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The Creation & Learning station

Preschool Curriculum
1. FREE Choice Activities This a time of free choice and
exploration. Our classroom is broken into different learning and
activity areas such as Art, Science, Dramatic Play, Manipulative,
Reading, Blocks, Transportation, Puzzles and Games. Many areas
and activities are made available for children to choose from
during this time of day. In addition, we will feature a special
project or craft table led by a teacher that a child may wish to
engage in. Such activities may include collage making, play dough
making, finger painting, cooking and more. Activity choices allow
each child the opportunity to make decisions, develop interests
and independence, and to grow and learn through play.
2. Circle Time A very important part of our day! It is a time of
gathering, sharing, discussing and learning. Many group-oriented
experiences and activities take place learning new songs or finger
plays, sharing stories and feelings through group discussions,
learning about the calendar and weather, and discussion of the
days events and activities.
3. Arts & Crafts Emphasis is placed on the childs creativity, self-
expression and imagination. We will provide children with a
variety of different art mediums and materials. Sometimes the
project may be theme related, and other times it may be a
creative experience. We focus on process, not product.
4. Discovery/Science Children will begin to discover many
fascinations in the world around them through many special
hands-on projects designed to encourage them to question,
observe, experiment and explore. Some of our many science
experiences may include nature walks, planting, observing and
studying animals and insects, experimenting with magnets, air or
5. Music/Creative Movement We try to make music a large aspect
of our day. We utilize CDs and tapes to create a stimulating or
soothing environment. We also have special music times when we
learn new songs, use our rhythm instruments, or engage in
creative movement activities such as dance, parachute and games.
6. Snack/Lunchtime a relaxing time of the day. We sit in small
groups together. It is a time of socializing, sharing, learning
manners and self-help skills, and simply enjoying the special
companionship of peers and teachers.
7. Outdoor Activities We go out on a daily basis weather permitting
to enhance the childs gross motor development and to have fun.
8. Story Time We introduce quality childrens literature to eager
listeners. Children are provided with opportunities to act out
different characters or situations, and to engage in discussions
about our featured story. We attempt to develop listening skills,
vocabulary knowledge, and an interest in reading and literature.
Children are welcomed and encouraged to share books from home
with their classmates for story time.
9. Academic Readiness Children begin learning concepts such as
colors, shapes, sizing, sequencing, letters, numbers, beginning
math concepts and more. Fine-motor skills are developed through
mediums such as cutting, coloring and tracing. Children are
allowed to progress toward greater skills such as printing,
rhyming words, beginning letter sounds, and simple addition and
subtraction with objects, at their own pace and readiness. We
strive to individualize our academic readiness program to suit the
individual needs of each child. Our goal is to foster an interest in
learning and a feeling of accomplishment in each child. We strive
to motivate a childs desire to meet new challenges without
frustration-learning should be perceived as having fun. We follow
Massachusetts Common Core Standards when planning our
curriculum for the children.
10.Bible Children will be introduced to Christian values throughout
the school year such as to be a good friend, being kind and
sharing. We will also read Bible stories. We have chapel once
a week where we share in song, prayer and Bible stories. .