Play On ...

O§u)@l< tWlQIJ Bi~ii(Qnru~ni2! ~, ~tiJ ~f, ]~~6

Music Play On ... (book two) Bibliomania 6, April 27, 1996

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Jessica Bivona 5

Christopher George 6

Barry Roytman 7

Matthew Maschi 8

Tiffany Melillo 9

Matthew Massoni lO

Allison Tornolsino 11

Joseph Valenti 12

Bryan Chighine 13

Phillip Mondiello 14

Jessica Althoff IS

Jimmy Verurdi lo

J uleesa Sapp 17

Maria Gagliardi 18

Nicole Defendis 19

Cynthia Shapira 20

Loren Lopez 21

Sheryl George 22

Marcus Polk 23

Jaime Caracappa & Christie Gallina 24

Amanda Manno 2S

Joseph Murdocca 26

Dana Catanese 27

Chris Ustler 28

Alexandra Terrone 29

Alexandra Campus 30

Paul Ferrara 31


Elena Arena Mary Tursi

Gene Nunziata Cheryl Vinograd Danielle Luisi Nancy Snyder .Iessicu Niesi Cristina Damiano Craig Russo Daniel Pontecorvo Melody Messina Daniel Rick

32 33 34


35 36 37 38

39 40 41 42


Lorrui ne Stasi () Anthony Anastasio Paul Cohen

Derek Epstein Jessica Mauro

Gina Russo

Shari Abrams

44 4S 46 47 48 49 SO 51 52

Tamara Stem

K risty B uccu fusco


Jessica Bivona

Music makes the world Go round,

It is a language everyone hears, Music has a soothing sound,

It has its laughter and its tears.

Music can be funny,

I t can be fast or slow, I like the music you

can dance to

Cause dancing makes you grow.



Christopher George

I like music,

It makes me laugh. I like rock and roll, It makes me dance.


Barry Roytman

The sounds go every day And night,

Leaves falling

Birds peeping.


Matthew Maschi

Drums are my fa vori te Instrument of all,

The sound can be big,

Or the sound can be small.

I can turn on the music And follow the beat,

Or make up my own Very special treat.

Whut I play on my drums Shows how I feel,

It may not be perfect But it sure is real.


Tiffany Melillol

When I pop in a CD, Or turn on the radio,

The rhythm of music is with me, Wherever I may go,

I feel music in mv heart,

I feel the music in my soul,

I keep the beat with my feet, I keep the beat with my toes, It's in everything I do,

It stays with me when I play, IVIusic will always be

The greatest part of my day;

I learn many things in school,

That will follow me all the vcurs [ drow

. , _ . H ,

But, music will always be, The best thing that I k now!


That's Music to Me Matthew Massoni

I like to play the piano, And bang on each key,

It might not be a real song, But it sounds like music to me!

I like to hit the high notes,

As well as the low,

I get so excited,

I let my fingers go!

\Vhen I play the piano,

I sometimes like to sing, I like to sing very louel,

It makes me feel like a king!

Sometimes my mother

Likes to play with me, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, And do re me.

Sometimes I will play the piano, Like a famous man,

Liberace, Bach, or Beethoven, I sure think I can!

So, for now I will continue To bang on each key, Because that's what I like, And that's music to me!



Sing a Song Allison Tomolsino

I'd like to sing a song for you of fa so la ti do,

I'd like to hit a note or two, but this is what I know,

My singing is the best when I can do it with full power,

But that can never happen here, I must sing in the shower.


My First Parade J oseph Valenti

I hear a new sound,

a different beat, Suddenly I start to move and tap my feet,

I clap my hands and

sing along,

It's music they say,

it's called a song.

I see all the people,

they march down the street, They all move together

to the sound of the beat, A loud thumping sound

as the band goes by,

LVIy first parade makes

my spirits soar high.


Music Bryan Chighine

I like to play my music loud, Mommy likes it [ow,

I like to dance real fast,

And mommy dunces xlovv, Music makes LIS all Icc] good, I'd play it always if I could.


Dancing Phillip Mondiello

Don't you feel the happy beat, Don't let's cry now, dance with me, I see a man jumping up in the air, Out of earth in the moon,

His hair expanding and twisting and turning, He flies down like a butterfly,


Dancing ui; I Mean It Jessica Althoff

Dancing in any kind of weather, Rocking to any beat,

Dancing to jazz,

My hands :11-e nying through the air, I am duucina like I mean it,

I dance in a funny way,

Moving my arms and my legs.


The Sea Jimmy Verardi

(after listening to a tape 'Tranquilities')

In the sea I see fish,

A school of them, Crisp,cool wind is

crashing, Against the island,

The island starts to sink,

Then I swim away in the water.


Music Is Fun J aleesa Sapp

Music is fun, because I listen to it,

And dance with it.

When I dance with the music, I sing with the music,

And pretend I am three people, \Vho are TLC



~Vhat I Li/,e About Music Maria Gagliardi

I like music, because I learn New words, such as panicky, Barely and nightingale,

I also like music, because I like to dance, and sing to it.

I can dance lots of differen t songs, I feci that maybe when I grow up, I will be a star.

My Instrument F 'amily Nicole Defendis

My mother is a skinny flute,

The songs she plays moe short and cute.

My father is a large mellow cello, With a big stomach shaped like jello.

My sister is a sleek violin,

In a contest her sharp notes would win.

lYI y brother is a shi nv, loud tuba,

. .

You can hem- his tones from here to Cuba.

Mv instrument family you have met, Their music will entertain you, I bet.


Cynthia Shapira

Brahms was born in Germany, In the year 1833,

He wrote a lot of music, That sounds good to me.

By the age of 9,

He had written a lullaby, By the age of 20,

He was famous already.

Until this clay,

His tunes they play, In heaven he rests,

Playing with Vienna's best.


lVlusic Loren Lopez

I like music,

You shake and wiggle, You also laugh and giggle.

I lap my feet, and move to the beat.

You move to the left, You move to the right,

You can dance to the music, Each 'Lind C:VCI-Y night.

I like music ...




tVhat Does Music Mean to Me Sheryl George

What is music?

Is music the beat of your heart? Is it a cracking eggshell?

Maybe it's a car starting its engine,

Is music just the lyrics pouring out of the radio? No, not to me.

Music is in everyday life,

J-\ click of a switch is music, Where do you find all this music? You can find it anywhere,

J-\II these regular sounds are music to me.

My Passion Marcus Polk

Listening to compassionate, Energetic Japanese music, From my grandmother's friend, And I-cading the translation,

Of the song about a long journey, Makes me want to pack my bags, And wulk around the world,

To SCl! myself in the worltl.


Jaime Caracappa & Christie Gallina

Music is soft and sweet,

It even sometimes has a beat,

That keeps you stamping on your feet, There'sjazz, rock 11' roll or opera,

Billy Joel, Barry White or Frank Sinatra.

nut rock n' roll is the one fOI' me, It's cool, it's sweet it has a beat,

That you can dunce to or jump up and down, Or just go round and round.

But opera is the one for me, It's loud, it's even louder, It'scool, it's sweet,

But sometimes it doesn't have a beat.

We both like a certain kind of music,

But we still like to: Rock n' Roll Hop to Bop

Tap to Rap Rock till you drop


Musi c to M e Amanda Manno

Music can be anything if you put your ears

to the test, A rocking chair 01- footsteps, or a heartbeat from YOUl- chest, Music is all urourul, listen to it sing,

A blue jay and a robin chirping as they wing.

Music can be very weird like noisy radio static,

It even cuu be barely heard like a creaking hourd in the attic, Music can be very soothing like the wind through the lea ves of a tree, It also can be tr ulv shockine as when vou act

~ t"J .. h

stung by a bee.

So took around und listen and you will be amazed, At the infinite kinds of music you can find in an average day, They say the music is the thing that soothes the savage beast, That may be true, butin my mind it's a wonderful sound feast.


Rhythms of the City Joseph Murdocca

People playing music in the street,

People yelling and talking when they meet, I-Ielicopters and airplanes flying over the sky, Taxis and buses screeching by,

Blasting music, babies crying,

Guns firing, people dying,

Car horns beeping, jackhammers rurnhlina, The sound of old buildings crumbling, Computers typing, phones ringing,

Bouts honking and people singing,

These are rhythms of the city th at we hear, These are rhythms we hear tlirouahou t the year.


My Singer's Concert Dana Catanese

At my favorite singer's concert:

She dances up and down the stage like it's a street,

Her band plays; the drums bang;

and the flutes tweet,

She sings her lyrics as the trumpets blare,

Her voice echoes and echoes way lip in the air, The audience screams and there are cheers and

clappina, And I'rn so excited [ can't stop my feet from tapping.

The fun is over and the night is at the end, Goodbye to my fa vorite si ngel", goodbye to my friend.

1 J


Mus-ic Chris Ustler

I love to hear the music,

It has such different sounds,

It comes from animals in nature,

As they make their different sounds, Sometimes it is joyful, full of happiness and



Sometimes it is sad, full of tears and pain, I love to heal" the music,

It makes rue feel 11111c:h better, Somehow, all the sounds join ami Make beautiful music together.


I }Vish That Voice }Vas Mine Alexandra Terrone

I listen to the radio and hear the music play, Fabulous voices, how I wish I could sing in the worst way,

'T() be on sluge for the world to sec, Oh why, 011 why, CUIl't it be me?

What a feeling it must be to know you're the people's choice, lrnuginc, people knowing you, just by YOLLl- voice! Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Gloria Estefan

are all di vas of pop, 'Theil- music will live Oil, they will remain 011 top. And I, I will continue to huv their CDs

And hope in my next life that one will leave her voice to me.


tVhat Music Means to ]VIe Alexandra Campus

The robins in the springtime, The waves rushing ou t to sea, The notes from my piano, That's what music means to me.

The sound of children's laugh tcr, The wonl democracy,

The smiles of mv mom and dad, That's what music means to me.

The sound of raindrops falling, The buzzing of a bee,

!VIy teacher saying I made honor roll, That's what muxio means to me.

The n>tll"ing sound of thunder,

The wind blowing through the trees, The lullaby [ sing to my baby sister, That's what music means tome.


My Marching Band Paul Ferrara

I haven't got a horn -- so I'll play my nose, You haven't got a flute -- so you'll playa hose, 'rVe haven't any cymbals -- so we'Il clap our

hands together, 'rVe haven't got a drum -- so we'll all just start to hum!!

A band may have an orchestra That sounds up/eat deal better, With shiny instruments that Cost more than this letter.

But hey, we'r-e making music,

that sounds twice as good,

'Calise we're Llsing instruments, That we never thought \NC could!!


Dad's Singing Elena Arena

When Dad sings in the shower, Cracks appear along the wall, He doesn't know his p owe I',

We hold our cars outin the hall.

The glass bulbs in the light, The cake falls, Morn is baking, The cats all run in [right.

Dad sings h is beloved rock songs, Shake, shake and twist and shout, He sings sometimes all night long, While we all run about.

And in the car while dri ving, He bellows loud and long,

\Vhile we pray we're soon arriving, So we can shut off the song.

Oh music is so soothing [or everyone to hear, And even though we hold our singing Dad so dear, We always makesure our walkrnans arc ncar, So we can put on headphones and plug up ears.


lVlusic Mary Tursi

My sister's learning to play the guitar, Not very successfully so far,

I think she is really great,

But Smashing Pumpkins she ain't. She thinks she's really cool,

But I think she'd better go to music school. I like her sound,

Especially when she is not around.

Her friends come over and listen to her strum, I don't know why they j list don't run

She bought u pitch pipe vcstcrduy,

Maybe the sound "viii improve some day.

'")'") .).)

Radio Blues Gene Nunziata

I'll never write any symphonies,

Or a song like "Breakfast at Tiffany's," But I like to listen to the radio in the car, And make believe I'm a rock and roll star, Z-lOO is my Favorite radio station,

They play the best music in the nation,

I turn the sound up really loud,

Arid sing my heart out to the crowd,

Then right in the middle of my favorite tune, The radio shuts off, we're home too soon.


Music Is a Feeling Cheryl Vinograd

Music is a feeling,

An emotion, an expression, It is calm, it is nimble,

It's a true confession.

From staccato to legato,

Prom the high notes to the low, From the soft to the blaring, From the rapid and the slow.

Music is here forever, It is here to stay, Where ever vo u <lO

. M'

You'!! hear it fur und away.

Nocturnal sounds, Whisperina in my ears, Protecting me from cautions, Protecting me from fears.

It's a dream, a thought, A welcome, a hello,

A feeling that stays forever, Wherever you might go.


fVishing to Sing Song Poern Danielle Luisi

I would love to grow up and sing, Singing sure is a wonderful thing,

I take a deep breath and my lungs inflate, My voice comes out as my throat vibrates, My mouth stretches out nice and wide, When I get that nervous feeling inside, Zapping the mix - making sure it's on loud, I notice myself in front of the crowd,

I practice and practice and I know I'm ready, But my stomach is tight, and full of confetti, My voice comes out nice and stroua, Everyone claps when I finish my SOIl,g.


lVhaf Rap Is in My House Nancy Snyder

It must be a generation gap,

Cause my parents go wild when they hear rap, When I listen to Method Man,

My mom yells, "Throw that tape in the garbage



When I try to put on Bizzy,

My father says he makes him dizzy. Then there's a guy named Lazy,

He makes them awful crazy,

And when they think about Mob Deep, It really makes their skin creep.

So you see I renlly can't be a fun, Cause in my house, rap is banned.


Music Singers Jessica Niesi

I like to listen to songs called rap

'Cause they make me move and my fingers snap, Coolio is one of the best around,

I like the way he really gets down, Boyz. II Men and 'One Sweet Day'

With Mariah Carey makes me float away. Madonna, at time s is okay, I guess,

But Michael Jackson is really a mess.

I don't like how Melissa Etheridge sings, Or some of her other stranger things. \Vhen I listen to TLC sing 'Wutcrfa lls'

I jump and dance down all the halls.


I Love Music Cristina Damiano

Music makes me want to move, I feel like getting up to groove,

I shake my head, and stomp my feet, When I hear a good, loud beat.

I listen to the radio for tunes that are new, Soft rock, soul, and dance pop too. Whether they are short 01" long

I love to hear each and every song.

When I heat" a different sound, I move my body all around, Music is my number one,

I listen to it till the day is done.


Rap Music Graig Russo

Rap music is the best

Down with the Homey's singing with zest,

Love that bent while hoppin ' down tilt; street, Walkrnan tuned to the ninety-seven beat, LVIethod man, "I'u Pac Warren G

Singing with that funky beat,

So let's get down because this is phat,

And listen right now, you know the best is rup!


No Chance David Pontecorvo

Music keeps my toes tapping,

It also keeps my hands clapping, I would like to make great music,

I tried guitar, but I just can't use it, I can't sing and I can't dance,

So with music, I have no chance.


1\ I

The Concert Melody Messina

I wen t to a concert,

I t was a terrible nigh t, And when I got there, Oh what a sight!

I stepped in something, You don't want to know; And all ofa sudden,

It was on with the show!

It started with a Bl\NG!, And then with a BOOiVI!, And all the windows, Cracked in the room!

The flutes played, And broke a frame, Boy, this band,

Wouldn't get much fume!

I dreaded this day, Righ t from the start,

But if I hadn't come here,

It would have broken my friend's heart! (She plays the flutel)


An Ode to My Violin Daniel Rick

Violin, you are my new found friend,

You are the instrument I am hoping to master, You have an hourglass shape clothed in a shiny,

warm, brown coat, Your strings arc a four lane highway going over a bridae

b ,

Your neck is long, black, and slender,

Your four tuning regs arc like black bolts screwed into YOU," neck, l"OU wear a Iuncv scroll for a hat,

You are quiet and sweet; high-pitched and squeaky; soft ami melancholy, iVly fingers wrap gently around your neck and dance along your .st,"ings, You fit comfortably under my ch in and extend

along my arm, Your bow can glide smoothly across your strings, Or skip quickly Irorn one string to another,

When played poorlv, you sound like cats

screeching, When played well, you sound like a choir of angels, After working liard, you sn uggle up into YOUl- case for a well deserved rest, Violin, one day I will learn to make you sing so beautifully.


Ode to My Guitar Lorraine Stasio

My guitar is really great,

It's my friend & it's my mate, When I want to sing a song,

It's always there to help me along, If you're feeling clown or blue,

I will playa song for YOLl,

That is all I have to say,

About my guitat- on this beautiful day.


Music Galore Anthony Anastasio

Reggae, rap, rock In' roll,

Disco, blues, jazz, and soul.

BeatIes, Elvis, Nat King Cole, Greendav, Coolio, a band named Hole.

Some songs are.good, some are bad, Some music is just a fad.

Happy music when I'm sad,

Blaring music when I'm mad.

Music expresses the composer's feelings, It may contribute to the listener's healing, Music is about a state of mind,

With notes, chords and tempos following behind.


Got the Beat Paul Cohen

When I hear the beat

I got to tap my feet

It starts at my toes Works up to my nose Can't stop the movement Can't stop the rush

Got to keep the beat

Got to tap my feet.

It makes me happy It makes me smile Got to keep the beat Got to tap my feet.

I don't think about it It j list comes

Sure glad about it Even makes me hum.

When I hear the beat Got to tap my feet.


The Beat of the Drum Derek Epstein

It could be rap, it could be reggae,

It could be blues, it could be any show, Whatever the style of music,

The base and drums create the flow, They provide the rhythm and the beat, Their power moves my feet,

They speak so strong to my mind,

They fill the song with heart and power, I want them to grow louder and louder, My body moves with the beat of the base, While the drums make me slide with both

style and grace,

They create the bottom which [ can relate

. To their unending bent and pace, They are the heart, they arc the soul, They are what the people remember, They make the music flow

They make OUl- hearts surrender.


Music Jessica Mauro

I like it loud and noisy, Walls vibrating, Pounding wi th the beat, I sing cruzy rock songs,

Trying to scream over the noise.

But when I make my own music, My flute is soft and beautiful, Sounds of long flowing dresses, And graceful ballerinas,

Or little birds singing,

Love songs in the trees.


Music Gina Russo

Music is universal It speaks to all

It knows no color and unites Black, white, short or tall;

It's the one thing that keeps everyone tight.

Melody, harmony, treble, and bass, All essentials, parts of a song, Everything flows at an even pace,

Putting them together doesn't take too long.

Rap, pop, coun try and jazz Four, j LIst to name a few, They all have their pizzazz,

I have a personal Favorite, do you?

I love music, It's plain to sec,

Its style will never cease,

It moves through YOLl and me

Promoting love, understanding, and peace.


A Musical Poem Shari Abrams

Music makes me feel fine

As if the whole world was mine Any type is good for me, Listening carefully is the key. Classical, heavy metal, rap, R&B, Live, on radio, cassette or CD Any type is good for me!

Dancing or just listening is lots of fun

Inside or under the sun,

Classical is soothing

Rap's all about moving

Even oldies are 'grooving.'

I like the radio

Because OJ's play

j\ variety of music

Every day

Music is for anywhere And for anytime

So I end this musical poem With this excellent rhyme!


Music to My Ears Tamara Stern

I turn on the radio, Music to my ears,

J sit back and relax,

It is all J want to hear.

All different tunes,

And different beats too, The rhythm never stops, It continues all through.

Loud 01' soft,

High pitched or low,

Some that were written recently, Some long ago.

NI an y express tho ugh ts, Happy or sad,

Some make me laugh, While others make me mad,

Some tell stories,

Of far away places, They tell about people, With all different faces.

Classical and country, Jazz and rap,

After hearing all of these, I always want to clap.


Dancing Beat Kristy Buccafusco

Feel the beat, The dancing beat,

The rhythms in your soul.

It burns your feet, So move your feet,

It's something you can't control.

Your seat is hot It's burning hot,

The pounding gets you up.

Your arms are 11ying While your body's Flying The sound is pulsing deep.

Your eyes are drifting,

While your dream is drifting, Your mind is letting go.

So feel the beat, The dancing beat,

The rhythms in your soul.


'fae covClf iIlustliatioA is Gmm ttne English pcrlQdicul. (Jhaltet·bo~, t88~-1899, as r;cpnmletl ilil Chi/dr-eu: A P,iel{)r,ja~ Archive from Nbleteem1.v Lentll1']' Stmrcres, 197,8 by Dovev PulJlicatjons