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$5000 2014 JusticeMakers Fellowship
Dear prospective applicants,
International Bridges to Justice (IBJ), is constantly striving towards ending the use of
torture as an investigative tool in the 21
century. A large part of this goal is ensuring that people
are aware of their rights and that there is access to justice for those that need it.
In order to build a wider community of human rights defenders, IBJ has been hosting the
‘JusticeMakers’ Competition since 2008. Through this competition, IBJ provides fellowships of
$5000 to defenders, human rights officers and public officials in developing countries around the
world, to run a year-long project focusing on innovations that end torture, prevent arbitrary
detainment or abuse, or otherwise raise awareness of these issues. In addition to the grant
amount, IBJ provides strategic support to these projects and monitors their progress, throughout
the year.
This year, a number of fellowships will be available specifically for the advancement of
legal reform to safeguard the rights of those living with or vulnerable to HIV/AIDS within the
criminal justice system.
Having local defenders, running projects on the ground, has proven time and time again
to be a powerful tool for reaching out and supporting those in need.
Applications can be submitted in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. The first
stage of the process is to send the following information to

Your name and country

Your email address and telephone number

Your project idea in 2 sentences or less.
You may then be invited to submit a full application.
We recommend you make your application as soon as possible as the competition is highly
competitive and we have a limited amount of fellowships to give out. Deadline: September 15.
Kind Regards,
Sanjeewa Liyanage
International Program Director,
International Bridges to Justice

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