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Russell v Absolute Collection 8-15-14

Russell v Absolute Collection 8-15-14

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Court Case-Debt Collection
Court Case-Debt Collection

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Published by: dbush2778 on Aug 20, 2014
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Russell v.

Absolute Collection Services
Justia.com Opinion Summary: Plaintif fled suit against Absolute Collection, alleging
that the collection agency's conduct iolated the !air "ebt Collection Practices Act
#!"CPA$, %& '.S.C. %()*+%()*p, and the ,orth Carolina Collection Agency Act, ,.C.
-en. Stat. &.+/0+% et se1. Plaintif alleged that Absolute Collection 2alsely reported
the status o2 a *00. debt to credit bureaus as 3past due.3 4he district court granted
plaintif's motion 2or 5udgment as a matter o2 la6 6ith respect to certain claims
under the !"CPA and allo6ed the state claims to go to the 5ury, 6hich 2ound in 2aor
o2 plaintif.

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