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Essential Question(s): What is the difference
between a summary selection and a summary of
Objective/Topic: Summary writing

Quick Write
What is a summary in your
own words?
A summary is a brief account of a longer piece
of writing.
You see them all the time: on the backs of
movies, on book covers, online ,
trailers to movies, sports recaps, etc.

The goal of writing a summary is
to explain the main points of the
original, but in a shorter form. A
summary restates the author's
main point, purpose, and
supporting details in your own

Summarizing allows you to
understand the original text
better, and makes it possible
for you to analyze and
Summary Definition
A summary is a reduced version of a text that
focuses on the essential ideas and it is written to
be informative.

It is to be written in your own words avoid
lifting/copying phrases or sentences.
Avoid repetition!
Two types of summary
Summary of Selection
Summary of Omission
Summary of Selection
Selection means the action of choosing
something/someone carefully as being the most

(Make definition together)
Summary of Selection Practice
After watching Oktapodi, summarize the
moment where love is being represented the
Summary of Selection Example


Write on this side!

Summary of Omission
Omission means when someone/something has
been left out or excluded.

(Make a definition together as a class)

Summary of Omission Practice
After watching La Luna, summarize what the
men do aside from raking the stars.
Summary of Omission Example


Write on this side!

Free Barbie:
Summarize the
process that goes
into making Barbie
including all the
countries involved.
Summary Type?

Write your summary on this

Dying for the Shirt on
Your Back:
Summarize the
problems within the
global apparel
industry excluding
the 1911 Shirtwaist
Summary Type?

Write your summary on this
House on Mango Street Chapter 1
Mark the text
1. # paragraphs
2. As we read circle key terms/words and
underline claims/phrases and sentences.
House on
Mango Street
(Summary Type=_____)
#1 Summarize the authors
experiences with moving
including all of the places she
has lived.

House on
Mango Street
(Summary Type=_____)
#2 Using paragraphs 4 and 5,
summarize why the house on
Mango Street is not the
authors dream house.

House on
Mango Street
(Summary Type=_____)
#3 Excluding all of the other
moves, summarize the place
and incident that made the
author feel like nothing.