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Swifts 7
Grade Science Class Expectations
Welcome to Ms. Swifts Science Class! We are going to have a lot of fun this year AND we are going to learn a
lot of science. To be successful in class we need to know the rules AND follow them. We also need to know
whats expected of us and work hard to meet the class expectations. ALL students can be successful in science
if they put the work into it!
**** My email address is:
Class web page is:
Class twitter (please follow for reminders & updates): @swift7science
Office phone number (please leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP): 801-974-8319
Class Rules
1. Respect and be polite to all people.
2. Be in your assigned seat and ready to work when the bell rings.
3. Listen and stay seated when someone is talking.
4. Respect other peoples property.
5. Enjoy gum, food, and drink outside of class (except water).
6. Electronic devices are off & put away during class.
7. Obey all school rules.

You can enjoy your time in class, I will enjoy our time together in class, we will be able to enjoy and
plan more labs and hands-on activities, positive notes sent home, you will earn good grades, I will administer
random acts of kindness.
Warning, change seat, sit in corner, stay after class, lose privileges, parent contact, detention or referral.
The Expectations:
1. Be a positive active learner- come to class with a positive attitude & learn something
new each day.
2. Have academic integrity- do your own work (no cheating- copying IS cheating)
3. Show pride in your work- turn in QUALITY work, give your best effort on tests (even
when youre not sure), turn work in on time.
4. Ask questions- science is about questions! Be brave. If you dont understand ask, if
you want to know more ask, if you dont understand what to do ask!
5. Be a good group member- do your part (dont be lazy), stay on task, let others have
their ideas too, be positive and helpful.
6. Be safe and use common sense- no goofing around in class. Be respectful to others,
materials and equipment. Follow all safety rules.
Grade information on back
Grades: Grades are based on points earned. Points in class are earned by turning in work on time, complete
and correct, doing well on tests and quizzes, participating and completing lab activities (among other things).
There are no points awarded for merely being present in class, students need to complete and turn in
-No extra credit.
-Most assignments, quizzes/test can be made up or redone as many times as you
want for full credit.
-Not all assignments are graded for points (check for mastery/understanding) &
not all assignments are entered into the grade book.
-Deadlines each quarter has at least one late work deadline where all
assignments, quizzes/test must be turned in and no work will be accepted after
that date. These deadlines will be posted in class and parents/guardians notified.
-No point penalty for late work. (This means I accept late work and you can still
earn full credit). However, other consequences will be applicable (i.e. lunch detention,
held after class, parent contact, loss of reward activities or other appropriate consequences).

Citizenship: Citizenship grades are based mainly on behavior and preparation.
Here are the general citizenship guide lines
H No more than 2 tardies
In seat, ready to work at the bell
Prepared for class
On task and respectful (no talking when its not your turn, goofing off etc.)
Always positive attitude and actively participating in learning by personal choice
S No more than 4 tardies
Prepared for class
Usually on task, might need a couple reminders
Positive attitude and actively participating in learning (infrequent reminders)
N More than 4 tardies
Frequently unprepared
Frequently corrected for behavior
Occasionally disrespectful to classmates/teacher
Frequent bad attitude and not actively participating in learning
U More than 4 tardies
Frequently unprepared
Needs behavior correction almost daily
Disrespectful to classmates/teacher
Disrespectful to class room or personal belongings
Frequent bad attitude and not actively participating in learning

Percent Letter Grade
100-94% A
93-90% A-
89-87% B+
86-84% B
83-80% B-
79-77% C+
76-74% C
73-70% C-
69-67% D+
66-64% D
63-60% D-
59 & lower F
Name________________________________________________ per:______
Expectation and Lab Safety Sign Off Sheet
Assignment (25 points)- Due August 29
Please keep the Course Expectation Paper and Lab Safety Rules in your binder. TURN IN the signed copy of
this form to Ms. Swift.
**Must be returned before you can do ANY lab activities
On the form below, I need your parent or guardians contact information for lab safety and classroom
My parents and I have read and understand the rules and expectations for 7
grade science and the Lab Safety
Rules and Procedures. These rules are in place to create a safe and structured learning and lab environment. I
agree to follow the rules in the class, and we understand that if I do not there are consequences. These
consequences may include being kept after class, phone call home, loss of credit on work, being removed from
lab, referral to the office, or other appropriate consequences.

_______________________________ _______________________________
Printed Student Name Printed Parent/Guardian Name

______________________________ _______________________________
Student Signature Parent or Guardian Signature

Contact Phone Number

Dear parent/guardian-
This year I have created a twitter account that is linked to my school email address. This is new this year and
I will be trying to send out reminder tweets for the following: homework due dates, latework deadlines,
notification for some quizzes, tests, etc.
I will attempt to keep reminder tweets up to date from the whiteboard in class. You are responsible for
what you are told in class and what is written up on the whiteboard no matter what happens with the
twitter updates.
***This account is for dispensing information and reminders NOT for discussions or questions (at least this
year). All questions should be asked in person or email.
Please follow your 7
grade science class at: @swift7science

Ms. Swift