106, East London, 1230
Policy Name : Quality Policy
Implement Date : 01/09/2019
ene! Date : "s e#ui$ed%
&'is Policy Implement (y
)ana*in* Di$ecto$, +'ai$man, Di$ecto$, ,ene$al
)ana*e$, )ana*e$ +ompliance, -el.a$e /..ice$0
It is the policy of the AAQS GROUP to be the clear quality leader in
manufacture and export of knitted fabrics and arments in !anladesh"
In addition# to ensure that all products manufactured and sold $ill meet
or exceed customer requirements or AAQS Groups" %e belie&e that
quality leadership is &ital to the lon'term success of AAQS in an
increasinly competiti&e market place" %e put emphasis on timely
shipment# $hich $e belie&e# is our &ital strenth"
AAQS has adopted GO(S# O) * O)+O'(), as the model for its quality
manaement system to help execute the policy" Accordinly# a
documented system of procedures and instruction has been established
throuhout the orani-ation definin business process# responsibilities
and authorities" All AAQS personnel must al$ays follo$ this system in
performin their .ob"
/anaement $ill commit the resources and create an en&ironment in
$hich each employee can contribute their skills# talents and ideas to a
ne&er'endin process of impro&ement in all aspect of our business"
%e $ould like to be the most skilled and inno&ati&e team of professional
in our industry"
P$epa$ed Pe$son 1 2i*natu$e "pp$o3als Name 1 2i*natu$e
4/5N )+ LE/6
+ompliance )ana*e$
LE/N"D/ D" 7IN+I

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