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English I Course Outline
Course Overview:
English I will focus on increasing reading fluency, comprehension, increasing vocabulary,
providing tetual evidence, paraphrasing, summari!ing, reading comprehension and
critical thin"ing. #he novels will address themes associated with the impact of conflict on
personal growth and development. Students will respond to literature, read a variety
of tet, and participate in class discussions. #hey will write epository essays,
persuasive essays, narratives, and literary response essays. $urthermore, students will
also learn how to incorporate technology in class presentations. $inally, students
will develop a thesis designed to eplore the class theme, the impact of conflict on
personal growth and development, and engage in college ready research and
informational writing for a final research paper due in %une.
&emind '(')
#his year students and parents can subscribe to email alerts for tests and assignments at
,isit the lin" and sign up for English I,.
- copy of the course syllabus and supplemental materials can be viewed at)
Selected Reading and Duration of Study
.ee" ') .elcome, rules, epectations, boo" assignments, and summer reading
.ee" /, 0, 1, 2, 3 4) The Kite Runner
.ee" 5, 6, 6, '(, 3 '') Romeo & Juliet
.ee" '/, '0, '1, '2) A Separate Peace
.ee" '4, '5, '6, '7, /() Catcher in the Rye
.ee" /', //, /0, /1) The Odyssey
.ee" /2, /4, /5, 3 /6) Lost in Yonkers
.ee" /7, 0(, 0') The Great Gatsy
.ee" 0', 0/, 00, 3 01) The Asolutely True !iary o" a Part Time #ndian
.ee" 02, 04, 3 05) - Collection of Short Stories
.ee" 06, 07, 1(, 3 1') &esearch 8aper
.ee" 1/) $inals
&e9uired Materials
• #wo :o!en 8ens in ;O#< blue and blac". -dditional colors allowed
• One pen*pencil case.
• One noteboo" with an individual section for notes, +ournal response writing, and
homewor" =no less than a 0 sub+ect> or a binder dedicated to this class only.
• #issues and personal hand saniti!er. ?ou will be epected to provide your own.
• $our folders =one for each mar"ing period handouts>
• - highlighter =any color> 3 stic"y notes.
• -n agenda or daily planner to record homewor" and assignments for all classes.
• .hite@out
• - flash drive
• 8oc"et Si!ed headphones for computer wor" =must be small enough to fit in a
purse or pencil case A not large or epensive>.
8lagiarism is the use of anotherBs words or ideas and the presentation of them as though
they were entirely oneBs own. -cts of plagiarism might include, but are not limited to)
• Csing words or ideas from a published source without proper documentation,
• Copying sentences directly from a source without the use of 9uotations and credit,
• Csing the wor" of another student =e.g. copying homewor", composition, or
• 8lagiarism on any pro+ect or paper will result in a !ero for the assignment.
• Cnless strictly stipulated by the teacher, collaboration on written wor" is not
#o initiate academic integrity and growth in student writing, the English and <istory
department twill use the Modern Danguage -ssociation =MD-> format for all writing
assignments. MD- is to be practiced even if a piece of writing is hand@written.
Ma+or assignments for this year will include some of the following)
• MD- style research based pro+ects on ma+or readings.
• - Class Oral 8resentation on one of the authors outlined in the curriculum.
• - $inal &esearch 8aper which will be worth /(E of their last mar"ing period
grade centered around the class theme, the impact of conflict on personal growth
and development.
• Ongoing dialectal +ournals for short story selections and novels
• Epository essay of character analysis, short story analysis, theme analysis and a
compare and contrast analysis
• - paired reciprocal teaching pro+ect on a chapter of a novel.
• 8oetry -nalysis and 8araphrasing.
• - group pro+ect evaluating the themes in an assigned novel.
• - comparison and contrast essay comparing two characters from a novel.
• - newspaper article evaluating the events within a novel.
• 8articipation in several Socratic Seminars.
• 8articipation in %igsaw eercises.
-s freshmen, students will be epected to build and maintain a wor"ing portfolio they
will use when preparing for attending college. #he portfolio will "eep records of their
awards and grades, contain samples of their best wor", and multiple copies of an updated
#riting Portfolios
Students will "eep a portfolio of all ma+or writing assignments. Students will fre9uently
reflect on their writing to assess their strengths and improvements made, in addition to
the areas in which they need to grow. #he portfolios will also be made available to
parents and*or guardians who may wish to ta"e the time to en+oy the stories and essays
inside the portfolio.
Grading Re$uire%ents:
Frades will be based on the total points received out of total possible and weighted by
#ests*9ui!!es /(E
<omewor" '(E
Essays*Compositions /(E
&eading Chec" Gui!!es*:aily wor"*Eit #ic"ets '(E
8articipation '(E
&eady #o Dearn =Coming to class on time 3 prepared> '(E
Mar"ing 8eriod Eams /(E
-ll assignments that include any ma+or writing or artwor" will have a detailed rubric
eplaining that assignmentBs particular grading criteria.
Classroo% Rules
'. -ll students must raise their hand before spea"ing and*or leaving their seat.
/. -ll students must "eep their hands and feet to themselves.
0. -ll students must treat their classmates and their teacher with respect.
1. -ll students will listen 9uietly and intently when their classmates have permission to
address the class or share an opinion for discussion. If he*she wishes to build on, refute,
or agree, he*she must raise their hand and wait to be recogni!ed.
2. -ll students must come to class in the proper uniform or they will be mar"ed out of
uniform during attendance.
4. Cell phones and headphones are not permitted to be worn visibly and may be
confiscated for the class period. &epeated confiscations will lead to a parental call or
5. Students should arrive to class before the late bell. If a student is late, he*she should
sign the late boo" and ta"e his*her seat. #he first offense will earn a call home and
influence the daily &#D =&eady #o Dearn> points. #he second will result in detention as
well as point loss. #he third offense will be addressed by the :ean of :iscipline.
6.Students should come to class prepared to read, write, and participate every day..
7. In the event one of the above rules is bro"en, the student will receive a verbal
warning. - second infraction will result in their name being recorded. #hey will have to
participate and wor" to get their name removed. $ailure to do so will result in a phone
call to their parents.
'(. -ll school e9uipment, electronics, boo"s, and furnishings are to be treated with care.
Dost or bro"en school property must be paid for before a student can receive report cards
and graduation diplomas.
Every wee", the students are responsible for all of the homewor" and class wor" even in
the event of weather cancellation or absence. In the event of an absence, students will be
re9uired to ma"e up the wor" in a timely manner. Students who do not complete the
missing wor" will receive a !ero for the assignment. If a student misses a test or a 9ui!,
he*she must be ready to ta"e the eam the day he*she returns to school.
$urthermore, it is not the instructorBs responsibility to remind individuals what they need
to ma"e up. Students may meet with the instructor before school or stay after school to
ma"e up missed tests and*or 9ui!!es as long as they have made an appointment.
-DD M-HE@C8 .O&H MCS# ;E COM8DE#E: #.O .EEHS .I#<II #.O
.EEHS O& I# .IDD IO# ;E -CCE8#E:.

I epect all wor" to follow MD- guidelines even if they are handwritten. -ll wor" must
be edited and revised to ensure full credit. In addition, all wor" must be neatly written
and show a degree of thought and hard wor". I will not accept homewor" done during my
class or in any other class during school hours. 8ositive behavior will be rewardedJ I
epect my students to wor" hard and challenge themselves. -s stated in our school logo,
I epect my students to K:are to be etraordinary.L 8lease review the course outline with
your child and return the document signed to indicate you have read and understood
the class re9uirements.
Signature of student Student Email
Signature of parent :ate
8arent phone number 8arent Email