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Science Classroom


How Mrs. Ogdens class works,
and how you need to work in it
if you want to succeed
Being Prepared for Class
You need to have all of your required materials
for class on a daily basis.

Pens or Pencils
Composition Notebook
Colored Pencils
Glue & Scissors

Being Prepared for Class
It is your responsibility to come to class

If you come to class without your supplies it is
up to you, not the teacher, to find someone to
borrow from.

Entering the Classroom
If the classroom door is shut, you are expected
to wait outside the classroom, to the left of
the door on the green tile, in a quiet, single-
file line until I welcome you into the room.

Do not enter until I invite you in. No students
are allowed in the room when an adult is not
Failure to follow these instructions may result in a
Entering the Classroom
Once you enter the classroom, you need to go
immediately to your seat and quietly begin
your bell work.

You must be seated and silent when the bell
Getting Your Attention
I will say Please give me your attention in 5-4-

By the time I count to 1, you need to be quiet
and focused on me so that I can give you the
information you need to continue working.
Getting Up During Class
You must raise your hand and ask for permission
before getting out of your seat.
If you want to sharpen your pencil, you must
raise your hand.
If you need to use the restroom, you must raise
your hand.
If you need to throw something away, wait until
the end of class.
Only one student may be out of his/her seat at a
time. If you see someone is up, or that they have
left the room, please dont ask to get up or leave.

Leaving the Room
You may not leave the room during the first 1o minutes, or
last 10 minutes, of class.

You MUST have your Student ID if you want to leave the

There may be times when I ask you to wait a few minutes so
that you dont miss out on important information.

Only one student may leave the room at a time, and a
student may only leave the room once during a class
There are 2 types of class work:

Independent Work - No talking whatsoever. If
you have a question, raise your hand and I
will come to help you as soon as I am able to.

Partner Work/Group Work - Quietly talk, but
only with your partner or group members. If
you need help, dont call out, just raise your
hand and wait for me to come over.
Class Discussion
There are 2 ways we will conduct class discussions:

Raised Hands - If you have a question or would
like to answer during a class discussion, you
should raise your hand and wait until I call on
you before speaking.

Calling Sticks - Sometimes I will use calling sticks
to call on students at random. Be ready to
answer at all times - you will be expected to have
an answer!
Passing out Papers
Papers are passed out in 3 ways:

You will be asked to take a paper upon
entering the classroom

I will personally hand you your paper.

I will ask for volunteers to help distribute
Turning in Papers
All homework, makeup work, or late work
needs to be turned in to the correct bin by the
door where you come in.

All notes from home, recommendation forms,
written questions of concerns should be
turned into the bin on my desk.
Homework will be posted on the front board as
well as on the class website. If there is no
homework for that day it will say No Home

It is up to you to keep track of homework,
complete it, and turn it in on time.
Exiting the Classroom
At the end of class, you will be given 2 minutes
to pack up and make sure your area is clean.

When the bell rings, students who have cleaned
their area, packed their things, and are sitting
quietly will be dismissed first.

You will NOT be dismissed
unless your area is clean.
Tardies and Absences
If you are late to class or absent, it is your
responsibility to check the board and class
website to see what you missed.

If you are absent, you will have that number of
days absent to make-up any assignment you
missed before they will be marked late and
points taken off.
Writing on Desks,
Throwing Things
If you write on desks, you will receive a detention
and spend an afternoon cleaning desks for the
duration of your detention.

If you throw things, you will receive a detention
and spend an afternoon sweeping floors for the
duration of your detention.

When you finish cleaning my room, you will move
to another science room and clean there as well.

Tests and Projects
Students who receive an F on a unit test or
quarter project will be expected to retake the
test after school, or redo the project.

No one should just accept a failing grade.
Youre all capable of better!
We will be learning in a digital classroom.

HOWEVER, I should not see or hear any iPods, cell
phones, or gaming devices in class.

If I see or hear you with any electronic device
(other than your chromebook) I will take
them and give them to an administrator, and
your parent will have to pick it up from the
front office.
In order to leave the classroom you must have a pass.

You may use the restroom pass once a week. You
will need to sign in and out of the room when
using it.

The clinic pass is given at my discretion.

Passes are a privilege, if you abuse this privilege it
will be taken away.
You can earn tickets in this class by:
Coming to class prepared and entering the
room correctly
Participating positively
Following directions
Asking deep questions
Showing compassion for classmates
Persevering - never giving up!
Doing your best on tests and quizzes

Turning in Tickets
Tickets can be used for:
5 tickets = 1 pencil or pen
15 tickets = candy
20 tickets = prize box
20 tickets = drop your lowest quiz grade*
25 tickets = +5 points to one lab/project grade*

*limit once per quarter
End of the quarter: 1 point extra credit for each
ticket, up to 15 tickets