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Ms. Kim Ellis, MS, BA.

Resource Services


The purpose of DAJA Resource Services is to facilitate growth in students with specific
challenges. Progress can be ongoing through the use of additional strategies, teamwork and
Gods guidance.

The Modified Accommodation Plan (MAP) is used in the North American Division of Seventh-
day Adventists. Its function is to focus on specific needs of each student. The areas of
concentration will be, but not limited to:

Language Arts, Social Studies
Math, Science

Students are also formally tested specifically in language arts and math in August to develop an
education plan and April of each school year to document process.

Required Background
To be successful during Resource time students must:

Have a willing attitude.
Know that they are capable of completing assignments on time.
Understand that with God, determination and persistence success can be achieved.
Have parental support.

Required Materials
Students will need:

GoMath Text book which is issued in homeroom class
Houghton Mifflen English textbook also issued in homeroom class.
Supplemental materials as required by homeroom teachers, such as notebooks, etc.
Please always have pencils, pens and loose leaf binder paper. (Resource binder will be
Interactive Notebooks
The purpose of the interactive notebook is to enable students to be creative, independent thinkers
and writers. Interactive notebooks are used for class notes as well as for other activities where
the student will be asked to express his/her own ideas and process the information presented in
class. We will be using interactive notebooks in Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and

Online Resources
Helpful websites for parents and students include: - Apples favorite apps for learning. - This is a free website for studying spelling words.


*Please refer to schedule enclosed


Students will come for Resources Services located in the Library for approximately 2 hours
per day Mondays Thursdays, and about 1 hour on Fridays. It is essential that appropriate
behavior be demonstrated at such time. Inappropriate behavior will be documented and
reported to teachers, principal and parents. Continued disruptions will result in the student
losing resource time until behavior is addressed.

Grading Policies:

Grades for Language Arts and Math will be given by the Resource teacher with consultation
of the Language Arts and Math teachers. Grades for Science and Social Studies will be given
by the classroom teacher, however the Resource teacher will work closely with these teachers
as well. Renweb will be used to record grades. Please be sure that you have access to
Renweb. Students are still required to fulfill their other teachers expectations in other subject
areas as well as assigned projects.

Grading Scale:
A 90-100% B- 80-89% C- 70-79% D- 60- 69%
*F- 59% and below, requires immediate conference with parents and teachers.


My contact information is as follows:
Phone: 770-808-2188 (w) 770-905-0948 (c)
Email :,
Also on the weebly website :
Office hours: Must be arranged in advanced by appointment.
*Contact me to arrange a special time when necessary, you will be accommodated.

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