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Physics 185 Orange Coast College Arnold Guerra III

Extra Examples Chapter 14

1. An object of mass 100 grams hangs from a long spring. When pulled down 10 cm from its
equilibrium position and released from rest, it vibrates with a period of 2 seconds.

(a) What is the speed of the object as it passes through the equilibrium position?
(b) What is the acceleration of the object when it is 5 cm above the equilibrium position?
(c) When it is moving upward, how long does it take for the object to move from a point
5 cm below its equilibrium position to a point 5 cm above its equilibrium position?

2. A horizontal spring-mass system undergoing simple harmonic motion has a mass of
m = 0.500 kg, and a spring of spring constant of k = 50.0 N/m. When t = 0 sec, x
= +0.240 m,
and v
= -0.700 m/s.

(a) Express x(t) with all constants evaluated.
(b) Calculate the period of oscillation.
(c) Calculate the acceleration of the object attached to the spring at the instant when t = 0.1 s.
(d) Calculate t for each of the first three instances when x = -0.200 m.