WARNING: Fictional material herein is intended for consumption by mature adults only. Narratives contain explicit descriptions of married sexuality and will be inappropriate for underage readers.
Marital meditations: both tasteful and explicit. Brace yourself for some unabashedly raw imaginings as I tell sexual tales ‘with a difference’.

WARNING: Fictional material herein is intended for consumption by mature adults only. Narratives contain explicit descriptions of married sexuality and will be inappropriate for underage readers.

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Published by: Evan Donaldson on Dec 06, 2009
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  • Introduction
  • Fantasy Toll Booth
  • Lesson on Faith
  • A Lesson in Obedience
  • A Lesson On Faith II
  • A Lesson in Obedience II
  • A Lesson on Faith III
  • A Lesson in Obedience III
  • A Lesson in Obedience IV
  • Revenge
  • Revenge II
  • Room with a View
  • Room with a View II

Fantasy Fun


Dick and Jane


Evan Donaldson

Fantasy Fun

Dick and Jane

Copyright © by Evan Donaldson Published in the United States – Los Angeles 2009 All rights reserved

Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane

WARNING: Fictional material herein is intended for consumption by mature adults only. Narratives contain explicit descriptions of married sexuality and will be inappropriate for underage readers.


Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane




Fantasy Toll Booth A Lesson on Faith A Lesson in Obedience A Lesson on Faith II A Lesson in Obedience II A Lesson on Faith III A Lesson in Obedience III A Lesson in Obedience IV Revenge Revenge II Room with a View Room with a View II

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Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane


Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane

I am a happily married male. Key reason for that is my wife’s ‘tolerance’ of masculine needs— including my need for both visual and verbal imagery to help manage an active libido. But any erotic literature I could ever find to share was either too slow and sappy –like a chick flick romance— or it was lazily conceived and sloppily charged with rude language. These socalled sexual aids were more distracting and impairing than inspiring of conjugal passion. Why couldn’t somebody write marital meditations that were both tasteful and explicit? Why doesn’t Erotica explore adventurous couplings of monogamous heterosexual pairs? So I unleashed my own imagination and salvaged some slack time between business calls to indulge in a bit of naughty wordcraft. I actually mailed the first story to my woman anonymously, just to evoke a truly honest response. She couldn’t put it down …and it made her blush …Declared it so well-written compared to that groady and unappetizing commercial porn …Yet this was really freaky sex, only with a difference …So she blushed again and wanted some more. Finally, I had to tell her Who was actually stalking her vulnerable sensibilities. More stories followed —along with several more conceptions. Soon, growing kids with searching eyes were reading more than Dick and Jane first grade


Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane

primers. So I hid away my indulgences for some twenty years. But now that the innocent minds are matured and moved away, I find my young adult adventures no less appealing to a middle-aged sexual appetite. No, it isn’t about the children Dick and Jane –and they were siblings, of course. This volume features Janice mostly —so perhaps it is Jane finally realizing a more sensual side of play … and with a better mate of her choosing. Satisfactual play-making (like lovemaking) takes practice, of which Jane and her brother had plenty. And as every American reader knows, those two kids were naughty as could be …though never ever anything like their exploits as adults— Goodness, No! While Jan (or Jane or Janice) is busy rediscovering her ‘inner child’ amidst marital fun, I hear rumor that Brother Dick (Richard now goes by his nickname Scott) has gone adventuring elsewhere with his newest playmate also. So brace yourself for some unabashedly raw imaginings as I tell sexual tales ‘with a difference’.


Fantasy Toll Booth
"It's certainly interesting." "The kids made it special for us." We recently purchased a new refrigerator. The cast-off box was immediately adopted by our children. It was this that my wife was pointing at, having just returned home after an anniversary evening out. I could see they had been at it with a blade of some sort —all manner of little windows and doors were cut, all now neatly shut. I wasn't sure what to say. "So …" "So, they worked very hard —with a little help from Mamma." "And …" I was anxious to get on or in or under with whatever one hopes to do with one's lovely wife on such a night, after dinner, without kids around. "They call it our Honeymoon House." When I looked askance at her she explained, "They've kind of had wedding anniversary on the brain, if you know what I mean?" "Like anybody else I know?" Like two bodies I know, is what I thought. Janice was wearing a clingy sort of green silk dress, truly stunning against her chocolate curls. I was about ready to begin clawing it free of the curves to which it was clinging. She shrugged my kiss from her bare neck —Mmm, cinnamon-rose perfume— but I was sure I felt goose bumps raised on her arm. "Well, do you want to get in first, or shall I?" said Jan.


Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane

"Get in?" "Surely you don't mean to just ignore the Honeymoon House made special by your children." "Not ignore, just postpone it … sort of indefinitely." "C'mon Ted; be a sport —Just for a few minutes." My wife was wearing her glow-in-the-dark gleam." You might like it after all." "I'm, uh …I'm going to the bathroom." I had to go anyway. "I'll be waiting for you, Pop-eye." Pop-eye? She's called me a lot of names, but.... On the bathroom floor were those bright red bikini briefs that Jan bought for my birthday months ago. Mom had suffered a coughing fit when my wife suggested to the rest of the party that "Ted should model them for us." So I had pulled them on, over my Levis. The fortuitous re-appearance of the Playboy shorts was obviously a plant. But I was in the mood to play along. I did wash my crotch good first, as I could expect Janice would do also. My member began thickening as my mind wandered to picture Jan's naked form kneeling atop the counter, straddling the sink –where I could watch her watch herself in the mirror: She would be rubbing first with soap, then the rinse, then more soap; then just rubbing and hips responding with a gentle gyration –and a resigned sigh, warm rinse and towel, and finally eau-de-cologne. The shorts looked so ludicrously skimpy with Old Pete so distended that I chuckled and squeezed his beard until it ached …just to prime the pump, so to


Fantasy Toll Booth

speak. It was time to go fulfill our vows; so I pulled on my pants again and set out hunting, feeling strangely nude underneath. It was empty —the living room! Everything appeared lit bizarrely by a reddish glow, the center of which I located to be a lamp hanging over the kid's Honeymoon House. The top of the box had been discarded … And what was that? A new sign was posted on the near side. The floor creaked as I stepped closer to read: Peep Show 25 cents "Jan, are you in there?" Her only reply was a wave and flutter to the floor of —I thought it to be a knee-high nylon. It was taking my eyes some moments to adjust to the dimness, but the matching stocking landed round my neck in confirmation. "I bet it's hot in there under that light." Still no answer —except for that clingy dress now clinging over the edge of the box. When her black lace bra landed atop the dress, I started getting a bit warm myself. While I stood dumbly wondering if the shoes might rain down next (just as a joke), something soft and sweet smelling was thrust into my face. I snatched it away just in time to see a hand disappear again through a little side door carved head-level in the box. The missive now held in my sweaty hand was Janice's black lace panties.


Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane

She's nude in there, and here I stand like an idiot. With Sir Peck now pecking at the fly of my trousers, I pried at a handy cardboard door. By some trick, it was locked on the inside. I tried one door after another, but —no entrar. Then I remembered the sign. With a dig into my trouser pocket (getting rather damp on one side) I pulled out a quarter. "Where's the money slot in this thing?" At about neck level, a small door popped open to reveal an open mouth and extended tongue. When I hesitated, another door released an arm from the side to poise a hand pointing down at the waiting tongue. I put the coin on the tongue. It stuck and disappeared quickly past closing lips. The arm and hand were pulled back. Then with chin propped up on the edge of the opening, those glistening lips that I knew so well —they puckered. Nor did I need prompting to plant my own pucker there. Jan's mouth opened as I pressed it, admitting my feverish tongue. We wrestled for a moment; and I was outlining the course of her teeth. I fished the roof of her mouth and the syrupy bottom, saliva overflowing the corners to lubricate our union. Finally I probed as far down her throat as I could reach, though she withdrew from that. Jan paused for just a moment, long enough for me to attempt joining lips again; but the little door nearly slammed on my nose. Where did she hide that quarter? Surely she wouldn't have swallowed it? I hadn't felt it lodged anywhere in her mouth, where I'd have sworn it disappeared. My wife was full of tricks that night.


Fantasy Toll Booth

Suddenly it dawned on me that I'd been granted no peek. Perhaps a new quarter was expected. Luckily, I had another and knocked politely at her house. I leaned against the box with my face set to the kissing door, hoping to steal a glance or a bite (or both) before paying more dues. It remained shut. But an outside pressure against my loins made me back up and look south. There, about midway down, was thrust through a larger door the barest ass I'd ever seen —just sort of sunning itself, a crimson aureole of backlight round the edges. Both Jan's hands were poked through as well to serve their part prying the buttocks wide apart. One finger was gesturing suggestively toward the shadowed center of my attention. A cord invisible but nonetheless binding pulled me down to my knees. There was something holy about that scene, and I wanted to underline it for further meditation. We had carelessly left our camera on the coffee table after anniversary photos –so there it was, right within my lucky grasp. The dim light made it hard to frame the shot, but the flash was on. Steady … Jan's finger continued gesturing … one, two, three — No! Something was missing. Where … Ah! That cast-off old picture frame in the corner: I jumped up to fetch it and perched one corner over Janice's rump. There. "What are you doing, Ted?" Flash —Click! "What was that? Lightening?"


Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane

"Wow!" I answered. "I'm waiting for the money, Dummy. Put it right there." Jan's finger pointed, There. It was a Polaroid camera, so I squeezed out the film before stooping again to review the wonder of my wife's bare bottom. I began making "payment" by tracing a double line with both my thumbs from her spine all the way down to her pubic hairline. A cold shudder jolted her (talk about lightening). Then I began counting out 30 seconds for development with strokes of my tongue up and down the crack of Jan's posterior. At stroke nine, she shuddered again and suddenly withdrew Ms Fanny with a cry: "Ooooh— Not yet!" Then she shut the door; though not before I glimpsed the varnished flesh of belly and thighs. She was spreading my saliva, one hand forward and one aft with a swiveling of hips. I'm sure I heard some moans before a hand burst out again, palm up under my chin. Again, my hesitation served me ill. An impatient moment later, another hand plunged from below right at my groin. Pain surged from my crushed testicles up through my stiffened abdomen. I was caught and held mercilessly. "Okay. I'll pay," I croaked and deposited the coin. I gasped in relief as my hereditary jewels were finally released but had to loosen my pants to give His Eminence room to recover. Suddenly, a beam of red light burst from one side of the box, casting a heart-shaped gleam over the carpet. Then a shadow obstructed all but the faintest glimmer. I leaped around to that side to behold


Fantasy Toll Booth

indeed, a heart-shaped window framing two sweaty breasts, one poked through each hemisphere of the heart. This window was cut fairly low, so that Janice was probably kneeling. Her navel sat cutely exposed in the bottom cleft of the heart, beads of her sweat streaming down into its depression. I was on my knees in a moment, fondling with greedy fingers and cooling with generous tongue. I orbited her fleshly globes for a long time, finally tweaking their firm and tender tips with my teeth. When she started to back away, I quickly pincered her tits, clamping one nipple in each hand so as to effectively stall her retreat. "I'm not done yet, Woman. I want my money's worth." She stayed put long enough for me to replace the old picture frame and snap another photo. But this one I almost overdeveloped when I got lost again wandering over Janice's beautiful bosom. I peeled off the paper and set aside the print for later inspection. Meanwhile, my "still life" was turning "motion picture". The effect of shifting shadows and crimson glow was awesome, as Janice somehow raised herself so that the V-neck of the heart was now combing her pubic mound. The dark curls of hair were clinging together in clumps of dampness –mingled sweat and sexual excitement. I barely got another photo taken before she poked out a hand from above, clutching a lock of hair on my head and pulled my face relentlessly into the pillow of her parted thighs. I didn't merely kiss those other lips. I sucked; my mouth creating snorts like a hungry piglet, selfishly


Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane

draining Mamma of every drop. I inhaled her swollen clitoris; teased it between tongue and roof of my mouth. She twisted and squirmed and squealed some herself, my head drawn inside her house half the time. Finally, the frustration of her restricted movement became too unbearable. Though she released my hair, I kept my mouth pressed to Jan's hot flesh. In shifting shadows she began moving again, this time turning round completely. My lips slid all the way round until lodging soundly over the super-sensitive spot between both rear orifices. With a loud smack I kissed the swollen sex, pinched one bun and swatted the other. She didn't flinch but shoved her tail even further out, crying desperately for more attention. "I'm so close, Ted. Don’t quit." But I had to get a record shot. She didn't seem aware of the lightening this time. "—Oh Ted, Lover: Now! Chew me, Ted!" Jan had forced one hand between her legs to help nurse the fever there. I watched her massage technique for just a moment. It was fascinating the way her fingers slid fluidly about, pausing between circuits, each finger savoring its special moment of pressing and prompting right were it counted most. "Ted!" she gasped, frame suddenly stiffened, her skin flushed and clammy to touch. "NOW!" I managed to reach round and hug her vulva to my face. My tongue sought deeply the well of Jan's vagina. Mucus was thick and slick as hot glue


Fantasy Toll Booth

flooding over the little ridges of its inner walls. Oh, how my penis ached to play along those ridges. Hardly a thought separated the discarding of my trousers. Not bothering to doff shorts, Old Pete was out and seeking entrance, hardly heeding which door —they lie so close together. But no welcome! Janice shoved her back end into me, knocking me briefly off balance, only to make the prize disappear again behind the door. It was uselessly latched from the inside, like before. But this time, I had a plan of my own. It took a second to fetch the pocket knife from my discarded trouser pocket. His Imminence was still standing erect so he marked me a spot with slobber, and I stooped down to cut myself a little round door, hopefully enough to pass His Majesty’s proud head. Whoa! The disk I had cut fell away, and the ruddylighted interior of our Honeymoon House flooded my eye, overwhelmed my brain (already growing delirious). Jan was straddling one of our dining room chairs with her fine-lined spine turned to me. She sat facing the back of her chair; one arm propped up to pillow her head and the other shoved between her legs. Buttocks hung over the edge of the chair-seat, and I could just see the fingers of her hand busily masturbating. She rocked on her hips with ankles locked round the chair-legs like anchors against a billowing sea. It was a picture worth remembering, so I opened the aperture and slowed the shutter. Click.


Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane

Though I didn't use the flash, Janice must have heard a suspicious sound, for she turned about suddenly on her chair. But I guess my peephole wasn't obvious enough, or maybe she was pretending innocence. The next moment (now facing me) she had slid her seat down to a slouch, knees opened wide before me. Click. She stretched both arms down past swelling bosoms so that the strength of both hands could be invested in her mounting orgasm. I could see it rising like a sort of inner sunrise. Sure, her skin was beaded with sweat-drops, a rivulet running down the cleft of her breasts. Her eyes were shut, neck taut, head thrown back and lower lip clamped between hissing teeth. I could see the wild wetness of her sex under fingers turning white with the strain —her toes were curling, knees straightening as her body melded itself into one great sense organ. But it was the silent scream of mingled pleasure/pain piercing through the moans and panting breath— that's what inspired my own inner vision of god-like powers colliding in the air. Energies shattered each other, intersecting one another in an ecstasy of tragic delight. My inner ear heard liquid laughter and cascades of tinkling bell-like music. It was almost as if I had climaxed with her, simply watching; I was as engrossed as she in the tyranny of her sensuality. It does feel good sometimes just to give in and let the waves of passion bewilder your mind. The sheer power behind the motion is awesome as a religious encounter.


Fantasy Toll Booth

I was feeling a bit jealous though. Janice continued rocking, savoring her satiated senses. There was a sort of ethereal glow about her, like during the prime weeks of pregnancy, radiating health and vitality. I felt like one big ache myself, and like many people I wanted to share that ache, let it hang out where somebody else is bound to trip over it. So, I stood up and tried on my peephole. Pete had room to spare after all, though I had to rock up a bit on the balls of my feet. I reached both hands up to grasp the top edge of the box, bracing myself for whatever I must wait for blindly. The seconds seemed like hours, wondering when Janice would finally notice her unsought (though welcome, hopefully) guest. Pete's neck was stretched to its limit, poking his head where he hadn't been expressly invited. He felt very naked and alone. I could feel some of the hair on my scrotum snagging against the rough edges of my forbidden entryway. Actually, I was feeling a bit guilty about the trespass, pondering whether I should withdraw and apologize. And then …was that really what I hoped—? Oh yes! It is warm and gentle, like a kiss of forgiveness. How could I ever have doubted— "Ouch! Oooh." Janice was holding the head of my penis between strong teeth making quite impossible my retreat from the strong little fingers as they forced their way under and past its length, through the peephole and out to snag my shaggy pouch of life-savings. The little thief! She hooked my gonads and yanked them, one painful


Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane

poke-thru at a time, scraping off loose skin and not a few pubic hairs. Now I was made prisoner of my own offense. There was no way I would pull all my swollenness back out. I was stuck …at least until Janice decided to tease the pent-up tension out of Old Pete. She's no light-weight when it comes to teasing, nor did she go easy on my big little brother. My hips were dancing and my skin feeling chilled as Jan kissed and licked it raw. I felt fingers close round my balls, squeezing exquisite aches up my abdomen. Another hand came round from somewhere to pinch my sweaty buns and tickle my asshole. Then …THEN! I'm not certain what came over me. When her finger started primly probing into the pucker of my anus, a barrier broke; a reservoir of brute animal strength undammed. My fingers clutched the top of the box, tore and ripped and destroyed the wall between me and my lady. In seconds my path was cleared to gain possession of a somewhat frightened Janice propped up on her chair again; she was looking small and exposed, knees drawn up in fetal position. Though my frenzy was arrested for a moment by the scared entreaty in her eyes, my glance was stolen by a tuft of dark pubic hair barely visible past her ankles. Jan was clutching them firmly with both hands against the cushion of her buttocks. I advanced unthinkingly — only longing hungrily for the feast set before me. She didn't struggle as I pulled her feet up to my shoulders; and I straddled


Fantasy Toll Booth

the chair seat we shared now as one. It took some skilled butt-shifting at one of her legs so both rested to one side of my neck; then I could look down to witness fully the entry of Melchizedek into his Holy of Holies. He wasn't arrayed in robe or sash other than his wizened priestly beard. That was now clapping a rhythm against my nuptial's unveiled bottom, while the old chief led that ancient dance of fertility and life blessing. My teeth were gritted and legs cramped stiffly as the blessing broke, shattering like a wine glass upon the hearth or a tidal wave over a city. Fertility sprang forth like fountains from the dry ground, flooding the fields and valleys; it was flushing out my whole mind and soul —FIRE as of Judgment Day. But the spasms quieted all too soon and my well ran dry (for now). My fire began to fade and flicker. Why is it always over so quickly? But of course, the trek back up the Holy Mountain is even better next Jubilee. Janice was gazing into me, sharing the burden of my pleasure and pain. Suddenly a devil of doubt thrust a blade between us. "Janice, you …" I was ashamed to even ask. "You would never actually display yourself in one of those booths you hear about?" "I might …" She answered after a pause. "You might what?" "…for my husband." "Ha!" But the devil fled his haunt of my heart only to test my maiden's faith.


Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane

"Ted, I don't suppose …" "Yes?" "You'd never pay money to really —Peep?— into one of those …" She couldn't say it either. "Oh, I don't know …maybe—." "You?" " … IF I knew my wife was in there." "You!" Janice snuggled against my chest and gave my pooped Peter a tight squeeze of good faith —this time without using either hand. Pete hadn't yet emerged out into the light, you see. Her hands were busy, of course, elsewhere.


Lesson on Faith
"I feel a sticky mess!" "Even after the washing I gave you?" "I admit, it was thorough, but—." "Tasty too." Scott sucked his teeth. "I could use a little soap and water." "C'mon, Missus. I'll help." "I bet you will! You're not so squeaky clean yourself, Sir." He raced her to the bathroom. It was too late when Karen realized he was racing in earnest. "Let me in, you clown!" "Eh?" "Open the dumma door." A foreign sounding voice replied distantly, Scott's sorry attempt at a British butler: "Your bawth will be ready presently, Mawdumm." "What are you doing in there?" "What's the matter— don't you trust me?" Trust! After tonight, just don't I trust. Karen stopped drumming the bathroom door long enough to scratch the small of her back. Silly, she chided herself for glancing about to make sure she really was alone. Some less public parts were itchy too. Yuck! There's sauce in my hair. Or is it just the jello? She shivered at thought of the jello, then scratched her belly button. When it felt sticky too, she couldn't resist giving that finger a tentative lick. Nope, he must have cleaned it out good. Strawberry, wasn't it? She reached the same hand up to feel the spot in her hair and


Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane

shifted simultaneously to rest her backside against the door. Karen suspected she didn’t really look as thoroughly sexed as she felt: One arm crossed greasy bosoms to prop up the other raised lazily to her chin, sticky fingers in her mouth. But that's okay. Nobody was there to see her: Naked and all alone. A sculptor might have posed her thus for display in a wealthy man's banquet hall and named her something artful like ‘Lust of the Palate’ or ‘A Saucy Dish’ or maybe just ‘Dessert’. A secret Mona Lisa smile teased onto her mouth, crowding out her self-consciousness as the woman mentally reviewed colorful pictures of the evening's previous festivity. * * * "Dessert?" Barely two hours ago, Karen darted from the kitchen, not certain she was hearing correctly. "Yeah! You said you were hot," Scott replied. "I've been sweating up a storm in this kitchen cooking your favorite meal ...and you ask for dessert?" "We'll get to the main dish, but how about something to cool you off first?" "Like what? Ice cream?" "Yeah!" "Before dinner?" "Come to think of it —might be a bit too cool at first. Karen stepped closer to her husband for a motherly inspection: "You feeling okay?"


Lesson on Faith

"Just hungry— What else have you got?" Karen pondered a moment (with that female squirrelly squint Scott always found so ...so social) and opened the fridge for a peek. "There's jello." "Perfect!" No! Wait a minute, Karen. (That was her ‘parenttape’ talking.) Back up to the start. One should cherish every moment. When did Scott drop the first clue of his intentions? Was it when he called from work at 3:45 pm, waking Karen from a sound sleep after an exhausting day with the kids, just to ask: What's for dinner? It was at breakfast. Of course! Karen did indeed think it a little strange when Scott asked so early about dinner. He never volunteered an interest in their choice of menu, not at shopping-list time, not at mealtimes, not even when his stomach (and temper) was growling for nourishment. How could she have missed it? He was being so obvious. And Karen was about to hang up on him when he tossed her the magic word: "Mom is on her way—." "Whose mom?" "My mom." "Here?" "Yeah— Get the kids ready. She says they'll need good shoes and swim things." "But Scott— the house!" "Just push them all out the front door." So that's exactly what Karen did. And now with dinner cooked


Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane

and a free evening alone with her husband, her world was feeling less like a high-wire act and more like a holiday feast …or like another anniversary, at least. "What's the occasion?" Karen asked him. Scott was rummaging for a table cloth (must be in the dirty laundry) but found a clean bed sheet instead. "Just as well …" And he muttered something about it being a sort of canvas. "It'll give us something to remember the evening by." "What did you say, Scott?" Karen had returned to the kitchen. She lowered the heat and covered the pan. I hope the vegetables don't wilt. "Got the jello?" Karen waltzed out of the kitchen pulling the apron from her hips. Scott licked his lips, but Karen paused to kiss them before they leered. "Get it yourself, Foolish Boy." She swatted him with her apron strings. "I'm going to slip into something more suitable." "How about that racy birthday suit you wore the other night?" Karen was already unbuttoning her blouse when she turned to exhibit tongue.* Her hand poised on a hip tightened the tail of her blouse. She glimpsed Scott's eyes tracing her body downward —from face to belly— and caught the overflow of his thrill (using a sense organ very difficult to locate, had she bothered to try), just before disappearing down the hall.
__________ *Karen was proud of her tongue. It was one of those long and flexible ones. Her schoolmates had all sat in awe as she used to make it do all sorts of acrobatics. Karen has since found more interesting uses for its talents.


Lesson on Faith

Funny how flashing a little extra skin and lace can start an avalanche of desire. She planned to let Foolish Boy squirm just a bit. Birthday suit! Little did Scott realize how she already planned to dress. For now, Karen was still undressing. Karen paused just a moment when catching a glimpse of her own naked middle in the mirror —almost as flat as she liked it (always almost)— then with a sigh she released her breasts from their white lace bindings. They weren't large; but they were happier now. She paused to finger a tiny blemish just south of her right nipple …then started peeling pants and panties down. The window was open and a slight breeze moving the curtains felt good on bare skin. It felt so good that Karen opened the screen. Then she lifted a foot up onto the edge of the bed and bent over, turning bottom to the breeze. Ah! Wouldn't Scott like to catch me in this position sometime. With head down, she could see through her legs to the window, the fence and bushes beyond framed by her sweaty thighs and pubic hair. It is a lovely view from here, she thought. At least Scott would think so. Karen was just about to turn to the mirror for a quick view of the other side, when she thought she heard voices. Outside? Karen stood up quickly to shut the curtain while muttering, How could I be so stupid? Mother would— when an exotic idea made her pause. A flash of heat started somewhere in her head and poured down her whole exposed body, leaving sweaty skin and a pounding heart in its wake. Her ears were


Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane

buzzing; chest and throat felt like they would burst with ...What? Daring! Karen knew it would be foolish to continue standing there in front of an open window— that is, if she hadn't immediately realized who her audience must be; if indeed they even noticed her yet. Scott mentioned just yesterday that the neighbor girl had got herself a new boyfriend. "How do you know?" "I was up on the roof fixing the antenna and saw them making their nest in the bushes." "Their nest?" "Just like a couple of sparrows," he chuckled. "And what else did you see?" "Nothing! She was still fussing over security measures and escape routes, I think." Karen giggled softly as she remembered similar scenes between she and her own young lover. "Well you keep your eyes on your own land, Mister." "That is my land, Missus." "You mean, just outside our bedroom window? But it's completely fenced from the road." "Her bedroom window opens into the very same bushes." "Oh, yeah? How do you know that?" Scott hadn't answered; just grinned. But Karen could see now that there was no way to see into the neighbor's window from the angle of their own. Bother! Then a brave thought burst upon her mind, and


Lesson on Faith

Karen wondered if it was really sinful or just playful ...or maybe a little of both. Well it's my room AND my land. She took up a hairbrush and began casually working it through her tangles. Karen’s heart picked up a beat as she backed up a bit closer to the open air, turning slightly for a glance to the side. She could just see through a small gap in the fence-- that old jalopy Volkswagen lately frequenting the neighbor's drive. Karen could tell that some-bodies were crouched behind the bushes between her own window and the fence. But had they noticed her? Or were they too absorbed in their ‘nesting’ behavior? On a hunch, Karen bent over again, tail end still turned toward the open window. Glory! She could just see around herself in the mirror the view outside through the window, as well as her original view between goose-pimply thighs. Two blond heads rose slowly up from behind the shrubs. Karen almost choked with a curious sort of glee. They glanced at each other with widening eyes. Theirs was an awkward angle, glimpsing only snatches of Karen's pale flesh past flying curtains, like signal flags in the breeze. That same hidden sense organ which throbbed whenever her husband's passion swelled, it seemed to tingle in response to waves of interest now coming from the young couple. This is so bizarre! But they can't be seeing much. Karen could see more of them than they could distinguish past curtains waving about. The neighbor girl was lovely, just the sort that would inspire a lusty sixteen-year-old boy to feats of


Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane

bravery. Karen wondered why she and Scott had never hired the girl as a sitter. A teenage girl needs an older woman —not quite so old as Mother— as a friend and confidant. I know a store: I bet she'd go crazy over the clothes there. Karen stood straight but had only heard leaves outside rustle as tired legs shifted. Karen bent right over again to watch her watchers leisurely from shadow of her position, still brushing her hair. She had washed good just before starting their dinner. Karen took the opportunity now to reach her free hand back between thighs for a sample of juices flowing there —as she often did in anticipation of a nuptial playtime. The juices were flowing freely again, and a quick sniff and taste assured her that they would satisfy her Sire’s appetite. As her fingers probed past pubic hair and opened the protective folds of skin, she couldn't see the kids past her hand, but she could feel the outside breeze kiss the open mouth of her vagina. So Karen's imagination attended her total surrounding, watching from all sides at once. The touch of probing fingers felt so good, so Karen began to forget herself and the daring of her little dance: bare ass staring up at the sky; dappled sunlight blinking back down through the trees; polished fingers climbing their way up a secret canyon like water sprites playing up and down their river bed. One sprite suddenly disappeared into a cave, only to burst out into sunlight again, aglisten with dew. He was searching for a friend to drag along, and so finding her, they plunged back inside together —out again, in again; out and back up the slippery canyon. The


Lesson on Faith

rounded hills embracing their frolic were rolling to and fro —an earthquaking, sea-billowing motion— while the little ones spread their happiness up and down and around every nook and cranny, finally cresting the pass to pause out under air. A trail, like shining snail tracks, marked their sudden bashful retreat …only to start the dance all over again. Karen vaguely heard her hairbrush drop to the floor. Her second free hand reached round behind to grip one hillock —the hand of a goddess opening widely the canyon. Behold, another secret door blushing rose-hued in the sunlight, its petals glistening as sprites continued their dance over and around, even venturing partway into its pouting center. A fifth finger answered the call of the four, though it hardly resembled a thumb: A different kind of finger was specially placed to guard the door of Karen's womb. Karen and Scott called that lonely finger "Missus" and often lured her out to sing for them. She was singing strongly now for her mistress (and now for others of her audience). But this was only the Introduction to a veritable Symphony of Pleasure: Karen reminded herself as she began reluctantly slowing her tempo. "Pamela!" A distant, motherly voice had interrupted, saying something about help with the dishes. Karen pulled her hand quickly back to reveal offstage scenery of their young neighbor miss escaping her nest in a streak of white flesh, gone back inside through her


Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane

own bedroom window. The girl's blouse and underwear followed soon after, compliments of her hidden suitor. Just as well, I suppose. And Karen hoped they didn't get themselves in trouble. The elder watcher took her cue then to exit the stage. Time was getting on, and her own lover was waiting, perhaps preparing a comfy nest for her too. Now it’s time for my fancy dress— She had buried it days earlier deep in her underwear drawer, to be dug out just for such an occasion: a brand new box of heavy duty plastic food wrap. Once opened, it was easy to unroll the crinkly, clinging plastic and begin wrapping herself from ankles on up. On impulse, Karen shuffled unabashedly back to the window. Oops! He was still there, having dropped behind the bush as soon as Karen appeared. She pretended not to notice and kept right on wrapping her body, inching higher with every loop. She began to gyrate her hips as if to another hidden song, pausing at intervals in her new dance to pinch and caress choice spots on the way up, as if saying a gentle (but naughty) farewell to bared skin –though curiously no less exposed. Karen could clearly see her lone admirer in the mirror as the sun shone more directly on his tousled hair. His face and form reminded her very much of how Scott must have looked as a young teenager —curious, yet timid in his nascent sexuality. What if I could go back in time?— back to her own man's boyhood and grant him a foretaste of coming delights, …sort of like a fairy-godlover. Karen giggled to herself, then admitted: Cruel — too cruel.


Lesson on Faith

The boy was licking his lips, both hands pressed straight down and in a frontward motion busily polishing something —as if sharpening a prized tool of some sort. Karen didn't mind his distraction. She was wrapping the final length of plastic when Scott called: "Karen! Did you fall in?" She ran to lock the bedroom door, almost tripping and called back, "Just hold your horses, Mister!" If he hadn't called, Karen would likely have come right out, eager to share the evening with Scott eye to eye and skin to skin. But when she returned to the window, the boy was gone anyhow, probably startled by Scott's manly voice. So Karen paused upon the bed instead to re-read a section of her latest romance, the very novel that inspired her present plan —plastic wrap and all. It may not be original, but it seemed a worthy idea. Of course, Scott was the most creative lover this woman had ever known (the only lover) but Karen was sure she would soon have him ‘tied and branded’ with this fresh scheme of hers. Wonder where he gets his ideas? Karen opened the bedroom door for execution of her fantasy.



" "Now Janice― Prudence says you should. "We aren't going to need it. Janice says. I shut off the blower and turned to confront him. The little plastic case was on the counter. "Are you trying to ruin my birthday?" "Jan. "Well. like he usually did while I dried my hair ―like any red-blooded American boy would do? After all." "Ah!" Ted raised a finger triumphantly.Makes . I don't want it. my husband and I." 33 . mocking me. after all. until we …need it. eye to eye. "But one never knows when she might need it. I would rather have kept on silently musing over our recent wet and soapy affair than to be arguing now. I―. she will take it along. What a letdown. But I'm not wearing it all evening. Here I was feeling irritated and jealous of his sudden sexual practicality. "It . snort! His penis was wilting. there I was and there he …Oh.A Lesson in Obedience "No Ted.ITCH." I plucked the offending jelly from his fist. Why didn't he just kiss my neck or stroke my butt." We had just stepped out from the shower." I turned on the blow-dryer and began brushing with vigorous strokes for emphasis as I shouted. Ted's manhood remained at attention while we silently watched one another in the misty mirrors drying off (that's one of my favorite things about showering together)." He was waving the tube of jelly under my nose.Me .

I don't remember doing it." he floundered.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane "We are going to dinner first. "Well. "It would sort of itch. I slammed the tube of jelly back down onto the counter then switched the blower back on to High. My indignation sort of flickered and blacked out as a rush of raw energy flooded down my middle. "Why don't you wear your own rubber. I raised that finger to smear the very tip of Ted's thickening male member …then did the same to his nose and gently smiling lips." I whirled on him in feminine victory: "See?!" Ted just kind of pouted ―and suddenly pulled me against his shaggy chest to attack my open mouth with his tongue and teeth.. you know …every time I went―. and picked up the plastic box. for one thing. but it was my birthday. "You mean you are really refusing to obey your husband?" "I'm feeling more like a rebellious sixteen-year-old every minute. then?" I knew that I wasn't being fair. Ted did his best to look patriarchal as he spoke. With a glint in his eye." I lied." Ted stated. but the blower was off again when Ted released me.. You don't plan to rape me or anything?" "Or anything . he suddenly 34 . you said.. Then we both watched me bathe a finger in the warm mucus that was puddling between my legs. Ted clasped my hand and turned it over for a formal kiss." "And?" "I just wouldn't …I mean I'd have to. Ted looked like he’d been slapped.

What was he doing outside without a stitch? Where was he taking my one and only diaphragm and waning supply of contraceptive jelly? Well. You can put those things in there for later. Curiosity overcame modesty and I stepped up to push open the screen door.Lesson in Obedience snatched up the jelly. and quiet. Then I realized that the plastic case was missing too. Hardly considering what Ted might be up to. Peering round. When I spied the front door standing wide open. Nothing. Was he offended by my attitude after all? It was dark outside. The garage door was open. I discovered sure enough the last traces of Ted's wet feet marking his path over the front porch and down the drive to the garage. It was easy tracking his wet foot trail over the rug. I called again: "TED! Where are you?" A quizzical thought took me back to the bathroom. it was dark and the street seemed vacant (for 35 . Peering groundward. my naked body instinctively dodged itself back behind the corner of the entryway. just to see … Yup! Both our towels were folded neatly back on their racks. I just returned to my hair styling." I shut off the blower and paused for his answer. So I tracked him directly back to the front door. There were no detours of dampness on the rug to a bedroom for clothing or robe. "Ted!" (No answer) "My purse is on the vanity. turned and disappeared down the hall. The sound of an opening door drifted past the blower noise.

so I couldn't pound on the door. the neighbor. only to trace with both hands the figure of a lusty female form in the air. and shushed myself. I pointed sternly to the front door. He wouldn't! It took only a second to regain the porch. as if he intended me to find refuge in there again. Ted just gaped at me for a moment and disappeared suddenly behind the curtain. you in there?" I didn't see anything. Even the screen was locked.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane the moment). I escaped the passing headlights in the concealing shadow of our own car. What if Mrs Peabody. Peering into its shadows. But Ted only shrugged and left the window. you rat!" I shouted. I just gave him a dirty look and hugged my cold chest. He finally put them down. My poor feet carried me clumsily to the garage. I had begun to chill a bit when he returned to stare through binoculars. but the sound of an approaching car made me rush further. I started stiffly up when a bright light overhead flicked on and off again. were to hear me …then SEE me? I think 36 . I hissed aloud: "Ted. So. Ted was gesturing now toward the open garage. "Don't you dare turn the porch light on. I was crouched in the far corner of the garage when I heard our front door slam shut. It's really too cold for this. Then he puckered his lips. I found a slightly warm spot against the house for my buns. I found a window to bang on instead. I showed him my fist. I told myself. I plunged brashly out into the night to pursue my treasures. Ted appeared promptly and happily waved an innocent greeting through the glass.

. Why didn't that beast at least choose a less public hour for such a stunt? I wasn't about to wait under the glare of porch light for Ted to open up in time. I dashed for it now. Its cold nose was delicately tracing my ankle. especially with the garage door closed against the outside air (though the upholstery felt strange against my naked back and thighs). Slowly I turned my head. I began moving surely toward the garage again. Oh mercy! The porch light flicked on again (and stayed on). The neighbor's cat slinked guiltily away. Ted must have hit the button. I immediately welcomed the dark loneliness to begin brooding over what vengeance I deserved to take. ducked under the slowly descending door and made for the car door handle. Voices. Mrs Peabody had said something recently about seeing a skunk in their trash. The car might be a little warmer. expecting to find ―who knows what? It was too dark to see more than a small dark creaturely thing.. 37 . It was much warmer inside the car.Lesson in Obedience I would have battered in the window if something else hadn't frozen me into stilled silence. Feeling really chilled now. But why? NO! The garage door was moving. There is definitely something warm and furry brushing my bare shin. though I dared not move until I was quite sure.. down the road! It was early yet ―probably kids on their way back from the roller rink. I prayed that Ted's little joke was soon over. Then a clawed paw stepped lightly atop my baby toe.

and I have seen some (enjoyed some) revealing pictures of other less inhibited (?) women holding suggestive postures.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane How could he do this? On my birthday. Oh God! It was worse ―I mean. it was more― of everything! Her back was turned.) But at least. this lady was really doing it. so I fumbled about for the car's dome light. There ―Now. I could barely tear my eyes away ―it was such a raw exposure of pure …lasciviousness. A bunch of photos were scattered over the floor and under the seat. not just posing. The picture clearly showed one hand thrust down between her legs and the chair seat she straddled. I snatched up another. but no clothes were covering it. what? The first thing I laid eyes on was a picture. A third picture showed her turned full frontal. Those were definitely breasts ―bare breasts brazenly featured in the photo I held. I could see droplets of real 38 . It appeared as if my knee had knocked open the glove compartment in my scurry to gain sanctuary. most looking somewhat halfhearted. Sweat sprang from pores all over my body when my unsuspecting brain finally made sense of what my eyes were focusing on. (I have rather wondered what it might feel like to pose. rather shakily. I'm no prude. I had never seen any which showed such obvious absorption in the model’s own carnality. reclining on the chair with head thrown back and both hands forced down tensely against her genitalia. I picked up the closest print. even bored. dripping with pent-up passion. I mean. too! It was too dark.

And . I opened the car window a crack to let out some steam. and it slipped again through my fingers with a cruel twitter of escaping 39 . That's not all I was doing.Lesson in Obedience sweat and a flush over all …like I know that I get at the brink of orgasm. It just won't stay! I hissed. like the lady in the picture. collecting somewhere inside near my bowels ―or was it up round my adnoids?―maybe both. The itch was deepening. Jan.. So reclining in my car seat. But as much as I had washed ―and as much as Ted had scrubbed me (like a great cat with its warm and drippy tongue)― that itch was still there. I exhaled. Oh. forcing the tips of my sweaty breasts together between stiff arms. Ooh― That's what I like.that shower was a dream. I turned on my side and shoved one hand behind to meet from that side the other hand working stride time at the front. while the hand holding the photo just sort of involuntarily slipped between my legs to rub at an itch.. I knew what my hand was doing now. with lewd photos spread over my knees. The car had begun to jiggle and rock on its shocks as I bounced. You're beginning to perspire a bit yourself here. A delicious well of desire was growing from a mere puddle to a lake. It's not just pictures for me― I get the real thing. I scooted up higher so I could lean forward and lend more weight of pressure to my ministering palms. My mucus was hot and sticky tonight and plenty-of-it to smear where I pleased. Then like a fourth photo. I began scratching in earnest ―both hands. driving my hips down to capture by sheer force that elusive trigger inside my clitoris.

CAUGHT it― the sizzling success of satisfaction. Of course― How could I be so naive? If my Ted had really intended to hide forbidden photos. the reddish glow (peculiar to the whole batch of prints) so disguised my complexion that I looked like a sunburnt mestizo miss. come penitently to my 40 . Ah! My labia still itched. I don't think I'd have found them so easily. I reviewed the first couple of pictures ―sure enough. Studying one picture. There was our Honeymoon House still intact (the kids had been awed by the catastrophe made of their creation). It was me. More? Who would try to hide these here. This one showed clearly the face of my new acquaintance. When my toes reminded me of other unviewed pictures. the heartshaped window I had labored helping the kids to make just so. I knew it had to be Ted. I actually giggled.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane bliss. Is it? Yes. I heaved my whole body. I was about to let my imagination relive some of the hidden scenes never captured on film …when the garage door opened again. I sprang straight up. bumping my brain! Recognition dawned. Several mystery moments of that sexual adventure began to make some sense. anyway? I wondered. I began to see everything anew. I groaned deeply as the feeling roared through me …then collapsed my body back down into the cushion. how I'd been deceived. Ted? I reached for a fifth print. And was that a gilt frame wedged over my own up-ended fanny? It was no wonder really. Then down again.

Lesson in Obedience rescue. fully clothed (the villain!) and carrying my purse. There he stood. He opened the driver's door and I heard his keys rattle. Before I realized what was happening (my mind was busy searching for just the right opening statement) our car was rolling down the driveway and into the street. Ted's scandal was only beginning! 41 .


despite the growing nausea. Not only was it difficult to step down the stair." Scott managed to pinch a bun and a nipple while guiding her down. In place of chairs were soft pillows to each side of the table cloth. Sir?" Somehow. "This plastic is really starting to make me sick. the shock value of her own plan was lost. "And just what do you think you're doing. She wondered how sexy her plasticwrap evening gown really looked from Scott's perspective. "I am starting to sweat up a storm.A Lesson On Faith II "Oh boy! Here comes dinner. she couldn't ignore a wave of dizziness at the motion. Mister." "You don't look too well-done —still a bit pink round the edges. decorative candle and flowers. satin napkins. Scott." Scott pawed all round Karen's 43 ." Karen had been standing on the hall step above their dining area for several long seconds. "Let me help you to your plate. It was beautiful: china ware. That made Karen’s spine tingle." Then he kissed her flushing neck. "Don't you think you should unwrap the meal before serving it?" "Cute. fascinated at Scott's absorption with setting their table." Some sexy plan! "I can fix that. There was everything she should have expected …except that he laid it all out on the floor instead of the table." "Took you long enough to notice." Karen glanced down at her glistening ankles and knees.

He took time to unbind her knees though —leaving ankles firmly tied— before declaring the operation a success. Missus?" 44 ." "Uh! Scott. but Karen was too relieved at the feel of cool air on her skin to protest when he used the slack to bind elbows to her sides as well. Missus." "Yes. You be careful with that knife." Karen bit her lip as Scott poked the point of his blade through to a very sensitive spot on the inside of her upper thigh." "Trust me. then lower — as if searching for an invisible something." Scott was unwinding her back and her chest now (breasts rejoiced for the second time that evening). and he had made himself a loose end. "Hey. that's going to make it hard to feed myself. "What's the matter?" "Can't find the end of this thing. Did you melt it on?" "Feels like it! Get the scissors. this time pinning her arms to her sides. But no skin was broken." "Aren't you going to thank me for saving your life?" "Scott. when he began quickly twining a plastic strand back round her waist. Barely had Scott finished unwrapping Karen's belly and buttocks (sweat dripped coldly now down her hips). higher.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane middle." "I don't want any accidents while I finish serving the main course. "Scott. will you?" "Here —I've got my pocket knife. I'd really rather the scissors. Just sharpened it.

" "Well. wipe it up." "Ha!" "Well. get it off me quick!" Scott chased the glob of jello over one exposed thigh and finally rescued it." Scott exclaimed with mock surprise. remember?" Scott bounced back up and soon returned from the fridge carrying a frosty goblet of deep red jello cubelets topped with whip cream and a pink cherry. the see-through effect is interesting. "Mmm— Scott. only to poke it promptly into Karen's open mouth. that's cold— Oooh." "You could at least accommodate me …" "You're not completely naked. Her merry giggles choked into noisy smackings. you're crazy.Lesson on Faith II "I'm hungry. Now my leg is smeared with whip cream. "You were right— it does taste good. "Scott. you know— Scott! What …?" He was bending over with eager tongue to lick the inside of Karen's thigh." "Let me get you a spoon …Here comes the airplane— Oops!" "Ow! Scot. Scott." "I missed a piece of jello too. don't you think it less than proper (not to mention polite) for me to be forced to sit nude at dinner while you are still wearing a suit and tie?" "I don't recall telling you what not to wear. I'm rather helpless. settle down here on this pillow." "Well." "I'm hungry. and I will see about dinner —that is dessert— first. "Isn't it true that the plainest foods taste expensive when served on a fine 45 . The sensation made her shiver just a bit.

and past her lips again (though one did lodge in an ear) Then he tried rescuing a bite of jello from down her throat with a deeply probing tongue. What's next?" Karen was beginning to enjoy this meal. which were bouncing like their dessert with more giggles. Scott up and fetched another platter. Scott did it to her. this one containing strips of meat swimming in pineapple sauce." "I'll say. his tongue was busy again. He also carried a double-sided serving bowl of rice and baby peas. 46 . you are soiling your tie. "Scott. spilling its frigid contents all over her bare chest. "Didn't I see some Sweet 'n Sour Pork in the oven?" Karen was nodding knowingly —it was her husband's favorite dinner. you saucy platter. Then just as Karen was getting suspicious. There was a feisty gleam in her eyes. Karen actually screamed when he up-ended the whole jello goblet. some fell over onto the pillow and tangles of her blond hair." "Mmmr— that tasted even better than your strawberry lip gloss. In a moment.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane platter?" "You've called me a tasty dish before." And Scott shoved his wife back flat upon another pillow. all steamy and generously buttered. Some bites Scott managed to swallow. this time chasing squares of red jello between the crests of Karen's breasts. A few he actually chased all the way up her neck and chin. Lay down. Karen couldn't help but respond in kind …and what remained of her modesty melted with the jello." "I think I'll have some more.

But it wasn't as hot as she feared.Lesson on Faith II He did a bad job of making it look like an accident —yes. "Ah! Scott— Do my neck. and her chest felt all tingly when he returned to the main course. use a spoon please. nipping her just a little too closely with his teeth. She could feel some grains stuck precariously to the edge of a nipple (must have been the whip cream) and actually squealed with released anticipation when Scott scooped that up too. Missus. Karen was soon writhing in an agony of tickles. still steaming slightly and feeling. This time he fished about with lips and tongue. A river of the sauce trickled down one side of her pubic mound and between her legs. so lusciously warm. "Ouch! Scott. Oh. He grabbed the nearest fork." Karen exclaimed aloud. she was certainly too surprised to complain before Scott began feeding again. Karen was secretly delighted at how nice the warmth felt after the chill of their opening dessert course." Nor did the hungry man neglect to share vegetables with his bride. rice and baby peas all over her bosom. She 47 . Oh! I hope he puts it right down … "THERE." But Scott was gentle." "Faith." "What?" "There's some rice sticking to my neck. Scott. Strips of pork were piled neatly over the hollow of Karen's navel. gathering mouthfuls at a time to pause and chew. It is always painful eating rice with a fork. as syrupy sauce and pineapple chunks oozed down the sides of her stomach.

Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane unconsciously responded with a couple eager rotations of buttery hips and more sauce followed down her belly. she had only to bite a bit harder. If he got too wild. shoving his head between her legs. but hardly cared to complain —for Scott had turned to straddle Karen's chest (ignoring the peril to clean shirt and trousers). Karen purposely rocked herself side to side as her hips resumed their rotation. Scott had prostrated his whole body over his wife's. backside to her face as he lowered his jaws to begin their hungry work on the platter’s bottom half. another brand of sausage between her teeth. 48 . Karen could see the bulge of excitement growing under his pants as he rose to tear off his coat and tie. While Karen's Missus sang lustily —she had given up trying to unbuckle his pants with her teeth when she felt the urgency of his Mister through the fabric knocking insistently against her cheek— then just a slight turn of the head and she had him where it counted. devouring her up and down and under like a lion after the kill. Karen found a cure for that. Scott was watching the mini-drama with mingled pleasure and awe. soaking the curls of hair and covering her perineum with a clinging sticky sheen. This was turning out even better than he had anticipated. And what if his teeth happened to snag a chunk of meat in its path? …but screams soon followed when he failed to distinguish between pig flesh and that of Missus. guiding her husband's eager mouth. She was disappointed for a moment when he didn't follow with shirt and trousers.

" Then Karen noticed what he held in his other hand." "It's only one of those old." Karen closed her eyes as he began angling utensils down toward her navel. do you?" When Scott unsmothered her face and pried his head from the vice of her legs. I'll have to feed you little pieces. Scott. "Oh Scott." "Not the knife. "I didn't mean more meat. She froze." He picked up the fork again and seated himself next to her.Lesson on Faith II Soon Scott was riding her jaw with a swivel of his own hip and wishing that he had paused earlier to unclothe himself. But Scott was wise enough not to attempt carving the meat. Scott’s suit clothes were an impossible mess. She's hungry for more. Scott. "Scott— Put it down. Maybe this wasn't so fun anymore. More please!" "There's plenty left. The strips pork were scattered askew over her midriff. Karen actually arched her buns from the floor in pursuit of more kisses for her Missus. Though now it was Scott's turn to call out when Karen began gnawing even further at his testicles. dull steak knives." "It's difficult to swallow while lying down. Please don't tease me so. "Ah! Want some meat for yourself. a couple dangling between her legs. It isn’t near as sharp as my pocket knife. as if her tender belly were a butcher board 49 .

" But even that was too awkward for more than a couple of sips. Their lips met with a hard. "What's for dessert?" "Scott! You already had the dessert. Scott was straddling the back of her thighs. Karen discovered. She could feel the vulnerable contents of his scrotum …and squeezed it between her 50 . playful smack. "What? No bowls to serve it in?" "I'll find me a bowl. Ooh— what if I had made noodles for dinner? Scott carried the last strip of pork with his own teeth and lower it an inch at a time onto Karen's palate. That wasn't really a dessert. She parted her legs a crack to hold snuggly the length and firm roundnesses of him. It was just enough to quench her thirst." "I need something to drink first. I'm sure I saw one here someplace." "How about some bubbly? You will need to turn all the way over and prop your chin up to drink. she realized he had discreetly dropped his trousers. remember?" "Aw. With a thrill. c'mon. He simply separated the grain and forked stringy sections to her mouth where she could wad it up between her teeth like spaghetti. wearing only undershorts now —little protection against the renewed impatience of the Mister.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane —especially with a dull knife." "Go look on the stovetop. that the platter was not to turn over onto its bottom again. though. Mister …And leave your messy pants in the kitchen!" Karen had turned to lie on her side when Scott returned with the saucepan of vanilla pudding.

Lesson on Faith II knees. he drilled his tongue down as far as it would reach. She was hoping ever that he might also send his Mister down her secret shaft to search for treasures hidden there also. Missus greeted the index gently at first …but was quickly leading them all in exuberant song. Karen didn't think it was sweet 'n sour sauce. Suddenly. Just as her butt was being bathed in warm creamy pudding. Wrappings round Karen's ankles had also loosened enough so that with little effort she pulled one foot free and tucked up her knees. Karen's back was ashiver as Scott began trickled wine from a glass down the length of her naked spine. thus allowing Scott to mine deeper for vanilla nectar. Then it began cooling in waves. His shorts were wet. like a spring breeze over hot sands. letting his head be swayed in the dance as well. With a last shiver. and with eyes closed. He slipped down prostrate again to bury his face in their delicious embrace. A flush of liquid lightening stole her attention. Karen realized she could slip one arm down beneath her belly. Karen grabbed his chin with renegade fingers to hold his open mouth firmly against her Missus— 51 . She could feel the alcohol drawing at the pores of her skin as he poured slowly all the way up her back once again. still within its bonds —there to lodge right hand and fingers against their singing sister. Instead. Karen could imagine every skin cell of her back as if each were alight with tiny flames. then over neck and finally her scalp. The cheeks of Karen's glazed hams danced for Scott. Karen awaited dessert.

the same moment Missus masterfully scaled and peaked her highest. Karen knew her Missus well and sought next to evoke an even higher. But Scott had his own plan again. Finally she let out a long sigh of satisfaction. finally drilling with vanilla lubrication down deep as he could engineer into Karen’s anal chasm. Karen cried out and squeezed her kegel tight. Scott pulled out his thumb and teased further with a few more tidy licks of her buns. as if to force every drop of wild ecstasy from its secret lair. Scott removed his face but only to take advantage of the weakening crack and with a deep thrusting thumb.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane Almost. "There's more pudding. exploring an opposing crevice with his mouth and chin. Karen. Karen had been crouching on all fours for several minutes. wishing ever more that Mister would come and fill that void. forgetting her new freedom in the passion of making dinner music. When the billows of mingled pain/pleasure began to subside. almost …and THERE —the climax of her song in wave after wave of cascading harmonies. purer tone from her deepest throat. The plastic wrap was hanging loosely now round her middle. You in the mood for more dessert?" She couldn't answer. penetrated her very bowels. Her eyes were closed and she was still humming to herself snatches of their 52 . Karen pushed her middle finger deep inside the hollowness of her vagina. While Scott took bites from the heaving nakedness.

"Oh Mister… How do you dream up these ideas?" 53 . With a skillful flip (learned from college wrestling). and he was squirting his own brand of pudding over Karen's cheeks and eyes and some in her ears. his sticky fingers entangled in her hair. Scott had been waiting a very long time and was immediately pumping Karen's mouth. begging for her hands and heart (as well as massaging lips) to complete their nuptial feast. When she whimpered just a little. "My compliments to the chef.Lesson on Faith II symphony. Karen." She opened her eyes to witness a vanilla-pudding-coated penis slip smartly past her lips and teeth. She was vaguely aware of some movement. I will. She said. was sent searching inside another mouth for a place to hide his indignity —the very core of woman’s being— while Scott happily licked Karen's coughing and bewildered face like a shameless puppy. not in words but certainly in deed and with reveling abandon. only to paint the glaze back over her grinning lips. Scott yanked Mister free. still throbbing. then: "Open your mouth." Scott muttered and slurped a drip of steamy semen from the bridge of Karen's nose. Mmmmmmm… Karen remained on hands and knees while Scott knelt as if for a marriage proposal. She sucked off their salty shine and sighed. Open wide. Scott was mounted atop his mistress and bride. Just a squeeze of his hand round the firm ruddy utensil. Mister.

Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane "Dessert was good too. and she replied: "Just plain vanilla— I like your recipe better." he continued." 54 .

Silently I blessed the darkness. he spoke up: 55 ." "You look comfortable. my legs clamped together and caught him in the act. I looked away and out my window. Besides." "I'll revoke it!" I was furious. I was sweating now from nervous tension.” "Sort of on purpose?" "And you look as if you've been enjoying yourself." I knew he meant the pictures. My plastic diaphragm case and jelly were stashed with the sunglasses and car registration. if you don't take me back home —or at least produce some decent clothes— your pumping career is over." Ted just shook his head and kept driving." Ted nodded with obvious satisfaction. priming the pump. still open in front of my seat. That's why I didn't see his hand reach over slyly to paw between my legs. as I like to put it. Ted— CLOTHES. "I swear. Like crab pincers. "I mean clothes. until I spied what Ted was talking about.A Lesson in Obedience II "You should start with that." I said. "You're license is suspended. I forgot your clothes. just short of exploding. After a long silence. Jan. He was driving us out on a public road after all." Ted pointed to the glove compartment. Not that again! "When I say wear something. Buster!" "Just as I thought. "The Birthday Girl has been …well. Instead of answering.

He likes it with my mouth best. I did manage to collect all the photo evidence and hide them in my purse for future …well.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane "There is something you could wear —just until we get there. though not by my silence. never asking. Where are we going? Though I did ask him politely once to slow down please. I was still entirely unclothed and wasn't going anywhere. Under different circumstances." It took us a full hour and thirteen minutes travel time. As he walked 56 . "Wait here while I get our room. By the time we pulled into the hotel parking lot." It was a stupid reply. I was beginning to feel a bit sorry for the poor man. through lighted city streets and crowded freeway traffic. of course —But I wasn’t about to lend even a hand on this trip. I think Ted did begin to feel punished too. when with trousers and shorts shoved all the way past his knees. I began to fear for his braking dexterity. for future. I forced myself to maintain a stony silence (as well as low profile) the whole time. he might well have anticipated my occupying such a journey with attention to his manhood. "Your seat belt. "Okay. thanks to my stubborn ingratitude. I remember one trip." "What!" I would take anything." he said. It would have been the worst time for a cop to find any excuse to stop us and check all passengers for seat belt safety. I was afraid his scheme had backfired on him. Are we there yet?— or even. I recall sensing the slight swerving of our car as I primed his pump that time to full flow.

"I'll go up first and borrow a towel for you. "Got to go buy your birthday present. wrapped like a mummy in my coral flowered comforter." "Emergency stairs!" "You're the Birthday Girl. My belly growled. "You're leaving me. Ted actually winced as he carefully shut the door behind him. I was seen by only one young employee while shuffling my way barefoot through the otherwise deserted hall. displaying our room keys. I sighed to myself. opened the door and paused again: "Oh— And I thought I might have them cable us one of their Playboy fantasies. I prayed that all the guests had arrived already and had gone on to their dinners." "Not interested. But a smile snuck up to my face." I stated flatly. I couldn't be 57 . feeling beyond surprise. I slumped down as low as I could." "Bedspread!" I demanded." He answered my blank stare: "You know. I relaxed then. like a spy sub with periscopes up." He did kiss me goodbye." I declared. The boy had just finished our room. What a birthday! "Only an hour— I'll send up some appetizers.Lesson in Obedience II toward the office. romances. one of those video …um. Happy Birthday. "Don't worry. He was back soon." he said. Ted greeted him with a friendly nod." he announced." he agreed. "Then I will take you safely on up the elevator. Jan. Ted left me huddled Indian style on the bed.

quite young really —barely sixteen and slightly built." I called. He was really harmless." I went on. I smiled. "My husband just went out to buy me something to wear. A mercy they were trained not to simply Come in. Then it dawned on me: "Oh— my husband will 58 . I thought. "I mean. before taking off. "Excuse me. Knock – Knock. as he set the tray down by the door." The boy looked uncomfortable. When he just stared back without any response (what could he have said?) I could have kicked myself for foolery. any moment." I explained too readily. "Room service. he'd be right back …um. At least he seemed so. polite and rather timid. Oh. he's back. I quickly yanked the blanket back up over my shoulders and round my pounding chest. sort of relieved." I called again. Ah! I almost screamed aloud. for I had allowed my wrap to drop quite low." came the muffled reply. "Come on in. "Excuse me. Ma'm." He was the same boy we met in the hall." I answered automatically but noticed him noticing …What? My bare leg was thrust to one side out from under cover of my blanket. I had been more careful about other parts but quickly solved that also.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane mad anymore. The evening could only get better. "Can I get you anything else?" "That's fine. "Come in. "My husband said. Ma'm. Probably wants to make up first. hesitating for some reason." His face and ears burned redly.

Lesson in Obedience II tip you as soon as he gets back. Then that unbidden smile stole back up to tease away my frustrations." And he was gone. How could you be so lame. fern-covered fountain). The poor kid will probably lay awake all night now. I looked at the reflection of myself in the glass of the TV screen. I was sure I heard the lisp of whispered comments as we passed —admiring my dress." My attendant sort of jumped from his reverie. It was certainly more …well. It displayed a phony jungle scene (palms. Ted produced a paper certificate from his pocket for the host. I wasn't about to let him go again. I grabbed a snack and switched on the tube." "Oh … well. would you please lock the door on your way out?" "Sure. and I could feel the eyes of other guests following us. Ma'm. We were given a table to ourselves. We entered the banquet hall arm in arm. It seemed a long march to the other side of the hall. especially now that I was fully clothed. I actually began to feel like 59 . who then smiled familiarly and conducted us to our table. banana leaves. "Oh. he already did. I guess. I scolded Me. Dropping the blanket. Ted helped me get settled in my chair —he was being very warm and attentive since having returned from his shopping spree. more something than I was used to. right to one side of a decorated stage or platform. Some instruments and sound equipment lay ready for use.

” The pin brought back memories of larger. without really looking. "It's okay for you to look. promising that tomorrow we'd go together to the stores to select some more outfits and make necessary exchanges. I looked down again to inspect the neckline of my dress." I hesitated. if you don't mind it." Ted just grinned and nodded. For instance." I hissed back. I won't look anymore." (He was being so …nice now." "No.) He beribboned a roll of cash as well. though —down. "I know you can see them right through the silk. "It really looks fine. but I couldn't help it. (I guess Ted took me literally.) "And I do like to look. I noticed all the guests were wearing theirs.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane the Birthday Girl.. uh …bust line.. "Here. Say tits. that I hadn't a thing to wear. I knew it must look peculiar in public. Ted." Ted held his tag out. then picked up a name tag from his plate. your.. It was only days ago I had been hinting that my wardrobe was looking anemic." Ted assured me. and. The dress was strapless." "It's not obvious. the shoes he bought weren't quite narrow enough. showered with packages and pampered before the party. with my chin down flat against my chest. easier-to- 60 ." "Well. making me shuffle a bit to keep them from slipping off. "What looks fine?" "You know. Mine had Janice handwritten in bold blue calligraphy (blue was going to clash with my ivy green evening gown) with a tiny brass safety pin next to it. and I will help you with yours. "You pin mine on for me. that is.

The waiter had come by abruptly to start refilling our water glasses." Ted settled back into his chair.Lesson in Obedience II operate diaper pins. He was already prepared to pin me up. unless you want to draw more public attention. Jan?" "Well. These little jewels were stubborn— "There!" I patted his lapel. not even a bit of lace edging the low-cut top edge of a bodice. "Oh no!" I suddenly realized why he paused. "Wouldn't that look rather like a dog tag?" "Rather. so I didn't have to endure their reactions to his liberty. "Ummm—. There reigned the typical restaurant hum of voices otherwise masking our conversation." Ted agreed." "Which store? What help?" "The Women's Underwear department." I kicked off my shoes. My dress had no lapel. The table cloth went all the way to the floor. "I want to hear more about the help you got at the store. My back was to the crowd. "Where do you want it. Ted thrust one hand right into the left breast cup of my dress to guard my tingling titty from the pin." I looked over there. you're not going to stick it to my tit." "How about your necklace?" I broke my oath to look down again. Uh— look over there while I do this. "Well. "We can exchange it." 61 . "Sorry about the bra. here goes nothing. so I didn't fear offending anybody." He paused. looking confusedly at my bust again.

) "I had to see in order to decide— Aw.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane "Oh. She asked what size and I said. "But I would much rather have had you model it for me. Fine." (I felt menacing." I leveled an accusing gaze as he continued. Ted rambled on anyway." He bent forward to earnestly explain." "Oh. my helping you in the dressing room. She rang it up. c'mon Jan! It was perfectly innocent." I hurled another look at him. The waiter had arrived with our meal and was waiting patiently for us to acknowledge him. we said good day." "Did she model the bra for you too?" "Yeah —I mean …I guess so. I swear!" Finally Ted sat back and the waiter laid out our meal. they don’t allow it.) "Just a quick look-see. Will this do? And I said." "The Dress. that help. "She said her manager wouldn't approve of her modeling merchandise out on the front floor. having even forgotten that embarrassing encounter with the boy in our room. About your size. "The clerk—" he hurried on. We might have had a grand time." I was enjoying my vengeance. I wasn't done interrogating: "Did she sell you the rest of it?" 62 . "She said." (I must have looked menacing." "So?" "So she called me into the dressing room. "She didn't seem to mind it. "All I could see was the dress. Ted was puzzling over my last comment." He stuttered. I'll take it and I'll need a bra to go with it. and that was it.

" but he choked and reddened suddenly." "Even without the bra?" (Yes." I searched his face. "Thanks." "TED!" And I removed my napkin for his inspection. He gazed back. Jan. 63 . using gestures. the full breadth of that helper’s attention." he assured me and went on to make me understand. "What happened to him?" Ted laughed when the waiter left. the bra had proven too large after all —impossible to wear under a strapless). as he had already begun pouring it. Then he turned his face to repeat the same routine quickly to my husband. The waiter bowed slightly as he looked my way. It all looks fine. "Champagne with your meal. "Especially without the bra. He was being a dear. Ted?" "You look lovely. "The crotchless panties. The waiter took advantage of the lull to ask.Lesson in Obedience II "What?" I had to whisper it over his tray while the waiter was busy. that was another lady. quite certain he had observed something startling about my bosom." I said when the glass was full." "Oh! No. so I dangled a napkin nonchalantly over my chest. "Does my dress look funny. Madam?" I don't know why he bothered. "Relax. And all I could find was the sort of worshipful devotion in his eyes that always quite melted my suspicions. "Can I get you anythin—Ga." "Another lady?" "But she wasn't your size.

About a quarter of the way through the meal. or garters?)." "They were. the stage and jungle scene? They acted as if they were expecting us. He started with my shins. Ted introduced his toes to our festive intercourse —I mean. between the silences of our sparse chatter. Though he wore socks and I pantyhose (I couldn't understand why he chose waist-high pantyhose to wear over crotchless panties. why not knee stockings. "Why the name tags. trying to look demure. emphasizing overtly what his feet were doing to me under cover. Then when I felt his toes retreat to begin agitating territory already conquered —my feet— I tried to hide my disappointment with conversation. stroking with his toes up and down. At least that was the main entree'.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane So I did relax and enjoyed the meal: Veal Parmesan. our conversation. "I'm not disturbing your dinner." I asked. "Tell me what this is all about. I was too distracted to notice. I just shook my head and slipped down in my seat a mite. his discreet little tickles sent chills through me. I have already described how the table cloth skirted the table all round and completely veiled what transpired beneath. The rest. am I?" Ted asked. Every few seconds he would look up to capture my glance and penetrate my reserve with a fervent stare. "But this must be costing you a fortune — the 64 . I almost spilled my wine when he twisted toes round the hollow behind my knee." Ted began roving up the inside of my leg again.

that tickles!" "More champagne. As he departed our table. I captured Ted's foot and shoved it down firmly between my legs. He attempted to use his toenail on a lingering traverse over both my upper legs. it seemed.) "You're welcome. . I couldn't stand the suspense. . the clothes —Ted. what do you say?" He was nodding his head knowingly and staring at my middle: "Sinful— Ow!" (I had kicked his shin. slid all the way up and under the dress to begin stroking my belly in warm circles." "I'm going to the restroom—. I noted how reluctant the man had been to look full at me. I wouldn't say straight exactly . "Ted. Madam?" I sat up straight to answer the waiter. Vaguely believing that my feeding-hand was still busy with its fork— I slipped my napkin-hand down under the table cloth. Then Ted's feet braved to climb atop one of my thighs. "Well then. He sort of snuck up behind me. so I was forced to stay and rely on his judgment. My Dear —Now. I wiped my brow and let eyelids droop shut. how's my dress?" "Enticing. is it straight?" "Oh. 65 . His toes moved north all the way up the most sensitive line of my inner thigh." But he anchored my chair leg with his foot. where was I?" I slipped back down to a comfortable slouch and opened my knees— "North. not realizing how silly it must have looked with a fork held halfway to my mouth.Lesson in Obedience II room. the dinner." I directed." "I mean.

not really intending to fool me. 66 . Dripping— and this is going to stain my new pantyhose. Ah." I purred. "I'll take it back now. blindly oblivious to our surroundings. startled and blinking. my hand informed me. Madam.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane Ooh! Relief. maybe my dress. Ted caught my foot with his knees. I think." I was glad for the long table cloth over my hips as I squirmed a spiral motion more squarely over Ted's toe. please." I volunteered. But Ted wormed his toes back up into the heated niche of my thighs. But he got another kick for his trouble. "Um— No thank you. yes. I answered nervously. I pushed my own foot (still a prisoner between Ted's knees) up between his legs and lodged it firmly against what felt like part of the table leg. It was wet. "As in drilled?" "Bored silly and loving it. I've had enough champagne …" Ted was almost choking with barely disguised hysterics. My pantyhose felt slimed as he pressed the fabric with his big toe into the damp folds of my cloistered labia. But more pressure was needed." I politely commanded. "And how does the Birthday Girl feel?" "She feels bored —Get it? Bored. He had imitated the waiter's voice." "Oh!" I sat up again. "Your pump is leaking. so I slid down in my seat a bit further. but I could hardly believe he would have felt it through his socks — unless I was actually sopping. "Pete feels strained.

"I wasn't done yet. a presentation anyway. but I was crestfallen. Neither my hand nor legs could manage to recapture my runaway saddle horn. Ted!" My voice took on a whining tone." he promised." "Really?" Ted dropped his foot. "I'll give you more when the lights go out. after the entertainment. "The performers are coming." Ted pointed over my shoulder." 67 .Lesson in Obedience II "Want me to stop?" "I'll take whatever you please to give me. He looked really delighted. "What! A movie?" "Well.


Scott's last few thrusts of impassioned sex just moments ago had quite hammered her against the cruel floor. 69 . Scott's totally nude form stood over her. depositing Karen's sore tail to the floor again. squeaky springs and all. I had to unlock the door with my toe." But both Karen's hands were burdened now with keeping the water level ―so she couldn't very well ward him off or back herself quickly out of the way. Scott. Her husband was taking a long time locked in the bathroom. It was filled more than half full of steaming water. Scott was steering her out of the bathroom and down the hall. Karen much preferred their bouncy bed for that kind of play. Help! The door suddenly fell away from behind. Her legs were getting weary from propping her fanny against the door." Scott snatched a folded cloth napkin from their dining floor." Scott handed her the plastic tub. Karen shifted to place both hands behind as a cushion between door and sore tailbone. he was holding a large plastic wash tub. you hold this. "…while I check for bruises.A Lesson on Faith III Karen was getting lonely. Before she could think to put it down on a counter. "Where are we going with this. "Here. "Missus! You almost made me spill the bathwater." "Don't bother. It had not been used." Karen used the edge of the counter to regain her feet and rubbed her abused butt with a scowl. Mister?" "It's a secret.

Scott was thinking. Ow! That was too close. Karen knew every corner of each room by smell and feel (of the air if nothing else). They were both stark naked. and the only light was from stars and a pale moon. Except for their unaccustomed freedom of movement down the path to back yard." "I thought not. Sir. both adventurers felt a twinge of hesitation as the evening air greeted tingling skin." "Good. But of course. when a reaching branch of a bush poked him rudely. Should have grabbed clogs for our feet." "Mister looks a bit tired. "When can I put down our bath?" Karen whined.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane "You mean your scheme isn't over yet?" Scott answered while blindfolding his wife with the napkin. the couple could almost imagine they were wearing something like light pajamas or maybe silk robes." Scott led his wife on a trek around the house to befuddle her sense of direction. the breeze had stilled. making it one of those warm and dry summer nights when even mosquitoes are no threat. Scott had left the porch light off. Nor was it cold. When he finally opened a door to outside. "The adventure has only begun. I can't see a thing. she knew it to be the side kitchen porch. C'mon― And don't spill the water. It was night. Even so. surely." "Be careful with me." "Is Missus tired of play?" "Tired? Tired! You know her better than that. 70 .

Her arms were already aching with the unusual strain." Karen muttered. drop it." He looped a cord round one of her wrists and walked round the other leg of the swing set. Karen could remember doing something like this as a young girl (and not so young) straddling the leg of a metal yard toy. The tub of water bumped the upper part of the metal pole before her. "Okay." Scott rubbed his sore groin as he answered." he said having tied her other wrist. fine soil. "Can I put it down now?" "Just a second. "After carrying it all this way…" When she tried backing off the pole. holding the tub between the pole and her ribs. thinking of a certain window with a secret thrill. But Scott was apparently too preoccupied to consider borrowing (or reclaiming) the neighbor's little nest. "Drop it?" Karen spouted. "Here." "There’s some good bushes over the other side of the house. She thought of how Missus had begun introducing her charms about that time ―though it was always through the crotch of jeans and 71 . pony style. up this way ―don't trip!" Scott managed to lead Karen to a spot. leaving her standing with a knee on each side of one angled leg of the kid's swing set.Lesson on Faith III "You certainly don't expect to fit us both into it. She let her toes bury themselves under loose. she only managed to tighten the loop round each wrist and drive her bare feet into the dirt. "Right over here. So she just sort of sat down instead. so Karen had to prop it up higher." "You sure there's nobody leering over the fence?" "Just the dog.

" "They made you do this in Boy Scouts?" "Camping! We went camping.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane panties. By angling her hips." Karen hummed unconsciously. Karen startled her Missus into a giggle. or maybe only swim suit bottoms. "I thought I might try something I used to do as a boy scout. I guess." Suddenly a jerk of the cords flipped the tub of warm water from Karen's grasp: Water dripped from her arms and legs and even from the tips of her titties. Karen reacted by reaching both arms down to retrieve the falling tub." "Did you bring any soap?" Karen realized that Scott had stretched the cord tighter so that all she could do was slide up and down the pole a short span. so now she lay with breasts also straddling the pole. With a squeeze and gentle rocking motion. then a little moan as the polished metal tube began sliming with saliva of Missus' wet kisses. "Mmmm. The smooth. Scott answered his wife's bewildered silence. "Camping with the Girl Scouts. Missus remained happy― Oh. Her toes sank further into the ooze puddling below in the dirt. so very happy." Missus 72 ." "Well it's time for your bath now. "What are you moaning about?" Scott had wandered a short way to fetch a shovel." Scott abruptly returned. cool steel of the pole felt hard but good even now between her legs. "Don't worry― I can get more water. "Oh― just humming a little tune.

" "You don't mean my pot." Karen's bare body chilled just a little." Scott reached out a hand to stroke his wife's busy ass: "No." Karen slowed the rocking of her hips selfconsciously. Mister." "And I suppose that all they did was wash the Boy Scout dishes?" "Looks like Missus is enjoying her seat. There's hardly any sand left. He was running the back of his fingers past a sensitive hollow of waist. "They showed us how to use sand instead." When Scott didn't answer. so Karen's tone really sounded distracted. "You didn't answer me. the kids' new sand box got filled with dirt month's ago. I'm sure a little mud on the pot won't hurt it any. then along the side of her ribs and over one dangling breast. they made us wash our own dishes ―wouldn't even loan us any soap. either from wet skin exposed to the air or due to her husband's liberties. We scrubbed those old blackened camp pots ‘til they sparkled!" The nature of Scott's plan was finally dawning on Karen: "Scott. more like a pleasant memory than a real accusation." "Well. Karen began rubbing the 73 ." "No soap?" "Our commander forgot to bring it.Lesson on Faith III was beginning to sing quite nicely. "There were a couple of occasions …but they always camped on the other side of the creek.

First thing she saw was Scott's feet ―that is. He bent over to bury his hands in it also. "No.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane side of her head against the pole." "C'mon. "What you going to call it?" "Little Miss Mudpot― Ouch!" Karen's arms were tied. "I think I will paint a picture." said Karen and relaxed atop her mount again. she didn't see them since they were sunk in mud like her own. and jerked against her bonds." Truth was. you're going to love it. Actually the stroking of Scott's hand didn't feel any different from before. the strumming of her body by Scott's slimy fingers. 74 ." "You're getting weird. Karen was beginning to get steamy ―not from irritation but pure bliss over the sweetness of silent sounds coming from between her legs. Mister. She was distributing weight more comfortably along the pole." he mused. When he stood up again and advanced. just warm and wet. "I'll aim higher next time. you creep!" "You just take our Missus for a pleasure ride while I polish this gorgeous body. That didn't feel bad. Karen cried out involuntarily. but her legs swung free. Bully. It wasn't hard to force the blindfold down. Mud really felt like soap ―a bit gritty at times― though even that was no less satisfying than scratching one’s back with fingernails. shutting her eyes voluntarily. In fact the raw tickling of her clitoris was making her whole body itch with impatience and an edge of impending wildness.

her back and breasts. Despite a growing ache in her ribs.Lesson on Faith III Scott soon covered her back and sides with a layer of warm sticky mud. but being covered with a film of mud they were too firm and slippery to grasp. Either Scott had other plans (again) or Mister was not yet fully recovered from his previous adventure. next he was rubbing in circular motions with the heels of both hands. for Scott backed off and away from Karen's body. At moments he squeezed his whole body around hers. His fingers skated figure-eight patterns over every inch. feeling the slick skin against skin. but arms. under her arms. He reached round to cup a breast in each hand and squeeze. It was rather like trying to grasp a peeled peach under the warm faucet. down the tops of her thighs. the small of her back and the crack of her butt. not just hands. Maybe it was both. legs ―spreading the wet earth between them. messaging Karen’s arms. Karen found that she could position a wonderful variety of pressures over the length of her clitoris using just slight shifts in the 75 . He straddled the bar behind her and lay down lightly atop her form. leaving shudders of joy in their wake. He especially concentrated on the hollows round her shoulders and breasts. mud oozing out like oil between his fingers. the sensitive spots on each side of her belly. Karen could feel his rod nudging bravely at the space between her thighs. He tried to grip her buns as well. She opened them wider and lifted her fanny. He was already up to his elbows in mud himself when an inner yearning began to draw his body closely up to hers. which was still weaving patterns of its own up and down the pole. belly.

Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane rotation of her hips. Karen actually felt her heart flutter as a hand pried open her buttocks. She knew he had always been fascinated by the pink lips of her anus. I want you. What was her lover doing next? Just wait one more heartbeat. When she opened her legs wider. something long and firm and slightly curved was thrust deeply into the hot. Missus was preparing for a final spring up the scale to high C when Scott returned. He did not fill her as fully. but his strength was relentless. Mister was still whispering inside her vagina. Just when Missus broke free of Karen's restraint. Karen's orgasm was still descending when she became vaguely aware again of Scott's attention to the inner sanctum of her ass. It filled and stretched her. like the jaws of a clam guarding its pearl. a certain twisting and answering squeeze sent Missus soaring and Karen writhing into oblivion of bliss. She squeezed them back involuntarily. impersonal object was yanked away and readily replaced by the warm. Scott pushed it deeper and began moving it in and out while Missus wavered just short of her highest note." Karen hissed. so she held her breath and paused in her rhythm for a few seconds of anticipation. dripping mouth of her sex. responsive length of her Sire. It felt unevenly textured and slightly flexible. but something else was seeking entry by the back door. "You― Scott. but just a bit 76 . the foreign. but he seemed to talk to his mistress. Just a whisper. In answer.

sending another rush of blood pressure to Karen's face and crown ―he had grown so large and hard in answering excitement.. Meekly. He dropped the baby yellow squash (volunteered from the garden). But Karen couldn't have helped it. please …" Karen croaked. "Oooh―" Now Karen really felt stretched. Karen joined the scream for just a moment and rode that steel post for every inch it was worth. when a similar attack of orgasm had unexpectedly overwhelmed her brain and body. "No more. her head flushed with the hot rushing blood in her veins. Her muscles twinged and weakened ―deeper still. Karen loosened the sphincter and raised her tail.. Her memory flashed back to the moment when her last baby finally thrust his head out into this world. He pushed it deeper.Lesson on Faith III bigger than either the finger or thumb that Scott had ever dared to send probing its mysteries. "Ah! A-hah― mmm . he began rooting Mister more deeply into his own favorite hole. As Scott's contraption suddenly erupted from her anus." "Does it hurt?" Scott worked the strange tool slowly out. so she was now a bit embarrassed at the passion of sounds that escaped her throat. Only childbirth had surpassed this test. Missus was snapped again into screaming orgasm. but Karen could 77 . As then. She squeezed and pushed and swiveled her hips. Scott's final thrust did hurt a bit. then in again. forgetting even the lover in its fury. Nor did Scott resent her obvious ecstasy.

Karen squeezed the throbbing shaft as he drew it slowly on out." Karen spoke now in a breathy tone. Your Missus will revive you. If it weren't for the helpless grin on his face." 78 . Scott. or rather humming as if singing her Missus to sleep while Scott rinsed off mud with sun-heated water from the garden hose. Karen was moaning again. "Poor Mister. Scott was thinking as he gazed in awe at his wife's darkly glistening torso. Karen might have feared his reluctance. "You know. We will both be sore tomorrow. It's my turn tomorrow. Scott only moaned. His last squirt of semen dribbled down her quivering perineum to mingle with the flow of mucus washing mud from vulva lips.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane feel and share by that uncanny sense the tender urgency that sent his penis hammering home.

I guess). 79 . the house lights had dimmed and spotlights flashed on to better feature the forms of our performers. with ample opportunity for everyone to appreciate the long flowing black hair brushing their quivering bee-hinds. once facing us again. Grass skirts hissed between the beats. Every leg was exposed. Their spinning belly-buttons were making me dizzy. they began to shake themselves gradually down to a squatting jitter (a sort of fertility dance. Meanwhile. "You shouldn't be watching this. like overgrown pubic hair. I welcomed his hand under the table cloth. The girls turned a slow pirouette completely round. BLAM! Drums exploded into wild rhythm. poking bare knees through their skirts.A Lesson in Obedience III Hesitant clapping of other dinner guests quickened the steps of a team of Polynesian-dressed musicians. Their faces looked Hawaiian also." I warned my husband. The tranquil dancers had suddenly been transformed into a wall of gyrating hips and bouncing bosoms. Five costumed girls posed themselves for dancing. Then. all the way up to the joint of each hip. The skirts formed a beard of thin strands dangling low between each pair of legs. Their dress was barely adequate. and I returned the favor. Ted got up to move his chair round to my side of the table. He began immediately stroking my leg.

My nipples sort of buzzed at the thought as I sat. I thought at him. Ted's hand was soaked. my hands and arms weaving poetical patterns in contrast to the mechanical zig-zagging of my hips — one hand casually brushing the bare shoulder of my neighboring dancer while another dancer accidently presses an arm against my barely bandaged breasts. "No thank you. I caught myself wondering what it might be like to dance in line with other voluptuous females. While exotic fingers deftly 80 . I was using claws just to scratch suggestions of less inhibited converse through the seams of his pants to the Old Man anxiously waiting to get out." we heard the man mutter. was uttering little squeaks of disbelieving surprise as this savage little dancer-miss began exposing the man's creamy white calves. still seated behind us." he said. I didn't close mine (as I doubted he did either) but witnessed the re-ascent of the dancers from their choral squat. The man's dinner mate. with only thin nylon hose between his fingers and my quivering vulva. They were moving quickly between the tables to the rhythm of the drums. Ted clutched my leg involuntarily as a dancer came toward him too …then passed him in favor of a fatter. more established looking gentleman sitting just behind us. They wouldn't appreciate you poking your head out here. Pete. then we attentively followed with eager stares his progress up-stage in tow behind his young captoress. Later. I was sure. I don't—. One was dragging at the arm of a confused and reluctant guest. The dancers were descending the stage from both sides.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane "I'll close my eyes.

I was pondering. She placed her hands firmly on his hips (wherever they were) and began moving her own body in harmony to the song of the drums. He just stood trembling and sweating. then began the painful climb back up to standing. They met at bottom. his face was glowing pinker every second. she began brushing his front with her thighs. now bared to the light as gravity pulled the tangles of grass skirting away. Then as the drums accelerated. until he suddenly paled at the further liberties his new partner imposed. The air felt tense as all waited for Mr Stiff to respond to his temptress. always fixing his stare with her own eyes bound to his. He had to pry my fingers from their nervous grip on poor Old Pete. "Here. Her navel was swimming circles.Lesson in Obedience III rolled up his cuffs. squeeze my leg. One of his hands did slip off. nose to nose. She was slowly wearing away his resistance. She stirred her hips slowly in figure-eight rotations against the static reluctance of her partner's form. With little jerks at each return stroke of her swivel. So …sexual. knees angled widely. planting one of his palms upon each rump of her own tail end. She corrected the latter though. but she put it patiently back. arms hanging limp. when Ted's hand suddely left my genitals feeling cold and lonely. While sweat streamed down the poor man's neck. the jungle maiden compelled her captive to begin swinging his own posterior in a pendulum fashion. she pressed him slowly into a squat. "You might 81 . Her eyes had him mesmerized." he offered. inching closer and closer to his belly.

and I clung to him like a weevil on a bull calf. Then while the maidens battered out their frustrations. The girls had dismissed their partners. She's had too much champagne. they switched places with their jungle lords at the drums. Only one lady looked quite as young as I. Heaven be blessed." "Sorry. the male drummers-turneddancers leaped off the stage and advanced upon the audience. She was disgustingly gigglish too —chosen only because she leapt to her feet as if to flee the hall thinking that all five Tarzans were pursuing her and only her. low-cut and hip-hugging— except hers was bright orange and boasted a slit in the skirt all the way up to where her butt would peek out if she happened to turn too fast. But I already got me a jungle lord. strapless. merely a cloth of flowered print folded round the loins. and by coincidence she was wearing a similar style of dress —sleeveless.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane break my pump that way. When he posed before her (like each maiden had done for her dancing-mate) with hands placed gently on her hips — 82 . I thought. "I'm not dancing. Without missing a beat. they all steered clear of our table. This lady was now all stares for one gorgeous hunk of island manhood." I hissed. They looked overwhelmingly young and virulent and desirous in every way. They were each naked from the waist up and thighs down. Ted. choosing more matronly partners." But there was soon further cause for my anxiety.

I was afraid she might do something to disarray his costume. In fact. They played elevator. He looked embarrassed for somebody. but I appreciated it nonetheless. Her eyes were all over him as they rocked together. the unfortunate primitive had to pause in order to loosen her grip and tighten his belt (so to speak). when the pair met again in a full standing swing. and thanks to the slit. nor did she observe the ritual stare at one another's brows. His caress of my femininity was a bit mechanical now. and her naked shoulders making shameful rocking motions. her skirt didn't split as she squatted. Ted was slouched next to me with head bowed down and one hand shielding his eyes.) The strapless lady started immediately bicycling her hips in awkward. Ms Brazen launched an improvisation of her own. Unconsciously. this gal squealed.Lesson in Obedience III Well. However. like a stripper flexing muscles before a club of leering executives. (Zipper was being stubborn. but sportive answer to Tarzan's invitation. While all the other lady guests took welcome 83 . There was no taming of her will to his. kicked off her shoes and made a talonned lunge for his buns. I had begun working at the fastening of his drawers while watching this mismatched couple who had stolen my attention. devouring the flesh that was showing and visually coveting that which was veiled. her one bare leg (sheer up to her waist) was doing froglike jerks. Sure enough. like the male volunteers had suffered. I'm sure he was wearing some sort of modern brief underneath —that is I expect he should have. and the show was obviously not what he had thought he was paying for.

while insuring her partner's grip. She remained upright. And just as I looked— the other breast popped free of its prison cell. knees held widely apart to allow Tarzan's cheek most intimate encounter with her beckoning lap.) But I had become so intent upon the dancer’s face. the increased 84 . Either she was incredibly insistent or he knew from experience just to play along when a guest wished to make a fool of herself. that I didn't observe the warning shift of the lady's strapless costume.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane seats again. she just held him there while her middle inched its way closer and closer to his face. One leg was making wild ovations again through the slit of her skirt. Now naked boobies bobbed about for all eyes to enjoy their own counterpoints to the beating of jungle drums. and with her free hand on his shoulder began pressing his perspiring torso down into another squat. as did she —her buttocks tracing donuts in the air. had proven just too much for her otherwise ample bosom to bear. When finally his head was level with her lap. His nose was actually pressed high up against her bared inner thigh. this one held Tarzan's hand firmly against her rump. Suddenly. She bent her knees. (If he didn't. though predictably. balanced back on her heels and threw back her head. Oohs and screams and hisses from other guests snapped my attention back upward to her shoulders. And her midriff was growing wider every millisecond. The downward strain upon her skirt. He could have kissed her there if he desired. he would sure have one story to tell. He kept dancing. wondering his thoughts.

Some other couples had already stood to enjoy the more familiar party music. So I just fingered my name tag until he sighed and asked if I cared to get up and dance. I commanded myself. "I didn't see a thing. "Did you see that?" I asked Ted above the hum of general chatter (probably every other woman asking her own man the same). Half a second it took for her to gasp. Performers were posed afresh on the stage to play upon more conventional instruments. (The chair next to her looked as if hastily vacated. "My eyes were shut." he answered." 85 . remember?" "Hm!" I searched his expression a long time. release her victim and yank up her gown again. Ted will tell me. Nor was it straight when she uncovered her shamed face and condescended to help Tarzan to his feet. Then playfully swatting his hand.) But her chastisement of the drummer-dancer was certainly unjustified.Lesson in Obedience III ventilation must have awakened the lady's senses enough to invite a searching glance downward (she looked exactly how I'd feared that I might appear with chin to chest). If something is out of place. I'm not certain when. music gauged to relax the guests. but he looked quite innocent. Timid applause greeted the change of mood. she collapsed into nervous giggles upon her chair. "I need a restroom first. as he couldn't have seen a thing beyond her lap and the floor. Except that he would keep staring at my bust! Do not look foolishly down.

My husband muttered something about "one more chance" as I looked his way accusingly. 86 . Why must that waiter stand right behind me that way? He was staring dutifully over my head. because something about my plate looked out of place. Atop my plate were my diaphragm case and jelly …floating through the air past my nose as the waiter performed his duty. I quickly stood and snatched the things from the plate and shoved them as quickly into my purse. Madam?" "What?" I jumped. "Yes —. My wits were about me though." I began and stopped. Then I marched off toward the main double doors. The waiter didn't pause though.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane "Are you finished with the plate.

"Yes!" she glowed. "We flew in by private jet from Bakersfield." Oh brother! I thought. "And I do the lingerie." Ted nodded. This woman's escort looked bored and nervous while she looked me over." Mr O shrugged and looked away. "Low overhead. just to escape these sorts of sociables. The Lady Oshman quickly went on while her husband shuffled. But Mrs was delighted by our interest. as I smiled back. actually. as if he needed a smoke or a restroom or some exercise or something (a romp maybe?). I had rushed back from the washroom into Ted's arms again." she divulged. "Thank you. "By the way. "Our name is Oshman." My husband was cordial. Barely an hour's drive by car." resumed the woman." I coughed politely and turned to applaud the performers again." "You do the lingerie?" I puzzled. "I buy our lingerie. "You own a store in Bakersfield. The couple was still there when the next musical number started.A Lesson in Obedience IV "I simply adore your dress. "We're in merchandizing." she clarified. that way. as always." "I see. I also suffered some very awkward and peculiar encounters on the way. Mr O answered: "Mail-order distribution. greeting both Mr and Mrs. Dear!" A society type woman interrupted our dancing." Ted interpreted. "That's my 87 .

very. Then she burst into giggles. "How fun —I was just wondering what brand of brassiere you are wearing. hers too. She is a very slow reader." she poked my bare arm. Mr Oshman gave a patronizing chuckle. Jan. while his wife stared dumbly at him for a moment until her light came on. "Are the people just weird here?" I said to him. the woman just rambled on. "Well. "Your husband's a comedian." "Uh. I could swear he swallowed a smirk as we resumed dancing. Ted was looking the other way. "It's so sheer and …" (an esoteric movement of her hands in the air. 88 ." "Done dancing already?" He paused. " …and strapless." Ted pointed at me and grinned. meaning sheer." "Yes. "You never did tell me what kind of party this is. I was really getting nervous of people's attention to my bust." "Let's go sit down." "Just people." I said. maybe something from France or Europe (though I think Europe is in France) …" (she paused to think).Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane department. I was thinking until suddenly she grabbed Mr O's arm and ushered him off without so much as a nice-talking-to-you or have-anice-evening. "And I was just telling Stewart here: If only I could find a design. And when I didn't reveal any more secrets. that's when I saw you— What did you say your name was? Do you live in this area?" The woman stooped slightly to peer at my name tag." (She had lowered her voice to a conspiratorial feminine hiss). drawing something).

He reminded me of the rabbit in Alice." He raised an apologetic hand. "There! Now. or maybe a mink fur coat to cover my nakedness." "Janice!" Ted looked earnestly at me." he corrected himself. your tag looked different. is my tag upside down or something?" 89 . stuttered something and disappeared into the crowd of couples dancing. You look great in it.Lesson in Obedience IV "Maybe I will just hide under the table until you can bring me another dress." I shoved him away. I've got an appointment to keep. "I'm sorry. I thought you worked here." We were interrupted again —a smartly dressed young executive type. "It's too warm for a coat. "Ted. I was about to remark on his health when Ted embraced me for a cheek-to-cheek slow step. what did he mean." But he shook his head and refocused his gaze past a pointing finger aimed right at my left boob. "Ted— You're squeezing me. Ma'm. "I'm wondering when your presentation will be over. that man?" "Hmm?" "And what are you doing?" "Protecting you —protecting us. there's nothing wrong with the dress." I looked at his tag. I didn't think the music was suited for that. Sir. "Oh. but—." "Excuse me. Besides. Suddenly the poor man gasped. I backed up involuntarily. "Looks the same as yours." "My presentation?" I turned to him.

" I was suddenly disoriented emotionally. This time it was me insisting that we embrace. "I hope you enjoy it— TED. It was a sort of shock. "You aren't finished dancing yet." he growled in my ear. Janice." I wasn't really angry as I clung to him." Ted still kept dancing. Ted had pinned a picture in its place." Ted just kept on dancing. preventing his escape. two very naked breasts in a heart shaped border and gilded frame. "Why can't you just work your hands up between us here and unpin this …this thing? Then we'll talk about it. I'm sure. that kept me thinking as clearly as I did in such a crisis. "Ted. and I discerned a slight jiggle to his torso. my tag was quite as readable upside down as frontward. how could you DO such a thing? To your own wife?" "I love you. "If you don't stop laughing and remove the evidence…" 90 . Yes." I remarked icily." I kept insisting. Buster.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane Ted turned to cover his eyes while I fingered my collar and did the unpardonable —chin stuck to chest. What crisis? I was not wearing a name tag at all. They were sweaty. "Ted!" I could feel my temper slipping (along with my better judgment). right out in public. "We may be dancing like this until the party goes home. and I barely managed to grab Ted's sleeve. not moving his hands from my shoulders. "Well—. "Our bodies will hide your indiscretion.

" I stopped our shuffle." "And enjoying every moment." "I'm sure it's been whispered all round by now." he cajoled. The music stopped. Ted!" (I can't believe what I was thinking. If I make a move. everyone's bound to stare —so I may as well make it worth their while. "One yank and they're out!" He was thinking about it. "You're getting irrational. or I'm going to bare my boobies." "You have until I count to three." "Think of the fun. I'd love the show.” And he buried his face in my shoulder —to control his hysterics." he begged. "I will pull down my dress and expose myself right here in front of everybody. People were clapping. "Two!" Ted raised a warning palm: "That's not fair. Jan. "And— Oh. If only you had seen that waiter's face. "I mean it. Ted went white at that and gently enfolded my rigid shoulders again in his arms." "Jan—.Lesson in Obedience IV I shoved him apart again to glare at his distorted grin. planted my feet and grabbed a fold of my skirt in each hand. Jan!" 91 . and you'll never see these people again.) "I will DO it. "It won't be so long. Jan. but what if an acquaintance turns up among all these strangers?" "Funny you should think of that now!" "I've been watching —and guarding you. Jan. you can unpin it yourself. at my expense…" "C'mon. just like Ms Hula — Remember her?" I must have said something too loud. as another couple turned puzzled looks our way.

Ted's voice again: "The lights went out." It was well done. My eyes were still closed. nipples aching with embarrassed arousal. Several guests were moving past. This is it.." I wasn't heeding instructions. Where are the screams of shocked surprise? Abruptly. then full orchestra. and with eyes shut tight. couldn't feel my husband anywhere near. "What happened?" I moaned. staring defeatedly at Ted. as slide shows go. I waited. A loud speaker: "Please return to your tables. Goose pimples erupted at mere thought of what I had done." "Three. I heard Ted's voice in the darkness. I could hear conversation. I could feel the air on my steamy breasts. I held my breath. YANKED IT DOWN. Recorded music filled the air —a drum roll. I felt my arm hooked." I said in a tiny voice. I couldn't see a thing. So I settled down and remedied the drafty feeling about my bosom. chairs scraping and footsteps. I guess. Ted was beckoning me to follow. I'm sure some had paused to watch our stand-off.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane I ducked out from his embrace to face my husband from a distance. lost my balance and stumbled in tow with eyes blinking." he ordered.. This was good-bye to my dignity. Once seated.. from somewhere near the floor it seemed: "Fix your dress and relax. I thought it was scenes of Hawaii. until the narrator 92 .

It better be you. . for I feared my latest display of temper had really chased him into hiding: Probably gone to bathroom. His chair was empty. "Ooh— Scratch me. but I was feeling too worried to enjoy it. when I put one hand under the cloth to pull up my skirt. I was sitting alone at our table. The itch was building between my legs. The slides showed examples of the sort of estates 93 . My answer was a mischievous nip just behind one knee. While my eyes beheld pictures of black sandy beaches. where are you?" I whispered. Something warm and soft touched my leg! I stiffened in my chair." I ordered. I didn't think anybody would notice with my back turned to the crowd (and hardly did I care now).Lesson in Obedience IV corrected me —some name I couldn't pronounce. "Oh. . then a second hand petting my nylonned legs up and down. I began to hope that the slide show would be long and boring. The touch became a caress. Once my eyes grew accustomed to dim glare from the projection screen. Ted . an obscure cluster of islands in the South Pacific. and my legs beckoned under the cloth. is that you?" I hissed. The music was nice anyway. I didn’t see Ted anywhere. The other hand slipped down the cleft of my breasts to tease the nipples barely hidden by my dress. I sucked air through my teeth at the pain and the tingle. the fingers and palm of a hand. "Ted. blue lagoons and fern jungles. Sinking down again into my chair. my lower half was swimming waves of tender titillation. and I began to hunger for a genital feast.

But his rudeness didn't 94 . "Not so loud. blessing Ted's splurge on my new crotchless panties. young and old. but within means of any middle income family on the islands. I breathed deeply and increased the pressure on my sticky sex.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane being established by American investors: "tropical paradises" the narrator called them —would-be palaces in a city like ours. A ripping sound rent the air. Wide grins in handsome copper faces. I was wondering how I might slip off my pantyhose without looking suspicious." But my protest was cut short by a sudden rush of liquid fire over and through my physique. but these were all young or motherly. when they began showing scenes of the friendly natives at work and at play. Missionary films I've seen were not near so generous about displaying the tanned bosoms of local ladies. The voice of the narrator droned on. "What are you doing?" Another rip and the kiss of cooler air along my inner thighs— "Ted. Ted was pulling at my nylons with his teeth. and it felt such a welcome relief to pull one of my own breasts out into the darkness to play with freely. you're gonna—. "Ted!" I warned. The air was beginning to feel like a jungle. Ted began licking exposed skin under my skirt. dark shiny and colorful print skirts plastered to their shapely hips— They were all naked from the waist up …even the women. I think. He was sucking my clitoris now. I licked my fingers to use for kneading my hardened tit." I muttered. but my only thought was thanksgiving.

" I promised. When he glanced over at me.. Dessert was scrumptious." "So that's how you could afford my birthday dress. Ted growled at me: "I want to drill my wife's beautiful fanny. as we began gathering ourselves for departure. boring me to tears. they want to sell us a tropical paradise. but that didn't dampen my enjoyment of Ted's fervent stare across the table. your. Abandoning my naked breast.Lesson in Obedience IV cause me to hesitate. I used that hand to lend pressure behind Ted's mouth and jaw while my expert hand strummed throbbing genitalia. "But I forgot to bring pajamas. "You mean they paid for the dinner?" "—and the entertainment ." he finally shouted in my ear." 95 .." "We have a hotel bed to share. and the hotel. His (now naked) toes were silently playing a recapitulation of an earlier theme under our table again. "They went to a lot of trouble and expense." But Ted looked as if he now resented the dress. applauding with the rest. The waiter was no less distant." Comprehension dawned. "…YOUR TIT IS OUT. "So. I and my lover played me into sizzles of satisfaction. uh …" (I was looking back at him alarmedly. his grin suddenly swallowed itself in alarm: "Jan. I'm sure my face was still flushed with exertion when the lights flashed on. Like an instrument of sensuality. Ted was seated by my side again. not hearing through the noise)." I tried to make conversation. Then.

But the poor guy's face blanched before he found it." The salesman continued searching my tag for a last name. 96 . His junior pack buddies stood disbelievingly as he gaped at our backs. The night air was nice. then he turned peach-blossom pink. "And …" "Janet. Another couple was already cornered and suffering the worry and indignity of practiced lunges at their better judgment." But we were saved unexpectedly by use of an ancient though powerful weapon." I smiled back. The senior salesman was flanked by several others." "I guess nothing is really free." Ted moaned as we walked. "How about a walk?" We were outside. "Oh no. "Ted and Janet . waiting nervously for their share. Our man grinned with expert showmanship and read my husband's name tag. But I could feel the stares of our frustrated assailants nipping harmlessly at our heels.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane Ted grunted back. allowing us to pass unchallenged.. My skin is strangling. We were some of the first to leave by that door." Ted just grunted again —his mind was elsewhere. "Ted!" he greeted. "We're about to get attacked by a pack of real estate wolves.. I just couldn't resist a remark while still within their hearing: "I've got to get out of this dress.

Lesson in Obedience IV "A walk?" I objected.” "Let's go get it. my underwear feels rather inadequate now too. a walk always improves my appetite. "I remember seeing a sweater under the car seat. "Turn on the dome light please. "I thought you wanted …you know. Ted." "Will it fit?" I felt my tail end bumped and warmly embraced. I bent over from the waist to dive head first into the darkness of the back seat. "It might fit— Ted. so my feet never left the parking lot while my hands searched the whole floor area." I turned on him suddenly: "Now you remember a sweater under the car seat." "I didn't see it until I had to fish one of your birthday packages from the floor. Ted opened the door and pulled down the seat for me. but I will have to work on your buns. Ted was breathing noisily behind me: "It's under the driver's seat. "Buns are cold?" Ted looked fully present and accounted for now." I turned in a mock huff." "My shoulders are a bit chilly." My pantyhose hung in ribbons under my skirt. it’s your daughter's sweater." I said." "Well. The car wasn't far and we were quite alone on the lot. what do you think you're doing 97 . Everybody else was either already romping in bed or busy battling real estate salespeople. It was a small car." I stretched— "There! Oh.

Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane out there?" His hands were hiking up my skirt and boldly pawing at the skin under my pantyhose." Ted croaked. Dear. My tail swayed with the motion of his rotation in and out and around. 98 . I paused. But I was too nervous to give in to reverie. He sounded barely restrained. Next. I was pressed back into the car and the click of the front seat pulled to upright locked my head and both arms awkwardly in place. and …Oh. I struggled again to get free. My ass was at his mercy. wondering just how ready he really was. the breeze chilling my exposed vulva. My brain was getting fuzzy with the blood pressure building from my position. His only answer was an animal grunt and hiss as Pete battered through the gates of my vagina. I braced my feet to back out into him." He pulled my skirt all the way up over my back. "Are you watching. He was thoroughly aroused and ready. I could hear him priming the pump and soon felt the length of him coursing wetness of my female crevice on up the crack of my buttocks. He began by stooping to lick my already damp labia until it was dripping down my leg. we can't —not right out in a public parking lot. Ted?" I called up. Both his hands were braced on my hips like an old man leaning on his walker. "Don't fight me. "Ted. but my hind quarters were blocked by Ted's lap and the probe of his organ. head hanging downward. it does feel good." "I'll protect you.

then merely breathtaking. like the eye of a hurricane. It was barely even uncomfortable … so long 99 . that ." Ted breathed. Jan. And I felt it too." He continued to lick and began working a finger up my anus.Lesson in Obedience IV Ted slowed his rhythm: "My pump is about to burst. a burning pressure at first. sighing: "I warned you.. Ted!" When suddenly a frightening realization made me shout: "NO! Ted. A sound caught my ear— "Are people coming? Ted. silent and still. of course). Then he stooped onto hands and knees again. "Relax. Girl." He was licking me up and down my crack again. I didn’t put my diaphragm in. while thrusting deeper and faster." He had me in a bear hug round my hips and was hammering a revived rhythm against my rump. Ted. but— He's got Pete up my backside. then: "Oh! Ted. but my tail remained exposed. I felt probing fingers against my anus again. My head and back were really beginning to ache.. Involuntarily. I shuddered and shifted weight on my feet. It was a bizarre feeling like what impalement might be like (without the blood and horror. "What are you going to do? I don't want to get pregnant." "Hurry. You didn't obey. I was too surprised to croak a further protest." Ted stood up. I hear voices." Ted stopped.

beyond embarrassment.. trotting quickly away." Ted answered. Never a goodbye out of that pair. I wondered how much they could see through the windows. Ted rubbed the stiffness from my lower back as we walked back down the parkway. Ted?" I was past anger. I'm sure." said the woman. His penis was pulsing final ejaculations." It was another male voice. "Escape the wolves?" How could he be so cool? (Female giggles)— I remember that voice! "Um . "Jan is looking for her sweater.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane as I did what I was told —relaxed my sphincter. "Good evening. Then the voices were on top of us— that is. still occupying my capacity with his. I could hear it in their steps. Those are definitely voices I hear. 100 . (I winced as he gave my bare bun an illustrative smack with his palm—) "My wife!" Mrs O jumped at the sound. "The young man with the …the wife?" "That's right. Ted held me tightly. "Was all that really worth my trouble." Ted hesitated. then giggled himself. "Greetings!" I heard Ted call out. it's you. getting close. He is my husband after all. they were on the other side of the car. "Hah—" Ted inhaled." "Oh. luxurious "Oh" of resolve. And my bowels are bound to work better now. exhaled. caught his breath and blew out a long..

"I promise to be more obedient —more prepared— from now on. I was twinkling inside. My organ was itchy. 101 . Ted's eyes twinkled in the light of a passing car.Lesson in Obedience IV "Really worth it." More regular too. Still got all night for a proper revenge. Sweet revenge." he insisted. I said to myself.


period. so I thought I would let her call the shots. I must say. I had no plans. We had the whole resort to explore ―pools. golf course." It was a statement. But as Janice said it: You never know who you might see (or who might see you). I suppose I really had nothing to fear. shopping mall. "You mean I can be the boss now?" "It's all yours. "Really?" Jan challenged from behind me while I bent over the sink to shave the last stubble from a cheek bone. Birthday Girl. (Old Pete awakened thoroughly worked out.Revenge We were over an hour's drive from our home town." I hardly realized what I was saying.) I took an extra day off from the job so I could enjoy a relaxing weekend with my agreeable wife …after the mandatory sales presentation. After a quiet breakfast (Jan was retreated into deep thought: scheming) she donned her birthday wardrobe and took me on a quick browse of the mall adjoining 103 . theater― among which to find new amusement." "Then you will do what I say. That fear certainly added spice to the experience. or perhaps a command. I had no future plans to embarrass my beloved. And I said so. Everything had worked out better than perfect the night before. It was Jan's birthday. "I'll be your slave for the day. And truly. restaurants. so I really didn't expect to see anybody we knew.

Then she grabbed a pair of flip-flops for each of us to boot. She bought one set for her and a matching set for me― hardly what I would choose to accent her womanly figure. that is. and the Women's on this side. My wife would certainly look much nicer than one of those manikins ―out on the pool deck. Well.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane our hotel lobby. Then Janice simply took over. We entered a sportswear shop where I was soon attracted by the women's swimwear. so I didn't complain when Jan led our way straight into the men's room. The only answer she spared me was half a smile and a faraway look. 104 ." Nobody was in the lockers yet. and changing rooms?" Jan asked the clerk. It didn't take Jan long to find what she was looking for: a set of jogging sweats. The Men's was across the pool deck. "How about a spin of Lady Luck for a birthday treat?" But Jan wasn't to be distracted from her secret plan: "Lady Luck has other ideas. "Are there lockers. just in case of company. I did promise her she could shop for more clothes to complement her single green (low-cut and slitted-skirt) party dress. that was okay. But … "Why do I need new sweats?" I whispered when she demanded my VISA and handed it to the clerk. We passed a stand of slot machines in the lobby― "Look!" I pointed. though I sort of lingered at the door. I found myself in tow to the Men's rooms.

Throw your things out here. you're the boss." I protested. Jan." she pondered. I'm right. "What if some other man comes in?" "Oh. "But I bet you didn't think to bring along an extra pair― Yeah." "That's not all you're doing. only here it was me instead of Jan on exhibition. having already stuffed her own shoes into the open locker." "Do you have something against wearing underwear under my new sweat pants?" "Perhaps." "Yup. Dear.Revenge "You change in there. "Hadn't you better go over to the Women's area?" But she had already shut the door of the booth. I'll take your shorts too." "Now." She packed away my stuff. The scene somehow reminded me of another such adventure involving another booth." It took her just a second to find an unused locker. "I'm waiting." I grunted while pulling off my slacks. Your wifey didn't pack for you this time. did she? So don't you think it might be wise to conserve." "Okay." she pointed to a booth. You don't really need them. then she was on tip-toe peering distractedly over the door of the booth at my waistline. everybody else is still romping in bed― Here. "while I get our locker ready. When I emerged from the booth― "Excuse me. 105 .

" "Shshshhh!" "Don't I look ravishing?" Jan exited and pirouetted in baggy sweats and tennies. remember. All the stranger saw was my own sudden movement. "And look― pockets! I've always wanted pockets in a sweat suit. Mr Stranger hardly paused on his way to a vacant dressing booth. Tattered pantyhose drifted down to the floor. "Fine …Let's go. I jumped and snatched it up to carry to the locker …hidden under my shirt. But one can't really tell a dress from a bright colored shirt when it is crumpled up like that ― so I hoped." Secretly I thought that even some shorts and a tank top would show off her better features. Silly. when The Dress was pushed by a slender foot (polished toenails glistening) from under the dressing booth door." 106 . He did screw up his face though.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane Then the stranger came in. "See? You can't even tell that Pete ain't protected by undershorts. "I'm all done. and you didn't even look when you had the chance. Dear. "Good morning. "Stop― Let me look at you." I quickly ushered my lady on out to the patio." "And what about you?" "You didn't buy me any underwear." I stopped for my wife's inspection. shut and locked the door." At least he had waited until Jan disappeared.

The duty was a welcome change. I felt a fatherly compulsion to reach over and remedy her exposed belly. She led me through a battery of stretching and limbering exercises (right under the windows of other hotel guests)." That's when I noticed the open window to our left and some movement in the room behind it. She certainly seemed to be enjoying the attention and the morning sunshine. Nobody could object to a man massaging his own wife's tense shoulders even in public (so long as she kept her shirt on).Revenge "Yet …" I muttered back. just suited to her idea. "Does it hurt there?" 107 ." "What?" "Here. Suddenly she sat up and kissed my sweating navel. But Janice was busy looking for something else. just barely concealing her unbridled breasts. There was a grassy spot to one side of the pool patio." Jan's voice was a bit too elevated. Lover. One contortion had her shirt hiked all the way up. "Jan!" "Rub me. "Mmmm …Do it some more. but I just stared instead …until Janice began staring back at my own naked midriff with a none-too-chastely leer. even through the fabric of her shirt. I enjoyed the feel of Jan's slender arms and back under my hands. But I kept it up as innocently as I could manage." She began kneading her own neck and shoulders. "Oh― rub me there.

for goodness . "I always wondered what it might be like to rub myself while you rub my back." "Oh?" I answered suspiciously. Her face. She took it for my agreement to the experiment.." "Oh." She moaned and squirmed. though she didn't seem to notice. that's all right." I whispered.." "Oh― but I have pockets! Remember? And I think there is even a hole in one on them― Yes!" "Damaged goods? You can take the sweats back. Old Man. began to glow and 108 . Jan reclined against my kneeling thighs and let her head rest back on my wrists. eyes closed." "Jan! Not out here. "Mmmmm― I like it. though Pete suddenly seemed alert for the first time that morning― Just what one needs while in sweats without jockey shorts. you keep rubbing me there.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane "Mm-hmm― But I like it when you hurt me. I'll rub here …You know: Lady Luck. Ted. "I'm not sure what you mean." Janice started conversationally. I was squirming inside." Lady Luck? Jan pushed one hand down under the elastic waist band of her pants― "And while her Ladyship sweats and simmers." "You know. "You know." I didn't stop my attention to her back. I'm not sure what to do with you. Teddy. nor could I find suitable words to respond. Soon I was in a different kind of sweat." "Lower your voice a bit.

and she was enjoying that advantage. yes. but―" I dared not finish the sentence. 109 . Except me― I knew. so nobody could tell what the right hand or the left hand was really doing." Jan was breathing loudly." I glanced nervously about. until beads of sweat began to form on her brow and her body stiffened like a board. as she licked them repeatedly. Her body lay limp against me. "I think I'm ready now for my birthday celebration. But Jan wasn't really listening. "That felt wonnnnn-der-ful. Her lips must have been very dry. Her movement was minimal also. Her veiled form twisted almost imperceptibly and her voice rose distantly: "Oh …Tell me again.Revenge a pleased smile grew from ear to ear. Her moans softened (to my relief). "I do love you Janice. Her breathing was too loud and mesmerizing. Janice had a perfect view of my clothed crotch from below.Aahhh! Oh. "Tell me …you love me …Ted. I thought I could hear discreet little smackings escape past the green stretch cotton weave. not daring a direct look at the left-hand window. She had both hands hidden deep in their pockets. I thought. YES!" Janice was panting quickly now. Strange how the flushed strain of sexual climax appears so much like the look she gets during childbirth." I jumped up and glanced down at her prostrate form looking sated upon the grass. I couldn't resist planting a tender kiss on that sweaty forehead. Tell me―." "So am I.

perhaps.. while I follow. my Love. "What I mean―" (How could I explain?) "I was keeping watch for you." I was still staring up at that window when I felt a tickling motion just under my scrotum. "You go jogging round the golf course. "What were you imagining." "Why don't you jog beside me?" 110 ." And Janice suddenly leapt up to smother my gaping mouth with her own." Her voice assumed an ominous husky tone." Then I did glance up at that window. Lover. . ." I mumbled. "And somebody were to come out to see―" "See what? "To see. Ted?" "You don't want to know.. Jan's foot had snuck up my pant leg. "It's time for your next assignment." Should I tell her? "I was wondering what might happen if that door over there were to open .Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane "I was imagining that we were …exercising naked on a beach." "Yes?" My voice remained calm and guardedly quiet." "Well. Nor could I resist a discreet squeeze of one defenseless bun. "Ouch!" That was me― Jan had responded by hooking my own strapless jock. what all this (ahem) activity was about just outside their hotel window. "What!" "Well . I have enough imagination for both of us today. Her nipples felt like naughty fingers probing through her shirt.

"Hey there. "Mind if I follow you home?" That's when I recognized the other couple." I tried to ignore it. just parallel to where I was running along the sidewalk. 111 . the very moment they passed. I could sense more than hear my own oversexed wife dogging my heels in her sedan. When I was sure nobody else was in sight …I let her have it― Right out under the sun: she got a mooning of my tail end she will never forget. Dream Boy!" This time I waved casually. I'm not sure what got into me. my beloved let me have it: "That's a luscious hunk of man-flesh you're joggin' there!" The other couple turned their heads her way ―just to assure themselves it was ME. But they seemed to be ignoring me: that same pair we met at the dinner presentation the night before. Silly!" "What do you mean?" "I watch your progress in comfort …from the car. Then she let out a shrill whistle ―Who knew Jan could whistle like that! When we came within earshot of another woman and her mate walking toward me. but an embarrassed grin hijacked my normally sober countenance. something snapped inside (perhaps the final strands of my conscience). not the other man whom this crazy lady complimented so publically. but when those two passed looking so self-assured and prudish.Revenge "I don't jog. specializing in women's lingerie. trailing me along the road. Then Janice whistled again.

Somehow.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane "All right! (HONK ― HONK) Do it again. Pull your pants up!" She just licked a pair of fingers and began kneading the nakedness between her outstretched legs." (Jan was really over-doing it with that horn. Nobody was going to stop and rudely peer in from the street side.. "This is a busy street.. Her back and head had slipped down below the level of the dash. Lover .) "Come on now― Show me your sunny side!" But I felt it was enough indiscretion to be had out of this school boy for one day. The car became obscured where some trees lined the road. and framed my worried face in the window. There she was! ―not gone after all. unretained between my sweating thighs. Pete felt thick and substantial. meanwhile I was guarding the view (again) from my own side. We were nearing the corner of a busier street. He was wondering where the object of his excitement had gone. The car had stopped just beyond those trees. so really nobody was likely to notice her any more than I might have seen her without kneeling right by the car door. "Jan!" I gasped. Jan revved up her engine and sped on ahead to turn the bend ahead of me. Though 112 . But where is Jan? She didn't seem to be in the car. Was that her in the car? I spotted movement down low behind the glare of window glass. I was feeling a bit lonely and disappointed by this abandonment as I rounded the corner on foot. I slowed my approach and took the opportunity to rest my back against a signpost just opposite the passenger door.

"Really. would be the wiser if I did fish a hand down past my own waistband. I stood straight up to rest my elbows suddenly upon the roof of our car. A cop pulled up parallel to our car on the street side." I commented more calmly now. Okay. I opened conversation good-naturedly: "Good morning." I had a sudden brain storm for an alibi. The shocks of the car were squeaking with every bouncy squirm of her torso. I could hear every swish and smack and guttural sigh.. "You are growing bold in your prime. I couldn't see a single pedestrian this side of the boulevard.Revenge the street was busy with vehicle traffic. Petie Boy― enjoy the view while you … oops!! We had company. so calling to Jan inside the car. Janice. I added." Her only answer was a couple of moans and smacking of genital lips. 113 . Nobody." Jan's occupation was getting heated and too distracting for me to think clearly just then. She had pulled her shirt up to a bundle perched just above a pair of shamelessly blushing nipples. I sighed― What a waste! If only we were in our private room right now. however. She is awfully wet and …ready. inspecting the dull reflection of clouds in the sky." "Know where I can find a Crispy Creme?" "Well …Let's see. I wanted to reach in and pinch something. but the car door was locked and the window rolled up ―except for a slight crack for sound sake.. despite the noise of traffic. When the officer reached over to roll down his window. I would .

" "Quiet today. If the bank gets robbed. not impatiently. please. not the weirdo. than my weirdo wife took advantage of the situation. Pete was traitorously enjoying the attention. uh …Donut shop. "I'm new to the neighborhood. be a good wife and hand me the handkerchief from the glove compartment.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane "Honey." The window against my belly slid downward and the kerchief was deposited in my waiting (sweaty) palm. huh?" "Yeah." "Jan." I warned. And his name is Pete. just to establish a sense of ownership and I-belong-here appearance to things." She paused to comment: "Suck― I'm sucking." "Yeah ― those weirdoes can be demanding.) "I think I saw one down the next block." "You do that― Thanks. so I bravely endured― 114 . I'll hollar. "Now you are really pushing our luck. Luck is the Lady. My new sweat pants were the expensive kind with its own fly ―no zipper of course. remember?" Nobody was in sight. deftly threaded fingers inside and nabbed my loose life savings― spilled them right out where she could get both hands into the act … complements of a hot. thought I'd grab some breakfast before the next weirdo requires my services." But no sooner had he driven off. I mean. Jan reached through the open window. hot mouth. "Mmmmmmm (slurp). Then I began innocently polishing some duller places in the car's top surface. that was an awfully close call." (This one was feeling ill at ease.

just to ponder the eternal meaning of my next contribution to the furtherance of Janice's folly― Please. They had turned and finally caught us up. I think I'll go call my mother. So did Jan." I discovered Pete nodding nakedly his hearty agreement to Jan's sudden retreat and announcement. They couldn't see anything. but who could care now? The appetite of my loins had already gone to my head ―no more room for prudish timidity. "She would like to hear what a great time I'm having for my birthday. I lifted that hand. It's always such a turnon to feel her lips embracing my shaft.Revenge Oh. I buffed my car and grinned. and its over the next hill … "Ooooh! NO―" "Well. still wet with lubrication to wave by our friendly party couple. It was all I could do to keep my tail end stock still as waves of urgency awakened. even had they thought to lob a parting glance backward through the windshield." "But Janice. Though I did lend my left hand finally to cradle my wife's dribbling jaw. My own chin sunk onto the arm atop the car. I was almost―" 115 . with far more fervor. like a wellmachined piston inside its oiled casing. just a few more revolutions. The sun was glaring blindingly …so I thought. I continued polishing …one hand above and the other below. I couldn't really move from my posture without looking more suspicious. Lover. the sacrifices of husbandhood.

I'm not finished with you yet. Dear. and then just file it away. while the caller chattered safely in possession of the phone and the private booth. while obeying orders no less. it was the only one on that wall without a line of waiting public. just investing in the future. this little nestegg of ours ." I protested. seductively shuffling a deck of cards. with loads of interest for your Lady Luck." "I've never seen you like this. But you see." She stuck her head out the window: "There's a bus station. There was an attractive woman seated at table. I promise" "It doesn't really work that way you know. Dear. I knew better what did not lie underneath.. "You can't rouse that kind of― NEED.. I'll put my pants on." Janice locked the car doors and climbed out onto the sidewalk. Jan towed me straight past that temptress to stand at an occupied phone booth. fully dressed in exterior.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane "I know. My mature mate squirmed and danced impatiently like a bladder-infected four-year-old. 116 ." "Didn't know your little home-body was such a gambler. This Slave Day present was a wonderful idea. huh?" The first thing we saw inside the bus station was another row of slot machines. She offered explanation while conducting me down the sidewalk: "I'm not filing it away.. if you want to stuff my friend back into his hideaway …for future reference . By the time we're through with Petie. They have phones.." (She grasped my aching jack-handle through the fabric) "He'll be spilling a jackpot all over the floor.

. "She's taking too long. my Slave Love." She couldn't hear me through the glass.. "Just stand out here on guard for a few minutes …patiently. with only my bodily bull-doggedness to stand guard against her arrest. she was no doubt fulfilling one of her fantasies. "Jan! You Dolt― You're going to get us in trouble. So I set my shoulder to the door and got up on my toes where I could peep right down to her toes. I wasn't about to do that― not on her birthday. turning to the matronly woman at my back." was the patient answer." "Must be important. I supposed it was her mother she was talking to. I turned back to stare worriedly down upon my oblivious wife. but it looked suspicious when I began to see more of her tongue licking reddened lips than uttering speech. Her face was flushing and edges of the window into her booth were getting rather fogged." I stuttered. gathered her things and slipped out: "Finally!" Jan breathed and pushed through the door. Yes. A line had already formed behind me― Bus must have unloaded. "I mean ." And she left me a sloppy kiss on the mouth before shutting the door between us (yet another booth). 117 . I should just walk outside and wait safely for somebody else to sound the alarm. The window was high up. at least. But no. where I could barely see her knees were I to press right up and look down.Revenge When the stranger hung up. right there in public splendor. but the public standing in line behind me could certainly hear.

of course). I could imagine what the plastic of her stool must be feeling like. I couldn't see …or rather. of course. even considering the noisy bus terminal environment. (I guess the pockets weren't deep enough after all. Poor Ol' Pete. strands of mucus being woven up and down by her stiffened fingers. I had to slip my own tingling hand into a pocket just to arrange room for his expanding discomfort (for discretion's sake. I overcame a vague fear that his dribbles would be noticed sweating through the fabric of my pants.) The phone was sandwiched between shoulder and chin. fingers pushed back into the crevice 118 .Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane Meanwhile. so that both hands could play together. sticking to the sweaty skin of her bare buns. the view couldn’t be called unpleasant. Jan had dropped the phone and caught it deftly between her knees. I could almost wish to be listening by phone from another booth to the utterances spilling unheeded into that lonely phone set. The only spot of light from overhead fell dead center upon the sloppy wedge of matted pubic hair. while leaning back against the back wall and stretching both legs to the limit of their confines. That's right― her celebrated cotton sweat pants were pushed all the way down to ankles. But then. One hand was wedged down between the cheeks of her ass bulging shamelessly from behind polished thighs. I'm gonna have to get down on this sassy lady …can't stand much more of the suspense― I jumped to attention again as the phone booth door was kicked open from the inside. watch for her.

then: "Oh.. Ted! I need you― AH!! So good.Revenge while thumb spiraled in and out of the gabbing mouth of her sex ―the only mouth within talking distance of the phone.” I finished it for her.. she was holding it in for just a tad." “Empty. But I knew that I must have her alone somewhere soon― “…for Pete's sake!” 119 . the explosive success. She pressed upon it the full extent of its capacity. so good …but so . gave a jiggle of inward delight.


" "Sure..Revenge II The loud speaker announced the impending bus departure. 121 . She ushered me quickly to the back of the bus.. "Let's go to the beach." "Oh―.. "Shove your hand down the back of my pants." she ordered. Even then they would have to be standing right above us to discover any cause for suspicion. Perhaps it was a demand. even if insatiable." "No! . BEACH PARKS . Jan could be very discreet. BEACH PARK My wife swirled about to head me off at the door." It sounded like a harmless enough birthday request. DEPARTING FIVE MINUTES . Jan squatted up for a moment upon her feet to allow room for my hand to fish its way down the crack of her rear. One white-haired lady was shuffling toward us with the help of a cane and a bulky bag to counterbalance her progress. so we had a measure of privacy ―unless someone happened to look backward. let's take the bus. "The car is down the block.. The seat was shorter there to accommodate the commode closet. hissing in my ear when the bus started moving. I mean. All the passengers weren't even settled yet in their seats.." I answered reasonably..

"Oh! Well. I wonder if I could persuade Jan to join me in the John? "My daughter is pregnant with her fifth.meaning my hand. "I'll be just fine right here. Good thing our new Old Lady friend had only a port hole view between seats.more like a pony than a bus ride. "It's not often you find a young couple interested in conversation with an Old Bitty like me. "You mean conversation …" I mumbled back ―for Jan's benefit― though she was acting rather preoccupied." Jan responded .. You stay and keep that boyfriend of yours out of trouble. no.. It was getting a bit sticky between my legs as well." the woman confided." Janice sat down.. aimed directly at me. Surely she can't see anything but our faces.. I don't mind if I do. "I don't understand what possessed 122 . "Well. shall we? Any topic you prefer to engage?" She had bright darting giggly blue eyes. how 'bout some friendly intercourse." "DOWN .Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane The old woman thought Jan had stood for her benefit: "No. Pubic hair was scratching my thumb. Dearie!" She pointed to an empty chair across the aisle. my upper hand and wrist were getting slick with the rest of her.Further. I held my thighs tightly together to insure Pete's modesty beneath loose pants." And the woman got up to travel back to the seat directly in front of us. on my hand. Jan's hips were rocking forward and back atop my bridled hand . They usually have eyes and ears only for each other these days...

young man. Jan's eyes were rudely shut. I guess I do know why. Dearie? Then. What a sticky . (I was feeling about as rude as Jan looked. don't you?" Old Lady winked conspiratorially. well ―she’s certainly expecting something― at any moment.Revenge II her to have so many. do you?" I had no comment other than raising my eyebrows. I managed to extricate my hand and arm from under her sated seat. "Well. how many do you plan to have?" Jan yawned and shifted her weight to the other buttock: "Thousands―" she murmured. I presume you've had some already?" "Oh yes …" Jan moaned and nodded and snuggled closer into my side: "Hundreds. she seems to have that glow of new motherhood about her.." she seemed to complete my thought. the elder woman shifted to get a better look: "How sweet― though it looks to be some months yet before the next one. Is Janice even listening? "Excuse me.” "Oh! How wonderful―" Just as Janice stiffened and exhaled and collapsed against me. 123 .) "Is your wife expecting?" "My wife?" "Yes.. You know why." "Uh.

turned suddenly and bent a bared ass to my face. Jan was late noticing the lifeguard jeep as it appeared from round the point down the beach." The beach itself was almost deserted. She glanced around. where Jan quickly found us a couple towels.. Maybe she wants to bake clams for dinner. Just a few sun bathers staked at odd intervals." She stood back to appraise my hand work." Janice got a familiar gleam in her eye then. Down!" For a promise of 'good behavior' I allowed her to pose me prostrate on my back along the bottom of the 124 . Poor Pete was not happy when I quickly helped her pull the sweat pants back up. Buster. "Don't I get something to read?" "I will read it to you― Besides you're gonna be too busy.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane "Okay Slave.fail. Jan picked us a spot just above the high tide mark and dropped her bundle.." "Am I digging my own grave?" "Only if you fail to co-operate. but I wasn’t about to argue." "And what's my reward if I don't . "Quick. a visor and a likely looking romance to read. Ted. "Not too deep. I had no idea what to expect." Jan ordered. "That's it. now make it longer. My heart was beating too hard to let me comment. it is time to earn your keep." We exited our bus at the beach shopping park. I got us a bag of friedchicken and coleslaw for lunch. "Start digging.

This is my fantasy. But as she said. pray. But I forbore without comment aloud. so the crack of their meeting ran from nose to my navel and between my legs. though she didn't bother to bury me completely. how else could I expect her to get any sun." "Shhh― I don't want anyone to know what I've got hidden. You're gonna be working hard." But I couldn't see much." "What is?" "You'll see." "And where. stop it. Wise Guy. I started to protest when Jan pulled up sleeves and pant legs and shirt bottom to bare everything she could without actually stripping." On my back? Then she spread both towels over me. would I change?" I could dig you a changing tunnel. Then she sat down … "OOOMPH. 125 . Hope it isn't too hot in there.Revenge II hole. A few artful kicks of sand filled the cracks around me. I'm just going to hide that gorgeous hulk of yours for awhile. side to side along my length." "Do what?" She paused suspiciously. "Oh. jabbed my gut with her foot. since I had neglected to bring her swim things? "You could have bought a bikini where you got the towels. "Now don't move. "I've always wanted to do this.

. A strange male voice heralded from down by the surf. "You might want to move your towels further back. Miss. I couldn't withhold a moan of reluctant agreement. "Jan― Look about." "Jan!" "Don't worry Big Boy. "Excuse me. I think we got …" "What― Company?" Jan sat up and dropped her book atop my rebel member.Don't you. I could feel suspicious movement in Pete's vicinity.. I intend to work up an appetite.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane Jan got out our lunch and fed me some bites. though she didn't eat any herself." Jan replied in her pleasant public voice. "I'm having my dessert before lunch while I read a chapter. At least one member of this body thought so. "Besides." She paused to demonstrate." "Hello. "You need the energy.no more than if I were licking a sucker or chewing a stick of jerky. Buddy?" The engine noise was almost upon us." "Out here in public?" I hardly dared wonder what she meant.. The tide is on its way in. then cool air on the tip of his nose. The sound of an engine and gear shifting drifted down to where I lay imprisoned. you― Just what do you take me for?" Janice shifted and swiveled on her tail in order to stretch herself now.." 126 . "You Beast. Petie likes it . belly down and elbows straddling my hip bones. I could see nothing but her bare calves. I won't look suspicious .

" Jan stated safely. Wifey? "Well... And I certainly won't be back this way for another hour or so. though. "Jan." Janice exhaled loudly. Joe! You didn't see that …and neither did I.Revenge II "Oh thanks― I don't mind wet feet.. not if one is . A final pause― I was sure I heard the man shrug. Keep your pants …" What was that? Whose pants where? They were too far off for me to have overheard the rest of his order." "It is getting warm. and I spied a flash of skin. Certain of my husbandly sensitivities were aboil: "Jan!” I tried to wiggle up to a posture more suited for discussion. but Jan's prostrate body wouldn't let mine rise.discreet.. The jeep engine revved." "Yeah.." "Time to go. "Hate to see any uncomfortable visitors. "I see ." Mr Lifeguard paused. are you still clothed? What were those guys 127 . At least. Jan shifted again." What about my wet head. No one's likely to complain anyway." "Oh." (Another pause― What is he getting at?) "However.And you were determined to make the beach scene with or without him?" "Determined. he's around here somewhere. there isn't much of a crowd. A bit late in the day for a sweat suit.. If it weren't a public beach . Another male voice gasped. it might cool you off anyway. my husband forgot to pack my swim wear. Enjoy!" Grinding gears almost drowned out his laughter and final comment as they departed: "Hold your seat. "Too bad your husband stayed behind.

How can I possibly hold back after all she's put us through? Then she was squeezing. Want to hear some?" "Uhm . But a musky smell arose to mix with the sea smell. "Mmmmm― Don't let him come too soon." Little devil! She knows I can't talk or think when she does that.No― Oh!" I barely managed to utter it. Pete's quivering answer to Jan's overtures was filling my own brain with fireworks. Love?" Suddenly. How romantic …" "Janice. secure as shackles.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane talking about?" I couldn't see anything different. gripping right down under his fleshy beard at the neck joint. "Oops! My friend has been dribbling on my book. A wisp of breeze chilled his little brain. "This is really a good book. Slave. 128 . Now. "Stay right were you are. "My birthday ain't over yet. are you sure nothing looks suspicious?" "Let me worry about that. She choked out Pete's insistence. That's an order. My brain whirled.. where were we." And Jan redoubled her oral attentions as if to mock her own demand. Pete was no longer covered. It burned deeply and set my gonads to aching. Don't you like my attention? I would think you'd be thankful that you finally get some." Jan distributed her whole weight over me." "It feels …" "Yes?" "Ah! It's the wildest …" "Keep talking..

129 .... Nobody's gonna think a thing about it. Slave. talking at me with her head hung down through the arch of her parted legs. I did the rest after they'd gone.in front of those lifeguards?" "Just my shirt― and with my back turned .." Janice sat up heavily atop my heaving chest. Jan's discarded sweat pants were ceremoniously draped over and about.mostly." Jan was on all fours.This is a public beach! You― I mean." Jan wasn't wearing a stitch. "Don't worry. WE could get arrested. "Did you . They didn't mind it.Revenge II "Okay― My turn. You've got more work to do. veiling the subject or our vigil from burning eyes and sun." "I've had more covered up than most ladies on the beach. as a matter of fact. the lights dimmed. Ted. put it under your head.." She giggled. "But . "Open up." "Enough talk!" My mouth was stopped abruptly by the damp musk and hair of her perineum. at least some hundreds of feet away …bare feet." "Now. "Bet we see them again." And as my lips received hers. and I intend to come out of―.. That's hardly fair. "Jan! Where's your shirt―?" "Here. I'd never seen them before in my life. And I will cover your head along with my tail." "Jan―." Then I could see everything." "Except for your lifeguard buddies. anybody else is miles away― Well.

"The girl in the book's got her man stripped down.. Yes. sweating nipples press and scrape into my exposed belly.right where it― OUCH. She had Pete grasped again by the throat.." She had my head in a vice. Ow― scratch her with your teeth.. more― more― MORE.. and with a wrenching pull and twist." Without regard for his entrapment in the fly." "We're going all the way." 130 . Suddenly Jan lifted her torso.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane "Suck! Oooh― yeah. ALL the way." Don't you sit up! I thought loudly at her and moaned for further emphasis. Feels good . twisting body hair into stitchy knots. grinding her mucousy crotch into my jaw. One of my feet had escaped its cover.. "She itches. "She's sitting up and paddling around . Pete sprang back with a smack against my own naked waist." The towel had pulled away between us and my own shirt ridden up to my chest." Jan rocked herself from side to side. I could feel her taut. I'm at least gonna see Petie get ready. she pushed my pants down to my knees. "Oh yeah. as if over the wake of a passing ship. Except they're out in a boat. But I hardly cared now who might notice.. The girl in this book is getting it too. She dropped the book and thrust both hands past the waist band of my pants. It won't STOP. Ted.Ah! …while sitting on his face. This is my birthday. "You're not .

" And with grunts and breathy exhales she managed to twist up and back from the waist. push further― AAAHHH." "Like that?" "Yeah.Revenge II Janice sat up again. Oh it burns! So SWEET. Deeper." "I'm getting close. More― MORE. face to face. Surely my wife appeared no more sacrificial of her flesh to sun than any other dame on the beach ―except perhaps for the press and play of her pelvis round my hidden maypole. Lover. it ached awfully! "Tell me more about your book." I need distraction. snatching her shirt out from under my head." "I'm coming. Ted. Oh. The burning backflow was not unpleasant. She smothered my further remarks with fresh kisses while adjusting her pelvis to mine and arranging her pants in less unlawful array. she turned and dropped her body back down. though it ached. Jan. stop him! I will STOP him. Only the seagulls were apt to observe our position now. I'm going again." "NO― No. Jan. Her fingers clawed their way down my shaft and pinched my plumbing back into submission. Oh. yeah! Give him more squeezes. Then having hastily readjusted her towels. Pete abandoned himself to the dance. "Again. but it was like the perpetual motion of ocean waves impossibly suspended on video. "She finally tossed the oars overboard and impaled 131 . "Squeeze him. Ted. so…" Her gyrations slowed and Jan lay still.

I don't know. huh?" I hadn't noticed the jeep engine noise growing closer. My insides fluttered as it brushed a trail of love-juice over my cheek and plunged past my thirsty lips.gladly." "The lady in the book screamed. "They're back early. I pressed its ripeness with my tongue and swallowed the fine stream of milk that tickled the back of my throat― only a couple squirts. Jan did." "Mmmm― Give me suck." "Did they get caught?" "She put her shirt back on and waived them off." "What did you say?" "I want a mouth full of your chest flesh. She squealed until the shoremen sent out a rescue boat. "Mmmmmm.." "Of what?" "Oh." "Maybe they got bored. but I longed for more of the sweet-sour nectar. she rocked him so hard. They figured she was alone and kind of crazy." 132 .Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane herself." "Oh . and so abandoned one teat in anxious quest for its twin. Jan." She lifted her shoulders to present a flushed tit. He was kneading her sweaty breasts when she came." "Taste good? My itch is coming back.. "Make her scream it. Almost sunk the boat." Oh." "Like you." "Or wanted to reassure themselves. It hasn't been an hour. so refreshing not to worry about kids overhearing our passion.

Her exclamation dulled my ears and startled to noisy flight the seagulls that had been foraging peacefully nearby..FASTER … Janice paused― then SQUEALED pure satisfaction to the sky. "Excuse me.. We killed the engine.it ITCHES.closer up this time. oh! I'm COMING― Push deeper .... She thrust a free hand down under between our bellies and began kneading herself in earnest entreaty of another orgasm. If that don't turn some heads. it couldn't have been you. Mam. Mam. Are those guys watching? Then I asked it aloud. You look just fine― Right. "Don't worry. I think she made a show of looking about. "You're sure it wasn't the seagulls?" "Well. just in case they call again. Somebody cried out― Did you hear from which direction?" Jan had her head propped up on crossed arms.. Jan?" But Janice pushed my head back down and to one side.. Hold still! She’s climbing . I didn't see a thing. That's it― AHH. Joe?" His buddy piped up nervously: "Oh." Jan mumbled. You never can tell with them seagulls. "I'm watching them― Ooh! This feels wonderful . nothing will. hold him up for me.it BURNS. We can see." 133 . Hero.Now. Ted .. covered my face with the towel..Revenge II "What did you mean by that. The jeep engine was coming near and the gears ground it to another halt ..

Mam?" "Oh― I was just saying that I feel a CHILL. Joe?" "I―" "I know. "He wasn't very nice to me yesterday." "Breeze comin' on. The movement pulled the towel off my face just enough for 134 . at least.." "Yeah? What do you think." My penis was still deep inside my wife's sopping canal ―all I could do to keep from scratching my own itch with a few hip strokes and swivels. huh?" Jan was fumbling with her pant legs. huh. "Lovely view today." Suddenly my diaphragm was caved in by the focused weight of the body atop me.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane "This is Joe's first day on the job. "Hold still!" Jan hissed in my face." Then she slid off me onto sand and stood up. "Excuse me. of my civil senses warned me that something indecent loomed overhead ―for just a moment." "I suppose I should get up and put them on. Jan sat up and began fumbling with her shirt.) "… I guess your husband missed out on your congenial company today. I was kind of showing him around. Finally the first guard cleared his throat. The human squeak coming from the jeep's direction was a good enough clue also.. But one.Well. You didn't see nothin' . Good thing you brought those sweats after all. Joe?" "Didn't see it― nope." (The jeep engine started up again. I couldn't see a thing with the towel still over me. so you might say I've been getting a bit of revenge.

Revenge II me to see my strange lover yank her waistband up over bare buns and wave farewell to the lifeguards." Again no words. and . I was up― towels flung several feet to each side. Teddy. remember?" Jan wiggled her bare toes toward my aching crotch and began clawing at the looseness of my sweat pants. Don't tell me you didn't get a rise out of that 'little scene' as you call it. pray. "Oh. But Jan didn't answer. huh?" I must have hesitated. "And what. I can see Petie nodding his head... Ted. not without you here to protect my virtue." "If I didn't know your inhibitions better. It's my birthday." She giggled again. no matter how you shake yours. "Why don't you just set back against your side of our love nest― I will sit across from you here. am I supposed to make of that little scene?" "I was cold― had to put something on." "Wasn't it exciting?" I was at a loss for the right words. 135 . I had an answer. Ted …at least. I'd call that an exhibition. "Come on." "I would never do such a thing. "Come on. And as soon as the jeep engine faded down the beach a ways. "Maybe we'll see you again?" he called back. but a certain rush of blood from loins to brain cells as I pulled up my pants. I was here all right. Let's indulge in a little more exhibition just for one another this time.

she―" Jan was rolling her head about stiffened shoulders in feverish heat. and began pawing at her cooled mound of pubic extravagance... Globs of semen were puddling in and round my navel... Jan it's―. I SEE it!" She quickly got up on her knees. I abandoned my own inhibitions for the day: If she don't finish her wifely duty." "It's coming. then I will. past her knees.. Oh I see it.. "Here . With a quick glance at the perimeter of our space. "Ted. I could no longer keep my palm off poor Pete. Nobody can see. Ted. "AAAAAAHHHH. mine is waking up again. I sqeeeeeeezed the life out of him― wrenched his rock hard neck and ." Jan swallowed and let her head fall back." "Jan!" She slid her own pants down again.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane "Pull it down. I'm getting warmer .she's .. no mind for the breeze on her butt.." "Mmmmmmmmmmmm . "Let me hear what it feels like.. With one hand she pulled her top up past those blinking breasts.Oh look at that! I think there's a spoon with the coleslaw. Pete was working up a spasm of delight. 136 ." "That's it .." Janice rummaged with one hand into our lunch sack. keeping wide eyes glued to my throbbing instrument.. One of my feet was drawn like a magnet to tease their brazen roundnesses.. Under my own cross-eyed gaze.Oh.

"Let's see now." She began spooning the sop from my belly.. maybe we should call them?" "I dare you!" "Stand up― Well. Pull up your pants if you have to.Revenge II "There! Now hold out your hand. perhaps." “What?" I held up my right hand. I'd say almost two full ounces of―. this is incredible. "Seven …and about a half.three." My wife seemed to have had enough of the beach for one birthday. "What are you doing. I couldn't keep the grin from creeping up to my face.. Jan" Shouldn't we be making ourselves decent?" "Just a minute ." My right palm was full of wet goo.. "You satisfied yet with your revenge?" "Oh. with her spoon held aloft in triumph. Two teaspoons to a table. "Now cup it … like this." "Since when were we trying for the Guinness record?" "Well." I did us the favor of pulling hers up also as she stood aloft into plain sight." She kept scraping up driblets of white seed. Ted.. one question nagged at me.two . Walking back through the shops along the beach. all right." "Then I can dispose of your little collection here. right? And two to evaporation. I went to see just how long you've been saving this up for me. still palm up and loaded to 137 ." She grabbed one of mine.

Ted. here. I will help you find our hotel bed for a makeup romp.. but it's yours. you know?" She hung closely to my crooked arm. "This precious body fluid of yours..for the kids... Sprouted from your loins. We had the pleasure of seeing your wife on the beach. It's the Missus and . remember? And don't you dare spill a drop. "Hey. Didn't we. along with your bowling trophies.. Joe "No." "Great conversation piece." "At whose expense?" "This one's on me. "And don't worry.. where we were headed.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane the brim with liquid." "Yes Sir." Jan explained with a bright smile." Jan cordially volunteered my introduction. Just pretend you're holding a sand crab or something .. "Maybe I'll display it on the mantle at home." “Then after an early dinner and a bath. You only have to hold it until we get back to the hotel." A familiar voice hailed us from the bus stop." "Oh." "WE were just making up. Joe. One of the shops there had a little leaded crystal bottle that will keep it just right. Ted.. I watched it. 138 . my missing husband." I mused sarcastically. "This is Ted ." "But―" "It's my trophy. not me. I didn't― Uhn'uh!" "We were on guard duty." "Forever and ever . Didn't see a thing.

Revenge II I was almost as nervous as Joe. free for the takin'." 139 ." Joe was looking the other way. Sir. "And believe me. "There's always a price. She's a treasure." My throat caught when I saw our lifeguard extend his right hand. I'm glad to have finally made your acquaintance. Ted." "Guard her well. "Well. You know. "Put it THERE. good thing I was there to protect your property." I suggested. mate." "I think so. with a knowing glance at Jan. Joe here ―new on the job and everything― might have mistaken your Missus for one of them others." "Well. Ha-ha. this one is expensive. Otherwise.


reputation. And that one couple knows us now.. "I only hope it doesn't really cost us anything .Room with a View "I didn't enter your name.) "That banquet was VERY expensive.. "All right.and I DON'T mean just money. glancing beggingly back and forth from claim ticket to my face...” Ted was changing the subject. I've never won a prize before." (Ted was looking rather sheepish while I explained. "I didn't see anybody you know." I conceded. Janice― I swear it.ENDURING PRINCIPLES." Ted parried. It's probably just a bottle of champagne or one of those cheap compact cameras. Now Ted was looking a bit red-faced. even though it was free. It was there waiting for us on the door of our hotel room in a gilded envelope." Ted still looked uncomprehendingly back at me. modesty . How can an otherwise intelligent man be so dense at times? "You know: Self-respect.” That's what he kept telling me.” I spit it at him for emphasis.” Outside the hotel gift shop: 141 . "Well. "Well you never know. none too subtly. Isn't it funny how we keep running into them?” "Let's go pick up your prize. once I fix my hair.

Ted had worn a tag just like it at the prior evening's banquet." I fumbled with the video disk. I suppose we should take you back to my examination room. huh?” Ted was glowing as he tore the packing from my new Sony Camcorder. "Hah!" Nothing but the side of the next building could be seen.. "I suppose that makes me guilty?” "Let me load this thing and we'll immortalize your confession.probably just dropped it on the floor under our table. the innocent party wins in the end.” That was Ted's theory.” I snatched the camcorder from Ted's paws. sky or water. "Some view.. "I guess they must have found your (ahem) OTHER name tag somewhere and just put it in the pot for the door-prize drawing." We hadn't yet spent much time in our room― the one that Ted so proudly declared was specially requested for ‘the view’. I pulled drapes from the window.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane "Cheap compact camera. My tag ―at least the one that my devoted husband had pinned to my breast― it looked entirely different." "What?" "Did you pay extra for this?" There wasn't even a neighbor's window to reflect landscape. A name-tag with my name on it was stapled to the receipt. I 142 . "So. just a little ledge with a pair of pigeons nesting. "But first. Teddy. though he left out the slight-of-hand part where he swapped tags and ditched the original . So I thought first to test the camera upon the said view.

"…and the desk clerk wasn't there. and I tried to explain that my wife was waiting―" "Naked …” ". The male pigeon was doing a little dance for his mate. when this guy (probably a bellhop of some sort) appeared grinning (spoke broken English). but then he did when I made binoculars with my hands. "I wonder how pigeons do it?" "Do what?” Ted had no idea what the view he had troubled to reserve actually was. "But that clerk . "Pigeons― there's a pair out here getting ready to .well.and I knew I was late.. it was free ―and here we are. whatever big pigeons do to make little pigeons..” "And here we are!" I echoed..I was in a bit of a rush ." I zoomed close in on iridescent feathers. "I think he said the neighbor was attending the same banquet― and then he handed me the room key.. I'm not paying a thing." Ted mused.okay?” "What's that supposed to mean?" "Don't know. "The clerk guy said something else―" Ted's voice took on a Latin color: "Neighbor like view too .. and he grinned and said.Room with a View focused the camera at them for now.. but couldn't we have a room with a romantic view? He didn't understand at first. not really out of sorts... it is all a big advertisement." I muttered.” Ted spun me round to face him (and my 143 ..You were waiting in the car―” "Naked. "Janice. "I told you.” I zoomed back out again..” Ted puzzled. Okay.

"Didn't she always excite you visibly?” It was hard to keep the camera steady while I pawed my tingling breasts." Ted admitted. like that pigeon Miss out there..Come on. so why don't you do a little dance for your mate?” I challenged.” Ted lifted his wings while I began preening and parting his feathers too.. "Come on.” "Nothing wrong with watching Nature. so I parted them. "Perhaps I need some persuasion.. Ted backed up apprehensively: "What did you have in mind?” "Just a bit of Nature. My own ‘feathers’ were in the way. "But now...You see?” "Oh― Let me SEE that excitement . turning to front side..show us what's under your feathers.show us your feathers .” "What― to make little pigeons?” Ted backed away further.. Turn toward the camera. Birdie. "You seem to be exciting me more by your visual excitement .. "I never knew my wife was so visually excitable ―before this weekend. "ALWAYS.” Ted shed the last of his feathers while I zoomed in again on his backside.” I paused the camera to let it adjust to low light. "Yes! I want to immortalize your ‘rise’ to fame― Wow! Never seen one of those on a bird before.” I was advancing on him (unlike most of female nature) and feeling horny in an animal sort of way." he continued. that's all.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane camera was suddenly confused).” It wasn't long before his malehood stood fully erect 144 . "You look like you're spying on other hotel guests. Mate .

My femalehood was very sticky under what remained of my plumage... "There's the lobby and lounge and poolside and exercise room and boardwalk―” "Okay..well. while his animal excitement drooped. "Do you know how to hook this thing up to the TV?” "Janice―” He was protesting. Then I paused at a sudden inspiration: "Let's stop now and watch the tape. "That includes humankind.” "WHAT?” Ted cried.” Ted was growing excited again.” I passed the camcorder to him and glared. doesn't it?” "And my pigeons.” "You want to work up your animal appetite?” I kind of liked the idea. this is a great place to focus on the human form . "But one rule― Only Nature.. This is a NATURE film." I offered." he mused.for Art's sake.” I finished for him: "…another pigeon..Room with a View . "I mean― only a couple of pigeons and .and excited..” I could never be sure what my husband was aiming at or when he was actually filming. don't you erase my pigeons.. "You haven't hardly got (swallow) anything worth watching yet. What would my husband's taste in erotic scenery look like? "I mean. remember?” "Nature.” "Why don't we rewind and start fresh ―maybe a little scenery outside before we get . He explained. I caught him many times sneaking clips of my human nature.. intimate. 145 .

He could zoom in from a distance and keep steady for short runs ―which was all he was really after. But he did try to be discreet about it.” Ted had to think about that. a sort of collage of quick clips.. The lounge balcony overlooking the pool provided some of the best material (especially cleavages). What's with the furniture? I told you NATURE. "Also. thinking of all the time and expense (and pain) of constantly making up a face. Boy...” My hand rose distractedly to my own naked neck.. hip and thigh― or round the shoulder blades and down the spine . remember?” But between sessions.the crack of her―" "What about the face?” I interrupted. What I couldn't follow was why ―with so much human nature about― why did he bother to waste film on flowers and birds and cars and flower vases and . "There is the 146 . the row of hollows between the collar bone and shoulder muscles― Ah yes!" His camera and voice pursued the passing of a tank-topped blonde. especially the line from under the ear down to the curve ―where the neck joins the shoulder. "Well . "…the line along the back of the arm and down the trapezium ―ribs.. what a mind! "Necks― men notice necks..table legs? "Ted.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane and several were the suspicious looks from others. Ted paused to describe some of the themes he had in mind.” "Oh really?” "Yes. waist. also the lobby window on the walk to and from the pool.

"Take for instance the hollow between that belly and hip bone― It's utterly bewitching. Jaw lines? Were other men like mine. "What's all this about hollows. this male fascination for the detail of feminine form. Nobody seemed to notice or care.Room with a View jaw line. where we sat and chatted while Ted got a ground view of human nature: lots of bare legs." I ventured. a bit nervously now.” There were several pair of female legs between us and the pool. finding jaws sexy? What do they think we are: sharks? Later. (Strangely. feet and toes …and a few torsos. "Inside or outside?” "Both― also those hollows where the calf joins the knee.. Ted was panning progress of a smartly dressed lady." I palmed my own hip hollow beneath the bubbling water. as he wasn't lingering on any single . "Well …" Ted paused. we undressed again and headed for the pool ―actually the jacuzzi. It was a new world to me. So I compared jaw lines. and lowered the camera.” "Jaw line?” I could barely see my reflection in the smoked glass of the lobby window. I felt like the novice at the feet of a master. and Ted was taking his time exploring them all. I discovered myself thinking of table legs and car fenders.leg. just north of the heel?” Ted mused. "You know that hollow of the foot.) "So what's the focus now?” I probed. "How so. Professor?" 147 . He gestured toward the closest sunbather with his chin..

" I verbalized academically.. but― "Just how far do they go.." I ventured.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane "Well it sort of .. "Time for some 148 . Teach?” I was following Ted’s drippy trail across the pool deck. "But those aren't always so public. certainly.... "But we are not really conscious of that. ". He ejected himself from the jacuzzi and gestured for me to follow. like cleavages ―and yes.” "Oh. And you might say that the hollows are complementary to the swells.” "Oh. they are very sensitive to touch.and as you say..” "I always thought that men were most attracted by the swells. It was so hot and dry that day that his trail disappeared before we reached it: "Exercise room. you know. "You know. those butts and boobs. those hollows are very erogenous and ultra-sensitive?” And I wondered if Ted felt drawn by that wild call . or cheek.” Ted lowered the camera again and whispered his next comment conspiratorially: "Men touch with their eyes.” Ted turned the camera to focus on mine just then. "I suppose that I realize it. Those shadowy places accentuate the peachy round-nesses .with their eyes. "Where now. do they?” Of course I thought I knew that.that particular one over there." He put the camera back to his eye. I mean?” Either Ted hadn’t heard the question or didn't wish to hear." he announced.” "You realize. or even the balls of the feet.’calls’ to be touched.. the roundnesses ―like butts and boobs. and the knees and calves.

" I hissed back his direction. What kind of talk was this? Was my husband. lost in some kind of spiritual-artistic trance? No wonder history and sport and culture and religion and myth (and cars?) all seem determined to get tangled 149 .” Ted answered in poetic sing-song: "It's mesmerizing . but perhaps it would firm up my bust line. undulating. greeted by the vacant stares and scent of sweating bodies. flashing in and out of view. He finally crossed over to a bench behind me and suggested that I sit up for the pulley weights.. he dropped all but one pound per pulley. Ted pointed to an unoccupied weight machine: "You do some bench-presses while I take some pictures. "…bouncing you-know-whats. with passing shots at other exercisers. Mercifully. pinned down by increasingly oppressive weights. Theodore the Jock. contours ever-changing.” We ducked through an open door.a lot.. "Lots of swells. Then he settled back to aim the camera lens past my form to the less self-conscious activity of those around me.like silent music. form wrapped in glistening flesh. helpless feeling. some men and several women were earnestly panting in tandem. Seemed futile. collapsing.” I paused my exercise to stare back at Ted. hollows expanding.Room with a View motion and rhythm. then reaching ―yearning for release. pointing the camera my way . view of the ceiling.. swells contracting.” I didn't really like bench-pressing ―flat on my back. pivoting. Ted was leaning casually against a pillar..

One woman kneeled upon the floor stretching. pelvis.. They were really too busy to care or even notice our attentions ―probably thought we were merely exhausted from exercise. was admired …and liking it. she slowly arched her back.. as if she knew she was watched. I had to peel away Ted’s eyes from view of her bottom end pointed our way. nor her body as to modern commercial television standards: She had pale freckled skin. I guess). even godly to behold. The thin fabric of her body suit 150 . neck and arms― poking right through the shirt. copper hair brushing the mat behind her. "Let's continue this little revoir back in our room. When her face finally turned toward us. "I want your eyes on me now." I declared. arms reaching.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane up with human sexuality ―considering how that is the sort of thing commanding the less-practical side of male consciousness. torso. I just knew (without actually watching him) that Ted was noticing also how the woman’s nipples accented that rising arc ―thighs.” The redhead had turned around. shoulders pressed to the mat and both knees pulled up to chest. I thought she'd never un-spring herself. I noted casually that her features weren't especially attractive. belly flattening and bosom expanding the limits of her cotton knit. some sags ―a bit boney― but with her torso stretched out like that in one smooth motion . toes curling. Ted.it was beautiful. and I followed his gaze to the various nearnaked bodies all around us. What was I thinking? Ted dropped the camcorder to his lap (arms tired.

Mr Hollywood. hungrily inhaling the musky scent released from teased male-sexed flesh." I sprouted to face him." she whined. They paused to glimpse us crossing to our room before disappearing round the hall corner. Ted hadn't even closed our door when I turned. "Shoulder your camera and march. We were too absorbed even to acknowledge our ubiquitous acquaintances from the banquet as they passed down the hall: Mr & Mrs Womens-underwear. when he finally managed to grope blindly behind for the doorknob and shut out any neighborly view.Room with a View pulled tightly into the hollows and cleavages of a pantiless crotch.” 151 . yanked down his swim trunks and swallowed his sweaty rod. I was uninhibitedly (and compulsively?) seizing every opportunity to breach the limits of his modesty. dropped to my knees. The doors opened to our floor and began to close again when we failed to exit. when the elevator doors finally bounced open against Ted's leg. as if they were late for a movie. My own cleavages were sweating with anticipation of filling his lens first. "Okay. I pinched his tense butt muscle with one hand and squeezed his testicles with the other. George. Ever since that infamous banquet night. "I don't want to miss it this time. She glanced at us wide-eyed and pressed her hubby quickly forward. We almost crushed the camcorder between our embrace while riding up the elevator. and I knew that he longed to fill his lens with that perspective.

I heard a hissing inhale from Ted. so I turned the small of my back (another sensitive hollow) into the water. Then a breathless scream escaped my throat as I plunged into the frigid flow. Still wearing my swim suit. stunned by the multiplied brightness of mirrors covering every wall. pulling tight the ribbon of material until it disappeared into the folds of my crotch. Then I wondered as the shower's mirrored wall seemed to glow for just a minute. Returning attention to the shower. The shower door was not closed. I hate cold showers. I reached up to give my backless one-piece a little help. daring to bare sensitive armpits to the blast. cold water wouldn’t steam up the mirrors or Ted’s camera lens. even back of the shower. but I had a vision of our television screen filled with the goose bumps and color that cold water would raise on my skin. I felt a vibration in the wall (probably just air in the pipes) and chuckled. I found a bar of soap and began slowly tracing every dip and swell: first with a corner of the soap bar and following with fingertips of my other hand. but there were plenty of towels. Ted was obviously 152 . and I spied in the mirror his camera aimed directly at me. And happily.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane I flicked on the bathroom light. I was suddenly inspired to shut off the hot. so the floor would be a mess. The whole room was electric with the intensity of our shared excitement. While I bent over to play with hot and cold faucets. But the shock was soon over. I could feel my husband's attention focusing on my rear. Ted was seated on the commode.

resting my wet head against the mirror. then I grabbed at my navel for a wad of suit material and pulled it tightly against my crotch." I continued his thought. Ted left his seat to pull a macro close-up my inches from the action.Room with a View zooming in on this action. In fact. His warm caresses shivered my whole body once again. Ted paused the camera then and leaned eagerly forward. He was aiming the camera again. following every artistic stroke.under the spray of a tropical fountain. eyes unfocused skyward. facing Ted instead.. the material became a firm cable pressing blessedly the length of my swelling clitoris and exposing red lips of a very excited vulva. The warmth of Ted's attention suddenly vacated my lower section. his tongue outstretched into folds of my petalled sex. when my nipples tingled an alarm in my brain. my head and hair lolled back under the spray. Rosy stems ached to be 153 . though the water no longer felt cold. this time at the swells of my fruited chest. He sat back down and with spare hand gripped his rod like an airplane control stick.. I arched my body back to point the peaks of my glory straight up. With a slight twist. I turned my back to the mirror. Then I pulled both arms through their straps and began slowly peeling nylon skin from the paleness of fleshy globes. Reaching the insides of my legs. I hadn't noticed his talonned hand reaching for another pair of blossoms. "Like a jungle flower in bloom―” ". the glass shower door was etched with a pattern of Hawaiian hyacinths and long-beaked hummingbirds. "Glorious!" he exclaimed.

thump. and so I teased with one hand while gripping my clitoral reign with the other.” I was still curious: "It was coming from our bathroom. hadn't nursed a baby for months. Then I grabbed his nosey penis. Its soft warmth was very welcome after the chill of an open room on wet nakedness. stepped out of the tub and began leading him out to the bedroom. "You're going to ruin the camera. [Thump.) Ted deposited the camera and attached his mouth to suck loudly at the offending fruit. meanwhile embracing my arched back and pressing his penal attention upward." I warned. (This visual excitement was stirring my body chemistry to new extremes.” 154 . Juice had burst forth from a strawberry teat. "It's probably just our neighbors humping it against the wall. pushing us both to the bed. thump] "THERE― Ted. The tip of his penis was beet red with urgency. the sound had come from the rear of our room rather ―the bathroom? Ted hadn't noticed. knock] I paused our progress before the bed. Ted scooped up the camcorder and was filming my grip on his joystick when I heard it the first time: [Knock. lower half now ―but I gently pressed him away and shut off the water. He was clawing at my covering again.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane pinched again or pressed. what's that knocking noise?” He fell atop me." Ted reached for some toilet tissue. "You're squirting me ―AND the camera. "Ah!" Ted cried out. It wasn't the front door.

"Yours too.” "I'm surprised they stuck around after witnessing your various exhibitions. He was wildly nipping the swells and licking the hollows down my neck.) "I saw them going round the hall of this floor. I don't know when my swim suit disappeared." Ted sat up to study his next move. just like I was about to do..” (This was actually a game of mine: playing with my lover's mind while he tried to concentrate on mindless sex. I didn't really care. He was roughly parting the halves of my peachy rear and prying at the 155 . "So they're doing it in the bathtub. I didn't want to spend all my excitement in one burst ." "Who are our neighbors ―did you seen them?” But Ted explained that the room opposite that wall would be entered from another hallway. "Ooh!" I interrupted my soliloquy. glanced again at the camera abandoned on the bed stand with a very impatient look in his eye. you know. he pivoted from there to swing his whole torso round and prod my cheek with a stiff penis. arms and chest.or so I patiently preached: Slow and gradual wins the prize. you show-off." and I arched again while that animal began slurping my most private cleavage. "I wonder if it's our ‘Panty and Hose’ acquaintances. Besides. It was pure delight to torture him thus while he devoured my nether end in beastly abandon. I turned to delicately handle his intrusion and began licking while I chatted ―like snacking socially on hot beef-on-a-stick. His tongue buried itself deep in my vaginal cave.Room with a View "HA!" Ted chortled..

. My sphincter began to spasm.. for instance .. thumping. Ted's hips were bucking against my jaw. taming this beast into submission. lonely little housewaif..My pleasure was the desire of every gawking. up over our bed. Just a little harder ―THERE― and we would BE there. 156 .as I sat up on my knees to ride one last buck from my bronco's face . expertly and deeply.” I had a knot of his hair in one fist. OH! And the light... mine.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane pit with his tongue.. Ted . buck and wiggle. I was imagining that the smoke alarm was not an alarm at all when the wave of primal energy began shocking and rocking my frame. piping our performance out to a big screen in another room full of cheering spectators: loyal fans of our every thrust. chanting husbandman out there in Machissimo-land. I daydreamed that the half-globe over our bed was actually a hidden camera.. of course .Did you notice our smoke alarm. applauding. And I. My lover was doing it so very right and thoroughly. Bet you've never seen one quite like it― Look. right here. use a finger there― YES! Press it ―AHH― two fingers. grinding my saddle into his face. making it extra difficult to focus on verbal prattle: "That smoke alarm..Ted. I interrupted our discussion to bite the base of his horn. Teddy? Its battery lasts a year or more. all MINE and the envy of every other UNfulfilled.I want you to observe that it isn't blinking at all.. The ones I've seen look like a little flying saucer with a blinking red light …Ow! But this one ―OOOSH-h-h-haaa― It looks more like a motorcycle helmet with a green light .

157 .” "Who?" Ted was close to climax now. oops …" My face. my hair." I shouted with them. RIGHT THERE― My other. "But they want more. my mouth. "Spray me." I encouraged." I urged as he panted and thrust. "What― are― you― talking―” He inhaled. Theodore!" I cheered." I could feel the glow emanating from between our tangled bodies." I commanded..Room with a View Then I reigned in my bull. That exposed the details of our expert sport for all those jealous eyes. swelled his cheeks. Ted. "Not again. "No way!" Ted pulled his face stickily from my bosom. I could hear the wild applause of our audience buzzing in my ears: "Encore― ENCORE. "Back up. Even I could see with my head propped on a pillow― the well-oiled piston action of Ted's bucking machine. Strands of love-goo stretched and snapped back. I grabbed the back of my thigh to pull a leg back against one breast. "You are blocking the view . my Hero. YES― My tits. not now. "Show them what a real bull― I mean. Ted. "Give it to them." I kicked one of his knees away and pulled my own up between his legs. to dismount and wave to my public..here. his whole body ready to burst with triumph.. "Pull it out and come all over me― My belly." he begged.. holding tightly with his knees. what a MAN can do. "Mmmmmmm . But I was abruptly knocked down onto my back again to become bucking heifer under a rodeo clown. and arrested all motion.

" Ted was sprawled naked and sated at my feet.." Ted glanced quizzically up and back down to the grin on my face. finished . "Your beloved fans …your public. "I think it needs a new battery after all.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane "Who wants more?” Poor Ted looked genuinely alarmed. 158 . drained. When I finally escaped his tickles under bedcovers and pillows.almost.." I protested and pointed. my eye caught the last glow of the little green light before it winked and flashed off. completely spent.” I pointed up to invisible grandstands. "Oops. "They've been watching through our smoke alarm.

159 .. “You wire this up to the TV. you limp noodle.perhaps. snatching a bath towel from the vanity chair as I passed. washed my lover's sweat and saliva and sex scum from all my hairs. At least. while I go freshen up for The Show. I poked my head out again before shutting the bathroom door: “And call up some dinner while you're at it. just to test and see if men are indeed so visually stimulative as they say. It was a hot shower this time: opened all my pores.” Room service would be expensive.. His noodle was limpid also. So. I quickly shut the door behind me when the vanity mirror began to fog. but worth it ―if Ted's handy-camera-work produced as promised. My energy and excitement was not so spent and I was thinking there was perhaps enough there for both of us . he was seated at the foot of the bed facing the television with a manual on his lap and a wire in each hand. wearing shorts and t-shirt.” I pranced toward the bathroom. Ted was up again. I would attempt an experiment with his male mind.” I deposited the camcorder on my husband's belly where he lay spread-eagle and bare and expended upon our hotel room bed. I had plans to remedy that. Ted is feeling tired. However.Room with a View II “Here. is he? I hummed some bars of a Souza march tune and released my steamy bod from the bathroom.

. it quickly grew wider.. somehow we recorded video of an empty bed.a man. What's this? I see a bed― Janice.” Yikes! I thought of the expense ―just briefly― then forgot everything as I sat down at the vanity.almost....not OUR reflection. I could no longer see Ted reflected behind me. “I didn't say anything. “What?” I exclaimed.” Ted was crossing wires again. only neatly made. Janice.T-E-D-D-Y.” Ted announced. I found a comb. Drat ―the bulb was burned out. It was Mrs Pantyhose herself seated at an opposite 160 . Boring― Wait.TED . But I could see another bed …with Someone seated near its other side . Jan. the bed was just like ours.. spreading outward and blocking the image of our room. poking at the television controls. And that was all I could see around the edges of the womanly form staring back at me from directly behind the glass. “They will be here any minute with your dinner ―lobster and prime rib. the camera isn't even plugged in. My towel dropped the rest of the way to the chair seatback as I reached to flip the switch.. I could see Ted clearly in the mirror. but light ―where was the light switch? Then I spied it in the corner (funny place for a light switch).” A line had formed down the center of my vanity mirror. “Think I've got it .Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane “You had better pull on a dress. baring shoulders before and behind. while I searched drawers for a comb and brush.... No― this wasn't my reflection . My towel drooped down. A funny vibration started buzzing the wall again.” Then it was my turn to exclaim: “Ted .

“Ted.” He grabbed the TV guide. The man on the bed behind her. I thought before returning my attention hither. startled by her intimacy. I might have sworn he could see me. Mrs. she wore only black hose and a black lace bra while preening her long blonde feathers. She leaned in close to the glass with an eyebrow brush. Her moving mouth and raised eyebrows provided the only clue that she sought to communicate with her husband. turning on her light instead of mine?) The way he stared. Finally I concluded that she couldn't see me. A half smile stole up and Mr. an expression of interest growing as his face became lighted by the other vanity mirror. I gulped and waved ―finally thinking to snatch up my towel again― and glanced nervously around at Ted.Room with a View II vanity and mirror like mine. “I wonder what channel this is on?” I waived again at my vanity guest. On an impulse. on the television. settled back again. Must be a man thing. He was absorbed in his own vision. The rag slid down the mirror to rest on the vanity top again. I backed away suddenly. couldn't hear me. Mr Whats-his-name 161 . I unconsciously pulled the towel more tightly round as he got up and advanced. he hung up his phone and went round to face their TV and fiddle with the controls. (Maybe my switch was miswired. I grabbed a wash cloth from the counter and tossed it at his face. can you break away to look over here?” “Just a minute. suddenly turned his head our way. Jan― can't figure this out.

I found myself tracing again the contours of my swells and hollows. she pointed at the glass between us. had pushed her chair back a bit to allow one hand access to her crotch.” But we were not communicating. started forward again. “You really need to see this. and when I dared to unveil my own nipples to blink back at those others bared before me. 162 . mirroring my activity with nervous. Ted. my whole body began to buzz. And then I noticed what he was actually staring at. rubbing with a practiced finger through the stretchy nylon hose. Jan?” “Oh. Ted was lost in a muddle of published instructions. “What if Ted looks this way? If she only knew …” “What's that. restless hands to that of the other lady ―except for the feeling that those strange male eyes were staring spellbound at my exhibition. Mrs. It was a natural response. not being accustomed to such long cleavage looking back from my mirror. Then I gulped oxygen to clear my fuzzy brain. We have company. Mr. while fingers of the other hand traced bold cleavage of lace-bound breasts. else her own mirror image. but Mrs. and a quick glance confirmed that Ted was still occupied. just like she was doing. but on my own form instead. “What am I doing?” I murmured absently.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane hadn't even blinked.” I gulped again and turned in my chair. I was quite certain now that they couldn't see me or my room. halted him with a gesture and pointed at me ―that is. It was a bizarre experience. I let my towel drape lower and began following the lead of her fingers.

Vanity unbuckling his belt.Room with a View II I turned back to see Mr. Now all I could see was his pale. I know what she is doing! It was the very thing I would have done had my own piece of manflesh parked himself thus. licked her lips and patted the vanity counter top. eager motion. Before I could even think to shout a warning. each nail leaving a pink path of irritated skin. naked back. I saw the manicured nails of womanly hands pulling both his legs outward. I turned my head around toward safety before opening my eyes again ―to the least stimulating sight imaginable: Ted with his nose in a technical manual. reached back. But it allowed me to catch my breath and summon courage to raise a 163 . Now Jan. The bulge of his excitement was quite evident. Outline of her background form disappeared as she pulled her chair closer to him …and dropped her head. This can't be happening. Mr. raking up and down his spine. they finally drew slowly outward. as if inviting him to seat himself there. squirmed once and leaned into her attentions. its only nature ―human nature. Those overdone nails reached around to tickle the small of his back. he climbed to sit facing his lady and pulled off his shirt ―all in one fast. Mrs. bracing himself for a clockwise pivot. His hips began rocking forward and back. I didn't see a thing ―for my eyes closed involuntarily. I assured myself. What if they turn around? How do I turn THIS television off? And then Mr. he had dropped his trousers (no underwear?) and flashed his tail at me.

frantic motion of pale and pink and blonde forms.and lusted for a similar view myself. opened the bathroom door and turned on the hot water faucet. I could tell from behind that she was beginning to breathe more quickly now. And then it was a pink fog . And then a more sobering plan began to materialize. Blonde hair― long blonde hair filled my view.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane comb to wet hair... The vanity had a small basin. Mrs.. somewhere south of my vision. I could only imagine what was within her immediate view. Mrs. I would rather veil this view before attempting any explanation to my husband as to what he was missing. busily pursuing hidden ministrations. Soon all I could see was white haze. but he was imminently there.. And lo. I turned on hot water there also. The pair had switched places. turning back toward my mirror to see . I had clouded the view just in time. It was a small room and steam soon began billowing out. was now atop the counter. braced both knees up in arms... I couldn't see her sire. actually― but . battling for pre-eminence behind the fog. my magic mirror began to fog. It is beautiful blonde hair.. and I did imagine . The shower mirror! I leapt back up. leaning backward against my mirror. no lewdness of strange bodies― only a blonde-colored fog. 164 .. feet were flat on the counter ―looking quite like a large blonde frog. no longer any OTHER room.

“Ted. I turned off the basin tap.. Only JUST in time … I settled back with a relieved sigh and pulled the comb against a nasty tangle. comb in hand …and nose pressed to the mirror. Ted stepped past me to shut off the shower. now dripping with condensation.. Ted was behind me now. “TED !!! What―” I shouted in alarm. I grabbed my towel from the floor and retreated to our bed ―feeling a bit confused at my secret reluctance to abandon the private showing. Of course that wasn't his face he found staring back at him. Couldn't really see anything anyway ―good thing.” He passed me 165 . “I think I got your camera working.” With a glance at the mirror. that . your hair looks fine― DON'T …” “Don't what?” he quizzed. though he finally shrugged himself away. he had quickly rubbed clear a sort of porthole.” I almost leapt out of my skin by Ted's voice standing behind me. I watched him rub the circle larger and stare some more.Room with a View II “Janice― Hadn’t you better turn off the shower. “You certainly can't see what you're doing there.” he proclaimed. still standing beside the vanity where my retreating eye spied motion of his arm raised. searching for my reflection in the darker smear of defogged glass. and you’d best put on something decent before our dinner arrives. “Why don't you join me on the bed and I will start the movie. referring to the fog-covered mirror.

Should I sneak over to the mirror for one last look at goings-on inside that other room? Ted's window through the fog invited.” “Scoot over. it is my mirror after all . a very occupied bed. where he snatched up the TV remote... The comb still lay where I dropped it on the vanity. “I'm turning on the set... even shocked... and no black lace . after all. Couldn't see clearly. Ted had a funny look on his face: dazed.and I never did get to finish combing my hair. It was only an empty room. grab the comb and …glance at the mirror: WHAT? Nobody. I stood up on tiptoe.” “It's that bed again . “Uh―” (Is Ted choking on something?) “I'm not sure what we've got here. Two steps.. The other vanity was vacant. no skin.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane to deposit himself back upon our bed. or perhaps the bluish light from the TV only exaggerated his expression.only this time it isn’t empty. Jan ―you can comb your hair over here while our home video plays.” Now I was committed. Jan. 166 .. no bodies.” Ted reached for the camcorder manual again. I really struggled with my conscience that moment. No! Then what was that moving just beyond the vanity light? It was the other bed.. puzzled. dared me to do it― . Forms ―human forms― had become entangled in perpetual motion. but yes― they were definitely engaged in .” I tore myself away to join my lover on our bed. turn.. Love. “Come ON.

” I groaned.Room with a View II I found my seat and focused my vanity-lightdazzled eyes on the video picture showing a bed and room― much like ours as viewed from above . there was nothing to see but a bare womanly back and two pair of legs. Ted.and it took me some moments to give up the search for a shred of clothing on those very adult bodies on the bed. No. Jan― I didn't. he and she.. But it must be one of those pay-per-view movies you order by phone ―only I didn't. I couldn't help it: my eyes remained glued to their resuscitations. I tried to sound calm and mature. They were not sleeping.” “Wow.” He put the manual down again.” I breathed. 167 .” “No. this view of a man having his way with a woman (or was she having it her way?). Ted was watching me: “You look like you've never seen nature have its way before. It was certainly captivating. certainly not asleep. Those bodies belong to our neighbors. “I was sure I got it right this time. “Ted. Otherwise.” It was Ted's turn to look abashed. we didn't record this. “It's not like they were a pair of pigeons. Theirs was a classic 69 position at the moment. though she had just rolled on top to straddling his face. and I wrapped the bed cover round myself in spell-bound suspense against that moment when one of those bodies might move aside and reveal more of their privacy to view. Her hair covered his loins like a grass skirt in disarray..

” Ted advanced. Sellers of women’s unmentionables …” He cupped a palm over each pectoral of his chest. “Um . Nor did it escape our visitor's attention. The fog had cleared. I glanced at the door ajar behind him. had lifted her head to gulp some air and apply some leverage to her rear half. There certainly was …and I could see it all now― all of it. when Room Service flashed a disarming grin. He gave up looking for the right button though. No?” “Uh. Mrs. I barely snatched 168 . “Maybe neighbor like view too?” The man pointed up at the smoke alarm over our bed. Ted turned back and exclaimed.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane “It's true. well …” Ted looked toward the window as if nothing of interest was on the TV..” “You was WHAT?” Ted looked aside at the vanity. “I know who that is now. I pulled the bedspread closer round myself when he looked my way. Suddenly a foreign accent filled the room: “Door was open. Men touch with their eyes. He rushed over to peer past the vanity glare at the bed and its occupants― side view of the same.” He was pointing to the space between the bed and television. mimicking a support bra. It's the same couple I was watching through our mirror. belonging to Room Service and standing just inside the short entryway of our room.just wheel it all over here―. and Mrs. “You like room-with-view.” It was a male voice. a glint of silver trays in the hall. then he made a grab for the remote.” it announced.. Dear. I reminded myself. “I bring lobster for you. thank you. “Oh. It's Mr.

” He stepped around Ted to face me also. demonstrating the zoom and pan features of the camera hidden over our neighbor's party― presumably one just like our smoke alarm.Room with a View II a gasp from my throat. You want to see your movie? No-no work. How you say? Cerrado …” I knew that much Spanish and translated: “Closed?” “Ah. He had taken up the remote. 169 . not daring to look at Ted. but Ted thought I might be: “Really.” The poor man was now too distracted even to attempt following the import of our discussion. He paused and zoomed in at a very revealing angle upon lips and tongue attending to an aroused red nipple. It do not work like Cable TV. Ted handed him a dollar. Room Service shook his head in reply. Jan. I couldn't help but smile when he spread our meal with such flourish. whipped out a flowered napkin for each of us and bowed. This TV closed …” He pointed to the spaghetti of wires Ted had arranged to-and-from the television. They blocked my view while Ted described his frustrated attempts to attach our camcorder. “Oh. “This TV for room-with-view. no-nono. I didn't realize he meant that kind of view. Si. The man chuckled and went back for the dinner cart. then (of all the male cheek) invited the man to turn and step closer to the television. and struggled to explain.” Ted translated further and glanced red-faced at me. I wasn't feeling particularly accusatory. “Closed circuit.

Yes. the little green light was on. he glanced up and to one side. I peered up at our smoke alarm. gripped my sopping sex with head hanging back so I could leer upward ―cow eyes blinking closely into the camera 170 . then returned to his feast with a satisfied smirk. But I stood before my audience. Then I stopped and laughed. is it? A hot feeling of . as if aware of watchers. So our subjects are watching us watch them.. while Ted's hips bucked and sought upward for purchase of my mouth again. forgetting their own bodies from sheer wonder over the way of my womanly treatment of Man. I watched myself tease and torture his tautness. which our watchers would never forget.. My inner camera began screen-testing a scene wherein I was so bored with the performance on TV that I threw off my wrap in frustrated abandon. and I found my attention drawn from the screen to my husband's buttoned belt. He moved slightly to one side allowing us better view of both her breasts. they would in fact be compelled to watch. Mr.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane Then a curious thing happened. Underwear's eye glanced up to meet my stare. tracing with my expert tongue the veins threatening to burst like muscled tendons through the thin skin separating his strained erection from the relief that only I could grant. I would claw off my husband's pants and position him with me beneath the smoke alarm for a fun-fest he would never forget.I'm not sure what: an I-will-show-them sort of indignation and determination …arose from my middle upward.

prodding me where my hands had been. jitterbugging polka round his maypole. I stretched my toes off the end of our bed all the way to the floor. He jerked as such sensitivity was pressed rudely into course womanly pubic hair. peaked a mountain and ground a grinding. There was a warning pulse from the base of my grasp. there I danced a dance and arched an arch. I lurched up and dropped straight down. like polishing a red delicious apple or shining a pearl of great ruddiness. With hands braced on his sweaty knees. I leaned forward and palmed his penis-head. burying his boyish irritation in the warm. on my cheek and my crown. Then I perceived it was time. The staff of comfort poked up between my parted legs. I launched my seat backwards and landed on his belly. I did what came naturally perched there upon my sire. squeezing. crushing. grab my hips and pull me back down to a rear-facing seat atop his lap. I saw Ted reach forward from his recline behind me. The pearl was restored to its nurturing shell where it could grow in safe darkness to full potential. wet cradle I had prepared for him. crying YES !! in wild triumph and licked the prize dripping down my face 171 . each landing in a starburst of warm brightness on my chest. then: One ― Two ― Three jets of whiteness arced gracefully up and back. The most ancient of dances― Fertility Reigns! When I heard Ted's voice grunting with anticipation.Room with a View II lens― as I bucked myself to the brink. blanketed his pulsing insistence with a two-handed grip and aimed his fount of life directly up at the camera. I raised both arms.

” 172 .. TV don't work ―you no see pictures. okay? Have fun― forget I see. “Okay! I have SOLUTION. Our neighbors had expended all their energy in one energetic romp. parting them with my other hand. our green light was still on. The Room-with-a-View TV showing was over now also.) “…take pictures HOME. With a jolt.) “You make for movie. I be very quiet. “I sorry. Two fingers of one hand availed ―like an island matron eating her poi― to spoon up Ted's generosity from the crevice of my breasts. VERY . “Maybe you like your movie better. I supposed that we were expected to do our turn now to revive their wilted interest. something involving the camcorder. I was cleaning in between fingers with help of a dry nipple when the picture finally flickered out― Mental screen-test over.. However. I held up the ritual offering for our camera's inspection and began licking the drippy cum from hand and knuckle bones.like cucaracha sneaky in the dark. No? You never notice me. He was attempting to express a proposal.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane onto ready lips.” He was gesturing toward the camera again. my mind grasped the realization that our lobster and its delivery man were still in the room. with great emphasis ―probably a common phrase for hotel staff to offer complaining guests. Then you take pictures …” (He pointed at the camera one more time. then shut off their room light to rest. Si?” Ted admitted so.” (He pronounced solution like a car salesman.

So while he caught his breath (and watched choice scenes for new inspiration) I chatted and thumbed through our stack 173 . I suppose).only imagining it (though Ted's saddle was real enough). get another hotel room― no view. the human kind is far more compelling than any of those animal nature films. “Yes. while the service man’s enthusiasm peaked: “I no charge your bill― On the house.” We were seated at home before our own big screen. okay?” Then he looked back at me ―still huddled naked under my comforter― with a giant grin and a nod.” Ted proclaimed. reviewing the documentary of the male mind that Ted had prepared for me. but I thought my husband understood about as much as I did. However. Now my poor husband was quite starved for air of a lower elevation. I agreed. When neither of us answered (each waiting for the other to speak first.. See. I have solution. I wasn't sure.Room with a View II Room Service grinned and stepped back on both heels conclusively. Self-respect had indeed ruled out our bell-hop's final offer. Si? Or maybe you stay.. only Cable TV. I do pictures FREE !! But no tell my boss. You like?” Ted and I looked at each other simultaneously. twice already now I had mounted to a class Everest peak just imagining . *** “I like human nature. very happy with his speech: “So you watch at home.

it's only human consciousness that can truly participate in the splendor of sexual abandon.” Ted's eyes had drifted shut.” There he goes again! I looked up from a curious letter to stare at Ted now as he concluded: “Animals are so absent-minded about it. Might as well be subjects of a great passionless laboratory experiment. The popular notion persists amid growing controversy that the institution of marriage has a dampening 174 . “You can see it in their eyes― much like the look you get sometimes. He sidled up to the screen for a closer inspection and waxed philosophic yet again: “You know.” I sighed. “Animals just can't relish the art of it like selfconscious humans. as if we were actually creating Joy. No shame. “Speaking of experiments: Look at this. “Sexologists from across the nation have teamed to conduct a scientific survey to determine correlation between length of marriage and sexual satisfaction.” Ted mused sleepily. I barely understood him but agreed again: “Nor can they enjoy doing it like we do. But they do lust.” He sighed back and paused the video upon a view of blossoming breasts ―mine. so I began reading into his ear: “You have been selected by your college Sociology Department Chairman from a list of married alumni as likely candidates for a groundbreaking study. Ted. no joy.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane of accumulated mail.” “Well!” I exclaimed.

rather than liberating this generation. lodging. which. eyes still closed. “This is a golden opportunity to serve your country. though growing ever more sophisticated and risk-taking in practice. as well as your own person and relationships. “We enthusiastically invite you and your partner to join this historic study. More conservative critics maintain that the opposite is true ―that the so-called sexual revolution. Simply complete and sign the enclosed pre-qualifying questionnaire ―both parties. contributing to a better culture for your children and grandchildren. We aim to provide more conclusive data for public scrutiny and cultural assimilation. and transportation paid. Participants will be reimbursed for time. please― for return in the envelope provided. (Paid for by CUM: Couples for Ultimate Matrimony. yields less and less satisfaction apart from the permanency and security of marriage. all meals. Respond now to ensure your place in the project.Room with a View II effect upon the sense of sexual fulfillment enjoyed by couples. has actually entrapped pleasure-seeking adults and teen children into a self-defeating cycle of sex-play technique. monitoring of sexual technique (both video and other physiological instrumentation). also controlled sessions with professional sex therapists. a whimsical smile on his face …and totally relaxed. “Methods will include written and verbal interview of sex-partners (married and otherwise).)” I looked up at my partner. 175 .

I wondered myself what I might answer.well.Fantasy Fun with Dick and Jane “What you think. but I could tell his interest was aroused. lying there naked― intense interest plain as the nose on his .. Talk about room with a view! What would Mother say? 176 . “You interested?” He wasn't answering. Ted?” I queried.. very prominent. This body was certainly interested. Video monitor? Sex therapist? My eyes focused short of my shaky handheld letter to the goose bumps emerging over the aureole of a pale breast ―mine― the nipple aching to be licked or bitten or teased. There was no hiding it. What about self-respect? Any woman with an ounce of dignity (wife or mom) should want to help improve culture for the next generation of happy marriages.

Room with a View II

AUTHOR’s NOTE: Look for the sequel to this volume, soon to be released. Marital adventures continue …


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