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By Naomi Keeffe

 Social photography is a type of
photography that is used to
capture social issues
 It helps bring awareness to the
masses about current events in
a way that is artistic and portrays
humankind and its surroundings
 Some of the type of issues that
are captured by social
photographers are
 Poverty
 War
 Illness
 Homelessness
 Political issues
 Bullying
 Beauty standards
 Racism
 Animal abuse
 Documentary photography is used
to capture important events that
occur in a truthful manner
 Documentary photography is not
posed , not planed and captures
subjects in there natural state
 The use of documentary style
photography has been very
important since the Vietnam war as
it gave a visual to the masses on
the devastation that was occurring
 Documentary photography helps
capture raw emotions
 Artistic photography is an
organised and planed type of
photography that is used to bring
awareness of social issues
 The photos use elements of
lighting, colour and may use signs
or writing to emphasise the cause
 These type of images may be
captured in studios ,on the streets
and environments that have been
Jeongmee yoon is a social
photographer who has been
capturing consumerism in the
youth of South Korea since 2005
the series called the pink and blue
project captures how the
demographic is sold a colour of
toys and creates a divide between
gender at a young age . The
composition of the photographs
create the idea that the subject
seems to blend into the
surroundings as they are in the
mid to back frame of the image.
The element of colour is used to
bring forward the idea of gender
and youth this is a very dramatic
way of portraying this issue
 I believe the message
that was intended for this
series of images is that
youth is being sold their
interpretation of gender
instead of choosing it for
themselves .
The style of artistic ,environment,
lifestyle and portraiture photography
is cleverly used to capture this
issue, it shows the types of items
that children gravitate towards .

Lee Jeffries is a social
photographer that takes
photographs of the
Know for his black and
white profile shots of his
subjects . The shots
composition are quite
close up with powerful
emotions being on the
subject face, value has
been used to highlight
these emotions of the face
I believe the intended
message of these
photographs is that the
subjects are the same as
anyone else they are
human and have feelings .
Images from :
The style of photography
Jefferies has used is portraiture
photography I believe that this
was an excellent choice when
capturing the subjects as it
helps to grasp the emotion and
feeling and also gives the
element of humanity to the
 Angelo Merendino decided to
capture his wife's battle with
breast cancer the series was
called “we didn'tt choose this
battle “ and captures
emotion, pain and everyday
life of a cancer sufferer. The
shots have many that use the
rule of thirds that give a
spectrum of the surrounding
of the subject and the images
have been captured in black
and white to help draw out
the visuals of emotions .
 I believe the intention of this
series is to show that cancer can
effect anyone no matter what
age ,religion or social standing
and it bring the importance of
living life of the full.

 The style of the photography that
was used was portraiture
documentary photography this
was a great choice when
capturing people in there most
vulnerable state .
 The photographer uploaded
these photographs to his