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Strickland’s Syllabus
Grade Life Science
2014-2015 School Year
Welcome to Science
I am excited to have you in science class this year. I hope that you will enjoy our class as you learn to take
notes, build a science notebook, complete labs, and participate in the Science Fair.

Course Objectives
All objectives to be taught are acquired from the Alabama Course of Study: Science. Specific areas to be
covered include Scientific Method, Classification, Organismal Biology, Microscope Usage, Ecology,
Heredity and Genetics, and Human Body Systems.
 ACT/Aspire Test Specifications
 Alabama Science Assessment (ASA) objectives for 7
 AMSTI Kit materials – Manipulatives
 Textbook (class set only, students may check out a book if necessary)
 My Teacher Site (to be updated soon)
o DA Smith Website
o Teacher Pages
o Strickland, Faith
Contact Information
 Email
 School phone number 334-774-4913
Please sign up to get text message or email notices for your class period. If you were here for Open
House, these numbers have changed sue to some scheduling changes since that time. I’m sorry for the
For text messages For emails
Period Text (334)468-5381 with
message @3advsci
Period Text (334)468-5381 with
message @4lifesci
Period Text (334)468-5381 with
message @5advsci
Period Text (334)468-5381 with
message @6plifesci
Parents and students can sign up to get reminders. I recommend signing up for both emails and text
messages because there will be times when I send home documents that can be printed if students
misplace the first copy.

Classroom Expectations
 EFFORT should be given every day in everything you do!
 Be Respectful
 Be Responsible
 Be Resourceful
 All of the rules in the student handbook also apply to this classroom
 No eating or drinking in the classroom
 Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself
1. Student warning
2. Parent notification and break detention
3. Break detention or afterschool detention
4. Break detention or after school detention
5. Office referral
 Tests/Projects 50%
 Lab/Daily assignments/Homework 30%
 Nine Week Exams 20%
Make-up Work
 It is your responsibility to get missed work
 You have 3 days to complete any make-up work
Binder with notebook
Composition notebook for
Blue or black ink pens

Wish List
Copy paper
Box of tissues
Paper towels
Lysol wipes

You will not have written homework assignments every night. You should study the material for this
class every day though. This will prepare you for the end of unit exams and will allow you to learn the
material instead of memorize it.

Students and parents please sign and date below stating that you have read and understand the
classroom requirements, rules, and expectations.

Thank you,
Mrs. Strickland

Mrs. Strickland
Room 110
Life Science

My student and I have read and understand Mrs. Strickland’s classroom syllabus, rules, and procedures
for Science class for the 2014-2015 school year.

Participation in the Science Fair is required by every student. There will be several daily grades and two
test grades associated with the Science Fair. There will be more information sent home and on my
website soon.

Parent/Guardian Signature Date

Relationship to Student Email address Daytime Phone Number

Student Signature Date