Knots by Applications [Abu Musab]




Abu Musab

Ways to Make a Loop in a Rope
 Tie a loop in the end of a rope

 Make a loop in the middle of a rope

 Make a sliding loop

How to Join Two Ropes
 Tie two similar ropes together

 Join lines of unequal diameter

 Join strings to tie a package

 Join two large lines or hawsers

Tie a Knot at the End of a Rope
 Tie a stopper knot

 Tie a knot for weighting the end

 Whip the ends of rope

How to Tie Ropes to Objects
 Tie a line to any object

 Attach a rope to a post

 Attach a line to a cleat

 Attach an anchor to a rope

 Attach a rope to a barrel or drum for hoisting

 Temporarily attach a rope to a post

 Tie an adjustable tension knot to an object

 Tie a sliding rope to another rope

 Tie a load down on a car or truck

 Tie up a bundle of sticks

 Lash two tent poles together

 Tie a rope to a log

 Emergency rappel down a rope

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