House approves bill providing additional requirements

to foreigners wanting to marry Filipino women
The House of Representatives has approved on second reading a measure providing
for additional requirements for male foreigners desiring to marry Filipino women.
The House Committee on Revision of Laws, chaired by Rep. arlyn L. !rimicias"
#gabas $%
&istrict, !angasinan', sponsored for plenary approval House (ill )*+*, which
substituted House (ill +,*- authored by Rep. .wendolyn F. .arcia $,
&istrict, Cebu'.
/The bill shall protect Filipino women against e0ploitation of foreigners who marry
without evident means to support a family,1 !rimicias"#gabas said.
.arcia said some of the foreigners coming to the country in order to marry Filipino
women are vagabonds or social and moral derelicts in their own country.
/The real motive for marriage is only to ta2e advantage and e0ploit our women by
ma2ing them wor2 for the family and worse, by sending them to prostitution and other
degrading and dehumani3ing occupations,1 .arcia said.
/The e0ploitation of our Filipino women, through the so"called mail"order or pen"
pal, Faceboo2, website made, and other internet made marriages, has not only caused
untold miseries and suffering to our Filipino women but it has also brought dishonor and
disgrace to the Filipino womanhood,1 .arcia added.
4nder the measure, the prospective foreign husband shall provide a certificate of
good moral character and a certificate that he has a gainful trade, business, employment or
other lawful source of income to be issued by his country5s diplomatic or consular official,
in addition to the usual certificate of legal capacity.
The measure amends #rticle +6 of 70ecutive 8rder +9:, otherwise 2nown as the
Family Code of the !hilippines.
8ther co"authors are Reps. Henry ;. 8aminal $+
&istrict, isamis 8ccidental',
<barra . .utierre3 <<< $!arty List, #2bayan', =icasio . #liping, >r. $Lone &istrict,
(aguio City', Rodel . (atocabe $!arty List, #2o (icol', ;ilvestre H. (ello <<< $!arty List
6 (#!', #l Francis C. (ichara $+
&istrict, #lbay', #rthur R. &efensor, >r. $,
<loilo', 7velina .. 7scudero $6
&istrict, ;orsogon', 7lisa T. ?ho $+
&istrict, asbate'
and Roman T. Romulo $Lone &istrict, !asig City'. $,9' jsc
NR # 3564
AUG 20, 2014