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The Thinning of the Veil - Mary Bruce Wallace

The Thinning of the Veil - Mary Bruce Wallace

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Published by Robert Bayer
While this book is filled with Christian allusions, it is also filled with the most wonderful exposition about Universal Spiritual Truths and Spiritualism. There is a tone of positive optimism that is so very high and empowering as well. Not only that but “The Thinning of the Veil” is one of those rare spiritual books which positively blends mysticism, new thought, universal truth, and spiritualism.
While this book is filled with Christian allusions, it is also filled with the most wonderful exposition about Universal Spiritual Truths and Spiritualism. There is a tone of positive optimism that is so very high and empowering as well. Not only that but “The Thinning of the Veil” is one of those rare spiritual books which positively blends mysticism, new thought, universal truth, and spiritualism.

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Published by: Robert Bayer on Aug 20, 2014
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The Thinning of The Veil The Thinning of The Veil

A Record of Experience
Mary Bruce Wallace
Foreword #
Introduction $
%ART &' "ME ( T)E CMM*!&CAT&!" (RM *R (R&E!+ 9
Work on our Behalf 9
On the Other Side of the Veil 1,
Our Lord 1#
Practical Counsels 1-
Visions 1$
%ART &&' WR+" (RM T)E TEAC)ER .1
The Perfect Purpose .1
Enter Each Da with Careful Preparation .#
The World!Catacls" .$
Cooperation with Spiritual #elpers #,
The Sanctuar Within #/
The Co"in$ Da #9

E"pirical e%idence that hu"an personalit sur%i%es the phsical &od throu$h which
it has "anifested itself' and that co""unication is possi&le &etween persons
discarnate and those still in the flesh' has &een $athered' sifted in so"e de$ree' and
"ade accessi&le to the pu&lic' & Spiritualists' the Societ for Pschical (esearch'
and other in%esti$ators) In recent ears such e%idence has presented itself fro"
"an sides' in rapidl $rowin$ %olu"e* and it now a"ounts' in the +ud$"ent of so"e
e"inent scientists' to a"ple proof) ,t an rate' no theor hitherto su$$ested short of
the Spiritualist one' is reconcila&le with all the rele%ant facts of well!authenticated
e-perience) It "a &e' howe%er' that the su&+ect does not .uite lend itself to scientific
de"onstration' and that a&solute con%iction can &e reached onl throu$h a
.uickenin$ of the indi%idual consciousness which will "ake the essential
deathlessness of one/s spirit to &e intuiti%el percei%ed) Such a .uickenin$' was part
of the illu"ination that the late () 0) Bucke descri&ed in his &ook Cos"ic
Consciousness' and that "ore 1orthodo-1 Christians would pro&a&l identif with
1the &aptis" of the #ol 2host)1

The record which this little &ook contains of intercourse with a world &eond the
ran$e of the usuall!reco$ni3ed &odil senses' is not intended as an addition to the
pschical e%idence a%aila&le for in.uirers on those ele"ental .uestions) , critic that
is uncon%inced with re$ard to the" will pro&a&l re"ain skeptical after readin$ this
&ook) #e will readil suppose that what " wife thinks she hears and sees throu$h
newl!unfolded interior faculties onl wells up fro" so"e deep reser%oir of "e"or
and sprin$ of i"a$ination* and that' when it see"s to her an o&+ecti%e perception'
her su&conscious "ind is +ust plain$ her a trick) But to those who are in the &est
position to for" an opinion concernin$ her e-periences' no such hpothesis appears
ade.uate) ,fter o&ser%in$' da & da for now "ore than two ears' the si$ns of the
.uiet unforced &losso"in$ of those pschic faculties in her' after recei%in$ throu$h
her se%eral "essa$es that su&se.uentl ha%e &een %erified in " own e-perience' I
cannot dou&t that she is &ein$ used & a $roup of discarnate &ein$s who' under the
Lord of all' are workin$ for the thinnin$ of the %eil &etween the life in the phsical
&od and the life &eond) 4or ha%e I &een the onl con%inced witness of' and $ainer
&' " wife/s pschic de%elop"ent) It was durin$ a %isit that she paid to her father'
"other' and sister' in ,u$ust 5657' that her pschic sensiti%eness first re%ealed itself)
Since then' whene%er the ha%e %isited us' or she the"' the ha%e +oined with her in
her dail "eetin$ with hea%enl %isitants) Each of her two &rothers has also &een
present on two or three occasions) In rare cases8+ust three ti"es8with the consent
of her 2uides &eond the %eil' friends outside the fa"il circle ha%e likewise &een
ad"itted) ,nd all these relati%es and friends ha%e throu$h her $ot co""unications
that ha%e &een to the" distinctl helpful and .uite rele%ant to their respecti%e
difficulties and needs) The cu"ulati%e con%incin$ effect of such e-periences could'
howe%er' scarcel &e con%eed to stran$ers)

So"e of our dearest relati%es 1deceased1 ha%e8so we &elie%e8%isited us and
spoken to us' respondin$ thus to a call "ediated throu$h the spirit!friend who was
the first to "ake hi"self audi&le to " wife) It is of course a $reat and sole"n deli$ht
to co"e once "ore into conscious touch with the"' and learn how the ha%e fared
and what the ha%e &een doin$ since their transition) But of this kind of satisfaction
we are not per"itted to seek a %er fre.uent e-perience) 4ot all discarnate hu"an
&ein$s ha%e as their "ission to continue co!operatin$ with those the ha%e left
&ehind on the "aterial plane) 0ost of the" ha%e elsewhere lessons to learn and
$ood work to do' fro" which it would not &e well to di%ert the") Besides' those &est
.ualified to instruct us here and lead us on the upward wa' are less likel to &e
found a"on$ those who &elon$ed when on earth to our own or our parents/
$eneration and were in closest association with its' than a"on$ those who' throu$h
an a"pler e-perience &oth on this and the other side of death' are further e%ol%ed)
The $ain to earth dwellers would &e s"all8perhaps' instead of $ain' there "i$ht &e
added confusion and waste of ti"e8if an e-tension of pschic de%elop"ent a"on$
the" resulted "erel in their "aintainin$ or resu"in$ co""unication with deceased
relati%es and friends little' if at all' wiser than the"sel%es) But there would &e $reat
$ain if closer intercourse could &e opened up with the 0asters of wisdo" and lo%e'
the 1spirits of +ust "en "ade perfect)1

In readin$ such a &ook as this' one should of course take into account that there are
li"itations on the part of the 1sensiti%e1 throu$h who" it has co"e) What passes
throu$h the sensiti%e/s "ind 9su&conscious and conscious:' fro" howe%er pure and
loft a source' "a &e in so"e de$ree shaped and coloured & the thou$ht!"olds
and e"otional channels that are the onl ones a%aila&le there) #ea%enl Teachers
"a ha%e "uch to tell and show which as et the cannot pass distinctl and
co"pletel throu$h an or$anis" such as ours) But these co""unications throu$h
" wife' whate%er their i"perfections "a &e8ha%e "ade the spiritual world "ore
real to the few who ha%e heard the"* and it is hoped that this selection fro" the"
"a &e of use likewise to a wider circle)

Co""union e%en with saints and an$els' if this &e possi&le for us' is no su&stitute
for co""union with the ;ni%ersal Power' infinitel "ore than personal' in Who" we
all' whether in the &od or out of it' li%e and "o%e and ha%e our &ein$) The influence
e-erted &' sa' a St) Tho"as a <e"pis' a Brother Lawrence' a St) Catharine of
Siena' a Sa"uel (utherford or a Frances (idle #a%er$al' while on earth' would not
tend to distract an co"panion/s attention fro" the #i$hest' &ut would rather lead to
a "ore earnest 1practice of the presence of 2od)1 ,n influence' therefore' which
such as the' or ser%ants of 2od still further ad%anced in the spiritual life' "i$ht e-ert
fro" the other side of death' would certainl &e in the sa"e hol direction' while
"ore powerful and penetratin$) Precious is intercourse with those on earth who are
"orall and spirituall ahead of us' still "ore so is fellowship with those 1"inisterin$
spirits1 who' fro" hi$her planes' are seekin$ to help us into the Will of 2od' as
instru"ents of ri$hteousness and lo%e unto #i") Such fellowship is what is to &e
hoped for fro" 1the thinnin$ of the %eil)1 =) B(;CE W,LL,CE) LI0,V,D>'
I(EL,4D' Octo&er' 565?)
Ver wonderful does it see" when for the first ti"e one hears clearl the well!
re"e"&ered %oice of a friend who has passed into the ;nseen World) This entirel
une-pected e-perience ca"e to "e in ,u$ust' 5657' and since then the people and
the conditions of the other life ha%e &eco"e "ore and "ore percepti&le to "e
without "aterial apparatus of an kind) , friend' who had left the earth a&out fi%e
ears &efore' at first $a%e "e %arious con%incin$ proofs of identit' and then went on
to tell "uch that was interestin$ and illu"inati%e a&out the ne-t planes of e-istence)

, few das later' a #ea%enl Teacher also ca"e to speak to "e' throu$h " unseen
friend' and I could hear his %oice e%en "ore clearl) ,fterwards he %isited us e%er
Sunda da e%enin$' and as' he spoke' word & word' sentence & sentence' in
perfect se.uence of thou$ht' I said it aloud' and " hus&and took it down in
shorthand) So"e of these addresses are to &e found in the second part of this little
&ook) I felt fro" the %er first perfectl nor"al' not losin$ consciousness in an wa'
&ut I could not $uess what the ne-t word would &e until I had heard it) 1We +ust $i%e
ou one word at a ti"e' and then wait to see if ou ha%e $rasped it'1 said " friend)

The %oice see"ed to speak not to " outer ear &ut to " soul!ear' and I heard e%er
intonation of it' suitin$ the nature of the thou$ht' tender' $ra%e' encoura$in$' hopeful'
+oous@ e%er hu"an e"otion that is true and &eautiful see"ed e-pressed in tones
"ore "usical than an outward %oice can reach) The Teacher told "e that &efore
lon$ I should also see hi"' without an effort on " part to de%elop clair%oance)
This pro"ise was fulfilled a few "onths later) I was walkin$ alone & the sea' when'
in one sudden flash' I saw' a tall fi$ure &eside "e' clad in shinin$ rai"ent that looked
like "oonli$ht' and with a face so wonderfull cal" and &eautiful that I could not
for$et it) I saw sil%er sandals upon the feet' and then the %ision faded' &ut I a$ain
heard the now well!known %oice)

,fter this' I often saw hi"' usuall when not e-pectin$ to do so) So"eti"es he would
pace &eside "e for a few "o"ents on so"e .uiet road' speakin$ words of ad%ice or
caution and answerin$ " .uestions) I also saw hi" when he ca"e to $i%e us the
Sunda talks) It is not eas to descri&e the starr &eaut of these radiant ones) The
&od looks like a ros ala&aster la"p throu$h which the $lor of the spirit shines
forth' illu"inin$ e%en the rai"ent' and creatin$ a surroundin$ at"osphere8aura8
"ore or less da33lin$ accordin$ 9I i"a$ine: to the de$ree of spiritual de%elop"ent of
the indwellin$ soul) Thus I see the aura of the Teacher like white fla"e' %er
da33lin$' whereas that of our friend is softer' and looks "ore like candle!li$ht)

I a" conscious of the indi%idual har"on and power of each of the spirits to an
e-traordinar de$ree' i"pressin$ "e e%en "ore %i%idl than either sound or si$ht of
the") Thus when the Teacher approaches' I feel deep cal"' peace' tenderness' all
do"inated & a sense of power) The soul!at"osphere of our friend' on the other
hand' &rin$s $entleness' s"path* and I feel also a soft &ree3e waftin$ the
fra$rance of flowers) These &rief descriptions faintl su$$est " i"pressions' which
differ with each personalit that co"es)

,s the "onths passed' I saw se%eral other friends' and so"eti"es an$els for a few
wonderful seconds) The first of these e-periences i"pressed "e deepl' for the
an$el did not approach "e on a le%el' as the friends or Teacher' &ut see"ed to
descend fro" a hei$ht' and I saw opalescent fla"e &eneath the feet) The whole
&ein$ looked "ore ethereal than that of e%en the Teacher' and the halo around the
head fra"ed the "ost e-.uisite of faces) Once an an$el &rou$ht "e a sheaf of
lo%el flowers' different fro" earth ones) She said' 1Treasure th $ift of %ision' child)
It is rare a"on$st "ortals)1

On one occasion the Teacher said to "e@ 1Tr to understand the %ital i"portance of
keepin$ a cal" "ind free fro" a$itation or worr) Onl the unruffled pool can
perfectl reflect the hea%ens a&o%e it) >ou "ust .uiet our thou$hts and feelin$s to
&eca"e recepti%e to our presence and influence) We trust that as the das $o & ou
will endea%our to practise this recepti%it "ore often) We are ea$er to respond to
e%er such effort on our part' for onl thus can we efficientl widen and deepen the
channel of co""unication and "ake it of %alue) 4ot triflin$ is this work' &ut one
which leads to issues of "ore %ital i"portance than ou can at present appreciate)
>ou are called upon to do our share in &reakin$ down the &arrier &etween our world
and ours8a &arrier which is &ound to $o &efore the (ace can pro$ress further)
(eali3ation of spiritual realities and of the spiritual world within and ensoulin$ the
outer one is &ound to &e achie%ed & "ore than a few of the (ace &efore it can pass
successfull onward) #ow can #ea%en &e "anifested upon earth until #ea%en is
percei%ed' and felt to &e desira&le and &eautifulA #elp to open the ees of "en that
the "a see' help to open their ears that the "a hear' and their hearts that the
"a understand) , &lessed work it is that we call ou to do) Be thankful that ou are
called' and take our hands' that ou "a &e prepared for it' since we know &est how
to prepare ou)1 On another occasion I was told that althou$h the first outward si$n
of pschic unfold"ent had &een sudden' the preparation for it had lon$ &een $oin$
forward' durin$ " sleep' .uite unconsciousl to the outer self) 1We ha%e &een
slowl preparin$ ou for "an ears' and "ost carefull $uardin$ ou fro" all
unhelpful influences)1

I will now record a few of " friend/s "essa$es a&out the other life' and also so"e of
" own %isions of it)
%ART &' "ME ( T)E CMM*!&CAT&!" (RM *R (R&E!+
WR2 ! *R BE)A3(

1I #,VE lon$ &een trin$ to de%elop the facult of co""unication' &ut I had not
"uch facilit for it' and so ha%e onl ac.uired it with i""ense difficult) I feel I can
help ou for a while' and " Teacher confir"s this) For the present' I a" still to work
for the earth' and ou "ust help "e to acco"plish this "ore perfectl if ou can)

1#ow wonderful that I and "an others are trin$ to con.uer DeathB The &reakin$
down of the &arrier is to &e the ne-t $reat work for the world of "en' and we can
acco"plish it onl & their praerful and acti%e co!operation) We are trin$ to $et the
earth!folk to reali3e that it is possi&le to lift the %eil now' or to see throu$h it* &ut the
whole world is so i""ersed in outside thou$hts that it "ust learn to deepen its
consciousness &efore we can $i%e it all the li$ht possi&le)

Do tr to attain a cal" attitude of "ind' and to feel the deeper thin$s "ore
constantl) <eep risin$ out of the earth!"ists li$htl like a &ird' without strain' into
our nati%e at"osphere) The %eil is thinnin$ fast now' and will thin still faster for the
souls who are conscious of what we are seekin$ to do) E%en a da or two later' ou
"a recei%e li$ht that ou could not $et toda' &ut the war!at"osphere of the earth at
the present ti"e is %er distur&in$' producin$ a "ist so dense and stiflin$ that we
can scarcel &ear to descend into it) The descent "eans sufferin$ for us) It is "ost
i"portant that ou should keep our own "ental and e"otional at"osphere clear
and cal"' free fro" all worr or a$itation)1

1,ll the "ore e%ol%ed spirits undertake their "ost serious work durin$ the ti"e
analo$ous to our ni$ht) It is then that a $reat "an strea"s of influence are sent
forth & the" &eneficiall upon the hu"an &ein$s still on the earth) In the ni$ht we
are a&le to $ather in consciousl "uch power fro" Di%ine Sources and to pass it on
i""ediatel to the souls who need it) This ni$ht!work is %er powerful for the uplift of
"ankind) 0an has to reali3e that all power co"es fro" within and is ne%er $enerated
fro" without) 2reat refor"s will &e acco"plished far "ore speedil when these Inner
Forces are &rou$ht into acti%it)

1When with clair%oant %ision durin$ the sleep of the &od ou actuall ha%e seen
the strea" of ener$ $oin$ forth fro" thou$ht and feelin$' ou will &e i""easura&l
helped & this perception to use that power) What ou consciousl learn durin$ sleep
ou can practise durin$ our nor"al workin$ consciousness)

1Whene%er anone is reall endea%ourin$ to help another for $ood' there are $uides
and helpers read to &e of ser%ice) The $ather round all healers of "ind and &od)
The are the ones who will &rin$ in the new da for which we are watchin$ with such
ea$erness8 painful ea$erness' I "i$ht sa) 1We are an-ious to train the earth souls
to work without drawin$ upon us) If ou can transfor" our own earth without us we
should &e onl too thankful) We should then turn all our attention towards
transfor"in$ the astral) 1>ou ha%e no idea how we feel uplifted and &lessed & the
reali3ation of our unit with all the constructi%e power of the Di%ine Creator) We feel
that we are one $reat spiritual &od* and we ha%e no indi%idual desire) This
reali3ation is so"ethin$ far too wonderful to &e e-pressed in earth lan$ua$e) #a%in$
had the faintest $li"pse of the destin of "ankind' one feels de%oted to the "ission
of &rin$in$ it a&out) One lon$s to spread this deep desire' &ecause one sees so
"an souls on earth still a&sor&ed & pett ai"s' which &rin$ the" &ut shallow
satisfactions) These are &ound to end in dishearten"ent and failure)1

1There are se%en planes of consciousness) I a" now on the third' where so"e of us
dwell in fa"ilies' so"e alone' &ut all in lo%e and har"on) ,s one attains a deeper
consciousness of eternal realities' one finds oneself on a hi$her plane) One can thus
%isit these hi$her planes &ut cannot re"ain in the" until it is possi&le to "aintain the
"ore e%ol%ed state of feelin$) Souls who co"e o%er' wear and hun$r for rest and
&eaut' are &rou$ht to "ost lo%el places of repose' filled & our thou$ht and praer
with a har"onious and inspirin$ at"osphere)

1Death itself is not to &e feared) The attendant pain' if an' can &e lessened &
spiritual preparation for the chan$e) We are told that ulti"atel there will co"e
de"ateriali3ation instead of corruption of the &od) But the (ace is not et sufficientl
e%ol%ed for this)1
! T)E T)ER "&+E ( T)E VE&3

On the plane where I now find "self we ha%e personal 2uides' &ut &eond this I
understand we are each illu"ined & our own #i$her Self) It is to help us to attain
this that the 2uides are $i%en to us) The are distin$uished & a &ri$hter aura' and
are so &eautiful that we instincti%el rel upon their help and ad%ice) It is " 2uide
who is influencin$ "e in this present line of action) On the other hand' we ha%e
perfect free!will to do as we choose +ust as on earth' and $reater freedo" to pursue
and carr out our own ideals)

1>our world and this one interpenetrate) There are worlds within' and in to the Centre
of Bein$) 4ot all here are conscious of our world) What I focus upon' that I can see*
&ut our en%iron"ent is not necessaril a counterpart of ours) We can "ake our own
surroundin$s) 1>esB ) throu$h our "ind I can see the soul!side of our trees) We
ha%e scener which apparentl chan$es in colourin$ si"ilarl to ours' &ut this is
&rou$ht a&out & the desire of our "inds) We do not respond to earth/s scenes
e-cept throu$h a sensiti%e) ,s ou ha%e such a lo%e of nature and such %i%id
feelin$s' I a" a&le to see the scenes "ore %i%idl than throu$h other sensiti%es)1

1There are lots of children here' such darlin$s' and the are %er happ and friendl)
,fter a certain period of education the pass to hi$her planes) The are so lo%el)
Those who ha%e a special facult for "ana$in$ children' "ake ho"es for the" in
cases where their parents are still on earth)

1There are also "an &ein$s other than "an in these "ore su&tle real"s' as well as
on other phsical planets) We can co""unicate with the"' and so"e of us stud
their ha&its so"ewhat as a tra%eler studies the was of a forei$n race) 0an of these
&ein$s are %er &eautiful) I see the" flashin$ throu$h the air like the fairies of
children/s stories) Their &odies $low with li$ht and colour8$olden' ros and
sapphire) The ha%e a lot to do with the inner "oldin$ of trees' flowers and 4ature!
stuffs) >ou think I a" ro"ancin$' &ut indeed this is actuall what I see) I see also
seraphs fro" far hi$her real"s' wonderful &ein$s who pass & on wa%es of li$ht' and
are %eiled as with a "ist) So"e of these are win$ed +ust like our pictured an$els)
1The hi$hest spirits of all onl co"e to us in %ision or on rare occasions to cast li$ht
on so"ethin$ we need to know' or in connection with our work)1

1We do not need food as on the earth' &ut a-e easil sustained & air' li$ht and
water' althou$h so"e of us take fruit too fro" the trees in our fields and $ardens)
#ere we tend the trees & thou$ht) Besides the $ardens we find here seas' lakes'
ri%ers' woods' "ountains' e%er kind of $lorious scener) There are cities too' &ut
fairer than our fairest drea" of such) ;$l houses or slu"s we could not endure for
a "o"ent) There is no dirt or disorder here' and no &odil diseases such as e-ist on
earth) ,n want of har"on in feelin$ is at once shown as a shadow on the
otherwise shinin$ white soul!&od) It can onl &e cured & thou$ht and lo%e) 1We
refresh oursel%es when wear with work a"on$st une%ol%ed souls' & &athin$ in the
e-.uisitel clear strea"s and ri%ers) We create our own $ar"ents and houses & the
power of thou$ht' or if we are una&le et to do this for oursel%es' our "ore e%ol%ed
friends "ake the" for us) There is such close and sweet fellowship here &etween
soul and soul8 no +ar' no discord' as on earth* for all speedil $ra%itate to their own
affinities of "ind and te"pera"ent' li%in$ thenceforward in perfect peace and
har"on) It is %eril the /<in$do" of #ea%en/ which we lon$ for ou to "ake
outwardl "anifest on earth) Belie%e "e' this possi&ilit is no "ira$e) It is the all!
perfect plan of the Creator for "an' in the Future) Then shall the words of the old
=ewish prophets co"e true@ The desert shall &losso" as the rose* and all creatures
dwell in peace to$ether) It is our &lessed "ission to help to inspire ou to "ake all
these drea"s actual e%en in our outer world)1

1There is so "uch I should like to tell ou' &ut I a" not allowed to do so) <nowled$e
"a not &e passed on until a certain ti"e) I think that perhaps this will &e easier for
ou to understand if ou tr to reali3e that those who' like "self' ha%e &een onl a
few ears in this real"' stand in so"ewhat the sa"e position as a child of a few
ears of a$e in our world) Older people are not alwas inclined to $i%e their children
all the knowled$e these desire' &ecause the are not ripe to recei%e it) I &elie%e that
as we pro$ress further such &ars to freedo" will &e withdrawn) The case is not .uite
analo$ous to earth conditions' since so "an of the #i$her Bein$s ha%e &een here
far lon$er than the oldest of our saints and teachers on earth) /0asters/ are saints
who can enter the outer world on acti%e ser%ice) /,n$els/ are .uite &eond e%olution
on our earth) The are &ein$s of a different order alto$ether) The ha%e had their
e%olution on another chain of planets' and the si"pl co"e into our sphere in order
to help us forward) The do not a&ide with us) /,n$els/ are %isitors fro" hi$her
real"s) /Saints/ are the perfected of hu"anit) The send out their illu"inatin$ and
inspirin$ influence to the acti%e "e"&ers who are Teachers)

1>ou can onl teach those who are prepared for the teachin$) The ri$ht Teacher is
alwas attracted) ;nless helped & those in ad%ance' we should stick fore%er) Free!
will "ust &e allowed' and until the "asses open their "inds we cannot teach the")1

1I think ou will &e interested to hear a&out so"e work I a" doin$ here +ust now) I a"
&us "akin$ houses and $ardens' lo%el restin$ places for tired souls crossin$ o%er
fro" the earth) The all need houses' of course' and do not understand at first how
to construct their own) #ere' on the third plane' we create & our thou$hts) Thus I
"ade " own house and $arden' +ust & thinkin$) It re.uires stron$ thou$hts to &uild
stron$l' otherwise the thin$s created will &e fli"s) I take $reat pains to "ake these
ho"es for folk %er sweet and attracti%e' &eautiful in e%er sense of the word' and
har"onious in at"osphere* for that is the "ost i"portant part of the work) One "ust
esta&lish in each ho"e a ke!note of +o' peace and har"on' so that the people
who dwell there "a feel uplifted' soothed and stren$thened) It is reall hea%enl
work for which so"e of us are &etter suited than others' and so we are asked to do
it) One "ust ha%e certain .ualities of soul as well as of "ind to &e well fitted for this
creati%e work* a restful and +oous state of feelin$' for instance' is essential)

(e+oicin$ is acti%e &lessedness of "ind which carries intense help to others) One
needs also constructi%e a&ilit' sense of order' a %i%id i"a$ination' and so forth) I
could tell ou lots "ore a&out this and si"ilar lines of acti%it pursued in our real"s
for the welfare of the co""unit)1

*R 3R+
The Lord =esus' so hea%enl' $racious and &eautiful' appears to us when we deepl
desire and need it8not otherwise) But we are often conscious of #is influence in
was hard to descri&e) , wa%e of "ar%elous li$ht &athes us throu$h and throu$h'
lea%in$ us with clearer %ision and "ore dedicated to work for hu"anit) We feel that
this Di%ine i"pulse' &orne on the li$ht towards us' co"es fro" our &elo%ed 0aster)

1I do not know if other $reat Teachers influence their disciples in this wa) One
speaks for oneself and for one/s Christian friends) It is an e-perience ne%er to &e
for$otten and .uite &eond the power of words to descri&e) It is not "erel li$ht &ut
ineffa&le $lor and rapture to the soul recei%in$ it) One feels at once &lended with
Di%init and #u"anit)

1It is not thou$ht here that the Lord =esus will a$ain appear in earthl for") #is life on
earth was as a hundred li%es in influence and intensit) #e works now in the "ore
su&tle real"s) But #is teachin$ has ne%er &een reall practised & the "an on
earth' onl & the rare souls' and we feel that the da "ust co"e when it will &e
uni%ersall li%ed' since we know of none hi$her)

1Ver loft spirits are e%en now on their wa to earth' or alread de%elopin$ phsical
instru"ents there' for the perfectin$ of =esus/ work' interpretin$ #is "essa$e anew
to "ankind so &ound & priest craft and tradition) This will &e the return of Christ in
spirit to the world) I $ather this fro" so"e of the "ost ad%anced Teachers who co"e
to us fro" still hi$her real"s) One such will co"e to a $roup of us' and we listen with
rapt attention' after a pre%ious preparation of silent dedication)1

%RACT&CA3 C*!"E3"
1In an e"er$enc of the outer life the first intuition of the soul as to what to do is
usuall the correct one) This is an i"pulse recei%ed fro" either the #i$her Self or an
outward hea%enl source) (eason is often inclined to o%errule the intuition of the
soul* &ut it is intuition that $uides one "ost unerrin$l in all the %icissitudes of life)
What clouds of useless an-iet and care we see in "ost people/s li%es' usin$ up
&rain and ner%ous ener$' weakenin$ phsical health' and castin$ despairin$
shadows on those with who" the soul is associatedB The listenin$ ear is what we are
ea$er to culti%ate in e%er indi%idual who is willin$ to learn) I should like ou to $i%e
this "essa$e when possi&le to the world' as we feel it to &e a "ost %ital one8one
that will &e of $reat %alue in the ti"e of reconstruction)1

1The onl road to success is throu$h the attain"ent of a cal" and +oous "ind) ,
cal" and +oous "ind' free fro" worr and care' is the $olden ke that unlocks the
doors of infinite possi&ilities)1

1There will &e "an opportunities when the war is o%er' and &ut few people to "ake
the "ost of the") ;r$e all ou can reach' who understand the "essa$e' to $et read
for ser%ice) 0uch can &e done & wa of preparation that will &e found of inesti"a&le
%alue for the (ace when the ti"e co"es for outer work) B the %er intensit of their
an$uish "an souls will &e i"pelled to an earnestness of purpose that the would
not otherwise ha%e felt' and in this wa the war will &rin$ forth a &lessin$) Fro"
&eond the shadows will co"e the sunshine) But we "ust ha%e workers when the
ti"e co"es for the reconstruction of the world) If ou can help people to prepare'
and $et read ourself' it will &e of i""ense %alue)

1<eep serene) Tran.uilit of soul is a $reat spiritual asset and a "ark of concealed
power) Still waters flow deep) >ours are at present too tur&ulent) <eep cal") <eep
peace and restfulness in our own hearts) That is the &est attitude of "ind to help
"ankind at the present ti"e) One soul with sufficient li$ht and knowled$e can do
"ore to help the world than a hundred without it' &attlin$ in the darkness)1

1#a%e no trace of dou&t or fear' &ut follow this hi$h $uidance confidentl' for it co"es
fro" #ea%enl Teachers far &eond "e in wisdo" and %ision) The ha%e told "e all
that the told ou' and it will &e an i""ense +o and pri%ile$e to "e to &e the "eans
of approach &etween ou at needed "o"ents) I a" a&le "self' whilst " soul!&od
is in trance' to rest in the inner spaces and there o&tain fresh illu"ination for " own
path)C I a" as a child &eside these hi$h Presences' and their da33lin$ auras
so"eti"es al"ost &lind "e)
C For so"e "onths I was una&le to &ear the hi$her Teachers without the "ediu"ship
of " friend on the other side as a&o%e descri&ed) Later' when a&le to lift " own
consciousness to a "ore spiritual le%el' I &eca"e a&le to hear the" with ease' and
this continues) I was also then a&le to feel their inspirin$ at"osphere far "ore
clearl' and later still to see the") The hi$hest Teachers do not descend to our le%el)
We "ust rise in consciousness to "eet the")80) B) W) opened unto ou)/ It "eans
a $ood hard knock

1I need onl turn " thou$hts toward " Teacher to $et inspiration fro" hi"' &ut it
"ust &e a /de"andin$/ thou$ht) The sa"e with ou' if ou stron$l de"and and at
the sa"e ti"e are cal"l recepti%e) 4othin$ "ust co"e in &etween these two states
of "ind' no confusion of earthl thou$hts) Wait patientl for the full answer)1

1I want to tell ou a little a&out the true use of Praer) The usual kinds of praer are
al"ost %alueless &ecause the are petitions instead of de"ands) /<nock' and it shall
&e too' as we soon learn on this side' to win an answer) The %ast' eternal suppl of
Di%ine Power is all around us' &ut it needs &oth concentration of will' and faith' to &e
a&le to tap it' or to "ake the door open'8if ou prefer =esus/ si"ile) >ou folk down
there' or out there' are so fee&le in our praers' or else so selfish* and &oth these
attitudes of "ind are ne$ati%e' not positi%e)
1If ou would onl practice steadil the ri$ht kind of praer' ou would soon see
wonderful results) The "atter of the uni%erse is plastic to the power of thou$ht' and
responds at once to power' not to weakness' or %acillation of purpose) ,t the sa"e
ti"e there are "an interior forces workin$ in different directions throu$h the we& of
people/s li%es) If our praer for another soul would interfere with the pattern &ein$
wo%en & #ea%enl Powers in that particular soul/s life' our praer force will &e
thrust aside & these Powers and used in a $eneral wa to cheer and stren$then) In
an case the force is wisel directed and controlled' ne%er lost or wasted) Praer is
too often set aside for fi-ed occasions' as at noon and e%e' at reli$ious ser%ices and
so on' when in realit it should &e the dail &reath of the soul* its stead and
unwa%erin$ de"and for power and li$ht) Praer reall should i"pl &oth the de"and
and the response) It is the attitude of the soul that' ha%in$ drawn forth the underlin$
Di%ine power' now rests consciousl upon it and acco"plishes all tasks with a sense
of inherent Di%init) Work then would &e a +o instead of a la&our' and would &e done
with case instead of with strain) There is no sense of la&our a&out the operations of
nature) ,ll is acco"plished steadil and' with a few e-ceptions' restfull) It is onl
"an who la&ours painfull) So"e da he will learn the lesson' and $irded
consciousl with Di%ine power and wisdo"' will do wondrous work without difficult)1


I #,VE had two distinct tpes of Vision@ 95: S"&olic' 9D: 2li"pses into the Beond)
Of the first kind' one of the "ost %i%id was that of a 2reek chariot drawn & two white
horses plun$in$ throu$h a dark %alle) The were tossin$ their heads and racin$
wildl' with loosened reins and no charioteer) The Teacher who stood &eside "e'
said@ 1Behold the nations of the earth' uncontrolled' plun$in$ headlon$ into chaos)1

I saw a %ast darkened plain co%ered with &roken pillars of fallen &uildin$s and
fra$"ents of "asonr) It see"ed to reach for "an "iles' &ut &eond $lea"ed a
lon$ line of hills and distant countr $olden in sunshine) The Teacher drew hi"self
%er upri$ht 9a little characteristic wa he has:' and said@ 1Thou seest the end of the
aeon' the fall of the present ci%ili3ation and its institutions) Beond this scene of
chaos is an era of li$ht and &eaut)1

I was sittin$ alone a"on$ the sandhills when I percei%ed the Teacher standin$ near
"e) #e said@ 1#eed not the %oices of the World' little dau$hter' &ut at all ti"es and
upon e%er .uestion heed the inner %oice of the Spirit) Stead th feet on the rock of
spiritual understandin$)1 I saw his feet restin$ on a snow!white rock) The see"ed
surrounded & white li$ht)

14ow take this $olden &all'1 he said' and to " $reat astonish"ent he held out a
shinin$ $olden $lo&e a&out as lar$e as a child/s to &alloon) I could +ust hold it with
&oth hands) 1Is it hea%A1 he asked) 1,l"ost too hea% for "e to hold'1 I said) #e
took it and tossed it into the air' where it flew awa on two little shinin$ win$s) 1What
does this "eanA1 I asked) 10an unaided cannot hold the &all of Di%ine Wisdo"'
spiritual understandin$* neither can he pass the treasure to others) #e "ust rel
upon Di%ine Power to create for his treasure win$s whereon it "a easil fl to other
souls) Continuall thus "ust it &e passed fro" one to another' for' restin$ with one
soul alone' e%en spiritual truth &eco"eth a dead wei$ht) Do not send it forth
heedlessl' &ut throu$h Di%ine Intuition speed th &all in the ri$ht direction) In other
words' ser%ice "ust alwas follow illu"ination)1 #e then turned to " friend' who
was listenin$' and said@ 1E-plain this to her "ore full)1 0 friend said@ 1The Teacher
was re"indin$ ou of the need for callin$ upon Di%ine Power &efore passin$ on
truths ou ha%e recei%ed) The "ust &e shared with others' &ut wisel) #e was also
testin$ our pschic %ision & that little s"&olic episode) >ou stood the test well'
seein$ .uite clearl) I a" so $lad)1

On another occasion' when " power of %ision was a$ain &ein$ tested' I was shown
the inner &ein$ of the rocks' 1Behold these rocks' said the Teacher' 1instinct with life
are the' and respond to us i""ediatel)1 #e touched one li$htl and it $lowed like
"olten $old) #e touched a second and it shone white as "oonli$ht* another' and it
was ros) 1See how the soul of the rock chan$eth her $ar"ent to $reet us' s"ileth
upon us' if ou will) I speak in s"&ol) ,ll life is "anifold)1 #e touched the sea!pinks
and I saw the" in an aura of li$ht) 1Throu$h the soul of all thin$s floweth the li$ht of
the Creator) Percei%e this) Percei%e "eB1 I turned and saw his tall fi$ure fla"in$ with
li$ht as of the sunset' and on the forehead a se%en!raed star of all colours)
1<nowled$e co"eth slowl to the hu"an &rain' and still "ore slowl doth wisdo"
dawn) In all th thou$hts and doin$s endea%our to &e wise' restin$ upon that perfect
wisdo" that &eats within the heart of the uni%erse) To &e clearl conscious of this is
to &e wise &eond the sons of "en) 2ird thself with power i""ortal' not with power
"ortal' to attain) Consider " words) (est upon i""ortal power as upon a rock'
rather than upon the frail flower of hu"an understandin$)1 I will now $i%e one or two
of the other tpe of %isions' %i3)@ 12li"pses into the ne-t World)1 ,t first I saw onl the
&eautiful &ein$s who ca"e to %isit "e' often at .uite une-pected "o"ents) One da
in a wood I suddenl heard a sweet %oice sain$ &ehind "e@ 1There is no deathB ,ll'
all is Life)1 I turned round surprised' and &eheld a "ost radiant lo%el lad standin$
a$ainst the trees) #er dress was like &lue water &lown & the wind' her hair $olden)
She said@ 1I a" pleased that ou can see "e' child) Drink deep of the i""ortal
fountains so near ou in this peaceful spot)1 She s"iled and %anished) I was si"pl
deli$hted' and felt so happ)

,nother da' when standin$ on so"e rocks & the sea' I heard the Teacher sa@ 1Th
soul hath responded to the i"pulse $i%en unto her & "e) I now prepare her for still
further unfold"ent)1 #e then placed his cool hands o%er " ees for a few seconds)
14ow &ehold "eB1 I looked and saw his tall white!ro&ed fi$ure all suffused with
$olden li$ht' instead of the &la3in$ white one I used to see) Beond this was a further
aura of &lue $rowin$ &ri$hter and whiter around the head) The face was wonderfull
serene and &eautiful) So"e weeks later' when I had &eco"e .uite accusto"ed to
seein$ friends' the Teacher' and an$els' I &e$an to $et $li"pses of the scener of
the hea%enl world' feelin$ al"ost transported there in spirit) Thus I found "self
walkin$ throu$h an e-.uisite $arden fashioned like a 2reek cross' with four paths
flower!&ordered' "eetin$ at the centre &eneath a rose!co%ered ar&or) One path was
&ordered & "asses of &lue flowers' the second & $olden ones' the third and fourth
& ros and white ones) I stood at the centre and $a3ed with +o down each a%enue
of colour' and was then told that the flowers possessed $reater influence when thus
arran$ed) The were all &athed in pearl li$ht' and e%en the $reen shru&s at the
&ack see"ed surrounded & a sil%er radiance)

,nother ti"e I stood in a $arden &elted round with tall white lilies) The $round was
co%ered with "oss and %iolets' a$ain arran$ed in "asses) I saw a tree with white
&ell!shaped &losso"s of a kind unknown to "e' and these see"ed to shed
downward ras of fra$rant li$ht) There was a &road strea" flowin$ &' and I distinctl
saw white clouds reflected in it' and the i"a$es of &ri$ht &irds that were passin$
o%erhead) Beond' in the distant sunn landscape' was a white road' $ro%es of what
looked like cpress trees' and a pillared white &uildin$) Then all faded)

I can ne%er at will call up such scenes' or see the fair &ein$s) 4either can I i"a$ine
what the are $oin$ to sa to "e) The scene suddenl re%eals itself' as if a curtain
were lifted fro" it)

When standin$ upon a &are and lonel "oor in winter' the Teacher ca"e to "e and
said@ 1Let the stillness of this "oorland steal o%er our soul) Let the &eaut of our
inner world re%eal itself unto ou)1

I then &eheld in a flash the soul!side of the "oor' literall clothed with colour' rich
pink and purple in "asses' all $lowin$ and $listenin$ with a kind of ethereal
radiance) 4o &are patches' no peat!holes' &ut all one &la3e of li$ht and colour' wa%e
after wa%e of it' so da33lin$ that I felt as if I could not ha%e &orne the si$ht for "ore
than a "o"ent)

The Teacher then said@ 1The inner soul!side of the earth is alwas &eautiful' and it is
this soul of &eaut in nature that is fore%er seekin$ to &reak throu$h and to transfor"
the u$liness and chaos created & "an) The eternal spirit' in%inci&le and all!
con.uerin$' doth thus triu"ph o%er the transitor) It is this hidden and in%isi&le
&eaut that we desire ou to percei%e' and to re%eal unto others that the "a do so
likewise) Let %ision enwrap ou as with a $ar"ent' a cloak clasped upon our
shoulders & us) Easier is it to percei%e Di%ine Beaut in nature than in "an a
hu"an soul' et there also doth it reside in perfect fullness' for within the soul of "an
shineth the eternal One' in%inci&le' all!con.uerin$) The hi$her we rise the "ore
clearl do we reali3e this' and the $reater power ha%e we to draw it forth into
"anifestation) >et alwas "ust there &e so"e response in the hu"an soul' and
often ha%e we to wait for this) Eons "a pass &efore a soul will $ladl ield this
response) Stran$el %aried is the e%olution of each one) , child in one da "a
pro$ress further than a learned sa$e' for the windows of outh "ore readil open
unto its) It is for the future teachers of hu"anit to reali3e this and to encoura$e
these little ones to seek the in%isi&le) (eadil will the respond to this thou$ht' in
"an instances' and $row up freed fro" the dan$er of the "aterialis" that fore%er
seeks to en$ulf and to dela hu"anit)1

On Christ"as Da' 565E' a&out E)FG p)")' I was hushin$ " &a& $irl to sleep when
suddenl %oices &roke ri$ht in across " lulla& with .uite a different tune and
words) I at once stopped to listen' and heard in a clear' sweet chant@

12lor to =esus' 2lor to =esus' 2lor to =esus' Prince of Peace)1 , pause' and then@
1Belo%ed 0aster' Belo%ed 0aster' Belo%ed 0asterB We salute Thee Lord of all)1 #ere
a %eil see"ed rent awa and I saw &efore "e a lo%el su""er scene@ trees' a lake
far off' and near & a $rass slope studded with deep &lue starr flowers) Down this
slope was "o%in$ a &and of "aidens' $olden!haired' ro&ed in white' &arefooted' and
it was the who were sin$in$) I see"ed to $o with the" in spirit' and we passed into
what looked like an a&&e such as Tintern' roofless' and with no $lass in the
windows' throu$h which I saw a$ain the lake &eond) The floor was a lawn co%ered
with daisies) I saw worshippers standin$ around the walls and a"on$st the"
relati%es of " own) I went o%er and stood & the"' and the showed "e that upon
each &road window!led$e was a $reat $olden!lea%ed %olu"e' restin$ on a %el%et
cushion 8 The Scriptures of the World) I saw our Bi&le upon a rich &lue cushion' the
Vedas on a li$ht &lue' Chinese scriptures on a ellow' and the <oran upon a cri"son
one) Then I percei%ed that around the whole &uildin$ & each window stood two
an$els) These an$els were sin$in$ with the choir of "aidens who now stood in the
centre for"in$ a lar$e cross) When the %oices sank into silence' a do%e descended
fro" the hea%ens' followed & a &la3e of intense $olden li$ht that spread o%er the
whole church' and a %oice whispered to "e@ 1The Christ Li$ht)1 ,ll heads were then
&owed' and after a few "o"ents of silence the worshippers dispersed) I was told
later that I had witnessed one of the "an for"s of Christ"as ser%ice on the Third
Plane of the 4e-t Life)

These &rief descriptions of a few of the $li"pses $ranted to "e cannot con%e the
"ar%elous %i%idness of the e-periences) 4othin$ in the outer life lea%es so stron$'
clear' and strikin$ a re"e"&rance) It is as if a da33lin$ li%in$ picture were i"pressed
upon so"e sensiti%e plate in one/s "ind' so e-traordinaril %i%id that earthl scenes
see" pale &eside it and lack the perfect &eaut in e%er detail which the hea%enl
scene possesses)

I should like to sa in conclusion that althou$h this de%elop"ent has "ade "e "ore
sensiti%e in e%er wa' " health has not suffered at all there&' and the e-periences
ha%e &rou$ht "e "uch peace' +o' and inspiration) I ha%e not once heard or seen
anthin$ that was not &eautiful) The Teacher/s care for " well&ein$ is such that he
will onl allow "e to see or hear when I can do so with ease' and I a" onl rarel
allowed to recei%e "essa$es fro" stran$ers o%er there' as he is an-ious for "
pschic facult not to &e o%erstrained at all) Once when I was ea$er for a fresh
e-perience' he said@ 1Patience' patience' little dau$hter) Thou canst not force the
openin$ of a flower) Petal & petal "ust its lea%es unfold)1

I a" told that this $entle and nor"al for" of pschic facult is to &e the usual one in
future for the hu"an race' free fro" effort or strain' independent of an kind of
apparatus' &rin$in$ onl peace and &lessin$ to oneself and others) The dawn of a
new era is upon us all)
T)E %ER(ECT %*R%"E

Search our hearts) Purif our "inds) #a%e supre"e faith) Do not falter) Sanctif
our e%er thou$ht) Open our souls to recei%e 2od/s $reatest $ift@ Lo%e

1SLOWL> doth the Builder of all 2ood out of i"perfection e%ol%e perfection) #e
taketh aeons to perfect #is handiwork' &ut the end is sure) Beond hu"an
understandin$ is the conception of the world ideal) E%er "e"&er of the hu"an race
"ust take part therein' and e%er part is perfectl fitted into the whole)

1,s we pro$ress further in these upper real"s' "ore and "ore "ar%elous do the
Creator/s purposes appear to our %ision) We can &ut &ow our heads in awe and
re%erence) We feel our "inds as the dust co"pared with the Eternal 0ind out of
which proceed such "i$ht operations) I would ha%e ou reali3e to so"e e-tent this
$lorious unchan$ea&le purpose which ur$es the whole of "ankind forward to its
appointed destin8a purpose which is as wide as the uni%erse' and et e"&races
the s"allest detail) 4othin$ is &eond its scope8all thin$s lie within it) One $li"pse
of cos"ic %ision such as that $ranted to us who "o%e in these hi$her spheres'
&anishes fore%er e%er %esti$e of dou&t or fear in an possi&le situation personal'
national' or racial)

1,ll is perfectl ad+usted and o%erruled to the hi$hest ends) Tr to rest in the
consciousness of this truth) Do not &e i"patient a&out an hu"an soul) Stretch our
"inds to &ehold the eons &efore it* &ut ne%er cease our own acti%it in pursuit of the
ideal' for surel it is & one/s own spiritual $rowth that one can &est help one/s
fellows forward) This is a di%ine and $lorious work) (e+oice that our ees are
alread open unto it)1

1Slowl doth the world!dra"a unfold itself) Pa$e & pa$e is turned in the &ook of
histor' et are all these pa$es inti"atel connected one with another) To those who
ha%e ees to see there is a se.uence' a thread &indin$ the whole to$ether)
I"possi&le to +ud$e the entire &ook & one pa$e' i"possi&le for ou to +ud$e the
effect of the war upon our nation at the present "o"ent) Lon$ will it &e &efore the
results thereof are "ade apparent) ;ne-pected will "an of the" &e to the world'
&ut not so to us' who know the currents and who percei%e the influences at work
&ehind the scenes) We see whither e%ents are tendin$' althou$h we are not alwas
a&le to prophes details accuratel) The lar$e thin$s that co"e are destined'
unescapa&le) These "a "an not pass &) #e is &ound to under$o the"' &ound to
recei%e certain har%ests of his actions' $ood and ill) These often appear to hi"
undeser%ed' e-traordinar' cruel' or' on the other hand' far &eond his deserts) #e
does not reali3e the threads which &rin$ to people the circu"stances and e%ents of
the present) 4or does he reali3e that "uch har%est "a &e held o%er for reapin$ in
future incarnations) It is thus i"possi&le to +ud$e either a nation or an indi%idual fro"
the hu"an standpoint' as ou cannot see either the past or the future' &ut onl the
%er short li"it of the present span upon earth)

1Could ou &ut &ehold thin$s fro" our hi$her %anta$e' $round' ou would &e a"a3ed
at the +ustice and "erc with which destin is o%erruled and ordered' not onl the
destin of the nation &ut the destin of the hu"&lest soul therein' not onl the destin
of a kin$ or a prophet &ut of the poorest sa%a$e or the "ost un"iti$ated scoundrel in
the darkest slu") E%er life is carefull watched and helped' whene%er possi&le)
#owe%er slowl the soul cli"&s in its earliest sta$es' the watchers and helpers ne%er
lose patience) This is &ecause the are alwas per"itted to $li"pse forward alon$
the destin of the particular soul who" the are per"itted to $uide) The "a not
see the supre"e $oal' &ut the ha%e' as I sa' a $li"pse of so"e portion of the
co"in$ "ission of that earth!&ound &ein$' and it is this that ena&les the" to reali3e
that he is' like all the rest' a child of 2od' upheld and sustained' assured & the
Di%ine Creator #i"self of his ulti"ate spiritual triu"ph)

1,ll of us are indeed sure of two thin$s@8

195: That we are inti"atel in co""union &oth with the Creator and with the soul
who" we are $uidin$)

19D: That we are therefore ena&led to &rin$ inspiration and li$ht to these little ones in
the for" "ost adapted to their need* preparin$ the spiritual food' so to sa' in such a
wa that the can di$est and assi"ilate it) Little & little are the thus led upward
alon$ the hea%enl path' passin$ fro" Teacher to Teacher as the $row in wisdo"
and spiritual stature until the stand where we stand' halfwa up the ladder of hu"an
pro$ress hea%enward)

1For each the wa is different' et for each the essentials are the sa"e) The sa"e
ideals in essence are set &efore one and all) =ust as all need the sa"e at"osphere
to &reathe in order to li%e' so all need to $row "ore and "ore full in the attain"ent
of the supre"e and do"inant %irtues of the Creator' na"el' Lo%e' Wisdo"' Truth)

1It is %er hard to descri&e in hu"an lan$ua$e the "ar%elous and di%erse "ethods in
which the "ore de%eloped children of li$ht help the oun$er ones to ac.uire these
%irtues whilst dwellin$ in the &od of flesh) Wonderful would see" to ou the was
used to awaken such' and stran$e indeed that with all the earnest lon$in$ power and
consecration used' the results are not "ore often i""ediate) But %er &ewilderin$ is
the outer world to the hu"an soul i""ersed therein' whose attention is at once
turned outward instead of inward' and .uickl does it &eco"e "ore and "ore
en"eshed in the enticin$ intricacies of the surface life) Disentan$le"ent is a slow
process) Ver few are the souls who are not drawn into these "eshes at the start)
These rare souls rapidl pass hea%enward' and &eco"e the pioneers of the (ace)
Were it not for these' the pro$ress of hu"anit would indeed &e tedious8far slower
e%en than it is now) Thank 2od we ha%e these shinin$ ones a"on$ us' who
constantl illu"ine' inspire and refresh us in our work for the world)

1The war is &ut one s"all phase of the dra"a of which I speak to ou) It will pass)
The results thereof will &e surel o%er!ruled to perfect ends) Fro" henceforth
"ankind will ascend "ore swiftl) This is assured) We are a&solutel confident a&out

14ot onl e%er da' &ut e%er hour' e%er "o"ent' has its appointed task) We on
this side appreciate the si$nificance of this "ore than ou do) >ou "ust learn to
reali3e %alues fro" the inner rather than the outer point of %iew) , "o"ent is eternal'
it is elastic* it has no duration) Intensit $i%es it %alue) One second of intense feelin$
"a do "ore $ood or "ore har" than an hour of shallow e"otion) One stron$
hea%enward aspiration' one deep desire' one clear thou$ht' is "ore precious than a
whole da' e%en a $odl da' li%ed on the surface of thin$s) We "ust ha%e force to
work with) 2enerate this force) #ow else "a "ankind' which is fore%er slidin$ on
the surface of thin$s' &e raised upA >ou "ust $i%e us a le%er) E%er earnest soul
"ust learn to pri3e power or force and to $enerate it consciousl) ,ll power is drawn
fro" the supre"e Source & conscious hu"an aspiration) #arness our desires to
di%ine i"pulses) Let not little thin$s hold ou in swa) The co"in$ a$e is to &e a da
of &i$ thin$s8 first in the soul of "an and then &i$ chan$es in the e-ternal world)
Prepare for this & enlar$in$ our consciousness enlar$e' I S,>' E4L,(2E)1

1Face a wide hori3on e%er "ornin$ & risin$ to a hi$her ele%ation of outlook) Fro"
the "ountain of the soul "ust the da &e %iewed' rather than fro" the lowland) Each
soul has its own inner hei$hts and its own pathwa thereto) I pra ou find this
pathwa' and' ha%in$ found it' ascend) Let this &e to ou a sacred dail dut)
;ndertake it at dawn' or when first the ees open upon the outer world' &efore the
rush of the da has sei3ed ou in its $rip) It is on the "ountain that ou will reali3e
how to sei3e and use the si$nificance of the "o"ents of which the das are full)
0uch would result could ou appreciate the "eanin$ of " words) Let not these
precious $ifts of ti"e pass ou fruitlessl) We need the" all) 1In cal"ness lies power)
4o strain or effort is needed' &ut rather the turnin$ of the attention towards di%ine
realities' which should &e acco"plished as restfull as turnin$ to look at a &eautiful
%iew or at a child/s lo%el face' or at a flower) >ou should turn' &ecause it is a +o to
do so) This ou will reali3e if ou perse%ere) In the restful aspiration of the soul lies
$reater power than in an a"ount of strenuous acti%it of "ind) ,n upliftin$ of heart
and soul is what we would ha%e ou attain' rather than an effort of the outer "ind)
2reater is the power of the .uiet strea" than the power of the whirlwind) (eali3e that
these "i$ht forces flow throu$h ou i""ediatel when ou "ake oursel%es
recepti%e to the") B da re"e"&er the other lessons of +o' serenit' and self!
control) ,t ni$ht and at dawn' dwell upon the thou$ht of recepti%it to Di%ine Power'
which will then &e with ou and will inspire the Co"in$ "o"ents so that ou "a
"ake the ut"ost use of the")1

1Consecrate the ideals of our souls) Let nothin$ deter ou fro" fi-in$ our $a3e
upon these) Dedication is the initial step on the road ou are called upon to follow)
This road "a trul &e said to lead fro" darkness to li$ht8the li$ht of spiritual
understandin$)Thus ou will reali3e the true si$nificance of life in the &od' and learn
to percei%e the outer fro" the within' instead of' as now' the inner fro" the without)
Surel' surel shall these thin$s &e to ou if ou will &ut ha%e the patience to
perse%ere) Few there are who reali3e this ideal whilst' still in the flesh' &ut in the
co"in$ das "an "ust attain to it if "ankind is to ascend "ore .uickl than
heretofore) ,ll who desire and pra for this ascent are &ein$ pressed into the ser%ice)
This is the wa to a deeper spiritual life) I cannot sufficientl appraise to ou the
%alue and si$nificance of such work) The radiance of the inner life of e%en one soul
upon the earth who has perfectl reali3ed what I "ean' contri&utes to illu"ine and
clear the dark at"osphere of world!thou$ht) 0ore powerful is such influence for the
uplift of the (ace than "uch outward action) Thou$ht is a $reater power than spoken
word or outward deed) These li"it it' rather than e-press it full) B thou$ht shall the
world &e pur$ed) Onl throu$h a pur$ed and purified at"osphere "a the ideals of
the inner real"s &e outwardl "anifested on the earth)1

10 friends' I would ha%e ou reali3e how eas it is to tap the well!sprin$s of Di%ine
Power) >ou are apt to feel that these are hard to reach' or that ou ha%e not the
power to do so &ut in realit the lie within our own heart' at our %er door' so to
sa) >ou need nothin$ &ut the faith to stretch out our hand and to take this li%in$
water) Drink it not on rare occasions' &ut as our dail refresh"ent) Draw upon the
water of life each da for our e%er need of soul and of "ind and of &od) >ou will
acco"plish this & faith' aided & i"a$ination) The Di%ine Fount of healin$ and of
inspiration is constantl &eside e%er hu"an soul) Consciousl refresh oursel%es'
not once &ut "an ti"es a da)

1Dwell in thou$ht upon those thin$s onl that are of real "o"ent) Pass o%er others
as li$htl as a &ird touches water with its win$s) Thus shall ou stand within' in the
peace' rather than without in the tu"ult) (ule the without fro" the within) >ou can do
far "ore than ou know' si"pl & the power of thou$ht' which is the $reatest force
in the uni%erse)

1Thou$ht is the fra"ework upon which all outward thin$s are constructed) Throu$h
this alone was the world created and all that "o%es therein) ,s we rise in the scale of
e%olution' this &eco"es "ore and "ore clear to us) (eali3e our Di%ine Power) ;se
it with thankfulness and awe)1

1To our %iew' the life on earth is indeed one of conflict for all earnest souls who desire
to pro$ress swiftl on the upward road) But I would ha%e ou understand that this
conflict is not necessaril sorrowful) It can and should &e essentiall +oous' a heroic
"aster o%er circu"stances whereof the soul should alwas feel itself kin$) We will
help ou to achie%e that which ou would otherwise find i"possi&le' showin$ ou
how to create anew the whole fa&ric of our thou$ht and circu"stance)1

1The $reat fault we ha%e to find with "uch of the work atte"pted & "an is that it is
not sufficientl inspired and prepared for fro" within) Prepare at len$th in the inner
for speed acti%it in the outer)1

1,s the &od prepares for sleep each ni$ht' hol should the thou$hts &e) This is of
%ital i"portance to the soul) ,lwas at ni$ht re"e"&er to la aside all the cares of
the da' all thou$hts of outward "atters' all an-ieties or fears) Cast these off as ou
would a $ar"ent) Lie down to sleep in perfect peace' reali3in$ that ou are &eneath
the Di%ine care' folded in the #ea%enl lo%e and &eaut) Blessed is the soul that can
thus trust itself to the Infinite Power each ni$ht) This preparation will surround ou
with li$ht and inspiration durin$ the hours of sleep) 0ore readil shall we &e a&le to
influence and prepare ou for the co"in$ da)1

10ake a fir"er spiritual preparation for the da' &oth whilst ro&in$ and whilst takin$
the first "eal) Sacred and wonderful' pre$nant with power are these first hours of the
da' when the soul' refreshed & &odil sleep and & its increase of %ital ener$ fro"
the ;nseen' starts once a$ain upon its dail +ourne) 2o forward' serenel conscious
of Di%ine Power sustainin$ ou at all ti"es) Then the li$ht will shine throu$h e%er
cloud that crosses our pathwa) Children of li$ht are trou&led & no outward stor")
Swiftl does it recede &efore the") 4o outward a$itation need alar" the soul that is
centred in serenit) The soul createth her own at"osphere' therefore her sk need
ne%er &e $re)1
1The responsi&ilit for the world!catacls" rests with "an) 0an doth produce his
own chaos and cos"os) , choice is dail offered to hi" afresh) E%er soul that lifts
its consciousness to the realities &eond the strife is helpin$ the forces of li$ht that
will ulti"atel pre%ail)1

1The work here is o%erwhel"in$' lar$el &ecause such "ultitudes of souls' who ha%e
passed o%er durin$ these last ears of war' are not at ho"e here et) Their chief
interests are still upon the earth) This is usuall so in the case of a sudden passin$'
particularl when under tra$ic circu"stances) We ha%e the $reatest difficult in
arousin$ such souls to an de$ree of interest in the life here) The are constantl
wishin$ for the past' either &ecause of the interest of a re"e"&ered career' or else
9and this is the stron$est influence: owin$ to their $reat desire to &e a$ain with lo%ed
ones left on earth)

10an of these souls we are seekin$ to enroll in our $reat ca"pai$n for thinnin$ the
%eils* and we find that this is a work which attracts the" when all others fail)
#owe%er' e%en here we are hindered & the fact that onl a %er s"all nu"&er are
fitted for this particular work) I cannot descri&e to ou the i""ense co"ple-ities with
which workers are faced' with re$ard to these hu"an pro&le"s) It is like seekin$ to
"o%e one who will not $o forward' and cannot $o &ack) When I tell ou that there are
hundreds of thousands in this condition' ou will perhaps appreciate a little of our
al"ost superhu"an task) ;ntil we ha%e dealt with this %ast pro&le" satisfactoril' we
do not feel inclined to undertake an other work) The work connected with the earth
is for the "o"ent retarded)

1It was not reali3ed that there would &e such stupendous difficulties caused & the
hu"an race rushin$ into our real"s in such countless nu"&ers' thou$h we ha%e
&een preparin$ for this e%ent for a %er lon$ ti"e past) I cannot sa at present when
we shall issue fro" these difficulties) We are one and all deepl i""ersed in the") I
speak not onl of "self' and of those who are co!operatin$ with "e' &ut of
thousands of such $roups who hope to co"e later into "ore direct contact with the
earth' in order to uplift and purif the hu"an race) 0eanwhile do all that ou can to
help us & our earnest praer for these thousands of "isera&le ones) Could ou &ut
see the" in their a$on and desolation' ou would indeed feel a lon$in$ to &e of

1It was to o&tain fresh help that I went to that other planet' as &efore descri&ed)C I
was successful' &ein$ a&le to &rin$ a lar$e nu"&er of spiritual &ein$s' who had
ascended into their own #ea%en' &ut were perfectl read to co"e hither with "e)
C In a pre%ious talk he had told us of this "ission) hasten forward the %ast "asses of
our earth souls &lockin$ the a%enues &etween the
1We are doin$ e%erthin$ in our power to spheres)1

1We e-pect %er unusual pschic e-periences durin$ the "onths that co"e after the
return of the warriors) 4ot for ou alone' &ut for others also who are &ein$ si"ilarl
prepared and awakened) There will &e a $reat leap forward in the pschic condition
of the (ace' when once the carna$e has ceased) 0uch hidden work that has &een
$oin$ on will then &ear fruit) We look forward to the co"in$ ti"e with $reat re+oicin$)

1We are $ettin$ on faster now with our work a"on$st the sorrowin$ souls in the
darkness of despair) Our Brotherhood has or$ani3ed the "o%e"ent of which I told
ou &efore' & which relati%es on our side ha%e &een ena&led to co"e into closer
touch with those newl deceased)

1,%enues of li$ht ha%e &een "ade &etween the third real" and the &orderland in
which we are at work) These ha%e &een created lar$el & the thou$ht!power of the
0asters' who felt that so"e $reat effort of this kind was essential if the present
chaos was to &e o%erco"e)

1I need not a$ain refer to those conditions of which I spoke to ou' e-cept to sa that
the darkness is &ein$ penetrated & li$ht fro" the &eond' so that "ultitudes of
these unhapp %icti"s of the world/s "ania are now pressin$ forward instead of
drawin$ &ack' and are enterin$ the hi$her real"s co"panioned & their friends who
ca"e to "eet the" and & us)

1There is still a $reat deal to &e done' &ut we are "uch relie%ed' and %er thankful to
those #i$her Ones throu$h who" we ha%e o&tained the necessar help to or$ani3e
this new ca"pai$n) ,s one of the 0asters' I speak of power and li$ht which we ha%e
recei%ed fro" a source hi$her than oursel%es and throu$h which we can acco"plish
that which we desire to do) The effects of this will &e far!reachin$) It is so"ewhat as
if a %eil were rent &etween the third real" and the &orderland' so that there will not
a$ain &e this waitin$ in the darkness which has &een the fate of so "an passin$
o%er in dou&t or distress of "ind)

1In this wa' too' the inha&itants of the third real" ha%e &een &rou$ht nearer to the
earth* which the can reach throu$h these a%enues of li$ht I ha%e descri&ed to ou'
and which stretch ri$ht throu$h fro" the third plane to the earth' and are dail
increasin$ in nu"&er)

1Each 0aster is endea%ourin$ to create one such a%enue' which we trust will &e a
hi$h road for the future) This work will ha%e a decided effect in the thinnin$ of that
still denser %eil &etween the &orderland and our earth a&out which we ha%e so
"an ti"es spoken to ou) Blessed workB Be thankful that ou are one of those co!
operatin$ with us in it) I thank ou too)1

1In perfect tran.uilit and restfulness recei%e " words) I desire that ou should all
re"ain %er cal" indeed durin$ the co"in$ "onths' allowin$ nothin$ to a$itate ou
either fro" without or fro" within) This is necessar &ecause outside world!
conditions will &e e-tre"el chaotic' leadin$ to all kinds of confusion' causin$
distressin$ %i&rations' which it is i"portant that ou should' one and all' &e a&le to
withstand) >ou "ust re"e"&er that e%er at"ospheric distur&ance of the state of
societ in which ou li%e tends to affect the hu"an soul in $reater or less de$ree'
accordin$ to the sensiti%eness of the indi%idual) Therefore I would ha%e ou all &e on
our $uard a$ainst e%er wa%e of distur&ance fro" without which would create
confusion in our thou$ht and feelin$ without our reali3in$ the cause) This can &e
done onl & stead' persistent' dail preparation of "ind' relin$ upon Di%ine Power
to create a sufficient defence a$ainst all intrudin$ wa%es fro" the world of "en) Ver
easil "a ou &e thrown off our &alance when ou are not prepared in the wa I
descri&e) 2arrison oursel%es' therefore' each in the wa that appeals to ou "ost)
Let ne%er a da pass that is not started in this "anner* and throu$hout the da' fro"
ti"e to ti"e' these thou$hts should &e repeated and reinforced stron$l fro" within)
Thus will ou &e a&le to stand a$ainst the ene" who secretl penetrates e%en the
heart/s recesses)

1The hu"an soul is %er &lind while in the outer world' not knowin$ what assails it'
feelin$ onl irritation' disco"fort or depression' seekin$ %ainl the cause thereof)
(ise a&o%e these wa%es of tu"ult as serenel as a &ird rises into the cal"er air
whence he "a fl to his destination with $reater ease) We would ha%e ou thus rise
upon our soul/s win$s unto the hei$hts of peace and tran.uilit) >ou can there&
help our fellow!"en as well as oursel%es' steadin$ "an a one who otherwise
would &e cast adrift fro" his spiritual "oorin$s) Ver $reat confusion do I see for
so"e considera&le ti"e after the war is ended) #ence " warnin$ to ou on this

We do not e-actl know when the war will end' &ut we do not think that it will last
"uch lon$er' as the li$ht is &e$innin$ now to i"pin$e upon the darkness) We see the
first si$ns of the approach of the new era towards which ou are ad%ancin$) >ou can
all $reatl help to "ake this era dawn in order and peace & keepin$ stron$l the
attitude of "ind I ha%e descri&ed' instead of +oinin$ the ranks of those who are
tossed hither and thither & the unusual occurrences into which the will &e plun$ed)

1These co"in$ trou&les will &e' as it were' the &irth!pan$s of the new a$e) We hope
to work in that da "ore acti%el a"on$ ou than is at present possi&le' since the
inrush of souls to our coasts will' we can trust' ha%e ceased* we shall then' therefore'
not ha%e our &ands so full on this side)

1Veril' %eril' the ti"e is steadil approachin$ when "ortal "an will co!operate
closel with those &eond "ortalit) ,lthou$h we are al"ost o%er&urdened at the
present "o"ent in our work here 9often of a %er distressin$ character:' et we feel
%er hopeful a&out the future) Huite latel we ha%e had "an percepti&le si$ns that
our prophecies' in so"e respects' are likel to &e fulfilled "ore speedil than we
anticipated) , ear of our ti"e' howe%er' to us see"s "uch shorter than it does to
ou' therefore we are not a&le to $au$e the lapse of ti"e %er accuratel for the

We are alwas careful not to co""it oursel%es to dates' ha%in$ learned throu$h
e-perience that it is e-tre"el difficult to foretell the ti"e that e%ents will take for their
de%elop"ent) We would ha%e ou therefore understand us in this "atter' and reali3e
wh we are not a&le to $i%e ou accuratel dates of happenin$s on the earth!plane'
either in our own life or in that of the nation to which ou &elon$)

1The world is still $reatl o%ershadowed & the prolon$ed carna$e' &ut we percei%e a
cli"a- approachin$' after which "atters will not &e the sa"e) There will &e a
returnin$ ho"e of the sur%i%in$ warriors after their terri&le stru$$le with each other)
In all nations this will &rin$ intense relief' althou$h "in$led with sorrow) This feelin$
of relief will &e one of the first wa%es of li$ht of the approachin$ da' in the "ental
at"osphere of the world' (e+oice' therefore' " children' and $o for' ward with
thankful hearts' .uietl treadin$ our own allotted roads' in no wa disco"fited &
an delas in either outer or inner de%elop"ent' since the present ti"e is not so
"uch for acti%it as for passi%it) For those who are on the spiritual road it is still a
ti"e for indrawin$ and preparation whene%er the find this possi&le)

1Huietl prepare* walk forward in peace' takin$ hands with one another alon$ this
&eautiful road to which Destin has called ou)1

C%ERAT&! W&T) "%&R&T*A3 )E3%ER"

1Soon' soon' far sooner than ou reali3e' will "en &e$in to &elie%e steadil in
co""unications fro" the in%isi&le real"s) Surel' surel is li$ht &reakin$ throu$h the
clouds at last) ,liB #ow "uch' how "uch intensit of aspiration and work has it taken
on our side &efore we could penetrate the dense &arriers which lie &etween our
souls and oursB To us' dwellin$ in these pure' ethereal real"s' it is as if ou were
walkin$ a"id dense s"oke and shadows in a darkened and $loo" place where it is
hard for us to &reathe) (eali3e that this is indeed the case) >ou "ust raise
oursel%es in thou$ht and feelin$ to our le%el ere we can reach ou with ease' ere
we can acco"plish all that it is our desire to achie%e for "ankind' so slow to
reco$ni3e spiritual realities and ideals which et are essential to his inner and outer

1We cannot lea%e "an &eneath the dark canop an lon$er) #e co"eth forth fro" it
unto us' choked and &linded' una&le to respond to our purer %i&ration' unfit for
ser%ice in these hi$her real"s) It is lar$el for this reason that we desire to illu"ine
his "ind while he is still upon earth' in order that he "a co"e unto us not as a
helpless &a&e &ut as a fit and willin$ helper) The ti"e here' after passin$ fro" our
world' is so lar$el spent at present in e"er$in$ fro" the chrsalis of past thou$hts
and feelin$s) Scarcel has the soul &eco"e accusto"ed to its new en%iron"ent
when destin calls it into the School!world once "ore for another difficult lesson)
Whose faultA Let us all share the &la"e) Let us all seek to help one another to cli"&
hea%enward "ore speedil) Could the soul arri%e here trul read in e%er respect
for this life' reali3in$ its "eanin$ then "i$ht "ar%els undrea"ed of &e perfor"ed'
&oth here and in the ne-t life upon earth) Such a soul enterin$ at once into our life
here would rapidl ascend to hi$her real"s of power and &eaut' would e-ert a
&eneficent influence upon all with who" it ca"e into contact' and would draw unto
itself the %er &est and finest e.uip"ent of "ind and &od for its ne-t incarnation)
Descendin$ endowed with &oth lo%e and wisdo"' it would &e indeed a li$ht a"on$
"en' a focus of $reat spiritual power' a leader for $reat refor"s' an an$el in hu"an
flesh) 0 children' this is possi&le for ou all' if ou can &ut rise to the reali3ation of
" "eanin$ and &e read to dedicate oursel%es dail8I would sa hourl8to the
ser%ice of the hi$hest' to the ser%ice of hu"anit' and to the ac.uirin$ of the
necessar %irtues' .ualities and faculties needed & a soul who is destined to
"anifest di%ine wisdo" and lo%e) #ow &eautiful are such li%es' treasured & us who
lon$ to &ehold the" e%erwhere upon the earth' until the <in$do" of #ea%en shall
%eril &e "anifestedB

1The doorwa of death is a doorwa) Therefore re$ard it not as a wall) Behold it is a
doorwa that "a &e opened fro" either side' throu$h faith and praer' & an
aspirin$ soul' ea$er for the welfare of hu"anit) Lo%e can alwas find the ke to the
door' &ut the lo%e "ust &e unselfish) Such lo%e do we feel for ou) Seek also to feel
this tpe of lo%e for all with who" ou co"e in contact) Let the well&ein$ of the other
souls &e e%erthin$ to ou) Widen our circle) Let lo%e radiate forth) So will ou "ake
it eas for us to approach ou) So will ou "ake it possi&le for us to open the doors
that would not ield to our pressure fro" the earth side) 0uch ha%e we to re%eal to
the world throu$h "an channels) 0uch future work will take place &etween those
on this side and those on our side' $oin$ forward +oousl hand in hand' helpin$ to
lift "an hi$her throu$h united effort) #e is fee&le alone) #and in hand with us' he is
stron$' for we reali3e the Di%ine Power "ore perfectl than he is et a&le to do)
12raduall the &eaut and si$nificance of this sweet co!operation &etween the souls
that ha%e passed on and those lo%ed ones still +ournein$ upon the earth will &e felt'
and thankfulness and praise to the Di%ine Creator for this &lessed pri%ile$e will take
the place of dou&t' fear' or criticis") Be assured that these das are surel co"in$)
#elp us to &rin$ the" to ou "ore speedil & our faith and hope) ;nite with us in
thou$ht dail' takin$ our hands alon$ the outward road' treadin$ it alwas with a
sense of the inner life and of the ideals to which we are all pressin$ forward)1

1E%er atte"pt to deepen the consciousness' e%er effort to feel at one with us and
the hosts of hea%en' is a step upward not onl for ou as indi%iduals &ut for the
(ace) One' one is the life that pulsates in the whole "ass of hu"anit in all real"s)1

1The hu"an &rain is &ut an a%enue throu$h which to reach and influence the soul8
that precious "anifestation fro" the hi$her world' "o%in$ upon the earth "uffled
and cloaked & the dull phsical &rain and senses) ,ppeal alwas to the soul rather
than to the "ind of "an' e%en thou$h it &e throu$h the "ind that the "eanin$ of the
truth is "ade intelli$i&le)1

1Little do we reek of the powers of the hu"an intellect) Far "ore do we treasure
those priceless and eternal soul faculties which it is our special pri%ile$e and
&lessin$ to help to e%ol%e and unfold in "an) 0an walks as a drea"er' te"pted &
shadows' & &au&les' that last onl a da) What can we do to free hi" fro" these
unrealities of which the outer life is fullA #elp us' & leadin$ a truer life oursel%es'
each one of ou followin$' as &est he "a' the li$ht so far as re%ealed) Each soul
thus actin$ &eco"es a centre of illu"ination and influence to scores of his fellows'
thou$h outwardl he and the "a &e al"ost entirel unconscious of this)

1We are a&le to percei%e su&tle strea"s of influence that flow in and throu$h the
souls of "en' per"eatin$' transfusin$' transfor"in$ the dull "etal into li%in$ $old)
(oal alche"ists' hea%enl workers "a ou thus &eco"e) , work of hea%enl %alue
"a ou thus fulfil within e%en a few ears' & the patient practisin$ of that which ou
now reali3e)1

1Thankfulness' thankfulness' thankfulness) I desire to i"press upon ou the $reat
need for this attitude of "ind continuall) I would ha%e ou thankful at all ti"es' not
onl when thin$s $o well' &ut when thin$s are see"in$l in confusion) ,t this
"o"ent $i%e thanks that throu$h Di%ine Power har"on "a a$ain &e restored) This
will ena&le us to help ou to strai$hten out our own tan$les of thou$ht and feelin$'
and the distur&ance caused & the" in our i""ediate surroundin$s) To $i%e thanks
at all ti"es is not onl a passport to serener conditions' &ut acts as a talis"an'
transfor"in$ the soul itself) Outer shadows would speedil disperse &efore the li$ht
of this .ualit wedded to faith) Ver seldo" do we percei%e the two united in an
de$ree of intensit) #u"an souls are fitful in their e-pressions of these "ost &eautiful

Fitfulness acco"plishes nothin$) There "ust &e stead persistence in the practice of
these hea%enl %irtues)

1#old on fir"l to the Di%ine Power' alwas a%aila&le for the attain"ent and
"anifestation of e%er 2od!like attitude) Thus onl can ou e-pect to show forth
such whilst still in the world of shadows)1

1We are callin$ all who are endowed with the faculties necessar to the children of
the co"in$ ti"e' to usher in the new a$e) This can onl &e done throu$h pioneers in
thou$ht and feelin$' alon$ ad%anced' pro$ressi%e lines) With $reat +o we are callin$
thousands now walkin$ on the earth to +oin hands with us in our co"in$ ca"pai$n
for the rendin$ of the %eils of illusion) I speak not onl of the %eil &etween the outer
life and the inner spheres of &ein$' &ut also of those illusions of "aterialis" in which
the (ace is at present enshrouded) The "ust $o' &efore the ideals of the <in$do"
of Christ can &e "anifest upon earth)

1We are %er ea$er that e%er soul thus called shall &e a&le to acco"plish the
necessar preparation' therefore' where%er the call is "ade' we stand &eside that
hu"an soul8not one' &ut "an of us8waitin$ to support hi" on all sides' waitin$ to
&rin$ hi" e-actl those opportunities which will ena&le hi" to recei%e the particular
e-perience and inspiration which can &est' fit hi" for his special place in the co"in$
sche"e* for "uch lies ahead of e%er such worker) 4ot onl will he take part in the
illu"ination of the world' &ut also throu$h that $o forward prepared for life in the
inner spheres)

1I ha%e spoken &efore of this priceless ad%anta$e of enterin$ our real"s with
knowled$e and power such as can &e "ost full and deepl attained whilst in the
flesh) This "a see" to ou stran$e' &ut I assure ou that it is profoundl true) That
which has &een won in the world &eneath' whilst the soul is ento"&ed in its thick and
"udd %esture' has &een won for eternit' so lastin$' so %ital' so si$nificant is the
i"pression "ade upon the soul & this "eans) We fro" our further %anta$e $round
of illu"ination can reali3e a little the di%ine purpose underlin$ e%olution' throu$h
incarnation upon earth) We can percei%e that the result of this "ethod of soul!
perfectin$ is stupendous in its possi&ilities)

1I cannot' in our earth lan$ua$e' e-press to ou all that this "eans) So"eda ou
will understand) Sufficient "eanwhile if I can' to so"e s"all e-tent' help ou to
reali3e that to &e i"prisoned as ou are at present is a "ar%elous e-perience and
opportunit' priceless in its ad%anta$es) One "o"ent of attain"ent' stron$ and
patient' in our present condition' is worth to ou ears of e-perience on this side of
the %eil) Therefore I &e$ of ou to li%e deepl' to appreciate this rich pri%ile$e) Tra%el
far in our spiritual attain"ent whilst ou are still upon earth)

1In a &rief space of ti"e' as it see"s to ou' "a "i$ht chan$es &e wrou$ht in our
character' chan$es which can &rin$ ou fro" the position of an inefficient worker to
that of a ser%er of hu"anit' whose e%er thou$ht enno&les' sweetens and upraises
all with which it co"es in contact) =o profound awaits hi" who is a&le' e%en in a
s"all de$ree' to respond faithfull to this call)1

1;nite with "e in praer for the hu"an race' so that the spiritual .uickenin$ "a &e
uni%ersal and pro$ress rapid) The call will co"e to e%er soul to rise' in the de$ree to
which it can respond) 4ot onl to the few' &ut to the whole (ace' "ust the call co"e)
,s the sunli$ht touches alike all the %aried personalities in a crowd of people walkin$
in so"e open park' so will the li$ht of the hea%enl illu"ination strike upon each
hu"an soul) The intensit of the outpourin$ will &e the sa"e for e%erone' et onl
those can &e stron$l .uickened who are sufficientl e%ol%ed to apprehend and
reali3e the call of the Creator' and respond to it) In thousands of different de$rees will
the do so) ,s ne%er &efore will each one &e helped & us8no lon$er separated so
ri$idl & the %eils that ha%e e-isted heretofore &etween the seen and the unseen
spheres of e-istence) The ti"e is &ut short &efore si$ns of this co"in$ awakenin$
will &e percei%ed e%erwhere & those who are on the outlook for such)

1To the ee of spirit these i"pulses and aspirations towards the "ore spiritual life are
%er percepti&le) E%en to the ee or flesh the will soon &eco"e so) E%erwhere do
we percei%e' e%en in these earl das of our ca"pai$n' the first fruits of our
endea%our) Therefore do we $o forward full of hope) We are & no "eans cast down
& the shadows that oppress earnest souls who ha%e not our ee of clearer %ision to
percei%e the inner workin$s of truth) 4e%er despair' therefore' for $reat is the hope
for the "orrow) Press forward with us in +o and thankfulness that ou are awake to
the reali3ation of all that is to &e throu$h the cooperation of "an with' if ou will'
super"an) We stand to$ether' united in ideal' fellow!workers for the sal%ation of the
(ace fro" sin and despair' pre%entin$ & this $reat effort the deeper plun$e into
"aterialis" which would otherwise ha%e taken place) That "o"ent of dan$er is now
"ercifull past' we trust fore%er) The are of ascent' do we &ehold for each and all
henceforward) Thanks &e unto 2od)1

1Onl those who are a&le to ascend in consciousness to our le%el can &e easil
reached in direct co""unication) ,lwas fro" within co"eth the li$ht) Enter the
deeps to recei%e it) Veil our soul fro" the world) To &ehold the Inner 2lor the ee
"ust &e turned #itherward) ,scend the "ountain tops with us) Let ne%er the da star
wane without this ha%in$ &een acco"plished for at least so"e period of each da)
Walk hi$h in e%er personal thou$ht and feelin$) This is the onl wa in which to
&eco"e fitted for helpin$ one/s fellows)

1In the upper air alone can sure inspiration &e recei%ed for the dail road* li$ht
o&tained where& one "a surel $uide oneself and one/s fellows) Lea%e the
"orrow to unfold itself surel accordin$ to the Di%ine Plan) ,far the li$ht $lea"eth) In
that "ornin$ of the new era will all those &e called to$ether who are sufficientl
prepared to take hands with us in the co"in$ #ea%enl work for the upliftin$ of the
(ace) 4ow is the ti"e for preparation' deep and thorou$h) The hour will strike in due
course when the workers will &e called forth' each to his or her allotted task) See to it
that ou are read when the Call co"es) Our chosen ones "ust &e a&le to take
hands with us with ease' else will the la&our &e thwarted' or acco"plished ill) Perfect
work re.uireth as perfect tools as can &e fashioned) The #ea%enl Creator
fashioneth each and all of #is children thus' &rin$in$ in due course to perfection)
First in one respect' then in another' doth each soul &eco"e e.uipped* and as each
set of faculties ripens' each is used for the work "ost suita&le for it' pendin$ the ti"e
when the perfected hu"an &ein$ can use all) Sure and &eautiful stretcheth the road
sunward &efore e%er child of "an) Let each &ut reali3e this' and $o forward in the
consciousness of Di%ine Li$ht upon his face and &ein$' wrappin$ hi" in a $lor of
which he "a &eco"e aware & si"pl upliftin$ and unfoldin$ his soul to the
#ea%enl radiance)

1Oh' " children' awake and unfold oursel%es' that e "a walk no lon$er in
darkness' or in twili$ht' &ut in the $lorious noontide' possi&le for e%erone at an
sta$e of e%olution where consciousness can &e illu"ined sufficientl fro" on #i$h)
The lowliest child of earth "a &ehold the #idden 2lor) The tran.uil "ind' the lo%in$
heart' the ee of faith' onl these are needed' &ut to a supre"e de$ree rarel found
in "ortals' thou$h .uite possi&le of attain"ent & consecration of purpose' pose'
and sufficientl earnest spiritual desire and aspiration) In the das to co"e will
thousands walk where now can tread onl the few) Be e leaders alon$ these
hea%enl was) Send " "essa$e to who" ou will' wheresoe%er it "a co"fort or

1The e%enin$ hour is the "ost useful for "editation) People should prepare
the"sel%es for sleep' sacredl' reli$iousl' & strikin$ a deep chord) This will launch
the soul out into the Infinite upon a stron$ current' attractin$ $reater power) ,ll that
"ost souls e-pect fro" sleep is a .uietin$ of the outer senses' repose and &odil
recuperation* whereas the should re$ard the"sel%es as startin$ upon a %oa$e into
the ;nknown and should look for a new chapter of e-perience) Durin$ the ti"e of
sleep' #ea%enl Ones approach an soul that shows a si$n of &ein$ prepared to
assi"ilate thou$hts fro" our side) The stand read' waitin$ to &e of assistance'
conferrin$ with each other how &est to influence the soul' while' loosened fro" its
&odil for"' it is in a state of trance) There is consultation as to how soon it will &e
possi&le to waken hi" therefro" to participate acti%el with us on our side) 4ot "an
are a&le et to function thus* &ut we anticipate that $reat nu"&ers will do so in the
future) This is a phase of e-perience upon which the (ace is +ust enterin$) 0an
"ore workers fro" our side are &ein$ called to undertake the work of arousin$ the
Soul that is asleep to the realities on our side of the %eil' in order that it "a return to
the &od with clear "e"or thereof) Those endowed with pschic power will &e the
first to respond' and then later the in their turn will &e a&le to influence their fellows
on earth to an increasin$ e-tent) Bein$ on the sa"e le%el of de%elop"ent' and still
connected with the &od to da' the will &e a&le to influence sleepers "ore
effectuall than we could do) This will especiall &e the case where a tie of s"path
e-ists)1 88888

9In answer to a .uestion as to E%enin$ 0editation:

1I consider the e%enin$ hour $ood for "editation for the reason alread $i%en) It is
a&solutel essential that the soul should &e thorou$hl prepared for sleep & a
certain ti"e of rela-ation' & the indrawin$ of spiritual forces' and the .uietin$ of the
outer senses) #a%e I not said' too' that the earl "ornin$ hour is i"portant for the
preparation of the soul for the co"in$ daA I re$ard these two ti"es of our earthl
da as the &est' the "ost fruitful' for the .uiet hour* ne%ertheless' where neither of
these is possi&le' let the soul seek to o&tain a ti"e apart at noon) It is the ordinar
opinion in the East that e%il powers "anifest the"sel%es in the darkness) It is
therefore considered wiser & so"e' to co"e in touch with the spiritual powers
durin$ the hours of li$ht) Personall' I consider that for this %er reason it is %er
i"portant that the soul should co"e acti%el in touch with the spiritual powers after
dark' in order that it "a not e%en unconsciousl &eco"e open to lesser influences)

1Huiet co""union with the ;nseen does not e-haust the phsical &od &ut rather
refreshes it) This is a different practice fro" that of concentratin$ with effort on a
$i%en the"e) Taken in the sense in which I ha%e e-pressed it to ou' "editation
cannot &e au$ht &ut inspirin$ and helpful at an ti"e)1

9In answer to a .uestion relatin$ to the reference to Intellect on p) FD:

1I note that our friend co"pares &rain and heart' whereas I referred to soul .ualities
as co"pared with those of the outer understandin$) ,part fro" these' the intellect is'
& us dee"ed of &ut sli$ht %alue) These soul .ualities are %ital' essential to the
spiritual life' whereas intellectual a&ilit' apart fro" the"' is as it were dead) It "ust
&e illu"ined fro" the Beond & the li$ht throu$h the soul fro" the ;ni%ersal Spirit if
it is to &e of an true worth in the e%olution of "an) It is' as it were' a tool onl'
nothin$ "ore)1

T)E "A!CT*AR4 W&T)&!

12ood is it to rest upon the earth/s fair &oso"' for healin$ power doth a&ound
therein' and we can draw it thence to flow throu$h the "ortal &od) (est upon the
soil with this &elief)

Cal"in$ and restorin$ also is it to the "ind to lin$er in .uiet places apart fro" the
haunts of "en) (enew thus th outh' dau$hter of earth' drinkin$ fro" th "other
4ature whose outh is i""ortal) ,l"ost "iraculous would see" the results if this
ha&it of conscious union with 4ature could &e practised with sufficient restfulness
and recepti%it) To e-plore fair scenes without this attitude of "ind is to carr awa
&ut little of lastin$ %alue) I would ha%e ou $lean therefro" treasure of eternal %alue)
Lift up our soul) Lift up our ees) (ecei%e hea%enl %italit' hea%enl cal"'
hea%enl radiance) The sea' the sk' the flowers of earth' all are Di%ine "essen$ers)
Welco"e the"' recei%e their $ifts and re+oice' sharin$ that +o that shineth fore%er
fro" the $lorious Spirit of the Creator)1

1Far off ra$eth the sound of the &attle' &ut here is peace and .uiet) E%en so do the
outward thou$hts and actions of "ortal "en oftti"es war tu"ultuousl' et deep
within the" is peace &eond all i"a$ination) The difficult is that each soul "ust find
his or her own path into the inner sanctuar' where the %oice of Di%init can clearl
&e heard' soothin$ and $uidin$) #ere in the inner"ost place of the soul perfect
inspiration and li$ht are to &e found for e%er possi&le %icissitude of the outer dail
life) #ere lieth &al" for the darkest sorrow and enhance"ent of the sweetest +o)
#ere "a &lessin$ &e sou$ht and found at an "o"ent of the da or ni$ht* et how
seldo" do hu"an &ein$s actuall find it thus) ,$ain I tell ou that this failure Is
&ecause the "a+orit of "ortals are li%in$ all the ti"e upon the surface of life' seein$
onl the e-ternal appearances of people and thin$s* ar$uin$ fro" the e-ternal*
critici3in$' +ud$in$' su""in$ up e%erthin$ fro" this shallow and wholl inade.uate

1#ow different would the world &e' could e%en a s"all nu"&er of stron$ and earnest
souls see and act fro" the within' fro" indeed the %er heart of the within* fro" the
inner"ost depths of &ein$B 4ot &ehind the "ind doth this sanctuar lie) 4ot throu$h
the intellect is the pathwa thereto found) It lieth rather &ehind the heart of "an' the
soul) Difficult is it to find a hu"an word that will .uite e-press " "eanin$) Throu$h
feelin$ rather than throu$h thou$ht is the pathwa found) Therefore "a the
hu"&lest' the "ost uneducated person' reach this ha%en of refu$e) Beautiful are the
was of the Creator' ena&lin$ e%en those of #is children who ha%e apparentl had
least ad%anta$es to share the true riches a%aila&le thus for all) Besides such wealth
as that to &e found onl in the inner hidden treasur' the outer riches of the world are
indeed &ut dross) E%en the achie%e"ents of science are not so %ital to the welfare'
the pro$ress of the (ace' as are the treasures of the inner"ost sanctuar' &rou$ht
forth and shared & one hu"an &ein$ with another) This fact we reali3e "ore on our
side) This it is that "akes the hea%enl life so far "ore &eautiful and satisfin$ in
e%er wa for all who participate in it) #ere the real is easil distin$uisha&le fro" the
unreal@ that which "atters fro" that which "atters not)

1We are not decei%ed' and e%en those who ha%e so+ourned here &ut a short while
soon &e$in to understand life fro" the new standpoint) >et it is not eas to unloose
the soul fro" the old conceptions &rou$ht o%er with it fro" the earth) For the "a+orit
of ou who pass o%er there is "uch unlearnin$ to &e done &efore ou can start
learnin$ afresh) It is for this reason I wish to e"phasi3e the need for seekin$ to li%e
"ore deepl and helpin$ others to do so in order that' when passin$ hence' ou "a
&e &etter e.uipped for &etter hea%enl ser%ice with us' instead of ha%in$ to &e
consi$ned like infants to a kinder$arten "istress to learn and ac.uire slowl the
was of the new world) Let this world when ou enter it &e to ou not stran$e' &ut
onl a place for the further unfold"ent of ideals that ou ha%e alread culti%ated
upon the earth) Sow these ideals there* water and tend the $rowin$ plants that their
&losso"in$ "a &e sure and perfect' &oth on our side and on ours) Do not wait until
ou co"e here to plant the &eautiful %irtues and .ualities of the spirit)

1I "ust awa to the %ale of sorrow' hastenin$ thither with other an$elic helpers on our
di%ine "ission for turnin$ sorrow into peace' if not into +o) Later' at so"e sta$e or
other' will e%er $rief ha%e this end)

1;nto the #i$hest &e praiseB

T)E CM&!6 +A4

1It is EastertideB (ound the hori3on we see si$ns of a co"in$ da when the dark
sorrows that now oppress "ankind will roll awa' and the &lue sk &e a$ain re%ealed
&eond the clouds) We &elie%e' that the li$ht will &e "ore widel reco$ni3ed than
e%er heretofore) , new era approacheth when old thin$s will pass awa' and new
and i""ortal thin$s &e "ade "anifest) #ar&in$ers of li$ht appear) Be read to
recei%e the") 2reat Intelli$ences will utter words of wisdo" for the hearin$ of
"ankind' so"eti"es upon the earth so"eti"es fro" within throu$h the hu"an "ind'
as I a" doin$ now)

Visi&le and in%isi&le &ands of the" approach for the enli$htenin$ of the (ace'
heralds of the Co"in$ Da) Be assured that this is so) In awe' re%erence and +o
welco"e the in%isi&le hea%enl "essen$ers to our wear world) We stoop in
shinin$ hosts to deli%er ou fro" our chains' knowin$ that we are leadin$ ou wisel
and well' step & step preparin$ ou to &e of hea%enl ser%ice)

1We are seekin$ to prepare those who can $i%e us a listenin$ ear) This is the ti"e for
praer' for inner purification' for soul illu"ination)

Let all who desire to take part in the Co"in$ Da withdraw the"sel%es and listen for
the word of $uidance) Such souls help to hasten the dawn)1

1If in the precedin$ era the %oice of the prophet had &een heard in the land this war
would ne%er ha%e &een* &ut &etter is it for the nation to drink to the &itter dre$s the
cup of a$on' than to hold still to the $lor of war as an ideal) In the re%ulsion of
feelin$ fro" the present cala"ities' the (ace we trust will &e swept forward swiftl
alon$ the upward road) This Will &e the "o"ent for all earnest workers and
refor"ers' when their influence' reeked little of now' will carr wei$ht' affectin$
hundreds of thousands of souls' where now &ut a few can &e reached) Wait' wait for
these hours of the co"in$ ti"e) , cli"a- approacheth) <eep cal") Seek to li%e
deepl a true and earnest soul!life) This is the &est preparation an one can "ake for
the future work)

1Draw in "i$ht supplies fro" hea%enl sources' to e.uip ou for the co"in$ ti"e) It
is possi&le to store up such in the centre of one/s own &ein$' read for e"er$encies)
Consciousl do this) ,lwas after $i%in$ out 0ental or spiritual ener$' fill the
reser%oir afresh fro" the Infinite suppl) , consciousl recepti%e attitude opens the
$atewa wide) 0aterial power is now do"inatin$ the world) This "ust $i%e place to
spiritual power' and will do so sooner than ou at present e-pect) #opeful to "e
looks the aspect of the near "orrow' thou$h the da is dark) 2o forward therefore in
faith and patience' ne%er losin$ si$ht of the #ea%enl Vision) Better to listen to the
%oice of one who fro" a hi$h standpoint is a&le to see &eond the tu"ult' than the
%oices of those &eneath' stru$$lin$ in the conflict' or watchin$ the scene fro" the
earth plane "erel) Surel do we percei%e the dawn) Surel do we percei%e the
cal"in$ and .uietin$ of this world $rief on &oth sides of the %eil) ,s a wa%e of
darkness will it roll fro" off the souls i""ersed therein) Throu$h this terri&le
e-perience all will &e raised to a hi$her le%el) For this are we' the an$elic forces'
steadil workin$ &oth ni$ht and da) For this ha%e we &een su""oned forth'
or$ani3ed and "arshalled) It is %eril Christ work' sal%ation for the hu"an race)
0ortals are "ercifull shielded fro" reali3in$ too %i%idl the tri&ulation of the world'
lest the should &e crushed there&) In these real"s we are far "ore a&le to feel it'
&ut are a&le to &ear it &ecause we can see that the (ace is ad%ancin$ into a lar$er
life) For us also the sources of cal" and consolation are "ore a%aila&le) E%erthin$
in each real" is thus so perfectl ordered & the Di%ine Creator)

1I would ha%e ou all understand that there is nothin$ fortuitous' either in the career
of an indi%idual or in the destin of a nation) Each soul fareth forward upon a path
which' althou$h o&scured to the soul' is &ri$htl illu"ined fro" our standpoint) E%er
detail of it is known to the #i$her Ones) We are allowed to $uide "ore or less
accordin$ to the sta$e of de%elop"ent of the indi%idual in .uestion) I "ean & this
that we are a&le' in "an cases' to ena&le hi" to a%oid what would ha%e &een' fro"
a hu"an standpoint' a catastrophe) ,nd et this inter%ention on our part could also
ha%e &een foreseen & one on our side sufficientl clair%oant)

1The su&+ect of fate and freewill is %er intricate) It is as if there were a wheel within a
wheel' &oth re%ol%in$' each at a different rate of "otion' et each in perfect har"on
with the other) Processes of e%olution are a&solutel har"onious and +ust) E%er
effect is the result of a pre%ious cause e-tendin$ farther &ack than this present earth
life) This will the soul of "an reali3e when he e"er$es fro" his ta&ernacle of flesh'
and stands where we stand' not "erel on this side of death' &ut in the inner real"s
of clear %ision' &eond the anteroo"s' so to sa' of the hea%enl world)

1Fro" here we &ehold thin$s spread out like a "ap' in the li%es &oth of indi%iduals
and of nations) #e who has the ees to see can read the si$ns clearl alike of past'
present' and future* &ut there are not "an' e%en on this le%el' who are perfect
seers) Therefore "istakes so"eti"es occur in prophecies) The hi$her we ascend'
the "ore loath are we to prophes' reali3in$ the intricac of hu"an pro&le"s' and
the "an threads wo%en therein' each with its different influence' each in so"e wa
su&tl colourin$ the pattern of the soul/s future character and destin)

1The &eaut of the Creator/s wa is re%ealed onl when the are %iewed fro" a
sufficientl loft standpoint) The perfection of the "i$ht desi$n is not reali3ed &
those workin$ in our lower real"s) E%en here are "an who are still as dou&tful and
confused with re$ard to the "eanin$ of life as when the were upon the earth plane)
Oftenti"es centuries pass &efore a soul is a&le to pro$ress to a clearer $rasp of the
"eanin$ of creation)

4o teachin$ fro" without can $i%e it) The reali3ation "ust co"e fro" within) One
does not o&tain it usuall until countless hea%enl ascensions ha%e &een passed'
and a hi$h spiritual le%el of thou$ht and feelin$ has &een attained) 1It is &ecause the
0asters stand upon this le%el that the are so full a&le to enter into' and s"pathi3e
with' the ideals and the stru$$les of the hu"an race upon earth) The are "ore fitted
in "an was to help and sustain the hu"an soul on its earthl pil$ri"a$e than
either less e%ol%ed ones who ha%e not et reali3ed the Creator/s conception of the
uni%erse' or than those of us who are out of touch with the i""ediate conditions
upon earth) This is &ein$ reali3ed & us to an increasin$ e-tent) We are therefore
&endin$ all our ener$ies now definitel to helpin$ the hu"an race upward) The step
of the ladder whereon we now stand' is that fro" which it is easiest to &end down to
help the cli"&ers &elow)

1Our Brotherhood co"prises "an thousands of "e"&ers' $rouped in different
associations' &ut all workin$ in perfect har"on' each with each' and all with all) We
are now hopin$ to acco"plish this "ost i"portant task of rendin$ the %eils &etween
the earth and the "ore su&tle worlds) Power will &e $i%en to us for the achie%in$ of
this) When we ha%e acco"plished this task' and &rou$ht "ankind to a hi$her le%el'
we shall proceed further on our own e%olution)

1In the "eanti"e "an of us are descendin$ to earth in order to acco"plish our
purpose "ore full' since we shall then &urst the %eil & co""unicatin$ with each
other' each surrounded & his own $roup of disciples) Power fro" the earth side' as
well as fro" our real"s' "ust &e "uch stron$er than it is at present) This is the
reason wh "an of us are on the point of incarnatin$ a$ain durin$ the co"in$ era of
peace and pro$ress in the outer world) The result of this will &e' we trust' a %er
rapid de%elop"ent of the hu"an race in a leap forward fro" darkness into li$ht'
since we are all under the leadership of the Lord Christ) #is word is in our hearts'
and this it is that we shall "anifest in whate%er place or ti"e' here or there)

1Behold with thankfulness the dawn of a new a$e) Take hands with us that ou "a
&e a&le to fulfil our part in helpin$ us in our $lorious and hea%enl work)1

1(e"e"&er alwas that our true ho"e is here' and not &eneath in the real" of
shadows8a %ale of illusion where thin$s are %iewed out of perspecti%e' not as we
%iew the" fro" the inner li$ht of the Spirit) ,ll that is happenin$ now in the outer
world is one of those passin$ shadows which for the "o"ent &lot out the face of
Di%init fro" our si$ht and hearin$) This will pass) Then shall the %eils &e rent as
ne%er &efore in the histor of the world) I""ense reactions will follow this plun$e into
"aterialis" wherein the races of "en are at present en$ulfed) 0i$ht are the forces
of chaos at work' &ut still "i$htier are those that throu$h the"' and &eond the"' will
e%ol%e the new a$e wherein "ankind shall &e$in to discern at last the face of the
Father as re%ealed unto it & the Lord Christ) 4o lon$er can we let "ankind dwell in
these depths of &lackness without li$ht fro" the &eond* this li$ht "ust penetrate the
outer world of shadow in spite of all opposition fro" i""ature and i$norant "inds)

1(e"e"&er alwas that it is the "ind of "an that shadows and o&scures the soul
%ision) The soul would alwas thankfull reco$ni3e and welco"e the li$ht fro" our
spheres' could it &ut release itself fro" the &onda$e of the "aterial "ind which
&linds it to unseen realities)

#arnessed to the senses' the soul runs its course on the outer plane) (arel is the
oke cast off) With thankfulness do we assist those who are endea%ourin$ to stand
upri$ht) The "a+orit of "en are pro$ressin$ as do the ani"als' four!footed' runnin$
in harness* lookin$ down upon the $round* not et ha%e the arisen to the upri$ht
stature of the spirit) >et "ust this da dawn) We call upon all who" we can reach &
an "eans' to arise* to Shake off the shackles of the senses and reco$ni3e the
power and "eanin$ of the hea%enl realities' &eholdin$ with the ee of faith thin$s

1We ha%e put our shoulders to the task' with not earthl &ut hea%enl power &ehind
us and throu$h us) Therefore "a the world hope and re+oice' for alread upon the
"ountains doth the risin$ sun shine) 2i%e thanks)1

T)E E!+

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