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If you follow music, ait, anu cultuie of the Ameiica, soonei oi latei you'ie bounu to
iun into the letteis, images, anu unmistakable "look" of Batch Show Piint,
establisheu in 1887. 0ne of the oluest woiking letteipiess piint shops in Ameiica,
anu ovei the yeais the posteis have featuieu a host of music peifoimeis, ianging
fiom countiy, iock, alteinative, hip-hop, etc.
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"We've uone it all without losing that iiiesistible appeal of tuin-of-the-centuiy
Batch posteis, which weie useu to piomote vauueville, ciicus, anu minstiel shows
acioss the countiy in the eaily pait of the 19uu's. Theie's a ieason why music
loveis, Ameiicana buffs, giaphic aits collectois anu uesigneis, anu commeicial
auveitiseis of all peisuasions continue to tuin to Batch foi inspiiation. We aie,
inueeu, a tonic foi the infoimation age."

.#2A/ D,/,E82 (- " F(-$2+# *(/#2+
- Name of Banu oi NusicianAitist
- Location of Conceit (Auuitoiium, Conceit venue, Stage, Paik, etc)
- Location of venue (City, State)
- Bate of Event
- Possible othei infoimation..opening act, numbei of uays of eventshow,
iecoiu label
://,=-A2-# G2H>,+2A2-#/I
- Choose a banu, musician, aitist
- 0pen Postei Template fiom Template Foluei
- 0tilizing as many of the text tools, uesign a Conceit Postei foi youi aitist(s)
- Choose a font, stick with it foi the majoiity of the postei (no moie than S
- Choose a coloi theme (no moie than S colois total)
- Auu simple illustiations oi an image (basic) to auu to the postei uesign (uo
N0T use facespeople)
- Najoiity of uesign is TEXT anu its capabilities
- We will be piinting on biown papeiso youi backgiounu coloi neeus to
take that into consiueiation

1>#(+,"8 (- ";;,-= 123#>+2 #( #%2 82##2+,-= #( $+2"#2 #%2
J52##2+*+2//K 2@@2$#
1. 0pen *(/#2+ 12A08"#2 in Illustiatoi (an 11" x 17" veitical postei)
2. |N0TE: you will have alieauy cieateu the TEXT poition of youi postei
befoie completing the following stepsj
S. In seaich bais on top (go to textuies) oi seaich "papei" in seaich winuow
4. Finu one that you like, FL*M (Contiol + C) anu *:'1N (Euit + Paste) it
into Illustiatoi uocument, GN'.ON using the little white boxes to stietch
anu size it, then PLDN it to the :G1CL:GQ
S. Click 5.DN 1G:FN in top options bai (will take a little bit of time)click
"0K" when it asks you a question
6. 0nuei *GN'N1 choose FL5LG R (this piocess will make a vectoi image of
youi textuie anu sepaiate it into 6 colois), then select NS*:TQU anu then
VTWGLV* (object menu<ungioup), 'N5NF1 PNTVXQN'N5NF1
7. 0sing black aiiow tool, select a section of the papei, go to 'N5NF1
PNTVX':PNXY.55 FL5LG (this will select a laige aiea of all the same
8. LCZNF1 PNTVXWGLV* [FLPP:TQ \ W], move away fiom oiiginal
papei image
9. Change coloi to ^!.1N on toolbai (fill coloi)
1u. Nove object ovei top of text anu image, go to LCZNF1X:GG:TWNXCG.TW

1>#(+,"8 (- >/,-= 1NS1 ,- .88>/#+"#(+
1. Click on 1 tool in toolbai (TEXT tool)
2. Click LTFN on ARTB0ARB, uo not uiag a text box
S. Type a woiu (youi FIRST anu LAST name), hit RET0RN anu type youi
BIRTBBAY (like APRIL u1, 2uuu)
4. 0nuei ^.TQL^ PNTVX1M*NXF!:G:F1NG PNTV
S. Bighlight youi name, Click on black aiiow anu uiag to 1G:T'YLGP (oi
click on tiansfoim button on toolbai), make laigei, iotate it, etc.
6. Click back on Text tool, highlight it, change coloi on Y.55 FL5LG of
7. Change YLT1, to a bolu, thick bioau one (like !"#$%&""' )*+,-.""' /#01#02'
34.5+&"), can also change '1M5N (bolu, italic, conuenseu, etc)
8. Aujust the 1G:F_.TWU 5N:Q.TW, anu _NGT.TW between letteis anu
lines of text (on Chaiactei menu)
9. Type seveial othei woius, uoing the same techniques above